PBNN Issue #27 – 12/4/98

Editor: QtPie


HI all, Back to the old way of doing things. The PBNN’s will be longer again but will now only come out once a month. Those of you that are receiving the PBNN for the first time in a few months, welcome back. If you do not wish to receive this anymore, please email and I will take you off the list. Thanks.

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Something to keep in mind

Written by The Watchman

Many people tease others about their number of splats. This can depend on the number of hours a person gets on the internet. I started about 2 months ago and have about 60 splats. My friends blackice & jarred started about 2 weeks ago. Blackice now has 48, jarred has about 7. Jarred gets 4 hours on the internet a month, Blackice get 100 hours a month and is currently changing servers to get more. I get about 12 hours.

Another reason is that some people get money. Blackice used no-bounce for a while. One character(I can’t remember who) gave him 2k for nothing. Someone else gives him money every time he sees him.

So don’t tease people about number of splats compared to time played. OK =)

How to be deadly (What Dsniper forgot)

Written by The Green Lantern

Hey guys and gals, this is your old pal The Green Lantern. I would just like to say that the article series that Dsniper wrote for the PBNN were outstanding and the reason that I subscribed. However due to his busy schedule I am sure, he did not go into great detail about flag grabbing in cooperative flags games. Now I do not average nearly to amount of splats that Dsniper or most of you guys do per month, but I do know coop games and I would just like to share some helpful hints with you.

I would just like to toss out a few fundamental and helpful tips on how to succeed at flag grabbing. The first thing you will need is something with jet, if you do not have jet than forget it, a turbo/swim combo will not cut it. A good canner or a decent shooter will pick you off before you even get in sight of the flags. The next thing you will need is a can. All too often I see people running in to grab flags while still holding their launcher or gun. In grabbing you will not have time to stop and shoot. Bring a can and auto target it in one direction so hopefully if you get picked off you will have taken someone down with you and the loss will not be in vein. Carry your regular weapon in the other games but be sure to have a can somewhere on you for easy access via a shortcut button. I also suggest using your shortcuts on the side of your screen for this so you will not have to spend precious battle time typing in a single word to activate your alias. Make it resemble something like this (This is set up for a rifle to backpack swap) put ri back&get can back&tar home&tar north. The third thing you will need is a satellite. Almost always standard equipment anyway.

Before the beginning of the game be sure that your true movement application is on! I can not stress this enough people. It is a must for quick maneuvering around enemies and hostile fire. Sure, it may slow you down just a little, but who cares? You got jet, you can spare it, and in the long run I guarantee it will pay off. Now at the begging of the game locate the enemy on your satellite. Proceed in the general direction of your opponents but not in a strait line. Veer off to the side about 15-25 spaces away from the general pack of red guys so as not to run smack dab into their fire and make yourself look like an idiot. Next you will need to remain motionless for a second to allow yourself to get orientated, let your screen center adjust and get a location on the flags. This is when you are at your most venerable, so keep your guard up and start moving again a.s.a.p. Once you have gotten a fix on the flags proceed to them post haste! It is to your advantage to stay in the cover of the trees or mountains as much as possible at all times. That way snipers can not get to you. Scamper to the flags and start pounding on that flag grab alias. At this point your biggest enemy is your own team mates. You have to remember that a good number of them are doing the same thing that you are doing and you are all competing for the prized enemy flags. Spend as little time as possible fighting off the bad guys, no time at all is best. Let the auto-fire on your can do all the shooting for you. Do not go out of your way to can guys, let those splats come by chance when you run in to grab the flags.

Now what to do if you can not see the flags. Allot of the time a guy who has gone afk and not turned off game ready, or just an inexperienced newbie who does not know what to do will be standing on the flags and blocking the view. In this case I suggest waiting for the slower red guys to move out until there are only a few guys defending the flags remaining. Then move in and stand on the motionless red guy(s) one by one and tapping your flag grab alias a couple of times on each motionless red guy until you find the one standing on the flags. Once you find that spot tap on that alias like there is no tomorrow, because remember, your team mates are going for those flags too and it is a constant battle. After you have gotten your share of the flags run and hide! Do not get cocky and greedy and try to start shooting at some red dudes and risk loosing all of your hard earned flags. Run and hide so as to save the flags and the cash that comes with selling them.

I would recommend this cooperative flags strategy to anyone and everyone who has the cash for a jet. At an average grab of eight flags a game for a good player and one or two helpful can splats that is 50$ in splats and 80$ for the flags when you get back to holding (assuming you survive) plus another 50$-60$ if your team wins. So that is 190$ on average that you will earn for every coop game assuming you master your skills.

And on a personal note, I would love to see someone write an ultimate guide to vaders for the PBNN as I stink at it and would like to become better like I am sure some others would.

Thank you for your time and to Qt for using my article (assuming she did).

Happy splatting… or should I say grabbing?

QtPie’s Play Style

Written by QtPie

Here I will explain in detail how *I* play the game paintball. I hope this gives you a few ideas…

My equipment.

Padded helmet with a satellite and player locator.. Although I don’t use the player locator too often, I use the satellite all the time. It’s very helpful in invaders. And can be helpful at the beginning of all the other games. The satellite can’t see all players, but it will give you a good idea where the other team started..

Padded scarf with x-ray and scope. Both the x-ray and scope let me see better.

A small padded backpack with two extra pockets. This set up might seem strange to most people. I would figure a large padded backpack would be more useful. But, beings how I have one of the few small padded backpacks out there, I want to use it. 😉

A multi-down jacket with jetpack and refracto. This was a gift from some good buddies of mine. It is really the most useful piece of equipment I own. The jetpack let’s me speed around the field while the refracto gives me some ‘invisiblity’. BTW, it’s not for sale and never will be for sale.. It’s priceless. 🙂

A pair of padded leggings with a huge expansion and a large expansion. This is where I store my extra ammo. I will explain more about that later..

A pair of padded boots with two huge expansions. This is where I store my extra weapons. Explain more later..

My Weapons.

Rocket Launcher. This is now considered my “center weapon” I hold this in my hands at all times. The aliases are all set up around my launcher. I find it easier to use the launcher as my center weapon instead of one of my guns. This way I don’t get as confused as to which gun I am wearing. <more later>

Can. I store this weapon in my boots. I use it when I can’t splat someone with the other weapons.

Semi-auto gun with spread and large expansion. This is my invaders gun. I store this in my boots and I only use it during invaders games. (for the most part)

Semi-Auto gun with large expansion. I usually put FNB in this gun. I

pretty much use this gun for most of the games. I keep this in my backpack.

My Aliases.

6 of my buttons on the side are set up for my weapons. This makes it easy for me to switch between weapons during the game.

Bot gun:remove lau & get gun boot & look gun

Bot away:put gun boot & swap & wear lau & look lau

Can:remove lau & get can boot & tar home & tar s & look can

Can away:Put can boot & wear laun & look lau

NB Gun:remove lau & get gun back & look gun

NB away:put gun back & wear lau & look lau

Notice, in all the aliases I look at the weapon I am about to use. This makes it easy for me to see if I have ammo left. I find it very helpful.

I hold enough ammo in my NB Gun so I rarely run out during a game. But, I sometimes run out of ammo in invaders games so I keep extra cyan paint in my leggings. When loading up with ammo, I dump the box of cyan paint into my leggings. It’s a ‘written’ alias and looks like this buy box \& dump box leg \& sell box. Notice I don’t put the box itself in my leggings, just the paint. Then I have an alias that dumps all the ammo in my leggings into my gun. It looks like this: dump leg gun.

Usually I run out of cyan paint or rockets for my launcher before anything else. So, when that happens I usually load all my other ammo too (expect my can, I haven’t run out of ammo for that in a very long time.)

I use ‘written’ aliases for all the loading of my weapons. Written aliases are those that you have to type to use (as opposed to the buttons.) I will only explain my loading can alias because that is the one people have the most trouble with.

To refill a can. For this to work you MUST have your canned renamed. Hold that renamed can (that one you use all the time) in your LEFT hand. Then buy a new full can. This can will be in your RIGHT hand. Then type (or have an alias set up like this) dump can <renamed can name> For instance, my can is called Pepsi. So I hold Pepsi in my LEFT hand, a new full can in my right hand and my alias reads: dump can pepsi. Then of course you sell the empty can. Repeat this until your can is full.

Since I use the launcher as my center weapon, I have set up all the other aliases around that. For instance: My token grabbing alias looks like this: remove lau & get token & put token back & wear lau. Now, I bet you can see a bit of trouble with this setup. If you can’t, I’ll tell you. If I am using my gun and I see a token, I have to press my gun away, then my get token button. This can be a pain some of the time but I’ve found a way to make it work. I don’t wait until I’m right on top of the token before I press my get token button. Since I do not use truemovment, I can click where I want to go, then right away click my NB gun away, then my get token button. Then I usually click to move myself OFF the cell where the token is, then click my NB gun. All the clicking is done while I am moving to the square with the token on it, therefore not wasting any time. (Hope you understood what I meant..) 🙂

My flag alias is similar but I’ve done something a bit different with it. I have it set up to pick up 5 flags at a time. This makes picking up flags a lot quicker. Usually I only have to press the “get Flag” button once or twice to pick up all the flags instead of pressing it 5 or more..It looks like this: remove lau & get flag & put flag back & get flag & put flag back & get flag…. you get the point. 🙂

When switching weapons.. I usually make a LONG movement. This gives me time to press the buttons while my man is moving. Therefore I’m not standing in one spot for too long.

Other things I do on the field.

I always keep moving. Grenaders have a hard time shooting people that move ALOT(aka Dancing around the field). Standing still is a sure fire way of getting splatted (if you are visible of course).

I hardly ever shoot directly at a target. Most of the time I shoot one, two, or three squares away from them. I Hope I judge their movement correctly.

I very my weapons. Sometimes I use my launcher, sometimes can and sometimes gun. Different situations call for different weapons. If one type of weapons doesn’t seem to get the job done, I just pull out another.

Lag: Now lag is a big problem for me, and for a lot of people.

Lag in invaders games is just terrible and it’s hard to really do anything. But, I tend to just shoot, even if I am lagged and hopefully I will splat a few bots before I die.

Lag in all other games. There is a time that lag can help you in teams games. Alot of people will just sit there when they are lagged therefore giving you an easy shoot. The TRICK is just keep clicking and moving (even if your man doesn’t move). When you finally catch up with the lag you may find your man has moved all over the field. Some of the time the simple act of moving keeps you alive. If the lag isn’t THAT bad, maybe a second or two, then if you see someone moving shoot WAY away from them in one direction or another. You might just guess his destination correctly and get a splat.

There ya be, now you know how QtPie plays. I may not be the best player out there, but there are times when I can actually splat a few people. 😉


PBMaps Contest

The winners were XRII and Mirage. Both their maps were added to the rotation of maps. We saw XRII’s map on busprod for awhile, Mirages is loaded up there as of now.


Teams DUDES hit 125k splats

Team Chronic passed Hoosiers in splats (100k+), entering the busprod (the “official” team stats server) top 10 ever team splats. On behalf of

the team, I would like to thank all Chronic members (past and present) on this marvelous accomplishment. “We Rule” – Sgt

Players Little Foot:100k

Togood wrote in:I Broke 80k Splats yay me!

On November 18th 1998, Sgt surpassed the 50,000 splat mark.

DaPimp hit 30k splats and would like to thank togood and BlasterFX with all their help.

Coolboy, at 9:50pm atlantic time, broke 10K splats…Twistofate got $10K for being his 10K

Team Profile


Leader:Well i started the team but The leaders are Me, Flyinemu,azalin,Sniperuno,Hogan,Twistofate and the ghost =).

No. Of Members: 20

Member List: You are 1 of 20 members of ‘DUDES’ (level 1). TEAM DESCRIPTION: ‘fro is a peepee head’. TEAM WEB PAGE: ‘Thanks Broke It.’. stanky (1) FlyinEmu Hogan paintdog azalin TaRqUin ICURNVS inflictor sniperuno Coolboy The Ghost TwistOFate scottsplater MTGRat Darkman Cowbot Soundtraxx Frocer (2) Val Venis shady (3)

Motto: We Like poOp And We Just play for fun

Homepage:ICURNVS is makin it hehe

Stats: (CURRENT) BONUS:739500 SPLATS:701 ACCURACY:23% (EVER) BONUS:104905500 SPLATS:132647

Requirements:none just be cool and be nice, no splat requirments.

Who We are: A team of friends who just plays for fun we dont care about splats or nothing jus having fun

Achievements: Uhmm getting 100k splats Getting on the Top 10 ever teams by splats and bonus and gettin our first team admin Epu

Goals: become #1 on top 10 ever

Comments: PoOp

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Unicorn

Real Name: Martin de Roode

Age: 31

Job: Senior support engineer

Hobbies: My wife and now six months old son, and computers in general

Homepage: <old link> (Check it out, im really proud of this site)

Team: DUNE

Stats: Ever:

Time Played: I’m not sure, 2 years now i think

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Well thats a small list now hehe, but here it is: Becoming a 90, Creating DUNE ( I love that team), hitting 50k and creating the DUNE site.

PB Pet Peeves: Players that aren’t on to have fun, but to spoil other players fun.

Fav. PB Weapon: Rocket launcher

Fav. Bot: I like them all… not!

Fav. PBN Player: There are so many, but a lot of them are on my team 😉

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : The sands have fallen, your time is up. DUNE is here!

Other/ Comments:

I have to thank all of u guys for making the time i’ve spent on PBN sofar so much fun, and i hope you all cheer for me on my way to 100K splats (in like another 2 years or so hehe)

PBN Name:MalibuCXV

Real Name: Albert Dutra

Age: 18

Job: Night Stock Crew worker at a huge grocery store. (stock the shelves)

Hobbies: Working on my car, learning new things about hot rods, going to car shows, playing paintball net, hanging out with friends.

Homepage: <old link>

Team: The Holy Ones

Stats: Stats for ‘MalibuCXV'(37214):(EVER) GAMES:13504 BONUS:19476000 SPLATS:25671 ACCURACY:34% GAMES SURVIVED:3481 BOT SPLATS:13255


Time Played: started around Dec 29, 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Being known as one of the few people who can be trusted with anything, being good friends with so many people, and most of all, just having fun.

PB Pet Peeves: spammers, and team/playername banners. beggers.

Fav. PB Weapon: My Can, and my trusty NB rifle for backup.

Fav. Bot: QtPie Bot

Fav. PBN Player: almost all of them…. but mostly Modru, Ryn, Vertigo,

Qt, and everyone that is on THO, also Black Eagle (Formerly known as the

‘original’ NuKeM), and razor/help me, and everyone that was on Legion Of

Chaos when we started it. as for the rest of u, u guys/girls know who you are.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : yo Yo YO! and THO Teammate IN DA HIzZzOUsSsE!!!!!

Other/ Comments: >> Good luck to all the new people playing, don’t give

up, u get better and better as time goes on. Also, remember, this is a game, HAVE FUN! =)

PBN Name: YourMaster

Real Name:Tom Martin



Hobbies:Drums (7 years), Ice Hockey (4 years), Computers (seince we’ve owned one!)

Homepage:<old link> (Shameless Plug:))


Stats: a padded helmet[scope] on your HEAD, EYES a padded scarf on your NECK a multi-terrain insulated suit[interference] on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER, BODY, WAIST a high-velocity semi-automatic paintball gun[largeexpansion] on your RIGHT HAND Mr Death`s pooP stompers[turbo][swim]{=FlyinEmu=} on your LEGS, FEET Ever: GAMES:7143 BONUS:4260500 SPLATS:4437 ACCURACY:35%

Time Played: March of ’97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : 1k splats (it took a good year). Being classified as a “vet”:)

PB Pet Peeves: Spammers, Harassers, Newbies who decide they dont like the game so they are do the above 2 things.

Fav. PB Weapon: HVSA with NB, no spread, or burst, old school:)

Fav. Bot: Mr Death Splatting Machine (cuz he’s MINE!)

Fav. PBN Player: I dont have 1 favroite player, but i have few of them.

Paintdog, Justin, Catgirl, Killah, Beowulf, Doughboy, Randy Gilbertson, Reffoxel, Spume, QT all make PBN a cool place for me

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Spume for president!” “Thats it!! NOW ITS ON!!”

Other/ Comments: Everyone thank QT for putting so much effort into the newsletter! She deserves it!

Closing Notes

Beanster emailed me and told me to say hello to all of you that knew him.. so Hello!

-mtbkev wanted me to post this: I need your help!!! I am attempting to build a page shocasing the players of PBNET. If you’d like to be on it,

send me a note on PBN (mtbkev) or e-mail it to me (<old email>) I would really like to do this so if you could all help me out!!!!!!!

Along with this, I would like to remind you all that the Player Population Page is still running. I’ve got a lot of people to post up there and I will send the updated population page to RM to to when I send him this issue. Take a look at <old link>

The next PBNN will not be sent out until Next Year.. So.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! 🙂