PBNN Issue #25 – 10/26/98

Editor: QtPie


Player Population Page:

The Player Population Page is up and running (has been for awhile). Send me your information if you havent’ already. If you are an admin, contact me if you are not on the admin page. Remember, not all information is needed, just the stuff you want posted. Go to:<old link> and check it out!

PBNN Back Issues:

You can browse all the back issues of the PBNN at
<old link>. This includes the three issues that Polly published, and the issue the Ritalin Boy did. The only issue I do not have posted is the issue Socks did (I personally have never seen that one).

<Old link> has links to all articles written as well as links to all the profiles that have been done.

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


A Survey Yippie!

If you could fill this out and return it to me (<old link>)
I would appreciate it. (I would be helpful to me if you would COPY and
PASTE these questions into a new message to me so I don’t get those >>
thingies. Thanks!

1. What is the weapon you use most often(Only list one please!)

2. What is the weapon you find most annoying to be splatted by(One Only

3. If you could modify or add a weapon, what would it be?:

4. If you could ban the use of a weapon or kit that goes on a weapon,
what would it be?:

How To Be Deadly Part 4

Written by Dsniper

Now for a quick look at how to be Deadly on the Playing Field.
This week I am talking about Equipment. This set of articles assumes you have a basic grasp of the game, buttons, and aliases. If you aren’t a new or inexperienced player, You wont get much from this. It is aimed at newbies this week.

Lets Talk Bouncy VrS Insulation

Everyone wants to know what they should buy next. ( well, Not everyone, but a lot of people ) So In this installment, I will talk about equipment setups. I consider your attire to be more important than your weapon at first. All you new players should strive to get setup the following way till you get established, and start to make money.

Padded Helmet (-Scope-) 
Scarf (-Woodland-)(-Grassland-)
Small padded backpack
Padded leggings (-Swim-)(-Turbo-)
Can of Spraypaint
Semi-Auto Paintball gun (-Exp-) and then later (-Spread-) 

Now after you have some money to play with ( and some weight ) you need to decide what type of player your gonna be. Aggressive Point Man , Or Sneak around the woods and run away a lot Man . The choice is yours , make the wrong one , and die a lot. It all depends on your style of play. Personally , I will take bouncy any day. If someone’s gonna kill me, I’m gonna be an expensive kill.

::To be a rocketer or a Nader, you should get something like this
Padded Helmet (-X-Ray-)(-Infrared-)
Padded scarf (-Huge-)(-Huge-)
Multy Terrain Insulated Suit (-Interference-)(-Satellite-)
Padded Boots (-Swim-)(-Turbo-)
Mini Launcher ( your choice) (-Rapid-)(-Large)
Can of Spraypaint
Semiauto Paintball gun (-Large-)(-Spread-)

::If you want to be a Killer with a Can. You need to get something like
Padded Helmet (-X-Ray-)(-Infrared-) 
Scarf (-Large-)(-Sat-)
Large padded Backpack (-Huge-)
Multy Terrain Down Filled Jacket (-Interference-)(-Jet-)
Padded leggings (-Huge-)(Turbo-)
Can of Spraypaint
Semiauto Paintball gun (-Exp-) 

If you want to be a Gunner, You can choose either of the later 2 setups. It all depends on if ya want to be bouncy or invisible. If you have money to spare, get ultralight kits and guns, Not to mention the advantages of jet . If you have Tons of spare cash buy an old Rare suit or jacket setup.

Now remember, You have to stay alive to be Deadly. You have to use your chosen equipment to its most advantage. If you are bouncy, You can usually afford to charge someone who is obviously shooting cyan or hv paint. If you aren’t bouncy, The afor mentioned charge would be suicide for sure. You must sneak around in the woods, Pop Up, take a shot or 2, Then run like hell before the enemy peppers your location. The Lesson to be learned here is. Play your equipment, Dont expect your equipment to live up to your style.

If you opt for bouncy, You will not get insulation. There is at least, 1 item in the store ( Infrared ) that will see you. But thats ok , cause they still have to splat you, which isn’t always a easy thing to do. You will always have to contend with Caners, Nader/Rocketers, and Nb shooters, No matter what your setup. The mass majority seem to use cyan from what I see. It is also kinda hard to be accused of hiding, if you aren’t wearing a hiding suit. Yes, Insulation + Interference + camo or refracto is a hiding suit.

Well, I think that brings this little series to a end. I have a few others in mind, But it might take awhile to get them in print. This is a busy time of year for me. So until I have some more time to write, Catch ya later.


[Thanks Dsniper, I found your articles all to be worthy additions to the PBNN!]


New Things

New Nades and Rockets. Check them out. 
$25, 2lb : an ultra-light big paint grenade(yellow)
$50, 2lb : an ultra-light high-speed big paint grenade(red)
$75, 2lb : an ultra-light very high-speed big paint grenade(blue)
$25, 2lb : an ultra-light paint rocket(maroon)


The Lost Souls hit 60k splats and PsychoticFairytale would like to thank 
all of the team. Thanks Guys!!!

Jon Toppins hit 50k splats on 10/3/98 at 6:36 Pm EST. Wonderful Job!

Mickey D hit 40,000 splats! WOOHOO FOR HIM!!!

I’d like to add that Steveo broke 30k. WTG Stevo!

Cowbot, Maddgrasshopper, and Turbine all hit 20k Splats. Strut your stuff

The Ghost has splatted someone or something 10k times. Great work!

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Golden Splat (used to be Clueless)

Real Name:Zack Richardson



Hobbies:Soccer, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, PBN

Homepage:<Old link>



Time Played:Mmmmm, I think about 10 months.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Been on some really good teams. Help some newbies. Made some good friends. =)

PB Pet Peeves:SPAM >:( and people using chat when tell is better =(

Fav. PB Weapon: Uzi

Fav. Bot:I hate them all.

Fav. PBN Player:Qt, and Beowulf (they have helped me alot)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :None really =(

Other/ Comments:Thanks to everyone, expecially admins, that have helped me =)

PBN Name: Aldébaran

Age: 19

Job: Full time University student. On campus job in the Library in the Fine Arts/Listening Room.

Hobbies: If these count: Anime, Manga (Japanese comic books,) JACO (Japanese and American Cultural (exchange) Organization,) learning new kanji, computer graphics, designing web pages for fun. umm. Astrology, tarot, newest new age cd I get, umm learning new languages are always fun.. (I’m weird btw.)

Homepage: it’s cheezy but <old link> I have others, though they’re anime.

Team: The Amigos, been with them since March. =)

Stats: When you see me on type “stat alde” (right now VT100 crashes whenever I log on–fooie.)

Time Played: Late January or Early February 1998 my id# is 44423 (I believe)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements: I don’t know. Becoming a good canner. Never giving up when (Brockman er..) someone (er.. Sandstorm) splats you over and over. Keeping a cool head when others go off of the deep end.

PB Pet Peeves: Kamikaze is not spelled kamikazi! (That’s like saying devine/god (kami) summer (kazi) among other things.) “Who’s Da man” spam. Spammers. Mean people. …and the fact that you can only ignore 100 people.

Fav. PB Weapon: ohh the CAN!

Fav. Bot: KamikazE bot (I like setting them off and not getting hit.)

Fav. PBN Players: Way too many… a small list: Antonio for helping me get started, Sandstorm all those latenight games =) you’ll be to 100k soon (if not already), Ryn all around nice guy, etc.. all those I left out.

Famous Quotes: “oops, sorry *Wipes black spraypaint off of -insert name here- *” “akk *beats the FFFFFF error in the head with his can*” “PBT needs a spell check.” “I need to get paid for splatting myself.”

Other/Comments: Well many people ask where my nickname is from, how to pronounce it.. etc. (I think it’s one of the most mispelled names on PBN..) Anyway, it’s the name of the brightest star in the constellation Taurus (11th brightest in the night sky.) Like most stars it has an Arabic name. It means ‘the follower’ because it follows the pleadies(siq) in the sky. I originally borrowed it from an enya song after my first two PBN characters were erased (I never had them fixed–just made new ones.) Violà.

Closing Notes

OK here goes…. I’ve decided to start back on with the Team Profiles. But
there will be a caught (isn’t there always with me?? LOL) Anyway. I will
ONLY profile teams that have more than 100k splats. So when your team
hits 100k splats, have the team leader email me and I will send you the
Team Profile Form. 😉

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #26 – 11/8/98

Editor: QtPie


HI All! It’s November now and the holidays will soon but rushing up to
our doors, dragging us away from our computers. But have no fear, the
PBNN will go on and I’m pretty excited about this issue. Hope you all get
excited too!

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Map Contest

[You must read this carefully] NOTE: The Map contest is OVER!!

If you do not follow these directions exactly, then your map will NOT be entered into the contest..

I’ve created a new program that will make paintball map editing fairly quick and easy. Although this program was orginally intended only as a learning tool for me, RM and I decided it would be cool to have a map making contest. Here are the rules…

Learn this NOW: Do NOT ask Rm to post your map, Do NOT email your map to RM, no need to even talk about the maps with RM. Even if you are Rm’s best friend, Give the map to ME(QtPie)!

Make a map for paintball. Save the map as <yourname>pbmap.map <– the .map will automatically be added if you use my program. Example: My map would be called qtpiepbmap.map. Maps that are not named properly will be thrown into my recycle bin.

Email ME (<old email>) with your map by Nov 22, 1998. Maps recieved after Nov 22, 1998 will be thrown into my recycle bin.

LEAVE the holding area in tact. When you start a new map it automatically puts the holding area on the map. That holding area will show up in the corners of the map, one fourth of it in each corner. This must not be altered in any way. If you alter it, your map will go into my recycle bin..<teehee, gotta love the recycle bin eh?>

The Judges will be me and four other people. I will not list the names of these people right now because I do not want you guys to harrass them about picking your map. 🙂 Decisions of the judges are final and if you disagree with the ruling then too bad. Don’t even think about whining to RM about it either.. 🙂

Now about the program…

You can download the program at <old link>

Any bug reports or questions can be mailed to me (<old email>). Hopefully there aren’t too many. 😉

I do already know that the graphics are funky looking. But I can’t seem to do anything about that just yet.. <shrug> But other then that you should be able to build a fully functional PbTerm map with that program.

One Final Note… This will be the only way to get a map in Pbterm. Please do not bug RM about posting your maps.. or I will have to beat you into the ground.. 🙂 Thanks! QT



I recieved some team splat counts, but I don’t post team splats unless your team hits 100k or more.. Sorry but I just can’t afford the room for everyone’s team splats..

Togood broke 70k splats on thursday October 29 at 10 PM CST. Gee Togood, didn’t we start about the same time?

and Ryn hit 40k splats…He’s passed me too??

DAVE YOUNGBLOOD(me) and fellow goon squad member niccolo broke 20k. They are hot on my heels…

Hoosier hit 10k splats just recently and gave the victim of that splat, Punk Rawk, $10k. WTG Hoosier, chasing me down in splats eh?!

I liked this email: Hi QtPie. I know you probably don’t like to mention little newbies that reached 1k splats…but I worked so hard and I enjoy PBNet sooo much that if you please could add me to the MILESTONES in your next issue of the PBNN….. [Congrates The Stringer! It’s the newbies that keep the game going. Love to mention them!]

Mag Wanted

Classified:[These in no way have anything to with ME(QtPie)! I’m actually not sure who sent this in <shrug>]

I’m on the quest to find the few remaining MAGs left in circulation on PBterm. If you have a MAG , know of someone who has a Mag , or you know where to find a list of owners of this dwendling item please contact me at: <old email>

Player Profiles

Player Name: DeadEyeDan

Age: 12 (just had my B-Day)

Job: Mows lawns

Hobbies: PBN,reading a good book, & snowboarding

Home Page:<old link>

Team: Chronic Their web is <old link>

Stats: (EVER)GAMES:6318 BONUS:3948000 SPLATS:5576 ACCURACY:28% (CURRENT) BONUS:159500 SPLATS:188 ACCURACY:48%(as of 11/1/98)

Time Played: About 6 months or so (prolly more)

Most Crowning PBN Achievments: Im on Chronic, i have had some good Nade Drops…. and some other stuff along the way. =)

PB Pet Peeves: Beggers, spammers, -=JUNIOR=-,& ppl who chat I NEED A RESET when there are no admins on!!!

Fav. PB Weapon: a Rocket Launcher [expansion]

Fav. Bot: hate every single one

Fav. PB player: AlphaAce,Sgt Splatter, Lone Gunman,Azazal,Torwy Da Big Phat Dog,Syndrome,Beo, and all the ppl (to many to list)

Famous Quotes: I ….have a quote?

Comments: Thx for helping me when i was a newbie AlphaAce and thx to the team for thier support and friendship.

Closing Notes

Remember.. QtPie deals with the maps. NOT RM! 🙂

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #24 – 10/15/98

Editor: QtPie


This is my (QtPie) 20th issue that I have sent out. That’s pretty cool eh? 🙂

Milestones are BACK! Yes yes, I know some of you were saddened when I took the milestones away but I have decided to add them once more. For those that don’t know how is works, here goes. You email me (old email) and tell them when you reach a major milestone splat. A MAJOR milestone splat is 10k, 20k, 30k etc etc (you get the point.) I will not post bonus splats sorry. I will now post any team milestones though. Team milestones will be 50k, 150k, 200k, etc etc (you get the picture). Also allowed in the milestones section are Top 10 EVER SPLATS. If you or your team makes it on the top10 EVER SPLATS list, you can email me with that info. I hope you enjoy this old/new section. 🙂

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


The way back machine didn’t capture this page correctly. If I find it, I will add it.


Shut Up

Gotten shut up but you don’t know by who? You were most likely a victim of the autoshut-up feature. Yes, now you spammers will be auto-shut up for sending too many messages. It’s only a 5 minute shut up but believe me, that’s long enough to teach anyone a good lesson about spamming. 😉

New Admin

Lil Oly became a 95 a month or so ago, Not sure if I just misprinted his promotion in Issue 19 or if I just totally forgot to add his Congrates. Either way, I’m Congratulating him now. 🙂


There was a bit of downtime on Oct 14th allowing RM and Dug to work on the problem that all of us were suffering from because of lag.

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Mavric

Real Name: Andy Schiffman

Age: 12

Job: not yet

Hobbies: PBN, Ulatma online, rollerbladeing, computer, internet.

Homepage: <old link>

Team: SweeT RevengE


Time Played: hmm about 1year.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : got 1k splats before my friends 🙂

PB Pet Peeves: Naders!

Fav. PB Weapon: my paintball shotgun[expansion][rapidfire]{-Hoosiers-}{-SweeT RevengE-} (28lbs) and a can.

Fav. Bot: no comment. (they all sux) 🙂

Fav. PBN Player: Qtpie, mbs, master, EricR, Byrguy and some others.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : And now for my famous and annoying leaving alias. Bye all <–Mav-out–>

!! 0 o o o<–paintballs !! /|\ / \

________ |________)= o o o :-(<–splat! | | ( | |

Other/ Comments: Hi all.

Closing Notes

Well ok, decided the “tagging” thing isn’t going to work. I’m gonna work a new system now. But, there is no need to ask me to do a profile. Any email that asks me to have them do profile gets deleted and forgotten about (in other words, no hard feelings but no profile either. :)) Now I guess you’ll have to wait and pray and be lucky. 🙂

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #23 – 10/2/98

Editor: QtPie


Happy October! 🙂

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


How To Be Deadly Part 2

Written by Dsniper

Now for a quick look at how to be Deadly on the Playing Field. This week I am talking about Ammo, and swapping weapons. This set of articles assumes you have a basic grasp of the game, buttons, and aliases.

Expensive Ordinance on a Budget

What’s that? You say you cant afford to spread FNB around the field? You say you can barely afford to spread Cyan? Well, Don’t feel bad, Cause most of the people that do it, consistently loose money. They are dwindling a bankroll they got from a tourney or someplace else. Well, anyway, enough about them, Lets talk about what you can do.

Lets say you are a cyan shooter. And you run into MrBouncy. You bounce him so bad, the bounce reports lag you in place. Then Mrbouncy splats you once again . Now, If you buy a tube of FNB, And set up a button to put 1 to 3 fnb paintballs into the gun. It will let you take care of MrBouncy, and then return to the much cheaper cyan ammo without having to carry 2 guns. The button should look something like this[This alias is set up for a rifle.]:

rem rif \& take fast scar \& put fast rif \& take fast scar \& put fast rif \& wear rif

( The paint is loose in your scarf. When you change it to suit your own setup, but make sure the paint is loose in the container, or you will have to add a few more lines to the command, and waste precious time during combat. )

Now, Lets look at something else you can do. If you have a empty storage area on your person, you can set up a button to dump your gun into the storage area ( like leggings =exp= ) and then load nb or fnb. Make sure you put the tube back away, and not drop it, cause you will dump back into the tube before you put your other ammo back in the gun. The button would look something like this:

dump gun leg \& get tube back \& load tube gun \& put tube back

Then to unload it it would be:

Get tube back \& load gun tube \& put tube back \& load leg gun

Now, don’t forget to sell and rebuy your Nb Ammo every time you use it, so you will always have it. I added it to my reload alias so I don’t have to remember.

Both of the above ideas will let you swap to a different paint, and back again when you run into those people where cyan just wont cut it. It wont cost you the weight of 2 weapons, Thus giving you a shot or two of expensive stuff on the fly.

This method also applies to launchers as well, You can carry big grenades in the launcher, then set up a button or two to load a fast or Small grenade depending on your need.

I will mention the can here ( since I told you you should carry one ) Another way to handle Mrbouncey would be to run into the woods, change to a can, and come back out charging him. If you have already shot at him, he is expecting you to shoot at him again, Going hand to hand as it would be called will more often than not throw the pursuer off enough for you to Splat them.

Swapping Weapons and Reserve Ammo

Lets look at swaping weapons for a minute. Most people use a button to swap weapons, Most people also carry what would be considered reserve ammo. If you don’t, you should. By adding A load command onto the weapon button, it will fill it for you each time you draw it, Just don’t forget to reload your backup supply between games. For example, My Gun Button using an exp on a scarf to hold backup cyan paint, Looks like this

put can back \& put gren back \& get gun back \& LOAD SCAR GUN

Or whatever suits your equipment setup. You might consider adding look gun to the end also, to see just how much ammo you do have when drawing a weapon. This will keep your weapon loaded, each time you pull it out, And remind you just how much ammo you have on hand.

For you Can button, you should also add a few targeting commands to move your cursor into an attack position for you. The Button would look something like this:

Put gun back \& put gren leg \& get can scarf \& tar h \& tar n \& tar e

This will position the targeting cursor to the Northeast of you every time you take it out.

On the subject of loading up on ammo, it is a good idea for the first line of your reload alias or script, you put the command GAME READY to set yourself unready, then at the end, use the command GAME READY AUTO. This will help prevent you getting sucked into a game wile you are doing a reload. I cant count the number of times I have died cause I was doing a mass reload when the game started. Well, that almost never happens anymore, definitely a set of commands worth adding to any reload or mass storage button.

Well, That’s it for this issue. Next issue will go over Flags exclusively, and show you some cool buttons. So Till next time, Keep looking over your shoulder.

-Dsniper Team Cancer



-You can’t accidentally drop any item that is worth over 500 dollars. You have to use the drop willingly command.

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Killah

Real Name:Joe Hernandez


Job:dishwasher, student

Hobbies:football, baseball, real paintball

Homepage:i’m not smart enuff to make one


Stats: Ever:Stats for ‘Killah'(33075):(EVER) GAMES:14191 BONUS:34872500 SPLATS:48828 ACCURACY:69% GAMES SURVIVED:3299 BOT SPLATS:17324 PLAYER SPLATS:8978 (CURRENT) BONUS:306500 SPLATS:530 ACCURACY:82%

Time Played:a year in november

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :becoming an 80, reaching top10 ever in a coupla categories

PB Pet Peeves:idiots who won’t leave me alone, beggers,conceded people

Fav. PB Weapon:mini paintrocket launcher

Fav. Bot:Soundtraxx bots, ez to kill

Fav. PBN Player:too many to name, stanky, FlyinEmu, Scott Steiner, Toofer, The Ghost/ArchAngel or whatever you are now, sorry to who i missed

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :i got a couple out there with dx and g’day, that’s about all

Other/ Comments:please lay off us tm’s in asking for tourns guys, it gets old fast with lotsa rtells

PBN Name:Cornelius/Terd

Real Name:Randy Clukey



Hobbies:Bmx biking,women, hiking, and real paintball and soccer too.


Team:I have been on them all. The Amigos right now

Stats: You have $6937, carrying 148/350. (EVER) GAMES:7788 BONUS:18313500 SPLATS:24568 ACCURACY:66% GAMES SURVIVED:1969 BOT SPLATS:4375 PLAYER SPLATS:2749 (CURRENT) BONUS:35500 SPLATS:67 ACCURACY:58% (TEAM) BONUS:205500 SPLATS:293 ACCURACY:56% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:82014000 SPLATS:115113 ACCURACY:40%

Time Played:September 97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Nothing because I’m not an adminstrator yet

PB Pet Peeves:money beggers

Fav. PB Weapon:Waist-mounted Launcher[rapid][rapid] with high-speed grenades

Fav. Bot:None they all shit!

Fav. PBN Player:Way to many I like Rza,beowulf,Macman,Qt,lil oly,Ryan,Supters,The ghost and a bunch more that don’t come to my head right now.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Free Beer” “Bruskies” Kegger at my house” Other/ Comments: ahhh all I want to do to finish my pb career is become an adm.

Closing Notes

Send me in some articles guys. I know you have something to say!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #22 – 9/21/98

Editor: QtPie


Gee, I’ve done a lot of things this week. Look in “Happenings around
paintball” for information.

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


How To Be Deadly – Part 1

Written by Dsniper

Now for a quick look at how to be Deadly on the Playing Field. Personally averaging more than 7000 kills a month, I feel qualified to speak on the Art of Being Deadly. Over the next few issues of the news letter I will be giving off tips and possible tricks to the game, As well as going over some other stuff. This set of articles assumes you have a basic grasp of the game, buttons, and aliases

The first topic at hand covers a little about what to do , and or Not do during a game.

One of the biggest things to concern yourself with is to never do the same thing over and over. For instance, Don’t always guard from the same place, same distance from the flags. Don’t always Can off the same side or use the same weapon forever. In order to be really effective, you should carry several weapons, and change often. If you fall into a certain play style, you can be predicted, and anticipated by most of the better players. Sometimes I change weapons 4 or more times a game depending on the situation. Can in the woods, gun in the open, toss the odd grenade to wipe out those pesky flag guarders. The key here is to mix it up, throw curves when ya can.

Personally, I gun and can mostly, and I do carry a uzi spread/huge full of n/b, but it doesn’t get used much. Not to mention a few mines that I never seem to use, but carry anyway. Now everyone doesn’t have the weight I have to play with, but you should be able to carry a few different tools of destruction. I would personally recommend always carry a can, even if ya suck at canning, cause it doesn’t weigh much, and is a weapon that will splat a bouncy person, as well as good for those pesky bots in the woods.

The key to getting the splats is to Attack and Move, never Stay and Spray. Fire up to 3 shots max, usually 1 at the enemy, and 2 more in your best guess of the enemies direction of travel. Then Move, Duck into the woods, or behind a mountain, and attack from a different angle.

Now I will tell you something that will save your life more than Once. DON’T TALK DURING A GAME UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! [Talking during a game will cause your to become visible on the field regardless of what camo you have] Another thing to beware of is people asking you where you are, or telling you where they are. Don’t answer, instead, try to catch the enemy typing for an easy splat. More often then not, the enemy will try to call you to a corner to fight, then come in behind you cause he wasn’t really in the corner. So what I am saying here is Don’t Trust The Enemy during a game.

Now your equipment setup is much more important than your weapons at first. I will go more into this later, but just for now I will say, Even a great player, given newbie equipment, will still be a great player, but he will be severely handicapped, and probably get splayed on very badly until they manage to scrape the money together to get better equipment. By the same token, A new player, given Jet, refracto or multy, Interferance, Spread on the gun etc. They would be able to kick butt hardly knowing a thing. Now with this being said, Don’t get frustrated, You new players have a long hard road ahead of you. You aren’t always loosing cause you aren’t good, you are more often loosing to superior equipment.

Well, That’s all for you this issue, Next issue will cover Using Expensive Ordinance on a Budget, and a Bit about Swapping Weapons and Ammo. You new, and even some of you old Poor Players don’t want to miss it, So stay tuned.

-Dsniper Team Cance


New Admins:

80: Little Foot, Dsniper, and Mr. 
90: RaptorRed (from 80), Mufinater 
95: Lil Oly (from 90)

The New PBNN: A few changes to the PBNN have been made.

Profiles: I am now going back to “tagged” profiles. This means when you do a profile you will also tell me who you want to do a profile for the next issue. You MUST include their email address tho.

New System of PBNN delivery: I am hoping the listbox.com will help me delivery the PBNN more efficiently. This should help eliminate any problems I had delivering the PBNN to you such as blank emails or not receiving them at all. 🙂 This will also make it easier to subscribe.. Ok well easier for me, I don’t have to mess with subscriptions at all <SMILE.>

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A few other things about the discussion list. I do have to approve all messages posted tho. I probably will not accept small little “hey” messages because that will just be clutter in people’s mailboxes. And also I will not post those annoying “Look at me I’m so cool with all this equipment or all these flags I have messages” (in other words, no stat messages.) So it would be a good idea to have some meaning behind your emails. I am still debating on putting the “I am selling for this, or I am looking to buy this” emails. Maybe I will set up another list solely for advertising stuff like that. Give me feedback on that. 🙂 I KNOW I will not post bashing, degrading, bitching, whining, and excessive complaining emails. I see enough of that in notes.

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One more note: This is all set up by me, QtPie, not DavidRM and Dug. Thanks 🙂

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Cyko

Real Name: Jared

Age: 17

Job: nope

Hobbies: Play Drums, Play in a band, Write Music Homepage: nope Team: Cykotic Stats: ‘Cyko'(48024):(EVER) GAMES:7870 BONUS:8315000 SPLATS:10171 ACCURACY:24% GAMES SURVIVED:1572 BOT SPLATS:4279 PLAYER SPLATS:4360 (CURRENT) BONUS:697500 SPLATS:948 ACCURACY:53%

Time Played: About 4 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Making the team Cykotic, Helping a newbie with a problem where the level 90’s failed. =) Breaking 10k splats.

PB Pet Peeves: I hate when i am unready and changing eq and people go “<so and so> tells you: Get Ready! get ready! get ready!

Fav. PB weapon: Just an old Ordinary Can

Fav. Bot: I hate’ em all =)

Fav. PBN Player(s):Cowbot, Pothead, Shrak, Alfalfa, MrJoe

Fav. PBN Newbie(s): Samred (I Like This Guy) =)

PBN Name: SuperSonic or SupaSonic

Real Name: James lucy


Job: ummm cleaning horse manure ( BAD job but its gotta be done )

Hobbies: Girls, paintball, girls, paintball, and girls

Homepage: <old link>

Team: DUDES ( we broke 100k splats yah know !!!!! )

Stats: Ever:(EVER) GAMES:12776 BONUS:9412500 SPLATS:9286 ACCURACY:34% GAMES SURVIVED:3819 BOT SPLATS:2247 PLAYER SPLATS:5390 (those readings are inaccurate seeing that i was made before the counter )

Time Played: SInce aboue April 98′

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : ummmm, I reached 9k splats (gettin to 10k soon). Learned how to can and rocket and minigun. Got some good aliases that i will tell anyone………..

PB Pet Peeves: bots, lvl 2’s tryin to sell stuff, BAD TOURNY MASTERSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fav. PB Weapon: a powered minigun[jetpack][spreadfire] on your BODY, RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND, WAIST

Fav. Bot: if i HAVE to pick a fave its Cheezegrenade cuz when i do play vaders i cant kill em

Fav. PBN Players: teer, togood, stanky, tarquin, azalin, RM, Qt, ERIC GRAY!!!!!!!, Beasty G, TMO, Loogie, RaDoN, Micro, Beowulf, and DSNIPER DA MAN!!!!

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : LETS GET EM BOYZ, and now ignoring: %1

Other/ Comments: PBN had been fin since i ever stared. im gettin on to 10k splats, be ther you never know what might pop up in the armory………..

Closing Notes

I hope this all suits your needs. 🙂

PBNN Issue #21 – 9/7/98

Editor: QtPie


Well gee, have I been a slacker or what? You can probably count on me slacking a bit on the PBNN for the next few issues or so. After over 3 years of staying home full time, I’m having a bit of trouble adjusting to working over 40 hours a week.. ARGH! So bear with me. 🙂

Welp here we go, I cleaned out my mailbox and found a few articles from awhile ago. Sorry it took so long for me to post them. Keep sending in articles, now that my mailbox is empty I might just have to write some for the next issue and I KNOW you guys dont’ want me to do that. 😉

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Eagle tips for Paintball-net

Written by Eagle

When you register you have 1K (1000$) Now I will first tell you what eq is best for a starting player. You need to buy: 1:padded leggings in bottom store. They cost about $100 and padd legs against free and CYAN paintballs. 2: a padded scarf in mid store. A padded scarf costs $25 and then you need to buy a camokit ($20) in top-right store. Then you type : ass kit scarf. (I recommend you use a woodland camokit) then wear the scarf. 3: buy a helmet in the bottom store ($50) and then buy a scope kit in the Top-right store. Then assemble it by typing ass scope helmet. Then wear the helmet. (type wear helmet) 4: buy a good gun or buy a can. As soon as you are making some money you can buy a swim & turbo kit and assemble it on the leggings. If you do that it will pad your feet to and it makes you faster in water and on the dry.


Probably one of the most asked questions by newbies is how to make a can to autofire. The answer is simple. I recommend to make a button for this. You simply type: tar hom&tar east (or north south or west) Then a targeting point will be next to u. Now the trick is to get a opponent in the targeting point. You will have to run to them so they get in the targeting point so the can autofires and u splat the opponent.


The trick in gunning is to guess where the opponent runs to. Also you should never stop moving. You shoot and then you run for cover. When you earn some money you should buy a spread kit for your gun. A spread kit shoots 3 balls so when your opponent moves i square to the left or right you still hit him.

I also recommend to go to the paintball homepage on: <old link> There are some tips for new players that helped me a lot when i first started.

Have fun Black Eagle


Written by SuperSonic

So you want to learn how to rocket I see? Well im about to tell you. First off you have to have a rocket launcher. I recommend a mini paintrocket launcher ( what i use ) seeing that it doesn’t take up eyes and still shoots very far ( unlike reg nade launchers ). Now here’s a big choice, For kits i recommend 2 rapid fires IF you have a good reload alias. If you want a reload i can give you one just ask me online. If you don’t want to hassle with a reload alias i recommend rapid and huge expansion. 2 rapids will basically let you pull the trigger and the rockets will keep coming, with 1 rapid it’s a little bit slower. Now here’s the hard part, LEARNING HOW TO SHOOT IT! Rockets will blow up with the first thing it hits whether it be a tree, enemy, allies, or terrain which are not in the open. A big thing is angles, if there is a patch a trees with kinda little open spaces, take advantage and shoot through them to hit your target. Rockets are very fast so you don’t have to aim so much ahead if someone is moving. Usually someone moving very fast will move in a line ( like a jetter ) just aim about 2-5 spaces ahead and you have a good chance of killing them. Rockets are only $15 so there not that expensive, but i recommend not using them in team games seeing that after about 4 shots you’ll lose money. I often use them in teams when i look at sat at start of game so i can hit 2-4 people in one shot at start, that’s the good way to make money if y ou use them in teams. For equipment when rocketing i recommend either jet or hiding. Jet will make you move fast, shoot then move again. But don’t move in a straight line or otherwise someone who has read this article good will kill you =) . For hiding, you just wait for your enemy, shoot once or twice and move to another spot. If you have turbo try to shoot, then move, then shoot, then move. Try to stay in open grassland so that your turbo will move you away quick from backfire. That’s all i have for ya, thank you for reading this column.

—-====SuperSonic OUT!

How to be a successful player and bot killer as a lvl 2

Written by freddee (already retired)

Well first off, to be a good player killer, I suggest canning. Like for me for example, I canned for almost my whole career and I’m pretty good at it as some of you people know. =) Well I assume that you already know how to can and what EQ you need, so I’m just going to teach you how to splat people with it.

All you need is padding for almost your entire body, and turbo that’s it. Avoid water at ALL cost, although sometimes you might have to cross a little. Try staying on grassland if you can because grassland is the best terrain for canning since turbo is faster then jet on grass. Another thing is never try to hide, or your a dead man. Move as fast as you can and go out on a head on charge particularly when there are a group of enemies. Make all kinds maneuvers so the enemy won’t know where you are moving next. If you have lots of padding, then cyan users are dead. As long as you make all sorts of maneuvers as you run to the enemy, that person won’t be able to make a clear shot at you even if they have FNB. Spume for instance, uses NB and canning him isn’t hard if you move a lot.

The best way to get the most player splats are cooperative flag games. You can get easy splats in that game getting flags. To get the most splats out of a cooperative flag game, first you must have a can ready. Second the other team has to start off near you. Now all you have to do is have a head on, mad charge at the other team to the flags. This way you will kill a couple of people on the path to the flags and once you get on the flags, start taking them for some flag splats (you should have an alias for taking flags).

Now for bot splats, all you need is a Ultra-light High-velocity semi-automatic paintball rifle (if you can afford it, if you can’t, just get a regular HV) with spread and a expansion kit. Now play vaders and kill them bots, which should be easy with a rifle with spread. That’s about all I can say about bot splats.

Well there you have it, there can be many other ways to get player and bot splats, but as a lvl 2, this should be the best way with the limited space lvl 2’s have. MY suggestion is get a lvl up! =) And remember, if you want player splats, NEVER hide, you will never get any splats that way, even if the odds are against you. It is best to get some splats and die, then to get no splats and waste a game. Some people have like 1000 games but only 300 splats, it is because they either hide, or have some bad EQ. Everyone has skills in this game, its just the question if you want to use them. It took time for me to get all the splats I have today, but be patient. I retired from this game so don’t plan on going up against me or anything.


Ryn’s tips on Invaders

Written by Ryn

If you don’t know what vaders is it is a game where you get about 15 seconds to run to a spot and defend yourself against a crapload of bots. But enough of that lets get onto the help.

Ok, first we want to find a good gun to use for invaders. You can use ANY gun, but I prefer my Ultra-Light HV [spread] [expansion] filled with cyan. The gun will vary due to the amount of money that the person has. Another good setup is a semi-auto [rapid][expansion] for tight budgets. That setup offers a basic low-cost, but pretty fast gun. With a ammo of your choice. Now that you have your gun. Are you ready? Not yet. You have to have a few tips, and you will need a turbo kit if you expect to run from the bots.

So now that you have turbo and your gun, i am going to give you the tips.

When the game starts you will need to find an open spot with plenty of room to fire at the bots, but an open spot that is near the wall where the bots come out is even better. Well anyway, when the siren sounds is the time that you will get about 50% of all of your splats that game because of the overwhelming amount of bots coming from all sides. (this is just if there are a lot of people in the game) The number of bots that comes out corresponds with the number of players that are in the game. So if there are a lot of people then expect a lot of bots. First drop the mine so it will protect you from the first bots that get through to kill you then after you drop the mine you need to crouch by typing ‘crouch’. While you are doing this you need to unload on the bots with as much ammo as possible, because a lot of other people will be shooting them to and you want to get as many as possible before the area is cleaned out. and if you see any bot that comes near you, you will need to get away from them you need to assume that ANY bot will blow up. Here I will give you some info on the guns and other equipment used for vaders:

GUNS Semi Auto Paintball gun:500$ A pretty basic gun, it is good if you don’t have much money, it doesnt shoot as fast and far but still offers reliable performance. best kits: [spread] [expansion] High-Velocity Semi- Automatic Paintball gun/rifle: 2000-3000$ very good gun, it shoots fast and far, I recommend using Cyan paint with this gun and the best kits for it are [spread] [expansion] Ultra-Light High Velocity paintball gun/rifle; 20000-25000$ VERY GOOD GUN, This gun lets you have the power to shoot at a bot without the bot seeing you so if you have refracto then you can shoot and shoot and not be seen, but BEWARNED that a bot can still kill you even if you are inviso to them. best kits [spread] [hugeexpansion] A paintball Shotgun: Pretty good gun for vaders because it has built in burst and spread and it can clean out rows of bots at a time, BUT it has a limited distance of 10 spaces. Best kits [rapid] [largeexpansion] A paintball Uzi/minigun: Well this is quite an expensive gun to use because ammo (the cheaper one) is 202$ but it is very fast and can pick off bots Super quick, i wouldn’t recommend this gun for vaders but more for vival and teams. Best kits If you have enough money get [spread] [expansion] but I would use [rapid] [expan] so i could pick off bots real fast.

MINES/MISCELLANEOUS A small/regular/large proximity mine: Actually made for the invaders game I believe the small mines are good to lay around next to the border and i use the large mines which are 200$ for the corners to get more splats Camoflauge mines: These mines are mostly for player vs. player games so don’t use these in vaders Grenade/rocket launchers: Some people use these for vaders but it is really a waste of money and i only do this to boost up my accuracy a little bit. You can get up to 5-8 splats with one rocket/grenade if you are lucky A scope kit: This is a good thing to have so that you can see much farther and be ready for any approaching bots PAINTBALL INFO

Free paint: If you are looking only to gain money this is the paint for you, it is super slow and only goes 10 spaces, it also takes up a lot of room in your gun. Best used with shotgun Cyan paint: Very good vaders ammo (best in my opinion) It shoots really far and is pretty fast and is worth what it costs. HV paint: Very fast ammo but the cost is pretty high is goes a little faster than cyan and a lot faster that free and has the same distance as cyan. I put a satchel of this ammo in my gun over my cyan so that when the game starts I will get more splats because my ammo will beat the cyan to the bots. No bounce: Absolutely NOT NEEDED Minigun ammo: When used with an Uzi it has only a range of ten spaces

A very good tip for vaders is to have a gun in one hand and a mine in the other now when the game starts go to the edge of the board and drop your mine quickly and then back up and wait for the bots to emanate from the walls you mine will clear a small area and then when it is clear move in to the area where you placed you mine and fight the bots from there. As you get better at vaders then your bots splats will increase, my record for bot splats in a game is 104.

Soon you will be splatting bots with the likes of Beowulf, Kunumitsu, *me*, Jon Toppins and many more that I forgot to name. Hoped you liked this help file, please send me any good/bad comments to <old contact>

written by: Ryan Oxford “Ryn”



-“stat <body location>” to see what is in a particular location.
Interesting…. very very interesting…
-“put <body location> …” to put what is in a particular location.
Very interesting indeed…
-When someone sends a note to “all” is says “Someone has sent a note to
all”. Niffy eh?
-Ignoring now applies to notes as well. Awww now Dug and RM really have
outdone themselves on this feature <SMILE>.
-Char deletions once and for all? <–How is this going anyway? Is that
problem finally fixed? 🙂

Player Profiles

PBN Name: chapper/Mr.

Real Name: Jon Chapman

Age: a *mature* 14 (almost 15)

Job: Work at parents Daycare (eh?)

Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, School, girls 🙂

Homepage: buildin

Team: CHORUS!!!!


Time Played: Real Pb: about 6 years, PbN- Downloaded in mid Dec but didnt play til about mid March

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :

Joining Chorus, help newbies, 20k splats

PB Pet Peeves: (tough one) Prolly Junior

Fav. PB weapon: Anything that fires, but UHV launcher 🙂

Fav. Bot: a dumb padded bot *gotta get it approved :)* when i buy it

Fav. PBN Player(s):Beo, Handle, BlackViper, Qt, (Chorus)

PBN Name:xLOLx

Real Name:Josh B.


Job:Grass Cutter

Hobbies:soccer, wrestling, paintball

Homepage:Dont have one yet

Team:Bad Company

Stats: Ever:I just satrted it…..ask me if ya waant join….

Time Played:Bout 4 months…and a couple hours a day…

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Having a good reputation…..

PB Pet Peeves:level 2’s with less then 100 splats asking for shloads of money…..

Fav. PB Weapon:can w/rapidfire……

Fav. Bot:none yet…….im waiting for the Brockness Monster Bot….

Fav. PBN Player:Brockman,-ASSASSIN-,MickeyD

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :Eh….it’s a little boring right now……how bout I drop a little something….

PBN Name:badboyent

Real Name:billy downey


Job:the way i see it , school is a job

Hobbies:playin this game, whatching wwf wrestling and going over my girls house & the best of all , listening o badboy (puff daddy ma$e biggie the lox , etc)

Homepage:dont have 1 yet


Stats: Ever:ou have $3033, carrying 112/150. (EVER) GAMES:3211 BONUS:1144000 SPLATS:1176 ACCURACY:17% GAMES SURVIVED:614 BOT SPLATS:665 PLAYER SPLATS:483 (CURRENT) BONUS:240500 SPLATS:264 ACCURACY:31% (TEAM) BONUS:673000 SPLATS:674 ACCURACY:33% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:1354000 SPLATS:1333 ACCURACY:26% a padded helmet on your HEAD a padded scarf on your NECK a large, padded backpack on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER tommy hilfiger triple fat down coat[interference] on your BODY a can of spray paint[rapidfire][expansion] on your RIGHT HAND a pair of jordans[turbo][swim] on your LEGS, FEET You are standing. You are NOT in a game right now.

Time Played:i started 7 months ago but went on vacation for 3

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :uh , ummm , nothin yet

PB Pet Peeves:people that call people hiders every 3 seconds, peoplethat have an excuse for everything, AND THAT DAMN ERROR I ALWAYS GET THAT SAYS SOMETHING LIKE PPPPPPPPPPPP, AND THE ONE THAT SAYS EROR 30001 SET TEXT RECIEVE somthing something something something operation would block

Fav. PB Weapon:ulhigh velocity semi automatic paintball rifle [spread][ullargeexp]

Fav. Bot:a playa bot

Fav. PBN Player:i have like 4 broke it , alfalfa , baddogn and catgirl(she alwayz seems to liven up chat…..alot)


PBN Name:Fighting Snake

Real Name:Arthur Yule

Age:13 > Job:School

Hobbies:Paintball Net, multiplayer online games, hockey, basketball, soccer, and biking

Homepage:<old link> <—-my homepage sux!

Team:The Holy Ones


Time Played:??? Not sure what this is.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I was able to get 2k splats in about a week. I tried really hard because I took a leave of absence for about 6 months, and I came back with about 2.5k splat. I was kinda mad about this so I worked and now I have 5.8k splats in less than a month.

PB Pet Peeves:Newbies begging, tourny masters that suck(no names mentioned….)

Fav. PB Weapon:rocket launchers

Fav. Bot:smart bot, it’s easy to splat

Fav. PBN Player:NuKeM

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :I say “lalalalala” a lot but not sure people know me for that. Also, “Don’t be a hoe, join THO!”

Other/ Comments:I think that PBNN and PBN are great.

Closing Notes

We’ve come a long way baby, let’s not stop here!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #20 – 8/25/98

Editor: QtPie


<Snicker> Issue 20.

A man that thinks he is big is going to have a long fall when he
realizes he is just a little man on an imaginary pedestal.

Make sure you read the closing notes!

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Canning Tips

Written by DjCool

First of all, you need to know how to use a can. Simply buy a can, then type “target west”. That will put the target to he left of you. When you go into a game, you have to run up to the person to the right of them (left of you, in the target). The can should auto-fire on that person, splatting them instantly. Now, the magical part. If you really want to can as your main weapon, buy the following items, for you will have the best for a canner:

a padded helmet (x-ray) (infrared) a padded scarf (satellite) a large, padded backpack a multi-terrain down-filled jacket (jetpack) a can a pair of padded leggings (turbo) (swim)

Use the turbo and swim kits on the leggings to save money from buying padded boots.

After you get that equipment, you need to start coughing up skill. What I mean by that is to get to know the can and it’s capabilities (canning a bot), and practice, practice, practice! After about 1 week you will see the significant increase in splats over any other type of weapon. If you want me to tell you about how to get skill in 1 day, then read on.

Skill in 1 day doesn’t normally happen, but after you read this, you will be confident in he areas of jetting and canning. First, you got to think about common sense, if your opponent is running straight in one direction, fix your target and jet-can him down. If your opponent is running parallel to the “walls of the field”, and your target is facing west, use your aiming compass and fix it to go up or down. Then just jet-can him down. When facing other jet-canners, you don’t know what they are going to do, so just run around crazy and play it by ear. But when playing with bots, get on a straight line with them so they don’t go off course and splat you.

[QtPie NOTE: ONLY use these aliases if you UNDERSTAND what it does. I was going to take this last part out but figured some people might want to use it <shrug>. But ONLY use it if you understand what it does. Thanks!]

A last note, make 2 buttons for equipment; example(my buttons): Button1- gun 2 jet- sellbig gun & sellbig suit & sellbig boots & buy multi & n & n & n & n & n & n & e & e & buy jet & asm kit jacket & wear jack & w & w & s & s & s & buy padded back & buy can & put can back & wear back & s & s & s & buy padded leg & n & n & n & N & N & N & e & e & buy turbo & asm kit leg & buy swim & asm kit leg & wear leg & get can back & wear can. Button2- jet 2 gun- sellbig jacket & sellbig back & sell can & sellbig leg & buy multi-terrain insulated suit & n & n & n & n & n & n & e & e & buy refra & asm kit suit & buy inter & asm kit suit & wear suit & w & w & w & w & buy high & e & e & e & e & buy spread & asm kit gun & buy hugee & asm kit gun & put gun locker&w & w & s & s & s & s & s & s & buy turbo boot & n & n & n & n & n & n & e & e &buy swim & asm kit boot & wear boot & w & w & w & w & ga v i & get gun locker. Use these buttons for switching from vival/teams/coop/hunt/”real” games to vaders and vice versa. That should cover it.

This has been a written document by DJCool and is copyrighted by him.

Reminder: Read the closing notes.

The Key To Cloaking Suits

Written by The Armageddon

One of my FAVORITE weapon setups is a gun and cloaking suit. I’ve been using the cloaking suit with a pretty nice success rate. The key to a cloaking suit is in aliases. Its very difficult. they are COMPLEX. I use this setup while i have a cloaking suit.

a cloaking suit [turbo] [huge]

While using this suit avoid the water at all costs. The major problem with a cloaking suit is its built in delay. I clocked my suit anywhere from 3-8seconds per shot, depending on the lag. that’s pretty bad if u are surrounded. Since i carry 4 High-Speed Big Paint Grenades and an uzi in my suit, I will show u the 2 methods of cloak attacks that i use. The first is an alias that allows u to click and shoot. type:

Alias uzi alias fire rem suit\\&get uzi suit\\&fir\\&put uzi suit\\&wear suit

***Note*** u must use a one handed weapon, AND the word FIR is correct. if u type FIRE it will continue the alias and totally mess you up. ****Note***

To pitch a nade at someone u must use this alias:

alias gren alias rem suit\\&get gren suit\\&throw gren\\&wear suit

To switch between uzi, and Grenade, u must type the alias name. u will see

Modified alias ‘Fire’

if u don’t see that exact word when switching over. u did something wrong. Now some ppl say, “What if I want to adjust my shot immediately?” well this is an alias for you. It allows u to uncloak, draw your weapon, and fire several times. U will then have to use the second alias to RE-CLOAK. THis is how its done type:

Alias RC(for remove cloak) rem suit\&get uzi suit

Alias WC(for wear cloak) put uzi suit\&wear suit

Its very difficult to use this alias with grenades, but play with it, and u might figure out a nice way of handling it.

In a cloaking suit[turbo][hugexpansion] u should be able to carry an uzi[largexpansion] [hugeexpansion] and 3 or 4 big paint grenades. This combo works very nicely. Many ppl try to use a can and a cloak suit. I just cant do it that way. its not efficient for your game/splat ratio. Trust me, a 1-handed gun with spread is the way to go. I recommend using some form of NB if u can afford it. Free paint is definitely NOT recommended. Also, when using your cloaking suit, stay near a perimeter of trees. so after u get a shot off, u can duck back into the woods and avoid getting hit. Follow these rules and you will be one of the most dreaded players on PBN.

This is Armageddon, signing off.

QtPie Note: Read the Closing Notes.

‘The Ultimate Guide to Canning’

Written by Flamestag

Stupid Cannerz! You can’t ask me how many times I’ve seen that after I get a splat, about 1000+ times. In this article, I, and fellow cannerz, will try to bring to you strategies, tips, tricks, alias, etc. To help out an up and coming canner like yourself 🙂

First off, let’s start with some basics of canning. In most cases you want to be as padded as possible, so that most paintballs will bounce off of you (The only weapons that will never bounce are, a can, grenades, No-Bounce ammo, and mines). Here is a short list of what you want to have when you start canning:

Padded Helmet
Padded Scarf
Padded Leggings (you won’t need padded boots since a swim or turbo kit assembled to leggings will stretch them over your feet). 
You might also consider a multi-terrain downfilled jacket, but I prefer a multi-terrain insulated suit (most people use the jacket).

That should get you about as bouncy as you can get. A trick I know of is to simulate an old Padded HV gun, which was a gun that padded your hand when you wore it. You do this simply by buying a padded scarf and just keeping it on your hand, you might also consider a rename to something like “a Padded Glove” etc.

OK, now to canning itself:  People say that canning takes no skill since a can does AUTO-FIRE when an enemy crosses your target sight, but what people don’t realize is that it does take a lot of skill and practice to sneak up and run down an opponent to one space away.

OK, now head to the Supply Depot, it’s the middle store in the holding area, and type BUY CAN, then target one space to the west, you do this by typing TARGET WEST or TAR W. Now your ready for your first game, type GAME READY or GAME READY AUTO for auto-ready. Now there are different strategies for different games, in this guide I will cover Survival, Teams, Invaders, Flags, Cooperative teams, and Hunt. The “real” games are exactly the same as the normal ones except Infared and X-Ray are useless in those types. One more thing before you start playing, you will want to get more and more kits from the Chop Shop (upper right shop) as you earn more and more money.Here is a list of what you want to buy (decreasing in importance):

Turbo (Increases speed on land) (Stretches leggings to cover feet)
Interference (Blocks X-Rays, Player Locators, and Satellites)
X-Ray (lets you see through mountains, hills, forests, and jungles)
Swim (Increases speed on water) (See Turbo Above /\)
Infared (Lets you see past camo kits, Refracto blocks this)
Refracto /or Jetpack (Refracto blocks Infared) (Jetpack increases speed much faster than Turbo and Swim)

Let’s start out with my favorite type of game, Survival, or Vival as we like to call it. OK, the rules are pretty basic, every man for himself. You start out about 20-25 spaces from an enemy. First off, start out and look for some woods or jungles, preferably a group of woods with jungle patches. Now sneak from jungle to jungle looking for a red guy. then wait for them to take a breather and charge them from behind. Try to sneak up right behind them and surprise them. A good tip is to look for 2 people fighting each other, then take them both out, this way they wont expect you. Try to get someone off the bat in survival, so that if everyone else is eliminated, you will win first place. If you survive, but don’t splat anyone, you can’t take first place.

Now to Teams games. This is probably one of the easiest games for newbies looking for extra cash, so I suggest you vote for this game (type GAME VOTE TEAMS). The game starts off with two teams placed opposite of each other on the battle field. The teams are made up of your regular team and other regular teams (for example: Team 1 could be, Cancer DUDES and MasterCannerz, and Team 2 could be, BLACK SUN MacLeod Clan and PURPLE HAZE). OK, the first thing you should do is run where everyone else is running, most of them have player locators or satellites, once you spot the other team the game turns into World War II. Wait for your team to make a strike, then sneak behind the opposing teams. Come around on them, look for players stuck in water or on mountains first, they are easy splats for a canner. Then look for gunners, try to avoid the fire, but most of it should bounce. Then if you see a nader (aach!) you have to do your best to avoid the volley of grenades and rockets. If you survive, OR die, and your team wins, you get money, its usually around 40$-70$ depending on how many people were in the game.

The next game, Invaders (commonly called ‘Vaderz’), is one that every canner should have on his HATE list (type GAME HATE INVADERS). The reason is that there are about 100 computer controlled robots coming after you, and well that’s hard to can. Me, myself, have only gotten at the most 6 or 7 bots in an Invaders game. The trick is to wait in the woods as deep as you can go in the 15 seconds before the bots strike. Then wait out the first volley of bots, then try to sneak up DIAGONALLY on a bot, preferably a light blue DUMB bot. If you can’t do this, I seriously suggest you put this game on your HATE list, or use a different type of weapon for this game.

Now you don’t very often see a FLAGs game on PBNet, this is similar to Cooperative Teams (see BELOW), except it has a Survival twist to it. Basically everyone has a flag, if someone captures your flag, it counts as a splat and your out of the game and Vice Versa. Now, you can pick up your flag, but it slows you down. Most people leave their flags behind and seek out other peoples flags, often called FLAGGING. This is a very easy way to get splats. But just watch out for CAMO-MINES they can trick you into thinking you see a TOKEN or FLAG. The rest of this game is pretty much like Survival (see ABOVE).

Ahhh, Co-operative Flags, everyone’s favorite game, why you ask? Simple because of FLAG splats. Both teams start off like a normal Teams game, but each team has a flag for each player, if you capture an opponents flag there history and you get a splat, and vice versa. The common strategy for this game is, leave two or three people behind (depends on how many people are playing) to guard the flags, and send the rest of the team out to fight and FLAG. Now who goes and who stays, well it’s all based really on a volunteer system. For a newbie canner, I suggest staying behind the flags, space yourself 2 or 3 spaces away from the flags, so you can still see them. Then wait for someone to come up and try to snatch your flags, then move in. The two or three spaces gives you some camo and lee-way for Grenades and Rockets. You also make money if your team wins like in a Teams game.

Now to the final game in this guide, HUNT. This is about the rarest game to play, but is one of the hardest to survive and attack. The game is basically one player picked at random to be the victim and everyone else is the hunters, you can only get one splat in this game, unless you are a cheap grenader or rocketer, then you can splat your teammates. You really don’t have to worry too much about protection, since the victim has to fight off a horde of people. Just find him and charge basically. You get the usual 5$ per splat, PLUS a bonus of according to how many players were in the game, usually 25$-40$. Now its a completely different strategy if you are the VICTIM. This time you have to either splat everyone, hide, splat some and survive. I recommend going all out, after all you will probably get at least 3 or 4 splats. The first strategy is simple, locate and eliminate, nuff said. The second part, hiding, is self explanatory. The third splat and survive, is pretty basic, splat everyone near you, then hide. When splatting in this game use teams strategies or survival, since its sort of a mix. If you survive as the victim you usually get 100$+.

Here are a few tips for newbie canners without a lot of money.

Tip 1: if you cant afford a down-filled suit, just apply a camo kit to a scarf, helmet, boots, or leggings, this will stretch the item over your body.

Tip 2: if you cant afford a refracto suit, and would like the same effect, assemble a camo kit of anykind to any kind of multi-terrain suit or jacket, this will make you completely invisible in the type of terrain of the kit, there is a plus to this over refracto, you can even use it in water.

Tip 3: instead of buying padded boots, just put a turbo, swim, or both kits on any other padded item, this will stretch the kit over your feet.

Tip 4: if your going to can bots, charge them from a diagonal.

Tip5: refilling you can if you have kits on it, here is an alias i made that works fine. alias rc put can jack \& buy small \& buy can \& dump can back \& sell can \& get can jack \& dump back can \& sell back \& wear can .

‘The Ultimate Guide to Canning’ – written and produced by Mike Galosi,
aka FlameStag. If you have any questions/comments/hot sisters, please
e-mail me at wilco@connect-me.net . I will reply to all emails.

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Gallager

Real Name:David Brewer


Job:Factory Employee (making electric motors)

Hobbies: MIRC roleplaying , pbn, RL paintball (team:Rapid Reflex), football, UO andthe Redzone football card game


Team:Not on a team, though it says: The New Steel

Stats: (Ever) Games:380 Bonus:90,000 Splats:104 Accuracy: (sucks) 16% Games Survived: 49 Bot Splats: 77 Player Splats :27

Time Played: Have had PBN 1 1/2 months, though my total playing time is probably close to 20-25 hrs

Most Crowning PBN Achievement(s): I survived 2 vaders games using nothing but a gun-n-paint

PBN Pet Peeves:ppl that KEEP complaining ’bout getting splatted, newbies always askin’ for money or something ( ask questions or for advise, when you finally splat a more experienced player you’ll feel much better earning that splat/victory )

Fav. PBN Weapon:Semi-auto paintball gun

Fav. Bot:mmmmmmmmm forbiden donut bot!!! just think this name is out there. :]

Fav. PBN Player: Anyone friendly toward me, Unicorn, QTPie, Beowulf, most admins actually (even though they are tough competition)

Famous Quotes: Good shot! , Good move , Good tactic , How the……

Other / Comments: Hope everyone is having fun playing pbn, I love paintball. Those that have been friendly and polite to me, thank you, I appreciate the help and your time. Though I am still a newbie I look forward to taking out QT, Beo and some others (one of these days!! another quote. hehe) c u n pbn!!

Aww you are almost to the closing notes, make sure you read them.

PBN Name:Flubstien

Real Name:Jarrod Toppins (Yes Im Related To Jon)

Age:12 almost 13

Job:I Work At My Dads Carryout

Hobbies:PBN, Football ,Basketball.Baseball

Homepage:<old link> under constuction

Team:The Amigos

Time Played:about March

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have youone that you are proud of?] :Earned Money Succefully in a short period of time

PB Pet Peeves:Lag

Fav. PB Weapon:Can {rapid}

Fav. Bot:dumb because it dont get me

Fav. PBN Player:Compeler and Jon Toppins Helped me as a newbie

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :F~L~U~B~E~R~I~Z~E

Other/ Comments:Pbn Rocks

About time to read the closing notes, get ready.

PBN Name: Compeler

Real Name: Bobby Griffin

Age: a mature 15

Job: Student

Hobbies: PBN, Baseball, Bowling, Football, Basketball

Homepage: <old link> TheAmigos Homepage

Team: The Amigos

Stats: Ever: Well, since I got deleted at the time I was sent this profile I will just estimate my stats: Stats for ‘Compeler'(29191): (EVER) GAMES:11800 BONUS:29000000 SPLATS:44700 ACCURACY:78%

Time Played:according to Dug I started Nov. 7th, 1997, but I think it has been longer than that

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :3 things. 1. Got 40k splats 2. Got my team to top10 ever status 3. Got my team to 100k splats

PB Pet Peeves: People who call me a hider, I know a secret that allows me to move undetected, but they cant get that through their heads.

Fav. PB Weapon: I use them all, I got Compeler`s Bottle of Cherry Coke[rapidfire] (my can), Compeler`s Bot Killer[expansion][spreadfire] (my gun), Compeler`s Hider Killer[rapidfire][expansion] (my grenade launcher), and Compeler`s Rocket Launcher (unoriginal)[expasion][expansion] (my rocket launcher, duh)

Fav. Bot: Probably a ChEEzEgrEnAdE bot or whatever because it doesnt confuse me because it is the only one of its color.

Fav. PBN Player:hard to narrow it down to just 1…have to do a bunch of

shout outs: All The Amigos, Dug, DavidRM, Jon Toppins, stanky, FlyinEmu, Pollux Troy, Frank Rizzo, Jedi-Master, Killah, Cornelius, FREETOAD, BlasterFX, Sandstorm, togood, paintdog, probably some others, but they escape me now

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : hmm, hard question, I actually am a very quiet person and dont talk as nearly as much as some others…hmm, maybe my LeT’S KiCK iT!!! in vaderz games, but that’s about it.

Other/ Comments:hmm, this will probably do no good, but I wouldn’t mind if someone did it for me too (hint, hint 😉 Jon Toppins, stanky, paintdog, BlasterFX, Sandstorm, and Pollux Troy should all be admins!!!


One more profile and then the closing notes, be sure to read them.


Real Name: Jenna (Jen) Doyle

Age: 17

Job: I Work For The Gap (Clothing Store)

Hobbies: Swimming, Shopping, Talking

Homepage: NONE

Team: RUB vs. ALL



Time Played: Aug 24,1998

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Getting enough money to buy a refracto kit

PB Pet Peeves: Running Around everywhere letting people try and shoot me

Fav. PB Weapon: mini rocket launcher

Fav. Bot: Qtpie Bot

Fav. PBN Player: Qtpie

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : I’m a girl!!!!

Don’t stop reading now, the closing notes are next!

Closing Notes

I honestly can’t believe I made it to Issue 20 of the PBNN. I suppose stranger things have happened.

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #19 – 8/13/98

Editor: QtPie


HI! This issue we take a look at the duties of being an admin. Hope
you enjoy it!

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Message From Polly

Written by PollyAnna

My name is Amy Graham. But most of you know me as Pollyanna (Or Polly Or Pollygirl)… I haven’t spoken with any of you for about 8 months or possibly even more. Unfortunately the reality of life has gotten a grasp on me, and I’m getting sucked in deeper. When I started playing paintball I was just a girl who knew music and computers. I happened to be blessed with two very good talents, but I really wasn’t doing to much with them. My brother and I were making a living writing music for companies, and our own entertainment. We were a Techno Group called DJ Orange & Pollyanna, and we wrote music under Engergy^2 (Energy Squared). Energy^2 is no more, but my brother continued what we started with Hardcore^2. Fortunately enough through a few good connections and demos of my previous work, I got a job with Sega. It was my dream come true. Finally I was getting a REAL JOB in the video game industry doing what I had always done best… Music. For this particular project I was assigned as an assistant sound coordinator for Virtual On 2 (which is about to make it’s US debut). It was probably the funniest 4 months I had ever had in my whole life. Finally my dream was coming true! During this time I played less and less paintball, and I always hated myself for missing out on what was once my home. A place where I went for enjoyment, advice, and PURE 100% Friendship. Who would have ever thought I would ever have to leave behind hundreds of friends that were closer to me than any other friend I’ve ever had(besides my brother)… But finally one day it came… and I never really saw it coming. A 2 year exclusive deal with Sony to work with them on the upcoming PSX, and the current PSX. What looked like a dream would later turn out to be one of the hardest things I had ever done in my whole life. Don’t get me wrong I love my job… but sometimes it seems like I gave up everything I loved to have it. And that’s not the greatest feeling in the world. I frequent Japan which is absolutely wonderful. I work with one of my favorite companies… It’s great… but… I gave up my friends, I gave up my hobbies, and in some ways it feels like I’ve given up my family too. I’m still young (just hit 21 for those of you who don’t know), and it has been kind of a shock leaving behind what supported you for 21 years.

This is sort of a promise note. As one of the people to sort of have “built” the Paintball Community, I want to share some things with you on a regular basis. For those of you who don’t know, I was probably (at one time) one of the top players of Paintball Net (was even better on my ego since I’m a woman!) I didn’t use the PBTerm, I played in ANSI/ASCII graphics (do you fear me yet?). I wrote (along with the help of my brother) the music that you are hearing when you play PBNet, I also started this Newsletter because I cared about the PBN Community (just like QTPie does). I sort of feel that I was once the mother, and now that title has been passed to QTPie (who seems to be doing a great job by the way). I just hope that you take a step back from paintball sometime, and realize just how important it actually is. Take a look at who you know, how you feel, why you keep coming back. The community and the game are ONE… whether it was designed that way, or Dug/David knew it all along…that’s the way it is. Don’t treat it with disrespect… we were all one place at one time or another… we were all newbies, we all needed help… you’ve been there. Remember what it was like.

Sorry I don’t have more time to write, but I wanted to let you all know… The only way you’ll ever see me again is through these mailings. You can try to email me through my brother (orange@inetnebr.com) but I can’t assure anything.

Love to all… Especially those that brought this game to life… You’ll never be forgotten, I hope I’m never forgotten…

Signing out… Pollyanna

[Note: Thanks Polly for sharing this with us! You will NEVER be forgotten. And RM, I think it would be great if you could just allow Polly to have a bot with her name on it. ;)]

Thoughts on Adminship

Written by Micheal Kalil

The job of being an admin? Well, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Sure the people can be rude at times, but its fun. The tells that come in at any given time are a lot, however, you also meet a lot of people. Most people are nice to an admin. Then again you get some immature kid coming on a cursing the night away so you have to shut them up. No big deal though. Most will apologize for there language. Other then the tells I really enjoy being an admin. Also, all the other admins are really supportive. You really get to know each other through wizzes.

Cowbot Good things about being an admin: – Never having to wait for the games to start – More people say hi to the admins when the log on than the non-admins – TOURNIES!!!!! – Wizzing at the other admins Bad things about being an admin: – I’ll let ya know when I find one

RaptorRed Being an 80 is sooo boring

rkj We are players just like the rest and we are people too.

QtPie Being an admin is cool. We get a few things others don’t, like wiz chatting, the special commands (of course), and sometimes you get to test some things out for Rm. I Love being an admin. But at the same time it can be so frustrating. Mainly, just the way people demand stuff from me and don’t give me room to breath, let alone play. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish actual friends from those that just want to take advantage of me because I am an admin. That makes me sad…. But all in all, it’s pretty darn terrific!


Written by QtPie

Level 79-Can only start/end games and wiz (admin chat). They are retired admins and the only way to be a 79 is to have already held a different admin level. Level 80-Start/end games, run tournies, wiz, announce. When entering a tourny, it’s best to first read the tourny log that the level 80 has written. The master will follow those rules without question. Level 90-Start/end games, reset, shutup, kick,wiz, announce, and other commands that allow them to get information on you. The 90s are basically there to control the chat and keep the peace. Level 95-Start/end games, reset, shutup, kick, siteban, rename (both equipment and character names), wiz, announce, and other commands… 95’s are there to help the 90s(using their more powerful commands come in handy sometimes) along with renaming for you. Level 100- Rm and Dug. I needn’t tell you what all they can do 🙂

The admins have all been appointed by RM or Dug. I would suggest you listen to them, most of them are trying to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. If you feel that an admin is abusing his/her commands, the best thing to do is CALMLY talk about it with that admin and see if you can work things out. If that is no help, write an email to RM. Whining, cussing, and degrading the admin in public is rude, immature, unkind and most of all unproductive. <–That goes for ALL players as well, not just admins.

90s and 95s will almost always reset you when you ask them too. Ussually its best (at least for me) if you TELL me you need a reset instead of just chatting it. My chat scrolls by so fast at times that a chat might be missed. Also, if you don’t get a reset right away, check to see if the admin is either in a game or idle (by typing who <admins name>). If they are in a game or idle, then there is ussually not use in asking them over and over to reset you.

As far as the other commands, most of the time you have to wait until the admin is ready to do what you want them so (like run a tourny or rename etc etc). RM does not FORCE them to do these things, but most will do them if you give them time to play first. One thing to keep in mind is that admins also do actually want to play the game.

Tourny masters are not there to run a tourny whenever you demand them too. A lot of times I see a tourny running somewhere on paintball so just be patient.

And for renames, please be patient. We get A LOT of requests for renames and there are times that we just want to play the game. Be patient with them as well. Getting a rename is cool, but most of the time it doesn’t help you play the game any better. (I understand that sometimes you want renames because you have, say, two guns and you need them to have two different names etc etc.) But MOST of the time, they are just for show and are not important so you can wait a bit.

Things for non-admins to keep in mind -Admins are not rich, RM does NOT give us money. -Admins are not Gods, we can’t do everything for everyone at the same time and there are things we just CAN NOT do. -RM (and I suppose Dug) appoint the admins, not us. I don’t know about the rest of the admins but its worthless to ask ME (QT) to put in a good word for you to become an admin. -Admins are there to help the newbies get started, but all of you can help us with that as well. It is a wonderful feeling when a newbie you helped months ago makes it onto the top10 ever splat list. 😉 -We may get harsh on you sometimes, but for the most part we don’t hold grudges. (Note I said MOST of the time, not ALL of the time. :))

Things for admins to keep in mind. -We are not Gods in the game. We just have a few more commands than everyone else. You get my point. 🙂 -Try not to get too frustrated when you have 10 people asking you to do something. Those 10 people probably don’t know that 9 other people are also bugging you. -Be as thorough as you can with information. For example, before I rename a character for someone, they always get a tell informing of some steps they need to follow so there will not be a problem. Remember that not all people will thoroughly read everything, and if they don’t and then they have a problem, try and stay calm and explain it to them in a nice way.

I think, if you really look at the admins as a whole, they are a great bunch of people and are willing to do what you ask them too most of the time (or soon after you ask them). Just don’t DEMAND them to do it. Only tends to frustrate the admin.

Qt-Trying to turn guns and paint into peaches and cream LOL <Splats you all with a Peach-Cream Pie>


New Admins

Unicorn and Lil Oly-90

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Iceman

Real Name: Jason Rader

Age: 19

Job: Computer Dept. Supervisor at Best Buy Lexington

Hobbies: Golf , Work , and Sleep

Homepage: <old link>

Team: McCleod Clan

Stats: Ever:

Time Played: 2yrs on and off

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : Hit top10 ever splats list long ago and climber to 3rd with 11000

PB Pet Peeves: Canners, Grennadiers, Dying

Fav. PB Weapon: My old uluhv before they were public release.

Fav. Bot: The forthcoming Iceman bot 🙂

Fav. PBN Player: Sabot, Reffoxel, (8) , and Polly.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Iceman chats: *pets his
ULUHV soothingly*

Other/ Comments: Polly, Sabot, Reffoxel, and (8), if ya read this, I
love ya! Come and visit me sometime!!!

PBN Name: Dark angel

Real Name: John Steele

Age: 15

Job: Student

Hobbies: Computers, Web Pages, Athletics, Sport

Homepage:<old link>


Stats: Ever:GAMES:23547 BONUS:32658500 SPLATS:45054 ACCURACY:39%

Time Played: Late December 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : *sigh* Became a admin ?

PB Pet Peeves: People telling me what to do and how to run

Fav. PB Weapon: Mini Paint-Rocket Launcher

Fav. Bot: Dark Bot 😉

Fav. PBN Player: ahh TaRqUin and Mickey D

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : None I don’t think ?

Other/ Comments: Stop asking me or any other admin for money.. We’re
not -all- super rich.

PBN Name:Camoman

Real Name:Jonathan King


Job:Radiology Technician<used to be a Transport in the same hospital
till i graduated>

Hobbies:PBNET ,Artifact, Paintball, RollerBladeing

Homepage:<old link>


Stats: Ever:Not typing all that so its 17k splats and we will leave it
at that

Time Played:hell i don’t know maybe since August of last year

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] :Got to be an admin<80>

PB Pet Peeves:Spammers ,chat

Fav. PB Weapon:mini grenade launcher[spreadfire][hugeexpansion]

Fav. Bot:Camomans Assasin

Fav. PBN Player:all the admins and Everyone else that isn’t in some way
a friend to KNL or MarcT

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :Im not very popular so i
doubt anyone would know this one: announce <hits his head alittle and
does some upper-cuts as the crowd chants>CAMOBERG!!!! CAMOBERG!!!!

Other/ Comments:Really Really cool game i advise putting a limit on how
much you play or you could get sucked into the PBNET zone

Closing Notes

I would once again like to invite you all to visit the Paintball Population Page at <old link>. If you would like to be listed on this page, just email the information (email to <old email>). You don’t have to include all the information you see listed there. I would like to see that page grow a bit faster than it is now. Thanks!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #18 – 7/27/98

Editor: QtPie


HI! A lot of things seemed to have happened in the last few weeks on paintball. <Thinks: I wish I was as good at this writing stuff as Polly was…> But I will not dwell on that. Let me just say this: “Be NICE!” Ok, that is done.. Let’s get on to the newsletter.

We have a lot of newbies joining our “happy” little home of paintball. This issue of the PBNN focuses on the area of newbies. It hopefully will refresh your memory on being a newbie, help you deal with the newbies, and help the newbie (yes there are newbies that subscribe to the PBNN) relate to you. Do read it please!

Table of Contents


Newbies, who needs ’em? by Eric Gray
Do’s and DON’Ts by Eric Gray and QtPie
Results of the Simple(or not so simple as some people told me) little survey

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Newbies, who needs ’em?

Written by Eric Gray

“Quit begging NewbieX!” “Quit spamming NewbieX!” “Read the help files NewbieX!” Remember when you had $1,000 PB cash, a beginner paintgun and a beginner vest? Being a newbie isn’t easy. I am constantly amazed by the number of people who manage to stick it out and become veterans without going nuts trying to learn how to play. Now I understand that many veterans consider newbies annoying and generally ignore whatever they say, but lets take a little closer look at what newbies are and what they do for the game.

I have heard hundreds of definitions of a newbie over the two years I have been playing, someone with under 100 splats was the first, now it has become someone with under 5,000 splats, an ID number over 50,000, or under 200 games played, pick your poison. In my book a newbie is anyone who doesn’t know everything about the game, and yes, that does mean that I am still a newbie.

True newbies, the ones who have just started to play and have no clue as to what to do, are easy to spot and don’t need to be defined. Many veterans ridicule these starting players because they don’t know much about the game, but they are the future of PBN. Newbies provide the pool from which the next generation of great players will be drawn. The bulk of players online at any given moment are people who have started playing within the past three months. This group of aspiring level 2’s are also the ones who send in money for level ups and keep your favorite online game going strong. Don’t forget that its their money which is in large part responsible for the servers you play on, and the software on your computer.

If some of these players are from time to time a little annoying, remember to take a look at it from their point of view. Staring at the 35 or 45k price tag on a refracto or jetpack kit and wondering how anyone manages to get that much money it is no wonder that some of them get frustrated from time to time and do things to get some attention drawn to themselves. They don’t have the equipment or ability (yet) to get attention with their splats, and most of them just want to be noticed. While this doesn’t make their behavior any more appropriate, it does provide some insight as to why they act the way they do.

I try to make a point of saying hello and goodbye to newbies when they log onand off. Some veterans give money away to newbies to help them out, but for the most part new people want friends more than they want help. This is an online game, and that means that it is as much about communicating with people as it is about splatting them. While it is true that I have given away a lot of money during my PB career, I like to think that my popularity is affected more by my personality than it is by my donations. Taking the time to explain why certain equipment is good, or how to use a can is far more beneficial to a newbie than just giving them some cash to make them be quiet.

To you new players out there reading this, I would just like to say have fun. Remember that everyone here was once a newbie, and that one day if you keep playing you will be as good as that veteran who splatted you the last three games in a row. Try to avoid doing things that will disrupt the game like spamming, begging, stealing or scamming. The damage it will do to your reputation and potential friendships far outweigh the little gain it might get you in money. If you get really frustrated, just take a deep breath and remember that it is only a game, then say hello to someone you haven’t talked to before. If you can’t splat them, maybe they will tell you what their secret is.

So the next time you see a frustrated player with 57 splats spamming and swearing about the veterans lobbing high velocity grenades all over the field, don’t just hit your ignore button to show off your nifty new alias. Instead think back to those times when YOU were new. Let the player know that their behavior is wrong, but do it in a nice way, and try to help them understand a little more about the game. I have accomplished most of the objectives that people want to achieve in the game, I have become an admin, I have a lot of splats, I can use almost any weapon very effectively, and I think I am a match for almost any player in the game when I am playing at my best. But when I look back at it all, the things that I remember the most and the best are watching the newbies I have helped grow and have fun in the game. Give it a try some time, you may be suprised at how much you like the feeling yourself.

Do’s and DON’Ts

Written by Eric Gray and QtPie

Newbie Don’ts -DON’T USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. -Don’t spam. -Don’t beg. -Don’t make annoying banners that disrupt the game. -Don’t whine. -Don’t get mad. Newbie Do’s -Read the help files. -Thank people who help you. -If you have a question ask it. -Say hello and goodbye when you come on and when you leave. -Be friendly, if it weren’t for the chatting and friends, this might as well be an offline game. -Above all, have fun =)

NonNewbie Don’ts -DON’T cuss newbies our for asking a question. -DON’T cuss newbies out for spamming. -DON’T cuss newbies out for begging. -DON’T cuss newbies out <all the other annoying things that newbies do inserted here>

NonNewbie Do’s -Take the time to help a newbie. It’s a great feeling. -Understand that it’s hard being a newbie, put yourself in their shoes. -Say hello and goodbye to the newbies. -Be friendly, not only to the newbies but to everyone. Let’s show the newbies an air of friendliness around paintball. -Remember that cussing someone out just gets everyone frustrated, tell them nicely what they are doing that is annoying you and most will quit doing it. -Above all, have fun =)

Results of the Survey.

[Note Mr. Snow Plow is not a real person, he is totally made up by me. I hope you enjoy what I did here, if not, do not tell me you don’t like it. At least not for a couple week. I have taken too much criticism this week. Thanks!]

Mr. Snow Plow downloaded paintball. He had been wondering around the net and came across PBTerm at <old link> [People have downloaded PBTERM fromlots of different places]. He had played paintball in real life a few times and he thought it was fun so he decided to give this game a try. After downloading it he logged on. Wow, not very good graphics here, but the people seem nice enough[Most people disliked the graphics at first, but liked the people/and or being able to play against other people]. He wonders over the stores, unable to chat as of yet, and types list. He is amazed at all the equipment to buy and bewildered as to what he should buy.[Most people liked the people and/or the choices of equipment at first but were confused about the commands]

Mr. Snow Plow manages to hit the ready button and gets thrown into an invaders game. Tons of bots come rushing at him and he is dead in 3 seconds. Upon hearing the “ow” sound he is thrown back into holding with barely a clue as to what just happened.[Alot of people dislike the toughness of the game at first and invaders itself.] He then notices Eric Gray[Many votes for most helpful all around] say something about using c to chat. He gives a try and sure enough it works. Great, now he can chat so he asks the famous question “How do I play this?” Qtpie[Quite a few votes for most helpful all around as well] spams the chat with her “newbie how to play alias” and then goes back to renaming.

Beowulf[Many votes for most helpful all around] happens to see Mr. Snow Plow struggling. Quickly he goes into “helper” mode and gets him registered, sets him up with some equipment, and teaches him a bit about aliases. Grateful that he now has some idea what he is doing, he hits the Ready button again enters into his second game. This time its survival. He runs around and spots a red dude flying past him. He follows as quick as he can, shooting every now and then and finally gets his first splat. Then he gets another, and then another. By the end of the game he had gotten 7 splats but then pentiumman[voted best nader (many comments about his grenades being special though)] comes along with his super-duper fast grenades and splats him.

Good game all around though. He is all psyched up for the next game which happens to be coop. Within seconds of the game starting, Mr. Snow Plow is out of the game because Random[voted for best coop player along with Wulf and Kun] captured his flag. What a bummer. That game is over quickly but no admin has started the game to start yet so he sits and waits. Seeing QtPie[Alot of votes for most well liked, also Eric received many votes] is done renaming and chatting away with all the guys, he decides to say hello. She answers and they chat for a bit. She is cool, he thinks.

The next game begins. He manages to get away from the crowd a bit, but ends up running right into Brockman[Many votes for best gunner]. Brock whips out his gun and flings some paint. Brockman, being the excellent gunner that he is ends up splatting Mr. Snow Plow in the eye. He lasted for a few more seconds then the previous game, he pats himself on the back and sits in holding and waits.

He notices alot of attention being given to DavidRM[Many votes for most well liked]. He soon finds out the RM is one of the creators of the game. He manages to chat “Hi DavidRM” and Rm replies with his typical Yo.

Another game begins. This time its that bot game again. He does what Wulf had told him to do and splats a few bots. There he sees QtPie’s name again.. seems she is everywhere. He waits the game out and then sees everyone congratulate Kun, Beowulf, and Lutra [All three got many votes for best vaders player].

Throughout the course of his first day, Mr. Snow Plow learns what an admin does. He realizes that Wulf[Many votes for favorite admin] is an admin, he meets a few others [Tarquin also recieved many votes for favorite admin] and figures one day he would like to become one as well [A main goal of alot of people.] A fun time all in all for Mr. Snow Plow. He had made a few friends, learned a few things, gotten a few splats. He dreams about reaching 10k splats[Getting a certain number of splats is a main goal of alot of people] but mainly looks forward to the fun[Main Goal of alot of people] that he will have tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next next next next…[Addiction of the game was mentioned alot in the survey.]

Happy Splatting Mr. Snow Plow!

[Many others recieved votes for something or another. I tried to pick the ones whose names came up the most for this article. Congrats to you all! You can see the rest of the results at <old link>]


New Admins

-Mickey D is the newest 90.
-FlyinEmu,Dark Angel and Cowbot are the newest 80s.

New Items

-Free paintball rifle
-Lighter pockets and expansion kits


-Free paint can now only be used in free guns and free rifles.
-Addwin command added to the commands for tourney masters.
-Ignore now ignores people’s whisper <—personal favorite change of mine 🙂

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Vice Admiral Acker

Real Name: Brad Acker

Age: 13

Job: None

Hobbies: Paintball-net, golf

Homepage: <old link>

Team: RavensFlock

Stats: Ever: GAMES:907 BONUS:357500 SPLATS:328 ACCURACY:22%

Time Played: A few weeks now.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Got 5 splats in a survival game and won.

PB Pet Peeves: SPAM

Fav. PB Weapon: Cans!

Fav. Bot: Really dumb one

Fav. PBN Player: Me.

PBN Name:Jon Toppins

Real Name:Jon Toppins

Age: 15

Job: Work at my uncles carryout

Hobbies: Baseball, PBN, real paintball, swimming, and N64

Homepage: The Simpsons Multimedia Vault…<old link>

Team: Chorus and Chorus only 😛

Time Played: Early March or late Feb not real sure

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] broke 20k splats {will have 30k but the time u read this :P}

Stats:Stats for ‘Jon Toppins'(47981): (EVER) GAMES:9855 BONUS:18265000 SPLATS:27264 ACCURACY:52% GAMES SURVIVED:2404 BOT SPLATS:17704 PLAYER SPLATS:5671 (CURRENT) BONUS:71000 SPLATS:81 ACCURACY:62%

PB Pet Peeves:

Fav. PB Weapon: a can of spray paint[rapidfire][expansion]or a Mini rocket launcher [rapid][huge]

Fav. Bot: hate bots 😛 Fav. PBN Player(s):Qt, Mickey D, Beo, Otimus Prime, epU, stanky, MFD, Flubstien, TBC,Compeler, Kunu, and more 😛

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Chorus Sweep, cleaning up the mess u left behind and of course the chorus cheer 😛

Other/ Comments: I would just like to thank Qt for helping me as a newbie….i would of quit because i just got scammed for most of my money. Qt was there and got me back on my feet and made me the player I am today 😛

Closing Notes

Aww there ya have it, there ya go! I will be sending out some more profiles forms in a few days, you can get those into me sometime in the next two weeks. Thanks:) Sorry there were only two profiles to show you this week, that is all I recieved. <shrug>

There will soon be a new newbie help file written by Eric Gray posted on the paintball homepage. The article is a bit lengthy to include in this issue of the paintball newsletter and I figure most of you know what you are doing already. But it would be helpful for newbies to read it over so you might want to suggest they take a look at it.

Thanks to all who filled out the survey. It was very fun to do and look over everyone’s answers. If you all want me too, I will send out surveys every now and again. Give me feedback. 🙂

Thanks Mickey D for helping me proofread this newsletter!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #17 – 7/11/98

Editor: QtPie


Sorry I have been away from Paintball for the last few days. I most likely will not be around as much as I have been in the past for awhile. I am currently working on a program to make me job running the PBNN a bit easier and more efficient. We shall see how that all works out. 🙂

Now for this Issue of the PBNN. Welcome all new subscribers!

I wanna thank you all for admin appreciation day. It was very kind of you to take a day out to recognize us. Thanks Again!

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Written by DJCOOL

First of all, you need to know how to use a can. Simply buy a can, then type “target west”. That will put the target to he left of you. When you go into a game, you have to run up to the person to the right of them (left of you, in the target). The can should auto-fire on that person, splatting them instantly. Now, the magical part. If you really want to can as your main weapon, buy the following items, for you will have the best for a canner:

a padded helmet (x-ray) (infrared) a padded scarf (satellite) a large, padded backpack a multi-terrain down-filled jacket (jetpack) a can a pair of padded leggings (turbo) (swim)

Use the turbo and swim kits on the leggings to save money from buying padded boots.

After you get that equipment, you need to start coughing up skill. What I mean by that is to get to know the can and it’s capabilities (canning a bot), and practice, practice, practice! After about 1 week you will see the significant increase in splats over any other type of weapon. If you want me to tell you about how to get skill in 1 day, then read on.

Skill in 1 day doesn’t normally happen, but after you read this, you will be confident in he areas of jetting and canning. First, you got to think about common sense, if your opponent is running straight in one direction, fix your target and jet-can him down. If your opponent is running parallel to the “walls of the field”, and your target is facing west, use your aiming compass and fix it to go up or down. Then just jet-can him down. When facing other jet-canners, you don’t know what they are going to do, so just run around crazy and play it by ear. But when playing with bots, get on a straight line with them so they don’t go off course and splat you.

That should cover it.

This has been a written document by DJCool and is copyrighted by him.


Writtten by QtPie

Random’s Paintball Page has won the Paintball Homepage of the Issue! You can find it at <old link> for now. Its packed full of information such as help on playing paintball and links to informative homepages (personal and just plain paintball related). Its very easy to navigate and has information on just about anything you want to know. Random keeps it up to date (although right now I think he had been busy with moving so hasn’t had too much time for much else.) Hats off to Random for a job well done. Go check it out!

SpotLight on FlyinEmu

Written by QtPie

You see him online all the time. He runs around splatting you with a variety of different weapons and ammo(mainly a launcher and a gun)…but what do we really know about this former Jerkythebaboon?

Well we know he is crazy. Alittle wild at times and seems to enjoy making people laugh. He poops on our heads…typical emu.

Flyin likes to sit at the bottom store with me while I do renames. I like him there. He calms me down when I get frustrated with my renaming job. He even knows how to answer the questions that people ask me all the time. I use him as my voice a lot when I am too busy to answer.

Poop: a word we see from Emu alot. <wonders>

A cool guy, a great player and very friendly. Willing to help you out if you need it. He is loyal as well. He stands by his friends and his team (even tho Chorus really wants him on the team.. <sigh>). Some say he has what it takes to be an admin. I would tend to agree with them there.

When the paintball group was asked what they thought of Flyin, the response was overwhelming. I saw a lot of Epu Rocks, Emu is Cool, He is da bomb.. but this response was my favorite: he sounds like Apu on Simpsons.

Not sure what he does when I am not there..of course, how would I know right? But I can almost bet that he is out there making someone laugh, or causing some kind of crazy havoc for us all to enjoy. There just isn’t much to dislike about the little fart.

So next time you see the Putz, pat him on the head and steer clear of the emu, it might just land on your head.


New Admins

-80: Lurch wins the 80 award.
Congrates and Good Luck!


You can now buy up to level 65. Send in your money boys!

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Camf

but many know me as Fork, Ultimate Warrior, PezPimp, Devil Dog, and a couple more

Real Name: Adam Bourne

Age: 15

Job: None yet

Hobbies: I enjoy BMX, and playing real paintball, one of my newest hobbies is rock-climbing, it rocks.

Homepage: None right now, I had one on Pez but it hasn’t been updated for about 2 years.

Team: I really don’t have a permanent team, You can find me on Cancer, The Amigos, MasterCannerz, Haze, and most of the popular teams. I change about once a week.

Stats:You have $14212, carrying 347/400. (EVER) GAMES:1860 BONUS:5566500 SPLATS:9418 ACCURACY:68% GAMES SURVIVED:346 BOT SPLATS:7950 PLAYER SPLATS:1239 (CURRENT) BONUS:26000 SPLATS:36 ACCURACY:90%

a padded helmet[satellite][hugepocket] on your HEAD a padded scarf[x-ray][infrared] on your EYES, NECK a large, padded backpack[hugepocket][hugeexpansion] on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER Mikes ARMANI Suit[jetpack][refracto]{=Michael Kalil=} on your BODY, WAIST a mini grenade launcher[rapidfire][largeexpansion] on your RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND a pair of padded leggings[turbo][swim] on your LEGS, FEET

Time Played: September of ’97 I think

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Broke 10k splats a couple times, mastered the CAN and Vaderz. Small stuff like that.

PB Pet Peeves: Spamming, begging for money, I don’t mine language that often but when people say the F word over and over again that gets me kind of mad. Token Guarders. Scamming.

Fav. PB Weapon: a can of spray paint[rapidfire][expansion]

Fav. Bot: Beowulf and mine’s bot, a Beowulf Bot

Fav. PBN Player: Its hard to pick just one, but some of my favorites are Beowulf, Vert, Random, Camoman, Eric Gray, Compeler, Killah, just some of the old school players that are cool and friendly

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : c Don’t bother to type who cause ya wont’ see my name \& c <GONE> \& quit

Camf just dropped plates on your ass, BIATCH

Beowulf!!!, I love my Wulf

Other/ Comments: I’d just like to thank everyone that has helped me out and got me to where I am today. Thanks to Random for giving me a chance and a newbie, and Vert for setting me up with some eq. Hey and you never know, one day I may be an Admin =0

PBN Name:Capone

Real Name:Brian


Job:nothing now.

Hobbies: Girls, Breakdancing, Writing stories, PBN, Real Paintball (gonna play a lot this summer if I can get cash) , Hanging out with friends, and some other stuff I cant remember now.

Homepage:none.I don’t know html and stuff.

Team:SweeT RevengE

Stats: Ever:You got *****, carrying 1**/200

(ever) Games:3260 Bonus:1840500 Splats:2065 Acc:27%Games Survived:479 Bot splats:276 Player Splats:117 I have been changing my eq around a lot so I cant really say anything permanent. I do got my cool scarf though. Ask me and I’ll show you on PBN. And type team stats ‘SweeT RevengE’ to find out about my team.

Time Played:In about 96 Dec I was Check Man for a little while, I was a COCONUT MONKEY about 5 or 6 or more months after, And Since summer last year I have been Capone.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Get 1k splats then 2k. And helping a lot of good players when they were newbies (you know who you are 😉 and helping ppl out if they ask.

PB Pet Peeves:Thiefs-I have been there and it isnt too fun to have your stuff stole, spammers, liars, cheaters, and annoying ppl (But I do allow a certain margin cause I can get annoying too ;-), and just ppl who piss me off.

Fav. PB Weapon:I always use a can, gunning, and I’m gonna try some nadeing.

Fav. Bot:None. I would like it if you could control the bots and get splats and or money if they got ppl. Hey RM an idea. *hint hint* *nudge nudge* 🙂

Fav. PBN Player:There are a couple of ppl. I like ppl who are nice to everyone.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :”Now ignoring for whatever reason I see fit:”, “Well later all *packs up his cardboard, trackpants, and boombox and leaves* cya ppl.gotta go.” (I like that one) and some others. I don’t really feel like copying them all down. If you haven’t seen them you’ll see them soon.

Other/ Comments:I like this game, and a lot of other ppl do too. You should treat all others with respect and help ppl when they need it. That is why we have annoying newbies and annoying ppl. Cause they are not paid attention to, so they repeat themselves. So help when they ask. Cya on the field. 😉

PBN Name:Forkius Frite

Real Name:Jack Busch



Hobbies:Being bored, pbn, skiing, basketball, internet general boredom

Homepage:<old link> hasn’t been working too well lately

Team:Sorta hovering twixt Cancer and Damage INC


Time Played:

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I’m never proud of what I do

PB Pet Peeves: Those people…that like say…HEY STOP IGNORING ME…when they know no one can hear them…

Fav. PB Weapon:Can

Fav. Bot:Any of the black bots cuz they are scary when they all come at you in a horde.

Fav. PBN Player: I like the blue ones cuz they don’t hurt me…

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Sorry I’ll shut up now. hissskkkkkkkk

Other/ Comments: I don’t really TRY to be annoying but it always ends up like that it sorta sucks being hated.

PBN Name: Virgil

Real Name: Matt

Age: 17

Job: Landscaping over the summer

Hobbies: Football and basketball and neighborhood stuff

Homepage: <none> I dunno how too

Team: MacLeod Clan

tats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:12323 BONUS:16155500 SPLATS:19111 ACCURACY:30% GAMES SURVIVED:3477 BOT SPLATS:4446 PLAYER SPLATS:3644 Pretty lame but I haven’t played much lately.

Time Played: 4 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : winning tourneys and making a team that’s great

PB Pet Peeves: HMMM?? my friends ?

Fav. PB Weapon: rocket launcher

Fav. Bot: dumb bot, cause its simple to kill

Fav. PBN Player: Beowulf

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : If we keep our pride though paradise is lost we will always count the loss but not the cost or something like that it’s what RM gives me everytime I don’t get something that was misplaced or messed up.

Other/ Comments: Thanx for picking me QtPie

Closing Notes

Aww there ya have it, there ya go!
Hey you guys that recieved profile forms, you can get those into me sometime in the next two weeks. Thanks:)

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT