PBNN Issue #9 – 3/21/98

Editor: QtPie


This issue is jammed full of stuff.  You all are lucky to get the Special News before anyone else. Happy that you subscribed eh? 🙂   Well I will not bore you with a long intro.  
Enjoy the PBNN!

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


The Final Paintball Game

Written by Hurricane

This was it. The final paintball game to decide who was THE BEST paintball player. It would determine once and for all the top skilled member of DavidRM’s paintball society. The stage was set. Preparations had been made. Fifteen of PBNet’s most elite players had been chosen to participate in a survival game to set the stage for the best ever. Lutra, Random, Jawsateme, Ghost Face Killah, Spume, Theman, Mmmm Forbidden Donu, Darkman, Darkblade, Frocer, Voltron, Blinky, Tarquin, Macman, and Hurricane would battle to the edge for the rights to be called PBNet King.

Quickly all 15 members gathered around to hear the rules being announced. The loudspeaker blabbed out, “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. These are the following rules that you must abide be in order to win the contest. Rule Number 1: No hiding for more then 30 seconds at a time. We have cameras set on each one of you and multiple people watching each player. Rule Number 2:The contest will run for exactly 45 minutes. If there are multiple people left at the end of the match, whoever has the most splats will win. Rule Number 3:Have fun, and good luck.”

With that the tone had been set. The adrenaline was pumping. Some carried nade launchers. Others used nb. And still even some used cans. Everybody carried their personal favorite effective tool of destruction, and each player had the intention in their mind of using it numerous times.

Finally it was game time. The siren blazed, and the players were given 30 seconds to spread out before splatting was allowed. To give you, our viewers out there, an inside look at the match, we have mini-microphones set up with all the players so we can talk to them as the game progresses. Right now it seems as if darkman and darkblade are right along side each other. Let’s ask them what’s going on. “Darkman, what are you doing right next to Darkblade?” “Well the way we see it, it would be tough going solo, so we’re teaming up for now to battle everyone,” Darkblade responded. “Well what do you intend to do if you two are the last ones alive?” There was silence for a minute. “We’ll figure out then, but for now, it’s time.” Ten seconds were left, then five, then three, two, one, and finally the time had come for the combat.

Lutra, the odds-on favorite to win the match, quickly got to a nearby forest. He scanned the terrain to look for hostiles. He quickly saw two – but hesitated to fire hoping they would pass him. Lutra turned around and look to his 6 – three more hostiles were tracking him. The other 14 players, knowing Lutra would be a devastating force, had decided to take him out first. Lutra quickly realized this, but by now his escape routes had been cut off. He figured his only chance would be to go out in a blaze of glory. Hastily he ran out into the open field, firing nades rapidly. Mmmm Forbidden Donut, the first to see Lutra, fired off a nade as fast as he could, while barely aiming. The nade sailed over Lutra’s head, and splatted two people on the opposite side – Spume and Macman. Hurricane, who had been walking beside Donut tracking Lutra, couldn’t believe what Donut had done. Hurricane quickly turned on him and fired his can – splatting him. Although Lutra had done nothing, he had managed to open an escape route with only one person still trying to get him -Hurricane. Hurricane fled away, figuring his chances against Lutra weren’t very good.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the paintball field, Darkman and Darkblade were trying to hold off a flurry of spread nb shots by Random and Theman. Finally Darkman was able to get off a shot through the forests that barely sailed over Theman’s head. It had caused Theman to flinch for just a second -but it was enough time for Darkblade to get off a shot and splat Theman directly in the knee. Then, just as it had looked like Darkblade and Darkman were going to get Random easily, a low speed grenade came at them. They quickly turned around to retreat, but it was too late. Both Darks had been splatted. Then as the mist cleared, Jawsateme stood grinning. And then Random showed his gratitude by shooting 16 paintballs from his gun with spread on it – and every one of them hit Jawsateme. Random simply smiled and walked away to other battles.

In the northeast part of the field, Voltron was in heavy pursuit of Hurricane. Hurricane was running his fastest, knowing his chance against the master canner was very little. Then, as Hurricane looked behind him to see where Voltron was, he tripped over a rock and banged his knee against another rock – his kneecap was busted. Valiantly, Hurricane got up and tried to defend himself. He hopped around nimbly, trying to can Voltron. However, Voltron had the instincts of a hyena – he knew the enemy was wounded and he went in for the kill. Hurricane stood there, with arms outstretched as if to say, ‘I give up.’ Voltron grinned and walked in, casually bringing up his can. Then, at the last moment, Hurricane grabbed his, brought it up, and hit Voltron’s can with it. Both cans flew into the air, and both Hurricane and Voltron fell to the ground. The two opponents looked at each other, and then looked at the two cans lying on the ground 10 feet from them. They knew whoever got to their can first would get the splat. The two players crawled as fast as they could to their cans, but with Hurricane’s gimpy knee, it wasn’t even close. Voltron easily got to his first and splatted him.

Throughout all the action, Blinky had been lying low, moving from forest to forest, trying to avoid contact until the very end. As he moved into a dense forest, he heard a crackle. He looked in all directions, but could see nothing. Then another crackle, and another. Suddenly a figure appeared out of the trees. It was Random. Both people got to the ground and aimed at each other, yet neither fired. “Good old Mexican Standoff,” Blinky commented. “I got you locked right between my sights,” replied Random. “So what, you wound me with your little HV, I blow your fricken’ head off.” Then as silently as possible, Lutra creaked through the forest and saw the two players. He raised his launcher, and got ready to fired. But Lutra had made the greatest mistake – he had made noise. It wasn’t much noise, not more than a mere twig snapping, but it was enough. Random and Blinky turned to Lutra and fired off a total combined 7 shots and 3 nades – Suffice to say Lutra was splatted. Then, as if a light bulb had clicked on, they turned on each other, and fired, splatting each other. A bitter end to Blinky and Random.

This left four people left – Ghost Face Killah, Frocer, Voltron, and Tarquin. Little did the four people know, but they were all within 20 yards of each other. Ghost Face Killah had sensed this, and rapidly started firing nades at every hiding spot imagined. Now none of the nades had hit anybody, but they had startled nearby players who now were more visible. Voltron quickly saw GFK and moved in for the kill. GFK was defenseless, as Voltron got nearer and nearer. Then, as everything seemed hopeless for GFK, a shot was fired from behind and his Voltron in the back, as Voltron fell to the ground. Behind him, Tarquin stood with smoke coming out from his hv-semi auto. But by this time GFK had reloaded, and he showed no mercy, firing off a perfectly aimed grenade at Tarquin, splatting him.

The announced blared out, “There are two people remaining, Ghost Face Killah and Frocer.”

Now up until now, Frocer had stayed absolutely quiet. He knew he was one of two people left, and knew he would have to perform the best match of his career if he was to defeat Ghost Face Killah. However, in his hastiness to get ready, he had made much noise – the number 1 mistake of all-time. Frocer sensed something, and he turned around, only to see GFK with his launcher aimed right at him. But Frocer was a fighter until the end. He raised his rocket launcher as quickly as possible, but GFK had fired before Frocer had it half-way up.

Ghost Face Killah was the champion of the match, and was proclaimed to be the number 1 paintball player. The day was his to celebrate, as was the night. He would live this match over and over in his mind for years to come, most likely the highlight of a very illustrious career.

Written by: Hurricane


Anti-Nade Techniques for Paintball

Written By Cornelius/Randy Clukey

The thing I hate most is when I’m running around and out from the woods flies a nade, BOOM you “XXX splatted you in the body.” Now I don’t know about you but that really gets to me and I mean bad. So I have put together a bunch of rules and techniques to help the people who have the same problem as I did. Also Naders may seem as if they are hiding but chances are they weren’t so don’t tell them you think there hiding because most naders have invisible suits so you can’t see them moving.

Survival Game 1: Biggest and most important, just never stop moving even if your shooting or getting a token, click ahead on were your going so you never really stop. 2: One of the hardest things to do is to kill a nader. So I would recommend if you can to stay away from any areas blanketed in paint by nades stay away. But If you can’t and you have an idea were the nader is, then run right through the area, but not in a straight line. If they give their position away make a run for that area and take a shoot and get out but don’t sit there and fire in a circle that will get you killed. So just be very careful when fighting a nader. 3: The best possible place you can be is in a field always remember that. Because if your out there moving around then the nader probably can’t hit you. If they choose to come out into field then there exposing themselves to your fire that will probably get them killed. 4: Now naders love to sit on mountains and plateaus. So best thing you could do is to avoid things like that. See what happens is when a nader is sitting on a mountain and you go on a mountain with in descent range you blink. Not for a long time but for an instance that gives them enough time to launch a nade at you. So try to avoid those. 5: Avoid small islands or areas that naders can just cover with paint and be able to get you. 6: A biggy avoid water at all cost(exceptions jetpack) because you move slower and you appear on the naders’ satellite if they have one which gives them an idea of where you are.

Co-op flags games ( Same rules carry over from pervious games)

1: If your going for the other teams’ flags make a run-by or flyby of the flags so if there is a nader he well reveal that he is guarding the flags by shooting a nade at you. Then make him think you going after him by shooting at the area he is at or was at then grab a few flags then do same again over and over until you splat him and the rest of his team. 2: Don’t even both guarding your own flags because the chances are that when trying to shoot at some trying to get them a nader will take you out. 3: Never sit on the flags, only a foolish person would go for the flags without shooting at them first.

Teams games (Same rules carry over from pervious games)

1: I find the straight on approach deadlier for you more than them. The naders will probably head for a mountain or wooded area for cover and to shoot nades so try to wait to see if they shoot and then go after them if they do. 2: Try not to shoot more than once in place because nades well be on your like never before. 3: Try to avoid large crowds of your teammates they are perfect targets for naders. Trust me I naded for a while they wish for these things at night.

Hunt games

1: If you don’t get the victim then hide because naders will be looking for people to splat and if you can’t hide don’t stop moving.

Ok so that’s what I do. But all these concepts may not work for you so try them out and if you discover little tricks to trick the naders with then good for you. But most of these should work because I have naded and gun in my short career and I can tell you I know both sides of the pillow. Good luck!

Kill them Naders, Randy Clukey

Anti-Grenade Strategy

Written by: killah

Grenades have to be the fastest growing weapon on paintball net and probably the most hated. It seems like every game on chat I get a couple of these messages: “Damn nades!”. I like to think of myself as a decent nader and a person with some “nade evading skill”.

With new high speed nades and very fast nades the whole game changed. The people who use these nades (such as myself) usually are veterans with large amounts of cash to burn. This can result in “Newbie Killing”. Many newbies get discouraged by in less than 5 seconds into a game a white or green grenade flies in and they are in the holding while us naders are racking up the splats. The new invention of rapid fire kits also contributes to the often nade splats. Now naders can shoot and move without suffering the lag we experienced before the rapid fire kits. These are my tips to all those to avoid getting splatted repeatedly be nades: 1. Stay in open fields. A naders worst enemy is an open field. With the invention of spread kits after we fire a nade (especially in a field) we are pretty much free game. If you see an enemy firing a launcher in a field my advice is to rush at him and fire quickly catching him while he is lagging for a couple of seconds. 2. Avoid areas such as woodlands and mountains. Naders have a field day with people who run into these terrain’s that causes them to slow down. Woodlands are also a terrain type that is very good for hiding naders. They can shoot out into the open parts without even being seen and leave before detected. 3. Keep moving. If I see someone moving in different patterns all over the place chances are I’m not going risk it and shoot at the person. Most naders take shots at people who are standing still for some reason. By moving around you may also draw fire from less experienced naders allowing you to determine their location. 4. If you happen to see a nade coming try to change your position as quickly as possible. If the nade is green chances are its a big paint grenade and you’ll have minimal time to use evasive actions. If its a high speed grenade just move as fast as possible and or return fire. If you’re going down take them with you hehe.

With new equipment being added to the game and changes to the game as well anti-nading techniques will need to be changed. But for now if you at least take a look at these you may see some naders tell you after you splat them,” nice shot man, I thought I had you!” Remember this: nading eats at your cash and I do not endorse it for everyone to try, it is very different then any other weapon type.


Written by Mavric

Hi all this is something to help you decide what to use with what. I will say now you may have a deferent view. -If you use a can, most of the time I would stay hidden because you will be charging people a lot. So I would go with either a multi-downfilled jacket, a refracto suit (or kit if you can get one) and if you have the money a cloaking suit (which would be the best for anything really ^_^). You will need to run fast so get like a turbo kit or if you have the money a jet pack or kit. Also, interference kits help. -For naders I don’t know much about it but you wouldn’t need anything really special ’cause you just launch them from far away that’s all I can say right now:). -I’d have to say the same with rockets as nades. -Now for guns I’d say you could use almost anything. Here are some equipment tricks to save money and weight. If you put a swim and/or turbo kit on a pair of padded leggings it will cover your legs and feet. If you put a camo kit on a padded scarf it will pad your neck and body. Well that’s all for now see you in the field bye!



At around 5:45 on March 17th, I witnessed for the first time (at least that I’ve seen) 102 Paintball players Online. WOOHOO! Broke the 10k Mark Compeler Slider 
Broke the 20k Mark 
Broke the 30k Mark

All Kinds of New Stuff..

DavidRM got a promotion!! He is now a level 100. (I better change the guestbook entry selection huh?)

-Free Paint: Free paint now takes up twice as much space. So your weapons will only hold half as much free paint as it did before.

-Free Guns:Free guns now have a “built in” hopper. This means that you will only be able to assemble ONE additional kit to a free gun.

-50/80-69/79:The 50s are now level 80s and the 69s and now level 79. There has been no change (that I know of) in their abilities. Just the change in their levels. This is making room for more paying member levels.

-New 90s:Eostinso and QtPie were promoted to 90 status last week. Bob Nova and David Marlow were promoted to 90 over last weekend as well as Master becoming a 95. Will not rattle on about that since I am one of the ones that go promoted. But I must say.. Thanks RM!!! 🙂

-Cans: We all noticed a change in cans. Then we noticed the cans changed back, but the catch is, They are more expensive. They also now auto-fire on bots.

-Rapid Fire: Rapid Fire reduces the delay time in between shots. Kinda makes a gun seem like a machine gun to me..

-Very Fast Grenades: Those black nades(I think Sabot had some) that we have seen soaring through the air at one time or another are now in stores. They are the fastest nades you can buy. Cost is 35 bucks a pop though. Expensive! You MUST buy a NEW launcher if you want to get the full power of these nades!

-Minigun: Be The Terminator. Get your minigun now. It shots faster then any of the new guns out in stores right now. It has a built in burst(remember burst shots three paintballs to one square every time it is shot). It uses both hands AND your waist. Price is 15k with the ammo being about the same price as UHV ammo.

-Stat features: When you look at your stats, you will see more info there. First, the number by your name is your ID number. Second, it tells you how many games you survived.

-Old kits: The old kits are back: jetpack 45k, x-ray 10k, infrared 7.5k. They are back with a price though, and the jetpack kit now weights as much as a shiney jetpack. For newbies: Jetpack of course makes you go faster then turbo and is worn on the body and waist. X-rays is worn on the eyes and allows you to see farther. The infrared viewer is worn on the eyes and allows the player to see other players up to 5 spaces away. The insulation suit blocks the infrared viewer.

Team Profile

Team: The Amigos

Leader: I (Compeler) am the official leader, but anyone who proves them self loyal to the team is promoted.
No. Of Members: 19
Member List: Compeler, Pete, Enthrop, AntC, Imager, La mergra, Loscerman, army man, Weasel, evil hord one, Slider, SPLAT, Ty Shearman, BALLCARRIER, RoboCow, Corran, jaunton chickon, Proliter, milman
Motto: Nothing is stronger than friendship, that’s why Amigos thrive.
Drink Cherry Coke, the official drink of The Amigos.
No kicking or booting anyone, Amigos don’t do that to each other.
Semper Fidelis – Latin for “Always Faithful”

Stats: (EVER) BONUS:17091500 SPLATS:21427 ACCURACY:27%
Requirements: Well usually when someone says requirements, we think of a needed number of splats, this is not the case on The Amigos, to join you have to either be a friend of a current team member, someone I find friendly and would like to get to know, or invited by another team member.
Who We are: We are one of those teams in Paintball that doesn’t care about splats. We are a team of friends that like to have fun, talk, and play a game of paintball while we do it.
Achievements: Recently the team got 20k splats, not that I find splats important, but it is good to know. The team has filled with friendly people after a spell of people quitting.
Goals: I donut care about being a top10 ever team as much as I care about being a respected team. I, myself, have the goal of becoming an administrator to further my ability to help my teammates and others.
I tag CRIMSON DEATH, the best, most feared, and most envied upcoming team of Pb.

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Eostinso 

Real Name: E.O. Stinson
Age: 16 
Job: Web Page design, tech support (1 person business 🙂 
Hobbies: Computer game playing, rollerblading, computer programming (VB), reading, 
running, biking 
Team: The Elite Few 
Stats: Ever: GAMES:2360 BONUS:1933500 SPLATS:2165 ACCURACY:30% 
Time Played: Erm.. A long time 🙂 like between 1.2 and 2.5 years… ask DRM 
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Um. I finally became a 90 :). And I have written billions of aliases. And I wrote the only program to write aliases.:) is three things ok?
PB Pet Peaves: Tournaments… especially expensive, long ones. Spam notes. Recently, 
people slamming RM… 
Fav. PB Weapon: Whenever I can afford it: semi-auto hv paintball gun[spread][expansion] with fast NB 
Fav. Bot: Kami bot.. They’re dumb, and they kill alotta people w/o camo 
Fav. PBN Player: RM gets first, but Cowbot and Soundtraxx tie for second place 🙂 
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : <<<songname/band>>> quote.. ex: <<<sublime>>> 
Life is short, so love the one ya got, cause ya might run over or ya might get *shot* 🙂 
Other/ Comments: Stop slamming RM, stop asking me how I became a 90, and RM, keep 
adding/removing the weapons… Its fun 🙂 And if I may advertise, try out my AliasMaker 
program at <old link>.. hehe

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] : Cowbot

PBN Name: David Marlow, And DavidSM

Real Name: David Marlow
Age: 21
Job: Networking Specialist.
Hobbies: Computers Cars, Watersports and PBN
Team: The Team
Stats: Ever: EVER) GAMES:2413 BONUS:2524000 SPLATS:2148 ACCURACY:20%
Time Played: Since 11/96
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Geesh there’s 
just too much to brag about..
PB Pet Peaves: I hate Nades with a passion
Fav. PB Weapon: Ultra Light Ultra High Velocity.. Hey I named it that….
Fav. Bot: Stupid Bots are good bots, only because they’re dead bots
Fav. PBN Player Sabot, A bud from the start
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Lock ‘n’ Load,
Other/ Comments: OK, so im behind quite a bit, but fear me, cuz im BACK!!!!

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] : MBS

PBN Name: Bob Nova

Real Name: Ed Smith
Age: 16
Job: Computer Guru/Nerd, Auto mechanic
Hobbies: Playing PBNet, PLaying other stuff on my computer, Fencing(Swords not wire), and Soccer
Team: The Elite Few
Time Played: very long time, i’m player number 1937
Most Crowning PBN Achievements: made the shift+left-click targeting cursor, 4 time 90
PB Pet Peaves: mean people, green text, canners
Fav. PB Weapon: in the old days HV/exp/exp, now HV rifle/exp/exp with HV ammo
Fav. Bot: Stealth, it’s good at hiding
Fav. PBN Player: Presto
Famous Quotes: Yo! maybe some other old ones that i can’t remember 🙂
Other/ Comments: please note, the stats are for the main BP server only,
if you add about 10k splats, 8k games, and $200k you will have closer to 
real life stats for me


Closing Notes

Cowbot, mbs, MaSe and Team Crimson death were all tagged in this issue.  Be sure to send me an email telling me if you accept or decline the invitation to be profiled so I can get the form to you or find someone else that will do one.

If any of you have ideas for the PBNN, don’t be scared to tell them to me.  I might not do them, but then again you might just see your idea in the new issue of the PBNN.

I’m looking for someone to be my “milestone” reporter.  All you do is check to see if someone passes a major milestone (10k splat, 20k splats etc et) and email the list of names to me.  If you would be interested in this job, just DO it! 🙂

I’m also requesting that someone write an article about the new miniguns. Also if any of you have locker use tips/tricks, feel free to write an article on that. 

There are many other ideas for articles  out there, find one and write an article for me!  Thanks! Have fun everyone! 
Happy Splatting