PBNN Issue #11 – 4/11/98

Editor: QtPie


Do to the holiday tomorrow and the fact that I will not be around until later in the day, I am sending out the newsletter today. Hope you enjoy!

Seems you all enjoyed the last newsletter. I personally enjoyed taking a small peek at what paintball was like in the good old days. Because of that, I have added a new section to the PBNN. This will give you all an opportunity to give us a peek at your past experiences in your paintball life. Feel free to send me you “most memorable paintball moment” and share it with the over 140 subscribers that receive the PBNN.

Note: I have begun tagging people myself so if you did a profile and tagged someone, please don’t be upset that they were not “announced” as being tagged. Since the older system didn’t seem to be working as it should have, I changed it.

Table of Contents


Guerrillas Vs The Army by Army Man
Most Memorable Moment by QtPie

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Guerrillas Vs The Army

Written by Army Man

[Note:Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Basically, people actually thought these stories were REAL….but they are just nonfiction stories made up by our paintball buddies!]

One day, army man, thought of an army drill, it would be to train others how to defend themselves against a guerrilla strike. What he did was put a a note saying; **ATTENTION ALL PAINTBALL PLAYERS** Will you please report to the center store, and talk to army man. Of course, everyone on went. Army man assigned people to teams, The two teams were: The Army, and Da Guerrillas. Army man sent the guerillas to his commanding officer, DavidM.


The hunt was on. The people on The Army were, Tofer, TaqUin, Luta, kank, ugo, Sceech, kinghomes, and Dav. The people on The Guerillas were, Mastr, danaman, Major Pane, NIK, LitleMan, and some people we’ve never met before. The Army started out in an open field, they decided to go through, and attack. It didn’t work. Half way through Dav set of a proximity mine. He and his fellow camrades, Sceech, and kinghomes were destroyed. That proximity mine set of a chain reaction of fire power from The Guerillas, who were only yards away. Instantly kank pulled out his semi-auto and shot the few we’ve never seen before, while Tofer pulled out his grenade launcher and blasted danaman and Mastr to pieces. The rest all ran away into the mountains. The Army followed. While in pursuit 2 more mines were set off, killing half of The Army. The remaining few, kank, Tofer, TaqUin, and Luta, followed. They moved as silently as possible. Luta saw one, instantly pulled out his launcher, and blasted him. seconds later we heard: ALRIGHT! You splatted Major Pane! You splatted him in the BODY! We cheered, but not for long, because as soon as NIK and LitleMan heard us they attacked. NIK got out his beginner paintball gun and shot 10 times. All missed. He tried again. They didn’t get near us. Then Luta blasted the two foes down. Then we heard. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! The Army is victorious. Luta whispered, “just another usually day for me.”

Most Memorable Moment

Written by Qtpie [This is a true story to the best of my memory]

I remember it well, I was working to get 500 splats and DavidRM was working to get 10k splats. I didn’t need as many splats to reach my milestone as Rm did. But as the night went on he seemed to be getting closer to his milestone and it almost seemed like I was getting farther away from mine(probably because I wanted to be RMs 10k splat more than anything). Soon he was at 9998 splats. We were headed into the game and it was almost guaranteed that he would get them this game. I was splatted by him. My wishful thinking had not been granted, I was his 9999th splat. But there was still hope. He had gotten splatted before he could get another splat. The game ended. Then, out of no where, I get booted. Quickly I logged back on but by the time I got back, RM had splatted mbs, passing his 10k mark. I sighed… and being the joker/teaser that I am announced that *I* was indeed special because I was the last person to be a four digit splat count. We both walked away with guns renamed by RM. I am sure that both mbs and I (maybe even RM) will always look back fondly on that evening. 🙂

{Note: Send me your “most memorable moments” and I will post them here as well. I will post one a week, two or more if no one sends me in a story}



Written by Mavric

Hi all. This is something to help you decide what equipment to use with what. I will say now you may have a different view. If you use a can, most of the time I would stay more hidden because you will be charging people a lot. I would go with either a multi-downfilled jacket, a refracto suit (or kit if you can get one) and if you have the money a cloaking suit (which would be the best for anything really ^_^). And you may need to run fast so get a turbo kit or if you have the money a jet pack or kit. Also, interference kits help. For naders I don’t know much about it but you wouldn’t need anything really special ’cause you just launch them from far away that’s all I can say right now:). I’d have to say the same with rockets as nades. Now for guns I’d say you could use almost anything. Oh yeah here is some equipment tricks to save money and

weight if you put a swim and/or turbo kit on a pair of padded leggings it will cover your legs and feet. And if you put a camo kit on a padded scarf it will pad your neck and body. Well that’s all for now see you in the field bye!


The Minigun

Written by Darkman

One of the newest guns added to PBN is the powered minigun. This is a very expensive gun costing $15000 just to buy the gun. The gun does have a built in burst kit. This means that ever time you fire the mini gun you fire three shots. This gun will not fire free ammo. The only type of ammo it will fire is minigun ammo. Each piece of ammo for the minigun costs $3 and when you account for the burst effect the minigun will cost you $9 bucks every time you fire. The minigun also has a built in rapid-fire kit. So far this is the only weapon on PBN that you can have all three of the helpful gun kits. With the new minigun you can have a spread, rapid-fire and burst features all on the same gun. But if you do decide to add a spread kit to the minigun every time you fire it will cost you $15. That is the same price as a normal speed big paint grenade or a paint rocket. Another disadvantage is that it weighs 45 pounds. The minigun does hold 200 pieces of minigun ammo. The minigun also take up both hand and your waist making it impossible to use this gun and wear a suit at the same time. But if you are an experienced play with a little money to spare I would recommend trying this gun out it adds an interesting dimension to PBN.

Darkman’s review of the gun- The powered minigun is a nifty to little toy, but I think it is to expensive for what it can do. I would say that this gun wont become very popular, but is kind of fun to use once in a while. If you are looking for a gun that is about equal to this I would recommend using a semi-auto hv firing fast no bounce ammo. It would only cost you $1 more per shot and be about the same.

The Art Of Grenading

Written by Fishboy

Ok, now some people say that grenading takes NO skill at all and it is cheating. Well, I happen to disagree. I grenade, and I’m proud to say it too. Grenading takes a lot of skill, don’t believe me? Here are a few reasons why:

1. When you shoot off a grenade, you become visible for at most 3 seconds. As you know, 3 seconds is not a lot of time in the PBNet world. So, when you shoot off a nade, you become very vulnerable and can be splatted very easily.

2. Not only does grenading take skill, but it also takes your money like stealing candy from a baby. Even the smallest of grenades cost you $5 each! EACH! Now, if you were to nade on a regular basis I’d say that take your money pretty quick, wouldn’t you?

People say grenading is cheating, well, it isn’t. It is a very quick and easy way to get splats, bonus, acc. etc. There are many different ways you can grenade too, you have a choice between:

-Throwing: If you don’t want to waste your money on a grenade launcher, you can always buy grenades and throw ’em. But, the disadvantage is they go a maximum of about 5 spaces when you throw them. [Only how much the nade is]

-Grenade Launcher: This is a cheap grenade launcher, it works like any other, but, this one takes up a lot more space. It takes up your head, eyes, both hands, waste, etc. And, it cannot hold many nades. [$1,500]

-Waste-Mounted Grenade Launcher: This one is my personal favorite. This one unlike the other takes up both hands, and your waste. That’s it. This launcher has the farthest shot out of all of them also. And it’s not too pricey either! [$1,250]

-Mini Grenade Launcher: This smallest of its kind. This launcher only takes up both hands, that’s it. But, because of it’s abilities it is the priciest out of them all! But, it’s not all that bad. [$2,500]

Along with those launchers…you have different types of grenades, here they are:

-paint grenades: these are ordinary paint grenades, but, when they are launched/thrown , they only splat one space at a time. So, you have to be dead accurate with these. [$5]

-high-speed paint grenade: these are basically the same as paint grenades, but these go a little faster. Which means, you cannot see them hurling at you. [$10]

-big paint grenades: my personal favorite. These grenades cover a length and width of 3×3. You can see them flying through the air, but with how much these cover, it’s very hard to dodge them. [$15]

-high-speed big paint grenades: the same as the big paint grenade, but has the same concept as the high-speed nades. [$25]

Now you see..it’s not all that bad. Now you know what kind of skill this kind of thing takes. This may not change your mind about nading or not, but now you know what the grenaders go through trying to earn splats. It’s just another part of the game!


Written by Darkman

One of the greatest new changes to PBN is the locker change. Instead of having to log on a second character and lag the server DavidRM has blessed us with built in lockers in the middle store. These lockers are a lot more convenient to use. Instead of having to play 2 characters at once you can just give your extra stuff to your lockers. These new lockers also hold a lot more weight. The new lockers hold a lot more weight than the old ones. Another advantage to the new lockers is that they do not idle out while you are in the middle of another game. I would say that this was an awesome change and can not think of any downsides to the new system. {Qt extra: Lockers can only be used by level 12s and higher. Level 2, 1, and 0 cannot give so it would be useless to have a locker}

Take a look at Ammo

Written by QtPie

Lets take a look at the different kinds of ammo in the stores today. Some have the advantage of being cheap. This allows you to use them in guns with spread/burst kits without losing a lot of money. Others are a sure shot if your aim is right because they do not bounce, but this advantage comes with a price. Let’s take a look at each on individually.

The first set of ammo listed in the chart below can be used with any new *gun* (expect miniguns) in stores right now. You can mix and match the ammo in your gun. Which means you can have a few free paintballs and a few no bounce paintballs etc etc. You can make at least a little profit using any of this ammo except for the fast no-bounce paintballs. Complete profit if you use free paintballs. The catch is, the cheap ammo is just that CHEAP! It does not shoot as far, it bounces more, and it shoots out of your gun slower.

As you can see from the chart below, grenades (regular and rockets) are a sure shot (if you aim it correctly) and some cover multiple squares which allow you splat more players with just one grenade. Grenades also will splat EVERYONE standing on the square you hit. It is very hard to make any kind of profit using this ammo unless you splat A LOT of people each time you shoot a grenade.

Minigun ammo is a bit misleading. This chart is done by individual paintballs. But the minigun AUTOMATICALLY shoots three paintballs every time you fire. So in a sense you would lose money unless you hit one guy with each of the paintballs that comes out of your gun.

Mag ammo/Uhv-UhUv ammo. I personally never really knew much about the mag ammo. I never had a mag and I really don’t see anyone using them. UHV-UHUV ammo is expensive but very fast and effective. This ammo you can only use with antique guns that are no longer sold in stores. This ammo CAN NOT be used with any gun that is sold in the stores right now. And the old Mags-UHV-UHUV guns CAN NOT use any ammo except for this ammo.

SprayPaint. In my opinion the most cost effective and sure fire way (and most boring) to make money and get sure fire splats and keep your accuracy high. Spraypaint never bounces and you don’t waste it because it only shoots when someone is on your crosshairs (or you hit the fire button or type fire.)

Type of Ammo                                      Cost Amount Bounce Per-shot Profit/lose

Use in all New Guns

free paintballs                                           0              10      Alot         0             5.00
paintballs                                               30              25      Alot       1.00          4.00
high-velocity paintballs                     80              25      Alittle     3.00          2.00
no-bounce paintballs                       130              25      Never    5.00          -.20
fast no-bounce paintballs              255              25      Never  10.00          -5.00

Use in Launchers

paint grenade                                           5                1       Never     5.00          0.00
high-speed paint grenade                   10               1      Never     10.00       -5.00
very high-speed paint grenade        15               1      Never     15.00      -10.00
big paint grenade                                   15               1      Never     15.00      -10.00
high-speed big paint grenade           25               1      Never     25.00      -20.00
very high-speed big paint grenade    35               1      Never     35.00      -30.00

Use in Rocket Launchers

paint rocket                                          15              1      Never         15.00      -10.00

Use in MiniGun

minigun paintballs                              202          200     Alittle            2.00          3.00
no-bounce minigun paintballs            402           200     Never           4.00          1.00

Use in Mag guns (not in stores)

MAG Paintballs                              210             100      Alittle         2.00          3.00
MAG Grenades                              110              10       Never         1.00          4.00

Use in UHV-UHUV Guns (not in stores)

high-velocity paintballs                  152               50        Alittle          3.00          2.00
ultra high-velocity paintballs          377              75        Alittle          5.00           0.00

Use in Cans

spraypaint                 115              50         Never          2.00          3.00

Profit/lose is based on Individual paintballs/grenades and assuming you are getting a HUMAN splat. There is a possibility that you could be more profit/lose from each paintball/grenade. This does not take into consideration the money you will win for your team winning, winning survival, winning a hunt, or winning a tourney.

Basically, all ammo has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Try them all out and see which one works best for you. Next issue I will look at the weapons themselves and talk about which one is better for which style of playing (at least MY opinion on the whole subject, others might feel differently.) 🙂


New Server!

Yes people, you are here to witness yet another server open up for our playing enjoyment. The address is . This address will only be good for a few days and then it most likely change. Right now it’s still in the testing phase but it has hopes to being a permanent part of the paintball world.

New Server Closed!

Yes people, you are here to witness the closing of the new server. I only lasted a day or so but people had ground to like it.. Now its just a memory in our minds.

New 90s!

mmmm forbidden donut was the next lucky (or unlucky) person to become a 90 on April 9th. Ya’ll be nice to him! Mirage is yet another new member of the 90s. On Apr 9th he was granted the honor of becoming a 90. Treat him well!

Team Profile

Team: BountyHunters

Leader: James Bond

No. Of Members: 12

Member List:
James Bond
Inbred Jed
Chia pet
Foo Fighters

Motto: Let’s kick some ass.

Homepage: <old link>Thanks


Requirements: Nice person. 500-600 splats. Play a lot, and kick ass.

Who We are: We are the BountyHunters

Achievements: We were 2000 splats behind the other Bounty Hunters team,
in about 1-2 weeks we passed them, and now have almost double their

Goals: To become one of the best teams on PaintBall Net. And to stick
together for a real long time.

Comments: Give a BountyHunter a tell if you want to join our team.

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Matt Williams

Real Name: Matthew David Williams

Age: 14

Job: Paper boy 🙂

Hobbies: Computers, tennis, biking, and well, im getting into paintball.

Homepage: <old link>
(this is old, im in the process of making a better one)

Team: Divine Beings.

Ever:You have $7161, carrying 263/500.(EVER) GAMES:6305

Time Played: 1 year, and around 3 months (i think)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements:Being the youngest admin, making the
FIRST PBN Programs, Playing for 2 weeks and not registering to a lvl
12 :), and being part of some of the best teams ever to be on PBN
(StealthSplatters, Chronic Bananas, and Dvst8ers)

PB Pet Peeves: When people tell me that my bot has splatted them 🙂

Fav. PB Weapon: Hmmm i would probably have to say The can or The Nade

Fav. Bot: The Matt Williams 1337 Bot of course 🙂 (and for all you who
ask 1337 stands for Leet as in Elite)

Fav. PBN Player: Well i could never pick just one so here’s two. SATAN:
For giving me my first gun (rifle) Mike Kalil: For getting me started
and letting me be on his teams, and being a good friend.

Famous Quotes: Spppplatttt, What! I Can’t Hear You! I Got a Banana
Stuck In My Ear! {<{Chronic Bananas Are The Best}>}, and the best one:
If You You Tickle Us Do We Not Laugh? If You Prick Us Do We Not Bleed?
If You Harm Us Do We Not Splat You? The StealthSplatters are the

Other/ Comments: Heck with good graphics ( no offense Dug/Rm) But i
would have to say this is one of the best games i have ever played.
Like i said in the last issue, i like this game because of the
people… if it were not for the people i would probably not be playing
PBN right now, when i first came on and saw the graphics i quit right
away, then i got bored and decided to play, i met some cool people,
played for a couple weeks and i was hooked, i just want to thank David
and Dug for making such a awesome game!

PBN Name:rkj

Real Name:Robert Keith Johnson

Age:33 just hit it on 4-3-98

Job:full time father of one son who is seven and a bridge crane operator at a grey iron foundry and retired law enforcement (thanks to mbs I stayed in it for six years longer than I would have with out his support to keep me in it as long as I did)

Hobbies: well keeping up with my son (coaching his sports teams basketball baseball)raising show quality Cockatiels and the rare mutations also and of course all other free time is spent either playing on PBT or fixing my latest crash I like to cause on my home built computer

Homepage:<old link> (I think) pic of me and AKJ

Team:Hoosiers Co founder with my brother mbs (lawenforcment bro but hey he’s closer than my real bro)

Stats: Ever:

Time Played:August 97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
>of?] :well so many lets say becoming a 90 and not acting like Master
hahaha getting Hoosiers into top ten ever teams with a team that’s
always full of newbies except we few who are loyal

PB Pet Peeves:GREEN CHAT people who repeatedly ask for a reset when I am in a game

Fav. PB Weapon:semi auto {RM} I can shoot like mad (Handel style)

Fav. Bot: NONE I hate them all

Fav. PBN Player:just one is hard but lets say GRM cause I can kick him
around in real life since he’s my nephew

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :rkj has set the game to start “lets play in QT’s yard she always has cookies and milk for after the game” and rkj has set the game to end “ok games over QT break out the cookies and juice for the kids and the beer and pizza for the adults”

Other/ Comments: Remember its just a game you fig it out am I talking about

Closing Notes

I am adding a new section to the PBNN (if ya’ll help me of course). If you send me your “most memorable moment of paintball” I will post it in the Stories/Poetry section. I will post one a week, maybe more if I don’t have any other stories to post there.

MMMM forbidden donut, Omegared, Redraptor, and Team Macleod Clan(Macman) are all tagged to do profiles for the next issue. I sent you the profile form, please fill it out as soon as you can and send it back to me.