PBNN Issue #13 – 5/24/98

Editor: QtPie


I am back from vacation which means you will be seeing my face floating around paintball once again and you will get newsletters in your mailboxes again. Oh Joy right? 🙂

The survey helped me out a lot!! Thanks to all that filled it out. I am changing some sections of the PBNN. The majority of you said your least favorite thing about the PBNN were the stories so those will no longer be posted in the newsletter. Almost all of you want to see the “The Best” (I really need to think of a cool name for it….) So I will try and add that. Milestones will no longer be posted and I will add one more profile to the player profile since that seems to be one of the favorite things about the PBNN. I will be throwing other things as you now and then.

One more thing… I will now be editing the articles a little more than I did before. So do not be surprised if you article doesn’t appear just as you wrote it. Thanks!

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Using Aliases

Written by Jawsie

Are you ready to play with the big boys ? If so the next few paragraphs might help you. In this chapter I will discuss “Aliases”. An Alias can be simply defined as how to use one word to perform complex tasks at your command.

Alias Basics First of all you will need to work with the built in Alias Editor by pressing Control + E while connected to a PBN server. Second we will need to give the name of our alias. To do this we simply type in the name where it says Alias Name. Next we can create our alias body in the Alias Text box.

Novice Aliases Ready to have your favorite battle cry stored into a simple one word command ? Well here we go!

( The following text should be put in the Alias Name box ) Roar

( The following text should be placed in the Alias Text box ) c I am a BEAST… Hear me ROAR!!!!!! \& shout R-O-A-R !!!

( The following should explain what the above means ) c I am a BEAST… Hear me ROAR!!!!!! \& This is the simple CHAT command followed by an & command. NOTICE that there is a \ before the &… This lets the Alias Editor know that it must follow out the next command line. shout R-O-A-R !!! This is the simple SHOUT command and should be clear to you already.

( The following is what you should see happen when you type Roar ) You chat: I am a BEAST… Hear me ROAR!!!!!! You shout: R-O-A-R !!! Blah has Shut you up for 30 Minute(s) =) <—- Not Really

Intermediate Aliases

Now would you like to know how to reload your all of your weapons using one alias ? Simply follow the next example =)

( The following text should be put in the Alias Name box ) Reload

( The following text should be placed in the Alias Text box ) remove %1 \& buy %2 \& dump %2 %1 \& sell %2 \& wear %1

( Lets hope the following will explain what the above means ) Ex. When typing Reload gun box %1 will be your gun %2 will be your ammo type (box for instance)

remove %1 This will remove the gun. NOTE: Guns are only one handed so this isn’t necessary, but you can use this with all of your weapons and some of them you must remove. buy %2 This will BUY a box (%2) of ammo. NOTE: You must be in the proper store of course and also you may buy any type of ammo dump %2 %1 This will dump your box (%2) into your gun (%1) sell %2 This will sell your empty box (%2) wear %1 This will wear your gun (%1) again

( The following is what you should see happen when you type Reload Gun Box ) You remove the gun to your left hand. You buy a box of ammo. You dump all of a box of ammo into the gun. You sell a box of ammo. You wear the gun.

( A shortcut I use myself ) Instead of typing out “Reload gun box”. I have another alias called “Gun”. This simply gives the command several times “Reload gun box”. Then I have another for my launcher called “mini”. This simply gives the command several times “Reload launcher grenade”

Expert Aliases Now lets say you are a cloaker =) Inside your cloak you have a gun, for those people who are standing a long way away, and a grenade launcher for those people who are hiding. Now, you want to be able to use both your gun and your launcher without having to type out all of the rem suit, get gun suit, blah blah blah… you want it to happen when you click ! When you click on your target you don’t want to hang around because you are a sitting duck… So you need to use Advanced Aliases to let the game know that you want to carry out multiple commands when you click the mouse. Here is how I do it:

I use a system of aliases instead of one single alias. I use alias CG for Cloaking Gun, CM for Cloaking Mini, and RF for Reset Fire.

( Here is the text for CG ) alias fire rem suit \\& get gun suit \\& fir \\& put gun suit \\& wear suit \\&

( Again lets hope that the following explains the above ) alias fire rem suit \\& This line tells the game to create the FIRE alias and let rem suit be the first command. NOTE: The fire alias is built into the game so you will NOT type fire to call it. You will simply right click as usual to fire but the new commands will be run now. ALSO NOTE: This time you see two \s because now you are telling the game once you run this command (CG) the following commands are now stored in the FIRE alias.

get gun suit \\& This line will NOT be carried out until you call the FIRE alias *by right clicking*

fir \\& You are now in a since calling the fire command. If you were to type out fire it would run your alias over and cause a type of loop and maybe lock up your game or cause an error. So we type PART of the word fire and the game still thinks it is the original SHOOT HERE COMMAND.

put gun suit \\& Both of the next commands are stored in the fire alias also wear suit \\&

( The following should happen when you type CG ) alias fire created.

( Here is the text for CM ) alias fire rem suit \\& get mini suit \\& wear mini \\& fir \\& rem mini \\& put mini suit \\& wear suit \\&

The only thing new here would be that maybe you were working the examples as you read this and got the question “What if I have already created a new fire alias and now im ready to make this one?” Every time you type alias <name> it overwrites the old alias. So be careful when doing it and also remember to delete or CLEAR an alias you can type alias <NAME> with no commands.

( Text for RF ) alias fire

This simply CLEARS or DELETES the fire aliases you have modified so now when you click fire it simply goes back to the SHOOT HERE COMMAND

I hope this helped you with aliases and you use more advanced aliases to help you become a better player. If you have any questions about aliases or would like for me to write you a custom alias just email me at nate@tecinfo.com and give me the idea your trying to get done.


Written by QtPie

There are many different types of weapons. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Some are cheap but less effective in the game. Some require good aiming skills, others require speed and patience. This article is only to familiarize the inexperienced players with the different types of weapons. There are other weapons that are not sold in stores. But I will only cover the weapons sold in stores right now in this article.

Guns- The cheaper the gun the less effective it is. Guns only use one hand. They can use any of the normal ammo (Not Antique) that is sold at Guidos Gun Shop. Another thing to remember is that the type of ammo you buy also effects the results of your shoot. A free gun will not shoot free ammo as far as a semi-automatic gun.

Rifles-Rifles share most of the same qualities as guns do except that they use two hands and they shoot a bit farther than guns do. Therefore their price is slightly higher.

Launchers-Launchers are very effective weapons. The main draw back is the price of the grenades. Unless you use a paint grenade (which only shoots ONE square of paint), your shots will cover a 3 by 3 square on the field destroying everything in that square. The grenades can shoot over object like trees and mountains. All the following launchers can use any of the grenades except for the paint rocket grenades. The more expensive the grenade, the more effective it is. Grenade launcher:Uses both hands, the right shoulder, and the eyes(built in scope) to operate. Waist mounted launcher: Takes up your waist and both hands. Mini-Launcher:Has the longest reload time and the shortest range, but only requires your hands to use.

PaintRocket-Launchers-Rockets are similar to Launchers. The main difference is that they can not shoot over objects like trees and mountains but they shoot faster. They explode on impact of any object (player, bot, trees, mountains etc etc). Rockets can only use the Rocket grenades. Rocket-launchers uses your hands, eyes and right shoulder.

Powered miniguns-The special thing about miniguns are their built in burst and rapid-fire kits leaving room for you to assemble more kits to the gun. You can only use the mini-gun ammo for this gun. Requires 2 hands and your waist to use the mini-gun.

Paintball Shotgun-This gun has spread and burst built in once again leaving room for more kits. You can only use the shotgun-ammo for this gun. Requires both hands to use.

Can-You only need your right hand to use the can. It has automatically fires if someone crosses over your target.

There are many weapons you can use. Different weapons are good for different situations. Being familar with and using different weapons not only gives you some advantages but also keeps the game exciting.

For farther help on weapons type help gunshop.


New Items

Well, While I was on vacation a few changes to PBN were made. Bigger hopper kits and pockets were added to the store. Rtells were fixed so now you can use the apostrophe. The stat command now list your current bot splat count and your player splat count. “top10 ever psplats” now tracks the top10 Player Splatters Free paintball will now only pay half the amount of money for a splat unless you have less than 100 splats. Then you get the full amount. [I might have missed some changes, forgive me if I did.]

New Admins

Well there were a few. I am so bad, I am afraid I will not remember them all so I will say congrats to all in one huge “Congrats you Guys!”

The Best

OK.. This is where I need your help!! I am not witty, I am not funny, I am not creative when writing about people. So I will ask all of you to help me write this section. Send me your nominations for “The best” along with a short description of why you think they are the best. They can be the best gunner, canner, most lagged, plays the most, lags the most, plays the best in coop, etc etc. Anything you can think of without being rude and obnoxious. Please include your paintball username so I may give you credit for your work. Help me out here guys. You asked for this section!

Written by TheDemon

This section is used to remember people who did something on PBNet…or some1 who people like and want them to be recognized.

QtPie-One of the best all around people on PBNet

TaRqUin-personally, on of my best bud’s, but nice to everyone and a good player(also owner of a padded belt) 🙂

Beowulf-THE best Jet Canner i have ever encountered…and a great guy

The Bat Commander-My friend from the start….Hes a great guy and player…(he wins the nicest person under 4k splats award)

Inbred Jed-My Best bud on PBNet…. generious, trust worthy, and a kick but player beanster-will always be known for his: ~farts~ and his “bleh”‘s

Mickey D-He mite not like ME anymore, but i still like him…hes a great player and he’s a great guy

boo yaow-one of the best admins out there…and a good friend of mine

Compeler-what can i say? he’s just plain old weird

JesseStew(Felon)-The only one i can call “GHOSTON” and i know he loves me….even if he has a weird way of showing it(he wins the only guy that gave away 5k to a newbie on his first day{accidently}award)

Junior-The guy who’s blamed for everything that happens whether he did it or not

Random-The inventor of the one and ONLY Betting game on PBNet[The VBG]

JAWSATEME-Just a really cool guy!

Pro-A kewl guy….but i know JAWS better(he wins the best guy who is brothers with JAWSATEME award)

RaptorRed-will always be remembered for his CheeZ Grenades (TM)

mAsE-One of the richer players on PBNet and a GREAT guy

Chia Pet-The best name….and a VERY good Jet Canner

mmmm forbidden donut-A great guy…and a great admin

DEATHBYPAINT-didn’t really know him

Sx-the player with the most “spunk” on PBNet

Eostinso-One kick butt kid who has awesome hair 🙂

[This is similar to what I am looking for but more detailed and don’t send more than one nomination and issue. I also reserve the right NOT to post any nomination if I feel it’s unfit.]

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Mirage

Real Name: Nathan Wenneker

Age: tis a secret

Job: student (working on summer camp staff this summer)

Hobbies: camping, high adventure (rapelling, rock climbing, canoe racing, backpacking, etc), reading, computing (web design, programming, Robot Battle, email, etc), and piano & drumming.

Homepage: <old link>

Team: MacLeod Clan

Stats: Ever: As of April 27th (EVER) GAMES:9744 BONUS:15617000 SPLATS:19074 ACCURACY:54% GAMES SURVIVED:1960

Time Played and Current Level: January 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Oh, not much really. Most everything I’ve done has been done many times over by other people…. but anyway.. I’m proud of being on 3 teams…The Elite Few (I’ll be back there someday Stammel), Black Sun (orginal member who helped make it to be the first team to get 100000 splats,etc), and MacLeod Clan(non orignal member who doesn’t really help out that much but anyway). I’m also proud of building what I think is a trustworthy reputation.

PB Pet Peeves: people nagging the TMs, people begging for money, the 5 digit money display, people who use free paint (it means that in general, they can replace part of their skill with the pure force of sending out cases and cases of paint without regret because they don’t lose any money for it), people who stand on me during invaders games, petitions, people who come up with “great” ideas that in general don’t change anything except raise the amount of money they’ll get for doing the same thing everyone else has been doing for months (people who say tokens should be worth more – they used to be worth only $5 —– and people who say people with more splats should be worth more money when splatted …say $100 for lutra…. well, -I- say that if you want splats to be part of the formula for how much money you get for splatting someone, how about lowering the amount of money you get for people with less splats 🙂 ), oh, and people with spaces in their names or all caps 🙂

Fav. PB Weapon: none, I use them all.. usually I use stuff that doesn’t bounce 🙂

Fav. Bot: Stealth bot

Fav. PBN Player: Stammel

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : c Hey %1, welcome to PBNet! Type c message to chat with us —> c hey guys! —- If you have any basic questions type “tutorial first” , press F1, or ask someone

Other/ Comments: I’ve never seen all the aspects of a game be balanced so well as they are with PBN (well Robot Battle -above- comes close). The choices Dug and David make for prices, abilities of equipment, etc always surprise me at how good they are. They’re so so much better than most of us could make. So, let’s give them some(?), a -LOT- of credit for their great job.

PBN Name:Deadpool

Real Name:Jeremy Hileman


Job:Middle schooler

Hobbies:Playing UO


Team:The Great lords

Stats: Ever:Dont want to know 🙂 all i know is that i have 5805 splats

Time Played and Current Level:25 i think

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : reaching 5000 splats

PB Pet Peeves:Vets

Fav. PB Weapon:All

Fav. Bot:Dead bots

Fav. PBN Player:Hmm Satan

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : *Salutes* Hail all THe Great Lord Darkness is here

Other/ Comments:well i dont play much and im glad someone still remembers me

PBN Name:Voltron

Real Name:Pablo Trejo


Job:No Comment 😉

Hobbies:Playing Basket Ball,girls, video games,chillin with freinds, girls, Partying at South Beach, and Girls

Homepage:To lazy to do one =)

Team:Divine Beings

Stats: Ever:(EVER) GAMES:8757 BONUS:23399500 SPLATS:28719 ACCURACY:63% GAMES SURVIVED:1748

Time Played and Current Level:a little over a year, and i’m a level50/80

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Mastered the art of Canning and When i first got 10k splats

PB Pet Peeves:Newbies askin for money and the constant “Can you do a tourny?”

Fav. PB Weapon:Can…duh

Fav. Bot:Decoy Bot =)

Fav. PBN Player:Don’t have a fav, but my buddys are Vertigo/George, Master,God, Sabot, GhostFaceKillah, Blinky, Mike Kalil, Matt Williams, justin, but i like everyone pretty much the same.(And that guy i forgot)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : chat tell vertigo wanna go to the secret store? <followed by> chat DOH, ignore that last chat =) and the way i type in broken english ,eg; wut, sup, yo, cracka

Other/ Comments:Yeah, its about time they ask me to do one of these, sheesh

Closing Notes

Those I sent player and team profiles too, please send them back within
the next week or so. Thanks.

One more thing. I will be creating a list of paintball team homepages
for the paintball-net homepage. If you would like to be posted on the
page EMAIL me your paintball team name with your homepage address. Only
the team homepage DESIGNER needs to send me this information. So hound
you team homepage designer until *HE/SHE* emails me. Thanks!
Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting