PBNN Issue #28 – 12/21/98

Editor: QtPie


Well well well. <shuffles her feet> I know I told you there wouldn’t be another PBNN until next year but I had to send out this very Special Christmas Issue.
I would like to wish all my good friends the happiest of Christmas’. I’m sure all of you want to send the same sentiment to your friends as well so consider that done. 🙂

I have a Christmas gift for all of you (who want it.) On Christmas Eve I will be signing something for each of you. You’ll have to buy the patch tho because I’m not rich. Only one per player please. Also renames will be free all day. But don’t ask me about that until Christmas Eve. 😉

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Written by Gazemer

Once again, I am Back to tell you how to apply your skills. What is it? Rocketing, yes once again I am here to speak on Rocketing. I’m here to answer these 4 questions and add some tips on rockets.

What is Rocketing?

Im sure everyone knows what a rocket is ( I hope so…. ). They are the annoying things that hit you at high speeds and are often mistaken for nades. They are blends of red ( thanks Rm, for that so nice, bloody look 🙂 ) and cost $15 bucks to buy, relatively cheap for launcher ammo. They move at high speeds and are known to hit trees and explode which is very annoying. Why do they want to rocket you might ask? In my opinion its the need for speed, like always, the faster the ammo, the quicker it kills. Now to the next question….

What do I need to Rocket? I will list the components of rocketing.

I recommend a mini paintrocket launcher for newer players since it only takes the hands. It holds 2 rockets if its kitless. Next, I would buy some expansion and put it on your launcher preferably Large to hold more rockets, and a rapid fire kit. The rapid kit will make you be able to fire say 2 rockets in 3 seconds, rather than 1 rocket in 3 seconds. Now if you have extra room maybe in your backpack or any other piece of equipment that holds something i would use this alias: alias fire fir\& dump <equip.> launcher. Where it says <equip.> put the piece of equipment that has your stored rockets on you. So if you had a large backpack it would look like this: alias fire fir\& dump backpack launcher. It will automatically reload a rocket into your backpack every time you fire. When you buy ammo, stick your rockets in the piece of equipment, not the launcher.

Back to the launcher though. I preferably actually use a plain paintrocket launcher. I have no x-ray or infrared or scope to help me see, just my satellite locator on my scarf. It has 2 rapid-fire kits on it so i can fire off rockets extremely fast and with extreme accuracy, and I do have to use the alias above. I can usually fire off 7 rockets in 5 seconds which is extremely effective wit clumps of people, it is nuking equipment to all the people who don’t like nuking, but when you can hit 20 people, 20 x 5 is $100 and you only use $105 in ammo, and you will most likely win the game where you profit ( to all who say nukers don’t make cash ).

How do i Rocket?

Once you have gotten your equipment setup, and other sort fixed, get ready to fight. Turbo is good with rocketing because turbo goes faster than jet on Grassland, and guess what, Grassland is the main terrain on all maps. So you can move very quickly around and fire. Rocketing is always about angles too, Since you cant shoot through trees, you have to shoot between em. Always try to line up the angle of your rocket and see the path its going to go and fire away. One important tip is, if you see someone in the woods or mountains, remember they are going to slow down to get through, so meanwhile you watch and can fire a rocket at the woods, because it will go in 2 layers, and sometimes 3. Also another tip, if you are a mainly woods map and are playing almost any game other than survival, you can fire at people while in the woods, DURING the first minute of the game ( when most kills occur ) and not splat yourself. so if a pesky canner is coming after you, fire beside you or on yourself and they go bye-bye.

How do i become a good Rocketteer?

Practice, Practice, Practice. Once you get pretty good just learn and build. Find some more secrets of rocketing and you. You can’t expect to be great on the first try, and it might make a dent in your cash, but i will make you a plenty if you learn to use your rockets wisely and efficiently.



What’s changed?

Written by Boo yaow

I have a long history with pbn. Through the years I have been playing I have seen some go and many come. What ever happen to the players that brought the beauty of skillful bot splatting and superb sneaky tactics to pbn?

These days it’s either an uzi, a mini-gun, or some kind of spread weapon for vaders, and either a launcher of some sort or spread NB to hit players. In the old days people would carry a real weapon which is a can, or a single shot high velocity gun, or maybe even a grenade launcher. There is a thin line between skill and no skill with a launcher. Now a days, there are a lot of people that will blast a whole field full of paint just to hit one target (nuking).

In the old days people would carry 5-10 nades because there was not such thing as level 40, 50, 60, etc. They didn’t have the weight to carry hundreds of nades to paint a field, and when they launched it was, “I shoot a couple nades at you and if I don’t hit you I’m trying something else”. Those are the players that I used to play with.

People wonder why I’m so good or splat so many people. The answer is it is because I was trained. I was trained to shoot a guy that was darting across the field just after he tried to let me have it with a uluhv or a grenade launcher, to be sneaky and use my equipment to it’s best ability, to use the field as my toolkit and run through dense jungles and trees so I couldn’t be seen and then go jump on top of a mountain to get a view of the field for a couple seconds. I was forced to learn these tactics because everyone else was using them…we had no choice. It was either learn how to play the right way, or sit there and die.

Now a days, people don’t even use tactics. Instead, they use weapons to substitute for the skill and tactics they don’t have. We didn’t have spread kits and rapid-fire kits to help us hit a target, and we couldn’t afford to sit in a corner, look at our satellite, and lob nades at any spot where we saw a red guy. Some of you wonder why you don’t see much of the old guys anymore. It is because the great ideas that Davidrm has come up with have been taken advantage of. When Davidrm came up with them I’m pretty sure he didn’t think, “Hmmm with this mod people will cover the whole field in paint”, or, “With this mod they will hose down the field with NB to hit a player”.

Rapid-fire kits were made to take the place of uhv guns, to put a couple on a can so you wouldn’t get stuck after a shot, or even 1 on a launcher so the reload time wouldn’t be that bad after you shot once and missed a target. When rapid-fire kits came out I bought about 35 of them….RM saw that in the logs and said, “Hmmmm why did you buy so many rapid-firekits?”. I said, “you do not know what you have brought into pbn, pretty soon you will take these things out and I will have rares”. He said, “Why would I take them out, I just brought them in a couple hours ago”. I said, “once you see what happens when these fools put rapid kits on launchers you will take them out”….He said, “I thought about that and then said to myself, ‘they will run out of money if they keep doing that and will eventually have to return back to their original weapon'”. That right there tells you they were not made so that people could take advantage of them and put them on launchers.

So all you guys wonder why you don’t see the oldies around to much. It is because they put a lot of time and effort into learning the game the right way and developing tactics to play against people who would give them the same respect of not nuking a field, and not hiding till the game ends or a player runs by to shoot. Until this day I still get excited when an old player like Stammel or Voltron comes on. You know why, because they were the pioneers of pbn and played with style, grace, and tactics never before seen. How many people do you see using a cloaking suit these days? Stammel used a cloaking suit and used deception to kill you….He would take off his suit drop mines all around him and wait for you come in range so he could either nade you or force you into one of his mines (he did this in trees if you were wondering).

How about Dave?…He used to be so fun to go into tourneys with because for one he let anyone on his team because it wasn’t for the money like now at days it was for the enjoyment of playing against his other buds and trying to beat them. He was probably one of the only ones that planned and told his team where to go to flank enemies, and he even told us to go to some spots so he could use us for bait heh. If any of you have ever played with me in tourneys you would know what I’m talking about. I will either use you as bait or if I trust you enough I will use myself as bait. He had aliases like you wouldn’t believe…he had his computer setup by voice just so he could play pbn. He taught me something very useful in a article he wrote. It was something he called the hook shot…even made a diagram for it. Some of you wonder how I shoot you through mountains or through trees, it is because I use the tactics developed by these players. I am OLD SCHOOL. There are many of them out there, too many to name because all that played when I started were using these tactics.

Yeah, you see them come in every once in a while, but ask yourself, “how long do they stay and do they even play in games?”. Yeah, some play in games but don’t move, they just let you splat them because they are not there to play, they are there because they feel comfortable. You always like to be in a place where you are great and people know you by name. I myself don’t play very much anymore; I have every game on game hate because these days everyone is in it for the money. I don’t put any real effort forth in regular games. Instead, I play in tourneys, and once in a while invaders because there is a challenge in it.

Once in a while you will get that newbie that enjoys the game and is staying on day in and day out trying to get splats and develop REAL skill. It’s pretty hard for them because it is tempting to go to the unskillful ways of nuking, hiding, and spraying. There are some true players out there, but they don’t have a chance to really get going because everyone else is nuking and spraying and hiding against them.

So, what is there to do? Nuke, spray, and hide.


Written by Vice Admiral Acker

Here are a few things that many people don’t know about, but really helps in aliases. I use these all.

p <location> <container> ———————— This helps you so you don’t have to fiddle around with what’s in what hand. Say you pick up a box that was littered on the ground in the middle of the game (I seem to find those all around), and your current alias for getting a gun out is something like: p can bac\&g gun bac . That idea is good, but it won’t do anything with foreign objects. It may not be the end of the world for you, but I use ‘a padded shield[hugepocket]’ (renamed scarf) so that my left hand is padded. That alias that was mentioned above could be improved with: p lhand bac\&p rhand bac\&g gun bac . This will put anything that’s in your right hand and left hand in your backpack, and then take your gun out. Better yet, make a one letter alias, one that isn’t used by anything else (such as y or x), then the alias would look like this: a x p lhand

back\&p rhand back if you wanted to take everything out.

A little about refilling a can —————————– Refilling a can is difficult to know how to do. Here’s my alias how I do it: p rhand back\&p lhand bac\&g tube locker\&b can\&dump can tube\&sell can\&g can back\&dump tube can\&p tube locker

WHAT IT DOES: puts everything in your hand into your back, gets an emptied out tube from my locker (you can adjust it to get from your backpack), buys a can then dumps it into the tube, sells the can I just

bought, gets my good can from my backpack, dumps the tube into the can,

and finally puts my tube into my locker. With this, you DO NOT have to

have a renamed can.

My “Cycle” Alias —————- If you’ve ever wandered how to make your gun reload ONLY on your, say, fourth shot, this is how it works. a 1 a fire du shie gu\\&f\\&2 a 2 a fire f\\&3 a 3 a fire f\\&4 a 4 a fire f\\&1 Have your gun alias type: 1

WHAT IT DOES: makes an alias to refill your gun, then fire, them do the

2 alias. The 2 alias edits the fire alias to just shoot, then move to 3. The 3 alias edits the fire alias to just shoot, then moves to 4. The 4 alias edits the fire alias to just shoot, then move back to 1. It makes a loop. I used it so that I could use a gun with [rapid] and [spread] in vaders. =) ~~TAKE NOTE:~~ This makes horrible lag, because

it makes an alias every time you fire.

IDEAS, IDEAS: a cool thing you could do with that is have it shoot your

cyan gun for 3 shots, then it’ll take out your NB gun, in case the target is clever enough to be padded >=). Or set it so that it takes some nade shots and refills it when your loaded nades exhaust.


This is a somewhat good technique to play invaders..but mainly intended for newbies..and semi-newbies most experienced players can ignore this..

This is the preferred things needed: a sattelite locator… a scope kit.. refracto (or some good camo like a multi terrain suit) and a jetpack(not needed but a definite helper) and preferably a high velocity semi auto gun with (spread) and (rapid)

The way i see things is that in invaders. Those bots come out real quick, so you should use a rapid and spread on your semi auto gun. However your gun may not be able to hold ammo therefore I suggest you hold a large or extra large backpack and fill it up with a bunch of cyan. So every 3-5 shots you press a custom button which would be an alias for “dump backpack gun” so you can shoot your gun with a really fast reload and still have spread and lots of ammo. Bots don’t wear insulation or interference except for stealth bots therefore x-ray and infra red are not needed, but a scope is good because you need the long range shots to shoot those bots especially kamis (qtpies, cowboyms, and beowulf and others) bots from far away because if they get close sometimes you cannot shoot them in time before they blow up real big.

Now for my tactics that usually works well for me. Having a multi terrain jacket with refracto and jetpack is good because if you are far away the bots cannot see you moving if you are in the grasslands and not water..and using jetpack is good to run in the water and out real quick….

The beginning of the game is where your satellite locator comes in handy. Your sat shows a nice broad view of how the map. Reminder you only have, I think, 15 seconds to find a spot and get there quick. Look on your sat and find a nice clear area in the map that you can get to quick with a nice shot to the nearest border.

1. Start shooting your spread gun at the border 1-3 seconds before they appear so you will take the first batch out..quickly reload…

2. Shoot a diagonal upwards and down towards the border side…then shoot in front of you..reload and use your jetpack to to the border.

3. If there are any remaining bots to your north or south blast them quick..and reload..now you are safe for the beginning. The beginning is usually the hardest part of the game. I really suggest using keypad movement. If your right handed keep your left hand on the key pad to move your man slowly to each bot on your satelite..keep far away and try to get angle shots…

4. In the end, usually the last bots are stealth bots bots or stealth types. These are scary bots because they appear from nowhere and can cost you the game and tons of $$$. So my suggestion is get in your nearest water location or take off your jacket and then run out, and hide to see if a bot goes to where your old position was. Then blast it.

I hope this helps. Have fun =)

Invaders secrets

Written by QtPie

1. Kami bots (which include: QtPie, Beowulf, CowboyM, and others that I forget) can not splat you if you are standing in a valley. So, those of you that always complain about the Qt bots, stay in the valleys. They will also kill themselves and any other bot that is standing in their splat area. Their splat area is the largest of all the bots.

2. Stealth bots. They pop up on you quickly. They are hard to see and don’t show up on your satellite. But I’ve found they go directly to the position they first see you at and blow out their paint. At the end, if I’ve having trouble finding the last stealth bot, I will shoot the middle cell of their yellow and green(I think there are stealths of different colors too) splat squares. Sometimes I find a stealth hiding there.

3. For those without refracto, crouching is a very helpful command to use. Go to a place where you are camo’ed(like if you have woodland camo kit then go to the tree areas) and type crouch. This will make the bots have a harder time seeing you. But sure to stand up(type stand) before moving tho!!

Bots have many different names but there are only 5 different types of bots. Stealth, Kamis, Dumb, Smart and Very smart. If you get to know the types of bots, then playing invaders becomes easier.

I guess that’s about it. QT


Changes and Whatnots

Tarq went from 80 to 90. I’m sure others have switched admin levels too
but I can’t remember. Yeah I’m worthless. 😉

Well..by this time most of you know but I will say it away (for
history’s sake). Both busprod and serverone are down until farther

The Cans have changed. Reload is slower and so is the ammo. If you can
tell a difference you must be a full time canner. 🙂

Nades are expensive! For those that like to ask this question *I*
(QtPie) assume it’s because nades can be alot more powerful then the
other weapons.

Total Worth: When you type stat it will now show your total worth.
Others can see your total worth too by typing stat <your name>. Total
worth is how much money you would have if you sold all your equipment
(including what is in your locker) to the STORE.

Standby: Hehehe this command amuses me. To use it type game ready
standby. This will allow you to sit out of the games but not hold up
the starting of the games. (there HAS to be a better way to explain that
but OWELL.) That is useful to bring joy to the impatient little folks
that can’t wait a minute or two when the admins are to busy helping out
the newbies to start the games..(go figure)

Tournament Fields are now larger. What more can I say?



Saz hit 50k a little while ago (it was aldebaran).

Modru hit 20k splats….and that WhiteKnight received 10k for being his

<This was sent in by someone who did not give me their PBN Character
Name <shrug>>I have finally broke 1k splats and I would like to thank
all the people that supported and helped me make that milestone.
thanks mikinater, intimidator, splatmaker and the rest of you know who
you are well thanks everyone.!!!! 🙂

Player Profiles

PBName: Old Saint Nick

Age:I lost track.

Time played: I come around every year in December

Habits: Eating cookies, Drinking Milk, Riding on my sled, Making lists, Giving out presents.

Favorite Bot: QtPie bot of course.

Favorite Player: All the little boys and girls on my “nice list”

Achievements: I Manage to give presents or coal to every kid in the world even tho I am jobless.

Famous Quotes: HO HO HO Merry Christmas.

Comments:I’ll be coming to town soon so you better watch out, you better not cry, and you better not pout.

PBN Name: Presario/MarlboroMan

Real Name: Kory Oldham

Age: 25 (at end of month YES DEC 31)

Job: Avionics tech. (aircraft electrcian)

Hobbies: Hunting, Puters, spending time with my son, and working on cars

Homepage: N/A


Stats: Ever:

Time Played: Almost two and a half years

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Helping new players and OLD get better and make it threw there first few weeks!!!

PB Pet Peeves: spamming, excessive cussing, repeative beggers, and flaggers.

Fav. PB Weapon: UHV full of FNB

Fav. Bot: To tell truth I hate BOTS 🙂

Fav. PBN Player: Well there is to many to really list Alot of you have become real close friends in the last years so I hope i don’t leave any one out ….. ( see OTHER )

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : LETS GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Other/ Comments: (list of Friends) Pothead, Ryn, Sandstorm, ToSORRY, Dsniper, QTY , Broke it, Diver Dude, EZ, Sillk, TMO, Micke D., MacMan, MALI , Dave youngblood I know i am leaving out some but sorry !!! i get ya next time

PBN Name:Ryn

Real Name:Ryan Oxford


Job:Student,(besides summer jobs ect.)

Hobbies:PBN, Real Paintball,Learning VB, and Sports

Homepage:<old link>

Team:The Holy Ones

Stats:(CURRENT) BONUS:763000 SPLATS:908 ACCURACY:35% Ever:(EVER) GAMES:26359 BONUS:32382000 SPLATS:45618 ACCURACY:33% GAMES SURVIVED:6784 BOT SPLATS:28243 PLAYER SPLATS:10707 Time Played:

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I’d say probably getting 1k splats That was a thrill =) and hitting 40k splats, and probably helping some newbies here and there =)

PB Pet Peeves:Whiners, People who find eq on the playing field and fail to return it when they know it belongs to someone =(, also people who yell at newbies for asking when the newbies just need a little help help

Fav. PB Weapon:I’d say either my ULUHV or my paintball uzi

Fav. Bot:dumb bot (Those things always get me)

Fav. PBN Player:Probably either, Tarquin, The S, or Spume and ALL my THO Teammates =)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Hail to the king baby!” “This is just soo ludicrous, not to be confused with super-sugar chrisps”<–something I made up a long time ago when i was feeling wacky hehe

Other/ Comments:Just like to say Hey too all my friends out there, MalibuCXV, SniperGunff, Tarq, Presario,FlyinEmu, THO, if i missed ya, well you know who you are

Closing Notes

Happy Holidays and a Peaceful New Year. 🙂

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT