PBNN Issue #16 – 6/20/98

Editor: QtPie


Here we go again with another exciting (??) issue of the PBNN. Lots of stuff is happening around the wonderful world of paintball. Rm and Dug have worked hard to make life around paintball a life with crime. We should all give then a bit of Thanks for that!

Still looking for everyone to send in their information for the paintball player population page. This page will contain -Picture -Email address -Current level -Team name and webpage -Age -Homepage (Include the title of your page please) -State <sneak peek can be seen at (old link)> So guys, Send in this information to me (old email). Please please please include your paintball user name! I will be waiting!! Ps, you can leave out information if you wish. But please send me something. 🙂

Table of Contents


The offer Commands
The Best by mmmm forbidden donut

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


The offer commands.

Rm and Dug have worked out a system to protect you all. I would suggest using it.

offer <item> <amount> 
offer list- shows a list of items being offered for players on that server. 
look <character name> – This should ALWAYS be used by the person buying the item! 
accept <character name> <Id Number>

Step1: Player 1 offers something for sale for a certain amount of money bye typing offer <item> <amount>

Step2: Player 2 types offer list and see that player 1 is offering something that they might want to buy.

Step3: Player 2 asks player 1 where he/she is standing, then goes to that square and types look <player 1>

Step4: Player 2 sees that the item offered is indeed what he/she wants to buy(because player 2 looked at the details of the item) and copies the ID number.

Step 5: Player 1 type accept <player 1> <Id Number>

1. Player 2 does NOT look at the details and trusts player 1 when he says its a certain item. 
2. Player 1 gives Player 2 the ID. Player 1 had switched the item quickly and Player 2 ends up paying more than what the item as priced at. 
3. Player 1 gives Player 2 the ID. Player 2 had not looked at the item first and finds out later the item is not what he wanted then accuses Player 1 of scamming.

How to prevent this? It really should be obvious. Player 2 should ALWAYS get the ID number him/herself, and while doing that, Player 2 should study the details of the item being sold!!!!!

I can not express how important it is for you to use the look <character name> command before buying an item.

The Best

Written by mmmm forbidden donut

Everyday when I log on I see the same thing. “Damnit Beowulf you splat me every game.” Usually coming from semi-newbies with around 200 splats. Just at the period when you can get enough splats to keep you in the game but certain people seem to stop you from doing that rather quickly.

Well, in this article I hope to include a few strategies to help some of you fellows find out how to splat some of TODAY’S best players. I hope no one get sore at me for posting their strategy…but I have been playing long enough it shouldn’t count against me because I have memorized all of you. =)

Beowulf: FANTASTIC canner. The only defense against a canner is rockets or NB. Basically because cheap ammo, is going to bounce off a bouncy canner. Rockets are the best, but then you have to know where he is going, and Beo moves around a hell of a lot. In order to get Beo, you must first be near some grassland. The WHOLE key to splatting canners is to be near grassland since turbo is faster than jetpack on grassland. (did you know that?) Run away as quickly as possible all the time shooting ammo. Because cans autofire on ammo now too, so you can probably slow the man down. =)

Brockman: I was talking to Brock on the phone the other day. In his own words his strategy is to “Run around like hell, and shoot anything that moves” And basically that is what he does. In every game he uses a survival strategy. He is always going to be moving. But he is also using an invisible suit. So therefore he has no jetpack. So you must prey on his speed. If nading wait for him to hit a lake or desert and fire away. If gunning to the same, only shoot 3 shots (1 with spread, but I would fire 2-3 times for bounce) for the spots to either two heights. This will minimize his capability of getting away, and maximize your chances of getting a direct hit.

Rebel: Rebel is a lot like Beowulf, only Rebel doesn’t dance around you like a little annoying butterfly, he uses a more direct strategy, and gets you in the trees. If you are a gunner, this is impossible to defend. You might as well give up and kill yourself. If nading, you still have a chance. If you are nading I am going to assume, that you have X-ray. So you will see a moving person coming from 5 spaces away. All you have to do is time the time he is going to reach you. So that your nade lands on him without killing yourself. (be careful not to kill yourself)

Pentiumman: Pent uses HV nades with a ultra-high velocity mini grenade launcher. His launcher carries 40 nades. So you are automatically at a disadvantage right there. He uses an invisible suit. So the fact that his launcher does not have a reload rate will just make himself more invisible all of the time. The main thing you must do to kill Pent is to draw his fire, without getting yourself killed. (easier said than done) If you get him to fire ammo at you, than you have accomplished one of two things. A. You have gotten him to reveal his position. Allowing naderz to easily counter attack. 75% of the time this works for me. Or B. He moves to a place where you can see him, and either go to move in for the kill with a can, or shoot with a gun. If using a gun remember to move around, or those HV nades will have you dead in a manner of seconds. If

Pent really wanted to, all he would need to do is sit there and unload 40 nades every game like someone we all know does. (Handel) And wipe out the whole team. (Not to give you any ideas Pent)

Moneyman: Moneyman is a rocketeer. Which I feel if used by the right man with the right mentality is the best weapon on PBN. The only thing that holds back a rocketeer is other people, and trees. Moneyman personally kills me every other game when he is on, because I am sitting there shooting 3 nades all around the place, and I don’t have the time to avoid a UHV speed grenade being shot at me. The whole key to killing Money though is avoiding his first rocket. If you can avoid it, he has a 2 second reload rate on it, so you have 2 seconds to shoot him or nade him. If using neither, a can us basically hopeless to kill him 1 on 1.

mmmm forbidden donut/TheDemon/Cornelius/Handel (no we are not the same person but we use the same strategy): Every one of us uses the “MIRV” attack. This is when we start the game we immediately look at the sat locator and fire 3-6 nades directly towards the starting point of the other team. This is really cheap. And I copied from Handel. But Corn and TD copied from me. The whole thing centers around the beginning, because usually because of money I don’t fire off ANY nades after the first 6 because I lose so much money. =) So once you avoid the original attack, it is easy pickens.

QtPie: Qt uses her little spread/cyan thing. So, she can fire from basically across the whole screen. (depends on the resolution you are on) She seems to move around enough not to be killed easily by measly naders, and her ammo spreads across the map so much that often if you are not bouncy enough, you find yourself being dead in a heap of blue paint. Main thing is to keep your distance, to give yourself plenty of time to reactor pad yourself so that you can get closer for a can or a short range nade.


New Admins

-95: Eric Gray and rkj both promoted to 95. 
-90: Toofer and Alien are the newest 90s. 
-80: RaptorRed and Pentiumman have been awarded level 80. 
Congrates and Good Luck!

New commands: 
-offer: Allows you to offer an item for sale. offer <item> <amount> 
-accept: Command used to accept an offer for sale. accept <playername> <id number> 
-offer list: Tells you what is being offer and by whom. 
-examine: Lets you examine your items. examine <item> 
[Note: When you “look” at someone, you will also see details of the item he/she is offering]

New items: 
-ultra-light high-velocity semi-automatic paintball gun: Same as a HV Semi gun but it does not weight as much. 
-ultra-light high-velocity semi-automatic paintball rifle: Same as a HV Semi rifle but it does not weight as much. 
-paintball Uzi: Short range, high speed one handed minigun

-Rifle range has now been extended. 
-You can now no longer type abbreviations for Drop, Give, Sell, Sellbig or Accept. These commands must be written out in full.

Wow I hope I didn’t leave anything out!

Paintball Tourney League

Hosted by QtPie, Omegared, and mmmm forbidden donut

You are invited to join a tourney league. There will be FOUR teams of up to SEVEN people registered to each team. You will HAVE to be registered to play on one of these teams.

What you need to do. -Get a Team Master. I will communicate mainly with the Team Master but I will make sure you all know what is going on. -Team Master will email me the team name and the names and emails of all players on the team. -Your team will get 5000 dollars together and then the Team Master will give that to me(QtPie). -You team master will get together with the Team Master from the team they play that week and set a time to play. Either Team master will talk to Either Me(QtPie) or Omegared and tell them when they want to play. -The team will receive an email from either me or Redz announcing when the games for that week will be played. -Teams will show up for the game. -Teams will not be bitchy, moaning, whining, crabbing, or cuss at the Tourney Master, the other team, or ME. -Teams will play FAIR!

How the tourney works. Each week for 4 weeks, teams will be pitted against each other. You will play 3 (three) games against the team and earn one point for each game you win. This Weekly tourney game will cost EACH PLAYER 200 bucks and will run as a normal tourney would expect you will play the *same* team three times. At the end of the four weeks the team with the most points will be the grand prize winner and will receive the Grand Prize of 20k (This is the money all teams paid to enter the tourney league.) In case of a tie in points, the two teams that tied will play in a Tie breaker game consisting of 5 games. The team that wins 3 games will win the grand prize. If your team does NOT show up for the tie breaking game then you forfeit and lose the money.

For more details you can email me at <old email> and ask for the rules. Note: This is the first time I have attempted a tourney league so this is a trail tourney. I might change the rules after this one is over but for right now the rules stand as is.

Thanks to Omegared and mmmmm forbidden donut for helping me get the rules together and offering to host the tourney games.

So get your teams together. Lets make this work!

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Rebel

Real Name:Ryan Allen


Job:High School Student, Baseball Umpire in the Summer

Hobbies:Baseball, Girls, Fishing, Hunting, Baseball, Girls, Riding around in my car, Baseball, When I’m bored I Golf a little

Homepage:<old link>

Team:Currently PLaYas, I reigned with Purple Haze for about 40k of my splats

Stats: Ever:You have $28754, carrying 424/500. (EVER) GAMES:12371 BONUS:31145500 SPLATS:50621 ACCURACY:50% GAMES SURVIVED:2359 BOT SPLATS:10892 PLAYER SPLATS:2014 (TEAM) BONUS:162000 SPLATS:281 ACCURACY:50% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:451500 SPLATS:789 ACCURACY:51% Lots of Bird Poop[x-ray][infrared] on your HEAD, EYES (padded helmet renamed) a padded scarf[hugepocket][hugepocket] on your NECK a large, padded backpack on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER a down-filled jacket[jetpack][refracto]{=Michael Kalil=}{=Ryn=}{=Dart Wader=}{=Ez=} on your BODY, WAIST A Love Letter to QtPie[hugepocket][spreadfire] on your RIGHT HAND (a high- velocity semi-automatic paintball gun renamed) Another Love Letter for QtPie on your RIGHT HAND (a can renamed) Yet Another Love Letter for QtPie[hugepocket][rapidfire] on your RIGHT HAND (a mini grenade launcher renamed) Leopard Colored Spandex[hugepocket][hugepocket] on your LEGS a pair of flippers[turbo][satellite] on your FEET

Your locker contains 45/500 weight. (1)Columbia Bugaboo[blood][gore][multi- terrain insulated][refracto][interference] (a multi-terrain insulated suit renamed)

Time Played:Since September of last year, I believe.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Becoming an adminstrator, Being one of 4 to reach 50k splats, um… I think those are the only things I have done.

PB Pet Peeves:Green Chat, Beggers, People who ask for a tourney and don’t join it once it’s started.

Fav. PB Weapon: Gotta like all of em.. I use all of them well too… But I like my gun the best.. hv semi auto[spread][exp]

Fav. Bot:My Homie

Fav. PBN Player: (I would say MONEYMAN or Shorty but those are my cousins so I’m not going to, hehe) FlyinEmu

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :I only allow really COOL people on my ignore… and <your name here> is COOL enuff.

I don’t have very many, I tend to try to be creative and use different sayings.

Other/ Comments:I’ve noticed this game is going up in population, and down in the nice catergory. I’m glad this game is growing I just wish you folks would realize that stealing, scamming, and just being an ass will get you no where.

PBN Name:togood

Real Name: James Haley


Job: Student

Hobbies:Playing Real Paintball, PBNet , Basketball and Golf

Homepage:h<old link>



Time Played: Since October of 97 I think

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Broke 20k splats. Was a Member of MacLeod Clan for awhile. Am currently a member of Cancer! YOYO

PB Pet Peeves: People who ask for money, People who sit on other peeps in vaders, Spammers, and people who write gay notes.

Fav. PB Weapon: ULUHV paintball gun [expansion][expansion]

Fav. Bot:

Fav. PBN Player: I have 4 Brockman, Macman, Random, and QtPie. =) oh and can’t forget Supters

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Umm I dont have any =(

PBN Name:Rza

Real Name: Jon Salmon

Age: 19

Job: Painting

Hobbies: Computers , Basketball

Homepage: I wish i had one =)

Team: Vizjerei Clan

Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:4389 BONUS:3464500 SPLATS:4530 ACCURACY:31%

Time Played: Since about September of 97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Getting my first 1000 spalts , it took me forever!!

PB Pet Peeves: Spaming

Fav. PB Weapon: Can

Fav. Bot: Qtpie Bot =)

Fav. PBN Player: This is tough , gotta go with rkj

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : I WILL KILL YOU ALL LIKE OJ!!!!!

Other/ Comments: Paintball is the bomb , its always something to do , and you meet a lot of people!! Happy Splatting!!!!

Closing Notes

Some fixits from the last issue. 1. Whodeamon is not totally gone. He logs on to the main server about every 5 minutes. 2. I was JUST KIDDING when I said everyone that has have 100k should be shot. I think I will leave any and all attempt at being funny out of the newsletter from now on. <chuckle>

Happy Fathers day to all you Fathers out there!!!!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT