PBNN Issue #36 – June 1st, 2019

Editor: QtPie


Well here we are again. Pbnet is back! We are all a bit older (ok maybe I’m not but ya’ll are) and things are changing a bit, but it’s wonderful to be back!

For the Profiles this issue, I’m using the profiles I had from past issues. I thought it would be fun to check out how we have changed.

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


At the Beginning.. Again

Written by TheQtPie

On Jan 8th, one simple post by DavidRM restarted it all. It read in part:

If you can read this, you are invited to take part in testing Paintball Net. (Remember that word “test.” It’ll come up a lot.)


While I’ve been testing as I go, I’ve had a lack of multiple mes. So most of the testing has been me logging in, typing commands, running around, that sort of thing. Now I need the type of testing that only comes from people who are *not* me.

And so after almost 20 years, PbNet was back online!

I’ll admit I got goosebumps that first time I logged on. It’s like I was transported back in time.

Then the splatting began!

The first few weeks were a bit shaky, with some crashes, some obvious bugs, and a few intentional inventory wipes. Rm quickly worked through those and then came “Something Stupid Tuesday.” For two days, Jan 16th and 17th, we all got $1M in cash and 10K weight allowance. This gave us a chance to test out all the equipment. Oh how I miss that jetpack!

By the end of Jan, the game was running smoothly. For the most part, the game was just as it had been way back when, except we couldn’t buy levels. And then Feb arrived.

For the first half of Feb, DavidRM worked on the backend code. Feb 18th was the last time anyone played the “true old school” way and Pbnet went dark for a few days. On Feb 26th we woke up to the new way. Although most of the changes were not noticeable to us, there were a lot of changes to backend that opened the door to the changes to come. The obvious changes right away were 1. there are three servers to choose from, the beginner server, the tournament server, and the experienced server and 2. the ability to buy special things and commands such as aliases, more games a day, more weight, a locker, and the rename, reset games, and give commands. A few days later we were able to buy Pbnet cash with real cash.

March saw more changes. RM introduced hiking boots, trail boots, and running shoes. He also restructured what equipment newbies received when they first log on. Gone are beginner vests. RIP! On March 14th the beginner server also said goodbye to pre-designed maps, server generates its own maps now. I think that works well.

On March 16th DavidRM started tinkering with game types by adding
Free Gun Survival and Free Gun Teams games. These were the precursor for what the beginning server was to evolved into. Three days later, the beginner server was transformed into a limited equipment server. Turbo, launchers, rockets, cloaking, refracto, xray, infrared, and jetpacks are disabled on the beginner server.

In April and May, the website was coming together and smaller changes were being implemented. There was a change to how spread works and is displayed. The fire speed on spread and burst was slowed down so there might be a few guns with a rare spread or burst kit. On the login screen you can now see how many players are on each of the servers. Bots were given guns and made smarter. Padding has a chance of not being bouncy and scope helps your accuracy. And other things that I’ve probably forgotten about.

Then the announcement of Launch Day Weekend, June 1st and 2nd.

And that is were it stands today. I’m so happy to have been at this new beginning. I think I can speak for all of us and say Thank You RM and Good Luck on this endeavor! 🙂



Ryn, Poormanjoe, and TheMan all became tourney masters.

TheMan became and “Admin”


Surge was the first player to reach 1000k total splats.

Poormanjoe was the first player to reach 1000k player splats.

New Items

Ability to buy more games, more weight, a locker, rename stuff, reset games, aliases

Set up the ability to buy, with real cash, in game cash.

Hiking boots, trail boots, and running shoes were introduced.

Free Gun Survival and Free Gun Teams games were added.

Beginner paintball gun was renamed to free paintball gun.

Newbies now start with: a paintball gun (+ full hopper), a woodland camo jacket (no more beginning vest), a pair of running shoes and $1000 .

Player Profiles

PBN Name: DavidRM

Real Name: David R. Michael
Age: 29
Job: Software Engineer for
Prevue Networks, Inc.
Hobbies: Role-playing games, Game
programming, and Writing
PB Pet Peaves: People who forget they were newbies LAST month.
Fav. PB Weapon: ULUHV
Fav. Bot: The “damn bot.”
Fav. PBN Player: All-time favorite player has been, and remains: Pollyanna
Team: Sea Cows Redux
Time Played: Since June, 1996
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Yo, all.
<stomps GOD>
Stats Ever: GAMES:4239 BONUS:8655000 SPLATS:10435 ACCURACY:30%
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?]: I wrote PBTerm. =)

PBN Name: Ez, Think Simple, Erik, Zippy,

PB Pet Peaves: Dont piss me off, no damn colors, dont piss me off, did i mention dont piss me off
Fav. PB Weapon: My 1000 round shooter
Fav. Bot: Stealth, cause it reminds me of my self
Fav. PBN Player: Presto
Real Name: Erik Zimmerman 462
Age: 19, 20 in 3 weeks <feb 21>
Job: Full time bullshiter, part time cook, House
Cook for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Full time student, majoring in Hrad, Hotel Restaurant Administration, minor in bussiness
Hobbies: Drinking beer with my Brothers, Cars, anything relating to cars,drag racing, drinking, women, drinking, partying, hanging with my Bro’s of Pi Kappa Phi
Team: The one the only, the oldest team in Pbterm History, The: TheEliteFew, or was that The Elite Few
Stats: Ever: duh? You have $9908, carrying 191/500.
(EVER) GAMES:9917 BONUS:20586500 SPLATS:31493 ACCURACY:43%
ez suit[expansion][bot][bot][expansion][water] on your HEAD, EYES, NECK,
a 1000 round shooter[expansion][satellite] on your RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND
Time Played: I have been playing over a year and 6 months, since August 16,1996
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : That i was the first to reach 10k splats, 20k, 30, shit anything in between, Have kept my super equip since the day the chop shop opened, am the best player on PBN except for PRESTO, well basically i am the SHIT, oh yea having my initials on the field for a few months
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : aaaaauuuuuuggggggaaaaa aaaaauuuuuuggggggaaaaa Oh and while Pikes May know and blow, Pi Kapps Meet and eat,
Other/ Comments: I am a Pi Kappa Phi, at Oklahoma State University, i am from Tulsa Oklahoma, and now am currently living in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Proud of the fact that Stillwater sells one percent of the nations beer, and that is for a 30k people town.. beer is good, BTW i like J.W. Dundees Honey Brown. most domestics, and a few imports. Liquer is more to the lines of vodka, < no cheap shit, their is a difference> Peachtree Schnaps, and a few other liquers.

PBN Name:poormanjoe

(real name is Bill though)

Age/Birthday:July, 28th 1983 (that makes me 15)


Hobbies:Golf, motocross, PBN, n64, computers in general, and real paintball

Homepage: <old link>

Team:The Lost Souls


Time Played: Little more than a year (ID:51784)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Hitting 10k and 20k splat(10k was better though) RM using my idea of game ready standby, be one of the makers of TLS, and of coarse my shotgun

PB Pet Peeves: people who think my {==Dug==} signature is fake, and nading.

Fav. PB Weapon:The Best Shotgun Ever[largeexpansion][rapidfire]{=Brockman=}{=Mbs=}{=Beowulf=}{=TheRock=}{==Dug==}{=Sandstorm=}{=Spume=}

Fav. Bot:as sgt would say….I hate bots thats why I kill em 

Fav. PBN Player:Spume/bosborne

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Busprod

PBN Name: QtPie

Real Name: Tamera
Age:24-25 On Feb 11th…DON’T forget!
Hobbies:Computers, Computers, Nascar, Computers (more like an
Team:Chorus (RAH RAH)
Stats: Ever: GAMES:2220 BONUS:1913500 SPLATS:2444
ACCURACY: Not showing THAT!
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :
NO NO NO NO DavidRM That is not the way it works!
I Dance, You Stare, I Splat! Understand?!?!?!
<Dances on the Rock for
MBS is the ORGINAL TIGGER.. He’s <Bouncey> <Bouncey> <Bouncey!>
PB Pet Peaves:People who think that Pbnet is a Hot Chat Room…<growl> People who groan and moan about the newbie 90’s or any 90 for that matter! And people who cuss and cuss and cuss and cuss!
Fav. PB Weapon:Mine…my QTs UHV[DavidRM 9999th Splat][expansion][expansion]
Fav. Bot:Well it hasn’t been invented yet…but still trying to get RM to create the “QT BOT” You know the one that dances around you to distract you and then splats you?? <teehee>
Fav. PBN Player:Oh now that is no fair…but I would have to say Handel (don’t be sad guys LOL)
Other/ Comments: I love music…you will find me quoting lyrics alot. (Be glad you don’t have to hear me sing.) Gee what else can I say without being egotistical…I suppose NOTHING…so I’ll say NOTHING 
Happy Splatting everyone!
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Hmmmm there have been sooooo many. Teehee. But it has to be the day I reached 500 splats. Also the day Rm reached 10k Splats..What a memorable evening that was 

PBN Name:TRUEfoe



Hobbies:Playing PBTerm, having straight A’s.

Homepage:<old link>

Team:The Lost Souls


Time Played:1 1/2 Years

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I did a 12K drop for my 10K splat, which I was proud of.

PB Pet Peeves:People who spam, and use profanity.

Fav. PB Weapon:I like the Rocket Launcher.

Fav. Bot:dumb bot, because they are so dumb! =)

Fav. PBN Player:poormanjoe

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Busprod

Other/ Comments:This is my first time writing to the PBNN, and I am proud to be chosen. =) I’d like to give a shout to my friends out there, PBL(My cousin), Psychoticfairytale(My Team’s Cap), poormanjoe(A man of wisdom), Ryn(a tutor of mine), Lady Scorpion(A phat team member), Ryno(a good buddy), cheepon(man of laughs, that or else he’s crazy), JDaMaN(a person I talk to about stuff), and all my other friends out there.

Closing Notes

It’s been wonderful seeing so many familiar names again.

I don’t have plans to do anymore PBNN Issues. We’ll see what the future hold.

Until then..

Happy Splatting! – Qt

PBNN Issue #35 – 7/21/99

Editor: QtPie


Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Written by DEO

First off, this is not a strategy or tactics article. This is just something I wrote to express my mind, and if you’ve ever read one of my longer notes, you know it takes me a long time to say what I want to say. Now you’re probably all thinking, why is DEO talking about old school? He’s not really old. And you’re absolutely right. I never played when everyone used old school tactics, but I do know a lot about them. When I first started, like I said, not EVERYONE was old school, and there are even fewer today. But there was still a few old school players when I started and I watched them. Boo Yaow is old school, he played a lot when I was a newbie. He was real

good, too. Like he said in his ‘What’s Changed?’ article, people that nade’d would shoot maybe 3 nades at you and if they all missed they would try something different. Now, if someone shoots some nades at you and they miss, they think “Yeah, he can dodge one nade, let’s see how he does with 15 coming at him!” And they nuke you. Seems the only way to get ahead nowadays is to nade, rocket, spread NB or FNB. And when the newbies see the ‘wallet winners’ (That’s my term for the people that seem good because they have the money to “buy splats”) spraying their FNB they think, wow I wanna have as many splats as him one day, all I need to do is get enough cash to spray the field down in paint. Now, just because I mostly use a can, I’m not saying I’m old school. I admit I’m far from it. What I am saying, is I wish I was Old School. I want to be Old School. And the only way to be old school is to

use skill, and tactics. Idling in one place in your hider suit waiting for a

guy to walk by is not using skill and tactics, and I admit I’ve done this too before. But the fun leaves the game, there’s no thrill in not being seen. Some of the best times I’ve had is having fire fights with old school players. Lil Oly used a hider suit, but he didn’t just sit there in it, I remember running around and all of a sudden a nade would land right beside me, then Oly would jump out and cyan me, luckily I was bouncy. He usually ended up hitting me with another nade though. That was old school, and those days were the best I ever had on PBN. So, I challenge all you wallet winners to try single shot FNB or NB, I can’t promise more splats, but I’m almost certain you’ll have more fun.

Tourny Player of the Month

Written by Unicorn and Gazemer

The Tourny Player of the Month for June was decided as SP. He reflected a good amount of skill and a nice clean attitude. He receive a Tourny Player of the Month Jacket -June-. The Jacket is a Multi Jacket, hopefully he will enjoy it. Good Job SP, you deserved it!!

–Unicorn and Gazemer

Invaders Secrets

Written by AlphaAce

Hi all its me AlphaAce. Well im sitting here in Longbeach California on my grandma’s webTV. Bah no pbn on this thing. Its raining and I have nothing better to do so i am going to give you all of my Vaders secrets. Ok first buy a pair of X-ray glasses at bottom store and wear them. Now go to top left store and buy a high velocity semi-auto gun/rifle. Now go to top right store and purchase a spread fire kit and a hugh expansion. Assemble both these kits to your hv gun/rifle. Now go to middle store and buy a backpack of some sort. Put your rifle into you backpack. Go back to top right store and buy a water camo kit. Assemble this kit to you backpack.

Next go to bottom store buy some leggings or boots. Go back up to top right store and buy turbo & swim kits and assemble it to your leggings. (If you can afford jet assemble it to a multi-jacket with your water camo kit) Once you have your leggings with the kits on them wear them. When the vaders game begins don’t run anywhere yet. Take your time look around at where there is a thin lake and there isn’t very many mountains/bushes/hills around to block your paint. When you get this area get in some water and type the command crouch. After playing for vaders for a long time you get to know at what part of  the song the bots come out. A few seconds before the bots come out start  spraying at the wall. Shoot far away down the map to near you. This way all the paint will hit wall area at same time. Hopefully the second the bots  are released. You will receive many splats instantly. Now just keep firing till all the bots are cleared away from you. If your still alive and you  can’t see any bots type stand. This will increase your eye site. Now you  should see a few more bots. Sniper them off. Keep doing this until all bots are dead. You should be able to win the game. Only 1 rule and that is stay in the water! Also check your ammo, nothing like have you and 3 bots left and only 8 paintballs in your weapon. So use your ammo sparingly if you are low on ammo.

‘Equipment, More’

Written By FlameStag

“I hate Canners,” go and say her, splatting bots, and splatting players,

With my can I splat them all, I splat them all and splat them more,
I fire my can, nearly splatting, almost hit them while I’m canning,
Then I see someone Nading, Nading them and Nading more,
“Takes no skill,” I shouted, “For Nading I shall ignore,
You Naded, and nothing more.”

Ah, way back in November, I started playing if I remember,
Each splat upon another, quickly mounting up a storm,
Another splat I really wanted, a victim is what I hunted,
Over a mountain for some splats, splats I must have more,
For I am but a newbie, I must have and can’t ignore,
Equipment, I need some more.

Who is this? She is undine, QtPie a ninety-nine?
An admin is what I wished, but my dream is unfinished,
Equipment I need to hold, more weight is what I lore,
I need more space, more, more, more and more,
Padding I need some more, keep on bouncing more and more,
Equipment, I need some more.

A level up I must send, ten bucks I need to spend,
To RM I need to mail, my level up mail by snail,
For I have no Card of Credit, Therefor cash is my debit,
To the mailbox I journey for, I send my check, twas no chore,
Can’t be long, not much more, soon to be level twelve, for,
Equipment, I need some more.

It came, It came, a level up in my name,
I head to the Depot, some padding in my arsenal,
I add a scarf, a pack, some boots, and some more
Some boots of down, no more, I found the inner core,
Padding is what I plenty, no more am I sore,
Equipment, I need no more.


New Admins

CowboyM, Moldy, Modru, Comeon, and Compeler where all promoted to 80. Have fun!


The Lost Souls hit 200k!!!!!!!

The Holy Ones got 130k in team splats

Team Cykotic hit 50k on June 2, 1999 Cyko would just like to say… It’s

about time. =)

Chapper reached 100k Splats. Good Going Chapper 😉

Alpha Ace reached 50k splats…OOOOOYEA

No Name wrote: i broke 50k splats on June 23, 1999 TayTay was my splat and he received some cash and a padded scarf (-Im AAs 50K SPLAT-)

VAA hit 50k splats! It was GunStun, and he got 5k. Nice Job VAA!

Freddee got 20k splats and his splattie was star of death. Way To Go!

Soul Colossushit 10k splats. Woohoo!

Golden Raven hit 5k splats. He would like to thank his buds on Red Ocean (Don’t tell his buds on Red Haze cuz they will get mad at him. hehehe) He’d also like to thank Jnco, Spyda, PA, Liquid, We, and Ryn.

Paintsplat reached 1000 splats on 6/21/99. Keep it up Paintsplat!

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Redman (sometimes Redmann)

Age/Birthday:16 10/29/82

Job:Try to help my dad run his business

Hobbies:Too Many to name

Homepage:<old link>

Team:MacLeod Clan

Stats for ‘Redmann'(82635) TotalWorth:$255559: (EVER) GAMES:12080 BONUS:24796500 SPLATS:33194 ACCURACY:45% GAMES SURVIVED:3216 BOT SPLATS:20007 PLAYER SPLATS:13187 (CURRENT) BONUS:599500 SPLATS:530 ACCURACY:23%

Time Played:Since November 98

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Reaching lvl 80.

PB Pet Peeves:Stanky, FlyinEmu, losing big $$$ tournaments

Fav. PB Weapon:minigun[spread][rapidfire]

Fav. Bot:Stanky’s Dumb Bot, cause it’s dumb just like he is (*smile*)

Fav. PBN Player:Too many to name really: Brockman, Stanky, Gazemer, FlyinEmu, Lil Oly, Macman, Randy G….the list goes on

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:ServerOne

Other/ Comments:Ummm…<Redmann rides onto the field in his new Dodge Viper while sayin hi to all his paintball friends!> Hi Guys!! LOL!!!! Inside joke, my buddy’s get it =)

PBN Name: Skateboarder

Age/Birthday: age 14, 5/17/85

Job: Student(workin at kfc next year)

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, wrestling, Computers, pbn, artifact, HOMM1-3, and hangin with my friends

Homepage: my school was supposed to post mine but it never did, so I’m gonna have to mess up the computer teacher(hehe j/k)

Team: Insane Cabbits

Stats: Ever: You have $286($25987), carrying 116/200. (EVER) GAMES:12003 BONUS:10938500 SPLATS:11455 ACCURACY:31% GAMES SURVIVED:3378 BOT SPLATS:4396 PLAYER SPLATS:7059

Time Played: started may 12 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I don’t know I guess for being known as a spread rocketing guy in tourns =)

PB Pet Peeves: spammers

Fav. PB Weapon: Mini paintrocket launcher [large expansion] [rapid or spread]

Fav. Bot: damn dumn bot heh

Fav. PBN Player: I don’t know maybe Beowulf, Eric Gray or blasterFX

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: well it used to be BP4445 but it’s gone

Other/ Comments:RUN/DMC ROCKS!

PBN Name: Bosborne

Age/Birthday: 17/12-19-81

Job: I work for the Kentucky State Government 🙂

Hobbies: Pbn, football, baseball, collecting swords, and flying when I get the chance.

Homepage: <old link> (My site is down, sorry)

Team: Cykotic right now.. I was on Dune, but I quit.

Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:12606 BONUS:25239500 SPLATS:33512 ACCURACY:70% GAMES SURVIVED:4311 BOT SPLATS:20854 PLAYER SPLATS:12658

Time Played: About a year if you count my other characters, maybe a little longer.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Joining Dune when Bosborne and hitting 30k total splats.

PB Pet Peeves: Mostly I just hate Lag, and that’s about it 🙂

Fav. PB Weapon: Rockets launchers/Miniguns

Fav. Bot: Any bot that doesn’t kill me first, but I always seem to die by the hands of a Qtpie Bot. So I say a Qtpie bot 🙂

Fav. PBN Player: Unicorn, EricR, Shady, Getem, and Stanky 🙂

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Busprod (or any that has less lag then the other)

Other/ Comments: I am not really sure what to put here, so I will just make short and sweet. I am just here to have some fun and make a few friends.

Life is to short to worry about what will happen tomorrow in the world, so I plan to live life to the fullest. :0) Oh, and one last thing.. Hello World:)

PBN Name: Getem

Age/Birthday: 21 11/14/77

Job: Firefighter

Hobbies: Scuba diving, boating, waterskiing

Homepage: n/a

Team: (none) used to be DUNE

Stats: Ever: GAMES:13937 BONUS:16583000 SPLATS:21198 ACCURACY:39% GAMES SURVIVED:3110 BOT SPLATS:12338 PLAYER SPLATS:8860

Time Played: a little over a year

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Hit 20k splats and made lots of friends

PB Pet Peeves: excessive begging, spam, the usual

Fav. PB Weapon: old can

Fav. Bot: Their all bad, very bad =)

Fav. PBN Player: Unicorn

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Busprod

Other/ Comments: I don’t have as much time to play as I used to because of starting a new business, so I don’t get to chat with all of you as much anymore but I want to say thanks. I’ve never played any other game as long as this one and its all because of the great people that play.

Closing Notes

Happy Splatting! -Qt

PBNN Issue #34 – 6/15/99

Editor: QtPie


Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes



By John Gerace

Many of us have heard stories of bugs, or server problems that effect people.
Well I am here to tell the story of a particular bug THE DELETE BUG. 

Although this bug only hit two or three people it ruined the careers(stats) of those
people. This bug that hit people was created from a miscommunication between the

What this bug did was it took all of your stats and wiped them clean, ok well most
of you are probably thinking that RM can take care of that That’s where you are
mistaken RM can restore your money and splats,and stats however what he
couldn’t restore was your ID#, or Identification number. Whatever the current
Identification numbers were at was your New ID#’s therefore if you had an oldie
number like in the 100’s or the low thousands to the 20k’s you were now a 40k The
ID numbers today are around the eighty-hundred thousands. Imagine what would
happen if you had an ID number of lets say 30,000, then if the bug struck today
all your stats, splats, levels would be gone. Then you go to RM and you think your
ok then suddenly you look at your ID number and there you are 100,??? The thing
that is kind of weird about this bug is the fact that once it hit you everything was
gone except your eq. If you were a level 30 at the time and the bug hit you you
would have your eq except! you would outweigh the legal eq limit for the level 2
which is what you became. So that meant that you could no longer get ammo for
your weapons because ammo takes up weight. Therefore you go and sell eq so you
have more weight available to get ammo. And you make the mistake(like I did) of
selling stuff that had kits on it. UH OH Those of you who know the disadvantage
of being a level 2 on this game, it is that you don’t get full value of eq with kits on
it. Yes that means if you sold a down-filled jacket[refracto][interference] which
weighed about 50 pounds you lost a good percentage of the money you put into it. 
That was not expensive back then because refracto kits were only $2500 back
then but it was also harder to make money back then than it is today. Wow, so
what? Well if you ended up selling a lot of equipment you lost more and more
money. Then when your stats and splats and level was restored you still lost the
money that you lost when you sold your eq as a ! 
level 2. The bug itself wasn’t the killer it was the mistake me and the others made
after the bug hit you. 

Ok, then here is the other part of it when the bug hit you you really didn’t know
because it was like you were lagged off the server, which no offense RM or Dug
did happen a lot back then. You signed back on and it told you you didn’t have
enough weight, so you sold stuff. Then you realize your stats and you contact RM
or Dug immediately (like I did). And realize that you were just attacked by a
server bug. 
I am pretty sure that this bug won’t ever come back because RM and Dug fixed
the problem, but a different variation of this bug is quite possible. The main
reason I am telling this story is to warn you and tell you if you are ever attacked
by a bug as insignificant as it may seem contact RM and Dug as soon as you figure
it out.

PBTerm Scamming:How to stop and detect it

Written by Kurdt Cobain

Hi My PBTerm name is Kurdt Cobain. Im writing this article because I see a lot of
people who I think are scamming some way or another. In my following paragraphs
I will explain how to tell if someone is scamming and if you get scammed how to
make sure you can get refunded. 

The first thing im going to cover is how to tell if people are scamming. A lot of
people scam level upgrades. If you see someone selling level upgrades and you think
you want one ask them for a reference. If they don’t have someone who says they
are trust worthy its probably a good sign that you might not want to risk it. If you
see someone selling level upgrades really cheap and by Credit Card (CC) they could
be scamming. By cheap I mean under 12K. If a person lacks in detail on something
there selling or something there doing to get money it might be a scam also. Please
watch out who you buy things off of. If your going to buy something do it off of
the offer list. 

How to get your money back if you have been scammed, what you can do to stop
from being scammed. One very good way to get your money back after you haven’t
gotten what was coming to you is to email davidRM at davidrm@busprod.com.
Another good way to make sure you don’t get scammed is to involve and admin…if
they know they will back you up with RM or anyone else im sure. If you are buying
something like an old can from someone us the offer list or have an admin get both
things and then give the money and the product to the people in which it belongs….
If you ever need a person to be in the middle just ask me ill help you out. 

That’s my Article on how to not get scammed now you know. Thanks for reading and
if you ever need help on PBTerm just give me a tell and ask.

The Greatest PBN Tool “The Can” (Part 1) 

Written by Master Canner “Extraordinare”

Canning can be the easiest or one of the hardest things to do on paintball. I myself
have mastered the “Jet Can” which most of you probably don’t have the money for
😉 In this tutorial i will be going over the major aspects, eq, and money needed to
can like a pro. Canning is basically all about the speed and endurance of chasing
down your prey and splatting them. You need the skill and valor to stick with it and
get good enough to do it in vader games 🙂 I myself usually splat 7-20 bots in
vader games 😉 Well enough talk about me lets get to the point. When you can you
usually make money unless you spread can ,which is stupid. 

Now i will show you a sort of a chart to what eq you should get for what money. 

2k-10k Buy 
Padded leggings [turbo] [swim] 
Padded Helmet 
Down filled jacket 
Can [rapidfire] [rapidfire] (if you cant afford both kits get them ASAP) 
Padded backpack 

All of the above but assemble an xray to the helmet 😉 

All of the above but substitute the down filled jacket for a down filled
multiterrain jacket 

Satellite (assemble anywhere) 
Infrared (assemble to helmet) 

All of the above. if you can afford it put a jetpack kit on the jacket and get rid
of the leggings and buy reg leggings and reg boots. 

That’s the basic eq to be a master canner. When you have the spare cash buy an
old can. (worth it) 

Now i will be getting to actually canning. First go to locators on top and get the
target locator out. put it where you fell comfortable with it. Then press the middle
button once and the left button once. This will make it so you have the target
pointing west. Now when your on the field you have run around like crazy and get
ppl to go into the cross hairs. If you succeed in that you will have your first can
splat! WTG! 
Now to the juicy section of my lil tricks 😉 When i flag guard I crouch and run the
target alias over and over one square under the flags. So if someone go charging at
the flags they will die instantly without getting a flag. heh. When I am in vaders
games i usually hide out the first few minutes of the game then i use my satellite
and locate the few bots remaining and go and can them using my refracto. This has
concluded part one. Read next months PBNN to get Part 2. I will see ya around and

-Master Canner

Personal Quotes and Phrases from Cykotic 

Written by Liquid Tear

“There are three kinds of people in the world, people that can count,
and people that can’t.” =-= Killer X 

“Where’s all the girls at?” =-= XhatebreedX 

“May God protect us all!” =-= NS 

“Peace is the only thing to conquer” =-= big blue 

“There are no leaders just a single unit” =-= Kurdt Cobain 

“If u want me come and get me but…… WATCH UR BACK ” =-= shrimp 

“Music is the drink that fills the void within us and soaks our soul. For if it died
the life’s we live and the tales we tell would be nothing more than a book would be
without words” =-= Cyko 

“Life is short, kick some ass” =-= Taytay 

Liquid Tear’s Admin Of The Month 

“Anime Babes Rule and Cabbits are Cool” =-= Ken ou ki 

My Quote 

“Chinese Proverb: Man with hands in pocket not always counting his 
change” =-= Liquid Tear 

A Special Quote 

“R.I.P Owen Hart (he was loved as an uncle, brother, son, and friend to many
people)” =-= Liquid Tear 

Article done by Liquid Tear (Team: Red Haze) 

Some thoughts on scams

Written by QtPie

Here are some steps to take to make sure you don’t get scammed. 

1. Don’t use a hotmail address as your registered email address. Make sure you
keep your registered email address up to date. 

2. Always use the offer command and examine the equipment you are buying. Make
sure it is what you want before you buy it. 

3. Make notes of the USER name not Character name of the person you are buying
level ups from. 

4. Don’t give you password out to ANYONE… not Rm, not me, not Dug, not your
grandma, not your dog’s best friend. 

If you are scammed or think you have been scammed email RM with any and all
information you have. I (QtPie) can not help you if you have been scammed. That’s
Rm’s department. 


Admin Changes 

Level 80s get reset commands
Level 90s get tourney and rename item commands. 

A few things. 
1. Brackets [ ] and curly braces { } are not allowed in renames anymore. 
2. Renames can cost up to 200 dollars but no more then that. 
3. It’ll be wise to use the offer command anytime you want to buy something. 

New Weapon Contest Winner 

Thanks for all the entries for the weapon contest. The response was great!!

And the winner is Mold This is the one he’ll recieve: 
‘bucket’,’a bucket of paint[Moldy][June 14, 1999]{-RM Certified Original
Wear locations:RHAND LHAND 

The normal ones will hold less paint. 
Look for in a store near you.. 🙂 


Chronic hit 300k team splats. 


Lone Gunman hit 50k splats and RUB was the splatee. 

Quido reached 30k splats. Makes alittle Woohoo Noise. 

Micheal Kalil hit his 20k splat. Good going Kalil! 

Nader broke 10k And his 10k splat was Theman and he recieved 10k. 

Mystery hit 10k splats. Does alittle ditty.

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Emknaps 

Age/Birthday:19 11/22/79

Job:Pizza Hut Management 

Hobbies:the game is it 


Team:DUDES now 

Stats: Ever:You have $155359($221007), carrying 350/350. 
(EVER) GAMES:13747 BONUS:15807000 SPLATS:21125 ACCURACY:28% 
(TEAM) BONUS:2325000 SPLATS:2331 ACCURACY:30% 

Time Played:Since April 98 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Hit
20k splats i guess….dont count for much anymore though 

PB Pet Peeves:when people take the GAME too seriously 

Fav. PB Weapon:minigun 

Fav. Bot:dumb bot 

Fav. PBN Player:Sgt. Splatter….nicest guy and admin outta all of em 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:serverone 

Other/ Comments:Thanks for puttin the time into the newsletter QT 

PBN Name: DaButcher

Age/Birthday: 15 Aug. 27, 1983

Job: Lifeguard, soccer referee, soon to be pilot 

Hobbies: playing all kinds of sports, snowboarding (check out my pic on my page) 

Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/area51/comet/9311 

Team: PLoW SqUaD 

Stats: Ever: GAMES:19055 BONUS:33965500 SPLATS:50501 ACCURACY:45%


Time Played: since march 3, 1998 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : i
made enough money to buy a great jacket and eq and a 3 kit helmet after i was
hacked out of a million cash, 

PB Pet Peeves: hiders, people who say i hide when i dont 

Fav. PB Weapon: waist launcher[rapid][rapid] or minigun[spread][rapid] 

Fav. Bot: a DaB PooP bot 

Fav. PBN Player: chapper, Mr, Mr., barney gumble, police cheif wiggum, Chapper,
chapper, Kid Rock 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Serverone 

Other/ Comments: thanks to whoever hasnt turned on me (you know who you are) 

PBN Name: deutschsniper

Age/Birthday: 13… 3/31/86

Job: Cutting lawns for neighbors. 

Hobbies: Hockey,Baseball, Football, Basketball, PBN!, Snowboarding… 

Homepage: I’m currently working on it… when I reformatted i lost all my files 🙁 

Team: DUDES 

Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:15903 BONUS:28030000 SPLATS:40215

Time Played: Since Late November of 98′ December.. 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :
Hitting 40k splats, and winning a solo open tourny 🙂 

PB Pet Peeves: people on s1 who say I hide with my jacket : multi terrain down
filled [jetpack] [water] 

Fav. PB Weapon: mini-paintrocket launcher [hugeexpansion] [rapid], and mini 
grenade launcher [hugeexpansion] [rapid] with VHS nades. 

Fav. Bot: I’d have to say Camoman’s Assasain Bot… it hits me an awful lot… but
the QTPie bot is always quite evil to me… especially when theres only a few bots
left. 😛 

Fav. PBN Player: Stanky and QTPie… not just because she’s a 99, she is really
down to earth and is friendly for everyone to talk to about just about anything on

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Busprod… now s1 alot… i’ve been
addicted to tournys 😛 

Other/ Comments: >> I’d like to thanks everyone that has helped me through my
times as a newbie, and Captain Red (AirOdie) for starting me in this great game 🙂

PBN Name: Fake Leash

Age/Birthday: 13 12/24/85

Job: Student 

Hobbies: PBN, Paintball Team Death Servants, SkateBoarding 

Homepage: None 

Team: PLoW SQuaD 

Stats: Stats for ‘Fake Leash'(114387) TotalWorth:$36332 
Ever: GAMES:2180 BONUS:735500 SPLATS:735 ACCURACY:23% 

Time Played: ??? 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : 
ALMOST won in ToC2 

PB Pet Peeves: Nukers and newbie protected peeps 

Fav. PB Weapon: High Velocity / 2x Rapid can 

Fav. Bot: Dumb Bot (( EASY KILLS!)) Or it could be Sgt Splatter bots 

Fav. PBN Player: MooKDoG 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Mudgate/Main 

Other/ Comments: This game rules!

Name: MikeTheInferno

Age/Birthday: I am 15 years old, and was born on January 15, 1984.

Job: I am a Freshman in High School, and going to work at “ToysRUs” over the 

Hobbies: I enjoy playing baseball, basketball, and football. I also love to play
PBNet, and going to the mall with friends. 

Homepage: <Sorry, never made one =-(> 

Team: MacLeod Clan!!!!!! 

Stats: (EVER) GAMES:5147 BONUS:3950000 SPLATS:4626 ACCURACY:26%

(I know my splats aren’t too good, but I try my hardest.) 

Time Played: I started playing PBNet in January of ’98, but with a lvl 2 char. 
Then I was given this lvl 12 char (miketheinferno)for free. So I got a char reset,
another lvl up, and almost 5k splats, and after a year and a half with mike im still
having the time of my life. 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : 1)
When I hit my 4k splat and held a token drop with over 200 tokens. 2) Its a
great achievement for me to help other players, even if they are not newbies. I
find it nice that you are apart of someone elses’s success. So if anyone ever needs
help, just drop me a line at Miketheinferno@hotmail.com. If you are having money
problems, I could only spare you a token or two. 

PB Pet Peeves: 1) I dislike how about 20 new PBNet teams are made every week. I
kind of find it annoying when you see a newbie with 5 splats creating a team…then
they enlist like 11 other newbies…then a week later only like 2 of those newbies
are still on the team…then when they become good enough for a average team, they
quit the old newbie team, and you never hear about that team again. Thats why I
like it when teams adopt a newbie. 2) I get ticked off whenever a player thinks
they should become an admin. Then they tell people to vote for them. LET QTPIE

Fav PB Weapon: The Legend
Gun[expansion][spreadfire]{=RaptorRed=}{=Brockman=}{=SouthPark=}{=Eagle E
Cherry=}{=chapper=}{=Mirage=}{=BlasterFX=}{=Virgil=} Its a semi hv filled with

Fav Bot: Beware the Dumb Bot, its smater than you would think… 

Fav PBN Player: Too many friends to choose from, so heres a few; Blinkskate,
Compeler, MalibuCXV, Mercury Man, NuKeM, Virgil, Little Foot, RaptorRed,
Unicorn, Brockman, JDaMan, Paint Phantom, Quido, Lil Oly, chapper, Sgt Splatter. 
Also I would love to thank QtPie for always emailing me back with the answers to
my questions. We all owe QtPie a Thank you. She has done so much for this game. 
Thanks QtPie! 

Fav Server: I like all of the servers as long as I get to play PB and chat with my
friends =-) 

Other/Comments: PBNet means alot to me. Back in Febuary of ’99, I got the
worst report card of my life. So my parents said I was either grounded for a
month from watching tv or playing PBNet. So for the whole month of Febuary I
was playing PBNet!!! I want to say THANK YOU to all of you guys for making this
past year and a half fun!!! 

Closing Notes

Happy Splatting! -Qt

PBNN Issue #33 – 5/18/99

Editor: QtPie


Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


How to change the PBTerm 1.72 Cursors

Written by Vice Admiral Acker

Dislike that little guy blocking your view? Well, you can fix him once and for all with this step-by-step guide to doing it. Here’s how it goes:

1) Locate your 1.72 directory (NOT your 1.71, which isn’t deleted when you install 1.72. This is usually C:\program files\samu games\paintball net\)

2) Locate your Windows Cursor directory (this, for win95 (don’t know about win98) is c:\windows\cursors\)

3) You will see little icons of what the cursors look like. Find the one you like (I like the 3-D + cursor) and copy it to your desktop.

4) Rename that file on your desktop: PBTMoveTo.cur (if you set the extensions off, don’t worry about the extension)

5) Copy the file that was always copied to your desktop again and make this file: PBTShootAt.cur (again, if you don’t see a .cur, don’t worry about it)

6) Take these two cursor files and move them to your PBTerm 1.72 Directory (goto step 1)

7) Cut and Paste those files in that directory. You will get a messege if you want to over-write. Say yup to all of them and you now have your cursors! (you’ll need to reset PBTerm to see the difference)


Written by Vice Admiral Acker

Have you ever wanted your sig on the bottom of every note you send? Well, here’s a way to do that, but not automatically. All you have to do is type something like &sig or something and presto!

SAMPLE NOTE: —————— Hello. How are you? I am fine. What is your name? My name is Jerry. &sig ——————

Now, you might be asking, “What’s that bottom thing mean? Well, in order to understand it, the note will be taken apart, in Command Line form:

THE NOTE BEING SENT: ——————- note + Hello. How are you? I am fine.& note + What is your name? My name is Jerry.& note + &sig ——————-

(as you know, a & means “and another command”. Notes written with the ctrl+n use this setup. If you make an alias named “sig”, it will call up sig whenever you type in: &sig, because it thinks it’s adding commands.

Make an alias like this:

a sig note +\&note + This is the first line (the real first line is a break, to seperate)\&note + This is the second line!

This will make two lines. You must put note + in front of what you’re saying (it’s just the way it is). So, in output, this is what this note will look like:

——————— Hello. How are you? I am fine.

What is your name? My name is Jerry.

This is the first line (the real first line is a break, to separate)

This is the second line! ———————

Change that sig to something like:

{vaa}{www.spunge.org/~vaa} {mailto:brada@inxpress.net}

To add the sig to any message, simply type: &sig on a line on the bottom and you’ll have your sig! It will even work around, so you don’t have to worry about that reply, it’ll still consider everything below the command.

Now, make your signature spiffy! Here are some newsgroup-based rules:

-> Signatures should never be more than 5 lines (I’d say 3 for PBN; We don’t want a PBN-Kibo!)

-> Don’t include ascii-art, since the majority of the people in PBN read their notes in Arial, a variable-width font. (confused to all heck about ascii-art? Go to http://wigwam.askoyv.no/Ascii/ASCII_art_FAQ.html if you want to find out more)

-> If you’re going to indent your sig, be sure to have a period (.) as the first place, to keep hold of the spaces.

-> Try to make your sig look different from your body, it’ll get too confusing.

-> Generally, I don’t put my sig on big replies, because it adds size.

-> Ideas of things to put in: A favorite quote, your webpage, your email, your team.

Special Thanks

Written by Mutiny

On my recent assignment I realized how caring and thoughtful some people are. I used many charters some with weird names and some just reg. names. I never expected that about 3/4 this of the questions I asked were responded by at least two people. The only thing I was worried about the same people always answered not many people contributed to the help of newbies. I feel that their is going to be an a newbie blummer coming soon and we need people to help out those newbies.

The questions I asked were pretty simple like how do you shoot and how to load my gun (simple stuff like that).

It makes me feel great that people still care about the underlings (newbies) I was so pleased that people are actually nicer than me hehe. When I was doing this report I realized how hard it is to start this game. Sometimes I got pulled into games and I am telling you it was so challenging to get one splat. Give these newbies some credit Please.

They Deserve It!!


[Thanks Mutiny.. and Thanks to all who help out the newbies. You do deserve it 😉 -Qt]

Helpful Websites

<old link> Dsnipers site. (Be sure to check out his little paintball webpage missions. They are pretty nifty.

<old link> scottl and Monkeycow put this page together.


For the Record

Weapons Contest-Look for results in the next issue.


ChemoTherapy made it’s 10k splat 


Deutschsniper hit 30k splats. He would like to Thank all of Red Ocean (my team)
and AirOdie who started me in this great game. 

MadGrassHopper broke 30k Splats. <Round of Applause for him!> 

Deadeyedan and Knighshade both passed 10k splats. Good Work Guys! 

I have reached the 10k splat marker of my pbn character moonraker. I would like
to thank my 10k who was rmulhern who recived 10k and my signature. I would also
like to thank all my friends for well being my friend and sticking with me on my
long trip to the TOP =). Cheepon, FirstKnight, PBL, JDaMaN, Kero, Redman I could
be here all day so for the ppl I didn’t mention you know who you are. Well Thanx
again, Moonraker =) 

Scottl made my 1k splat on 4/24/99 at ~10:00pm est. WOOHOO 🙂

Player Profiles


Age/Birthday:16(probably when this newsletter comes out)17-05-1983


Hobbies:soccer-using computer for games and other things

Homepage:<old link> (it is in Dutch)


Stats: Ever:(EVER) GAMES:6998 BONUS:9042500 SPLATS:11442 ACCURACY:28% GAMES SURVIVED:2169 BOT SPLATS:6965 PLAYER SPLATS:4477 this is my secong char though and i have like 6K splats more..

Time Played:almost a year

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :hitting 10K

PB Pet Peeves:spammers

Fav. PB Weapon:i must say the minigun

Fav. Bot:the dumb one

Fav. PBN Player:i have several….i will name a FEW..ericr bosborne unicorn kero sillk Jdaman and many more

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Main (believe it or not i have almost no lagg there)

Other/ Comments:I like this game and its reall fun to talk to other ppl from the other side of the world and i hope splat you soon ;)(>

PBN Name: Ken ou ki

pronounced Ken O Key , said as 1 word, not broken up. Dont ask me why, its a Jap thing, but thats the way its spelled and prononced. ( Well actualy its Ken-ou-ki )

Age/Birthday: 31 02/18/68

Job: Chef

Hobbies: riding my Motorcycle, drawing Anime art , collecting Jap music. I do not really call my computer a hobby, but I do spend way to much time online. Mostly Pbnet, and IRC.

Homepage: <old link> This is a paintball sight, but soon will be converted to my art sight I am considering maintaing the paintball sight, but as it sits right now, it is slated for termination,, so go look at it quick if ya want too. and come back in a month or so to see my art sight if ya like Anime stuff.

Team: Insane Cabbits – I bailed Deadly Force for personal reasons even though it was my team . No splat requirements, I have other requirements to get on my Team

Stats: Ever :carrying 510/750 GAMES:29839 BONUS:56690000 SPLATS:78216 ACCURACY:35% GAMES SURVIVED:9462 BOT SPLATS:42090 PLAYER SPLATS:19594

Time Played: about 14 to 15 months but I took like a month and a half break from Pbnet not too long ago

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Hmm, well making 80, then 90 was cool, going on hot streaks like 1k kills a day 3 days in a row was pretty cool too. Guess thats about it, Never was one for braggin

PB Pet Peeves: My biggest Peeve is being addressed as Dsniper. I generally do not even respond when called that, I changed my name for a reason.. Another would be Being Ordered to start/stop games and having resets Demanded of me over and over wile in a game.

Fav. PB Weapon: Hard call here, I carry and use so many, Guess it would by my HV-Semi spread/huge loaded with FNB . I also generally Can allot to make the money needed to run the FNB spreader of death

Fav. Bot: A Dead One, or, that last one that killed the last person alive besides me causing me to win First

Fav. PBN Player: Hmm. well, guess I do not really have a Favorite player. Asuka, a friend that I just got hooked awile ago is a definite fav ,as well as Enigma , Qtpie ( yeah I know, everyone picks her as a fav hehe ) and a few other people, you know who you are. and if ya do not, you aint one.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Busprod or Mudgate is where you will generally find me

Other/ Comments: Hmm once again I wonder what to put here. Guess I will explain what a Cabbit is, seeing as how so many people have asked. A Cabbit, is a Creation, not a living creature. created by the self proclaimed Geniouse of the Universe Washyu, (whom is actualy a Goddess, but she dosnt know it ) out of a substance called The Mass . It looks kinda like a cat, but with rabbit ears, hence the term Cabbit . They are characters from a Jap Anime series called Tenchi Muyo. if you want to find out more, just search out Cabbit or Tenchi Muyo you should not have any problem finding pics, and info. Now, you might find a Cabbit pic, and say Ow, thats so Cute. But piss one off, and they could destroy your planet with ease. Imagin what a Insane one could do. (=o.0=)


Age/Birthday: 16…. July 14 1982

Job: Almighty Dishwasher

Hobbies: Computers and real paintball

Homepage: <old link>


Stats: Ever: around 25-26k splats

Time Played: I started Thursday, April 9 1998 at 10:42PM Mountain time.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Becoming a TM

PB Pet Peeves: Being TOLD to start games and to get tournaments goin quicker.

Fav. PB Weapon: Trusty minigun

Fav. Bot: dumb bot (suits me perfectly)

Fav. PBN Player: Ohh way too many to name.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: ServerOne

Other/ Comments: I’m a celebrity now!! Yahoo!!!

PBN Name:poormanjoe

(real name is Bill though)

Age/Birthday:July, 28th 1983 (that makes me 15)


Hobbies:Golf, motocross, PBN, n64, computers in general, and real paintball

Homepage: <old link>

Team:The Lost Souls


Time Played: Little more than a year (ID:51784)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Hitting 10k and 20k splat(10k was better though) RM using my idea of game ready standby, be one of the makers of TLS, and of coarse my shotgun

PB Pet Peeves: people who think my {==Dug==} signature is fake, and nading.

Fav. PB Weapon:The Best Shotgun Ever[largeexpansion][rapidfire]{=Brockman=}{=Mbs=}{=Beowulf=}{=TheRock=}{==Dug==}{=Sandstorm=}{=Spume=}

Fav. Bot:as sgt would say….I hate bots thats why I kill em 🙂

Fav. PBN Player:Spume/bosborne

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Busprod

PBN Name:Gazemer or Gaz, or Gaze.

Age/Birthday: 16. 2/26/83

Job: I work on a farm, mainly cleaning horse stalls…yes that means manure.

Hobbies: My girlfriend..BASKETBALL…Doing good in school…PBNet

Homepage: None

Team: MacLeod Clan


I use to have 23k splats…12k player..But i reset myself.

Time Played: Since Easter Last Year

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I joined DUDES. Made good Friends with a lot of people. Helping a guy named MookDog learn tournies =)

PB Pet Peeves: Ummm the guys on S1 who seem to think they know everything and scream ‘HIDER’ every game…Something to that.

Fav. PB Weapon: a mini paintrocket launcher

Fav. Bot: I thought this was funny from RM’s profile…The ‘damn’ bot

Fav. PBN Players: Redman, Macman, Mirage, and ICURNVS…random order.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: SERVERONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other/ Comments: PBNet has been fun playing for the year+ ive been playing. The most fun was DUDES. I met so many friends and new people who are cool and fun.

PBN Name:Mutiny

Age/Birthday: 56348

Job: I am a full time pain in the butt ask anyone Hehe

Hobbies: My hobbies are Paintball, Artifact, and Football

Homepage: I am making it soon I will let you all know promise!

Team: BLACK SUN (Num. Two on the team)

Stats: Ever:(EVER) BONUS:226429000 SPLATS:324370 ACCURACY:50%

Time Played: I have played for quite a long time but my games ever don’t show it…I really don’t play for the splats I more like to play the game for the great friends I meet…But when I do splat someone I feel pretty good about it =)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I think I am really proud of how I have helped the new peole to play the games and keeping some of the older players playing by giving them new goals. I am proud of what I have done so far but I ain’t done yet.

PB Pet Peeves: I think my main Pet Peeve is when people make fun of my brother WHILE I AM ON!! Please wait till I leave or tell me to close my eyes first =P

Fav. PB Weapon: My fav. PBN Weapon is a Grenade launcher even though I can’t afford one and even if I could I wouldn’t have the weight for one.

Fav. Bot: My Fav. Bot is the QtPie Bot because it is a stupid cheating bot that I just want to kill over and over again. Wait I do not have a Fav. Bot sorry.

Fav. PBN Player: I know you would all think I would say QtPie or Paint Phantom or even Junior but My Fav. Player is Spume because he has always helped me with my problems and has trusted me with some of the things I knew I would plobally never have like being the 2nd leader of BLACK SUN.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: I am tied between Paintballnet.4444 or Busprod.4444

Other/ Comments: Keep up the great work BLACK SUN we will catch up to that P0oP Team MacLeod Clan soon.

Closing Notes

Lately I’ve been impressed on the uniqueness of the articles sent in.
Keep them coming! Thanks everyone!

Editor’s Notes

1. Please do not send RM requests to be an admin. He just forwards them to me anyway so you might as well eliminate the middle man. But keep this in mind: I don’t comment about when or on who I will use my admin promotions powers. Everyone is different and there are many reasons why I choose admins. You will just have to be patient and see if you are the next chosen. The best thing you can do it just enjoy playing the game and being with the other members of the paintball community. 2. My hubby and I both use the computer. He’s been getting on a lot more and opening up netscape which downloads my mail. In short this means that some email gets lost. So if I don’t reply to you feel free to resend. 
3. I will be on vacation from tommorrow(April 19th) to the 26th to New York to see my dad. I will not be able to check my email at all. But I might be on paintball from time to time. Thanks! 🙂
4. Another reminder… it’s best to include your paintball user name when emailing me. Good rule of thumb for emailing RM and Dug as well. 5. If you don’t hear something FROM me.. then don’t believe it. I’ve been noticing people putting words in my mouth so don’t believe everything you hear. 🙂

PBNN Issue #32 – 4/18/99

Editor: QtPie

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Tournments- A all around guide

Written by Gazemer

Hi, its Gaz. Time to talk =)

Im here to explain a brief descriptions of tourneys, and what you can expect from them, and other various things having to do with them.

1. Rules

You may not go Idle in a tournament game, if you are caught doing so, the TM running the tournament will decide what to do.

If it can be traced, no nuking (as in WinNuke).

No restrictions on Equipment used is allowed.

Have Fun =), on the other side of the splat according to dug. _____________________________________________________

2. What happens in tournaments, and what kinds are they’re?

Tournaments are held within these 2 categories:

a Open tournament( where everyone is allowed to join),

A miniature tournament (usually 1 person vs 1 person ), and a 5 person vs 5 Person ( I think that’s self explanatory =) )

A tournament is usually to show who is the ‘best’ and is for big money. Basically Modern PBN want for competition and quick $$$ (if you’re good).


3. How do you win cash?

Basically how it works is: You put X amount of cash up (the entry fee). That is added to the ‘pot’ or ‘purse’. If its a 5 on 5, you are only able to win back 2 times your cash, with opens its much more.

Prizes for Cash are given out like this:

60% of the pot goes to any team that gets first place (if there is a tie, its split between both teams.

15% for Accuracy, the team with the best accuracy. Its figured out by the servers math using reciprocals (not gonna get into that).

15% Goes to Most Splats. That is basically which team hits the most players.

The last 10% of the pot goes to the team with the most Bonus. Usually anyone who wins splats, gets bonus. For each splat you get, you get 1000 bonus, except for mines which get you 500 bonus.


4. How are teams picked to play each other?

Well all TM’s usually know how to set teams, and running a tournament correctly. If you ever wanna know the bare bone ways to do it, ask a TM or possibly me.

IT usually just goes down a list of teams (the teams which signed up). the first to sign, vs the 2nd to sign, Until every team has played one game. After that, the TM decides who to play.


5. What level of experience and competition should i Expect?

One word: HARD. That’s not to scare you away, but don’t expect to win your first tournaments, or even if you are a mediocre player. Tournaments usually have the best of the best, what i call the “Elite Few” (not the team).

Almost all tournament players have jet, or inviso, or very good equipment which they use in hope to win.

If you can find a lonely server, with a willing TM, you could possibly play a mini tournament vs someone on your own level or harder.

To name a few people you will see on the tourney sever throughout the day are: Redman, Mac, Mirage, Hogan, Ghoston, Me, sillk, Freeze, Stanky, Blink, RKJ, Brockman, The Mystical One, Nemesis, TheSupafly, kanak, hay mon, Dark Angel, and many other people…..

They are some tough cookies. My rule of thumb is: Don’t join a tourny, if you aren’t willing to lose that amount of cash.



In the end, i just wanna say: Respect the TM’s, they do a lot for you. Don’t yell and curse at them, they don’t like it, i know when i hear dude plans or other TM friends talking to me how people yell at them and other stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions you can submit them to: Gazemer@aol.com or Talk to me on PBN. If you have more tournament questions, i would recommend asking Mirage, since he is the MTM (Master Tournament Master) or Any other TM.

Thanks for listening ( I hope ) =)


New Pbterm

Written by Mirage

Recently, DavidRM has taken some time out from developing Artifact and has concentrated on building a new PBTerm enhancement for tournaments. This tournament interface, being similar (but more complicated) to the alias editor in design, allows TMs and non-TMs to view tournament information more easily.

PBTerm detects whether you are a Tournament Master or not, and accordingly displays to you certain features of the tournament interface. While the version displayed to TMs is packed with goodies for running and administrating tournaments, the average PBN player can expect to find parts of the interface that will be user-friendly substitutes for the common tournament commands (tournament, tournament list, and tournament log)

There are four pages to the interface. These are accessed by a “tab” selection system. The first page, “Tourny info”, will show you all the details about the tournament: double or single elimination, open or mini, max number of teams, min number of players per team, how many people are signed up, and most importantly, any special rules the TM might have specified. The second page, “Teams/players” , (replaces the tournament command) will show you which teams are signed up and who’s on them. This page also includes an area where you can easily sign up for the tournament. The third page, “Standings”, shows how the teams are stacking up against each other as the tournament progresses. A neat feature of this page is that it calculates the accuracy of each team (no more brain boggling!). The fourth page simply displays the tournament log.

Another neat feature included in the interface is a group of five programmable buttons (like the ones in the who window). A great use for these buttons would be for signing you up for the tournament using your signature team name and password.

The TM version of the interface has many whistles and bells that will make running tournaments and distributing information about them easier and more standardized.

Two other things that were changed in the new PBTerm version are the who’s online window and the alias editor.

The alias editor (besides looking slightly different) now allows you to separate multiple commands within an alias by pressing <enter> instead of typing \&. You can also use a plain ol’ & (no backslash anymore). If you make aliases that create -other- aliases you can put multiple commands in those “nested” aliases by using the appropriate amount of backslashes in front of the ampersand.

The who’s online window (also looks slightly different) now can sort the list of people by any of the criteria such as name, level, games played, team. You do this by clicking on the corresponding heading tab at the top of the window. Unfortunately, no more seeing who’s been on the server the longest 🙂

Another great feature added in the new PBTerm version is an enhancement for the programmable buttons. Ever wanted to use %1 in the buttons like you do with aliases? Now you can. Simply put a word surrounded with %s (Example: %weapon%) inside the button somewhere and when you click the button, PBTerm will prompt you for a value for that parameter. You can use multiple parameters inside each button. Each instance of the same parameter name within the button text will be replaced with the one value you specify for that parameter.

Thanks Mirage.. for writing this!

Most memorable tourney moment

One of the most memorable moments I think of a majority of people was when Little Foot ran his TOC. It was a huge success and I would personally like to congratulate him one more time for his success and thank him for his hard work!

Chapper: I came back from 5-1 to win =)

DarkJon: the time i got all 5 in about 5 seconds

SnowStorm:me and krytonite where playing in a open. We were definitely the supreme underdogs of the whole match. Our first game we play Stanky, Tere, Mirage, and Hogan. We knew we would be slaughtered. We went in and i shot Stanky and tere right off the bat in the same shot with spread n/b, and no suit. This was when i was a newbie…like 4k splats. Kry was killed and I ran. I confronted Mir one on one and took him down. The, Hogan ended my miracle streak. But we did win acc.

PsychoticFairytale:Me and my best friend in real life IEATPASTE were in a tourny game vs togood and BlasterFX, I got out right away and IEATPASTE got BlasterFX. And so it was IEATPASTE vs togood. IEATPASTE was uzi’ing and he ran out of ammo. But he was lucky, holding was in the game but only top two spaces. So he told me he was out of ammo and I said go bottom left corner. And I bought him a pail of minigun no-bounce ammo and right after he reloaded it he splatted togood for the final game in the tournament. We talked about beating togood and BlasterFX in a tourny game by ourselves at school all the time.

Monsoon tells you:”My favorite tournament moment was when our team came back from behind in the last game of the tournament to win it… (Thanx Mirage!)”

Sandstorm:’Me and ReDz, Best Tourny I ever Played, Goodshot ReDz.’

Thesupafly:It was when I was still a level 2 trying to get my name known as a decent tourney player. It was a 5v5 and I was the last pick because it was me or another level 2 with less splats. Whoever picked me did it reluctantly to say the least. They tried to make it a 4v4 so they wouldn’t have to take me, but I got on anyway. Anyway it ended up being a 4 on 1, and I was the one. Everyone on my team just conceded defeat in chat, but with my trusty HV spread FNB gun, I ended up taking out all 4 of them and making a name for myself. =)

Senate:Um my Favorite Tourny was just Recently When i and some DUDES Played with RM ..it was so fun he like took out everyone til the next 2 games where we got sprayed down..But still i will always Remember it..

QtPie:On April 12th I ran a “Level 2 Buddy Tourney”. This was a tourney of 2 man teams, one paying member and one level 2. It was a huge success. I want to Thank all the paying members that joined with a level 2. Without you, the Buddy Tourney would not have worked. I’m sure the level 2’s enjoyed being buddied up with a paying member and being allowed to play in a tourney. Look for more Buddy Tourneys to come. Thanks again!!

Tournament Player of The Month MARCH 99′

Written by Space Cadet

Hey all, Its that time again. Tourny player of the month has came around. This month ,one of PBNet’s newer but greatly improving tournament player has captured Tourny player of the month. This player is TheSupafly he has showed me that he is a good tournament player, always moving and picking people off as he goes. He alternates weapons to catch people running threw water or on grassland, and nades people who are in the wooded areas. To show my support for his non hiding strategy and fair play he will receive a leather belt and a 1000$ award for his good work. Keep up the good work and watch for next months pick.

Current Winners.

Febuary – Stanky March – Redman April – TheSupafly

Space Cadet.

Helpful Sites

Some more HTML to look at

<old link> Vice Admiral Acker has a nice little page set up for you to enjoy. Good page to direct newbies to as well. 😉

<old link> is Dune’s Team page. Also has some help pages on it. Very nice.

<old link> The newly updated Chorus Team page.

PS. If you would like your page or team page listed here give me a note or email with the URL. I’ll check it out and post it 😉


For the Record 

Rm ran his first tourney on April 7th 🙂

Rm’s doing

-New Pbterm-has a new tourney interface and upgraded the who and alias forms.
Dug’s doing: 
-(4/8)Most accurate tournament wins can only go to teams that have won at least one game. 
-(4/8)Disqualified teams can no longer win anything in a tournament. 
-(4/8)Percentages of tournament winnings have been changed.

New Admins

80:Space Cadet, ICURNVS and Sgt Splatter Be nice to them.. 🙂


Team Chronic passed 250k!


*Sgt Splatter’s 100k splat Bonanza!*

I got my 100,000th splat on March 21st, 1999. It was one of the most wonderful moments in my Paintball Net career. But probably the most extraordinary thing I witnessed that day was when I noticed 14 Chronic members were online. Thanks for coming out guys!

Arctic Fox was the “lucky” splat. He had the option of receiving “Sgt Splatter’s 100,000th splat Paintball Gun{=Sgt Splatter} or 21k. He took the latter.

The two guys who found the hidden signed cyan paintballs were given my renamed and signed 99,998th & 99,999th splat Paintball Guns.

Again, I want to thank everybody who came out. I appreciate all the support.


Vice Admiral Acker hit 30k splats, Nice Job!!

TheSupafly, Raymond Shum, and Blink reached the 10k Mark. Go Guys!!

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Stungun

Age/Birthday:13 11/15/85

Job:Student =o(

Hobbies:Playin Soccer,Wrestling,Playin the computer,Hangin out with my girlfriend,Hangin out with my friends, goin to the mall,and lots more I am pretty active!

Homepage:I am working on It!

Team:The Holy Ones who else hehe

Stats: Ever:If ya wanna know email me at <Old contacts> I currenly can’t get on PBTERM =o(

Time Played:For about 5 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Got 1k splats and had all my friends congradulate me! and When i was gonna have heart surgery everyone saying i hope ya recover fast! Well I did thanx everyone it helped me!

PB Pet Peeves:I don’t have one yet =o(

Fav. PB Weapon:My Stungun (Shotgun filled with cyan)

Fav. Bot:I think it would be Stanky’s pet dumb bot ya gotta love that thing hehe

Fav. PBN Player:I have a bunch of favorites!

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:All Of them!

Other/ Comments:I am glad I got to tell about myself and now I get to say QtPies line Happy Splatting from one of the nicest lvl 2’s out there, Stungun =o)

PBN Name: Hired Assassin

Age/Birthday: Nov. 1, 1983

Job: Student…if that’s a job

Hobbies: Snowboarding, PBN, Artifact, Sports, Computers and playing my guitar

Homepage: I have one…but I haven’t updated it in 2 years and it’s real

cheesey =)

Team: MacLeod Clan

Stats: Ever: GAMES:10688 BONUS:20489000 SPLATS:30683 ACCURACY:43% GAMES SURVIVED:2622 BOT SPLATS:22839 PLAYER SPLATS:7443

Time Played: I dunno…a little over a year I guess

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Probably when I had hit 10k splats, as a newbie that was my ultimate goal, I thought it was impossible to get so many splats hehe

PB Pet Peeves: People who see a newbie ask for help and say ‘read the tutorial’ or people that splat you and spam you saying how bad you are.

Fav. PB Weapon: HV semi-auto rifle[Hugeexpansion][spread] (Bot killer)

Fav. Bot: Dumb bot, because it’s not as dumb as it sounds

Fav. PBN Player:Even though nobody remembers him, it’d have to be Splatman. I haven’t seen him come on in a long time..

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Main, because that’s where are the admins hang out 😉

Other/ Comments: PBN rocks! And I wanted to thank a couple people for helping me out when I was a newbie: Alpha Ace, Splatman, DeadEyeDan, and many others. Thanks a lot guys =)

PBN Name: Droopy Tool

Age/Birthday: I’m 16… born on the magic day of August 30

Job: Umpire

Hobbies: I play LOTS and LOTS of baseball… that’s why I’m not on as much. I also like to spend lots of time w/ my sweetheart ash =^)

Homepage: <none>

Team: <none>


Time Played: Over a year (my ID is 60922)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I was most happy when I achieved my 1k player splat

PB Pet Peeves: First off…. NEVER shoot yourself w/ a rocket (it hurts). Next… DON’T HIDE!!!!!!

Fav. PB Weapon: Droopy`s Tool[rapidfire][ullargeexpansion] (my fav rocket launcher). I also like my old rare cans. They kick butt

Fav. Bot: I hate bots… =)

Fav. PBN Players: Besides me… I’d have to say Brockman and Hogan.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: paintball-net.com/4445

Other/ Comments: Whether you’re on PB or not… just remember that the Droopy Tool ain’t nothin to *** with.

PBN Name:TRUEfoe



Hobbies:Playing PBTerm, having straight A’s.

Homepage: <old link>

Team:The Lost Souls


Time Played:1 1/2 Years

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I did a 12K drop for my 10K splat, which I was proud of.

PB Pet Peeves:People who spam, and use profanity.

Fav. PB Weapon:I like the Rocket Launcher.

Fav. Bot:dumb bot, because they are so dumb! =)

Fav. PBN Player:poormanjoe

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Busprod

Other/ Comments:This is my first time writing to the PBNN, and I am proud to be chosen. =) I’d like to give a shout to my friends out there, PBL(My cousin), Psychoticfairytale(My Team’s Cap), poormanjoe(A man of wisdom), Ryn(a tutor of mine), Lady Scorpion(A phat team member), Ryno(a good buddy), cheepon(man of laughs, that or else he’s crazy), JDaMaN(a person I talk to about stuff), and all my other friends out there.

Closing Notes

Lately I’ve been impressed on the uniqueness of the articles sent in.
Keep them coming! Thanks everyone!

Editor’s Notes

1. Please do not send RM requests to be an admin. He just forwards them to me anyway so you might as well eliminate the middle man. But keep this in mind: I don’t comment about when or on who I will use my admin promotions powers. Everyone is different and there are many reasons why I choose admins. You will just have to be patient and see if you are the next chosen. The best thing you can do it just enjoy playing the game and being with the other members of the paintball community. 2. My hubby and I both use the computer. He’s been getting on a lot more and opening up netscape which downloads my mail. In short this means that some email gets lost. So if I don’t reply to you feel free to resend. 
3. I will be on vacation from tommorrow(April 19th) to the 26th to New York to see my dad. I will not be able to check my email at all. But I might be on paintball from time to time. Thanks! 🙂
4. Another reminder… it’s best to include your paintball user name when emailing me. Good rule of thumb for emailing RM and Dug as well. 5. If you don’t hear something FROM me.. then don’t believe it. I’ve been noticing people putting words in my mouth so don’t believe everything you hear. 🙂

PBNN Issue #31 – 3/17/99

Editor: QtPie


Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


“The Art of Keypad Movement”

Written by poormanjoe

1) Well lets start with the very basics. First put true movement from the options menu then turn on ”Num locks” The keypad part you will be using are the numbers all the way on the right of your keyboard. Then you will notice there are arrows on 2,4,6, and 8. The 1,7,9, and 3 are also used even though they don’t have arrows on they, they are used for angle movement.

2) Now lets talk about eq. Personally I believe keypad movement is best used with a can. And jet or [turbo][swim] are a must. If your gonna be canning refracto won’t do you much good, but will help some. If your canning be sure to hold a renamed scarf to help with all the cyan flying at you.

3) Tips: I’d have to say a good thing to have with keypad movement is to have a good short term memory. This helps so you remember how many rows you have gone down or across. Just imagine the screen as one big graph and its very easy to use keypad. How many times have you said “screen center got me!!” well ever since I have started using keypad movement I have not had the problem once (5 is screen center just so ya know) I have also noticed it is much easier to “chase” down other people and other canners! One of the best ways not to get splatted is to not move in strait lines. With keypad I find it very easy to move all over and dodge NB or rockets.

4) techniques: One of my favorite and best techniques is say your chasing a guy down (with a can) and you figured out he has his tar north what you do is go 2 south really fast and it will almost always get em! Be sure to hit screen center pretty often when you going for flags. The really nice thing is when your chasing someone down and you hit screen center it won’t mess you up like it does with mouse.

5) A few other advantages are you have your mouse totally free (if your using can) to hit other buttons very quickly. I also have notice I can get to flags faster than others. It will seem weird at first but, just give it a day and you may start to like it. You never know until you try!

6) If ya wanna know anything else about this or have any questions just talk to me on PBN and have fun with this!!

The Hook Shot

Written by Gazemer

Over the last few months I’ve noticed people talking about the “Hook Shot” Mainly because i was reading a PBNet article and Boo Yaow was talking about it. So i decided to write this article, seeing that many people consider it maybe a secret or something.


All that the hook shot does, is hook around a tree, mountain, etc. to get to another “row” on the map. From what i consider row, i mean the lines of the map, seeing that you move in squares, they are in straight rows, I think you get my point. It is usually used by rocketteers and single-shot gunners (what most of the oldies did).

How to do it:

Ok, this is the way I learned to do it, i don’t think there is much of any other way. I will use the holding to tell you an example. If you went to the right wall per say, straight over from the midstore. You look south and there is a mountain. To get past this mountain, aim in one square right of you. You look down, and see how far away the mountain south of you, two squares. What you do is from there is aim two squares below that mountain in the row right of you. I know this sounds very complicated, but once you try it you will understand. If you went to the right wall, and went one square up from where you just shot FROM, you would aim 3 squares this time, which would still hook around that mountain south of you.

If you have any problems or complications with this, talk to me any time I am online, I’m usually on serverone, or main. If you cant find me give me an e-mail. mailto: Gazemer@aol.com



Shroom’s Play Style

Written by Shroom

Hey! Ok, thanks…Here goes ———— Hey everyone. Ready for a small book about canning? I’m not the Big Man in the Sky. However, I DO know what brought my character Shroom from 1k to 100k in about 2 or 2½ months.


Turbo kit is essential, but jet isn’t. It’s a great addition, but don’t get carried away. Saving up for a shiny jetpack is not the wonder-drug of the splat world. Namely, you are NOT bouncy then. To be a good canner, you have to be so bouncy glue won’t even stick to you. The reason for this is that there are one heck of a lot of cyaners out there, and hopefully you can just trot right up and can em. Also, a lot of the padded stuff is CHEAP, and sometimes light. HOPEFULLY…if they whip out the nb, don’t say I didn’t tell you so! =P Camo is almost essential, but canners do a lot of running around so camo won’t help that much. Also, as Da Player has pointed out, people come TO you when you don’t have camo. If you are good enough, you can splat them first. =P Satellite is great, but not essential…neither is interference. Definitely not interference! I’ve never had it, except for a brief 2-day attempt at being a hider *cringe*! Two rapids are the way to go, but like the guy/girl said, one will do. Anything I said bad about equipment is just for those out there without 200k to blow…if you do, heck…buy everything in the chop shop and slap it on yourself!

Movement:I have always used the number pad. Sure, it makes it hard to click on buttons, cause you have to take your hand off the num pad, grab the mouse, position it, and click a button. However, I hardly use the buttons except for tokens, flags, and reloading my can! =P If you get a good enough *eye* for things, using the num pad is great… the mouse runs you in a straight line all over the place. The num pad, you can plot out…*2 spaces past the mtn, run over the jungle, cross the valley, double back on the sand, and splat Spume!* … In another article it said it was hard to can naders and canners. I think that depends on how good you are. If you use the number pad the right way, [and if they are using the mouse it makes it all the easier], all you have to do is generally run around with them [called the dance, cause you are both zig-zagging trying to get the upper hand], keeping one space in between them and your target. Then when they pause [most ppl do, eventually…usually looking for a place to go], you move over that essential spot and nail em.

Target:I have that little aiming compass out, but I find that if I ever stop to adjust it in the MIDDLE of a game, I end up getting splatted. [the beginning and end are usually open for debate] =( Most of the time, I have it one space up and to the direction the enemies are at. I don’t really let people run on top of me. =P However, if I start at the top of the map, I’ll generally reposition it to one space down and one space over towards the enemy.

Hills and Mountians: Use the hills to help you cause they let you see farther with your scoped out infrared helmet! No joke! Makes it really sweet cause they can’t see you, if they are past some trees, and you can see them! Then you know where they are/going, and can head on over there. Same goes for mtns, but it is bad to move over more than one at a time, cause they REALLY slow you down.

Flags: I never really go for flags, unless there are only about 6 ppl on the server! [late at night…busprod] Usually, I just go straight for where they are, and run circles around them while splatting them. Make sure you spot the nb-ers, though…they will fire at the pack of ppl coming and might hit you! If it’s just cyaners, though, you’ve got padding for that! =P

Num Pad: If you are using the num pad, it is REALLY easy to know when to screen center: all the time. Hitting the “5” on the center of the num pad is same as typing or double clicking. And since you already know exactly where you are going, and are figuring your next move based on that, it’s no problem. All it gives you is more range to see.

Invaders: One little trick I’ve found out [If you’re rich], is to use refracto and just sit there with your can. Then wait till a bot is ONE space away, and use the aiming compass to position your target over the bot. I don’t know why the bots a couple of spaces away don’t see ME, seeing as how you flicker when you shoot, but it works! Maybe it’s the multi jacket I have on. =P Don’t try this around other people, cause the bots will fire if they walk OVER you. They could be heading for a completely different target and accidentally run smack into you. Not pleasant! If you don’t have fracto, run straight up to the bots…they aren’t smart enough to duck or weave. If you get splatted by a kami…it goes with the territory.

PS – no matter what, never give up canning cause it’s too hard. Normally, “you” just aren’t getting the little quirks behind canning…like maybe you just aren’t good at dodging, zig-zagging, counting spaces, or, possibly, you are just unlucky! Life is the process of getting better at what you suck at, and pbn too.

Happy Canning! ~luminist the donut god [Shroom]

Nike Bomb’s Quick-Tips to Rocketing

Written by Nike Bomb

As you may or may not know, Rocketing has become a more popular way of getting splats these days. I have used the same mini rocket launcher since I have been a level 2. It is my personal favorite weapon. This article on Rocketing is for newbies and people who just want to have fun with rockets. Rocket Launchers are good for tournaments as well as regular games, but not Invaders. Never shoot any person next to you with a launcher. It will cause you to die as well.

The first thing to do is to buy the launcher. Now, there are 2 Rocket Launchers. “A Rocket Launcher” and a “mini Rocket Launcher”. I chose mini, as many others do. All Rocket Launchers have a range of 50 and a reload of 10. But you can speed it up with a few rapid-fire kits. Spread-Fire kits are good for people with bad aim, because it covers more terrain. But I highly suggest that you not use spread-fire, it will be a waste of money. There are 2 types of rocket ammo: a paint rocket, and an Ultra-Light paint rocket. They both do the same thing, but you can hold more UL rockets in your launcher. (Note: Don’t put grenades in your rocket launcher, it jams them!)

A good combination for a Mini Rocket Launcher is: a mini rocket launcher[rapid-fire][hugeexp]. That is a good all-around game launcher and is what I use. For the money wasting, people with bad aim out there can buy: a mini rocket launcher[rapid-fire][spread-fire] or have [spread-fire][hugeexp]. It’s your money, so you can do what you want with it. A tournament is a good place to see different variations of Rocket Launcher creations, (example: a mini rocket launcher[burst-fire][spread-fire]….Not very smart, but it will get the job done) Tournaments are a good place to tweak up on your player splatting abilities.

Some basic Rocket shooting guidelines: Never shoot from behind an object (person, tree, hill, etc.). If you happen to hit a teammate; first thing to do is tell him/her SORRY! You can also hit really good sniper shots with your rockets. “SAT” shots are often common with Rocketers. You can also do angle shots, but you had better know your position. Nuking Rockets is cheap and is common because Rockets EXPLODE on contact w/ any object (but paintballs and other types of ammo) so you have a really good chance of really splatting someone w/ a Rocket. Also remember you CAN hit your teammates in the game without being evicted for 1 minute, so “BOMBS AWAY!”

Next up, good suit/jacket combos for Rocketers. Well, many rocketers stand out in the open, firing a few rounds into a crowd of Red panicking people. But the best 2 Suit/Jacket combos are: ‘a multi-terrain insulated suit[refracto][interfer]’ & a ‘multi-terrain Down-Filled Jacket[refracto][jetpack]’. Those 2 are what I mainly see on Rocketers. However, I have a old Hider suit, so…I am pretty much invisible until I nuke you. =)

Next, some good rocketers of today. In my opinion, Jon Toppins, Sandstorm, Virgil, and Beowulf are the ALL-TIME best rocketers on PBN. Then, Nike Bomb, moldy, sillk, Madhorse and probably EricR are the next-to-best Rocketers. These people know their weapons and are very talented with Rocket Launchers. Many Rocketers don’t get the respect they deserve, but, to tell ya the truth, Rocketing takes patience and skill. Rockets aren’t for the people with an “Itchy” trigger finger, because you will waste a lot of money in a very short period of time. Rocketers are now being called “NADERS”, “HIDERS” and “NON-SKILLED wannabes”.

Fames and Shames of Rocketing

Fame – Splatting more than 1 person per shot.

Shame – While in a tournament, nuking your teammate when the game is tied 2-2.

Fame – EXPLOSION ON CONTACT; you can nail a hider without seeing him/her.

Shame – Rockets cannot go through tree, hills or mountains.

Fame – Watching people run from your Nuking Rockets.

Shame – Being Blasted by a hider inside a group of trees.

Also NEVER put a kit that goes on your body/feet/head etc., on your Rocket Launcher. Believe me, it doesn’t do anything for you, expect a lot of BS in the middle of a game if you try to assemble something like Refracto to your launcher. If you have a terrible “LAG,” try to ease off the rockets. In replacement, use cyan…they are $1 a shot and are pretty good to use. AND if you aren’t rich, DON’T ROCKET IN AN INVADERS GAME! So the next time you need splats and fast, get a rocket launcher and have fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me (Nike Bomb). Open Fields are a good place to find a Rocketer. SO BEWARE!

As a general rule, please show all the admins some respect, because someday you may be one too. I am still waiting but I am confident that QtPie will make the right choice with me. Well, this is Nike Bomb signing out, PEACE!

—————OUTIE————— Peace Out, Nike Bomb

Tourny Player Of The Month March/1999

Written by Space Cadet

Hello fellow PaintballNET players. Its March and time for another “tourny player of the month” to be chosen. This month’s pick was a rather easy one for me, because a certain player showed great skill and non-hiding tactics in his gameplay. This player was Redman. I noticed how he didn’t need to hide in one place waiting for another player to run by, instead he would always be moving looking to players and looking for a good fight. Me and Redman have had a few great battles this month and his skill didn’t go unrecognized. I would like to give my best wishes to redman and hope he continues the great tourny play. He will get $5000 and a signed belt for his efforts.

Summary of current Tourny players of the month

Tourny player of the month – Febuary/1999 – Stanky

Tourny player of the month – March/1999 – Redman

Written By Space Cadet (ferris). Any questions/comments, you can reach me at jody@roadrunner.nf.net

Need more helpful PbNet Pages?

Try Random’s page at <old link>. This page has always been a great source of information, tips, tricks and what nots. Check it out today!

<old link> is a nice little site that shady put together. It has some information as well.

Muchacho’s site: <old link> is hosting a Trivia Contest. Might want to check that out.


New Admins

Paintdog, Sharp Shooter, Supter, MalibuCXV, and Necrite were promoted to 90. New Level 80s are Azalin and The Ghost. Another 95 position was filled by Spume. Congrates Guys!


Teams: Chronic hit 200k!

Mali would like to congratulate everyone on The Holy Ones for accomplishing one of our largest goals; 100,000 splats. Way To Go TEAM!

Players: Sgt Splatter surpassed the 90k mark. (100k here he comes!)

Chapper passed both 60k and 70k. Nice Work 🙂

Southpark passed 50k splats. WooHoo!

Mister T passed 40k splats. He’s moving on up (to the east side). Heheh couldn’t resist!

From Moonraker:I have broken 5k spalts which is a great accomplishment for me. The 5k splat was First Prophet who got a 5k reward and i would like to thank all my friends for helping me get there mikinater, cheepon, PBL, danceman and many more you all know who you are. Thanx moonraker

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Space Cadet 

Age/Birthday:Age:17 , Birthday-April 3rd 1981


Hobbies:Ice Hockey, Soccer, football, Real Paintball(Occationally) , 
Being a PBNet Addict. =) 


Team:Deadly Foce 

Stats: Ever: Stats for ‘Space Cadet'(51282) TotalWorth:$248540: 
(EVER) GAMESL14439 BONUSL18565000 SPLATS:21411 

Time Played:A little over a year.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud 
of?] : Getting to know Dsniper. 

PB Pet Peeves:People who ask me to run tourns. When im only a lvl 75 =) 

Fav. PB Weapon:Uluhv [spread] [ulhugeexp] 

Fav. Bot:Moldys little helper 

Fav. PBN Player:Dsniper 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Serverone 

Other/ Comments:Pb rules =)

PBN Name: compukill

Age/Birthday: 21/october 28th

Job: student 

Hobbies: Pball ,ball hockey and Pub at school if its considered a hobbie 

Homepage: <old link> (it kinda sux cause i havent
really worked on it but you can look it you want my pic is there) 

Team: The GateKeepters 

Stats: Ever: games :6120 bonus: 3659000 splats 4139 accuracy 29% 
games survived: 1117 splats 1283 player splats 1601 

Time Played: about 2 and a half to 3 years 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :
winning my first tourn when i was a newbie 

PB Pet Peeves: i hate when people complain about other weapons like “nading takes
no skill” maybe that is true but nading and making a profit now that must be hard.
i hate geting naded but i have learnt to deal with it i wish everyone else would 

Fav. PB Weapon: DeathToy[rapid][rapid] (its my can) 

Fav. Bot: dumb bot (cause our skill level is fairly close ) 

Fav. PBN Player: Calvn (Beaverhead) this guy makes me laugh 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: busprod 

PBN Name: Sgt Splatter

Age/Birthday: 18/April 6th, 1980

Job: Student 

Hobbies: Playing Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Golf … playing my Trumpet, 
Piano … watching Movies … and of course Paintball Net. 

Homepage: Coming to the Net Soon! 

Team: Chronic 

Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:18091 BONUS:60035500 SPLATS:93520


Time Played: Since mid-June ’98 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :
Meeting so many great people on Paintball Net, especially those on Chronic. The
upcoming 100k splat milestone looks pretty nice. 🙂 

PB Pet Peeves: The use of the word “newbie” to ridicule other players. People who
are downright mean to others (You know who you are). 

Fav. PB Weapon: Can (Double Rapid) & Ultra Light High Velocity Paintball Gun
(Ultra Light Large Pocket with Spread) 

Fav. Bot: Sgt Splatter bot & Chronic bot (I wonder why? smile) 

Fav. PBN Player: Lone Gunman, who introduced me to this marvelous game.
Basically, anybody nice is a lock to be on my “friends” list (You know who you are).

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Main because it is the place to be! 

Other/ Comments: When I first started playing Paintball Net, I was amazed at
how many splats some players had accumulated and never believed that I would
ever reach such heights. But with some time and dedication, anything can be
accomplished. This applies to everyday life as well. Always set your goals high,
work hard and you may some day reach that goal. 

PBN Name: Supters aka Supterstar

Age/Birthday: 15, September 26th

Job: part time student part time pbn freak 

Hobbies: DJ,drums,basketball,soccer,music,pbn,computer, and sleeping 

Homepage: got one but too crappy to show hehe 

Team: Green CURRENT) BONUS:215000 SPLATS:208 ACCURACY:33% 
(EVER) BONUS:6503500 SPLATS:7632 ACCURACY:41% 

Stats:Stats for ‘Supters'(25139) TotalWorth:$28755: 

Time Played: oh close to 3 years when i was coldirons 2k splat he gave me a hv gun
dang i was happy hehe 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :
being a 90!!!! reaching 10k,20k,30k splat was top10 ever on Binabik server 

PB Pet Peeves: people asking me how to become an admin,spammers, people that
force me to do stuff hehe 

Fav. PB Weapon: paintrocket launcher,waist-mounted launcher, padded hv 

Fav. Bot:dumb bot cus its similiar to me hehe 

Fav. PBN Player:Skitzo 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Serverthree 

Other/ Comments: I say wassup to paintdemon and flamp which are my real life
friends and thnx for the people that taught me when i first played(which i have no
clue who they are)

PBN Name:BradMan

Age/Birthday: currently 14, birthdate 6\30\84 


Hobbies:mainly my computer 

Homepage:none at the moment 

Team: Black mojo 

Stats: Ever: GAMES:2372 BONUS:2737500 SPLATS:2319 ACCURACY:29%

Time Played: about 8 months 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : not
quit the game because of some people =] 

PB Pet Peeves: lag..people who aren’t nice…and scammers… 

Fav. PB Weapon: Brad’s Weapon of Mass
Destruction[ulexpansion][rapidfire]{=bradtheman=}{=Black Mojo=} (old can) 

Fav. Bot: I hate bots and invaders. 

Fav. PBN Player: Overt Kill…if the durn guy could get some time to play =] 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Mudgate 

Other/ Comments: none that i can think of at the moment

Closing Notes

Happy Splatting! -Qt

PBNN Issue #30 – 2/18/99

Editor: QtPie


Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Written by Unknown

This is my first “article” that I have written concerning pbterm. This is a guide, or tip-sheet, on what I have found out works best for canning.

First the equipment. You should have a turbo kit, but even better is a jetpack. Next also a swim kit, which you don’t really need with jet. A padded helmet with x-ray and infrared. A padded scarf also helps a lot. A multi-terrain down-filled jacket. Somewhere in your equipment, there should be a satellite kit and an interference kit. On your can, two rapid fire kits are great, but one will also do.

The best way to “can” a player is to put your target, or cross hair, one space below you. You can make an alias to do this. I have a button that does it for me (i.e. target home & target south). Approach an enemy player, not directly. Zig zag your way towards the player and get one space above him to splat him. You will be surprised how many players “let” you walk right above him. These are easy targets when it comes to canning. The more difficult targets are usually the other canners, and and people using grenades, and spread no-bounce paint. Try to avoid these people if they spot you and shoot at you. Make a big loop to try to get them from the other side without them noticing you. When I see a player that I want to line up, I usually do not kill right above him. I click a few spaces away from him, because even the “lazier” players usually move a few spaces every now and them. Avoid water at all costs when you are canning. Try not to walk over mountains or hills also. Also another tip when canning: DO NOT USE YOUR CAN IN INVADERS!! Get some sort of gun for invaders…canning in invaders gets you absolutely nowhere. Canning works great for coop flags. A nice strategy I have for coop flags is to attack from above and cut down the length of the entire screen to reach opponents flags. I have a button that collects flags (get flag & put flag back & get flag & put flag back), this gets two flags everytime I click the button. Another general tip, is to avoid the center of the map. I find gunners tend to bunch up, shooting each other in the middle. Creep around the edge, and poke in to get the gunner, then retreat back to the edge. Also another tip, is learning when to use the ‘screen center’ command. Another alias can be made for this. Whenever you cannot see where you want to go, you can use this alias or just type “screen center” or if you have the clicking screen center activated, use that. I also recommend NOT using true-movement when canning, but this is just a personal preference.

I hope this has helped you a little bit, and remember, stay around the outside of the map, stay away from grenaders know when to use screen center. Canning can be very frustrating, but if you stay with it, you can make a lot of money in a relatively short time period.

PBTERM Tourney Player Of The Month

Written by Space Cadet

Dear fellow Paintball NET players. I have decided to start a new article in the PBN Newsletter called “Tourney Player Of The Month”. I figured this could be both an interesting & fun section to read. Every month I will choose a particular player on Paintball NET that has achieved greatness in the field of tournament play. To be chosen tourney player of the month, you must show skill, fair play, and determination in tournaments. The person who I choose will not be chosen on how many tourney’s he has won, rather on how they played the game. For the month of February, 1999 the tourney player of the month is Stanky. He has shown skill, fair play, and many other qualities of a tourney player. Stanky will receive $1000 PB cash, and a padded belt, renamed to “Tourney Player of the Month [Feb] {Space Cadet} {Possibly QtPie Sig}”. Great work Stanky on your tournament play. I wish everyone success in their tourneys to come and remember the most important part of a tourn is to have FUN!

If you have any questions on this particular article you may send your comments/questions to <old email>!

Space Cadet.

Help in finding help for paintball.

Written by QtPie

Besides the PBNN and his homepage which resides nicely at <old link>, there are some pages that other players have set up. I’m going to list a few here right now just for you. 🙂

<old link> is a page that is set up by Mista Magu and the help guides are all written by Ryn. His help guides have always proved helpful to newbies and all other players alike. So go check it out and get some tips. 🙂

<old link>is a very nice little page that moldy set up. I enjoyed my visit to his colorful page very enjoyable. He even has a nice little polling system set up (no.. you don’t HAVE to vote for me..). Stop buy there and see what he has.


New Admins 

Ryn, Mase, Qwho, Hogan and Stanky become 80s. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say: Congrates and Good Luck Guys.

PBMaps Contest 

The Jan ’99 Map contest is over. First I want to take the Judges: Moldy, Sgt Splatter, Magyc, Flyemu, and Mirage. Thank you judges for your time and effort while judging the maps.

Stareagle and Nike Bomb’s Map are the two winners. Their maps each received two votes from the judges. There maps will be added to the map cycle and will appear every once in awhile.

Nike Bomb: 2 votes StarEagle: 2 votes

To download all the maps that were submitted at: <old link>

ToC Announcements 

Little Foot here with a special announcement.

First of all, the results of the previous ToC (Tournament of Champions).

It was a grueling 2-week extravaganza which matched various styles of gameplay, all with exciting finishes and conclusions. But in the end, it came down to two great Paintball-Net Hall of Famers, Vertigo and Boo Yaow. In a surprise upset, Vertigo bested Boo Yaow with a sweep in 2 games. For his victory, Vertigo received a padded belt. Here are the final rankings, along with the prize amounts they received:

1.) Vertigo (75k + padded belt) 2.) Boo Yaow (refused his 25k money after losing; was distributed among

various players) t – 3.) Justin (10k) t – 4.) Virgil (10k) t – 5.) Ryn (5k) t – 6.) Lynxeyed (5k) t – 6.) Sandstorm (5k) t – 8.) Paintdemon (2.5k) t – 9.) Unicorn (2.5k)

NOTE: Paintdemon and Unicorn tied in their matchup, which is the reason for their money.

For the Record 

The “Newbie Flood of 99” started on Feb 6th.



Chronic hit the 175k mark. Keep it up guys 😉

The Lost Souls and Goon Squad hit 100k splats within the last month. They have worked hard for that so Congrates to all of them 🙂


On Friday, 9:53 CST togood splatted his 100k splat, ICURNVS, and he recieved a ULUHV. What a great accomplishment!

Sgt Splatter hit the 80k mark. Getting closer to 100k WTG Sgt 🙂

Mali and Lone Gunman worked hard to get his 30k splats. <Does alittle dance>

Vice Admiral Acker and Knightshade hit 20k splats, Great Job!!!!

Redman and poormanjoe hit 10k. WTG YOU THREE!

I, shady, hit 10k splats on 2/11/99 sometime around 10:00 pm eastern. The lucky splatee was Senate. This is weird cuz earlier that night, he splatted my for his 10k splat. Anyways, this was a big moment, sen got some stuff, more comin cuz i had no money at the time. I’d like to thank all my friends, Unicorn(for starting DUNE, the best team ever), senate(for getting splated), QtPie, Stanky, bosborne, and everyone else who has helped me.

Player Profiles

PBN Name: cheepon

Real Name: Matt Callen

Age: 15

Job: none at this particular point in time

Hobbies: snowboarding, guitar, PBnet, starcraft

Homepage: destroyed by virus.. not available yet sorry :{

Team: nalsers (prolly make a new team soon)


Time Played: about 8 months but i quit during kinda quit playin for awhile in september till about january so maybe around 5 or 6 months i think i cant remember… :}

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : hitting 10 splats! that was one of the best anyway.. 1k was fun too

PB Pet Peeves:brand new newbies that begged their way to an uzi and like 50k…. and also good ol’ NoDice (just because he kills me WAY too much :} hes cool though )

Fav. PB Weapon: can!!!!

Fav. Bot:the first time i see a bot try to kill its fellow bots.. i will like that bot :} other than that I’m afraid i cant see me liking a robot.

Fav. PBN Player: bait,<- (bisnotch now) ryno,<- (MOSS now) JDaMan, moonraker, Madhorse, and TRUEfoe.. there are probably others but i just hit my head on my kitchen table picking something up so my memory is kind of.. well.. dead.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : well i say a lot of stuff but nobody notices.. i guess the only thing some of my friends recognize me by is my smily face —> :}

Other/ Comments:PBnet is getting better.. thats all i can say. somewhere in there (i can’t remember exactly) i was gettin depressed with the turnout of this game cuz there were a lot of problems and busprod was down.. i love busprod :} i just thought id say that. :}

PBN Name: JDaMaN

Real Name: Jeff Milam.

Age: 13 1/2 (10/31/85).

Job: Working at Robert C. Milam Medical (Dad’s office).

Hobbies: Paintballing, soccer, football, baseball, fishing, skateboarding, and girlz (had to add that).

Homepage: Working on one right now.

Team: The Lost Souls

Stats: Ever: Stats for ‘JDaMaN'(73499) TotalWorth:$89672: (EVER) GAMES:7644 BONUS:6480000 SPLATS:7216 ACCURACY:48% GAMES SURVIVED:1501 BOT SPLATS:2966 PLAYER SPLATS:4250

Time Played: Since August of 1998, took a one month break though.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Watching Brockman and Sandstorm’s 100,000th splats, hopefully reaching 10k within the next two months, having friends like litlspiffy (retired), VerTigO, togood, Ryn, mufinater, cheepon, DaPimP, Baddogn, QtPie (when she’s not too busy to chat), poormanjoe, PsychoticFairytale (no matter what people say about him).

PB Pet Peeves: Spamming or just chatting in green, people who don’t beg 2 or 3 times but beg like 10 times otherwise I’m happy to help them out, people who use the F word (I don’t mind cussing unless it’s constant or you say that), people who diss people when they don’t have a reason.

Fav. PB Weapon: JD`s trusty ole` can[rapidfire]{=Beowulf=}

Fav. Bot: The QtPie and ChEEzEgREnaDe bot…got to admit, they always get me but they pretty smart…=)

Fav. PBN Player(s): VerTigO, togood, Baddogn, Beowulf, DaPimp, and cheepon.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Let’s all calm down and have fun. Please refrain from using the *F* word. Don’t be a stooge.

Other/ Comments: >> Thanks to DavidRM and Dug for making this awesome game and I hope everyone enjoys it. Congrats on the ToC win VerTigO.

PBN Name: Biggs

Real Name: Chris Dow

Age: 15

Job: none

Hobbies: Computers, Online-Games

Homepage: <old link>

Team: Blue Rain


Time Played: 2 years I think, my first char was 20k id

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Helped to found the Vizjerei Clan and bring them to 100k splats, implemented their infamous logo, “Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out”

PB Pet Peeves: Begging for Money, Spamming, being a jerk.

Fav. PB Weapon: Ultra-Light High-Velocity Rifle[spread][rapid] w/ fnb

Fav. Bot: Who can have a favorite bot? Bots kill people…

Fav. PBN Player: Lutra, he taught me the advanced tips to this game.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out.”

PBN Name:Sgt G

Real Name:Justin Grygierczyk



Hobbies:Real Paintball, Models, & Internet

Homepage:<old link>


Stats: Ever:Stats for ‘SgT G'(85555) TotalWorth:$63201: (EVER) GAMES:1318 BONUS:1260500 SPLATS:1530 ACCURACY:13% GAMES SURVIVED:292 BOT SPLATS:831 PLAYER SPLATS:699

Time Played:Around 2 Years

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Helped Alot Of Newbies And Never Ripped Anyone Off

Fav. PB Weapon:ULUHV (but i have a UHV)

Fav. Bot:Deffinently Not Kami (Sorry Qt 🙂

Fav. PBN Player:My Friends Of Course (DaPimp, ToGood, BlasterFX)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo

Closing Notes

A year ago, on Feb 1st 1998, I sent out *my* first PBNN. Polly and Ritalin boy both sent out excellent PBNN’s before I got my hands on it. I wish mine could be as exciting and detailed and have such great grammer, spelling, etc as theirs had.. but I must say mine are consistent. So I’ll take pride in that right now if ya don’t mind <SMIRK>. I once again want to Thank you all for allowing me the pleasure (and yeah sometimes pain) of writting this newsletter for you. I’m happy you haven’t thrown eggs at me for my typos. 🙂

I ask of you please include your paintball user name with all emails that are sent to me. I have a bad memory ya know and I can’t remember everyone’s email address. That is a good rule of thumb when emailing DavidRM and Dug as well.. just thought I’d throw that in.. 🙂

PBNN Issue #29 – 1/8/99

Editor: QtPie


Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Paintball Net 1998 Year in Review by Aldébaran

Another year has come and going in the PBN world, and if anything this has been a eventful year. This year we’ve seen not one, but 5 players hit the 100,000 splat mark, had the rebirth of the PBNN, and a number of other changes which have altered how the game is played. Listed here are a few of the many changes in 1998 which have had the greatest impact on how we play and how we perceive the game of PBN.


– Lutra hits 100k splats. (Date unknown. Spring.*) Lutra the most prolific PBN splatter broke the ultimate of all goals in PBN. He was the first person ever to hit 100,000 splats. Lutra, now retired, will long be remembered as one of the best players in PBN history.

– Brockman passes Lutra. (Late Summer-Fall.*) Many months follow Lutra’s record breaking splat an informal race to pass Lutra’s long standing record of 100k splat. Out of the contenders Brockman pulls ahead and passes Lutra with 100,001 splats.

– Three more players join the 100k splat club. (Winter.*) The third person to brake the coveted 100k splat mark was LittleFoot (aka, Kunumitsu, Ramuh, and a host of other names.) Shortly following LittleFoot, were Sandstorm and Beowulf who finish the year out with a bang! (or should I say splat?)

– Top Teams of 1998. Out of all the teams on PBN about a dozen or so stand out at the top. MacLeod Clan–obviously stands out on top of the rest. With Nearly 500k splats at the end of 98. The most popular team of the year would be Chorus with their constant cheering “Rah! Rah! Rah!” echoed through the chat. The most improved would be The Goon Squad. Other outstanding teams of 1998: Cancer, BLACK SUN’s revival, The Holy Ones, The Lost Souls, Purple Haze, Chronic, DUDES, Hoosiers, The Elite Few, Vizjerei Clan, and (saving the best for last) The Amigos. (OK. So I’m biased. =) )

*Times are estimated. No achieved record found to confirm. – Now Defunct Teams


– New lvl 99 created. (Late December.) Everyone was happy to Congratulate Qt, the editor of PBN, as the first ever lvl 99! The big question: What does a lvl 99 do? In a nutshell–to deal with problems that the implementors don’t have the time to.

– New admins of ’98 In response to the Expanding size of PBN during ’98 a number of new Admins were added to help cope with the “growing pains.” to date there are (appx.) 70 Admins from lvls 79-100 (most non active.)

Weapons & Equipment

– The death of Free Paint. No more free splats guys. You have to pay for that ammo! The over use of free paint was finally curbed when it was only allowed to be used in free guns and rifles. Throughout the year many things were done to help stop people from flowing free paint–The size of the paint was doubled–when that failed, half bounty was given to those who had over 100 splats.

– Return of Old Kits. (see 3/21/98 issue of PBNN.) The dream of every new player. Jet, refracto, inferred, and x-ray kits made their way back into the chop shop. No longer fooling with those bulky refracto suits or shiny jet packs! Much to the delight of players in possession of items with old kits, the new ones came with a catch–they cost and weighed much more.

– Rapid (see 3/21/98 issue of PBNN) This nifty kit could be placed on almost any weapon to increase it’s ammo and reload speed. It revolutionized grenading / rocketing by shortening the pause time between shots.

– Cans. Can’s went on a roller coaster ride in 1998. (see 3/21/98 issue of PBNN) The accuracy of the can was dropped down 50% when they were made to auto fired on bots (as well as ammo)–much to the dismay of canners who protested the change and eventually caused enough fuss to have the can be returned to normal–though the price doubled. (see 12/21/98 issue of PBNN) Most recently cans were again changed. This time the reload rate was raised from 5 to 15 and the ammo made slower as well. unlike the last time canner put up little protest–The big difference this time? Old cans still worked and became instant rares.

. – Uzi & Minigun quoted from 3/21/98 PBNN “Be The Terminator. Get your minigun now. It shots faster then any of the new guns out in stores right now. It has a built in burst….It uses both hands AND your waist. Price is 15k with the ammo being about the same price as UHV ammo. ” Uzi-the one handed version of the minigun came out a few months later. The trademark lime green and red paint are now a common sight on the field were a novelties half a year ago.

– 2,500$ Starting Allowance. (Late December) You can hear the vets grumbling like old geezers, “Back in the day, newbies only got 300$, and we had to walk 2 miles in the snow, barefoot, to get a splat.” OK so I’m exaggerating, but to help relieve the burden on new players now-a-days the powers that be have decided to raise their allowance. One major factor contributing to this were the changed to freepaint.

Commands and Stats

– Player & Bot Splats. (see 5/24/98 issue of PBNN) Whether you like it or not, your splats are now divided into Players and bots. Now, you can finally see how many bot splats you (or you neighbor) has as compared to your player splats without using a 3rd party bot counter. Some of the drawbacks–people who started before May’s splats are counted in the number and the biggest drawback–people can see the number of bot’s you’ve splatted .

– Exam & Offer (see 6/20/98 issue of PBNN) Before these commands buying rares was a risky venture (still is today, but to a lesser extent.) A mischievous dealer could claim that a renamed piece of equipment was something other than it was. This command allowed players to see what properties a particular piece of equipment, and a safe way to purchase the equipment.

– Showaction off. (see 3/9/98 issue of PBN) Finally a new command for all those people who complained and complained about “flag spam” at the beginning of co-op games and those who hated to stand in gunshop because of the spam reload aliases generated.


– Format Switches. (see 2/26/98 issue of PBNN) Because of complaints of excessive mining in invaders, the game was changed. To the dismay of most players the bots came out all at once, instead of the 1 minute pause. It took quite a few months for the majority of PBN to (partially) master the “new” vaderz. Leading the way was splat guru, Lutra. (Summer*) Another reversal of a previous decision the powers-that-be have decided to revert back to the old style of invaders–sort of. There is now a 15 second* break before the bots come out.

* Appx. times.

– Designer Bots. Oh là là! All the rage on PBN! Tired of the bland 5 varieties of bot? For a _small_ fee ranging from 25k$ to 50k$ you could have you’re own pet bot! First announced on the PBNN in may of ’98 there have been about 4 bot sales since–the most recent in December.


– From one to five back to one–the ever changing servers. Late January ’98 a server glitch caused busprod:4445 to more than double everyone’s money–though the server also erased your character when you logged off! Later the remote servers were fixed–the total back to three. In May Paintball-Net servers were added bring the total to five. Busprod 4445 and the “number” server (aka 204-my personal favorite reset you game without a 90 =) ) were removed–back to three. And recently two other servers were removed due to malicious people “duping” items. Back to one server. However by the year’s end we had two (or was it three?) server’s back online.

Unforgettable Moment.

– Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia! What’s that? A server full of Chia pets! Earlier in 1998 a server glitch renamed everyone on the server Chia Pet! One of the most hilarious moments ever on PBN. Chia Pets, collect them all!

PBNN — Paintball Net Newsletter. During 1998. 23 fact filled issues of PBN were written–helpful tips, stories, and commentary all brought to your e-mail box by it’s most prolific editor Qt. Without the PBNN, PBN would be much different.

Congratulations to Dug and DavidRM–who put up with the unrelenting nonsense of the people who play their game–on a most eventful and prosperous year in PBN. Many more to come.

Invaders Tips

Written by The Forgotten One

Hello. I am The Forgotten One. Some of the older ones may know me as Black Eagle.I am going to write something about how to play vaders.

EQ Most players say that REFRACTO is the best camo for invaders. I prefer the multi jacket for 7.5K The bots don’t come after you when you crouch and even if you shoot there wont be a wave of bots charging at you from all sides.

Then you need a gun. A HV With spread kit and a hopper (the larger the better) kit will do fine. Then you fill it with cyan.

If you have the cash you should buy a infrared or x-ray kit to.

Extra EQ that will come in handy to is a satellite locator. That way you can easily locate other bots in the field (with exception of the stealths) and then KILL THEM ALL!!! Also the standard EQ (leggings scarf and of course turbo and interference kits) may come in handy.

TACTICS When you survive the first wave of bots, You have to locate the rest and stuff them with ammo. The way to survive is to get a little private place and crouch like in the woods or the grass, from there you kill the out coming bots without them charging at you. BUT! Stay far enough from the edge of the field cause as you begin to shoot and you are to close to the bots they will come after you and then you don’t have the time to kill them all. Ok you survived the first attack wave and now its your job to hunt them down. If you have a satellite locator you can see them on the satellite screen and so kill them one by one. However the stealths are NOT shown on the locator screen so move slow and take your time, the last thing you want is to run around half the field to get a bot when suddenly a stealth bot shows up and splats you. Well this is all what i have to say for now.

If i have left something out please tell me so i can correct it.



Net Map Contest!

Once again I am hosting a map contest. When you get your map created send it to me at theqtpie@innocent.com by Jan 31, 1999. Please include your paintball user name.

The Maps will be judged by five judges and I will break any tie breakers. The winning map (or maps) will be added to the cycle of PbNet maps.

Just as last time, I ask you please do not bug DavidRM and Dug about this contest. Any questions can be directed towards me. Also, they will not post maps other then the winning map(s).

You can get a PBNN Map editor at <old link>. If you experience problems with this program please contact me. I know that it does not work 100% correctly with some screen resolutions. So far the most major problem is the deserts don’t show up on the map.

Good Luck!

Bot Sale Results

Kami 40,000 Sgt Splatter Bot: Red (Sgt Splatter) Ryn’s Ludicrous Bot: Red (Ryn)

Stealth 40,000 Moldy’s Little Helper:orange??, (Moldy) Chronic Bot, neon green (Azazel)

Very Smart Bot 35,000 Lone Gunman and azazel Bot, black, (Lone Gunman) a Hamster bot, dark Dark green (cherry bomb)

Smart Bot 30,000 a DaB PooP bot, brown??, (Dabutcher-Paid) TLS Soul Stealer (baddogn), blue (baddog)

Dumb bot 25,000 Stanky’s Pet Dumb Bot, yellow, (Stanky) Michael Kalil, yellow (Michael Kalil)

Changes and Whatnots

New Admins. Mirage was promoted to level 95 and Qtpie got Level 99 on Dec 23, 1998.

New Server A new server for your playing enjoyment. The address is pbn.mudgate.com.


Team Chronic hit the 150k mark.

Player Do a little ditty for Sgt Splatter, he hit 70k splats!

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Magyc

Real Name: Scott Harlan

Age: 15

Job: just quick odd jobs

Hobbies:PT(physical training),camping,soccer,golf,hiking,biking,football,skiing, military stuff,paintball,computers

Homepage: working on it

Team: Chorus

Stats: Ever:Stats for ‘Magyc'(58271) TotalWorth:$299641: (EVER) GAMES:7702 BONUS:8802500 SPLATS:12783 ACCURACY:40% GAMES SURVIVED:1488 BOT SPLATS:9443 PLAYER SPLATS:3340 (CURRENT) BONUS:0 SPLATS:0 ACCURACY:0%

Time Played: May 14, 1998 (my bday) so ummm….like 7 or 8 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : getting past the 10k point in like 2 to 3 months and making so many friends

PB Pet Peeves: spammers…i can tolerate just about everything else

Fav. PB Weapon: Magyc`s Gift from Macman {Macman}[rapidfire][expansion] = can!

Fav. Bot: the one I woulda bought if i weren’t outta town

Fav. PBN Player: too many…if ya got a ducky, you’re one…if not, you

prolly are anyway

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : all the ducky/bar aliases

Other/ Comments: This game is quactastic!

PBN Name:Cowbot

Real Name:Van D. Olmstead, III

Age:15 1/2


Hobbies:Playing PBN

Homepage:<old link>


Stats: Ever: Stats for ‘Cowbot'(6254) TotalWorth:$105604: (EVER) GAMES:19201 BONUS:20549500 SPLATS:20943 ACCURACY:53% GAMES SURVIVED:4635 BOT SPLATS:2529 PLAYER SPLATS:6386 (CURRENT) BONUS:7000 SPLATS:6 ACCURACY:46%

Time Played:Long long time

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Had a bunch of fun, became an 80, became a 90, been on just about every good team in existance

PB Pet Peeves:Vaderz, Beggars, People Who Complain About Certain Weapons

Fav. PB Weapon:The One In My Right (and also sometimes Left) Hand

Fav. Bot:Cowbot(all the rest play vaderz)

Fav. PBN Player(s):DavidRM, Dug , QtPie, Beowulf, Mr., Ranger Joe, Jon Toppins, Stanky, Frocer, Brockman, Macman, me (I guess), Mirage, and all the other people that got left out cuz it took to long to name them all

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : -=M~O~O C~O~W A~T~T~A~C~K=- The white zone is for loading and reloading only. Just Moo It!

Other/ Comments:The PBNN is great keep up the good work. And there should be a vaderz patch to help people quit.

PBN Name: JackNBox

Real Name: Nathan Molter

Age: 17

Job: Drinking and School (Yes I consider School a Job)

Hobbies: Drinking, Partying, Getting with Girls, Computer

Homepage: <old link>

Team: Purple Haze

Stats: Ever: GAMES:11423 BONUS:31132000 SPLATS:48561 ACCURACY:77% GAMES SURVIVED:1680 BOT SPLATS:6917 PLAYER SPLATS:1242

Time Played: 1 Year and a Few months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : At one time I was Second on the All-Time Splats List.

PB Pet Peeves: Never being asked to be an admin.

Fav. PB Weapon: Can

Fav. Bot: They All suck


Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “No”

Other/ Comments: Ummm Well other than never being asked to be an admin and Kicking major ass with Purple Haze at one time…

PBN Name: Cornelius……..Most of the oldies new me as Terd=) but Cornelius is my current name!!

Real Name: Randy Clukey

Age: 16

Job: Maintentance assistant

Hobbies: Bmx biking, skiing, paintball, and about anything that will give me a good thrill something dangerous usually with alot of speed.

Homepage: No pb. page! Personally page not very good but <old link>

Team: Deadly Force, but I have been on every single team mostly that you could think of.

Stats: Ever: 8.7k games and like 28082 splats and like 2200 games survived or something.

Time Played: Started September 97, took a big break over the summer.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Nothing really not that I don’t do anything good, but since it’s just like a game I don’t get all excited when I hit 10k and stuff. Though I feel real good when I help a newbie or give money out.

PB Pet Peeves: When admins let the job go to there head……

Fav. PB Weapon: OLD GUNS……the good guns “Hv gun with no-bouce ammo”

Fav. Bot: I’d say Cheeezzzgrenade but those kill me to much so I would have to say a Beowulf bot since those come in second to cheeeeeeezzzzzzgrenade.

Fav. PBN Player: I like everyone seriously, I like the ones I can trust alot, they help me out when I need to switch a few items around …….You know who you are but since I feel bad when people leave me out I won’t mention names but the people that help me and are nice and say hi when I come on are the ones I’m talking about and I love ya guys for that or I would never have sticked with the game as long as I did. Thanks Everyone

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : I’m not very vocal though I should be so I don’t have any quotes hehe =).

Other/ Comments: I just like to say I broke my leg this month playing basketball. I hope everyone prays that I get better quick hehe. Thanks Everyone. Thanks to Qtpie for putting all this together and letting me share my life and pb life with everyone Thanks Again…

PBN Name:Stanky

Real Name:Sunit Chaudhry


Job:Student, Volunteered at a hospital in the summer

Hobbies:Tennis,Card Games,Pb Term, Real Paintball



Stats: Ever:You have $5716($142802), carrying 314/400. (EVER) GAMES:14059 BONUS:23784500 SPLATS:33566 ACCURACY:59% GAMES SURVIVED:2250 BOT SPLATS:13671 PLAYER SPLATS:7719

Time Played:uhmm i think i found the game 2 summers ago

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Reaching 30k splats

PB Pet Peeves:Spammers,people begging for cash,team spam aliases

Fav. PB Weapon:a mini grenade Launcher[rapid][rapid]

Fav. Bot:Stanky’s Pet Dumb Bot

Fav. PBN Player:Uhm FlyinEmu

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :PoOp, lalalalallaa

PBN Name:Lady Scorpion

Real Name:Cindy Foster


Job:Full time college student

Hobbies:Music, movies, computers, friends and going out.

Homepage:None Yet, major construction.

Team:I keep switching teams a lot, but I think I’m gonna stay on The Lost Souls because that is where all of my good friends are.


Time Played:Since May of ’98

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Helping out newbies and making some awesome friends, developing my skills, never being greedy, and I’m about to hit 20k splats.

PB Pet Peeves:People who stand on me or in front of me during vaders, people who massivly spam with team lines or For Sale crap, people who start fights for no reason and then call me names for ending it, and ignorant people.

Fav. PB Weapon:I would have to say Uzi[hugeexp][spread] full ‘o uzi nb! Well, that and a mini gren launcher [huge][rapid]

Fav. Bot:Cheeeeeeezegrenade bot!

Fav. PBN Player:Dsniper, Brockman, Voltron, all of TLS, most of Chorus, Kero <Kero for newbie of the year!!!>,DaPimp, BlasterFX, Little Foot, and a whole mass of scattered people I cannot remember right now (I’m sorry!)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Calling Sandstorm Sandcastle and calling KnightShade LampShade, also “I got jewed”.

Other/ Comments: I wish people werent so greedy, cuz like on Christmas or Christmas eve I did huge drops and like all I got from people was DROP MORE DROP MORE and it really pisses me off. Be happy someone wants to share the wealth, and quit being greedy or I shall drop no more :> 

Closing Notes

Closing Notes

It’s a new year and already there has been some pretty major changes in the PbNet world. I would like to Thank everyone that supported, applauded, encouraged and submitted articles for the PBNN. Your support kept it alive. 🙂

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #28 – 12/21/98

Editor: QtPie


Well well well. <shuffles her feet> I know I told you there wouldn’t be another PBNN until next year but I had to send out this very Special Christmas Issue.
I would like to wish all my good friends the happiest of Christmas’. I’m sure all of you want to send the same sentiment to your friends as well so consider that done. 🙂

I have a Christmas gift for all of you (who want it.) On Christmas Eve I will be signing something for each of you. You’ll have to buy the patch tho because I’m not rich. Only one per player please. Also renames will be free all day. But don’t ask me about that until Christmas Eve. 😉

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Written by Gazemer

Once again, I am Back to tell you how to apply your skills. What is it? Rocketing, yes once again I am here to speak on Rocketing. I’m here to answer these 4 questions and add some tips on rockets.

What is Rocketing?

Im sure everyone knows what a rocket is ( I hope so…. ). They are the annoying things that hit you at high speeds and are often mistaken for nades. They are blends of red ( thanks Rm, for that so nice, bloody look 🙂 ) and cost $15 bucks to buy, relatively cheap for launcher ammo. They move at high speeds and are known to hit trees and explode which is very annoying. Why do they want to rocket you might ask? In my opinion its the need for speed, like always, the faster the ammo, the quicker it kills. Now to the next question….

What do I need to Rocket? I will list the components of rocketing.

I recommend a mini paintrocket launcher for newer players since it only takes the hands. It holds 2 rockets if its kitless. Next, I would buy some expansion and put it on your launcher preferably Large to hold more rockets, and a rapid fire kit. The rapid kit will make you be able to fire say 2 rockets in 3 seconds, rather than 1 rocket in 3 seconds. Now if you have extra room maybe in your backpack or any other piece of equipment that holds something i would use this alias: alias fire fir\& dump <equip.> launcher. Where it says <equip.> put the piece of equipment that has your stored rockets on you. So if you had a large backpack it would look like this: alias fire fir\& dump backpack launcher. It will automatically reload a rocket into your backpack every time you fire. When you buy ammo, stick your rockets in the piece of equipment, not the launcher.

Back to the launcher though. I preferably actually use a plain paintrocket launcher. I have no x-ray or infrared or scope to help me see, just my satellite locator on my scarf. It has 2 rapid-fire kits on it so i can fire off rockets extremely fast and with extreme accuracy, and I do have to use the alias above. I can usually fire off 7 rockets in 5 seconds which is extremely effective wit clumps of people, it is nuking equipment to all the people who don’t like nuking, but when you can hit 20 people, 20 x 5 is $100 and you only use $105 in ammo, and you will most likely win the game where you profit ( to all who say nukers don’t make cash ).

How do i Rocket?

Once you have gotten your equipment setup, and other sort fixed, get ready to fight. Turbo is good with rocketing because turbo goes faster than jet on Grassland, and guess what, Grassland is the main terrain on all maps. So you can move very quickly around and fire. Rocketing is always about angles too, Since you cant shoot through trees, you have to shoot between em. Always try to line up the angle of your rocket and see the path its going to go and fire away. One important tip is, if you see someone in the woods or mountains, remember they are going to slow down to get through, so meanwhile you watch and can fire a rocket at the woods, because it will go in 2 layers, and sometimes 3. Also another tip, if you are a mainly woods map and are playing almost any game other than survival, you can fire at people while in the woods, DURING the first minute of the game ( when most kills occur ) and not splat yourself. so if a pesky canner is coming after you, fire beside you or on yourself and they go bye-bye.

How do i become a good Rocketteer?

Practice, Practice, Practice. Once you get pretty good just learn and build. Find some more secrets of rocketing and you. You can’t expect to be great on the first try, and it might make a dent in your cash, but i will make you a plenty if you learn to use your rockets wisely and efficiently.



What’s changed?

Written by Boo yaow

I have a long history with pbn. Through the years I have been playing I have seen some go and many come. What ever happen to the players that brought the beauty of skillful bot splatting and superb sneaky tactics to pbn?

These days it’s either an uzi, a mini-gun, or some kind of spread weapon for vaders, and either a launcher of some sort or spread NB to hit players. In the old days people would carry a real weapon which is a can, or a single shot high velocity gun, or maybe even a grenade launcher. There is a thin line between skill and no skill with a launcher. Now a days, there are a lot of people that will blast a whole field full of paint just to hit one target (nuking).

In the old days people would carry 5-10 nades because there was not such thing as level 40, 50, 60, etc. They didn’t have the weight to carry hundreds of nades to paint a field, and when they launched it was, “I shoot a couple nades at you and if I don’t hit you I’m trying something else”. Those are the players that I used to play with.

People wonder why I’m so good or splat so many people. The answer is it is because I was trained. I was trained to shoot a guy that was darting across the field just after he tried to let me have it with a uluhv or a grenade launcher, to be sneaky and use my equipment to it’s best ability, to use the field as my toolkit and run through dense jungles and trees so I couldn’t be seen and then go jump on top of a mountain to get a view of the field for a couple seconds. I was forced to learn these tactics because everyone else was using them…we had no choice. It was either learn how to play the right way, or sit there and die.

Now a days, people don’t even use tactics. Instead, they use weapons to substitute for the skill and tactics they don’t have. We didn’t have spread kits and rapid-fire kits to help us hit a target, and we couldn’t afford to sit in a corner, look at our satellite, and lob nades at any spot where we saw a red guy. Some of you wonder why you don’t see much of the old guys anymore. It is because the great ideas that Davidrm has come up with have been taken advantage of. When Davidrm came up with them I’m pretty sure he didn’t think, “Hmmm with this mod people will cover the whole field in paint”, or, “With this mod they will hose down the field with NB to hit a player”.

Rapid-fire kits were made to take the place of uhv guns, to put a couple on a can so you wouldn’t get stuck after a shot, or even 1 on a launcher so the reload time wouldn’t be that bad after you shot once and missed a target. When rapid-fire kits came out I bought about 35 of them….RM saw that in the logs and said, “Hmmmm why did you buy so many rapid-firekits?”. I said, “you do not know what you have brought into pbn, pretty soon you will take these things out and I will have rares”. He said, “Why would I take them out, I just brought them in a couple hours ago”. I said, “once you see what happens when these fools put rapid kits on launchers you will take them out”….He said, “I thought about that and then said to myself, ‘they will run out of money if they keep doing that and will eventually have to return back to their original weapon'”. That right there tells you they were not made so that people could take advantage of them and put them on launchers.

So all you guys wonder why you don’t see the oldies around to much. It is because they put a lot of time and effort into learning the game the right way and developing tactics to play against people who would give them the same respect of not nuking a field, and not hiding till the game ends or a player runs by to shoot. Until this day I still get excited when an old player like Stammel or Voltron comes on. You know why, because they were the pioneers of pbn and played with style, grace, and tactics never before seen. How many people do you see using a cloaking suit these days? Stammel used a cloaking suit and used deception to kill you….He would take off his suit drop mines all around him and wait for you come in range so he could either nade you or force you into one of his mines (he did this in trees if you were wondering).

How about Dave?…He used to be so fun to go into tourneys with because for one he let anyone on his team because it wasn’t for the money like now at days it was for the enjoyment of playing against his other buds and trying to beat them. He was probably one of the only ones that planned and told his team where to go to flank enemies, and he even told us to go to some spots so he could use us for bait heh. If any of you have ever played with me in tourneys you would know what I’m talking about. I will either use you as bait or if I trust you enough I will use myself as bait. He had aliases like you wouldn’t believe…he had his computer setup by voice just so he could play pbn. He taught me something very useful in a article he wrote. It was something he called the hook shot…even made a diagram for it. Some of you wonder how I shoot you through mountains or through trees, it is because I use the tactics developed by these players. I am OLD SCHOOL. There are many of them out there, too many to name because all that played when I started were using these tactics.

Yeah, you see them come in every once in a while, but ask yourself, “how long do they stay and do they even play in games?”. Yeah, some play in games but don’t move, they just let you splat them because they are not there to play, they are there because they feel comfortable. You always like to be in a place where you are great and people know you by name. I myself don’t play very much anymore; I have every game on game hate because these days everyone is in it for the money. I don’t put any real effort forth in regular games. Instead, I play in tourneys, and once in a while invaders because there is a challenge in it.

Once in a while you will get that newbie that enjoys the game and is staying on day in and day out trying to get splats and develop REAL skill. It’s pretty hard for them because it is tempting to go to the unskillful ways of nuking, hiding, and spraying. There are some true players out there, but they don’t have a chance to really get going because everyone else is nuking and spraying and hiding against them.

So, what is there to do? Nuke, spray, and hide.


Written by Vice Admiral Acker

Here are a few things that many people don’t know about, but really helps in aliases. I use these all.

p <location> <container> ———————— This helps you so you don’t have to fiddle around with what’s in what hand. Say you pick up a box that was littered on the ground in the middle of the game (I seem to find those all around), and your current alias for getting a gun out is something like: p can bac\&g gun bac . That idea is good, but it won’t do anything with foreign objects. It may not be the end of the world for you, but I use ‘a padded shield[hugepocket]’ (renamed scarf) so that my left hand is padded. That alias that was mentioned above could be improved with: p lhand bac\&p rhand bac\&g gun bac . This will put anything that’s in your right hand and left hand in your backpack, and then take your gun out. Better yet, make a one letter alias, one that isn’t used by anything else (such as y or x), then the alias would look like this: a x p lhand

back\&p rhand back if you wanted to take everything out.

A little about refilling a can —————————– Refilling a can is difficult to know how to do. Here’s my alias how I do it: p rhand back\&p lhand bac\&g tube locker\&b can\&dump can tube\&sell can\&g can back\&dump tube can\&p tube locker

WHAT IT DOES: puts everything in your hand into your back, gets an emptied out tube from my locker (you can adjust it to get from your backpack), buys a can then dumps it into the tube, sells the can I just

bought, gets my good can from my backpack, dumps the tube into the can,

and finally puts my tube into my locker. With this, you DO NOT have to

have a renamed can.

My “Cycle” Alias —————- If you’ve ever wandered how to make your gun reload ONLY on your, say, fourth shot, this is how it works. a 1 a fire du shie gu\\&f\\&2 a 2 a fire f\\&3 a 3 a fire f\\&4 a 4 a fire f\\&1 Have your gun alias type: 1

WHAT IT DOES: makes an alias to refill your gun, then fire, them do the

2 alias. The 2 alias edits the fire alias to just shoot, then move to 3. The 3 alias edits the fire alias to just shoot, then moves to 4. The 4 alias edits the fire alias to just shoot, then move back to 1. It makes a loop. I used it so that I could use a gun with [rapid] and [spread] in vaders. =) ~~TAKE NOTE:~~ This makes horrible lag, because

it makes an alias every time you fire.

IDEAS, IDEAS: a cool thing you could do with that is have it shoot your

cyan gun for 3 shots, then it’ll take out your NB gun, in case the target is clever enough to be padded >=). Or set it so that it takes some nade shots and refills it when your loaded nades exhaust.


This is a somewhat good technique to play invaders..but mainly intended for newbies..and semi-newbies most experienced players can ignore this..

This is the preferred things needed: a sattelite locator… a scope kit.. refracto (or some good camo like a multi terrain suit) and a jetpack(not needed but a definite helper) and preferably a high velocity semi auto gun with (spread) and (rapid)

The way i see things is that in invaders. Those bots come out real quick, so you should use a rapid and spread on your semi auto gun. However your gun may not be able to hold ammo therefore I suggest you hold a large or extra large backpack and fill it up with a bunch of cyan. So every 3-5 shots you press a custom button which would be an alias for “dump backpack gun” so you can shoot your gun with a really fast reload and still have spread and lots of ammo. Bots don’t wear insulation or interference except for stealth bots therefore x-ray and infra red are not needed, but a scope is good because you need the long range shots to shoot those bots especially kamis (qtpies, cowboyms, and beowulf and others) bots from far away because if they get close sometimes you cannot shoot them in time before they blow up real big.

Now for my tactics that usually works well for me. Having a multi terrain jacket with refracto and jetpack is good because if you are far away the bots cannot see you moving if you are in the grasslands and not water..and using jetpack is good to run in the water and out real quick….

The beginning of the game is where your satellite locator comes in handy. Your sat shows a nice broad view of how the map. Reminder you only have, I think, 15 seconds to find a spot and get there quick. Look on your sat and find a nice clear area in the map that you can get to quick with a nice shot to the nearest border.

1. Start shooting your spread gun at the border 1-3 seconds before they appear so you will take the first batch out..quickly reload…

2. Shoot a diagonal upwards and down towards the border side…then shoot in front of you..reload and use your jetpack to to the border.

3. If there are any remaining bots to your north or south blast them quick..and reload..now you are safe for the beginning. The beginning is usually the hardest part of the game. I really suggest using keypad movement. If your right handed keep your left hand on the key pad to move your man slowly to each bot on your satelite..keep far away and try to get angle shots…

4. In the end, usually the last bots are stealth bots bots or stealth types. These are scary bots because they appear from nowhere and can cost you the game and tons of $$$. So my suggestion is get in your nearest water location or take off your jacket and then run out, and hide to see if a bot goes to where your old position was. Then blast it.

I hope this helps. Have fun =)

Invaders secrets

Written by QtPie

1. Kami bots (which include: QtPie, Beowulf, CowboyM, and others that I forget) can not splat you if you are standing in a valley. So, those of you that always complain about the Qt bots, stay in the valleys. They will also kill themselves and any other bot that is standing in their splat area. Their splat area is the largest of all the bots.

2. Stealth bots. They pop up on you quickly. They are hard to see and don’t show up on your satellite. But I’ve found they go directly to the position they first see you at and blow out their paint. At the end, if I’ve having trouble finding the last stealth bot, I will shoot the middle cell of their yellow and green(I think there are stealths of different colors too) splat squares. Sometimes I find a stealth hiding there.

3. For those without refracto, crouching is a very helpful command to use. Go to a place where you are camo’ed(like if you have woodland camo kit then go to the tree areas) and type crouch. This will make the bots have a harder time seeing you. But sure to stand up(type stand) before moving tho!!

Bots have many different names but there are only 5 different types of bots. Stealth, Kamis, Dumb, Smart and Very smart. If you get to know the types of bots, then playing invaders becomes easier.

I guess that’s about it. QT


Changes and Whatnots

Tarq went from 80 to 90. I’m sure others have switched admin levels too
but I can’t remember. Yeah I’m worthless. 😉

Well..by this time most of you know but I will say it away (for
history’s sake). Both busprod and serverone are down until farther

The Cans have changed. Reload is slower and so is the ammo. If you can
tell a difference you must be a full time canner. 🙂

Nades are expensive! For those that like to ask this question *I*
(QtPie) assume it’s because nades can be alot more powerful then the
other weapons.

Total Worth: When you type stat it will now show your total worth.
Others can see your total worth too by typing stat <your name>. Total
worth is how much money you would have if you sold all your equipment
(including what is in your locker) to the STORE.

Standby: Hehehe this command amuses me. To use it type game ready
standby. This will allow you to sit out of the games but not hold up
the starting of the games. (there HAS to be a better way to explain that
but OWELL.) That is useful to bring joy to the impatient little folks
that can’t wait a minute or two when the admins are to busy helping out
the newbies to start the games..(go figure)

Tournament Fields are now larger. What more can I say?



Saz hit 50k a little while ago (it was aldebaran).

Modru hit 20k splats….and that WhiteKnight received 10k for being his

<This was sent in by someone who did not give me their PBN Character
Name <shrug>>I have finally broke 1k splats and I would like to thank
all the people that supported and helped me make that milestone.
thanks mikinater, intimidator, splatmaker and the rest of you know who
you are well thanks everyone.!!!! 🙂

Player Profiles

PBName: Old Saint Nick

Age:I lost track.

Time played: I come around every year in December

Habits: Eating cookies, Drinking Milk, Riding on my sled, Making lists, Giving out presents.

Favorite Bot: QtPie bot of course.

Favorite Player: All the little boys and girls on my “nice list”

Achievements: I Manage to give presents or coal to every kid in the world even tho I am jobless.

Famous Quotes: HO HO HO Merry Christmas.

Comments:I’ll be coming to town soon so you better watch out, you better not cry, and you better not pout.

PBN Name: Presario/MarlboroMan

Real Name: Kory Oldham

Age: 25 (at end of month YES DEC 31)

Job: Avionics tech. (aircraft electrcian)

Hobbies: Hunting, Puters, spending time with my son, and working on cars

Homepage: N/A


Stats: Ever:

Time Played: Almost two and a half years

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Helping new players and OLD get better and make it threw there first few weeks!!!

PB Pet Peeves: spamming, excessive cussing, repeative beggers, and flaggers.

Fav. PB Weapon: UHV full of FNB

Fav. Bot: To tell truth I hate BOTS 🙂

Fav. PBN Player: Well there is to many to really list Alot of you have become real close friends in the last years so I hope i don’t leave any one out ….. ( see OTHER )

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : LETS GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Other/ Comments: (list of Friends) Pothead, Ryn, Sandstorm, ToSORRY, Dsniper, QTY , Broke it, Diver Dude, EZ, Sillk, TMO, Micke D., MacMan, MALI , Dave youngblood I know i am leaving out some but sorry !!! i get ya next time

PBN Name:Ryn

Real Name:Ryan Oxford


Job:Student,(besides summer jobs ect.)

Hobbies:PBN, Real Paintball,Learning VB, and Sports

Homepage:<old link>

Team:The Holy Ones

Stats:(CURRENT) BONUS:763000 SPLATS:908 ACCURACY:35% Ever:(EVER) GAMES:26359 BONUS:32382000 SPLATS:45618 ACCURACY:33% GAMES SURVIVED:6784 BOT SPLATS:28243 PLAYER SPLATS:10707 Time Played:

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I’d say probably getting 1k splats That was a thrill =) and hitting 40k splats, and probably helping some newbies here and there =)

PB Pet Peeves:Whiners, People who find eq on the playing field and fail to return it when they know it belongs to someone =(, also people who yell at newbies for asking when the newbies just need a little help help

Fav. PB Weapon:I’d say either my ULUHV or my paintball uzi

Fav. Bot:dumb bot (Those things always get me)

Fav. PBN Player:Probably either, Tarquin, The S, or Spume and ALL my THO Teammates =)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Hail to the king baby!” “This is just soo ludicrous, not to be confused with super-sugar chrisps”<–something I made up a long time ago when i was feeling wacky hehe

Other/ Comments:Just like to say Hey too all my friends out there, MalibuCXV, SniperGunff, Tarq, Presario,FlyinEmu, THO, if i missed ya, well you know who you are

Closing Notes

Happy Holidays and a Peaceful New Year. 🙂

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT

PBNN Issue #27 – 12/4/98

Editor: QtPie


HI all, Back to the old way of doing things. The PBNN’s will be longer again but will now only come out once a month. Those of you that are receiving the PBNN for the first time in a few months, welcome back. If you do not wish to receive this anymore, please email and I will take you off the list. Thanks.

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Something to keep in mind

Written by The Watchman

Many people tease others about their number of splats. This can depend on the number of hours a person gets on the internet. I started about 2 months ago and have about 60 splats. My friends blackice & jarred started about 2 weeks ago. Blackice now has 48, jarred has about 7. Jarred gets 4 hours on the internet a month, Blackice get 100 hours a month and is currently changing servers to get more. I get about 12 hours.

Another reason is that some people get money. Blackice used no-bounce for a while. One character(I can’t remember who) gave him 2k for nothing. Someone else gives him money every time he sees him.

So don’t tease people about number of splats compared to time played. OK =)

How to be deadly (What Dsniper forgot)

Written by The Green Lantern

Hey guys and gals, this is your old pal The Green Lantern. I would just like to say that the article series that Dsniper wrote for the PBNN were outstanding and the reason that I subscribed. However due to his busy schedule I am sure, he did not go into great detail about flag grabbing in cooperative flags games. Now I do not average nearly to amount of splats that Dsniper or most of you guys do per month, but I do know coop games and I would just like to share some helpful hints with you.

I would just like to toss out a few fundamental and helpful tips on how to succeed at flag grabbing. The first thing you will need is something with jet, if you do not have jet than forget it, a turbo/swim combo will not cut it. A good canner or a decent shooter will pick you off before you even get in sight of the flags. The next thing you will need is a can. All too often I see people running in to grab flags while still holding their launcher or gun. In grabbing you will not have time to stop and shoot. Bring a can and auto target it in one direction so hopefully if you get picked off you will have taken someone down with you and the loss will not be in vein. Carry your regular weapon in the other games but be sure to have a can somewhere on you for easy access via a shortcut button. I also suggest using your shortcuts on the side of your screen for this so you will not have to spend precious battle time typing in a single word to activate your alias. Make it resemble something like this (This is set up for a rifle to backpack swap) put ri back&get can back&tar home&tar north. The third thing you will need is a satellite. Almost always standard equipment anyway.

Before the beginning of the game be sure that your true movement application is on! I can not stress this enough people. It is a must for quick maneuvering around enemies and hostile fire. Sure, it may slow you down just a little, but who cares? You got jet, you can spare it, and in the long run I guarantee it will pay off. Now at the begging of the game locate the enemy on your satellite. Proceed in the general direction of your opponents but not in a strait line. Veer off to the side about 15-25 spaces away from the general pack of red guys so as not to run smack dab into their fire and make yourself look like an idiot. Next you will need to remain motionless for a second to allow yourself to get orientated, let your screen center adjust and get a location on the flags. This is when you are at your most venerable, so keep your guard up and start moving again a.s.a.p. Once you have gotten a fix on the flags proceed to them post haste! It is to your advantage to stay in the cover of the trees or mountains as much as possible at all times. That way snipers can not get to you. Scamper to the flags and start pounding on that flag grab alias. At this point your biggest enemy is your own team mates. You have to remember that a good number of them are doing the same thing that you are doing and you are all competing for the prized enemy flags. Spend as little time as possible fighting off the bad guys, no time at all is best. Let the auto-fire on your can do all the shooting for you. Do not go out of your way to can guys, let those splats come by chance when you run in to grab the flags.

Now what to do if you can not see the flags. Allot of the time a guy who has gone afk and not turned off game ready, or just an inexperienced newbie who does not know what to do will be standing on the flags and blocking the view. In this case I suggest waiting for the slower red guys to move out until there are only a few guys defending the flags remaining. Then move in and stand on the motionless red guy(s) one by one and tapping your flag grab alias a couple of times on each motionless red guy until you find the one standing on the flags. Once you find that spot tap on that alias like there is no tomorrow, because remember, your team mates are going for those flags too and it is a constant battle. After you have gotten your share of the flags run and hide! Do not get cocky and greedy and try to start shooting at some red dudes and risk loosing all of your hard earned flags. Run and hide so as to save the flags and the cash that comes with selling them.

I would recommend this cooperative flags strategy to anyone and everyone who has the cash for a jet. At an average grab of eight flags a game for a good player and one or two helpful can splats that is 50$ in splats and 80$ for the flags when you get back to holding (assuming you survive) plus another 50$-60$ if your team wins. So that is 190$ on average that you will earn for every coop game assuming you master your skills.

And on a personal note, I would love to see someone write an ultimate guide to vaders for the PBNN as I stink at it and would like to become better like I am sure some others would.

Thank you for your time and to Qt for using my article (assuming she did).

Happy splatting… or should I say grabbing?

QtPie’s Play Style

Written by QtPie

Here I will explain in detail how *I* play the game paintball. I hope this gives you a few ideas…

My equipment.

Padded helmet with a satellite and player locator.. Although I don’t use the player locator too often, I use the satellite all the time. It’s very helpful in invaders. And can be helpful at the beginning of all the other games. The satellite can’t see all players, but it will give you a good idea where the other team started..

Padded scarf with x-ray and scope. Both the x-ray and scope let me see better.

A small padded backpack with two extra pockets. This set up might seem strange to most people. I would figure a large padded backpack would be more useful. But, beings how I have one of the few small padded backpacks out there, I want to use it. 😉

A multi-down jacket with jetpack and refracto. This was a gift from some good buddies of mine. It is really the most useful piece of equipment I own. The jetpack let’s me speed around the field while the refracto gives me some ‘invisiblity’. BTW, it’s not for sale and never will be for sale.. It’s priceless. 🙂

A pair of padded leggings with a huge expansion and a large expansion. This is where I store my extra ammo. I will explain more about that later..

A pair of padded boots with two huge expansions. This is where I store my extra weapons. Explain more later..

My Weapons.

Rocket Launcher. This is now considered my “center weapon” I hold this in my hands at all times. The aliases are all set up around my launcher. I find it easier to use the launcher as my center weapon instead of one of my guns. This way I don’t get as confused as to which gun I am wearing. <more later>

Can. I store this weapon in my boots. I use it when I can’t splat someone with the other weapons.

Semi-auto gun with spread and large expansion. This is my invaders gun. I store this in my boots and I only use it during invaders games. (for the most part)

Semi-Auto gun with large expansion. I usually put FNB in this gun. I

pretty much use this gun for most of the games. I keep this in my backpack.

My Aliases.

6 of my buttons on the side are set up for my weapons. This makes it easy for me to switch between weapons during the game.

Bot gun:remove lau & get gun boot & look gun

Bot away:put gun boot & swap & wear lau & look lau

Can:remove lau & get can boot & tar home & tar s & look can

Can away:Put can boot & wear laun & look lau

NB Gun:remove lau & get gun back & look gun

NB away:put gun back & wear lau & look lau

Notice, in all the aliases I look at the weapon I am about to use. This makes it easy for me to see if I have ammo left. I find it very helpful.

I hold enough ammo in my NB Gun so I rarely run out during a game. But, I sometimes run out of ammo in invaders games so I keep extra cyan paint in my leggings. When loading up with ammo, I dump the box of cyan paint into my leggings. It’s a ‘written’ alias and looks like this buy box \& dump box leg \& sell box. Notice I don’t put the box itself in my leggings, just the paint. Then I have an alias that dumps all the ammo in my leggings into my gun. It looks like this: dump leg gun.

Usually I run out of cyan paint or rockets for my launcher before anything else. So, when that happens I usually load all my other ammo too (expect my can, I haven’t run out of ammo for that in a very long time.)

I use ‘written’ aliases for all the loading of my weapons. Written aliases are those that you have to type to use (as opposed to the buttons.) I will only explain my loading can alias because that is the one people have the most trouble with.

To refill a can. For this to work you MUST have your canned renamed. Hold that renamed can (that one you use all the time) in your LEFT hand. Then buy a new full can. This can will be in your RIGHT hand. Then type (or have an alias set up like this) dump can <renamed can name> For instance, my can is called Pepsi. So I hold Pepsi in my LEFT hand, a new full can in my right hand and my alias reads: dump can pepsi. Then of course you sell the empty can. Repeat this until your can is full.

Since I use the launcher as my center weapon, I have set up all the other aliases around that. For instance: My token grabbing alias looks like this: remove lau & get token & put token back & wear lau. Now, I bet you can see a bit of trouble with this setup. If you can’t, I’ll tell you. If I am using my gun and I see a token, I have to press my gun away, then my get token button. This can be a pain some of the time but I’ve found a way to make it work. I don’t wait until I’m right on top of the token before I press my get token button. Since I do not use truemovment, I can click where I want to go, then right away click my NB gun away, then my get token button. Then I usually click to move myself OFF the cell where the token is, then click my NB gun. All the clicking is done while I am moving to the square with the token on it, therefore not wasting any time. (Hope you understood what I meant..) 🙂

My flag alias is similar but I’ve done something a bit different with it. I have it set up to pick up 5 flags at a time. This makes picking up flags a lot quicker. Usually I only have to press the “get Flag” button once or twice to pick up all the flags instead of pressing it 5 or more..It looks like this: remove lau & get flag & put flag back & get flag & put flag back & get flag…. you get the point. 🙂

When switching weapons.. I usually make a LONG movement. This gives me time to press the buttons while my man is moving. Therefore I’m not standing in one spot for too long.

Other things I do on the field.

I always keep moving. Grenaders have a hard time shooting people that move ALOT(aka Dancing around the field). Standing still is a sure fire way of getting splatted (if you are visible of course).

I hardly ever shoot directly at a target. Most of the time I shoot one, two, or three squares away from them. I Hope I judge their movement correctly.

I very my weapons. Sometimes I use my launcher, sometimes can and sometimes gun. Different situations call for different weapons. If one type of weapons doesn’t seem to get the job done, I just pull out another.

Lag: Now lag is a big problem for me, and for a lot of people.

Lag in invaders games is just terrible and it’s hard to really do anything. But, I tend to just shoot, even if I am lagged and hopefully I will splat a few bots before I die.

Lag in all other games. There is a time that lag can help you in teams games. Alot of people will just sit there when they are lagged therefore giving you an easy shoot. The TRICK is just keep clicking and moving (even if your man doesn’t move). When you finally catch up with the lag you may find your man has moved all over the field. Some of the time the simple act of moving keeps you alive. If the lag isn’t THAT bad, maybe a second or two, then if you see someone moving shoot WAY away from them in one direction or another. You might just guess his destination correctly and get a splat.

There ya be, now you know how QtPie plays. I may not be the best player out there, but there are times when I can actually splat a few people. 😉


PBMaps Contest

The winners were XRII and Mirage. Both their maps were added to the rotation of maps. We saw XRII’s map on busprod for awhile, Mirages is loaded up there as of now.


Teams DUDES hit 125k splats

Team Chronic passed Hoosiers in splats (100k+), entering the busprod (the “official” team stats server) top 10 ever team splats. On behalf of

the team, I would like to thank all Chronic members (past and present) on this marvelous accomplishment. “We Rule” – Sgt

Players Little Foot:100k

Togood wrote in:I Broke 80k Splats yay me!

On November 18th 1998, Sgt surpassed the 50,000 splat mark.

DaPimp hit 30k splats and would like to thank togood and BlasterFX with all their help.

Coolboy, at 9:50pm atlantic time, broke 10K splats…Twistofate got $10K for being his 10K

Team Profile


Leader:Well i started the team but The leaders are Me, Flyinemu,azalin,Sniperuno,Hogan,Twistofate and the ghost =).

No. Of Members: 20

Member List: You are 1 of 20 members of ‘DUDES’ (level 1). TEAM DESCRIPTION: ‘fro is a peepee head’. TEAM WEB PAGE: ‘Thanks Broke It.’. stanky (1) FlyinEmu Hogan paintdog azalin TaRqUin ICURNVS inflictor sniperuno Coolboy The Ghost TwistOFate scottsplater MTGRat Darkman Cowbot Soundtraxx Frocer (2) Val Venis shady (3)

Motto: We Like poOp And We Just play for fun

Homepage:ICURNVS is makin it hehe

Stats: (CURRENT) BONUS:739500 SPLATS:701 ACCURACY:23% (EVER) BONUS:104905500 SPLATS:132647

Requirements:none just be cool and be nice, no splat requirments.

Who We are: A team of friends who just plays for fun we dont care about splats or nothing jus having fun

Achievements: Uhmm getting 100k splats Getting on the Top 10 ever teams by splats and bonus and gettin our first team admin Epu

Goals: become #1 on top 10 ever

Comments: PoOp

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Unicorn

Real Name: Martin de Roode

Age: 31

Job: Senior support engineer

Hobbies: My wife and now six months old son, and computers in general

Homepage: <old link> (Check it out, im really proud of this site)

Team: DUNE

Stats: Ever:

Time Played: I’m not sure, 2 years now i think

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Well thats a small list now hehe, but here it is: Becoming a 90, Creating DUNE ( I love that team), hitting 50k and creating the DUNE site.

PB Pet Peeves: Players that aren’t on to have fun, but to spoil other players fun.

Fav. PB Weapon: Rocket launcher

Fav. Bot: I like them all… not!

Fav. PBN Player: There are so many, but a lot of them are on my team 😉

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : The sands have fallen, your time is up. DUNE is here!

Other/ Comments:

I have to thank all of u guys for making the time i’ve spent on PBN sofar so much fun, and i hope you all cheer for me on my way to 100K splats (in like another 2 years or so hehe)

PBN Name:MalibuCXV

Real Name: Albert Dutra

Age: 18

Job: Night Stock Crew worker at a huge grocery store. (stock the shelves)

Hobbies: Working on my car, learning new things about hot rods, going to car shows, playing paintball net, hanging out with friends.

Homepage: <old link>

Team: The Holy Ones

Stats: Stats for ‘MalibuCXV'(37214):(EVER) GAMES:13504 BONUS:19476000 SPLATS:25671 ACCURACY:34% GAMES SURVIVED:3481 BOT SPLATS:13255


Time Played: started around Dec 29, 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Being known as one of the few people who can be trusted with anything, being good friends with so many people, and most of all, just having fun.

PB Pet Peeves: spammers, and team/playername banners. beggers.

Fav. PB Weapon: My Can, and my trusty NB rifle for backup.

Fav. Bot: QtPie Bot

Fav. PBN Player: almost all of them…. but mostly Modru, Ryn, Vertigo,

Qt, and everyone that is on THO, also Black Eagle (Formerly known as the

‘original’ NuKeM), and razor/help me, and everyone that was on Legion Of

Chaos when we started it. as for the rest of u, u guys/girls know who you are.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : yo Yo YO! and THO Teammate IN DA HIzZzOUsSsE!!!!!

Other/ Comments: >> Good luck to all the new people playing, don’t give

up, u get better and better as time goes on. Also, remember, this is a game, HAVE FUN! =)

PBN Name: YourMaster

Real Name:Tom Martin



Hobbies:Drums (7 years), Ice Hockey (4 years), Computers (seince we’ve owned one!)

Homepage:<old link> (Shameless Plug:))


Stats: a padded helmet[scope] on your HEAD, EYES a padded scarf on your NECK a multi-terrain insulated suit[interference] on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER, BODY, WAIST a high-velocity semi-automatic paintball gun[largeexpansion] on your RIGHT HAND Mr Death`s pooP stompers[turbo][swim]{=FlyinEmu=} on your LEGS, FEET Ever: GAMES:7143 BONUS:4260500 SPLATS:4437 ACCURACY:35%

Time Played: March of ’97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : 1k splats (it took a good year). Being classified as a “vet”:)

PB Pet Peeves: Spammers, Harassers, Newbies who decide they dont like the game so they are do the above 2 things.

Fav. PB Weapon: HVSA with NB, no spread, or burst, old school:)

Fav. Bot: Mr Death Splatting Machine (cuz he’s MINE!)

Fav. PBN Player: I dont have 1 favroite player, but i have few of them.

Paintdog, Justin, Catgirl, Killah, Beowulf, Doughboy, Randy Gilbertson, Reffoxel, Spume, QT all make PBN a cool place for me

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Spume for president!” “Thats it!! NOW ITS ON!!”

Other/ Comments: Everyone thank QT for putting so much effort into the newsletter! She deserves it!

Closing Notes

Beanster emailed me and told me to say hello to all of you that knew him.. so Hello!

-mtbkev wanted me to post this: I need your help!!! I am attempting to build a page shocasing the players of PBNET. If you’d like to be on it,

send me a note on PBN (mtbkev) or e-mail it to me (<old email>) I would really like to do this so if you could all help me out!!!!!!!

Along with this, I would like to remind you all that the Player Population Page is still running. I’ve got a lot of people to post up there and I will send the updated population page to RM to to when I send him this issue. Take a look at <old link>

The next PBNN will not be sent out until Next Year.. So.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! 🙂