PBNN Issue #16 – 6/20/98

Editor: QtPie


Here we go again with another exciting (??) issue of the PBNN. Lots of stuff is happening around the wonderful world of paintball. Rm and Dug have worked hard to make life around paintball a life with crime. We should all give then a bit of Thanks for that!

Still looking for everyone to send in their information for the paintball player population page. This page will contain -Picture -Email address -Current level -Team name and webpage -Age -Homepage (Include the title of your page please) -State <sneak peek can be seen at (old link)> So guys, Send in this information to me (old email). Please please please include your paintball user name! I will be waiting!! Ps, you can leave out information if you wish. But please send me something. πŸ™‚

Table of Contents


The offer Commands
The Best by mmmm forbidden donut

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


The offer commands.

Rm and Dug have worked out a system to protect you all. I would suggest using it.

offer <item> <amount> 
offer list- shows a list of items being offered for players on that server. 
look <character name> – This should ALWAYS be used by the person buying the item! 
accept <character name> <Id Number>

Step1: Player 1 offers something for sale for a certain amount of money bye typing offer <item> <amount>

Step2: Player 2 types offer list and see that player 1 is offering something that they might want to buy.

Step3: Player 2 asks player 1 where he/she is standing, then goes to that square and types look <player 1>

Step4: Player 2 sees that the item offered is indeed what he/she wants to buy(because player 2 looked at the details of the item) and copies the ID number.

Step 5: Player 1 type accept <player 1> <Id Number>

1. Player 2 does NOT look at the details and trusts player 1 when he says its a certain item. 
2. Player 1 gives Player 2 the ID. Player 1 had switched the item quickly and Player 2 ends up paying more than what the item as priced at. 
3. Player 1 gives Player 2 the ID. Player 2 had not looked at the item first and finds out later the item is not what he wanted then accuses Player 1 of scamming.

How to prevent this? It really should be obvious. Player 2 should ALWAYS get the ID number him/herself, and while doing that, Player 2 should study the details of the item being sold!!!!!

I can not express how important it is for you to use the look <character name> command before buying an item.

The Best

Written by mmmm forbidden donut

Everyday when I log on I see the same thing. “Damnit Beowulf you splat me every game.” Usually coming from semi-newbies with around 200 splats. Just at the period when you can get enough splats to keep you in the game but certain people seem to stop you from doing that rather quickly.

Well, in this article I hope to include a few strategies to help some of you fellows find out how to splat some of TODAY’S best players. I hope no one get sore at me for posting their strategy…but I have been playing long enough it shouldn’t count against me because I have memorized all of you. =)

Beowulf: FANTASTIC canner. The only defense against a canner is rockets or NB. Basically because cheap ammo, is going to bounce off a bouncy canner. Rockets are the best, but then you have to know where he is going, and Beo moves around a hell of a lot. In order to get Beo, you must first be near some grassland. The WHOLE key to splatting canners is to be near grassland since turbo is faster than jetpack on grassland. (did you know that?) Run away as quickly as possible all the time shooting ammo. Because cans autofire on ammo now too, so you can probably slow the man down. =)

Brockman: I was talking to Brock on the phone the other day. In his own words his strategy is to “Run around like hell, and shoot anything that moves” And basically that is what he does. In every game he uses a survival strategy. He is always going to be moving. But he is also using an invisible suit. So therefore he has no jetpack. So you must prey on his speed. If nading wait for him to hit a lake or desert and fire away. If gunning to the same, only shoot 3 shots (1 with spread, but I would fire 2-3 times for bounce) for the spots to either two heights. This will minimize his capability of getting away, and maximize your chances of getting a direct hit.

Rebel: Rebel is a lot like Beowulf, only Rebel doesn’t dance around you like a little annoying butterfly, he uses a more direct strategy, and gets you in the trees. If you are a gunner, this is impossible to defend. You might as well give up and kill yourself. If nading, you still have a chance. If you are nading I am going to assume, that you have X-ray. So you will see a moving person coming from 5 spaces away. All you have to do is time the time he is going to reach you. So that your nade lands on him without killing yourself. (be careful not to kill yourself)

Pentiumman: Pent uses HV nades with a ultra-high velocity mini grenade launcher. His launcher carries 40 nades. So you are automatically at a disadvantage right there. He uses an invisible suit. So the fact that his launcher does not have a reload rate will just make himself more invisible all of the time. The main thing you must do to kill Pent is to draw his fire, without getting yourself killed. (easier said than done) If you get him to fire ammo at you, than you have accomplished one of two things. A. You have gotten him to reveal his position. Allowing naderz to easily counter attack. 75% of the time this works for me. Or B. He moves to a place where you can see him, and either go to move in for the kill with a can, or shoot with a gun. If using a gun remember to move around, or those HV nades will have you dead in a manner of seconds. If

Pent really wanted to, all he would need to do is sit there and unload 40 nades every game like someone we all know does. (Handel) And wipe out the whole team. (Not to give you any ideas Pent)

Moneyman: Moneyman is a rocketeer. Which I feel if used by the right man with the right mentality is the best weapon on PBN. The only thing that holds back a rocketeer is other people, and trees. Moneyman personally kills me every other game when he is on, because I am sitting there shooting 3 nades all around the place, and I don’t have the time to avoid a UHV speed grenade being shot at me. The whole key to killing Money though is avoiding his first rocket. If you can avoid it, he has a 2 second reload rate on it, so you have 2 seconds to shoot him or nade him. If using neither, a can us basically hopeless to kill him 1 on 1.

mmmm forbidden donut/TheDemon/Cornelius/Handel (no we are not the same person but we use the same strategy): Every one of us uses the “MIRV” attack. This is when we start the game we immediately look at the sat locator and fire 3-6 nades directly towards the starting point of the other team. This is really cheap. And I copied from Handel. But Corn and TD copied from me. The whole thing centers around the beginning, because usually because of money I don’t fire off ANY nades after the first 6 because I lose so much money. =) So once you avoid the original attack, it is easy pickens.

QtPie: Qt uses her little spread/cyan thing. So, she can fire from basically across the whole screen. (depends on the resolution you are on) She seems to move around enough not to be killed easily by measly naders, and her ammo spreads across the map so much that often if you are not bouncy enough, you find yourself being dead in a heap of blue paint. Main thing is to keep your distance, to give yourself plenty of time to reactor pad yourself so that you can get closer for a can or a short range nade.


New Admins

-95: Eric Gray and rkj both promoted to 95. 
-90: Toofer and Alien are the newest 90s. 
-80: RaptorRed and Pentiumman have been awarded level 80. 
Congrates and Good Luck!

New commands: 
-offer: Allows you to offer an item for sale. offer <item> <amount> 
-accept: Command used to accept an offer for sale. accept <playername> <id number> 
-offer list: Tells you what is being offer and by whom. 
-examine: Lets you examine your items. examine <item> 
[Note: When you “look” at someone, you will also see details of the item he/she is offering]

New items: 
-ultra-light high-velocity semi-automatic paintball gun: Same as a HV Semi gun but it does not weight as much. 
-ultra-light high-velocity semi-automatic paintball rifle: Same as a HV Semi rifle but it does not weight as much. 
-paintball Uzi: Short range, high speed one handed minigun

-Rifle range has now been extended. 
-You can now no longer type abbreviations for Drop, Give, Sell, Sellbig or Accept. These commands must be written out in full.

Wow I hope I didn’t leave anything out!

Paintball Tourney League

Hosted by QtPie, Omegared, and mmmm forbidden donut

You are invited to join a tourney league. There will be FOUR teams of up to SEVEN people registered to each team. You will HAVE to be registered to play on one of these teams.

What you need to do. -Get a Team Master. I will communicate mainly with the Team Master but I will make sure you all know what is going on. -Team Master will email me the team name and the names and emails of all players on the team. -Your team will get 5000 dollars together and then the Team Master will give that to me(QtPie). -You team master will get together with the Team Master from the team they play that week and set a time to play. Either Team master will talk to Either Me(QtPie) or Omegared and tell them when they want to play. -The team will receive an email from either me or Redz announcing when the games for that week will be played. -Teams will show up for the game. -Teams will not be bitchy, moaning, whining, crabbing, or cuss at the Tourney Master, the other team, or ME. -Teams will play FAIR!

How the tourney works. Each week for 4 weeks, teams will be pitted against each other. You will play 3 (three) games against the team and earn one point for each game you win. This Weekly tourney game will cost EACH PLAYER 200 bucks and will run as a normal tourney would expect you will play the *same* team three times. At the end of the four weeks the team with the most points will be the grand prize winner and will receive the Grand Prize of 20k (This is the money all teams paid to enter the tourney league.) In case of a tie in points, the two teams that tied will play in a Tie breaker game consisting of 5 games. The team that wins 3 games will win the grand prize. If your team does NOT show up for the tie breaking game then you forfeit and lose the money.

For more details you can email me at <old email> and ask for the rules. Note: This is the first time I have attempted a tourney league so this is a trail tourney. I might change the rules after this one is over but for right now the rules stand as is.

Thanks to Omegared and mmmmm forbidden donut for helping me get the rules together and offering to host the tourney games.

So get your teams together. Lets make this work!

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Rebel

Real Name:Ryan Allen


Job:High School Student, Baseball Umpire in the Summer

Hobbies:Baseball, Girls, Fishing, Hunting, Baseball, Girls, Riding around in my car, Baseball, When I’m bored I Golf a little

Homepage:<old link>

Team:Currently PLaYas, I reigned with Purple Haze for about 40k of my splats

Stats: Ever:You have $28754, carrying 424/500. (EVER) GAMES:12371 BONUS:31145500 SPLATS:50621 ACCURACY:50% GAMES SURVIVED:2359 BOT SPLATS:10892 PLAYER SPLATS:2014 (TEAM) BONUS:162000 SPLATS:281 ACCURACY:50% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:451500 SPLATS:789 ACCURACY:51% Lots of Bird Poop[x-ray][infrared] on your HEAD, EYES (padded helmet renamed) a padded scarf[hugepocket][hugepocket] on your NECK a large, padded backpack on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER a down-filled jacket[jetpack][refracto]{=Michael Kalil=}{=Ryn=}{=Dart Wader=}{=Ez=} on your BODY, WAIST A Love Letter to QtPie[hugepocket][spreadfire] on your RIGHT HAND (a high- velocity semi-automatic paintball gun renamed) Another Love Letter for QtPie on your RIGHT HAND (a can renamed) Yet Another Love Letter for QtPie[hugepocket][rapidfire] on your RIGHT HAND (a mini grenade launcher renamed) Leopard Colored Spandex[hugepocket][hugepocket] on your LEGS a pair of flippers[turbo][satellite] on your FEET

Your locker contains 45/500 weight. (1)Columbia Bugaboo[blood][gore][multi- terrain insulated][refracto][interference] (a multi-terrain insulated suit renamed)

Time Played:Since September of last year, I believe.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Becoming an adminstrator, Being one of 4 to reach 50k splats, um… I think those are the only things I have done.

PB Pet Peeves:Green Chat, Beggers, People who ask for a tourney and don’t join it once it’s started.

Fav. PB Weapon: Gotta like all of em.. I use all of them well too… But I like my gun the best.. hv semi auto[spread][exp]

Fav. Bot:My Homie

Fav. PBN Player: (I would say MONEYMAN or Shorty but those are my cousins so I’m not going to, hehe) FlyinEmu

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :I only allow really COOL people on my ignore… and <your name here> is COOL enuff.

I don’t have very many, I tend to try to be creative and use different sayings.

Other/ Comments:I’ve noticed this game is going up in population, and down in the nice catergory. I’m glad this game is growing I just wish you folks would realize that stealing, scamming, and just being an ass will get you no where.

PBN Name:togood

Real Name: James Haley


Job: Student

Hobbies:Playing Real Paintball, PBNet , Basketball and Golf

Homepage:h<old link>



Time Played: Since October of 97 I think

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Broke 20k splats. Was a Member of MacLeod Clan for awhile. Am currently a member of Cancer! YOYO

PB Pet Peeves: People who ask for money, People who sit on other peeps in vaders, Spammers, and people who write gay notes.

Fav. PB Weapon: ULUHV paintball gun [expansion][expansion]

Fav. Bot:

Fav. PBN Player: I have 4 Brockman, Macman, Random, and QtPie. =) oh and can’t forget Supters

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Umm I dont have any =(

PBN Name:Rza

Real Name: Jon Salmon

Age: 19

Job: Painting

Hobbies: Computers , Basketball

Homepage: I wish i had one =)

Team: Vizjerei Clan

Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:4389 BONUS:3464500 SPLATS:4530 ACCURACY:31%

Time Played: Since about September of 97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Getting my first 1000 spalts , it took me forever!!

PB Pet Peeves: Spaming

Fav. PB Weapon: Can

Fav. Bot: Qtpie Bot =)

Fav. PBN Player: This is tough , gotta go with rkj

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : I WILL KILL YOU ALL LIKE OJ!!!!!

Other/ Comments: Paintball is the bomb , its always something to do , and you meet a lot of people!! Happy Splatting!!!!

Closing Notes

Some fixits from the last issue. 1. Whodeamon is not totally gone. He logs on to the main server about every 5 minutes. 2. I was JUST KIDDING when I said everyone that has have 100k should be shot. I think I will leave any and all attempt at being funny out of the newsletter from now on. <chuckle>

Happy Fathers day to all you Fathers out there!!!!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #15 – 6/12/98

Editor: QtPie

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


The newest Pbterm is out. 

Yes 1.7 in on the net for your enjoyment!

Lots of new features included in this version but the most eye striking is the new graphics. Most of you have seen the new graphics but few of you have seen them like this. They ZOOM now. You can zoom in and have them 50% bigger then they were before, or you can keep them the same size they were in the old version. A lot of you have formed an opinion about the new graphics, a bad opinion. But that is because you received a crippled(testing) version. I urge you to ahead and try this new version.

Some of the graphics on the aliase buttons have also been improved. Looks Snappy!

Notes have been enhanced with this version. The cursor now defaults to the top of the note when replying with a Reply Separator making it easier to read replies.

Plans are now green (Thanks RM!!) which makes talking with teamies easier. <–My personal favorite feature!

Wizes are also green, but I suppose only admins care about that.

You now have the option to clear the main chat window. Hmm that would be good to use if hubby is looking over the shoulder <SMIRK> But I suppose I would be one of the few that would need it for THAT reason. OH get your minds out of the gutter already! πŸ™‚

The center click option is also new. You can turn off Click-Centering(which means when you double click on a square it will not center.)

Locators now have their own place in the menu bar. How convenient.

The title bar now contains some very important information. It tells you which server you are logged onto as well as what weapon you are holding in your right hand. Hey and guess what? It actually shows you the exact amount of money you have. Even if it is over $99999. <People with that much money should be shot I’m thinkin> Great new features of you ask me!

And yes, the moment you have all waited for…. The Help file has been updated. The help file tutorial might actually HELP people now. Also the policy was added to the help file to make it easier to read (I suggest you all do that very soon!) WOOHOO!

Other errors have been fixed, like the error you receive when you close PbTerm without shutting down your aliase form box (Ok maybe I was the only one brain dead enough to do that.) I haven’t seen it yet, but the .. Oh let me use the words of RM for this one, “login-and-stop-hey-whats-going-on problem” has been fixed somehow. Also that annoying who-form error was fixed.

Hats off to RM for such a wonderful job on PbTerm 1.7. And also for his patience in dealing with us Inpatient people!

Ode to WhoDeamon

Written by mmmm forbidden donut

I don’t know how many of you have noticed it. But recently PBN has been riden of one of one of the most clear examples of PBN. The character, which has logged on MORE times than anyone on PBN could ever hope to. Has passed on.

For you newbies, I am talking about whodaemon. Whodaemon was the little

server man, who came online to update the web pages at paintball-net.com

with who was online.

Whodaemon has been around a long time, logging on about once every few minutes. Give or take.

I can’t tell you how many times I have pressed control-w and seen his little level 2 self, fluttering online without anyone noticing or even saying hi.

He has always been there, and shall be remembered forever….*sigh*

He was always there, at all times, even when the people of PBN were not online, or….your your teammates were all offline, you could always depend on whodaemon to be there.

And as another PBN version passes, I think it is time we recognize him…

In loving memory…

mmmm forbidden donut

Newest Bots from a few weeks ago.

Stealth, dark blue, a Cancer bot (Random) 
Kamikaze, black, a Beowulf bot (Etsears/Beowulf) 
Stealth, yellow, a ChEEzGrEnAde (Matt M/Raptorred) 
Very Smart, dark blue, a PLaYa bot (MONEYMAN) 
Very Smart, dark yellow, Splats Killoramic Bot (Kill/Splat) 
Dumb, black, a Soundtraxx bot (Joseph/Soundtraxx) 
Dumb, bright green, a Nuclear Army Man bot (Army man) 
Smart, gray, Mr Death Splatting Machine (Tommartin/Mr Death) 
Smart, bright red, a Demonistic bot (Cometman/TheDemon) 
Kamikaze, dark green, Camomans Assassin (Camoman)

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Hurricane (now known as Ramuh)

Real Name: Kyle O.

Age: 13

Job: Student (I guess)

Hobbies: Uhh paintball net, basketball, girls

Homepage: <old link>

Team: Ghostbusters! (nananananananana)

Stats: Ever: Welp about 31k splats in 5k games for Hurricane, 15k in 4k
games for Ramuh, soo…..46k splats in 9k games =)

Time Played: A long time….uhh I was Acid on Binabik along time
ago…don’t remember how long though.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : Getting 46k splats, giving newbies over 200k, being on Purple
Haze when it was one of the best teams ever

PB Pet Peeves: Bullies and Meanies!

Fav. PB Weapon: Hand-to-Hand Combat =)

Fav. Bot: a dumb bot

Fav. PBN Player: Mickey D, because he always gives me fries and calls
me Ramuh-Ramuh-Ding-Dong for some odd reason. πŸ˜‰

Also Spy, because I know him in RL and he always backs me up in a fight
=) *i.e. MFD, Beowulf, Qtpie* πŸ˜‰

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :

Hurricane enters in on his tricycle> RING RING!
Hurricane leaves on his tricycle> RING RING!

Who ya gonna call?

Saying “Go Team Go” when there’s no game going on. =)

<Hurricane throws <person> in ignore land.> There are no trikes where
you’re going!

Gimme a hug!

The human head weighs 8 lbs!

Other/ Comments:

If everyone is wondering why I didn’t tell them I was Ramuh, prolly cuz
you never asked. πŸ˜‰

PBN Name:paintdog

Real Name:Brad Salyers


Job: Barge Inspector, real boring job don’t even ask me to explain it to

ya =)

Hobbies: Restoring and customizing classic Volkswagens, paintball, and
whatever else can keep me out of trouble

Homepage:None (too lazy to make one)

Team:Crimson Death

Stats: Ever: You have not got enough money to play this game, carrying
(EVER) GAMES:7410 BONUS:12040000 SPLATS:17339 ACCURACY:38%

Time Played: August or September 1997 can’t remember

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : well i’m just pretty happy about still being here playing. there

are so many people quitting now. It’s sad. But I am also glad to be up
the 10k mark (soon to be 20k hehehe yeah right)

PB Pet Peeves: Whiners, People who think they know the game inside and
out but have only been playing for like 3hours, excessive cursing (it’s
just not necessary)

Fav. PB Weapon: my pile of cow dung <exp> <exp> (waist mounted nade

Fav. Bot: The only good bot is a dead bot. Unless it’s one that kills a
newbie in a vival game πŸ˜‰ just kidding.

Fav. PBN Player:Man this is a hard one there are so many really great
players and so many people that i enjoy talking to (most I can only talk

to because lord knows I can never splat them). I won’t even try to name
names because I know I would forget some of you guys so i’ll put it like

this. You know who you are πŸ˜‰

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :The name is Dog <fixes
cuffs on shirt sleeve> paintdog.

If your a hider and you know it clap your hands <clap,clap>. If your
hider and ya know it then your splats will surely show it if your a
and ya know it clap your hands.

Other/ Comments: Well I would just like to say that this is the most
addicting game on the planet. RM and Dug keep up the good work

PBN Name: Mickey D

Real Name: Michael Donlin

Age: 15

Job: Unemployed

Hobbies: None that I know of

Homepage: <old link>

Team: Chorus

Stats: Ever:

Time Played: About 8 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] :
I have become the most annoying player (along with justin); I hold the
record for being splatted the most by the same person game after game
(Brockman, like 30 times); when I first hit 10,000 splats; When I had
$50,000 (that didn’t last long); Got on Chorus.

PB Pet Peeves: Stupid people, you know who you are.

Fav. PB Weapon: a high-velocity semi-automatic paintball rifle

Fav. Bot: Damn Bot

Fav. PBN Player:
(I’m gonna have a lot of people mad at me) I have a few favorite
players. Eric Gray, you helped me BIG TIME when I was a newbie (he got
my an inviso suit and a HV and showed me how to play); QtPie is one of
the nicest, if not THE nicest player on (she bought me my first level
up; I will dump a lot of money on her yet); everybody on Team Chorus is
cool (except for you Optimus Prime, you suck :); JAWSATEME, Sharp
Shooter, Brockman, Lurch, Dark Angel, Supters, TheDemon, TaRqUiN, Spume,
Dave, Random, and that one guy I can’t remember. All you people are bad

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :
“Would you like fries with that?”
“Chorus, Damn we’re good.”
“Chorus! We dance, we sing, we dance around singing!”
“Would you like fries with that?”

Other/ Comments:
I’m just surprised how a game so simplistic as this one has managed to
be so addicting, even though the main reason this game is what it is,
believe it or not, is the people. So just think, the better the people
are, the better the game is. Would you like fries with that?

Closing Notes

Get you Player listings for the Player List page into me soon. 
Information I will post: 
Paintball name: 
You email address (Only 1 email address please): 
Team and team homepage: 
Personal Homepage: 
You can send me the information you would like posted, Leave out any information you do not wish to be post. This will (hopefully) be viewed by all so keep that in mind. You can see what this page will look like at <old link>. This page is still in the working stages so kinda overlook any errors. Thanks πŸ™‚

Here ends my special issue of the PBNN. What a time its been eh? Have fun everyone! 
Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #14 – 6/7/98

Editor: QtPie


HI, Well here we go with yet another issue of the PBNN. It’s been going well. We now have over 200 subscribers (Gee it will be awhile before I get everyone to do a profile!)

Seems this week, a lot has happened around paintball. I would just like to say one thing. If you have not read it yet, I would suggest the you type help policy and read it! Thanks!

OK now the fun begins. I am creating a Paintball Player List page to post on <old link>. This page will contain -Picture
-Email address 
-Current level 
-Team name and web page 
-Homepage (Include the title of your page please) 
So guys, Send in this information to me (<old contact>) quickly. Please please please include your paintball user name! I will be waiting!! Ps, you can leave out information if you wish. But please send me something. πŸ™‚

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Written by Ryn

Everyone on pbn right now is either A newbie or WAS a newbie so we all no what it feels like to get splatted in the first 3 to 5 seconds of each game. And we are wondering why people are running up to us and shooting us. (can) I am about to give you some tips and some things to buy to help you out with the 1,000$ you get as a gift when you start playing.

THINGS TO BUY I think these items are the most effective newbie eq out there.

1.) First you will need some padding so that paintballs will bounce and you will have more time to react to people that are shooting at you. Padding: Go to the very MIDDLE store and type: remove vest & sell vest & sell gun & buy scarf. Once you have done that go to the TOPLEFT store and type: buy woodland & assem kit scarf & wear scarf. The scarf should cover your body and waist now.

Right now you should have some where around 900+$ left. Now goto the very BOTTOM store and type: buy helmet

So now you have a padded helmet (more padding)

Now wear the helmet. type: wear helmet

Now type: stat It should say that your HEAD, BODY, NECK, WAIST are all covered and padded and you should have 850$+

Now you will need one more item: padded leggings

So stay in the bottom store and type: buy leggings

Then go ahead and type: wear leggings


You want to start with a not so expensive gun so you will need just a semi auto

now this is where the TOPRIGHT store comes in. Go there and type: buy semi

That will take a lot of your money up but it will pay for itself.

Now to load your gun……

stay in the same store and type: buy bag

This is free ammo so it wont take any of your money up

Then type: dump bag gun & sell bag

This will load the gun. Repeat that last step until your gun is fully loaded and also repeat it when your gun is out of ammo.

This equipment will be good to get you started and don’t spend any more money just save it until you get 1,000$ then buy a turbo kit and assemble it to your leggings like you did the camo to the scarf..

Now one tip I want to give you is one that I always used to do. You can ONLY shoot ppl with the gun when they are in the BRIGHT GREEN grass. Your ammo wont go through the dark stuff or forest as it is called. Also many people have “refracto” so you will need to look at where the paintballs and grenade come from or originate and shoot there.

2.) LIST OF IMPORTANT COMMANDS crouch drop dump east equipment email fire get give game help inventory idea ignore look load list last more north note news put password plan reply remove rtell (lvl 12+) rreply(lvl 12+) rwho south say screen sell sellbig shout stat stand swap showaction tell target throw top10 tournament tutorial team typo time quit unreply register usage votes west wear whisper who

If you go onto paintball look for me there by typing: tell Ryn <message goes here>

Thanks a lot and enjoy the funnest online

Ramuh’s Team Review

Written by Ramuh

[Editors Note:Ramuh will be reviewing a team of his choice each week. He choose his first team to be team Chorus. How Lucky!]
Chorus is a team filled with many great members. It was created by Handel, a player that not often comes on, but had a great spg ratio when he played.

All members of Chorus are very comical. The team is filled with players who are eager to play and have fun, not necessarily the best ones.

QtPie and Beowulf are the main leaders of Chorus. Both are excellent players and are well liked by everybody. QtPie is one of the most loved/liked people to ever play the game, especially when she does her wiggle. =) Beowulf had a short stay away from the game, but has been back for a awhile now and has been seriously racking up the splats.

Chorus has been around long enough to attain 60k+ splats and 40 million bonus. They seem to be a team that will be around forever, and not many people who join it ever want to leave it.

Chorus members have always been extremely nice and social. They commonly root on single players when they are left in vival. It could be argued that Chorus is one of the best teams, not just for splats, but for all-around play.

Signing off… Ramuh


New Admins

Beowulf was promoted to level 90. Have mercy on him.
QtPie(that’s ME) was promoted to 95.

The Best

Submitted by Mmmm forbidden donut (aka:Yummy)

Best player: Brockman
Best name: ME! mmmm forbidden donut =)
Best canner: Beowulf
Best Gunner: Brockman
Best nader: Pentiumman
Best nading strategy: ME! mmmm forbidden donut =)

Aren’t I just a bit cocky? LOL

Team Profile

Team: Hoosiers

Leaders: mbs, rkj

No. Of Members: 20

Member List: mbs rkj bounty hunter GRM Hoosier FATMAN mufinater dieharder Joe Man Vermillion AKJ Paintball Sniper Gamewiz Winchester slack emknaps SnowPainter Big Jim Leviathan madhorse

Motto: We Came, We Saw, We kicked Your Ass!! πŸ˜‰


Team Stats: As of Sunday 5/24/98 (CURRENT) BONUS:3512000 SPLATS:4279 ACCURACY:26% (EVER) BONUS:58294500 SPLATS:74590 ACCURACY:40%

Requirements: None

Achievements: Making it to all time top 10

Goals: Keep playing

Comments: I would like to thanks all of the team for putting forth the

time and effort in making this a Top 10 ever team.

Thanks again….

Player Profiles

PBN Name: DaPimp

Real Name: Brandon Kirkley

Age: 15

Job: I’m a student at Choctaw High School

Hobbies: Paintball!!!, Paintball Net, computers, web-page making, internet

Homepage: <old link>

Team: Cancer



Time Played And Current Level: I’ve been playing since Oct. 16, 1997 and i’m currently at level 20

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : getting on Cancer, becoming a VBG master, breaking 10k, staying with the game for atleast 8 months

PB Pet Peeves: people who spam, people who scam, people who ask ME to get on Cancer, people who beg,

Fav. PB Weapon: a high-velocity semi-automatic paintball gun[spreadfire][rapidfire] filled with cyan paint

Fav. Bot: kami because if i die….somebody else is going down with me…..HAHAHAHAHAHA

Fav. PBN Player: Random-he’s helped me almost from the start…he enlisted me on Cancer and gave me all the tips i need=)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : um..i don’t know…I hardly ever have my chat on but here’s one: YOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYO

Other/ Comments: Um…..Happy Splatting!! and also..for all of you who care: Me, Togood, BlasterFX, and Justa Pimp are all friends from school. Ok..that’s about it

PBN Name: Random

Real Name: Dan McCulloch

Age: 18

Job: Computer Maintenance Engineer at a small Financial Planning Firm (Basically sit there and play PBN until someone needs something) hehe

Hobbies: Girls, Skiing, Writing games, Girls, PBN

Homepage: <old link> (Next month I’m going to College so the address will change)

Team: Cancer…..The only PBN Team

Stats: Ever:

You have $265110, carrying 251/500.(EVER) GAMES:10591 BONUS:20047000 SPLATS:29495 ACCURACY:54% GAMES SURVIVED:1520 BOT SPLATS:1728 PLAYER SPLATS:265 (CURRENT) BONUS:200000 SPLATS:358 ACCURACY:68% (TEAM) BONUS:2028000 SPLATS:3459 ACCURACY:51% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:104916000 SPLATS:147517 ACCURACY:51% Random`s padded helmet[zoom][scope][x-ray] on your HEAD, EYES Random`s padded scarf[ZOOM ATTACK][Cancer][satellite][expansion] on your NECK Random`s large, padded backpack[zoom][refracto][jetpack] on your RIGHT

SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER, BODY, WAIST Random`s Official ZOOM ATTACK M-16[zoom][rapidfire][spreadfire] on your RIGHT HAND Random`s padded leggings[zoom][expansion][expansion] on your LEGS Random`s padded boots[zoom][turbo][swim] on your FEETThe backpack contains: The backpack is made of DOWN and is %88 full. (473)a cyan paintball (1)a can of spray paint (1)Random`s Official ZOOM ATTACK PSG-1[zoom][spreadfire][expansion]

Your locker contains 118/500 weight. (1)Random`s Official Tourney Suit[zoom][stealth][interference][refracto]

Time Played And Current Level: Started early last summer….Level 90 from level 20

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Cancer….Getting 20K splats…All the equipement I could ever want and enough money to buy it all again. Cancer, Getting 131 splats in 1 game of Vaderz.

PB Pet Peeves: Shouting…I hate people that shout when I have chat off…..HIDERS I don’t like them either….. People that ask for money get on my nerves too….apart from that all is good.

Fav. PB Weapon: Random`s Official ZOOM ATTACK PSG-1[zoom][spreadfire][expansion] (PSG-1 Is a long-range sniper rifle

that US Rangers use….Ranger75 told me that, It’s a High-Velocity Semi-Auto PB Rifle[spread][exp] Full of Blue Fast No-Bounce)

Fav. Bot: Dark Bots, They sneak up on me and blast me and I respect them for that…..soon Cancer bots and Zoom bots will prob. be my favorites πŸ™‚

Fav. PBN Player: Ok I like pretty much everyone on PBN so I wont make a

list or i will forget some people but here are some categories…

Best Improved Player EVER: SAZ Best Player in a Team/Coop: Brockman 2nd to me πŸ™‚ Best Vaderz player: Lutra, RaptorRed, Nikespeed Best All Around players: Cancer members by FAR! Best TM: Rebel and Macman

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :

–= R~A~N~D~O~M~I~Z~E=– __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ____ ____

/ ___/ / \ | \ | |/ ___/ | __|| O \ | |___ / O \ | |\ \| | |___ | __|| _ / \__ __\ /__/ \___\|_| \__|\____\ | ___||__| \_\




<<—————————THIS IS WHERE IT STOPS—————————>>

Here I am…..ROCK’N Like a Hurricane!



> Other/ Comments:

I would like to congratulate Saz on 10K splats and on all Cancer members

for being the best bunch of guys on PBN man these guys rock and we have so much fun together….

PBN Name: Deathbypaint

Real Name:Stephen Root


Job: Paintball field, Athletic Club, Pool

Hobbies: Computer gaming (online), Paintball, and having fun…duh…oh wait…and bugging the piss out of RM

Homepage: Uhh…i don’t really have one right now…

Team: MasterCannerz

Stats: Ever: Stats for ‘DEATHBYPAINT'(15013): (EVER) GAMES:12150 BONUS:6077500 SPLATS:7425 ACCURACY:16% GAMES SURVIVED:1965 BOT SPLATS:454 PLAYER SPLATS:134 Don’t laugh…I don’t play much any more..

Time Played And Current Level: Umm…RM says that i turned level 2 June somthing…Of last year…But…i vividly remember Chop shop notes…Soo…it’s been a year or so…and i’m level 15…

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Well…hmm…I haven’t really done much on PBN…I just sit around and chat…Why? Cause i want to!! Let me think for a minute, obviously when i hit 1K splats was a big milestone…I geuss that’s all…

PB Pet Peeves: Grr…When people cuss obsessivly(SP), Green chat (GRRRR), Spamming, Begging, the usual =)

Fav. PB Weapon: Hmm…Once i shot a UHV Grenade Launcher with Sabot nades and i fell in love with it…too bad it wasn’t mine…But i geuss i’ll have to go with a Ultra-light Ultra-High Velocity Gun [HugeExp][Spread]…

Fav. Bot: A Nonexistant Bot..

Fav. PBN Player: Woah…that’s a hard one…I’ve gots lots of favs..VerTigO, Voltron, Justin, Beowulf, Random, Jawsateme, pro, widdowmaker, Pentiumman…Too many to list…Let’s just say everyone on divine beings, cancer, purple haze, and MasterCannerz.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : woah…hehe…do i really get to say it?! Woah…okay..:

Im a real, normal human being. U think im kiddin? Fuck you!! I still have time to live!! no mother!!, put that knife away!!! what Mr. teddy? okkk….no!! but I love u!! huh? no not now brain! dial 911? why does marsha get alltha boobige? mmm, baked tostitos.

Other/ Comments: Well…I just wanted you all to know that i love this game and hope it will live on forever…RM…you rule man…Dug…you kick ass…Blinky, you sound like a retard, and man, random, send me sumtpin..i don’t care what it is..jee =)

PBN Name:FiFa

Real Name:Mark Kampsnider


Job:Work at Runza (fast food, god im proud)

Hobbies:Paintball(real life), Soccer, and computers

Homepage:<old link>

Team:none, because i quit for a couple of months

Stats: Ever: GAMES:5826 BONUS:10308500 SPLATS:13173 ACCURACY:50% GAMES SURVIVED:1281

Time Played And Current Level:started last year at about this time

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I made lots of money in a buy for less, sell for more scam =)

PB Pet Peeves: *singing* Have you ever wondered, if you mom gave your dad a blow job before she kissed you gooooodnight, dadadaadd

Fav. PB Weapon:UHV

Fav. Bot:Dumb bot

Fav. PBN Player:Random, havn’t seen him in a while, but he always greeted me with a,”YO YO YO YO!”

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :Is it true, that cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?

Other/ Comments: Hopefully I’ll start to play again, after I become disinterested in Quake and War2(which i might add, is the best game ever, well, 2nd to pbterm of coarse =)

Closing Notes

Well that is about all for this Issue. I have a favor to ask of you. If you see a newbie that is struggling, Help them out! Point them to this newsletter, the how to play page, the tutorial, or another page (such as Random’s paintball page) so they can learn all the tips and tricks. Let’s make this enjoyable for everyone!

There will be a special issue of the PBNN coming out in the next week or so. So if I send you a player or team profile form, Please return it to me soon! You guys have been great about getting them back to me and I thank you for that!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #13 – 5/24/98

Editor: QtPie


I am back from vacation which means you will be seeing my face floating around paintball once again and you will get newsletters in your mailboxes again. Oh Joy right? πŸ™‚

The survey helped me out a lot!! Thanks to all that filled it out. I am changing some sections of the PBNN. The majority of you said your least favorite thing about the PBNN were the stories so those will no longer be posted in the newsletter. Almost all of you want to see the “The Best” (I really need to think of a cool name for it….) So I will try and add that. Milestones will no longer be posted and I will add one more profile to the player profile since that seems to be one of the favorite things about the PBNN. I will be throwing other things as you now and then.

One more thing… I will now be editing the articles a little more than I did before. So do not be surprised if you article doesn’t appear just as you wrote it. Thanks!

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Using Aliases

Written by Jawsie

Are you ready to play with the big boys ? If so the next few paragraphs might help you. In this chapter I will discuss “Aliases”. An Alias can be simply defined as how to use one word to perform complex tasks at your command.

Alias Basics First of all you will need to work with the built in Alias Editor by pressing Control + E while connected to a PBN server. Second we will need to give the name of our alias. To do this we simply type in the name where it says Alias Name. Next we can create our alias body in the Alias Text box.

Novice Aliases Ready to have your favorite battle cry stored into a simple one word command ? Well here we go!

( The following text should be put in the Alias Name box ) Roar

( The following text should be placed in the Alias Text box ) c I am a BEAST… Hear me ROAR!!!!!! \& shout R-O-A-R !!!

( The following should explain what the above means ) c I am a BEAST… Hear me ROAR!!!!!! \& This is the simple CHAT command followed by an & command. NOTICE that there is a \ before the &… This lets the Alias Editor know that it must follow out the next command line. shout R-O-A-R !!! This is the simple SHOUT command and should be clear to you already.

( The following is what you should see happen when you type Roar ) You chat: I am a BEAST… Hear me ROAR!!!!!! You shout: R-O-A-R !!! Blah has Shut you up for 30 Minute(s) =) <—- Not Really

Intermediate Aliases

Now would you like to know how to reload your all of your weapons using one alias ? Simply follow the next example =)

( The following text should be put in the Alias Name box ) Reload

( The following text should be placed in the Alias Text box ) remove %1 \& buy %2 \& dump %2 %1 \& sell %2 \& wear %1

( Lets hope the following will explain what the above means ) Ex. When typing Reload gun box %1 will be your gun %2 will be your ammo type (box for instance)

remove %1 This will remove the gun. NOTE: Guns are only one handed so this isn’t necessary, but you can use this with all of your weapons and some of them you must remove. buy %2 This will BUY a box (%2) of ammo. NOTE: You must be in the proper store of course and also you may buy any type of ammo dump %2 %1 This will dump your box (%2) into your gun (%1) sell %2 This will sell your empty box (%2) wear %1 This will wear your gun (%1) again

( The following is what you should see happen when you type Reload Gun Box ) You remove the gun to your left hand. You buy a box of ammo. You dump all of a box of ammo into the gun. You sell a box of ammo. You wear the gun.

( A shortcut I use myself ) Instead of typing out “Reload gun box”. I have another alias called “Gun”. This simply gives the command several times “Reload gun box”. Then I have another for my launcher called “mini”. This simply gives the command several times “Reload launcher grenade”

Expert Aliases Now lets say you are a cloaker =) Inside your cloak you have a gun, for those people who are standing a long way away, and a grenade launcher for those people who are hiding. Now, you want to be able to use both your gun and your launcher without having to type out all of the rem suit, get gun suit, blah blah blah… you want it to happen when you click ! When you click on your target you don’t want to hang around because you are a sitting duck… So you need to use Advanced Aliases to let the game know that you want to carry out multiple commands when you click the mouse. Here is how I do it:

I use a system of aliases instead of one single alias. I use alias CG for Cloaking Gun, CM for Cloaking Mini, and RF for Reset Fire.

( Here is the text for CG ) alias fire rem suit \\& get gun suit \\& fir \\& put gun suit \\& wear suit \\&

( Again lets hope that the following explains the above ) alias fire rem suit \\& This line tells the game to create the FIRE alias and let rem suit be the first command. NOTE: The fire alias is built into the game so you will NOT type fire to call it. You will simply right click as usual to fire but the new commands will be run now. ALSO NOTE: This time you see two \s because now you are telling the game once you run this command (CG) the following commands are now stored in the FIRE alias.

get gun suit \\& This line will NOT be carried out until you call the FIRE alias *by right clicking*

fir \\& You are now in a since calling the fire command. If you were to type out fire it would run your alias over and cause a type of loop and maybe lock up your game or cause an error. So we type PART of the word fire and the game still thinks it is the original SHOOT HERE COMMAND.

put gun suit \\& Both of the next commands are stored in the fire alias also wear suit \\&

( The following should happen when you type CG ) alias fire created.

( Here is the text for CM ) alias fire rem suit \\& get mini suit \\& wear mini \\& fir \\& rem mini \\& put mini suit \\& wear suit \\&

The only thing new here would be that maybe you were working the examples as you read this and got the question “What if I have already created a new fire alias and now im ready to make this one?” Every time you type alias <name> it overwrites the old alias. So be careful when doing it and also remember to delete or CLEAR an alias you can type alias <NAME> with no commands.

( Text for RF ) alias fire

This simply CLEARS or DELETES the fire aliases you have modified so now when you click fire it simply goes back to the SHOOT HERE COMMAND

I hope this helped you with aliases and you use more advanced aliases to help you become a better player. If you have any questions about aliases or would like for me to write you a custom alias just email me at nate@tecinfo.com and give me the idea your trying to get done.


Written by QtPie

There are many different types of weapons. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Some are cheap but less effective in the game. Some require good aiming skills, others require speed and patience. This article is only to familiarize the inexperienced players with the different types of weapons. There are other weapons that are not sold in stores. But I will only cover the weapons sold in stores right now in this article.

Guns- The cheaper the gun the less effective it is. Guns only use one hand. They can use any of the normal ammo (Not Antique) that is sold at Guidos Gun Shop. Another thing to remember is that the type of ammo you buy also effects the results of your shoot. A free gun will not shoot free ammo as far as a semi-automatic gun.

Rifles-Rifles share most of the same qualities as guns do except that they use two hands and they shoot a bit farther than guns do. Therefore their price is slightly higher.

Launchers-Launchers are very effective weapons. The main draw back is the price of the grenades. Unless you use a paint grenade (which only shoots ONE square of paint), your shots will cover a 3 by 3 square on the field destroying everything in that square. The grenades can shoot over object like trees and mountains. All the following launchers can use any of the grenades except for the paint rocket grenades. The more expensive the grenade, the more effective it is. Grenade launcher:Uses both hands, the right shoulder, and the eyes(built in scope) to operate. Waist mounted launcher: Takes up your waist and both hands. Mini-Launcher:Has the longest reload time and the shortest range, but only requires your hands to use.

PaintRocket-Launchers-Rockets are similar to Launchers. The main difference is that they can not shoot over objects like trees and mountains but they shoot faster. They explode on impact of any object (player, bot, trees, mountains etc etc). Rockets can only use the Rocket grenades. Rocket-launchers uses your hands, eyes and right shoulder.

Powered miniguns-The special thing about miniguns are their built in burst and rapid-fire kits leaving room for you to assemble more kits to the gun. You can only use the mini-gun ammo for this gun. Requires 2 hands and your waist to use the mini-gun.

Paintball Shotgun-This gun has spread and burst built in once again leaving room for more kits. You can only use the shotgun-ammo for this gun. Requires both hands to use.

Can-You only need your right hand to use the can. It has automatically fires if someone crosses over your target.

There are many weapons you can use. Different weapons are good for different situations. Being familar with and using different weapons not only gives you some advantages but also keeps the game exciting.

For farther help on weapons type help gunshop.


New Items

Well, While I was on vacation a few changes to PBN were made. Bigger hopper kits and pockets were added to the store. Rtells were fixed so now you can use the apostrophe. The stat command now list your current bot splat count and your player splat count. “top10 ever psplats” now tracks the top10 Player Splatters Free paintball will now only pay half the amount of money for a splat unless you have less than 100 splats. Then you get the full amount. [I might have missed some changes, forgive me if I did.]

New Admins

Well there were a few. I am so bad, I am afraid I will not remember them all so I will say congrats to all in one huge “Congrats you Guys!”

The Best

OK.. This is where I need your help!! I am not witty, I am not funny, I am not creative when writing about people. So I will ask all of you to help me write this section. Send me your nominations for “The best” along with a short description of why you think they are the best. They can be the best gunner, canner, most lagged, plays the most, lags the most, plays the best in coop, etc etc. Anything you can think of without being rude and obnoxious. Please include your paintball username so I may give you credit for your work. Help me out here guys. You asked for this section!

Written by TheDemon

This section is used to remember people who did something on PBNet…or some1 who people like and want them to be recognized.

QtPie-One of the best all around people on PBNet

TaRqUin-personally, on of my best bud’s, but nice to everyone and a good player(also owner of a padded belt) πŸ™‚

Beowulf-THE best Jet Canner i have ever encountered…and a great guy

The Bat Commander-My friend from the start….Hes a great guy and player…(he wins the nicest person under 4k splats award)

Inbred Jed-My Best bud on PBNet…. generious, trust worthy, and a kick but player beanster-will always be known for his: ~farts~ and his “bleh”‘s

Mickey D-He mite not like ME anymore, but i still like him…hes a great player and he’s a great guy

boo yaow-one of the best admins out there…and a good friend of mine

Compeler-what can i say? he’s just plain old weird

JesseStew(Felon)-The only one i can call “GHOSTON” and i know he loves me….even if he has a weird way of showing it(he wins the only guy that gave away 5k to a newbie on his first day{accidently}award)

Junior-The guy who’s blamed for everything that happens whether he did it or not

Random-The inventor of the one and ONLY Betting game on PBNet[The VBG]

JAWSATEME-Just a really cool guy!

Pro-A kewl guy….but i know JAWS better(he wins the best guy who is brothers with JAWSATEME award)

RaptorRed-will always be remembered for his CheeZ Grenades (TM)

mAsE-One of the richer players on PBNet and a GREAT guy

Chia Pet-The best name….and a VERY good Jet Canner

mmmm forbidden donut-A great guy…and a great admin

DEATHBYPAINT-didn’t really know him

Sx-the player with the most “spunk” on PBNet

Eostinso-One kick butt kid who has awesome hair πŸ™‚

[This is similar to what I am looking for but more detailed and don’t send more than one nomination and issue. I also reserve the right NOT to post any nomination if I feel it’s unfit.]

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Mirage

Real Name: Nathan Wenneker

Age: tis a secret

Job: student (working on summer camp staff this summer)

Hobbies: camping, high adventure (rapelling, rock climbing, canoe racing, backpacking, etc), reading, computing (web design, programming, Robot Battle, email, etc), and piano & drumming.

Homepage: <old link>

Team: MacLeod Clan

Stats: Ever: As of April 27th (EVER) GAMES:9744 BONUS:15617000 SPLATS:19074 ACCURACY:54% GAMES SURVIVED:1960

Time Played and Current Level: January 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Oh, not much really. Most everything I’ve done has been done many times over by other people…. but anyway.. I’m proud of being on 3 teams…The Elite Few (I’ll be back there someday Stammel), Black Sun (orginal member who helped make it to be the first team to get 100000 splats,etc), and MacLeod Clan(non orignal member who doesn’t really help out that much but anyway). I’m also proud of building what I think is a trustworthy reputation.

PB Pet Peeves: people nagging the TMs, people begging for money, the 5 digit money display, people who use free paint (it means that in general, they can replace part of their skill with the pure force of sending out cases and cases of paint without regret because they don’t lose any money for it), people who stand on me during invaders games, petitions, people who come up with “great” ideas that in general don’t change anything except raise the amount of money they’ll get for doing the same thing everyone else has been doing for months (people who say tokens should be worth more – they used to be worth only $5 —– and people who say people with more splats should be worth more money when splatted …say $100 for lutra…. well, -I- say that if you want splats to be part of the formula for how much money you get for splatting someone, how about lowering the amount of money you get for people with less splats πŸ™‚ ), oh, and people with spaces in their names or all caps πŸ™‚

Fav. PB Weapon: none, I use them all.. usually I use stuff that doesn’t bounce πŸ™‚

Fav. Bot: Stealth bot

Fav. PBN Player: Stammel

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : c Hey %1, welcome to PBNet! Type c message to chat with us —> c hey guys! —- If you have any basic questions type “tutorial first” , press F1, or ask someone

Other/ Comments: I’ve never seen all the aspects of a game be balanced so well as they are with PBN (well Robot Battle -above- comes close). The choices Dug and David make for prices, abilities of equipment, etc always surprise me at how good they are. They’re so so much better than most of us could make. So, let’s give them some(?), a -LOT- of credit for their great job.

PBN Name:Deadpool

Real Name:Jeremy Hileman


Job:Middle schooler

Hobbies:Playing UO


Team:The Great lords

Stats: Ever:Dont want to know πŸ™‚ all i know is that i have 5805 splats

Time Played and Current Level:25 i think

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : reaching 5000 splats

PB Pet Peeves:Vets

Fav. PB Weapon:All

Fav. Bot:Dead bots

Fav. PBN Player:Hmm Satan

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : *Salutes* Hail all THe Great Lord Darkness is here

Other/ Comments:well i dont play much and im glad someone still remembers me

PBN Name:Voltron

Real Name:Pablo Trejo


Job:No Comment πŸ˜‰

Hobbies:Playing Basket Ball,girls, video games,chillin with freinds, girls, Partying at South Beach, and Girls

Homepage:To lazy to do one =)

Team:Divine Beings

Stats: Ever:(EVER) GAMES:8757 BONUS:23399500 SPLATS:28719 ACCURACY:63% GAMES SURVIVED:1748

Time Played and Current Level:a little over a year, and i’m a level50/80

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Mastered the art of Canning and When i first got 10k splats

PB Pet Peeves:Newbies askin for money and the constant “Can you do a tourny?”

Fav. PB Weapon:Can…duh

Fav. Bot:Decoy Bot =)

Fav. PBN Player:Don’t have a fav, but my buddys are Vertigo/George, Master,God, Sabot, GhostFaceKillah, Blinky, Mike Kalil, Matt Williams, justin, but i like everyone pretty much the same.(And that guy i forgot)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : chat tell vertigo wanna go to the secret store? <followed by> chat DOH, ignore that last chat =) and the way i type in broken english ,eg; wut, sup, yo, cracka

Other/ Comments:Yeah, its about time they ask me to do one of these, sheesh

Closing Notes

Those I sent player and team profiles too, please send them back within
the next week or so. Thanks.

One more thing. I will be creating a list of paintball team homepages
for the paintball-net homepage. If you would like to be posted on the
page EMAIL me your paintball team name with your homepage address. Only
the team homepage DESIGNER needs to send me this information. So hound
you team homepage designer until *HE/SHE* emails me. Thanks!
Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting

PBNN Issue #12- 5/1/98

editor: QtPie


In this issue I have included a little survey to find out how you guys like the PBNN and what kind of changes (if any) you would like to see. Please fill this out and return it to me if you have the time. I publish this for YOU, so if there are other ways I can make it enjoyable and helpful to you I want to know! Thanks!

Table of Contents

Team Profile
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Written by Dsniper

The Shotgun is a very cool weapon. It cost 7500 bucks, and comes stock with a Spread kit, 2 Shot burst and a Expansion Chamber on the Ammo Hopper. It weighs 30 lbs. and takes 2 hands to operate. It holds 45 Free Paintballs or 90 normal ones stock. Every time you pull the trigger this weapon unleashes not 1 not 2 or 3 but 6, yes 6 shots in a 3 shot pattern. Very deadly.

Now as I stated, It is a 2 handed Weapon. To me this is a drawback requiring you to have a few extra commands in your aliases. Another drawback is that it will only shoot 10 spaces, but this is no big deal because free paint only goes 10 spaces anyway. So don’t waste money on fancy ammo for this weapon. Well, unless you are in a Tourney or have money to burn.

My Shotgun has a Rapid and another Expansion kit, So it holds 90 free paintballs. That equates to 15 shots. So ya better carry a lot of extra ammo, especially if you are going into a invaders game. I would put my shotgun in a backpack or suit or whatever, then fill it the rest of the way with Paint. This way, you can be sure to have room to put you gun away, if ya wanna change weapons, or something during a game.

Now, seeing as how the shotgun has spread, ya can do something cool with it. Shoot the shotgun far away, notice the shot travels for several squares before it spreads. If you are close to someone, and you hit them with it before it spreads, you will hit him 6 times. Almost a guaranteed break ( almost ). So shoot behind your intended victim. One thing you want to avoid, is staying in 1 place and spraying. Move around and select your shots, it is real easy to run out of paint. The Shotgun is kinda a slow weapon, but Killer Deadly with a little practice.

Now as I stated earlier, You need good aliases and or buttons for a 2 handed weapon, I will provide a few here for those that aren’t Vets, and don’t know how.. You may need to adjust it to match up with your equipment

Get flag Button 
rem shot & get flag & put flag boot & get flag & put flag boot & get flag & put flag boot & get flag & put flag boot & drop flag & wear shot

-Note this will pick up 4 flags, and then at the end it issues the drop flag command in case you picked up your flag. ( remember ya need 2 hands to wear a shotgun ) so, if ya happen to pick your flag up, it will drop it before wearing your shotgun. Nothing worse then trying to free up a hand wile trying to wear a weapon wile running from some dude trying to splat ya.

Get token Button
rem shot & get tok & put toke boot & wear shot

    Well, that’s about it for the Shotgun, I love it. It is a great weapon for the price, but don’t depend on it for everything. A good player has several weapons and uses all of them depending on the situation.


by mpa

Well, you’re all ready to kick some paintball butt as a new Level 2 player, but in your first game you get wiped out. Then in your second game, you last three seconds. Then the third game has about 100 bots coming toward you, and you last four seconds.

That about sums up a lot of discouraged newbie’s first games. How then do you move from utter confusion to confident splatting? Here are some of the most common problems Level 2 players have and my proposed solutions.

CHARGING: Instinct tells a player to shoot right at an enemy, while you may forget to move yourself. Don’t forget that your enemy is going to fire right at the place that he saw you last, so move often. Level 2’s usually don’t have the luxury of [refracto], so assume that everyone sees you. Running right up to an enemy is a bad idea as well, even if you use a can. Fake your enemy out by moving around, or making an indirect attack by moving away from him, then straight at him. Maybe even let him come to you, and chances are that you’ll be able to splat him while he’s busy charging.

KNOW YOUR LIMITS: If you use a gun, remember how far it shoots. Also, try and count your shots to make sure you’re either reloading or shooting, not dry-firing. Remember that guns can’t shoot farther than one unit into a  group of trees. So, if you run out of ammo or need to evade some heavy fire, run into the trees and then regroup.

WEIGHT PROBLEMS: All Level 2 players have a weight limit of 100 pounds. What that means is a severe restriction on what kits you can buy. There are two different styles of play you can choose. One is to stay padded and count on those bouncy paintballs. With this strategy, get as much of yourself padded as possible, and then buy kits until you run out of weight,  preferably [turbo], [swim], and [scope].

Another strategy is to get as many kits as possible to make yourself hard see, meaning a multi insulated suit with [interference] and a camo set. Buy [xray] and [infrared] then. With this strategy, you won’t be able to let any paintballs hit you, but you won’t be surprised by experienced players as much. Of course there are strategies between these two, but you get the idea.

KITS, KITS, KITS: What kits are the best? When you start out, I would recommend buying a [turbo] kit to give you the extra running speed. Also, utilize the fact that kits themselves cover areas to reduce your weight. For example, the [turbo] kit covers the feet by default, so if you  attach it to padded leggings, your feet will be padded as well, meaning you don’t have to buy the boots.

Also, don’t overload on useless kits or items such as a leather belt. If you have a backpack, you won’t need [extrapocket] kits, and unless you burn a WHOLE lot of paint don’t worry about more than 1 [hopper expansion] kits.

MONEY, MONEY: Everyone complains that there is no way you can save up any money, since you only get $5 per splat. It’s possible, though, as everyone does get by. To maximize profit, use free paint or a can. Try to collect as many tokens as possible. Also, surviving gives you some extra money (if you get a splat during the game), so playing a conservative game and surviving is more profitable than going crazy, running around like mad, and getting splatted early.

USE YOUR VOTE: It is generally more profitable for newbies to vote for Teams, Cooperative Flags, or Survival. In the first two, you have a chance of getting around $50 if your team wins, which is a big bonus for those just starting out.

TOKENS, YOUR KEY TO FREEDOM: Yes, Level 2 players can’t give money, but you do have tokens. Tokens and flags are the only way for a level 2 to give money to other players, and since flags weigh 1 lb. apiece, tokens are the best way to conduct transactions. Collect tokens and use them to enter raffles, pay people for part of a level up, or for fun.

ADAPTATION: The biggest problem players have is they’re locked into one strategy and can’t operate around it. If I see someone using the same style everytime, the easiest way to splat them is to react against what they usually do. For example, many canners don’t move the target during the game, leaving it on one spot, or gunners will fire from right to left every time. Watch your enemies, then defeat them by knowing their style.

COURTESY: This isn’t a way to survive on the field, but a way to keep friends and make PBNet a fun place to play. For example, If someone splats you, don’t complain about lag, just congratulate them. Also, 90s aren’t bound to give you a reset, so ask them nicely. The same goes with 80s and tournaments.

I hope that I’ve helped or cleared up a little about a Level 2’s options. Don’t feel discouraged by a Level 2’s restrictions, but use your  choices to the best of your ability. As of writing this article I am Level 2, but have taken the easy way out of all of these problems: I’ve sent in for a level up. Thanks for reading…



Special News from RM

Paintball NET is growing!

We now have a dedicated Paintball NET server running at:

This is also the new “primary” server for Paintball NET, replacing
paintball.busprod.com/4444 (which is now a remote server). The next
release of PBTerm will point to this server automatically. In the
meantime, you’ll have to type in the address yourself.

The Paintball NET home page has moved! It’s now at:
<old link>

The PBN Serverlist
<old link>/4444 “main”
<old link> /4445 “serverone”
<old link> /4444 “busprod”
<old link> /4445 “serverthree”
204.???.???.???/4444 “servertwo”

Tournament Servers and Guidelines
I have designated two servers as Tournament Servers:
<old link> /4445
<old link> /4445

As Tournament Servers, any kind of tournament may be run on these
servers at any time. This includes mini-tourneys (if a Level 80 agrees
to do it).

Tournaments are still allowed on all PBN servers, but there are certain
requirements the Level 80 must adhere to:
1. No tournaments if there are 30+ people on the server.
2. No mini-tourneys. Period. None. If you want a mini-tourney/duel, find
a Level 80 to set one up for you on one of the designated Tournament

Thanks for playing Paintball NET!



Broke the 10k Mark
Broke the 20k Mark
Broke the 30k Mark
Macman –>plus the 25million bonus


Run by gbuddy and Voltron

[This section will be dedicated to the Paintball Net Tourney Circuit.]

Hey all, this is gbuddy. I would like everyone on PBN who doesn’t know about PBNTC, or Paintball Net Tourney Circuit, to know about it. What it is is a tournament every so often that goes toward the circuit. Teams that are pre-registered get e-mail notices when the next PBNTC tourney will be, and that they must be on for there team to get any points from that tourney.
Teams receive 1 team point for each individual tourney game they win. The more they win, the more points. At the end of the season (probably 25 weeks per season maybe more or less it depends) prizes will be awarded to the team with the most points.

So, since you know what it is, you’re probably asking how do I sign up. All you have to do is either: a) send me(gbuddy) a note telling me the team you want to join or make, and your e-mail address. or b) tell me(gbuddy) when I’m online the above info. After that, if you want more then just you on the team, and someone else wants to join, have them give me(gbuddy) a tell or note saying they wanna join your team, and there e-mail address.

So, if you have any further questions, just note me(gbuddy) or voltron or give me(gbuddy) or voltron a tell

see ya.


Run by Random

Background Information:
Vaderz Betting Games started out as just a little fun game that me and
some PBN friends started playing…We just said “ok whoever gets the most
splats wins and receives $100 from all the other guys that were in on
the bet.” Well we started to do this quite often, and I was using about
10 aliases, so I decided to make a program that does everything for me.
This worked out great, except people wanted to play when I wasn’t on, so
I decided to appoint Masters that would have the program and that could
run the VBG’s. The only reason I don’t just give the program out to
anybody, is because….VBG’s are fun and organized, I saw others try to do
the same, but the structure was not there….

1. You must be a LVL 12 or higher to join.
2. The VBG Master will ask if anyone wants to play, If you want to play
ONE game then do the following: type “Tell <Master’s name> IN” In means
you want to play ONE game, if you want to play on all the games coming
up then do the same except switch the IN with ALL.
So basically:
-IN = One game
-ALL = ALL until Master leaves
3. After a Vaderz game go to the chop shop, for money distribution.
4. If there is a tie…there is NO winner.
5. You cheat you cant play again.
6. If the server crashes or everyone gets booted…no one wins.
7. If you don’t receive the money from a player tell the Master the
person’s name
8. Any questions ask Random!

VBG Masters:
Rebel, MONEYMAN, Skate, DaPimp, RaptorRed, Stanky, Compeler, Werewolf,
Togood, Nikespeed, Jack-n-box, Killah, TheDragon, Obsidian

That’s right I AM NOT in that list….I own VBG and the VBG program…but I
rarely run any VBG’s (

Please Have Fun
Any questions just give me a call…


New Items

New Admins. Wow so many. The “rash” as RM calls it is spreading quickly. Pro, Ghost Face Killah, Random, Rebel, and Darkman (hope I didn’t forget anyone!) have all been promoted to 80s. God was promoted to 90. Treat them well!

New Main server: As Rm’s special news stated, <old link> /4444 is now the new main server. See Rm’s special new for me information on that.

Team Profile

Team: MacLeod Clan

Leaders: Macman and Brockman

No. Of Members: 20

Member List: Macman, Mirage, Randy gilbertson, togood, Lil Oly, lutra, Brockman, Lurch, boo yaow, kingholmes, Worf, Werewolf, BlueAdept, Viper, Wyclef, Coldiron, nofear, mAsE, OxYgEn, MENACEDAPIMP,

Motto: There are many…

There can only be One!! (Swiped from the Highlanders, but of course Duncan MacLeod IS the Highlander…)

MacLeod Clan. Don’t settle for anything less.

When you absolutely, positively need it destroyed in the morning… Macleod Clan.

MacLeod Clan. We work hard to make your life a living hell.

Homepage: <old link>

Stats: (CURRENT) BONUS:109000 SPLATS:117 ACCURACY:43% (EVER) BONUS:205605500 SPLATS:276124 ACCURACY:44%

Requirements: You have to be noticed by either Brockman, Macman, or some other member of the Clan. Then it’s a decision based on a few criteria. Brockman or Macman do the enlisting.

Who We are: We are descendents of the Highlanders, from the clan MacLeod.

Achievements: Every goal we’ve ever set out to do we achieved. I think the loftiest was reaching the 200,000,000 bonus mark.

Goals: The #1 goal of this team is to keep it a working team, and having fun doing it. From day 1 we have refused to fall by the wayside like a few of the other great teams had done. We’ve had a few scares, but always pulled through it.

Comments: I think Randy Gilbertson did a great job in getting this team running and keeping it up. I for one am glad he had the foresight to open his suggestion box to bigger and better things. It has formed the cornerstone of what this team is. You learn, and try to pass on. ~Macman

Player Profiles

PBN Name: mmmm forbidden donut

Real Name: Brian Horton

Age: 20

Job: Computer Programmer

Hobbies: Baseball, Sports, PBTerm, Golf

Homepage: None

Team: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Well….. None kinda at this time…..(As of this second)

Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES: 11322 BONUS: 17437000 SPLATS: 22063 ACCURACY: 59% GAMES SURVIVED: 2540

Time Played: Since late January 97, so maybe 1 year 2 months?

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Became a 90 on two servers. Became one of the first people to be a 50, and a 90. 20K splats. etc. etc.

PB Pet Peeves: People who won’t leave TM’s alone. If they wanna have a tourn they WILL HAVE A TOURN!

Fav. PB Weapon: HV launcher (non rare) with HV nades

Fav. Bot: Matt Williams 1337 Bot

Fav. PBN Player: So many to choose from. The following people are kewl. DavidRM, Dug, Eightball, Matt Williams, Justin, Vert, Every 90, Every 50, Every 69, JAWS, Pro, TON of other people. =) And QtPie =)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : None really. I am very spontaneous and never  shutup so I have said a lot….

Other/ Comments: Sabot is da man. Hehe.

PBN Name: RaptorRed

Real Name: Matt Meyer

Age: 15

Job: none yet

Hobbies: PBN, paintballing, building models, and other boring things

Homepage: under construction

Team: Cancer

Stats: Ever: (as of 4/12/98): You have a lot of money, carrying 379/400. (EVER) GAMES:3758 BONUS:6097500 SPLATS:8914 ACCURACY:64% GAMES SURVIVED:793 (CURRENT) BONUS:0 SPLATS:0 ACCURACY:0% (TEAM) BONUS:1969000 SPLATS:2582 ACCURACY:47% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:86035000 SPLATS:115793 ACCURACY:50% a padded helmet[x-ray][infrared] on your HEAD, EYES an Official Team Cancer 100k Splats Scarf[satellite][expansion]{=RaptorRed=}{-Cancer-} on your NECK a large, padded backpack[expansion][expansion] on your RIGHT SHOULDER a multi-terrain down-filled jacket[jetpack][refracto]{=RaptorRed=} on your BODY, WAIST A Bot Killer[expansion][spreadfire] on your RIGHT HAND RaptorRed`s faded Levi jeans[expansion][expansion] on your LEGS a pair of padded boots[expansion][expansion] on your FEET You are standing on yer head. You are NOT in a game right now.

Time Played: dunno, I’d have to check with RM for that…

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : not much… I broke 1,000 current splats once

PB Pet Peeves: Green chatters, spammers, people begging for cash, people asking me to join their team, people who constantly swear, LAG…

Fav. PB Weapon: my mini ChEEzGrEnAdE(tm) launcher[expansion][rapid-fire]

Fav. Bot: the dead ones

Fav. PBN Player: Random

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :

<lobs a ChEEzGrEnAdE at so-and-so> <grenade explodes> <laughs as so-and-so walks away, dripping from head to foot with cheez>

<Stomp so-and-so> <STOMP> <STOMP> <STOMP>



Other/ Comments: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..

PBN Name: OmEgAReD (Redz)

Real Name: Stephen Spence

Age: 16 (17 in October)

Job: High School Student

Hobbies: Computers, watching Movies, and hanging out with a few of my friends

Homepage: None


Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:7637 BONUS:12099000 SPLATS:14119 ACCURACY:37%


Time Played: Mar ’97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I guess the thing I am most proud of reaching 10k splats

PB Pet Peeves: People who beg, people who rip other people off, and people who complain endlessly until they are blue in the face and you just wanna break their neck.

Fav. PB Weapon: Was the can, but now it’s probably my high-velocity semi-automatic gun full with Fast No Bounce.

Fav. Bot: I don’t have a favorite bot…….they all really suck!!

Fav. PBN Player: Hmmmmmmm……..this is a toughie…….I guess I don’t really have a favorite PBN Player but I have really great friends like VerTigO, XDP, MFD, justin, Blinky, QtPie, and others I didn’t mention. (sorry if I forgot to mention ya)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :<your name in caps>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i.e. DONUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLINKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or the one that I specially do for VerTigO


Other/ Comments: I just like to say that PBNet is a great place and I’m glad to have been directed to this game by a friend named ThreePts who played this game for a little. I know things have seem to have gotten bad over the past few months but it’s change and most people don’t like change until they get use to it. I’ve been on PBNet for over a year now and I’ve seen it grow over that year and I personally like where it’s heading. As with all things there are problems but hopefully the admins and the vets can get together with DavidRM and Dug to work these problems out. I hope PBNet will continue to grow for a long time, and I really hope that I’m here to watch it grow. Thank you to everyone who has made the year I spent on PBNet a great one.

Closing Notes

Voltron, Mirage, and Deadpool and Team: The Elite Few are the next three people and team to be tagged. I sent you the profile form, please sent it back as soon as possible.

I will be on vacation in sunny old Florida for the next two weeks. You can still email your questions, comments, most memorable moments, articles and profiles during this time, but it will be awhile before I can reply. Take care guys, Don’t go too crazy while I am gone, wait until I return! πŸ™‚

Speaking of returning.. Welcome back Beowulf. <silly grin>

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting

PBNN Issue #11 – 4/11/98

Editor: QtPie


Do to the holiday tomorrow and the fact that I will not be around until later in the day, I am sending out the newsletter today. Hope you enjoy!

Seems you all enjoyed the last newsletter. I personally enjoyed taking a small peek at what paintball was like in the good old days. Because of that, I have added a new section to the PBNN. This will give you all an opportunity to give us a peek at your past experiences in your paintball life. Feel free to send me you “most memorable paintball moment” and share it with the over 140 subscribers that receive the PBNN.

Note: I have begun tagging people myself so if you did a profile and tagged someone, please don’t be upset that they were not “announced” as being tagged. Since the older system didn’t seem to be working as it should have, I changed it.

Table of Contents


Guerrillas Vs The Army by Army Man
Most Memorable Moment by QtPie

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Guerrillas Vs The Army

Written by Army Man

[Note:Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Basically, people actually thought these stories were REAL….but they are just nonfiction stories made up by our paintball buddies!]

One day, army man, thought of an army drill, it would be to train others how to defend themselves against a guerrilla strike. What he did was put a a note saying; **ATTENTION ALL PAINTBALL PLAYERS** Will you please report to the center store, and talk to army man. Of course, everyone on went. Army man assigned people to teams, The two teams were: The Army, and Da Guerrillas. Army man sent the guerillas to his commanding officer, DavidM.


The hunt was on. The people on The Army were, Tofer, TaqUin, Luta, kank, ugo, Sceech, kinghomes, and Dav. The people on The Guerillas were, Mastr, danaman, Major Pane, NIK, LitleMan, and some people we’ve never met before. The Army started out in an open field, they decided to go through, and attack. It didn’t work. Half way through Dav set of a proximity mine. He and his fellow camrades, Sceech, and kinghomes were destroyed. That proximity mine set of a chain reaction of fire power from The Guerillas, who were only yards away. Instantly kank pulled out his semi-auto and shot the few we’ve never seen before, while Tofer pulled out his grenade launcher and blasted danaman and Mastr to pieces. The rest all ran away into the mountains. The Army followed. While in pursuit 2 more mines were set off, killing half of The Army. The remaining few, kank, Tofer, TaqUin, and Luta, followed. They moved as silently as possible. Luta saw one, instantly pulled out his launcher, and blasted him. seconds later we heard: ALRIGHT! You splatted Major Pane! You splatted him in the BODY! We cheered, but not for long, because as soon as NIK and LitleMan heard us they attacked. NIK got out his beginner paintball gun and shot 10 times. All missed. He tried again. They didn’t get near us. Then Luta blasted the two foes down. Then we heard. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! The Army is victorious. Luta whispered, “just another usually day for me.”

Most Memorable Moment

Written by Qtpie [This is a true story to the best of my memory]

I remember it well, I was working to get 500 splats and DavidRM was working to get 10k splats. I didn’t need as many splats to reach my milestone as Rm did. But as the night went on he seemed to be getting closer to his milestone and it almost seemed like I was getting farther away from mine(probably because I wanted to be RMs 10k splat more than anything). Soon he was at 9998 splats. We were headed into the game and it was almost guaranteed that he would get them this game. I was splatted by him. My wishful thinking had not been granted, I was his 9999th splat. But there was still hope. He had gotten splatted before he could get another splat. The game ended. Then, out of no where, I get booted. Quickly I logged back on but by the time I got back, RM had splatted mbs, passing his 10k mark. I sighed… and being the joker/teaser that I am announced that *I* was indeed special because I was the last person to be a four digit splat count. We both walked away with guns renamed by RM. I am sure that both mbs and I (maybe even RM) will always look back fondly on that evening. πŸ™‚

{Note: Send me your “most memorable moments” and I will post them here as well. I will post one a week, two or more if no one sends me in a story}



Written by Mavric

Hi all. This is something to help you decide what equipment to use with what. I will say now you may have a different view. If you use a can, most of the time I would stay more hidden because you will be charging people a lot. I would go with either a multi-downfilled jacket, a refracto suit (or kit if you can get one) and if you have the money a cloaking suit (which would be the best for anything really ^_^). And you may need to run fast so get a turbo kit or if you have the money a jet pack or kit. Also, interference kits help. For naders I don’t know much about it but you wouldn’t need anything really special ’cause you just launch them from far away that’s all I can say right now:). I’d have to say the same with rockets as nades. Now for guns I’d say you could use almost anything. Oh yeah here is some equipment tricks to save money and

weight if you put a swim and/or turbo kit on a pair of padded leggings it will cover your legs and feet. And if you put a camo kit on a padded scarf it will pad your neck and body. Well that’s all for now see you in the field bye!


The Minigun

Written by Darkman

One of the newest guns added to PBN is the powered minigun. This is a very expensive gun costing $15000 just to buy the gun. The gun does have a built in burst kit. This means that ever time you fire the mini gun you fire three shots. This gun will not fire free ammo. The only type of ammo it will fire is minigun ammo. Each piece of ammo for the minigun costs $3 and when you account for the burst effect the minigun will cost you $9 bucks every time you fire. The minigun also has a built in rapid-fire kit. So far this is the only weapon on PBN that you can have all three of the helpful gun kits. With the new minigun you can have a spread, rapid-fire and burst features all on the same gun. But if you do decide to add a spread kit to the minigun every time you fire it will cost you $15. That is the same price as a normal speed big paint grenade or a paint rocket. Another disadvantage is that it weighs 45 pounds. The minigun does hold 200 pieces of minigun ammo. The minigun also take up both hand and your waist making it impossible to use this gun and wear a suit at the same time. But if you are an experienced play with a little money to spare I would recommend trying this gun out it adds an interesting dimension to PBN.

Darkman’s review of the gun- The powered minigun is a nifty to little toy, but I think it is to expensive for what it can do. I would say that this gun wont become very popular, but is kind of fun to use once in a while. If you are looking for a gun that is about equal to this I would recommend using a semi-auto hv firing fast no bounce ammo. It would only cost you $1 more per shot and be about the same.

The Art Of Grenading

Written by Fishboy

Ok, now some people say that grenading takes NO skill at all and it is cheating. Well, I happen to disagree. I grenade, and I’m proud to say it too. Grenading takes a lot of skill, don’t believe me? Here are a few reasons why:

1. When you shoot off a grenade, you become visible for at most 3 seconds. As you know, 3 seconds is not a lot of time in the PBNet world. So, when you shoot off a nade, you become very vulnerable and can be splatted very easily.

2. Not only does grenading take skill, but it also takes your money like stealing candy from a baby. Even the smallest of grenades cost you $5 each! EACH! Now, if you were to nade on a regular basis I’d say that take your money pretty quick, wouldn’t you?

People say grenading is cheating, well, it isn’t. It is a very quick and easy way to get splats, bonus, acc. etc. There are many different ways you can grenade too, you have a choice between:

-Throwing: If you don’t want to waste your money on a grenade launcher, you can always buy grenades and throw ’em. But, the disadvantage is they go a maximum of about 5 spaces when you throw them. [Only how much the nade is]

-Grenade Launcher: This is a cheap grenade launcher, it works like any other, but, this one takes up a lot more space. It takes up your head, eyes, both hands, waste, etc. And, it cannot hold many nades. [$1,500]

-Waste-Mounted Grenade Launcher: This one is my personal favorite. This one unlike the other takes up both hands, and your waste. That’s it. This launcher has the farthest shot out of all of them also. And it’s not too pricey either! [$1,250]

-Mini Grenade Launcher: This smallest of its kind. This launcher only takes up both hands, that’s it. But, because of it’s abilities it is the priciest out of them all! But, it’s not all that bad. [$2,500]

Along with those launchers…you have different types of grenades, here they are:

-paint grenades: these are ordinary paint grenades, but, when they are launched/thrown , they only splat one space at a time. So, you have to be dead accurate with these. [$5]

-high-speed paint grenade: these are basically the same as paint grenades, but these go a little faster. Which means, you cannot see them hurling at you. [$10]

-big paint grenades: my personal favorite. These grenades cover a length and width of 3×3. You can see them flying through the air, but with how much these cover, it’s very hard to dodge them. [$15]

-high-speed big paint grenades: the same as the big paint grenade, but has the same concept as the high-speed nades. [$25]

Now you see..it’s not all that bad. Now you know what kind of skill this kind of thing takes. This may not change your mind about nading or not, but now you know what the grenaders go through trying to earn splats. It’s just another part of the game!


Written by Darkman

One of the greatest new changes to PBN is the locker change. Instead of having to log on a second character and lag the server DavidRM has blessed us with built in lockers in the middle store. These lockers are a lot more convenient to use. Instead of having to play 2 characters at once you can just give your extra stuff to your lockers. These new lockers also hold a lot more weight. The new lockers hold a lot more weight than the old ones. Another advantage to the new lockers is that they do not idle out while you are in the middle of another game. I would say that this was an awesome change and can not think of any downsides to the new system. {Qt extra: Lockers can only be used by level 12s and higher. Level 2, 1, and 0 cannot give so it would be useless to have a locker}

Take a look at Ammo

Written by QtPie

Lets take a look at the different kinds of ammo in the stores today. Some have the advantage of being cheap. This allows you to use them in guns with spread/burst kits without losing a lot of money. Others are a sure shot if your aim is right because they do not bounce, but this advantage comes with a price. Let’s take a look at each on individually.

The first set of ammo listed in the chart below can be used with any new *gun* (expect miniguns) in stores right now. You can mix and match the ammo in your gun. Which means you can have a few free paintballs and a few no bounce paintballs etc etc. You can make at least a little profit using any of this ammo except for the fast no-bounce paintballs. Complete profit if you use free paintballs. The catch is, the cheap ammo is just that CHEAP! It does not shoot as far, it bounces more, and it shoots out of your gun slower.

As you can see from the chart below, grenades (regular and rockets) are a sure shot (if you aim it correctly) and some cover multiple squares which allow you splat more players with just one grenade. Grenades also will splat EVERYONE standing on the square you hit. It is very hard to make any kind of profit using this ammo unless you splat A LOT of people each time you shoot a grenade.

Minigun ammo is a bit misleading. This chart is done by individual paintballs. But the minigun AUTOMATICALLY shoots three paintballs every time you fire. So in a sense you would lose money unless you hit one guy with each of the paintballs that comes out of your gun.

Mag ammo/Uhv-UhUv ammo. I personally never really knew much about the mag ammo. I never had a mag and I really don’t see anyone using them. UHV-UHUV ammo is expensive but very fast and effective. This ammo you can only use with antique guns that are no longer sold in stores. This ammo CAN NOT be used with any gun that is sold in the stores right now. And the old Mags-UHV-UHUV guns CAN NOT use any ammo except for this ammo.

SprayPaint. In my opinion the most cost effective and sure fire way (and most boring) to make money and get sure fire splats and keep your accuracy high. Spraypaint never bounces and you don’t waste it because it only shoots when someone is on your crosshairs (or you hit the fire button or type fire.)

Type of Ammo                                      Cost Amount Bounce Per-shot Profit/lose

Use in all New Guns

free paintballs                                           0              10      Alot         0             5.00
paintballs                                               30              25      Alot       1.00          4.00
high-velocity paintballs                     80              25      Alittle     3.00          2.00
no-bounce paintballs                       130              25      Never    5.00          -.20
fast no-bounce paintballs              255              25      Never  10.00          -5.00

Use in Launchers

paint grenade                                           5                1       Never     5.00          0.00
high-speed paint grenade                   10               1      Never     10.00       -5.00
very high-speed paint grenade        15               1      Never     15.00      -10.00
big paint grenade                                   15               1      Never     15.00      -10.00
high-speed big paint grenade           25               1      Never     25.00      -20.00
very high-speed big paint grenade    35               1      Never     35.00      -30.00

Use in Rocket Launchers

paint rocket                                          15              1      Never         15.00      -10.00

Use in MiniGun

minigun paintballs                              202          200     Alittle            2.00          3.00
no-bounce minigun paintballs            402           200     Never           4.00          1.00

Use in Mag guns (not in stores)

MAG Paintballs                              210             100      Alittle         2.00          3.00
MAG Grenades                              110              10       Never         1.00          4.00

Use in UHV-UHUV Guns (not in stores)

high-velocity paintballs                  152               50        Alittle          3.00          2.00
ultra high-velocity paintballs          377              75        Alittle          5.00           0.00

Use in Cans

spraypaint                 115              50         Never          2.00          3.00

Profit/lose is based on Individual paintballs/grenades and assuming you are getting a HUMAN splat. There is a possibility that you could be more profit/lose from each paintball/grenade. This does not take into consideration the money you will win for your team winning, winning survival, winning a hunt, or winning a tourney.

Basically, all ammo has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Try them all out and see which one works best for you. Next issue I will look at the weapons themselves and talk about which one is better for which style of playing (at least MY opinion on the whole subject, others might feel differently.) πŸ™‚


New Server!

Yes people, you are here to witness yet another server open up for our playing enjoyment. The address is . This address will only be good for a few days and then it most likely change. Right now it’s still in the testing phase but it has hopes to being a permanent part of the paintball world.

New Server Closed!

Yes people, you are here to witness the closing of the new server. I only lasted a day or so but people had ground to like it.. Now its just a memory in our minds.

New 90s!

mmmm forbidden donut was the next lucky (or unlucky) person to become a 90 on April 9th. Ya’ll be nice to him! Mirage is yet another new member of the 90s. On Apr 9th he was granted the honor of becoming a 90. Treat him well!

Team Profile

Team: BountyHunters

Leader: James Bond

No. Of Members: 12

Member List:
James Bond
Inbred Jed
Chia pet
Foo Fighters

Motto: Let’s kick some ass.

Homepage: <old link>Thanks


Requirements: Nice person. 500-600 splats. Play a lot, and kick ass.

Who We are: We are the BountyHunters

Achievements: We were 2000 splats behind the other Bounty Hunters team,
in about 1-2 weeks we passed them, and now have almost double their

Goals: To become one of the best teams on PaintBall Net. And to stick
together for a real long time.

Comments: Give a BountyHunter a tell if you want to join our team.

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Matt Williams

Real Name: Matthew David Williams

Age: 14

Job: Paper boy πŸ™‚

Hobbies: Computers, tennis, biking, and well, im getting into paintball.

Homepage: <old link>
(this is old, im in the process of making a better one)

Team: Divine Beings.

Ever:You have $7161, carrying 263/500.(EVER) GAMES:6305

Time Played: 1 year, and around 3 months (i think)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements:Being the youngest admin, making the
FIRST PBN Programs, Playing for 2 weeks and not registering to a lvl
12 :), and being part of some of the best teams ever to be on PBN
(StealthSplatters, Chronic Bananas, and Dvst8ers)

PB Pet Peeves: When people tell me that my bot has splatted them πŸ™‚

Fav. PB Weapon: Hmmm i would probably have to say The can or The Nade

Fav. Bot: The Matt Williams 1337 Bot of course πŸ™‚ (and for all you who
ask 1337 stands for Leet as in Elite)

Fav. PBN Player: Well i could never pick just one so here’s two. SATAN:
For giving me my first gun (rifle) Mike Kalil: For getting me started
and letting me be on his teams, and being a good friend.

Famous Quotes: Spppplatttt, What! I Can’t Hear You! I Got a Banana
Stuck In My Ear! {<{Chronic Bananas Are The Best}>}, and the best one:
If You You Tickle Us Do We Not Laugh? If You Prick Us Do We Not Bleed?
If You Harm Us Do We Not Splat You? The StealthSplatters are the

Other/ Comments: Heck with good graphics ( no offense Dug/Rm) But i
would have to say this is one of the best games i have ever played.
Like i said in the last issue, i like this game because of the
people… if it were not for the people i would probably not be playing
PBN right now, when i first came on and saw the graphics i quit right
away, then i got bored and decided to play, i met some cool people,
played for a couple weeks and i was hooked, i just want to thank David
and Dug for making such a awesome game!

PBN Name:rkj

Real Name:Robert Keith Johnson

Age:33 just hit it on 4-3-98

Job:full time father of one son who is seven and a bridge crane operator at a grey iron foundry and retired law enforcement (thanks to mbs I stayed in it for six years longer than I would have with out his support to keep me in it as long as I did)

Hobbies: well keeping up with my son (coaching his sports teams basketball baseball)raising show quality Cockatiels and the rare mutations also and of course all other free time is spent either playing on PBT or fixing my latest crash I like to cause on my home built computer

Homepage:<old link> (I think) pic of me and AKJ

Team:Hoosiers Co founder with my brother mbs (lawenforcment bro but hey he’s closer than my real bro)

Stats: Ever:

Time Played:August 97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
>of?] :well so many lets say becoming a 90 and not acting like Master
hahaha getting Hoosiers into top ten ever teams with a team that’s
always full of newbies except we few who are loyal

PB Pet Peeves:GREEN CHAT people who repeatedly ask for a reset when I am in a game

Fav. PB Weapon:semi auto {RM} I can shoot like mad (Handel style)

Fav. Bot: NONE I hate them all

Fav. PBN Player:just one is hard but lets say GRM cause I can kick him
around in real life since he’s my nephew

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :rkj has set the game to start “lets play in QT’s yard she always has cookies and milk for after the game” and rkj has set the game to end “ok games over QT break out the cookies and juice for the kids and the beer and pizza for the adults”

Other/ Comments: Remember its just a game you fig it out am I talking about

Closing Notes

I am adding a new section to the PBNN (if ya’ll help me of course). If you send me your “most memorable moment of paintball” I will post it in the Stories/Poetry section. I will post one a week, maybe more if I don’t have any other stories to post there.

MMMM forbidden donut, Omegared, Redraptor, and Team Macleod Clan(Macman) are all tagged to do profiles for the next issue. I sent you the profile form, please fill it out as soon as you can and send it back to me.

PBNN Issue #10 – 4/6/98

Editor: QtPie


Issue #10-Yes the PBNN has now entered the double digit numbers. πŸ™‚ Socks created the first known newsletter that I know of. I haven’t seen any of those newsletters floating around anywhere.  The modern day PBNN was started by Pollyanna while ago.  Her three newsletters are awesome and can be seen at <not available>.  After awhile of life without a PBNN, Ritalin boy decided to take over for Polly who had become busy making an awesome life for herself.  Ritalin squeezed out on issue(which can be seen at <not available> before he too became busy with real life.  Ritalin made a move as editor that either has people jumping for joy or going insane. He allowed me(QtPie) to convert the newsletter to html text.  Since Ritalin boy was busy, I decided to take over the Editing of the PBNN also.  And its snowballed from there. I’ve written 5 newsletters so far, this will be 6.  I LOVE writing this newsletter! Although at times I get a bit frustrated, the response from the over 120 subscribers is great and it makes it all worthwhile.  Thanks everyone! This issue will focus on the history of PbNet.  It will not contain any articles that were submitted to me in the last few weeks but have no fear, the next issue will be jammed full of them. That version will most likely be released next weekend. πŸ™‚  

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


History of PbNet and PbNet Firsts

Written by QtPie

It started so simply.  Dug made a game you could telnet too and shoot people using vt100.  Although it was not considered Paintball back then.  At first it was called  Survival Ltd.   Dug soon enlisted his brother, DavidRM, to create PbTerm.  On Aug. 9, 1996 the first ever version of PbTerm was released. Pollyanna and Djorange are responsible for the music for Pbterm. Pbterm 1.6 which contained the music was released in Dec of 1997.\ [All this info was taken from the Credits in the help file or from RM]

The first ever admin was:Presto {Besides RM and Dug of course} 
The first admin to retire (become a 69) was: Iceman 
The first ever paying member was:Diablo 
The longest running player is:Eostinso from Sept 7th, 1996. 
The first person to hit 10k splats:Ez 
The first person to hit 50k splats:Lutra

Quotes from the Pollyanna version of the PBNN

{If you haven’t checked the web site containing Pollys newsletters, you should!! They really give you an insight (or a reminder) about what like at PBN was like way back when..

[Taken from Opinions by Pollyanna] Well, well, well… what’s this little new creation you see when you now login? Some people call it The Chop Shop, but I like to call it, The Rich Man’s Mr. Potato Head…

[Taken from Sabot-Art of bot killing]DAMN KAMIS!!!!!! How many times have we read that? I can’t count that high. The art of bot killing is an acquired taste. No mere newbie can survive the massive carnage experienced in a game of Invaders with more than 6 people. So, here’s some tips to help ease the mourning:  {QtPie Quote:And we are Still suffering from their torment!!!}

[Taken from Eightball’s Profile] Achievements: huh??? none I guess, no wait…. the person who has been here a long long time and has very few splats to show for it πŸ™‚

[Taken from Pbn players by Pollyanna] MOST ANNOYING: Super Bill He didn’t last very long, but for those of you who remember… you’ll never forget. Super Bill used his own language to try to communicate to the other players on PBN. Most of the time you couldn’t understand him, and when you did you still “Bog’ed”. Super Bill will never be forgotten, especially by Sabot who spent hours trying to get him registered. BTW, Sabot’s Super Bill Translation Book will be out soon πŸ˜‰  {QtPie Quote: Hehehe would have loved to meet this guy!!}

>From PBNN # 3

[Taken from the Introduction by Pollyanna] 3. For people who think I play PBN for only SPLATS, you need to open your eyes. It’s pretty obvious to me that I enjoy the people, the chat, the game, every aspect of it.   {Qtpie Quote:Everyone should think like this!}

[Taken from The Importance of Newbies:by Sabot]  I guess that’s also why I get kinda mad when I see that a newbie is here and there hasn’t been one word said to him. I want this game to make the big time. I want to see it grow from the 30 player base it was when I started to a zillion players on a zillion servers all over the planet!!  {Qtpie Quote: Your wish is slowly coming true Sabot!!}

[Taken from Presto’s profile] Famous Quotes: I don’t really have one.  Though when people ask me to reset them, I usually do it immediately, and they don’t notice. About 2 minutes later they ask again, and I reply “nope”, and then I just chuckle while they try to figure out why I said that.  {Qtpie Quote: hehehe Been there done that!} 

Player Comments

I ask a few people what they liked most about PbNet.  The answer was almost always the same.  Here are their responses.

Players with less then 10k

flamp- “hmm…..all the nice people!”

TheDemon- “ummmm, the feeling of that hearing “SPLAT” come out of my speaker when i get some1 with my can”

Dac-“probably talkin with other people”

Frank Rizzo – “like talkin to teammates and gettin to know em, it’s neat how some of the folks are not to far away from you and besides that, it’s FUN!”

SAZ tells you:”Being on a cool team and getting splats and watching the Vets kick butt”

Players with 10k or more splats”

Cowbot tells you:”the people”

pentiumman- “The thing I like best about paintball is being able to play against people all over the country and make new friends over the game, I can also talk to my Bro (Toofer) who lives about 2 hours away from me 
over PBN.”

DEATHBYPAINT- “When RM and Dug were always on…..and when i became a “Vet””

Blinky- “My favorite thing is the fact I’m fighting real people and not some computer generated idiots”

Random- “the people :)”

VerTigO- “I think i would have to say the ppl…without the people i would never play this game. I also  like this game b/c it was awesome graphics. Its like the only decent free online game out…””

Matt Williams- “Hmmm i would have to say “The People” I’ve met some pretty funny and kick ass people on here”

Voltron- “I like this game because I’m good at it

Master- “The fact that the kids think we’re gods cause we have a 9 in our level. ;)”

lutra- “umm.. vaders? πŸ™‚

QtPie- “I have to agree with these guys, The thrill of a splat, the people that congratulate you when you hit a milestone, and the friendships make this the most amazing game!” 

Invisible without refracto

Written by Werewolf

{This was written before the refracto came back into stores, but it is still really helpful.} 
Lots of new changes lately have left some people thinking they can’t be invisible because of no refracto.. but that’s not true, and I’ll tell you  how to be Invisible without fracto. 
You need 3 things. 
1. You have to buy a Multi Insulation suit,  it is a MUST or it will not work. 
2. You have to buy a Interference kit.  It is a MUST also. 
3. Now you have a choice.  You can get either a water camo, mountain camo, desert camo,  or a forest camo. 
Assemble these kits to the suit.  Now here is the Good and bad’s about these kits.

1  Now you can be total invisible on water.. 99.99% of people didn’t know you could do that.  Great for playing strategically with a decoy. 
2. You can be invisible without refracto.  SO if you came after refracto was gone.. but don’t have 120k for a suit, you can be invisible.. 
3. Its just a new way to play, 
4. Its a multi, so you still have the multi camo characteristics 
5. It is inexpensive. 10400 dollars at most.

1. You have to be on the terrain that you have assembled to you suit to be invisible.. otherwise you are visible to other players. 
2. It doesn’t have fracto, so bots can still see you.. But they can’t see you well at all if you are on the terrain. 
3. Its sometimes hard having to locate the terrain without looking for it and getting shot… you gotta be sneaky  =)

All in all, its a neat concept that no one has thought about before.  I learned most of this from mac’s theory,  then we tested it and it worked.  Thanks Macman.

Next thingy.  Rapid fire has been added to the stores.  This cuts the lag time on any weapon in half.

Weapons it works exceptionally well on: 
1. Any Hvsemi guns or rifles.. they just are itching for a shoot off. 
2. Waist Mounted launcherz.  these are nearly as fast as Hv launchers with the rapid fire kit. 
3. They help out on paint rockets too.

WEapons it doesn’t do much for 
1. Mini’s.. they just don’t get much faster. 
2. Uhv or Uluhv.  These are as fast as it gets.. Do NOT waste a kit space on em for rapidfire. Rm  has already said it won’t help their speed. 
3. Most other weapons not mentioned here.. including all the rares.

Rapid fire is a good way to make your weapon faster than ever. 
Welperz.. that is about it.



New Bots!

These are the Newest Bots added to Paintball.  πŸ™‚ 
Stealth, black, a Dark Bot (Darkman) 
Stealth, dark green, a Brock bot (Brockman) 
Kami, dark green, a QtPie bot (TheQtPie) 
Kami, red, a CowboyM bot (CowboyM) 
Dumb, black, a DUDE bot (JeRkYtheBaBooN/FlyinEmu) 
Dumb, brown, a kingholmes bot (kingholmes) 
Very Smart, dark red, a hacker bot (Garrison/justin) 
Smart, red, a God bot (god) 
Very Smart, black, a Matt Williams’s 1337 Bot (Matt Williams) 
Smart, red, One of Rebels Homies (Rebel)

Look for another bot sale in an upcoming issue of the PBNN.  I will not warn you of a bot sale, you will just have to read the newsletter to find out <SLY GRIN>.

New Items

New 90- Micheal Kalil Was promoted to 90 status on March 21st.  Ya’ll be nice to him. πŸ™‚

NB Minigun ammo-A pail of no-bounce minigun paintballs cost you 502 bucks but allows you to have a more sure shot.  These paintballs are green.

Shotgun-Still don’t know much about this weapon.. No guys I NEVER received a shotgun from RM.. πŸ™‚ 

Team Profile


Leaders : Snikch ,Toofer ,Widdowmaker
No. Of Members : 19
Member List : Snikch ,Toofer ,Widdowmaker ,Pentiumman ,Felon ,Ghost Face Killah Frocer ,Lynxeyed ,Lefty ,Camoman, Oxygen ,Energizer Bunny ,Kalypso  Lacie ,Justa Pimp ,Paintdog ,Menacedapimp ,Obsidian ,Cowbot
Motto : Ever Changing but we are all equal on the team
Homepage : Non as of yet but maybe soon
Stats : (EVER) BONUS:30496500 SPLATS:35351 ACCURACY:58%
        (CURRENT) BONUS:2194000 SPLATS:2555 ACCURACY:56%
Requirements : Well there are no real requirements to get on the team most of it is if we know you and dont actually hate you and enjoy playing
Achievements : Made it to the “top10 teamever” now to move up that list
Goals : Just hope the team stays together and doesn’t fall like most do and well I hope everyone stays on the team and doesn’t leave. TAG! BountyHunters

Player Profiles

PBN Name: mbs

Real Name: Michael B. Sturgeon
Age: 45      Shhh tell no one!
Job: Retired-Law Enforcement. (Ex-Cop)
Hobbies: Computer game playing, Web Page Designing.
Team: Hoosiers   (Co-Captain with Rkj)
Stats: Ever: (EVER)    GAMES:14450 BONUS:22346500 SPLATS:30393
Time Played: Started Sept. 8, 1997——Its all Rkj’s fault too.
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : I became a 90 :). and now a 95;).
PB Pet Peaves: Asking for resets while I am playing. Spamming. Those
Irc-like Team logos….The bad language. Not wanted.
Fav. PB Weapon: My CAN[spread][expansion], and the DavidRm [10,000th
Splat Award][Series2] Gun.
Fav. Bot: None, I hate them all grrrrrrr.
Fav. PBN Player: Well, I will say all the players…..
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Lose those Caps!
Other/ Comments: Yes I am aware you NEED a reset, just ask me once. I do resets all the time.
Yes I do renames, but don’t ask to rename things back to the original name.
Please Stop Cussing!!!
If you really want to read about my life go to:
http://www.geocities.com/heartland/prairie/2263. WARNING:  it is boring.

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] : Rkj

PBN Name: Michael Kalil

Real Name: Michael Kalil
Age: 15
Job:  I’m starting to look for a summer job
Hobbies: Computers, running, fishing, driving, and swimming.
Team: Stealth Splatters
Stats: Ever: Games: 4802 Bonus: 9379000 Splats: 13320 Accuracy: 33%
Games Survived: 1170
Time Played: I have no idea. My id# is 875 so I have been around for a
long time
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] :  10k splats, and getting 90
PB Pet Peeves: People who ask for money
Fav. PB Weapon: small mine
Fav. Bot: Kamikaze…they will always get you
Fav. PBN Player: Matt Williams and Greezy
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : If You Tickle Us Do We
Not Laugh?  If You Prick Us Do We Not Bleed?  If You Wrong Us Do We Not
Splat You?  The StealthSplatters are the best!
Other/ Comments: Ummmmmmmmmmm…….hi

Your person to Tag  [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] :  Matt Williams

PBN Name:TaRqUin

Real Name:Dave
Job:Electrical Engineer student
Hobbies:RUGBY LEAGUE im a major Penrith Panther fan… having a few
drinkies out with the boys at the hillcrest
taven…chasing women!!
Team:Vizjerei Clan
Stats You have $Not enuf  carrying 260/450.
(EVER)    GAMES:16095 BONUS:21722500 SPLATS:29025 ACCURACY:53%
          GAMES SURVIVED:4475
(TEAM)    BONUS:544500 SPLATS:616 ACCURACY:29%
  a Penrith Panther`s  Beanie[infrared][scope] on your HEAD, EYES
  a Vizjerei Clan Team Scarf[satellite][player] on your NECK
  a multi-terrain insulated suit[interference][refracto]{-Vizjerei
Clan-}{=TaRqUin=} on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT
  a mini paintrocket launcher[expansion][expansion] on your RIGHT HAND,
  a pair of padded leggings[extrapocket][extrapocket] on your LEGS
  a pair of Greg Alexanders Football Boots[turbo][swim] on your FEET
You are standing.

Time Played:Not 100% sure around may/june 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
-Played more games than any other player on paintball net ever.
-Created the Vizjerei Clan one kick ass paintball team.
-Reached Top10 Ever Bonus currently 8th position.
-Reached Top10 Ever Splats currently running 10th soon to be 9th.
-Holds the record for 58 hours of nonstop paintball (to be comfirmed).
-Also i have one of the worst pc and connection in paintball but still kick ass even if im lagged.
-First New Zealander to achive top10 ever honours.
-Holder of the most survived games ever 4475

Fav. PB Weapon: TaRqUins signature series launcher/Rocket Launcher

Fav. Bot:Brock bot (when dead)  because i just have to kill it at all costs.

Fav. PBN Player:i haven’t really got a favorite player my team mates would be my choice great bunch of guys!

Pet Peeves:None the Game Rox!

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] hahah i got heaps of
quotes , from full metal jacket to duke nukem
-Damn its hurts to be you!
-Hail to the king….baby!
-ohhh be honest that splat was pure luck …u couldn’t even fight yer way out of a paper bag with both ends open!
-Sup newbie Whiteboyze  press f1 fer help!
-*HAIL PRO* he’s so good he will teach ya all about life after death

Other/ Comments:Im from New Zealand not australia as some people think there’s a difference! we kick ass in rugby! muhahahah

Closing Notes

Here is an idea.  Send then letter to one person that DOES NOT play paintball.  Give them a taste of what its like here.  We can all do our part to attract new players and make this the Biggest game on the net!! πŸ™‚

Matt Williams, rkj, Widdowmaker, and Bounty Hunters were all tagged to do profiles in the next issue.  Send me an email telling me if you accept or decline this invitation.

People are not sending me emails accepting or declining the invite to do profiles.  I have no time or energy to go chasing people down so I will just start to “tag” people myself.  I will start at the top of the subscription list and tag 3 people each issue.   I don’t really want to do this, but I only received 2 profiles out of the 4 that had been tagged.  (Thanks mbs and Crisom Death :))

I hope you enjoyed this issue.  I had a lot of fun creating it.  Lots of changes PBN thru-out it’s lifetime but one thing stays the same,  The BEST thing about PBN is the people!  

Have fun everyone!

Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #9 – 3/21/98

Editor: QtPie


This issue is jammed full of stuff.  You all are lucky to get the Special News before anyone else. Happy that you subscribed eh? πŸ™‚   Well I will not bore you with a long intro.  
Enjoy the PBNN!

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


The Final Paintball Game

Written by Hurricane

This was it. The final paintball game to decide who was THE BEST paintball player. It would determine once and for all the top skilled member of DavidRM’s paintball society. The stage was set. Preparations had been made. Fifteen of PBNet’s most elite players had been chosen to participate in a survival game to set the stage for the best ever. Lutra, Random, Jawsateme, Ghost Face Killah, Spume, Theman, Mmmm Forbidden Donu, Darkman, Darkblade, Frocer, Voltron, Blinky, Tarquin, Macman, and Hurricane would battle to the edge for the rights to be called PBNet King.

Quickly all 15 members gathered around to hear the rules being announced. The loudspeaker blabbed out, “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. These are the following rules that you must abide be in order to win the contest. Rule Number 1: No hiding for more then 30 seconds at a time. We have cameras set on each one of you and multiple people watching each player. Rule Number 2:The contest will run for exactly 45 minutes. If there are multiple people left at the end of the match, whoever has the most splats will win. Rule Number 3:Have fun, and good luck.”

With that the tone had been set. The adrenaline was pumping. Some carried nade launchers. Others used nb. And still even some used cans. Everybody carried their personal favorite effective tool of destruction, and each player had the intention in their mind of using it numerous times.

Finally it was game time. The siren blazed, and the players were given 30 seconds to spread out before splatting was allowed. To give you, our viewers out there, an inside look at the match, we have mini-microphones set up with all the players so we can talk to them as the game progresses. Right now it seems as if darkman and darkblade are right along side each other. Let’s ask them what’s going on. “Darkman, what are you doing right next to Darkblade?” “Well the way we see it, it would be tough going solo, so we’re teaming up for now to battle everyone,” Darkblade responded. “Well what do you intend to do if you two are the last ones alive?” There was silence for a minute. “We’ll figure out then, but for now, it’s time.” Ten seconds were left, then five, then three, two, one, and finally the time had come for the combat.

Lutra, the odds-on favorite to win the match, quickly got to a nearby forest. He scanned the terrain to look for hostiles. He quickly saw two – but hesitated to fire hoping they would pass him. Lutra turned around and look to his 6 – three more hostiles were tracking him. The other 14 players, knowing Lutra would be a devastating force, had decided to take him out first. Lutra quickly realized this, but by now his escape routes had been cut off. He figured his only chance would be to go out in a blaze of glory. Hastily he ran out into the open field, firing nades rapidly. Mmmm Forbidden Donut, the first to see Lutra, fired off a nade as fast as he could, while barely aiming. The nade sailed over Lutra’s head, and splatted two people on the opposite side – Spume and Macman. Hurricane, who had been walking beside Donut tracking Lutra, couldn’t believe what Donut had done. Hurricane quickly turned on him and fired his can – splatting him. Although Lutra had done nothing, he had managed to open an escape route with only one person still trying to get him -Hurricane. Hurricane fled away, figuring his chances against Lutra weren’t very good.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the paintball field, Darkman and Darkblade were trying to hold off a flurry of spread nb shots by Random and Theman. Finally Darkman was able to get off a shot through the forests that barely sailed over Theman’s head. It had caused Theman to flinch for just a second -but it was enough time for Darkblade to get off a shot and splat Theman directly in the knee. Then, just as it had looked like Darkblade and Darkman were going to get Random easily, a low speed grenade came at them. They quickly turned around to retreat, but it was too late. Both Darks had been splatted. Then as the mist cleared, Jawsateme stood grinning. And then Random showed his gratitude by shooting 16 paintballs from his gun with spread on it – and every one of them hit Jawsateme. Random simply smiled and walked away to other battles.

In the northeast part of the field, Voltron was in heavy pursuit of Hurricane. Hurricane was running his fastest, knowing his chance against the master canner was very little. Then, as Hurricane looked behind him to see where Voltron was, he tripped over a rock and banged his knee against another rock – his kneecap was busted. Valiantly, Hurricane got up and tried to defend himself. He hopped around nimbly, trying to can Voltron. However, Voltron had the instincts of a hyena – he knew the enemy was wounded and he went in for the kill. Hurricane stood there, with arms outstretched as if to say, ‘I give up.’ Voltron grinned and walked in, casually bringing up his can. Then, at the last moment, Hurricane grabbed his, brought it up, and hit Voltron’s can with it. Both cans flew into the air, and both Hurricane and Voltron fell to the ground. The two opponents looked at each other, and then looked at the two cans lying on the ground 10 feet from them. They knew whoever got to their can first would get the splat. The two players crawled as fast as they could to their cans, but with Hurricane’s gimpy knee, it wasn’t even close. Voltron easily got to his first and splatted him.

Throughout all the action, Blinky had been lying low, moving from forest to forest, trying to avoid contact until the very end. As he moved into a dense forest, he heard a crackle. He looked in all directions, but could see nothing. Then another crackle, and another. Suddenly a figure appeared out of the trees. It was Random. Both people got to the ground and aimed at each other, yet neither fired. “Good old Mexican Standoff,” Blinky commented. “I got you locked right between my sights,” replied Random. “So what, you wound me with your little HV, I blow your fricken’ head off.” Then as silently as possible, Lutra creaked through the forest and saw the two players. He raised his launcher, and got ready to fired. But Lutra had made the greatest mistake – he had made noise. It wasn’t much noise, not more than a mere twig snapping, but it was enough. Random and Blinky turned to Lutra and fired off a total combined 7 shots and 3 nades – Suffice to say Lutra was splatted. Then, as if a light bulb had clicked on, they turned on each other, and fired, splatting each other. A bitter end to Blinky and Random.

This left four people left – Ghost Face Killah, Frocer, Voltron, and Tarquin. Little did the four people know, but they were all within 20 yards of each other. Ghost Face Killah had sensed this, and rapidly started firing nades at every hiding spot imagined. Now none of the nades had hit anybody, but they had startled nearby players who now were more visible. Voltron quickly saw GFK and moved in for the kill. GFK was defenseless, as Voltron got nearer and nearer. Then, as everything seemed hopeless for GFK, a shot was fired from behind and his Voltron in the back, as Voltron fell to the ground. Behind him, Tarquin stood with smoke coming out from his hv-semi auto. But by this time GFK had reloaded, and he showed no mercy, firing off a perfectly aimed grenade at Tarquin, splatting him.

The announced blared out, “There are two people remaining, Ghost Face Killah and Frocer.”

Now up until now, Frocer had stayed absolutely quiet. He knew he was one of two people left, and knew he would have to perform the best match of his career if he was to defeat Ghost Face Killah. However, in his hastiness to get ready, he had made much noise – the number 1 mistake of all-time. Frocer sensed something, and he turned around, only to see GFK with his launcher aimed right at him. But Frocer was a fighter until the end. He raised his rocket launcher as quickly as possible, but GFK had fired before Frocer had it half-way up.

Ghost Face Killah was the champion of the match, and was proclaimed to be the number 1 paintball player. The day was his to celebrate, as was the night. He would live this match over and over in his mind for years to come, most likely the highlight of a very illustrious career.

Written by: Hurricane


Anti-Nade Techniques for Paintball

Written By Cornelius/Randy Clukey

The thing I hate most is when I’m running around and out from the woods flies a nade, BOOM you “XXX splatted you in the body.” Now I don’t know about you but that really gets to me and I mean bad. So I have put together a bunch of rules and techniques to help the people who have the same problem as I did. Also Naders may seem as if they are hiding but chances are they weren’t so don’t tell them you think there hiding because most naders have invisible suits so you can’t see them moving.

Survival Game 1: Biggest and most important, just never stop moving even if your shooting or getting a token, click ahead on were your going so you never really stop. 2: One of the hardest things to do is to kill a nader. So I would recommend if you can to stay away from any areas blanketed in paint by nades stay away. But If you can’t and you have an idea were the nader is, then run right through the area, but not in a straight line. If they give their position away make a run for that area and take a shoot and get out but don’t sit there and fire in a circle that will get you killed. So just be very careful when fighting a nader. 3: The best possible place you can be is in a field always remember that. Because if your out there moving around then the nader probably can’t hit you. If they choose to come out into field then there exposing themselves to your fire that will probably get them killed. 4: Now naders love to sit on mountains and plateaus. So best thing you could do is to avoid things like that. See what happens is when a nader is sitting on a mountain and you go on a mountain with in descent range you blink. Not for a long time but for an instance that gives them enough time to launch a nade at you. So try to avoid those. 5: Avoid small islands or areas that naders can just cover with paint and be able to get you. 6: A biggy avoid water at all cost(exceptions jetpack) because you move slower and you appear on the naders’ satellite if they have one which gives them an idea of where you are.

Co-op flags games ( Same rules carry over from pervious games)

1: If your going for the other teams’ flags make a run-by or flyby of the flags so if there is a nader he well reveal that he is guarding the flags by shooting a nade at you. Then make him think you going after him by shooting at the area he is at or was at then grab a few flags then do same again over and over until you splat him and the rest of his team. 2: Don’t even both guarding your own flags because the chances are that when trying to shoot at some trying to get them a nader will take you out. 3: Never sit on the flags, only a foolish person would go for the flags without shooting at them first.

Teams games (Same rules carry over from pervious games)

1: I find the straight on approach deadlier for you more than them. The naders will probably head for a mountain or wooded area for cover and to shoot nades so try to wait to see if they shoot and then go after them if they do. 2: Try not to shoot more than once in place because nades well be on your like never before. 3: Try to avoid large crowds of your teammates they are perfect targets for naders. Trust me I naded for a while they wish for these things at night.

Hunt games

1: If you don’t get the victim then hide because naders will be looking for people to splat and if you can’t hide don’t stop moving.

Ok so that’s what I do. But all these concepts may not work for you so try them out and if you discover little tricks to trick the naders with then good for you. But most of these should work because I have naded and gun in my short career and I can tell you I know both sides of the pillow. Good luck!

Kill them Naders, Randy Clukey

Anti-Grenade Strategy

Written by: killah

Grenades have to be the fastest growing weapon on paintball net and probably the most hated. It seems like every game on chat I get a couple of these messages: “Damn nades!”. I like to think of myself as a decent nader and a person with some “nade evading skill”.

With new high speed nades and very fast nades the whole game changed. The people who use these nades (such as myself) usually are veterans with large amounts of cash to burn. This can result in “Newbie Killing”. Many newbies get discouraged by in less than 5 seconds into a game a white or green grenade flies in and they are in the holding while us naders are racking up the splats. The new invention of rapid fire kits also contributes to the often nade splats. Now naders can shoot and move without suffering the lag we experienced before the rapid fire kits. These are my tips to all those to avoid getting splatted repeatedly be nades: 1. Stay in open fields. A naders worst enemy is an open field. With the invention of spread kits after we fire a nade (especially in a field) we are pretty much free game. If you see an enemy firing a launcher in a field my advice is to rush at him and fire quickly catching him while he is lagging for a couple of seconds. 2. Avoid areas such as woodlands and mountains. Naders have a field day with people who run into these terrain’s that causes them to slow down. Woodlands are also a terrain type that is very good for hiding naders. They can shoot out into the open parts without even being seen and leave before detected. 3. Keep moving. If I see someone moving in different patterns all over the place chances are I’m not going risk it and shoot at the person. Most naders take shots at people who are standing still for some reason. By moving around you may also draw fire from less experienced naders allowing you to determine their location. 4. If you happen to see a nade coming try to change your position as quickly as possible. If the nade is green chances are its a big paint grenade and you’ll have minimal time to use evasive actions. If its a high speed grenade just move as fast as possible and or return fire. If you’re going down take them with you hehe.

With new equipment being added to the game and changes to the game as well anti-nading techniques will need to be changed. But for now if you at least take a look at these you may see some naders tell you after you splat them,” nice shot man, I thought I had you!” Remember this: nading eats at your cash and I do not endorse it for everyone to try, it is very different then any other weapon type.


Written by Mavric

Hi all this is something to help you decide what to use with what. I will say now you may have a deferent view. -If you use a can, most of the time I would stay hidden because you will be charging people a lot. So I would go with either a multi-downfilled jacket, a refracto suit (or kit if you can get one) and if you have the money a cloaking suit (which would be the best for anything really ^_^). You will need to run fast so get like a turbo kit or if you have the money a jet pack or kit. Also, interference kits help. -For naders I don’t know much about it but you wouldn’t need anything really special ’cause you just launch them from far away that’s all I can say right now:). -I’d have to say the same with rockets as nades. -Now for guns I’d say you could use almost anything. Here are some equipment tricks to save money and weight. If you put a swim and/or turbo kit on a pair of padded leggings it will cover your legs and feet. If you put a camo kit on a padded scarf it will pad your neck and body. Well that’s all for now see you in the field bye!



At around 5:45 on March 17th, I witnessed for the first time (at least that I’ve seen) 102 Paintball players Online. WOOHOO! Broke the 10k Mark Compeler Slider 
Broke the 20k Mark 
Broke the 30k Mark

All Kinds of New Stuff..

DavidRM got a promotion!! He is now a level 100. (I better change the guestbook entry selection huh?)

-Free Paint: Free paint now takes up twice as much space. So your weapons will only hold half as much free paint as it did before.

-Free Guns:Free guns now have a “built in” hopper. This means that you will only be able to assemble ONE additional kit to a free gun.

-50/80-69/79:The 50s are now level 80s and the 69s and now level 79. There has been no change (that I know of) in their abilities. Just the change in their levels. This is making room for more paying member levels.

-New 90s:Eostinso and QtPie were promoted to 90 status last week. Bob Nova and David Marlow were promoted to 90 over last weekend as well as Master becoming a 95. Will not rattle on about that since I am one of the ones that go promoted. But I must say.. Thanks RM!!! πŸ™‚

-Cans: We all noticed a change in cans. Then we noticed the cans changed back, but the catch is, They are more expensive. They also now auto-fire on bots.

-Rapid Fire: Rapid Fire reduces the delay time in between shots. Kinda makes a gun seem like a machine gun to me..

-Very Fast Grenades: Those black nades(I think Sabot had some) that we have seen soaring through the air at one time or another are now in stores. They are the fastest nades you can buy. Cost is 35 bucks a pop though. Expensive! You MUST buy a NEW launcher if you want to get the full power of these nades!

-Minigun: Be The Terminator. Get your minigun now. It shots faster then any of the new guns out in stores right now. It has a built in burst(remember burst shots three paintballs to one square every time it is shot). It uses both hands AND your waist. Price is 15k with the ammo being about the same price as UHV ammo.

-Stat features: When you look at your stats, you will see more info there. First, the number by your name is your ID number. Second, it tells you how many games you survived.

-Old kits: The old kits are back: jetpack 45k, x-ray 10k, infrared 7.5k. They are back with a price though, and the jetpack kit now weights as much as a shiney jetpack. For newbies: Jetpack of course makes you go faster then turbo and is worn on the body and waist. X-rays is worn on the eyes and allows you to see farther. The infrared viewer is worn on the eyes and allows the player to see other players up to 5 spaces away. The insulation suit blocks the infrared viewer.

Team Profile

Team: The Amigos

Leader: I (Compeler) am the official leader, but anyone who proves them self loyal to the team is promoted.
No. Of Members: 19
Member List: Compeler, Pete, Enthrop, AntC, Imager, La mergra, Loscerman, army man, Weasel, evil hord one, Slider, SPLAT, Ty Shearman, BALLCARRIER, RoboCow, Corran, jaunton chickon, Proliter, milman
Motto: Nothing is stronger than friendship, that’s why Amigos thrive.
Drink Cherry Coke, the official drink of The Amigos.
No kicking or booting anyone, Amigos don’t do that to each other.
Semper Fidelis – Latin for “Always Faithful”

Stats: (EVER) BONUS:17091500 SPLATS:21427 ACCURACY:27%
Requirements: Well usually when someone says requirements, we think of a needed number of splats, this is not the case on The Amigos, to join you have to either be a friend of a current team member, someone I find friendly and would like to get to know, or invited by another team member.
Who We are: We are one of those teams in Paintball that doesn’t care about splats. We are a team of friends that like to have fun, talk, and play a game of paintball while we do it.
Achievements: Recently the team got 20k splats, not that I find splats important, but it is good to know. The team has filled with friendly people after a spell of people quitting.
Goals: I donut care about being a top10 ever team as much as I care about being a respected team. I, myself, have the goal of becoming an administrator to further my ability to help my teammates and others.
I tag CRIMSON DEATH, the best, most feared, and most envied upcoming team of Pb.

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Eostinso 

Real Name: E.O. Stinson
Age: 16 
Job: Web Page design, tech support (1 person business πŸ™‚ 
Hobbies: Computer game playing, rollerblading, computer programming (VB), reading, 
running, biking 
Team: The Elite Few 
Stats: Ever: GAMES:2360 BONUS:1933500 SPLATS:2165 ACCURACY:30% 
Time Played: Erm.. A long time πŸ™‚ like between 1.2 and 2.5 years… ask DRM 
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Um. I finally became a 90 :). And I have written billions of aliases. And I wrote the only program to write aliases.:) is three things ok?
PB Pet Peaves: Tournaments… especially expensive, long ones. Spam notes. Recently, 
people slamming RM… 
Fav. PB Weapon: Whenever I can afford it: semi-auto hv paintball gun[spread][expansion] with fast NB 
Fav. Bot: Kami bot.. They’re dumb, and they kill alotta people w/o camo 
Fav. PBN Player: RM gets first, but Cowbot and Soundtraxx tie for second place πŸ™‚ 
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : <<<songname/band>>> quote.. ex: <<<sublime>>> 
Life is short, so love the one ya got, cause ya might run over or ya might get *shot* πŸ™‚ 
Other/ Comments: Stop slamming RM, stop asking me how I became a 90, and RM, keep 
adding/removing the weapons… Its fun πŸ™‚ And if I may advertise, try out my AliasMaker 
program at <old link>.. hehe

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] : Cowbot

PBN Name: David Marlow, And DavidSM

Real Name: David Marlow
Age: 21
Job: Networking Specialist.
Hobbies: Computers Cars, Watersports and PBN
Team: The Team
Stats: Ever: EVER) GAMES:2413 BONUS:2524000 SPLATS:2148 ACCURACY:20%
Time Played: Since 11/96
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Geesh there’s 
just too much to brag about..
PB Pet Peaves: I hate Nades with a passion
Fav. PB Weapon: Ultra Light Ultra High Velocity.. Hey I named it that….
Fav. Bot: Stupid Bots are good bots, only because they’re dead bots
Fav. PBN Player Sabot, A bud from the start
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Lock ‘n’ Load,
Other/ Comments: OK, so im behind quite a bit, but fear me, cuz im BACK!!!!

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] : MBS

PBN Name: Bob Nova

Real Name: Ed Smith
Age: 16
Job: Computer Guru/Nerd, Auto mechanic
Hobbies: Playing PBNet, PLaying other stuff on my computer, Fencing(Swords not wire), and Soccer
Team: The Elite Few
Time Played: very long time, i’m player number 1937
Most Crowning PBN Achievements: made the shift+left-click targeting cursor, 4 time 90
PB Pet Peaves: mean people, green text, canners
Fav. PB Weapon: in the old days HV/exp/exp, now HV rifle/exp/exp with HV ammo
Fav. Bot: Stealth, it’s good at hiding
Fav. PBN Player: Presto
Famous Quotes: Yo! maybe some other old ones that i can’t remember πŸ™‚
Other/ Comments: please note, the stats are for the main BP server only,
if you add about 10k splats, 8k games, and $200k you will have closer to 
real life stats for me


Closing Notes

Cowbot, mbs, MaSe and Team Crimson death were all tagged in this issue.  Be sure to send me an email telling me if you accept or decline the invitation to be profiled so I can get the form to you or find someone else that will do one.

If any of you have ideas for the PBNN, don’t be scared to tell them to me.  I might not do them, but then again you might just see your idea in the new issue of the PBNN.

I’m looking for someone to be my “milestone” reporter.  All you do is check to see if someone passes a major milestone (10k splat, 20k splats etc et) and email the list of names to me.  If you would be interested in this job, just DO it! πŸ™‚

I’m also requesting that someone write an article about the new miniguns. Also if any of you have locker use tips/tricks, feel free to write an article on that. 

There are many other ideas for articles  out there, find one and write an article for me!  Thanks! Have fun everyone! 
Happy Splatting 

PBNN Issue #8 – 3/9/98

Editor: QtPie


Well here goes another newsletter.  Hope you enjoy it.  Not many sent in articles this week.. Only two to be exact.  I urge all of you to tell me your hints, tricks and tactics on the game we are all addicted too. Please be sure to read the Happenings around paintball. There is important information in there for those of you that have not played for awhile or that don’t read the “news” in paintball! A few people did not get their profiles in on time this week.  Please.. if you do not wish to do a profile, notify me so I can tag

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


I love lag and lag loves me

Written by Michael Kalil  

I love lag and lag loves me.    
Everyday we meet.    
Lag is like a lion.     
Hunting you.    
Stalking you.    
Waiting for the perfect time to strike.   
And when it does, beware!  
   Lag is great, love it
Lag is nice, cherrish it.  
   Lag is cunning, fear it.    
Lag is fast, hide from it.    
Lag is helpful, praise it.    
Lag is glorious, honor it. 
  Not even the paintball gods David and Dug can stop  
its awesome power. 
You can’t outrun it with Skyhooks.   
You can’t hide from it with a Cloak suit. 
How many times  
have you heard the words “I have lag”. 
To many to count  
Lag is always there.
Remember, Lag loves you.
Never try to kill it. 
Lag is protecting you. 
Always love it because  
lag loves you.     
Embrace the lag, and then, only then, will you find true   


Cost effective method of getting my splats

Written by Weasel

Well I admit I may not be the richest player nor the best player on PBNet. Well, maybe the best, but anyway recently with the introduction of the new spread and burst kits into the game I have began a new and cost effective method of getting my splats. 
Now many people are now using a gun<spread><expansion> with some kind with free paint.  This works fairly well for some people but you lose a lot of splats to bounces and sometimes the other person has time to return fire and you get splatted after they bounced you a few times.  To help alleviate this problem I am using a HV Semi-Auto<spread><burst>.  Where a person using just spread would maybe hit a person with 1 pball I hit them with 2 and I still get the spread effect if I am slightly less than accurate. 
Now I know what you are thinking, I must run out of ammo after a couple shots.  Well I get off four shots before I need to reload, but reloading only takes a second and the increased rate of fire makes it worth this little extra chore.  All you have to do is carry a good supply of pballs in your backpack or wherever you want and make an alias to dump the backpack into the gun. You reload almost instantly without becoming vulnerable for more than a second or two. 
This method gives you a measurable advantage over those using just spread.  It is very economical so you dont have to be super rich to use this method.  I hope this is helpful to some of you poor newbies who are constantly begging for money. 

That darn _____er  splatted me again!!!

Written by QtPie

Lately I’ve seen alot of complaining about this weapon and that weapon.  I’m going to give you my tricks and tips on how to combat some of the harder weapons.

Nades:  Those nades used to really tick me off.  They would hit me before I could blink.  The trick I use now is to keep moving and stay away from the trees.  Nades are good for those that stay in the trees and hide.  Since they can go over the trees. So if you stay out in the open and “Dance” around, the nader will have a harder time splatting you.

Cans: Run past a canner.  Keep on your toes and keep moving.  You have to pass over their crossbar to be hit so if you run next to them you only have a 1 in 8 change of getting hit (Unless of course the canner is a master canner, like Voltron, which most are not. :))  If you stand still and wait for them to come to you, they will come at your with their target where it needs to be.  But if you run at them, You get to decide where you pass them. Canners still get me ALOT but not as much as they used to since I started running past them.

Spread: This is the weapon I’ve seen the most complaints about lately.  But have no fear, just as with canners and naders, the amount of people using spread kits will dither with time.  Most of the time players who use a spread kit will use free/cheap ammo which will bounce quite often.  Keep yourself well padded.

For me, moving is my best bet. When I am standing still I get splatted alot quicker then if I move around and “Dance.”



Broke the 10k Mark

Broke the 25K Mark 

And Lutra has broken the amazing 80k Splat.. WTG Lutra!!! πŸ™‚

New 50s!!

Rm and Dug felt it neccesary to add a few more tourney masters to the list of admins.  The honor goes to Dave and Macman!!  I would suggest that we give them time to get aquainted with their new commands.  Don’t overload them request for tourneys.. Give them space and don’t burn them out.  Their job is hard enough as it is and they don’t need us begging and bothering them all the time. Remember they are here to PLAY too, so allow them to do that without too much grief!  Remember, if you respect others, you are more likely to get respected!  
–Dave and Macman have been doing a great job at hosting tourneys on a regular basis.  I applaud their hard work! :)–

All Kinds of New Stuff..ο»Ώ

Alternate Server: The alternate server(4445) is back online but I’m sure ya’ll already know that.  πŸ™‚

Lockers.  Lockers have changed, you now no longer have to wait for RM to make you a locker. You just hop into any store and there he/she is waiting for you.  The commands for your locker are: look locker, put <item> locker, and get <item> locker.  Type Help locker to find out more! 
Note: Old lockers (Lockers that are a characters/level 3) will be weeded out by April 1st.. You must transfer your items from your old locker to your new one.. (Don’t forget to transfer your money.. I almost forgot to do that.. opps.) Get your stuff out now or risk the chance of losing it all!!!

ShowActions: For all those people who complained about seeing everyone else buying and selling items.  This convient little command will shut them all off. Just type showaction off to turn it off and showaction on to turn it back on.

Ignore: My personal favorite..Ignore now ignores EVERYTHING! whispers, shouts, everything (except notes.. work on that one RM <grin>)..Correction: Ignore does not ignore whispers… <Sigh>

Announce:The admins have a new command too.. They can now announce messages that they wish everyone to hear.  Listen the the anouncements..

Give protection:  When giving to a level 2, you must now type: give willingly <name> <item>.  This insures that you do not give to a level 2 by mistake since level 2’s will not be able to give it back.

Tokens: You can no longer put tokens in any equipment that DOES NOT have an extra pocket or expansion kit on it.  This was a unexpected change but one that needs to be mentioned.

There is also one other thing new about paintball but I will let you figure that out for yourself. πŸ™‚ I’m so evil eh? πŸ™‚ 

Team Profile


Leaders:Darkman, FlyinEmu, Stanky, Hogan, TwistOFate

No. Of Members:16

Member List: inflictor, FlyinEmu, TwistOFate, david, Stanky, Hogan,  darkman, Rellik, Splats, darkblade, eraser, Zap, azalin, seabond,  crypto, killah

Motto: pooP =) hehe…That isn’t really an official motto but FlyinEmu says it a lot hehe πŸ˜‰

Homepage:: <old link> Still in construction!

Stats: (EVER) BONUS:20837000 SPLATS:27409 ACCURACY:35%

Requirements:Now that team DUDES is more established you must be invited. We look for people that we think have skill. We have no set requirements. If we think you are good we will take you. But as a general rule you should have over 1k splats. One of the most important requirements is to have fun and make a fool of yourself as Hogan, FlyinEmu, and TwistOFate tend to do best =)

Who We are: Team DUDES is a new team on PBN. We dont have any of the “Great People” with lots of splats but we are very deadly in tournys.  We have beat almost all of the best in tournies. As a team our record is 9 and 1 in tournys as far as I know. And if you want to join a team DUDE tourny team you must be DUDE. We don’t just play to get a lot of  splats. We are on DUDES to have a good time and talk. That’s one of the  main reasons I like this team.

Achievements: Darkman just cleared 10k splats and we have built a solid  team that has alot of skill even though we lack people with lots of  splats. 

Goals: We are trying to recruit a few more top players and keep winning every tourny we can get into. 

Comments: If you think you have what it takes to be DUDE talk to one of our 5 leaders and if they think you can handle it you will be on the team. Don’t take this game too seriously as I <Emu> tend to do sometimes πŸ˜‰ Just play and have fun!

The Amigos, you are tagged!! I tagged you because you guys have some talent (And Compeler told me to to tag you guys hehe!) =)

Player Profiles

Pbn name : Spume 

Real Name : Walter Jukes
Age: 28
Job: forklift operator
Hobbies : Computers and Rc cars
Team : The Elite Few
Stats Ever : games 21551 bonus 24485000 splats 31209 acc 16 %
Timed Played : I started January 4 1997
Most Crowning: I am the longest lived tourney master of pbn history as well as in the top ever splats for over a year
Pet peaves: Getting asked to have a mini tourney every other second
Fav pbn weapon : I have to go with the old uhv when no bounce was available for it but now i just use the hv rifle with no bounce
Fav Bot : The Dear bot an old pbn bot that used to bite you on the neck (old inside joke)
Fav pbn player : Spume only cause i could not name just one but if I had to, Ez is the man
Famous Quotes : SSSSppppOOooMMMMM!!!!! The proud the few the not you elite! 
Comments: I am totally addicted to this game. Sorry i dont chat more but my wife demands my attention most of the time i can only get away with paying attention to the screen when the buzzer goes off.
I tag Qt forced Spume to tag Master..

PBN Name:Soundtraxx

Real Name:Joseph Miles
Job:school…and Soccer
Hobbies:I Love to play Soccer…Mud…and PBN I also like to hang out with friends and use ICQ.
Stats: Ever:You have $21965, carrying 200/200.
(EVER) GAMES:4765 BONUS:3896500 SPLATS:4666 ACCURACY:24%
Sounds x-ray glasses[infrared][scope]{=Soundtraxx=} on your HEAD, EYES
Sounds Scarf[satellite][expansion] on your NECK 
Sounds Shirt[refracto][interference]{-Cancer-}{=Soundtraxx=} on your
a mini grenade launcher[expansion][expansion] on your RIGHT HAND,L
HAND a pair of padded leggings[turbo][swim] on your LEGS, FEET
You are standing.
Time Played:Since October 9th-10th 97.
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Having the privelage of being on Cancer and making about 2k splats in 1 week…also making all these friends and  well ummm….having all of my eq that I like. Also being chosen to do a profile from Dug.
PB Pet Peaves:People who write in green…people who ask to buy my suit and/or glasses…and spammers.
Fav. PB Weapon:a Mini launcher[exp][exp] with HV nades.
Fav. Bot:has to be the kami because it takes out most of the players in the beginning of vaderz.
Fav. PBN Player:Has to be Dug because he is nice and always fixes the games biggest problems
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :%1 your ignored,haha, hmmmmmm……. and nice shot and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…
Other/ Comments:hmmmm……I am a Freshman in school I have a bunch of friends I like drama…hmmmm…….nothing else to really say except I have a dog
Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] :TaRqUin

Closing Notes

Team Amigos, Tarquin, and Master are all tagged to do profiles in the next newsletter.  Those that didn’t get their profiles in this week can still send them in and I will post them in an upcoming newsletter.

That’s it for another newsletter.  Not much else to say.

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting 

PBNN Issue #7 – 2/26/98

editor: QtPie


Hello! Welcome to the newest issue of the PBNN. This issue is jammed packed with information. I believe this is the best PBNN that I’ve put together yet! Thanks to all how submitted articles and keep them coming guys!!!

A Note about Profiles: I’ve been asked numerous times why I have not asked so-and-so to do a profile. Let me tell you how the profiling works and maybe you will understand it more. Usually there are four people and one team that will be profiled in one issue. Those four people will “tag” a person to do an article in the next issue. I only pick a person to do a profile in extreme cases.
1. A person tagged is unable to be gotten ahold of. The “oldies” sometimes are no where to be found and do not receive the newsletter so they do not even know they are tagged. In that case I will ask the person that tagged them to pick another person. If I can’t get ahold of that person, I will pick someone myself.
2.A person declines the invitation to do a profile for the newsletter. In this case again I will ask the person that tagged them to pick another person and if I can’t get ahold of him/her, I will pick someone myself.
3. Someone just doesn’t TAG anyone when they do their profile. Once again I follow the step above before picking another person myself.
If are you not tagged, just be patient and I’m sure someone will tag you sooner or later. intend on publishing this newsletter for awhile and hopefully the majority of the regulars will get tagged someday! 

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Spread Kits and how to combat them.

Written by Werewolf

Spread kits on guns, personally I do not like them because they can be “deadly”, unless you do a few things which make them a useless weapon. 1. To avoid getting splatted, get padding and lots of it… NOBODY uses spread with nobounce balls because the cost is too high.. so if you get padded, then 90% of the time it’ll result in a bounce. 2. When spread is shot, it will take a couple of squares to spread out. This will result on 1-3 squares in which the ball will miss you if you are close to the enemy. So get near the enemy when attacking because they may have spread. 3. Spread causes lag, and lots of it, so take advantage of it. Since everyone uses free balls, the shot will be SLOW. If you see slow balls coming towards you, that means it is time to Run 3 spaces away. They’ll be lagged so when you are running, click the mouse and kill em.. (have true movement on). That way they’ll miss you because of ball speed and you will get an easy splat. 4. Since spread makes a lot of balls, you can easily see where someone is shooting at from far away. Just grab the old Uhv and give them a taste of Nobouncing speed in the general direction where their balls came from. Spread has it’s advantages of cost and unlimited balls, BUT it is SLOW, inaccurate, and exposes yourself to other players who can easily splat you.

Darkmans tips for newbies.

Written by Darkman

I have played paintball for about six months now. Lately a lot of new paintball players have been asking me for money and tips for success on paintball. After a lot of testing and trying new stuff, I have put together a list of the things I think a newbie should do to become the best they can, as fast as they can. I will warn you, this is only my opinion and many of the other players might have different ideas, but this should at least be a starting point for you. When you first start playing paintball, you will have to register your character and get him up to lvl 2. Once you have gotten a lvl 2 character, the fun can begin. When you become a lvl 2, the game will give you a $1000 gift. If this gift is spent wisely, you can get some decent stuff that will help you a lot. I would recommend buying the following equipment. Wear each item after you buy it. For example to wear the scarf you would type wear scarf.

Equipment Small Backpack- cost $25 this item can be purchased from the middle store by typing buy small Padded Scarf-cost $25 this item can be purchased from the middle store buy typing buy scarf Padded Leggings-cost $100 this item can be purchased from the south store buy typing buy leg Padded helmet-cost $50 this item can be purchased from the south store by typing buy helm Once you have bought those 3 items you should go to the northeast store a.k.a. the chop shop. From the chop shop you should buy 3 kits. To assemble these kits, you must have the kit in one hand, and what you are putting it on in the other hand. For example, to assemble the woodland camouflage kit onto the scarf, you buy wood, rem scarf, and then ass kit scarf. Then wear scarf. Woodland Camouflage kit-cost $20 to buy this kit type buy wood. Once you have bought this kit type ass kit scarf. This will assemble the kit to your scarf. Swim Kit- cost $250 To buy this kit type buy swim. Once you have bought the swim type ass kit leggings. This will assemble the swim kit to your leggings. Grassland Camouflage kit-cost $20 To buy this kit type buy grass. Once you have bought the grassland kit type ass kit scarf. This will assemble the kit to your scarf. The next thing you should buy is a turbo kit from the chop shop. You don’t have enough money now, but as you play more you will save up enough to buy it. Turbo Kit-costs $1100. To buy this type buy turbo. Then type ass kit leg. After you have bought those 5 items you should head to the northwest shop,a.k.a. the gun shop. Here is where a lot of newbies screw up. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go out and buy an expensive gun. I would strongly recommend that you use a newbie shooter and newbie ammo. Beginner Paintball Gun- cost 0 top buy it type buy beg 10-ball bag of free paintballs.- cost 0 top buy this item type buy bag. Once you have the bag in one hand and the gun in the other type dump bag gun. Then sell the empty bag. Then repeat the process buy typing buy bag. dump bag gun. sell bag. You should repeat this process until your gun is full. Do this after every game to make sure that your gun is full. I would keep using the beginner gun until you get turbo kit. It is not that bad and will save you a lot of money. Once you have a turbo kit you might decide to switch from a gun to a can. Once you have done all of the above things you are ready to go out and fight. Right now you should have at least $500 left over. I would recommend that you save this money for equipment in the future. As a newer player it will be VERY hard to get started. Do not get discouraged or down on yourself. There are a lot of people out there with better equipment so it will be hard for you to compete. I have also put together a list of helpful newbie strategies for you to use in games. If used right you could find yourself getting 1-4 splats per game.


#1- NEVER STOP MOVING – if you stop moving, you will be a very easy target, and will die pretty quick.

#2- Try and stay in the open plains. Your equipment is very bouncy and this is your only chance. If you see a red guy, shoot at him, then move again. It will be easy for people to sneak up on you if you are in any other type of terrain.

#3- Shoot past your enemy. This takes some practice, but it does work. pretend there is a straight line between you and your enemy. Don’t just shoot where he is. Remember a paintball rarely goes through someone.

#4- If someone is shooting at you a lot, this is the time to run for trees or some sort of cover. Remember a paintball can rarely go through 1 tree, and will never go through 2 trees.

#5- Don’t waist your money on mines or grenades or expensive ammo equipment. This is more important, and although you might start out slower, in the end you will be a lot better because you will have the better equipment.

#6- If you see a bot, try and figure out which way it is going. Usually a bot will run in a pattern. If you can figure this pattern out, you can shoot ahead of it, and kill it before it kills you.

#7- Stay away from mountains. These will slow you down and make you a very easy target.

#8- Never fire more than 3 shots without moving. Someone will see where your ammo is coming from and they will run over and kill you.

Even if you do the above things, I can not guarantee success, but it should help you stay alive. And who knows, maybe someday you can be one of the paintball greats.

Other helpful hints As a newer player I would recommend that you play mainly Team and Cooperative Flag games. The are the only ones you have a good chance at winning. Even if you do not do great that game, your team might still pull out a win so you get money. If you are on a server, and they are not playing teams or cooperative flags, I would strongly recommend that you try another server. To vote for a team game or a cooperative flags game, you type ga v t and ga v co. To remove your vote for one of these games, type ga r t and ga r co. If you do find yourself in survival, don’t panic. Just keep moving and remember how to fight. If you are in an invaders game go find a nice clearing about 10-15 spaces away from the edge. The bots will show up and just start shooting them. You will get about 3 or 4 splats doing this, but then you will most likely die. Do not let this discourage you. In my opinion, invaders is the hardest game to get good at on paintball.

If you ever have any questions about anything above, or need any more advice once you pass the beginner stage, do not hesitate to ask me. I would be more than glad to help anyone out that I can. If I am not on you can ask Darkblade for help. If needed, he can get in contact with me.

Bot Splatting: Skill or No Skill

Written by Hurricane

Often people who have a lot of bot splats are criticized of having no skill. To me, people who say this are just plain dumb.

1.) If Dug and RM didn’t think invaders or mining took any skill, they wouldn’t have put invaders and mines in the game.

2.) People don’t control what games they play. If the game happens to be invaders, of course we’re gonna get as many bots as possible. It’s not like we’re just gonna sit there and let ourselves get splatted because bot splatting takes no skill.

3.) Mining is harder than people think, especially with the way invaders is these days. 50% of the time, you won’t get any splats with your mines because the bots only come out 2 walls (and sometimes only 1.)

4.) Staying alive after all the bots are out and most of the players are out isn’t exactly easy. Often bots will stumble upon you, even though they can’t see you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

5.) People often look at people’s bonus and say “Woah, you have mostly bot splats, you must really suck.” Now I don’t want to mention any names, so I’ll just use myself as an example. At the time of this writing, I had 23k splats, and 5500 of those are players. Most people are saying right now “Jeez, he sucks.” Let’s take the fact that I’ve only played 3000 games, which turns out to be about 2 player splats per game, which incidentally is a better average than some as the so called “great players.” (No names mentioned.)

So please, next time you start to hag on somebody because they have mostly bot splats, think about the above 5 things. Thanks.

The Cool Stuff No One Ever Told You

Written By Tyson, The Mr. Know-it-all.

Hi everyone out there, this article is designed to tell all you cool people stuff that you may not know. How about a little about myself first? Ok My PbN name is Tyson (my real name is Tyson too), I have about 4500 splats or something like that, I don’t really know. Here we go, off into the land of knowledge called my brain (lots of knowledge, no spelling ability).

Camo information

Basically, there are 2 types of camo; normal camo and special camo. I classify basic woodland, grassland, desert, mountain, water, and multi camo as normal camo. With normal camo you can be seen on the terrain it covers up to 5 spaces away. A multi jacket or suit will camouflage you in grass, trees, mountains, and deserts. If you are crouching you can be seen in whatever terrain your camo is for up to 3 spaces away. This camouflaging ability is not affected by movement. Special camo is as follows (to me): refracto, insulation, interference, and cloaking. An item with refracto on it will make you completely invisible to normal sight. When you move with refracto or chat with refracto you can be seen for a few seconds. Interference and insulation both stop different kinds of special items, interference will stop all locators (satellite and player) and x-ray glasses. It will not make you invisible to normal sight. Insulation will block infrared viewers from seeing you, but not normal vision. A cloaking suit makes you completely invisible when moving or chatting, but covers all your body (you cant carry anything that is not in the suit).

Weapon information

There are many different types of weapons: guns; cans; grenade launchers; paintrocket launchers; mines; and old stuff. Guns fire any kind of paint that is at the level they are or below, i.e. any gun can shoot free ammo, but only a high-velocity semi-automatic gun can shoot hv semi-auto ammo. Spread-fire kits make your gun shoot 3 paintballs at a time to the left and right of your targeting cursor. Burst kits let you fire 3 paintballs at a time, but only in the space you target. Cans can fire in any direction one space, and if you turn auto target home off and target one space away from you, it will auto-fire on that space whenever an enemy is under it. Grenade launchers and grenades splat everything on the space you fire them, or a 3×3 area if they are large. Grenades can go over any terrain type and splat infinite numbers of players or bots on that splat area. Each of the 3 grenade launchers has different range, a normal launcher having the most and a mini launcher have little range. Paintrocket launchers work the same way grenade launchers do, but go a lot faster and cannot go over anything. Mines will explode if anything that is an enemy goes within the target range, witch is 1 less than the splat range. Old stuff is the coolest =) basically if you have old stuff you know how to use it and all the cool tricks, so I wont go into them here.

Other cool stuff

Here is probably what you have read the above for πŸ™‚ First, game-specific information. In invaders, bots will come out on 2 opposite sides randomly. If you stand in a valley in invaders you cannot be hit by a kamikaze bot unless it goes off right on you. In any game, if you have a cloaking suit (or if not), you can make an alias called fire that the game will run whenever you right-click to fire.

Thats all folks!!! Thanks for reading all this, it is my first try at writing an article

Tyson chats:c-ya all l8rz


New Stuff..

New Vaders OH there is a new vaders game invading PbNet. Instead of having a minute to get yourself ready for the bots, they come out as we the players get onto the field. This game will take a bit of adjusting too but have patience and soon we will be as comfortable with this vaders game as we were with the old vaders.

Extra-Large Backpack The new extra-large backpack can be found in the middle store. I hold more than any other backpack but it uses your waist making it impossible to use with certain equipment. If you have something that already uses your waist, you can still use it on your locker!

A Nasty PbNet Bug

A bug is crawling around PbNet as I write this message. Maybe by the time I send this newsletter it will
be squashed. The bug seems to wipe people of their equipment and splat count. Some have said it has
deleted their money and even one character has lost his name. 

To deal with this bug, here is what to do. First stay calm! I believe that most people that have got bitten by the bug have gotten repaired. Email Rm or Dug and wait patiently while they work to fix your character.

I believe that RM and Dug are working on finding the bug and flatting it to a gooey mess. Give them time and support while they fix this. They are doing what they can!

Bugs like this may pop up from time to time. I ask everyone to stay calm when a bug like this does appear and give RM and Dug some time to fix it.


Broke the 10k Mark CowboyM 
Broke the 20k Mark Rebel 
Broke the 30k Mark 

Macman 20 Million bonus


Team Profile

Team: Chorus

Leader: Handle

No. Of Members: 11

Member List: Handel QtPie (2) Beowulf CowboyM Stephen Gonja Sx Mickey D Shadow Lord Sabot JoseFresco

Motto: ‘We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy. Whaddaya say?’ <reply by me:CHORUS- I say Dance:<Wiggle~(_/_)~Wiggle~(_|_)~Wiggle~(_\_)~Wiggle> I say Kiss: <smoooch> I say: Let’s not go home just yet!!>

Stats: (CURRENT) BONUS:721000 SPLATS:1196 ACCURACY:37% (EVER) BONUS:16567500 SPLATS:22817 ACCURACY:29%

Requirements: First and foremost you must be a friend of ours. Getting alone with everyone on the team as well as everyone (for the most part) on PbNet. We like those people that are respectful, helpful, kind and generous. We don’t base our requirements on splat count. We ask YOU to join, you don’t ask us. πŸ™‚

Who We are:We are a small team. The power lies with Beowulf and CowboyM and a small part by me. We three play a lot and have created a close nit team that kicks butt. You can usually find the team on Teams Current Top10 as well as Wulf, Cowboy and occasionally myself on the Player current Top10.

Achievements: We have become a consistent Current Top10 team with fewer players then most of the other teams on top10. We reached 20k splats and have become one team that people would like to join. πŸ™‚

Goals: Getting on the Team Ever Top10 is on goal I personally have for the team. But mainly our t eam is about having a happy team that people want to stay on once they get their. (After you quit chorus there is a slime to none chance of being reenlisted.)

Comments: Although it’s Handel’s team, I, Qtpie, have done this profile. I would like to thank all the team members for their commitment to the team. You all Rock!

Tagged: Team Dudes is Tagged…Just got to know why they keep bumping us from the Top10 list!

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Dug

Real Name: Douglas E. Michael (aka “Dug”)

Age: 27

Job: Electrical Engineer

Hobbies: Programming Multi-player games, Racquetball, Net-Surfing.

Team: DigDugs

Stats: Lower than they should be. Ever: Lower than they should be.

Time Played: Since December of 1995, when the game was code-named “Survival Limited”.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : First splat ever on another player: Dug splatted Presto, February, 1996.

PB Pet Peeves: People who think that DavidRM and I are the same person.

Fav. PB Weapon: Big Paintball Gun.

Fav. Bot: Kamikazi because it takes out the most players in one shot. Muahahaha.

Fav. PBN Player: Everyone. I appreciate anyone who enjoys playing.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “I WILL REBOOT AFTER THIS GAME.”

Other/ Comments: The newsletters are looking great!

(Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] Soundtraxx(Joseph)

PBN Name: Sabot (Among other characters..)

Real Name: Look at the help file.

Age: 20

Job: I am a materials processor requirements facilitator at Boeing.

Hobbies: Pbn, MUME, associating SAMSON with small farmyard animals.

Team: Currently Chorus. Sad to see Wusslings die out so fast..

Stats: Ever: Hell I don’t know.

Time Played: Hmm started around mid Sept ish 1996? (David help me out here)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Well I like the fact that over the years I think I’ve done an ok job supporting the game, but I think I’m proudest of the fact that I’m the only one with a fat wiggler alias =)



A newbie spam tells you: gimme cash or I’ll spell everything I say wrong and in ALL CAPS. p.s. gimme money I deserve it and oh ya tell RM I GET TO BE THE NEXT 90

And oh ya, RM still refuses to put the old map of days long past back up.

The one with all the 90’s names in it.

Fav. PB Weapon: Fire and Movement.

Fav. Bot: The Sa-bot.

Fav. PBN Player: Ya right there’s way too many to list. I’d forget to name half the people and the other half no one here knows in the first place.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : df =) If you don’t know what that means then it doesn’t concern you.

Other/ Comments: mmmmForbiddenDonut out classes all of us in the name picking department.

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] : Spumer =) *cackle*

PBN Name: Macman

Real Name: Chris Maccaux (for those of you who wondered how I came up with the name Macman, it’s the first 3 letters of my last name. Please, stop telling me how much Macintosh’s suck…)

Age: 32

Job: Industrial Electrician for Procter and Gamble in Green Bay, WI. I am responsible for the converting line that runs 65% of all the Puffs facial tissues in the world. I am considering a transfer to Cape Girardeau, MO to help start up a tissue/towel operation there.

Hobbies: Paintballing, collecting toys such as Kenner Starting Lineups, Hot Wheels and Matchbox, fishing, golfing, and playing with my son.

Team: MacLeod Clan

Stats: Ever: Stats for ‘Macman’: (EVER) GAMES:8182 BONUS:19837000 SPLATS:23961 ACCURACY:37%

Time Played: Since May of 1997. My ID# is 12206 according to DavidRM.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] I’d have to say helping MacLeod Clan get to the top. I was part of an elite organization and am proud of it.

PB Pet Peeves: Keyboard Warriors. You know the kind… They come on to PBNet or any other chat site and act like Mr. Tough Guy. They probably ain’t but 5′ 1″ and 110 lbs.

Spammers. The people that log in and spam until they get shut up, then quickly log off and back on with another name and continue spamming, again and again.

People who don’t have a clue. There are lots of them. They don’t know who they are. Too bad…

Fav. PB Weapon: It used to be a ULUHV loaded with NB ammo. Now, it’s probably this nifty little HV launcher that I tote around. It rocks.

Fav. Bot: Hmmm…. they all kinda suck. Probably the coolest of the bunch would be the Stealth bot.

Fav. PBN Players: Randy Gilbertson. He doesn’t come on often anymore (UO), but he is great. Brockman. When you absolutely have to have it in the morning… Brockman. Shooter. Great competitor, great to chat with. Where’s he been? SAMSON. Cool as they come… Coldiron. Another casualty of UO.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Hmm… Most of the time I run with chat off. I guess there isn’t one.

Other/ Comments: Yeah… Hey one of you wanna-be hackers… Blow up the UO servers. Then maybe we’ll get some of our best players back. =)

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] : Lil Oly… fellow MacLeod Clan teammate and really cool guy.


Real Name: Nathan Price

Age: 18 Years Old

Job: Employed by father. Baseball player. (pitcher)

Hobbies: Working to get in good health, playing baseball with friends (and being the ruler :-), programming with friends, playing PBNet with you fellas, and many more that most guys do.

Team: Purple Haze

Stats: Ever: GAMES:6887 BONUS:19457500 SPLATS:31933 ACCURACY:47%

Time Played: I am not sure of exact day but I believe it was sometime in the middle of September 1997.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I share a pretty cool team with 19 other guys and I’m very proud to be the founder of it. Also I have made MANY friends that are just as close as the people in my town.

PB Pet Peeves: I guess I get a little disturbed when I have around 70 splats in a vaderz game and I’m the only person left then while I am big-headed because everyone is telling me how awesome I am….. the last dumb bot gets the best of me… yea.. that is my PB Pet Peeve.

Fav. PB Weapon: I cannot be pulled apart from my ULUHV gun although XDP’s UHV Launcher is a strong runner-up.

Fav. Bot: Having this be the first time I have ever been asked this question… I will have to say that since I have never actually got to “get to know” a bot since they do not like to shake hands… The Stealth bot is my fav because I like Green. πŸ™‚

Fav. PBN Player: I do not have a favorite PBN player. I do have one person in mind that I have come to love to play in games with though and that person is QTPie. Many many many nights we have been the only two people left in games where I was her “Knight” protecting her. I LOVE IT πŸ™‚

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Game Ready Auto…… prepare to die!”

Other/ Comments: Now days I have been learning at home (homeschool) so I don’t get to associate with my friends like I use to on a day to day basis. Sometimes it gets very lonely but ever since I have been playing PBN I have always had friends to turn to. There are around 20 of you guys on during the day that I am close friends with and around 10 during the night. So anytime I ever want to talk with someone you guys are always there. Many people have told me “you can’t have a friend that all you know about them is that of which they type”. I just laugh at them because I know what they are missing out on:-) I just want to let everyone know that I really do have a lot of fun playing and just sitting and talking with you. I have over 100 of you PBN people on my icq list and at least 70 of you send me messages daily.. I love that πŸ™‚ and you sure do make it easy to laugh at those who say your fake people.

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] : BlueAdapt

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Happy Splatting