PBNN Issue #6 – 2/10/98

editor: QtPie


Well here we come to the next edition of the newsletter. I was thrilled to see the success of Issue 5. This one is even better!!! People are sending me articles (thanks thanks THANKS!) and I’ve gotten more subscribers everyday. Right now the count stands at 49. I hope to reach 100 soon!

I’m starting a milestones section in this issue. When you reach a major milestone (like 10k, 20k, 30k etc etc splats), email me and I will post it in the newsletter. I really think it will be interesting to see the progress made over the next couple of months.

Ok, I have to say this. I will not post any articles that are “idea” articles. If you have an idea on how to improve the game then talk directly to RM or Dug. This newsletter is for helping out each other and inform people about happening around PbNet. Also I do not want bitchy and moany articles complaining about people/games/admins/or anything else. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Table of Contents

Team Profile

Purple Haze

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Who wins?

Written by Hurricane

It was a damn, dusky, cloudy day. Thunder and lightning rang throughout the night sky. But no matter what the weather, the match would go on. Yes, the match of the century. A survival game between Jawsateme, Random, and Lutra. Let’s get to the action.

The siren went off signaling the start of the match. Immediately, the 3 combatants (which had all been strategically located at different positions at the start of the match), spread out, looking for eachother. Jaws took out his can, and armed it ready for anything. He walked silently, but quickly, looking for any signs of life. After awhile he thought he saw something move about 30 yards away from him. He knew the distance was too far to can, so he took out his gun. He aimed it, fired off 3 shots, and they all missed. Suddenly, Random, who had been behind the tree that Jaws was shooting at, turned around and saw his adversary. He ducked down as Jaws fired 3 more shots off. Eagerly, Random rose up, aimed his shot, but before he could pull the trigger Lutra had splatted him with a paint grenade. He was out of the match. Jaws immediately saw this and started shooting at Lutra, but soon Lutra disapeared because of his ultimate camo. Jaws walked silently, looking for any signs of life. Twice he walked right by Lutra, but couldn’t see him because of Lutra’s camo. Then as Lutra started to load his launcher, Jaws heard the click from behind him. Jaws turned around, and fired – but nothing came out. Out of his hastiness to get ready for the match, he had forgot to load his can. Lutra eagerly, with a huge grin, splatted Jaws with his launcher. But then out of nowhere came QtPie, who smiled and splatted Lutra.

QtPie was the winner. The End.


Speed vs. Camo

Written by Hurricane

There has often been a dilemma what is better – being fast, or being invisible. Each has it’s ups and downs and we will explore them in this article.

First for being fast. To be fast, you would have to have a jetpack, because you can be invisible and still have turbo boots. Jetpacks weight a whopping 75 lbs and aren’t padded, plus you can’t even get jetpack kits anymore. Jetpack is really fast, as it can help you go through water faster than anybody else, and chase your enemy down if he/she is stuck. Jetpack is also useful in invaders, when you can get to the edge of the map before anybody else can to mine. Plus in teams and survival games, jetpack is useful in the fact that if you are a canner it is easy to run down your enemy. And of course, with jetpack you have almost absolutely no camoflauge, so your are susceptible to hider/grenaders.

Now for camo. With all the camo in the game (ins, ref, int), it is impossible for anybody to see you while you stand still. Of course, now those kits are gone and it is especially hard to get all 3 anymore. Camo is great for teams and coop games, and especially good for survival. However, camo doesn’t have much of use in invaders, since anybody, even people with jetpacks, can have refracto. With camo, the only speed booster you can get is a turbo kit on boots, which makes you go semi-fast. With camo, it is hard to get to the edge quickly in invaders, and is hard to go through water.

So still the question renames, which is better? This is purely an opinion answer. There are pro’s and con’s to each, so they really can’t be truly compared.

Cheaters are here, Be warned

Written by Qtpie

Lately I’ve seen many many notes and messages about *such-and-such* ripping someone off. I have a few suggestions on preventing the same thing happening to you.

First, Don’t trade with or buy from someone you don’t know or don’t trust. If you have seen others saying Mr. Snow-blow ripped me off, then learn from their mistakes and do not trade with him.

Second, The easiest and safest way to trade with someone is to get a middle man to help you. Each person gives the middle man the items/money and then once the middle man gets both items then he will give them to the rightful owners. If one side doesn’t give the middle man what he is suppose to, then the middle man will give the item back and no one has lost anything. Rm said 90s can charge for this middle man service and I think they are the safest way to go. Do NOT get a middle man that you don’t trust. If you are trading with Mr. Snow-blow and he gets his little brother to be the middle man, you are only asking for a slap in the face. {Note: I will be a middle woman if you would like me to be…but trust me before you ask me ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKS!}

Keep your eyes open. Don’t loan out money if you can’t afford it lose it. Don’t trade with someone that everyone knows is untrustworthy. Listen to what others are saying and keep yourself from getting ripped off. ๐Ÿ™‚

General Spatting Techniques, Equipment Advice, and Basic Procedure for PaintBall Net vol 1.0

Tutorial By TooTallForYou / Ogre

Alright boys and girls, with my year of knowledge and experience on PaintBall net I have used every piece of equipment, every suit and pretty much anything else you can think of relating to this game. So to start off I will go over what equipment is necessary for good game play. Now the vest which you start with is no more than a woodland cammoflage jacket but this get you off to a good start. Other things to start off with is a gun, preferably not a free one but whatever you find works best. A scope, on that gun or a padded helmet. Grassland, and/or Desert kits on your vest, and/or a Mountain kit. A backpack. Padding of any sort you can put on your body is always useful, and Turbo boots, one of the most important items which can be purchased. Now a swim kit can be put on if u like walking on water but I have never had one, due to it took up too much weight I found, and it just wasn’t needed in my case. After a bit of playing and if your funds can support your spending, I would recommend buying a suit. An insulated is your best bet, I would not buy multi for the money, but lets check it out. Insulated = $1000, Multi-Insulated = $7500 – now this is for 5 ten dollar kits on a suit, is it really worth it? I don’t think so, but if u wanna waste your cash be my guest. Now insulated blocks infrared and has good room to suffice any player with adequate room for guns and artillery, but I have found the multi to be smaller in pocket size, another down there. Then get Interference kit, blocks those pesky x-ray which comes in handy oh so many times. =) a sat may be another good thing to put on, helps with start positions, survival games, co-op flags….you get the picture. Ummmm…..for guns, now I don’t use one personally but I found the high-velocity semi-automatic gun pretty handy, it got the job done for $2000. If u are on a good team and make money when u play a grenade launcher is the way to go. Now only by one if u have enough weight to support it ( about 60lbs including expansions and ammo ) but for $5000 the paint rocket launcher was pretty cool, use it if you got money to burn.

Alright to the strategy, ok I laugh every time I see this, don’t be a gung-ho commando and go wild in the grass shooting on anything you see, I see this and it just cracks me up all the paint flying at him =) So anyway, see those dark green things? They’re called forest, and guess what? You cant shoot through them! Wow! So guess what stay in the bushes, see someone, pop out and take a shot, go back in, move, and take another shot. ALWAYS KEEP MOVING!!!!! can’t stress that enough, a guy can’t hit ya if he can’t catch ya, so that’s always something to keep in mind. Don’t reply in games if its not important, sometimes this is used as a tactic to stall you in your movement to either catch up to you, or to splat you right there so think about that too. Ummm…. Mountains, and desert, try and stay away from them, mountains slow you down lots while the desert slows you down, and u can shoot through it. Water in a no-brainer, don’t even think of crossing a large amount if you value you life in-game. Ok, now if u see a gren coming at you, head to the grass, this is the only time I use it. Grass + Turbo = can run out grens; so get away from this guy and try to get behind him, sometimes for fun a lay a cammo mine in the forest and run around, then run towards the mine, and you usually get someone who has many splats, u might spend $50 on the mine but I have won a survival game which payed out $450 to me, so you do get this money back guys. If you have extra weight and use a gun, I recommend stashing a couple grens in your suit and making an alias to switch from gun to gren, then from the bushes whip a couple its fun when they cant shoot back at you =)

I think thats all I’ll do for now, when I think of some more things I’ll make an update. Thanks for listening. TTFY Ogre *Kurtis*


Double Days

Doubles Day are upon us. On double day you get twice as much money for shooting a player or a bot. You also recieve twice as much for tokens and flags when you sell them. You do not recieve twice as much for tokens and flags gotten on any day expect for double day. So don’t think if you save your tokens you can cash them in on double day and get twice as much. Type Time to see when the next double day is. Enjoy it, Don’t push your luck by asking for a Triple Day etc etc. Thank RM and Dug kindly and go spend some money!


Broke the 10k Mark Redz Beowulf Qtpie <—Believe THAT or not! 
Broke the 20k Mark mbs Hurricane JackNBox 
Broke the 30k Mark Jawsateme

Lutra Broke the ever famous 69K Mark.. Aren’t we all jealous?

Team Profile

Team: Purple Haze

Leader: None (Democracy)


No. Of Members: 20

Member List:

Energizer Bunny
mmmm forbidden donut
The Ghost
Black Hawk

Motto:We Rule So You Don’t Have To

Homepage:<old link>

(EVER) BONUS:80262000+ SPLATS:116000+ ACCURACY:51%
(low accuracy result of JAWS new style of playing)

Requirements: Got to be nice.

Who We are: Purple Haze ?

Major achievement so far has been the bond we have with each other. Purple
Haze plays as a team 99% of the time and that is MAJOR achievement and the
goal that was set the day I created it.

Have fun, be friends, master the world of splats, and form fear in every
opponents heart.


Anytime you are on and need any help our team will help you out in any way.
I cannot say how they will respond to money problems, but any tips or
whatnot ๐Ÿ™‚
You can also contact me on icq (1834924). I am on close to 16 hours a day.


Player Profiles

PBN Name: Beowulf

Real Name: Eric Sears

Age: 27

Job: Avionics Tech. in the U.S. Navy

Hobbies: Computers, Soccer

Team: Chorus

Stats: Ever: Games: 4313 Bonus: 7519000 Splats 9185 accuracy: 17%

Time Played: Started on December 17th 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : Reaching the point where I’m good enough that people actually
want me on their teams.

PB Pet Peaves: Begging… ohhh I hate begging

Fav. PB Weapon: Well, it used to be a hv semi-auto rifle, but
recently I’ve started using a can, so no real favorite

Fav. Bot: I hate all bots, especially dumb bots, I think they were
named dumb bots just to lull us into a false sense of security so they
could splat us. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fav. PBN Player: Hmm toughie, I have two actually, my team captain
Qt, and newest Chorus member Sabot. Both have been nice to me since I
was a newbie, well, a newer newbie than I am now at least. ๐Ÿ™‚

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :If you see someone go
streaking past you like a bat outta hell, firing wildly at the 50 or
so bots right behind them, it wasn’t me, really. I think it was (your
name here). ๐Ÿ˜‰

Other/ Comments: Gotta say, pbn is a very addictive game. Crummy
graphics and all, it’s the most fun game I’ve played on the net, due
mostly to the people I’ve met there, thanks for making it fun, and
hope to see you on the paintball field.(before you see me) ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue]:Sabot

PBN Name: VerTigO

Real Name: Will P. Sullivan

Age: 15

Job: Don’t really need one. =)

Hobbies: skateboarding, guitar/music, weapons, paintball, arts of fighting, and computers

Team: Divine Beings

Stats: Ever:You have $*/*, carrying 232/500.
(EVER) GAMES:8184 BONUS:11106000 SPLATS:13356 ACCURACY:51%

Time Played: about 12 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : When I reached 10,000 splats, and when I become 90.

PB Pet Peaves: When people beg for money, or ask for me to start/end games, reset them, etc… Without
saying please.

Fav. PB Weapon: My special can.

Fav. Bot: Hate ’em all. =)

Fav. PBN Player: As much as a lot of you may disagree, I choose DanTheMan. He bought me everything I needed the first week I played. I feel its right for him to atleast get this award from me, even thought he doesn’t play now.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Soldier boy, made of clay. Now an empty shell. Twenty one, only son. But he served us well. Bred to kill, not to care. Do just as we say. Finished here, greetings death. He’s yours to take away.” >=) (if you can tell me what band, album, and song this is off of, you get 2k, and Master…you can’t answer)

Other/ Comments: If you would like me to start/end a game or whatever you want. You will say please, or I will just ignore you.

Tag: <runs over to Macman pushing him down to the ground> Tag, you’re it!

PBN Name:CowboyM 

Real Name:Ben Mason



Hobbies:plaing pbnet, going out with friends


Stats:Bonus:84000 Splats:113 Accuracy:69% 
Ever:Games:4078 Bonus:7406000 splats:9882 Accuracy:34%

Time Played:September late

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] :Helped QT get a jet, and helping out some newbies

PB Pet Peaves:flooding,begging,Bragging,and people just being mean hehe

Fav. PB Weapon:can

Fav. Bot:ahhhh <Damn Bot>or is censored dumb bot

Fav. PBN Player:really cant say I have a favorite person lets just say 
my team chorus

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :team phrase I guess

Other/ Comments: I Play Pbnet alot more then I should but its just so 
addictive =). Dug and RM have done the best I think they could have. 

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] :

Closing Notes

First off, Random wants to appoligize for kicking everyone off Cancer.

Team Chorus, Sabot, Macman, and Jawsateme were all tagged.. Please send me your accept/decline email so I can get the form out to you or find someone else to do a profile on. Thanks!

Keep the Articles coming guys and gals. Thanks goes out to all the people that sent in their profiles. A special thanks to our Pbjournalist Hurricane and Ogre. Your ideas, articles and encouragement is a must have if we wish this newsletter to live on!

Happy Splatting 

PBNN Issue #5 – 2/1/98

editor: QtPie


HI. Welcome to Issue 5 of the PBNN. I’ve taken over the editing of the newsletter for awhile. Unfortunately no one is sending in Articles for me to post. ๐Ÿ™ I KNOW ya’ll don’t want to sit here and listen to what I have to say.. So PLEASE send in those articles. Doesn’t matter if you are a vet or a newbie..Anyone and Everyone is welcome to write an article. Of course I will decide if it’s fit to be posted in the newsletter. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m adding a new feature to newsletter. I will start recognizing those that reach milestones. Those that reach 10k, 20k etc etc. If you reach one of these milestones just email me and I’ll Congratulate you in the next newsletter. There are too many people for me to keep up with so if you wish to be in the newsletter, you HAVE to email me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Another new feature is the Stories/Poetry section.. This is where youc an write stories (fiction or non-fiction) about paintball and get it posted in the newsletter. So get that creativity in gear and write!

Be SURE to send me your email address when you get tagged. I will not go hunting those people down to send them the profile form. If you don’t email within two days of receiving the Newsletter, I will pick someone else to do a profile on.

I do hope you all enjoy this newsletter. It’s skimpy because ya’ll didn’t send in articles. I hope the next one will be chuck full of exciting and helpful hints for you.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Thanks!!! QtPie ๐Ÿ˜‰

Table of Contents


What an Admin Expects, according to Ez by Ez
Getting to be Great at the Game by QtPie

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Get me, That’s true.

Written by Qtpie

Those canners they seem
To ruin my dream
They sneak up behind so sneaky
and splat me so silly
They always seem to get me that’s true..

Those naders oh my
bring a tear to my eye
Before I know what hit me
They’d done gone and bit me
They always seem to get me that’s true..

Those gunners so evil
Like Evil Kenvil
They shoot all those paintballs
And make my little dude fall
They always seem to get me that’s true..

So why do I love the game
When it always ends up the same
Before the game begins
It always seems to end
Someone always seems to get me that’s true..

But I’ll tell you my friend
I must’nt pretend
This game is the game that I love the most
and surely I must’nt boast
But someday I’ll get you that’s true… ๐Ÿ™‚


What a admin expects, according to Ez.

Written by Ez

Well I like to babble, and bitch.. yea I know it is a suprise, but I actually am a cool guy, just dont piss me off too much. My pet peeves are as so. I dont like colors, they were put there to stop cloning, and not for you to have fun with. And I dont like it when people Spam, when ya is throwing out more than 2 or 3 lines at a time I think of that as spamming, especially if it is the same damn thing over and over, oh yea Caps suck ass. We as admin’s have taken it upon ourselves to clean up, and serve and protect the people who play pbterm, so when I shutup you dont whine when you can talk again, cause I will probably shutup you again. I do things for a reason, weather it is that I am bored or that I am pissed, there is a reason, If you dont like the reason, complain to the only one who can do shit about it, and that would be Dave, who’s addy is Davidrm@busprod.com, so if you dont like what i or other admin’s say complain to him and him only, sure I may be vulgar at times and I might be a asshole at other times, but I have earned my right to be one, if you only knew what we have had to go through as 50’s, 69’s, 90’s and 95’s and what the hell even dug <AKA Douglas Michael> as a 100, you should just live by my words of advice, “Dont take anything personally, Just Fuck It”, and with that, I say Peace out loc dawg.

Getting to be Great at the Game.

Written by QtPie

{Don’t sue me!!! I was forced to write this!!!!!}

I’m no Master at this game, I don’t pretend to be a master at the game. But I feel I can hold my own most of the time. I think the three things that help me most are Attitude, Observation, Experimentation.

Attitude plays a big part in this game. If you think you can play the game, if you have confidence going out on the field, and if you have patience with the game, you will get better. Those that have a respectiful attitude towards other are more likely to get help if they need it. I personally do not like helping someone that goes around bad mouthing people or complaining about the game. Realize that attitude plays as big a part in paintball as it does in real life, and I believe that you shall succeed.

Keep your eyes open. See how others whom you believe the be good players play the game. Look at their equipment to see what is working well for them. To do this, stand on the same square as them and type “look <name>”. Learn about those commands you don’t know about by watching the chatter that flys by. When I was beginning, I learned alot by just listening to others conversations. Also Looking at the equipment of different people helps you combat them. Take mbs, Mr. bouncey of the year, Free paint will not work well on him. Realize that you either can or nade him. Get to know to weaknesses and strengths of the different splatter and change your equipment accordingly. Look and learn so they say. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Find out what works well for you. Experiment with the different equipment and techniques. Dancing (moving continuiously in a random pattern) works well for me. It may not work well for everyone. I like my gun with free paint in it, Mr. Joe-snow may like a rifle with No bounce in it better. I personally have one of each different kind of weapon. Guns work well in most situations. Cans and launchers are not helpful in vaders. We all need to find what works for us, find out by experimenting.

There are webpages linked to the PbNet homepage that will help you sharpen your skills. Also there are links on the PBNN homepage that will also give you hints and tricks.

Remember, a Great player doesn’t always have thousands of splats, the best equpiment, the greatest renames, etc etc. A great player is one that comes and has fun and is an asset to the game itself in one way or another.

Of course, this is only my opinion. If you disagree with me on anything in this article.. I don’t need to know.. <SMILE> Thanks!



Vertigo was added to the list of 90s. What a wonderful thing in my honest opinion. 


The Chop Shop got a shipment of really awesome cool items in the last week.
The name and team patches where added. OH Such fun I’m having with those. After you buy a patch you type ass <name or team> <item>. That puts your name or your team name on the item. If you give someone a name patch And the item you want the patch on and let them assemble it, it will sign their name instead of yours. Very imaginative idea.. I love it!

Spread and Burst kits were also added. I personally love the spread kit. It shoots three paintballs spread out in a line. Great for Vaders! The burst kit shoots three balls all to one spot. If you shoot beyond the target, the two paintballs that don’t hit the target will keep going and possibly hit someoneelse. To assemble these you just use the same command as you would a kit, ass kit <gun or rifle>.


Well ya’ll know by now that Dug and RM have set up two new servers for us to duke it out on. I would like to take this opportunity to say this. If one server is playing a game you dont care to play over and over again, go to a different server. Dont sit there and complain about not wanting to play the game. We have the vote command to enable us to vote for what games we wish to play. Sometimes you will be out-voted but now, with the other servers, you don’t have to sit and suffer.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Same goes for tourney. If busprod is hosting a tourney, go play on a different server if you don’t want to sit out every other game.
A simple solution to an on going problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

Team Profile

Team: Cancer

Member List:

Mekillot Meggere
Forkius Frite
Mr Death
Leader: Random
No. Of Members: 18
Motto: Can you stop Cancer?…….. I didn’t think so!
Homepage: <old link>
(EVER) BONUS:61831000 SPLATS:85287 ACCURACY:52%
Requirements: 3k splats, On a lot, get splats, friendly, and want to have fun.
Who We are:THE BEST!
Achievements: A 5 member newbie team made it to the TOP10Teamever.
Goals:Get 100k splats, and pass TEF
Comments: WE ROCK, We own the secrets to the famous ZOOM ATTACK ๐Ÿ™‚ We got Forkius Frite what else is there to say?

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Eric Gray

PB Pet Peaves:Clones, profanity, IDIOTS WHO USE ALL CAPS, stupid notes, spammers, vaders grenaders, and begging in shouts. Oh yeah, and 90’s 
Fav. PB Weapon: Don’t really have one, maybe the High Velocity Mini grenade launchers, but they are too powerful and tend to unbalance the game. I tend ta use every weapon available, believing that each one has its own use. The trick is finding out what those uses are.
Fav. Bot:None, I hate all bots ๐Ÿ˜‰ mostly cause I can’t seem ta win a vaders game these days ๐Ÿ˜‰
Fav. PBN Player: Sabot, he helped me when I was a newbie the same as I help the newbies now. I knew him before he was a 90, and have been good friends with him since that time. Coming back ta chat with him was one of the major reasons I returned to PBTerm after my six month break.
Real Name: Eric Gray (go figure)
Age:25 (mentally 12 or so =)
Job:Entrepenuer/minimum wage slave (actually I got promoted recently so make that assistant manager minimum wage slave)
Hobbies:Chess, reading, long distance running (been in two marathons, wont tell ya the times, but at least I finished :), computers, Roleplaying games, minature gaming (warhammer 40k), drinking beer
Team:Captain and founder of StarshipTroopers (the best and only newbie help team out there ๐Ÿ˜‰
Time Played:Ussually late night 10 pm to 6 am EST, though occasionally I will get on primetime 5 pm to 10 pm EST if the lag isnt so bad that the game looks like a slide show.
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : All the newbies’ I have helped 1000th splat.
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :None, guess I am just not too memorable ๐Ÿ™‚
Other/ Comments: I need some veterans to help me out with StarshipTroopers, Supters, formerly Supterstar, and I are doing a good job with the team, but we cant be here everyday. Starships been on the top10 list on and off for the past few weeks, and all our newbies are coming along well. If you would like ta join a team thats about having fun and helping others, find me in the game, or send me a note. We may never get to top10 ever as a team, but many of our players will. Oh yeah, I am also looking at starting a branch off of Starship named the roughnecks for Veteran players, and newbies who “graduate” from the main arm of troopers. If you are a consistent player (at least 20 hours a week) who has more than 2000 splats and want to be part of the founding team of the roughnecks, send me a note.

Pbn Name: God

PB Pet Peaves: i hate that everyone takes the game so seriously. it’s just a game. chill out y’all 
Fav. PB Weapon: god”s
Thunderbolt[expansion][expansion] and a can 
Fav. Bot: Stealth bot, cause they are what usually kills me. Gotta respect them for that. 
Fav. PBN Player: Jazzy Jaz (where the hell did he go anyway?) 
Real Name: Dan Grove
Age: 21
Job: Junior in College
Hobbies: driving, skiing, computers
Team: The Elite Few
Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:3317 BONUS:3371500 SPLATS:4494 ACCURACY:42% 
Time Played: 15 months
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : since teams began, there have always been a few that held strong through the months and made the game what it is today. I think my crowning achievement was when i joined the ranks of the Elite. and i am proud that we are still one of the dominant teams in the game. 
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Ez for President 2000 // Rit for Vice-President 2000 // God for Surgeon-General 2000” -That’s how it began. It is now some 13 lines long and continues to piss off people who arent mentioned and delight those who are. 
“dew the dew // feel the dew // be the dew” 
“God <descends from heaven.> Step forward and be judged.” 
Other/ Comments: It is amazing that a game so simple can force people around the world to stare at computer simulated paintball for hours on end. I had no idea what i was getting myself into when i began to play. Keep up the good work DavidRM and Dug.

PBN Name: Ez, Think Simple, Erik, Zippy,

PB Pet Peaves: Dont piss me off, no damn colors, dont piss me off, did i mention dont piss me off
Fav. PB Weapon: My 1000 round shooter
Fav. Bot: Stealth, cause it reminds me of my self
Fav. PBN Player: Presto
Real Name: Erik Zimmerman 462
Age: 19, 20 in 3 weeks <feb 21>
Job: Full time bullshiter, part time cook, House
Cook for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Full time student, majoring in Hrad, Hotel Restaurant Administration, minor in bussiness
Hobbies: Drinking beer with my Brothers, Cars, anything relating to cars,drag racing, drinking, women, drinking, partying, hanging with my Bro’s of Pi Kappa Phi
Team: The one the only, the oldest team in Pbterm History, The: TheEliteFew, or was that The Elite Few
Stats: Ever: duh? You have $9908, carrying 191/500.
(EVER) GAMES:9917 BONUS:20586500 SPLATS:31493 ACCURACY:43%
ez suit[expansion][bot][bot][expansion][water] on your HEAD, EYES, NECK,
a 1000 round shooter[expansion][satellite] on your RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND
Time Played: I have been playing over a year and 6 months, since August 16,1996
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : That i was the first to reach 10k splats, 20k, 30, shit anything in between, Have kept my super equip since the day the chop shop opened, am the best player on PBN except for PRESTO, well basically i am the SHIT, oh yea having my initials on the field for a few months
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : aaaaauuuuuuggggggaaaaa aaaaauuuuuuggggggaaaaa Oh and while Pikes May know and blow, Pi Kapps Meet and eat,
Other/ Comments: I am a Pi Kappa Phi, at Oklahoma State University, i am from Tulsa Oklahoma, and now am currently living in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Proud of the fact that Stillwater sells one percent of the nations beer, and that is for a 30k people town.. beer is good, BTW i like J.W. Dundees Honey Brown. most domestics, and a few imports. Liquer is more to the lines of vodka, < no cheap shit, their is a difference> Peachtree Schnaps, and a few other liquers.

Closing Notes

Thank you Ez for submitting an article. I needed the help BAD! ๐Ÿ™‚

Those tagged in this issue Douglas Michael, Presto, Vertigo and Beowulf, and team Purple Haze <means
you Jaws> please send me an email accepting or declining the tag.

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting

PBNN Issue #4 – 12/6/97

Editor: Ritalin Boy

Table of Contents

Team Profile

Player Profiles

Best List

Team Profiles

This is by far my favorite section to do because it gives us a look at some of the veteran’s and up and coming stars of Paintball Net, as well as an inside look at some of our favorite teams. – Rit

Team: Starship Troopers

Member List: Eric Gray Supters Panther lances Kansas JAX Niceguy pothead tomycat Evolution Justa Pimp Johnny
Leader: Eric Gray
No. Of Members:12 Currently
REQUIREMENTS: A good attitude and a desire to learn about the game.
WHO WE ARE: A bunch of newbies with a few veterans teaching them how to play.
ACHIEVEMENTS: About 10 newbies successfully integrated into the PBTerm world. Our new members tend to be less annoying and better players than people with comparable time spent in the game. Consistently on the top10 lists for the last two weeks. Friendships made and fun had on the game has to be our greatest achievement though. =)
OUR GOALS: To teach newbies how to play and to keep them from runnign into some of the normal, but annoying, stages of learning the game. (Such as spamming, note sending, constant annoying begging, etc.) And to make the game more enjoyable for everyone by providing a good place to find friends in the game.
MESSAGE TO THE TEAM: You guys keep doing better than I expected when I started this team. You have definately disproved the people who kept telling me that newbies couldnt be formed into a good team. Keep up the great work =)
MESSAGE TO NEWBIES: If you think you want to be a StarshipTrooper, make friends, and learn more about the game, just send me a note or a tell in the game. As long as our membership isn’t full, we will accept anyone who wishes to join. Even if you aren’t on the team, feel free to ask any of our veteran players (Supters, Tomycat, Johnny, or myself any questions you have, we all try to be as helpful as possible to people just starting out in the game.
MESSAGE TO VETERANS: Supters, Johnny and I have been working hard to make this into a good team, but we need some more help. If you like helping newbies (not necessarily financially, just in answering question) give a thought to joining the team. We may never make the top10 teamever list, but we will have one heck of a lot of fun wallowing in our mediocrity
CLOSING THOUGHTS: Please remember that everyone was a newbie at one pouint in time. When we help new people to learn the game we help ourselves. Many of our newbies have registered, and the money they provided to David and Dug may help to start up that new server everyone wants, so think twice before you insult your next newbie…he is the one who will be footing the bill to keep the game up and running.


PBN Name: DavidRM

Real Name: David R. Michael
Age: 29
Job: Software Engineer for
Prevue Networks, Inc.
Hobbies: Role-playing games, Game
programming, and Writing
PB Pet Peaves: People who forget they were newbies LAST month.
Fav. PB Weapon: ULUHV
Fav. Bot: The “damn bot.”
Fav. PBN Player: All-time favorite player has been, and remains: Pollyanna
Team: Sea Cows Redux
Time Played: Since June, 1996
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Yo, all.
<stomps GOD>
Stats Ever: GAMES:4239 BONUS:8655000 SPLATS:10435 ACCURACY:30%
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?]: I wrote PBTerm. =)

PBN Name: Ritalin Boy

Real Name: Brendan W. McAdams
Age: 18
Job: + Full Time College Student (Computer Science major, Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA)
+ Computer Assistant in University Library (i fix computers and answer questions – but mostly I play around on the net all shift)
+ Shareware Author (well, aspiring one anyways. Working on releasing my first program now)
+ Full time pain in the ass (Well, at least my mom thinks so)
Computers, Programming, Computers, Paintball (i live to play), Snowboarding (I live to ride), Computers, Reading, Writing, Quake (preferably TeamFortress), Mountain Biking. Oh – did i mention computers?
Team: The Elite Few
PB Pet Peaves: People who find it neccessary to type in all caps, or repeat a question constantly when its not answered. People who beg for money.
Fav. PB Weapon: UL-UHV
Fav. Bot: Stealth (back when they were completely invisible)
Fav. PBN Player: hmmm….this is a very hard one. There have been alot of players that have come and gone. I think its a tie between VaIsTheOne and Golfer – the two players who really taught me the game when i first started playing. Unfortunately they dont play anymore. Oh, and DavidRM and Dug cuz they are just such nice guys, and Polly forbeing herself, and never taking any shit from anyone.
Time Played: 1 year 2 months
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :
um…. masturbation?
Other/Comments: Although I often do so, we must remember that paintball net is a game, and treat it as such.
Stats Ever:GAMES:3292 BONUS:2886500 SPLATS:3127 ACCURACY:22%
[note: i havent played a game in 2 months so my stats are at a standstill]
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?]: Invented the Tournament system (first tournament we told people to get ready, and then started game. Then we convinced Dug to program game support for it and it made it alot easier). Was first level 50. Responsible for many improvements and bug trappings on PBTerm.

PBN Name: QtPie

Real Name: Tamera
Age:24-25 On Feb 11th…DON’T forget!
Hobbies:Computers, Computers, Nascar, Computers (more like an
Team:Chorus (RAH RAH)
Stats: Ever: GAMES:2220 BONUS:1913500 SPLATS:2444
ACCURACY: Not showing THAT!
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :
NO NO NO NO DavidRM That is not the way it works!
I Dance, You Stare, I Splat! Understand?!?!?!
<Dances on the Rock for
MBS is the ORGINAL TIGGER.. He’s <Bouncey> <Bouncey> <Bouncey!>
PB Pet Peaves:People who think that Pbnet is a Hot Chat Room…<growl> People who groan and moan about the newbie 90’s or any 90 for that matter! And people who cuss and cuss and cuss and cuss!
Fav. PB Weapon:Mine…my QTs UHV[DavidRM 9999th Splat][expansion][expansion]
Fav. Bot:Well it hasn’t been invented yet…but still trying to get RM to create the “QT BOT” You know the one that dances around you to distract you and then splats you?? <teehee>
Fav. PBN Player:Oh now that is no fair…but I would have to say Handel (don’t be sad guys LOL)
Other/ Comments: I love music…you will find me quoting lyrics alot. (Be glad you don’t have to hear me sing.) Gee what else can I say without being egotistical…I suppose NOTHING…so I’ll say NOTHING ๐Ÿ™‚
Happy Splatting everyone!
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Hmmmm there have been sooooo many. Teehee. But it has to be the day I reached 500 splats. Also the day Rm reached 10k Splats..What a memorable evening that was ๐Ÿ™‚

PBN Name: Stammel

PB Pet Peaves: People Spamming me for renames, resets, and could I make them more equipment. Constant Swearing. Use of
Chat for talking to 1 specific person. Complainers.
Fav. PB Weapon: Cloak/Shooter/Grenade combo
Fav. Bot: Stealth Bot loved it when they were invisible
Fav. PBN Player:
Presto,Ez,Rit,Reffoxel,Davidrm,Dug,god(shirley),Jazzer…..all the old folks
Real Name: Devin (or is it)
Age: 20
Hobbies: Battletech, Paintball, and splatting Pbtermers
Job: Student Assitant Librarian at University of Alaska Southeast Juneau
Team: The Elite Few
Time Played: Since September of 96
Stats Ever: GAMES:5452 BONUS:8181500 SPLATS:12517 ACCURACY:106%
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : The 2nd oldest player left on Paintball
First to get 10,000 kills on a Vt100 and get 100% ever ac
Created The Elite Few and we are still a viable team even after a year or so.
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :
Please clean up your language or, I’LL DO IT FOR YOU.
ORDERS GET YOU NOWHERE, please and thank you sometimes help.
Kiss the Cook
Other/ Comments: To get a reset use: Tell stammel: ‘Reset (USER-NAME), Please.’ that way you’ll use my automatic alias and I won’t have to do it myself. Don’t Beg for a rename I don’t do more then 20 a day.


Well, this is the best list compiled from what i felt were valid votes. This will grow with each issue.

Best 95 – DavidRM
Best 100 – Dug
Best 90 – (we wont go there cuz everyone knows Ritalin Boy is the best <sticks tongue out>)
Best 50 – Voltron
Most annoying player – KNL

PBNN Issue #3

Editor: Pollyanna Copyright1997

INTRODUCTION: Yippie! Yet another Newsletter full of ramblings and fun stuff about our favorite game PAINTBALL NET! This issue goes out to the newbies of PBN. Believe me you are the people that keep it running. Sabot’s written a wonderful article about newbies and I add to the topic with my own thoughts. Hopefully the different items discussed in this issue will change the way people look at some things… however, it’s mostly opinion.

I also want to take a second to discuss the way people have been treating me on PBN. No I’m not going to use this as a way for people to stick up for me or make personal attacks. I just want to set some things straight.

1. I don’t do this Newsletter for personal gain – I was accused of using PBNN and other projects for personal gain and this is completely false. I do the Newsletter so people can be informed about PBN. It’s also gotten quite a bit of coverage… Many people have mailed me and asked about PBN just cause they came across the Newsletter. I think PBN is great and I just want to make it a little bit better. I wish that people would stop to think about how much time and effort I actually put into coordinating this and other projects I have going on PBN.

2. The Yearbook is going to be on hold for awhile. There were some people who were asking about possibly hosting the Yearbook on a different site (if anyone has anything availible mail me). I am putting the Yearbook aside because I am trying to concentrate on the Paintball Net Soundtrack. As some of you might already know David is in the process of adding music to the term. I am composing all the music and we’re putting in alot of work to get this done. Hopefully we will have some sample songs availible for download soon.

3. For people who think I play PBN for only SPLATS, you need to open your eyes. It’s pretty obvious to me that I enjoy the people, the chat, the game, every aspect of it. Quite frankly I’m sick of the personal attacks against me… if you have a problem with me why don’t you just send me some email.

One last note. I have been working my butt of trying to finish up all the music for PBN. You will notice that this Newsletter is lacking in some areas, and that’s because I’ve been pressed on time. The next newsletter will be right on track however because I should be done with the music (at least the hard part) and we have several people submitting. I thank everyone who has offered me help… believe me I need it.

Ok now that everything is out in the open… Let the Newsletter begin!

PBN’s Girl… Polly-Girl


A. Articles

  1. The Importance of Newbies by Sabot
  2. Newbie Niceness Needed by Polly
  3. VT100 Guide – Part III by Polly

B. PBN’s Teams

C. Player Profile

D. What’s New

E. PBN Players

F. Opinions

G. Conclusion


1. The Importance of Newbies

By Sabot, Newbie helper extraordinaire.

Hey there Newbie, type c to chat with us ——> c How the hell do I play this??

You’ve all seen my wonderful alias collection directed towards newbies. All 8 aliases that I have for newbies are probably burned into all of your heads by now…

Newbies are the key to the future of PBTerm, just like in any other game. With the expansion of PBTerm via the two (kinda) new servers, theres all sorts of room for new players to join in on our happy little home.

I feel that not enough is done to urge a first timer to come back and play. After all, theres not much fun in getting wasted in the first 5 seconds of a game by someone you couldn’t have seen even if he was 5 spaces away, armed only with a shooter no less. Barely even able to talk, the typical newbie lasts about 3 games in my experience. Then jets, never to be seen again. Only about 1 in 10 finds something about the game that latches into their head and makes em come back. This needs to change.

So we need to start doing something. We all need to do our fare share of helping a newbie adjust to the fact that they’re gonna get splatted, a lot, when they first blaze onto the PBTerm scene. Whether we like it or not, this game is equipment based, not skill based. He with the best equipment is the one left standing at the end of the splatfest. Newbies don’t stand a chance.

Newbies have a lot of questions. Most of them seem pretty stupid to us right? Well, think back…”How do I get something from my backpack??” That was you and me a couple months back. We had no clue, just like a fresh newbie. So we need to be patient. We need to realize that someone was there to help us so now its time for us to return the favor.

My very first game 5 months ago, Broke It and Ghost Face Killah were the only ones here. Within three minutes I was registered, had a big paintball gun and a jacket, had a basic knowledge of the commands and I was ready to get my dumb ass splatted all to hell. Thats what needs to happen now. BI was and still is my mentor. Its because of him and his attitude that has made me want to be just as helpful. Hence I have 9 aliases just for answering the basic questions newbies have.

I guess thats also why I get kinda mad when I see that a newbie is here and there hasn’t been one word said to him. I want this game to make the big time. I want to see it grow from the 30 player base it was when I started to a zillion players on a zillion servers all over the planet!!

Some people think that only 90’s have to help newbies. Thats bullshit in my opinion. Yes, that is a main function of the lev90 but it doesn’t mean the newest level2 isnt just as responsible. Its everyone’s responsibility to help a newbie fit in with the process. If they have a question, answer it. No matter how stupid it may sound. Some of us veterans ask questions that are just as stupid.

Some people say “Why don’t you use the ‘tell’ command Sabot! Quit spamming my screen!!”. Well tough shit. As long as I feel that people don’t help out enough around here it’ll be as chatted as ever. Because not only does it serve as an informational guide to the recipient, it serves as a reminder to you all to quit being lazy and answer some questions!

Sabot out..

2. Newbie Niceness Needed

By Pollyanna

Let me tell you a little story. I used to be involved with a great mud about a year ago. The mud had wonderful ideas and I really liked the players that resided there. But the mud vanished… it literally crumbled to nothing. And the reason for it’s extinction was the lack of players that the game was taking in. I watched a wonderful game turn into a graveyard of text. All because no one cared about the newbies.

Time to open up your eyes people. Newbies are the future. We need to get into gear and start supporting the newbies that are coming in. You might have noticed that PBN has had several new players join the club lately. Well thanks to Sabot, and some other people, PBN is slowly starting to get more and more coverage. I even got some email from an individual who happened to find the Newsletter on a web search. She told me that her son was interested in Paintball and she wanted to get the game for him. I helped her out and directed her towards DavidRM’s page. We can’t let the help STOP.

Think about it. We are the role models for these new players. They are going to take on the habits of the “older” PBN players. We need to show them that we help newbies and are always willing to help newbies. It’s great that people help out the newbies when they first log in, but this is only usually 2 or 3 people. EVERYONE needs to make an effort to make the newbies feel right at home. Even though one of the ‘so called’ duties of the 90 is to help newbies, but we need to stop using this as an excuse and help them ourselves.

When you see a newbie, put yourself in their shoes. Starting out with nothing… can’t really understand what’s going on… I would almost say that PBN is quite overwhelming for the newbie. I remember when I logged in, I didn’t get hardly any help at all. I read the tutorial and help file and I figured it out. Not every newbie is going to make this same effort. Many of our players aren’t familiar with the online gaming format. You must ASSUME that the NEWBIE KNOWS NOTHING and help them from that point. You will get the occasional newbie that’s got at least an idea on what they are supposed to do, but you’d be amazed at how many people are clueless when they first log in.

My suggestion is that we try our own little “big brother” sponsoring system. I think it would be nice if a newbie could have a name and email address of a PBN Big Brother so they could ask questions or request help. This would require some effort on everyone’s part, but it would pay off in the end. Just think if PBN picked up 2 newbies every day for a month. That’s 60 NEW players! Think about how more enjoyable PBN would be if you were up against 20 people instead of 5. Think about how intense survival games would be. Newbie’s build PBN, most of us have hung our newbie hats, but we need to think about those who are still wearing them.

Polly-Girl signing out…<click>

3. VT100 Guide – Part III

Written by Pollyanna

This guide is gonna be a bit shorter than the rest. It’s going to focus on the use of aliases to make your targetting faster. With the ability to use an alias within an alias you can make your task much easier. This is more of an update rather than a whole new guide, but I thought the information might help some of you.


– alias t tar %1\&tar %1\&tar %1\&tar %1\&tar %1

– alias tt t %1\&t %1

These are two alias I now use. I used to use the 5 step targetting alias which required me to hit “t <dir>” everytime I wanted to move my target 5 spaces. This new set of aliases will move your target 10 spaces at a time with only 3 key strokes. It will speed up your targetting like crazy. I know VT100 users hate it when they get splatted while they are trying to target, but if you use these aliases it will eliminiate typo’s and make more safe for you. My experience leads me to believe that 10 spaces is the ideal targetting distance.


– alias rr tar h\&t %1\&t %1

THIS IS A MUST!!! How does this help you? Well I call it the reverse direction alias and that’s exactly what it does. Let’s say you are in a game and you are shooting people to the EAST, but you notice a few enemies are taking positions to your WEST. With old aliases, you would have to return the target to your home position and then target the right direction. If you use this alias however, it will do it for you. All you need to type is “rr <dir>”. It will move the target 10 spaces in the direction you wish. So if in the above situation, you would quickly type “rr w” to make your target switch sides. This alias takes a little while to get used to, but trust me it helps out tremendously (especially in invaders when you are always surrounded)!

These aliases will help you out in big ways even though they may seem like small differences. You will notice your speed increase by using these aliases. It helps to eliminate mistakes which was probably my #1 cause of death. I recommend you search through you alias bank to see if you can make your aliases better with the new system Dug has implemented.

Polly-Girl signing out…<click>

PBN’s Teams

Finally after stalling for so long, our first team profile is here! Of course since no one else offered to put a profile up for their team, Team 420 has taken the liberty of doing our own. Like the Player Profile, we will tag a team and then it’s their responsiblity to have someone fill out the team profile. Should be fun… should be easy… and most importantly, it’s your team’s chance to talk about what they stand for.

TEAM: Team 420

LEADER: Technically Pollyanna is the leader, however everyone is equal on our team.


MEMBERS LIST: Pollyanna Iceman Reffoxel

REQUIREMENTS: You are ASKED to be in Team 420

WHO WE ARE: Let’s just say… Team 420 loves their bongs! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But that’s not all we stand for. We are a team that proves we can be the best under any situation. We take pride in being a 3 person team who is currently one of the top teams on PBN. I’m there for my guys, and my guys are there for me. Unlike some teams who have several players, our team will remain small. We have grown close to each other, and it’s going to be hard for us to add new members to the club. Team 420 was created one day when Ice had left the Cows, and I decided that I was seeking more in a team. I always knew when I logged in I would be on Iceman’s team one day. And so Team 420 was created. I was originally the only member on it, but Ice wanted to be by my side and start fresh. Later that week, I was telling Iceman that I wanted Reffoxel on the team, and I was going to ask him to join. However, when I logged in the next day I noticed that Reffoxel had joined the crew. Iceman took the initiative and got Reffoxel at my request. Since that time, we’ve been the first 3 person team to scare the crap out of people. We dominate the field when all 3 of us are logged in… and we have the ego’s to prove it ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for the 420… it’s a little secret you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Just ask your favorite pot smoker what 420 means… they’ll tell you ๐Ÿ˜‰

ACHIEVEMENTS: Being one of the top teams and only having THREE people. I’m gonna have to slam JaZzer and say… The it’s quality… not quanity that counts. Even thought the SeaCow’s are number one on the top team ever, we know deep down inside that the 3 member Team 420 is the best. We are the close knit gangsters of PBN. Don’t disrespect!

OUR GOALS: To remain on the top of the charts. And to continue to hassle people with our 420 sayings!

MESSAGE TO THE TEAM: You guys are the best. I don’t think Team 420 would be the same if it was anyone else. Ice, Reff… I just want to give you a big hug *BIGHUG* and say I’ll always be there for you guys… even if it IS 4:20!

Player Profile

This issue we look at Jazzer and Presto. I’ve really been happy with the effort that people have been putting towards the profiles. I’ve decided that we are going to have THREE profiles starting next issue. I will go ahead and mail out the 3rd form to a random player. Thanks for participating!

PBName: JaZzer

Real Name: Christopher

Age: 17

Job: Jr. High School Hobbies: Playing PBN and other games. Reading( an aquired one, hehe). Being with friends and playing the guitar(which I stink at).

Team: Team leader( used to be co-leader) of SeaCows (the really odd but really good) =).

Stats: Ever: 3,710,500, Splats: 4516, accu: 37%

Time Played: Not sure but for a few months I think.

Achievements: Ummm being the most annoying pbn player ever =)

PB Pet Peaves: People who think it fun to be as immature as possible (AKA-Jr. High boys locker room humor).

Fav. PB Weapon: UHV

Fav. Bot: Dumb…that name is an oxymoron for they always gets me =(

Fav. PB Player: Mo, he gave me the game and is one of my best friends in reality.

Famous Quotes: mmmoooooooooo ( along with Iceman), umm thats all I can think of…

Other: I would like to thank all of you who modify your behavior out of kindness to me since I have different standards( am a Christian), and for you who dont that is your right also =). If anyone has any questions about my beliefs feel free to ask. Now for a special thank you to some of the players: Deadpool for helping me as a newbie and giving me both advice and $$ =). Davidrm for being the “cool” guy that he is( fun to mess around with). Eightball for just being..well EIGHTBALL! =). Iceman is just plain funky. DD is “cool” too. Broke it has to be one of the classiest players on. Reffoxel is so darn polite =). Stammel is a great player and person. Ez has a really neat car =). Polly invests a lot of her time in pbn making it more fun for “us guys”. Sabot is just plain cool…Dont know presto. Lance is a lot of fun. Uncivil helps newbies a bunch. KEL and the rest of the Euros are nice( although I dont see them much, including Dart).GFK and others are fun to play against.And Dug, the maker. And of course my fellow cows: Bob Nova, Stephen, Randy Gilbertson, Wood, Screech, BILLY, Johnny Hileman, and Morgis. If I forgot anyone then I sincerely apoligize..see you guys on the field! =)

Tag Mo!

PBName: Presto

Real Name: John M Till

Age: 21

Job: Student, Purdue University (Senior Computer Science Major) McDonald’s Employee

Hobbies: Playing Paintball (duh!) Programmer for Mortal Realms Mud (This is what Dug did before writing paintball, which is why I’ve known him for 3 years.) Collecting Star Wars Stuff

Team: Team leader of SpLaT (The swift, the elite, the victorious.)

Stats: Ever: 7036000 Bonus, 10101 Splats, 77% Accuracy

Time Played: Since play-testing stages (before bots were invented!) Which is slightly over a year now.

Achievements: Most splats/bonus/accuracy ever by a player not using PBTerm. 2/11/97-2/12/97: 1005 splats in less than 48hrs (80 games).

PB Pet Peaves: I only use 2 lines of chat (vt100) and I often miss what was said. I also dislike when people find good equipment on the ground and decide to keep it. (Hey! It belongs to someone.) Plus, lag during daylight hours is pretty horrendous.

Fav. PB Weapon: I don’t have one favorite. This is my arsenal: UHV, 75 rnds. Mid-range grenade launcher, 8 big grenades. 4 Small proximity mines. And a can of spray paint.

Fav. Bot: Stealth. It’s determination and speed are admirable.

Fav. PB Player: Stammel. Also a user of the vt100 interface. Him and I used to, and still, team up and play invaders. (“He’s quite good.”)

Famous Quotes: I don’t really have one. Though when people ask me to reset them, I usually do it immediately, and they don’t notice. About 2 minutes later they ask again, and I reply “nope”, and then I just chuckle while they try to figure out why I said that.

Other: I think this newsletter is great. Keep it up Polly!  Some of you are probably curious as to what equipment I have, so, here it is:

HEAD -Pair of x-ray glasses. NECK -Bot locator w/ [player locator] [satellite locator]. R/L SLDR-Large backpack w/ [expansion] [expansion] carrying: Padded helmet w/ [infrared viewer], 4 small proximity mines, Mid-range grenade launcher w/ [expansion] [expansion] carrying: 8 big paint grenades. BODY -Down-filled woodland jacket w/ [refracto] [interference] [insulation]. LEGS -Padded leggings w/ [expansion] [expansion] carrying: Can of spray paint, Ultra high-velocity gun carrying: 75 ultra high-velocity paintballs. FEET -Padded boots w/ [swim] [turbo] carrying: All my tokens.

Yo, Stammel. SpLaT! You’re it, dude.

What’s New?!

Written by Pollyanna

This section is dedicated to changes being made to the game, or any updates that may have happened. There have been quite a few lately, but here is a list and explaination of the major changes in the game recently.

– Command: who <name/#/team> You can now use the who command to view a certain player (who <name>), anyone of a certain level (who <leve>), or who’s on from a certain team (who <teamname>).

– Alias Nesting: You can now put an alias INSIDE an alias. WOW! Thank you Dug for making this possible. It opens up a whole new world for VT100 users, please refer to the VT100 Guide in this issue for more information.

– Autofire no longer shoots at people on your team.

– Stat: ‘stat’ now shows the number of games you have played. Maybe we can convince Dug that we need a Game/Splat ratio added too. It would be awesome to have ‘top ever ratio’.

– Shots have a chance of going through the trees now.

– You can no longer shoot paintballs in mid-air.

– Life after Death: You can no longer shoot bots after you have been killed. Thank you to all the players that reported this. Everyone was wondering why more invaders games were being won!

– PBTerm 1.50: For those of you who haven’t played for awhile… check it out!

[Taken from some email from DavidRM] PBTerm v1.50 is now available from my web page. URL: http://www.busprod.com/davidrm/software/download/PBTerm150.zip

New Features includes: * Fixed Auto-Ready bug * Clicking on your player icon now centers the map display * New, improved note reading interface (press Ctrl-N) * Added buying screen (press Ctrl-Y when your in a store) * Added online help reader (press F2) * Added alias editor (press Ctrl-E) * Added scroll locking (press Ctrl-K) * Changed movement plotting to a more intuitive “straight line” * Added support for dial-up shell accounts * Added sound effects (can be turned off and on) * Added Use True Movement option (allows moving and firing) (press Ctrl-D) * Movement, True and otherwise, much less prone to “berserking” than before

NOTE: You do not have to uninstall the previous version. Simply install v1. 50 on top of your current installation. [END QUOTE]

– TWO NEW SERVERS: Please check out the other servers at the following locations:

* users.southeast.edu 4444

* bundy.hibo.no 4444

These servers were put up for people who have terrible lag to busprod, and also to give the game a little more coverage. Hopefully the Norway server will prove that European’s can splat just as good as US’ians (when they have a good link ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everyone involved is doing their share to make this happen, so let’s support them.

– Skyhooks: A recent announcement by DavidRM stated that Skyhooks will no longer be availible. This announcement just made Skyhooks priceless. So for further reference, the only way to get them is to buy them.

PBN Players

Written by Pollyanna

This section is dedicated to the players of PBN. Every issue we will point out some of the more outstanding achievements including best player, best newbie, etc.

BEST NEWBIE: (TIE) Zipporah, Cowbot, Angie I really tried to make a decision here, but all three are EXTREMELY good newbies. Zipporah has forced many paintballs down my throat since he’s started, Cowbot seems to be making a place for himself too, and Angie was even admitted on the SeaCows. Just a warning to everyone… stay out of their way! When Cowbot first logged in I thought someone was making fun of Sabot… little did I know that the little bugger would be introducing me to Mr. Paintball after his learning period ended.

MOST PISSED AT THE WORLD FOR EVERYTHING: Death Boy & the Reapers No disrespect here… but Death Boy definately takes the cake on this one. I know it’s hard to take a leave and come back, but Death Boy woke up the Reapers and now they’re backe… and pissed at the world for everything.

BEST PLAYER: (TIE) Presto, Deadpool, Pollyanna Presto and Deadpool both reached 10k and they deserve this award, however I must include myself for my recent achievements. 1200 Splats in one day. Of course this doesn’t amount to the time and effort put towards 10k! Way to go guys!

BEST 90: Uncivil Many people questioned Uncivil’s 90 status. But this is an obvious case of stat’s don’t mean anything. Uncivil is probably one of the most helpful 90’s on PBN. Uncivil DEFINATELY deserves to be a 90, and we’re happy that DavidRM saw what Uncivil was really capable of.

BEST COUPLE: Gary and Kiki (sorry I couldn’t resist… please forgive me HA!)

MOST ANNOYING: Gary The guy we all thought had been sucked into a black hole… is back. Probably 20 games into his return, he started laying mines at the start of invaders. Congrats, you not only pissed off everyone, but you did it 3 or 4 times after you were told to stop. Take pride in this award… it’s only handed out to the BEST morons!

This concludes the PBN Players section. Remember that I am open to submissions and I encourage people to speak up about other’s achievements.


PBN Soundtrack

Written by Pollyanna

As some of you might already know, background music for the PBTerm is currently under development. I’ve been chatting with different people to get some input on what the players want. Let me just put all the cards on the table… The sound track is TECHNO. Quite a few people have expressed disliking towards this type of music. I’ve let a few people listen to some of the tracks, and overall the response has been wonderful (even DavidRM like them! heh). We’re doing our best to try to add music that everyone is going to get into. I feel like a fast paced game needs fast paced music. I know I’m a techno bunny but this music fits with the game.

However, I’d really like to get some suggestions on what people want to hear, so I’m going to make the first “offical” PBN track availible to the public. It’s the track that is going to be used for the invaders song. Please if you decided to download the song, send me your opinions via email. I’m doing this more for myself than anything just because “I aim to please”. Oh and before you go asking to put in a country soundtrack… DavidRM says (and I quote) “No… I want techno”.

<old link>

Find the link to THE INVADERS THEME, and follow the instructions from there. This will only be availible for a short amount of time, so if you want it get it fast.

Thanks… Pollyanna


Well I hope everyone is satisfied with the BIG NUMBER 3! I love to write this stuff, I just hope that you guys like to read it!

PBNN Issue #2

editor: Pollyanna Copyright1997


Well guys… here it is. Issue TWO! I busted my butt to make a great newsletter for you guys and what do I get in return??? YOUR COMPLETE SUPPORT! Thank you so much for all the comments, suggestions, submissions, etc. Your support really pushed me into getting this finished and providing a newsletter that YOU WANT. The first was as successful as I hoped it would be and I hope _WE_ can make the upcoming newsletters just as good.

So much has been going on since the last issue, and I hope that we can cover the old, the new, and the future in this issue. I did get a few submissions for this newsletter, and I hope they continue. Remember with your help we can make this bigger and better. I’m willing to do the work, if you guys are willing to contribute as well! Just email ANYTHING to: <old contact>.

Some of you were also wondering what took so damn long on this issue. Well to be honest it was my personal life that got in the way. My mom just got through elbow surgery and I went home for a few days to take care of her. For those who care ๐Ÿ™‚ she is doing fine and quite frankly I’m kinda glad to be outta there and back where I should be… PBN!

PBN’s Girl… Polly-Girl


A. Articles

  1. The Art of Bot Killing
  2. Project: PBN’s Demise
  3. VT100 Guide – Part II

B. PBN’s Teams

C. Player Profile

  1. Deadpool
  2. Eightball

D. What’s New

E. PBN Players

F. Opinions

  1. New Games
  2. Yearbook

G. Conclusion


The Art of Bot Killing:

Written by Sabot

DAMN KAMIS!!!!!! How many times have we read that? I can’t count that high. The art of bot killing is an aquired taste. No mere newbie can survive the massive carnage experienced in a game of Invaders with more than 6 people. So, here’s some tips to help ease the mourning:

1. CAMO Your camouflage will greatly affect the way a bot reacts to your presence. However you must be IN your camouflage to make use of it. For example, don’t buy a grassland jacket and then hide in the woods, etc. Be immersed as deep as you feel necessary to avoid the first wave of bot pillaging. Multi-Terrain suits used to be the best way to go hunting. Alas, they are few and far between now. =( Now probably the best combo would be some sort of insulated, refracto suit. However be warned that the more you move in a refracto, the more visible you are. No matter what camo you have, a bot will see you when it is within a couple spaces away.

2. WAIT IT OUT The first few seconds are the most crucial. If you fire, you will be seen. I’ve heard Stammel say that repeatedly in my 4 month career. It does work. It was just never my style. I have bad luck with it actually. It always seems like they hone in on ME more when I hide. But it must work for someone cuz I keep hearing it.

3. LOCATION The spot you pick to wage war with death incarnate (bots, heh) is probably the most crucial. As before, you can choose to hide in the woods and hope for the best, or you can tactically clear a location and rush into it as I do. Heres how:

A. Have a small prox mine. Maybe 2 depending on # of bots. B. Strategically place it in a corner. C. Be ready to advance to the mined location after it explodes. D. Once in the cleared area, crouch and begin.

Other places to hide can be found all over. If you can’t see a bot, they can’t see you. However, they will know your last location and proceed to investigate there. Be warned. That can also be used as a tactic to make them appear as well. Like, say you see a bot WAY left of your spot on the other side of some water. If you have the right camo and equipment, you could step one square into the water, then rereat back and wait for the bot to go to that water location. Then WHACK! Slap him in the circuitry with a high round one.


1. Learn the movement patterns of the various bots. Learn to lead your bot target well and you will have many splats.

2. Learn which bots to run away from. A smart hunter will avoid kamis like the plague.

Here is how to identify bots:

GREEN: Stealth. THEY WILL NOT DETONATE MINES. Many a times I have laid my mine in the corner and only stealths will appear and its wasted.

LIGHT BLUE: Dumb. Contrary to its name, a dumb bot can be one of the hardest to nail at close range. In fact, it seems to zig and zag more than any other bot. Retreat to a safer spot and hammer away on yer HV.

PURPLE: Heres a big one. Barney(purp) Bots are either Kamikazi’s or Really Smart Bots. A Kami can explode in a 6X6 area so keep a safe distance. This is by the far the most dangerous bot of all time. Really smart bots aren’t. They can be has with moderate effort on your part. They are usually the ones that travel in packs like the dumb bots.

3. Just like in regular games. Stick and move. Shoot a couple times and then boogie. My max is 3 shots without moving.

Practice these seamless strategies and you will soon be slaying with the likes of Stamm,EZ and me. BTW I think Iceman has the record for most kills in a game, 70.

*** If you can see RED bots, you REALLY need to upgrade to the newest version of PBTerm. www.busprod.com/davidrm ***

Sabot out..

Project: PBN’s Demise:

Written by Pollyanna

OH SHUT UP! I know what you’re thinking ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it’s my newsletter and I can print what I want! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And you had to know it was coming. But read on, because it’s not as bad as you think it is!

[BEGIN TOP SECRET FILE] The lab was quiet that night. David had gone home for the evening to be with his wife and kids. But that night Dug was determined to stay until he was finished with his creation. Chemicals boiled and produced toxic gases which were being blown into a huge air vent. Dug carefully grabbed the metalic object with his gloved hands. A sweet, yet evil, grin covered his face as he examined his finished creation. There was just one last addition. Dug walked over to a white, sealed file cabinet that said “KEEP OUT”. As Dug opened the doors a large cloud of smoke escaped and retreated to the floor. Dug’s arms reached into the cabinet and pulled out a flat object. He ran over to his metallic object, and faster than any human could move he completed his project. The can now sported a label on the side. This long, metallic object was about ten inches tall and had something that looked like a small button on the top. Dug ran over to the phone and pressed a few buttons.

“This better be important…”, David said as he answered the phone.

Dug was having a hard time catching his breath because he was so excited.

“David… This is Dug… I’m finished, it works!”

“Dug what are you talking about?”

“David… IT’S THE CAN!”

At this same moment, I woke up in terror… It wasn’t until later that day when I found out why I really woke up. [END TOP SECRET FILE]

Here’s something else you might find amusing. This is a snipit from PBNN Volume One. I don’t remember saying this, but apparently I did ๐Ÿ˜‰


>TIP 3: >CAN CAN CAN CAN…! Now that the can really does AutoFire, the can is the >grenaders worst enemy. Similar to TIP 2, you simply need to pull the can >from your suit (an alias will accomplish this) and target it one space away >from yourself. If you can close in fast enough, you will score with a splat >90% of the time. Basically, if the grenader misses you, you will almost always >kill him with the can counter attack. I’ve just recently begun to use this >strategy, and many will tell you that the spray can is lethal in speedy hands.

Yes believe it or not I said that. I told everyone to use can. So I guess part of this misery is my fault. Now you’ve all heard my speeches on can so I’m not going to repeat myself (at least not alot ๐Ÿ˜‰

After a few days of freaking out about the lack of skill required to use the can I finally got ahold of myself. The can actually isn’t that bad. Sure you are always going to get a smart-alec who insists that they must use the can, but what makes things worse is when these people claim to be GOOD cause they use the can. NEWS FLASH! Can is not a respected weapon in my opinion. I have far more respect for anyone who splats me with a gun rather than a can. I find that in certain situations the can is quite useful. I can’t stand it however when people use can ALL THE TIME. So now… I’ve finally come to a solution.

Over several days I’ve been experimenting with different methods for taking out someone who uses the can. Here are a few of the more successful methods:

1. Use the can RIGHT BACK – If you know that a person is running up on you with the can, do be afraid to whip yours out too. It helps if you try to splat them from a different direction than they are coming. I find that if people attack me from the sides, I can target up or down and run around them for the splat. When two people have can ONLY ONE CAN WIN. It’s probably a 1 in a million shot that you will splat each other. So try to keep your distance and watch for opportunities to attack.

2. Use the open field to your advantage – If a person who depends on can tries to kill you in an open field THEY WILL DIE. If you are in an open field they are forced to run towards you. This leaves them COMPLETELY vulnerable to your Paintballs. I suggest firing of 3 or 4 shots just incase they want to try to change their course when they run at you. It might waste a little ammo, but it will save you from the can. In almost any can vs. gun situation the gun will win in an open field.

3. Use the water – Believe it or not water can be your friend. If a person using can attacks you by water, they are going to do one of two things.

A. Run slower to avoid the water giving you a chance for the splat

– or –

B. Run into the water from their movement

Let me explain. (A) is pretty obvious. To avoid running into the water the person with the can will watch their step, this can give you the opportunity for a shot that could be lethal. (B) happens alot though. I’ve noticed that people who use can move in strange ways. They will weave ALOT. Which means they won’t go in a straight line for too long. If you can lure a canner to the water, you might find that they will make a mistake in navigating and end up swimming. If that happens, you know what to do. Don’t feel bad splatting a canner in the water. It feels “Oh so good!”

Those are the three main tips I can offer when it comes to the can. It will be interesting to see exactly what happens with the can (if it is used more, if the bitching stops, etc) so stay tuned. For those of you who want to know what I think… I’ve decided to tolerate it. Just remember, when you can me, that gives me open invitation to spray “DICKHEAD” all over you ๐Ÿ˜‰ So have fun, but please people, don’t RELY on the can!

Polly-Girl signing out…<click>

VT100 Guide – Part II

Written by Pollyanna

INTRO: This is part two of my VT100 Guides. In this section we will focus on some aliases that can help you move/shoot/collect faster. I will also talk about some other helpful hints that will make your VT100 quest a little bit better.

1. Aliases – When using VT100 one of the most important aspects of your game will be how you use your aliases. When I first logged into PBN, before I even entered a game, I played around with the alias function. The alias function on PBN is probably one of the best I’ve seen on any MUD. When you are allowed to use arguments in your aliases, it not only cuts down on the number of aliases you must have, but it also makes your aliases faster. The following are EXACT copies of aliases that I use on PBN. These are aliases that I have been toying with every since I’ve begun PBN and I think they are as efficent as they will get.

DIRECTION: – alias t tar %1\&tar %1\&tar %1\tar %1\&tar %1 – This is probably the most important alias for VT100 users. This will allow you to target FIVE spaces away from where you are. The other useful thing about this alias is that you only need one alias for every direction. So if you want to target “five west of you”, you would type “t w”. My preferred target is 10 spaces away from myself. At the start of a war when I first locate my enemy, I will immediately target the direction they are. So if they are west of me I type “t w<ent>t w<ent>”.

– alias h tar h – The second most important alias for targeting and direction. This simply returns your target back to your location when you hit “h”. Very important for wars when you must quickly change the direction you wish to fire. You can make this alias whatever you wish I use “h” for “home”.

– alias f fire – Pretty obvious, but the most important thing about using “f” for fire is it’s location on the keyboard. Since it’s on the home row, you will always be able to hit “f” when you need to.

– alias tt tar %1 – I use this aliases in situations when I use the can. It will target one space away from you in any direction you wish. It’s also useful for making those diagonal shots that are so hard on VT100.

INVADERS: – alias bm remove gun\&buy a large mine\&put mine suit\&wear gun – Use this alias for quick mine buying. Refer to Sabot’s guide on bot killing for the correct usage of mines. “bm” stands for “buy mine”. – alias gm remove gun\&get mine suit\&drop mine\&wear gun – This arms your mine and readies your gun so you can kick some bot ass. “gm” stands for “get mine” (from suit).

COLLECTING: – alias gt remove gun\&get token\&put token suit\&wear gun – A quick and simple alias for collecting tokens. Simply move to the space with the “.” on it and hit “gt”.

– alias gf remove gun\&get flag\&put flag suit\&wear gun – Exactly like the token command, this one will make you $10 richer each time you use it.

CAN USAGE: – alias cc tar h\&remove gun\&get can suit\&tar %1 – The ultimate in can aliases, this command does it all. Brings your target back to you, whips out your can, and then target it one direction away from you (wherever you want). Being able to switch from gun to can this quickly can get you out of some bad situations.

– alias gg put can suit\&wear gun\&t %1 – After successfully using the can, you’ll want to have your gun handy FAST. So this will put your can away, grab your gun, and target it 5 spaces away from you. These are probably 2 of the most deadly aliases I have beacuse they allow me to switch weapons so quickly.

SCREEN USAGE: – alias sf screen refresh – Essential for VT100 users, because you can never be sure when your text might go wild. Be careful when you use this though, because i’ve found myself in situations where I’m will refresh my screen and when it’s finished I find out I’m dead. If you try to MOVE or ENTER INPUT when you “refresh” it will just mess up your screen more. Use wisely!

– alias sc screen center – This is a MUST concidering you can fight on some pretty big fields. It’s always a bummer to see a paintball fly from somewhere off the screen and hit you right on the arse. So use screen center quite a bit. It’s quite fast and will save you from some sticky situations.


A. Color – When I first started PBN, I got this crazy idea in my head that color was ALOT slower than Black and White (B/W). I was VERY wrong. Color and B/W both have their advantages, but I believe color out does it. The following are reasons I use color and also why it can be terrible:

-=[ Advantages ]=-

– Color let’s you see who your enemy is. It’s VERY difficult to distinguish yourself from your opponent when they are both grey. When VT100 users use color, your opponents are green and your team is red.

– Color also ID’s the bots for you. When you are in B/W, you don’t know the difference between a Smart and a Kami, and this can be a deadly yet avoidable mistake. You absolutely NEED color if you are going to participate in an invaders game.

– Looking at symbols can be tiring, but when you use color, you can interpret the landscape much easier. It will help you avoid stupid mistakes that might happen cause you could distinguish the text.

– Color lets you distinguish what kind of ammo a person is using. This can be very important if you want to be good. Knowing what kind of ammo an opponent is using helps you kill that person (AMMO:WHAT TO KNOW GUID by Pollyanna – PBNN Vol. 3 COMING SOON!). If you use B/W everything is grey. Bog… how boring.

-=[ Disadvantages ]=-

– Color is one of the reasons your terminal sends crap across your screens. Once you learn to deal with it, and refresh at the right times, you will have no problem with the occasional screw-up.

I hope this helps all you VT100 users out there. Look for more tips in upcoming PBNN’s. If anyone has anything else they’d like to contribute send it to:<old contact>.

Polly-Girl signing out…<click>

PBN’s Teams

This section is going to be dedicated to the Teams of PBN. Each issue I will be writing a profile (with the help of team members) about a team on PBN. Since this is the first issue, we won’t have a profile on a team, but you can look for TEAM 420 profile next issue ๐Ÿ˜›

Alot of people really take pride in their team, and this will give each team an opportunity to telly a little bit about the team and the members. Anything from why the team was formed, to the requirements to join the team. Since this is the first issue of the newsletter, there isn’t really any set form on this section. It will be open to the team to write their own profile on themselves. In the future I will try to have some sort of set form for teams to use, and then they are welcome to put any additional information in with their profile. So be ready! Your team’s turn may be next!

Sorry I didn’t get this section completed… for those of you that don’t know, I left the Goon Squad to join the new TEAM 420. So I didn’t get a chance to complete the profile. Bummer that I didn’t get it done cause I really want people to spread the news about teams. Here’s a request for anyone who wants to take it, but it would be nice if I could attach a list of all the teams websites. It would be awesome if someone made a compilation.

Player Profiles

This issue we look at Deadpool and Eightball. Both wonderful players in my opinion. They’ve always been conciderate towards other players, and have given us several humorous moments. A big congrats goes out to these clowns… thanks for being a part of PBN.

PBName : Deadpool (Hazard;Orbital;Hawk;Cyborg;ASSASSIN;XDP)(maybe more)


Age : 18

Job : School

Hobbies : Windsurfing;Rollerblading;Snowboarding;Computer;Going to bars

Stats : Stats from PBNet:



Time Played : 5 months

Achievements : invented Jet/Can atack

PB Pet Peaves : LAG!!!(One of these days i wont have lag…ya right)

Fav. PB Weapon : UHV;Can

Favorite Bot : Dumb bot (always seems to get the best players)

Fav. PB Player : Iranon Labac (good player just never plays)


Other : Has been laging to bad to even talk for the past 4 weeks now (damned isp) so my stats have been falling behind ๐Ÿ™ Hates the whole teams idea was first to hate it and will always hate it…

Tag JaZzer! You’re It!

PBName: Eightball

Real Name: Sonny

Age: 22

Job: Systems Administrator by day, Bar Bouncer by weekend night

Hobbies: PBN!, real paintball, playing darts in the bars I hang out in, Snowboarding and softball (I guess thats enough)

Stats: damn… i should be on line..BRB…ok got it… EVER bonus is 2810000, splats 2945 and acc 33

Time Played: Ummmmm like 8 months or so

Achievements: huh??? none I guess, no wait…. the person who has been here a long long time and has very few splats to show for it ๐Ÿ™‚

PB Pet Peaves: All the in-fighting, argueing, ignoring, bitching, complaining, stealing, (get the picture???)

Fav. PB Weapon: UHV no bounce, and shooter

Fav Bot: Kamakazi….you gotta respect that kind of splat potential

Fav. PB Player: Well….. Sabot for being the most down to Earth Polly for being REALLY good, and REALLY fast. EZ and Presto for being the best. Jazzer for being the Ummmm….well you know how Jazzer is.

Famous Quotes: “PEACE OUT ALL!!!!!!”, “Damn I was passed up for 90 status again!!!!”

Other: I gotta send props to Bob Nova and Presto. They were there the first time I logged on and helped me. If it wasent for them I wouldn’t know how to chat. They helped me out back in the day havent forgotten that. “I see you guys hiding over there, dont think your hiding from me!!!!!” So in my most humble tone “Thank you VERY much Bob Nova and Presto!!!!!!!!”

Tags go out to my mentors, Bob Nova and Presto

What’s New

Written by Pollyanna

This section is dedicated to changes being made to the game, or any updates that may have happened. There have been quite a few lately, but here is a list and explaination of the major changes in the game recently.

– AUTOFIRE: The biggest and most talked about news right now is probably AUTOFIRE on the Can. You can now arm the can and target one space away from yourself to get the splat. Which means, if your target enters a square one space away from you and there is a player in it, they will be splatted. It doesn’t require that you hit ‘fire’, so you can run around all day and splat people *cought* with no skill *cough*. It’s been the topic of discussion quite a bit, but an announcement from Dug says it won’t be changed.

– Mods: Old news, but for those who don’t know, The Chop Shop is now limited to 2 mods per item. Now that this system has been implemented it seems to work out quite well. Congrats goes out to David and Dug for this new item.

– PBTerm 1.50: [Taken from some email from DavidRM] PBTerm v1.50 is now available from my web page. URL: <old link>

New Features includes: * Fixed Auto-Ready bug * Clicking on your player icon now centers the map display * New, improved note reading interface (press Ctrl-N) * Added buying screen (press Ctrl-Y when your in a store) * Added online help reader (press F2) * Added alias editor (press Ctrl-E) * Added scroll locking (press Ctrl-K) * Changed movement plotting to a more intuitive “straight line” * Added support for dial-up shell accounts * Added sound effects (can be turned off and on) * Added Use True Movement option (allows moving and firing) (press Ctrl-D) * Movement, True and otherwise, much less prone to “berserking” than before

NOTE: You do not have to uninstall the previous version. Simply install v1. 50 on top of your current installation. [END QUOTE]

– New Server: This is a new PBN server. It’s run by David Marlow, and I’ve experienced minimal lag on it. Be warned however that you must start from scratch… the machine is mostly dedicated to newbies who want to learn the game, and people with too much lag on busprod. Please visit the new site at the following address: users.southeast.net 4444. UPDATE: DM is working his hardest to get his site up. We offer Dave the best in getting everything up and running. Keep up the good work Marlow.

PBN Players

Written by PollyAnna

This section is dedicated to the players of PBN. Every issue we will point out some of the more outstanding achievements including best player, best newbie, etc.

BEST NEWBIE: Cornholio It’s been awhile since the last issue, but here’s my pick for this one. I know he’s going to be surprised… I sure was ๐Ÿ˜‰ Corn and I have had some differences in the past, but he definately deserves this award for best newbie. He’s pretty much grown out of newbiehood, and is sporting well over 600 splats. Cornholio has a “twisted” sense of humor but we enjoy his company when he’s around. Thanks for joining the team Corn and congrats.

– NOMINATED BY: JaZzer – MOST POLITE: Reffoxel Reffoxel is one of the best at cooling down a heated arguement. Ref is also one of the few people who tells me to watch my language ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ref tries to keep PBN enjoyable and clean for everyone. His public relation skills are hard to match. Thanks Ref for make PBN a great place to play.

HARDEST WORKER: DavidRM David we think you’re wonderful. I don’t use the term, but all the players that do THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Your hard work on the Term has paid off and everyone seems to love the new additions.

BEST PLAYER: Ez He gets this award easy. CONGRATS ON YOUR 10,000 EZ!

– NOMINATED BY: JaZzer – BEST 90: Broke It Broke It deserves this award. We’re gonna start running out of 90’s! But each issue we want to focus on what the 90 has done. BI’s always there to help people and has no enemies. I know he’s had to put up with some of my crap so he definately needs some praise.

WORST LAGGER: Iceman Can you believe it? This guys amazing. I know he’s got some bitchin’ lag, but he still insists on splatting our pathetic butts on the field. Iceman is one of the few people who bitch about lag but still trys his best on the field. Congrats goes to Iceman for lagging so much, but sticking with it.

MOST ANNOYING: Super Bill He didn’t last very long, but for those of you who remember… you’ll never forget. Super Bill used his own language to try to communicate to the other players on PBN. Most of the time you couldn’t understand him, and when you did you still “Bog’ed”. Super Bill will never be forgotten, especially by Sabot who spent hours trying to get him registered. BTW, Sabot’s Super Bill Translation Book will be out soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

This concludes the PBN Players section. Remember that I am open to submissions and I encourage people to speak up about other’s achievements.


1. New Games – What’s Next?

Written by Pollyanna

I think that we should come up with some well thought out ideas for new games that could be added to PBN. The following are a few ideas I had, and I encourage people to comments on these and add ideas of their own. If you have any ideas or comments send them to <old contact>. Hopefully we can revise something to give to Dug/David and see if our ideas are possible.

IDEA 1: Strategic Invaders This game would be similar to the Invaders game with a few changes to make it a little more strategic. First we would have a map that would be different from all of the other maps. Here is a small example of what the map would consist of.

The forest/grassland areas in this map would serve as bunkers. The idea would be to strategical move and hide using the bunkers. This is the way the game would work. It would be a simulation where 250 bots would be released. When the game first started it would give you ample time to set mines or position youself just like regular Invaders. Then the announcer would tell everyone that the first Wave of bots had been released. 50 Bots would enter the battle field and you have 2 minutes to destroy these before the next wave comes out. When 2 minutes is up, 50 more bots and only 1.5 minutes till the next wave. These pattern would continue. The reason this would be different from the other invaders, is because if you wiped out a wave of bots, you could prepare yourself for the next wave while you battle the bots on the field. It would involve teamwork, speed, and a little bit of luck to pull it off. This is of course a pretty bland description of the idea so if anyone wants to add anything be my guest!

IDEA 2: 6 Minute Free For All I think this would be fun as hell. This game would be similar to the survival game, where everyone is on their own. But if you got splat, you would be returned to a random location on the field and start over. You would do this for 6 Minutes trying to gain as many splats as you can. After the 6 minutes are up, the top 3 (or whatever number suits the players) splat collectors would receive prize money. However, the top 3 would be determined by not only how many splats they got, but how many times they got splat. So a person who got splat 10 times, and got 15 splats won’t beat a person who got 9 splats and got splat 2 times. The better their stats, the more money they receive. I really think this could be a good idea, but it needs to be polished. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Please contribute!

2. PBN Yearbook?

Written by Pollyanna

While I was at home, I had alot of time to think about PBN ๐Ÿ˜‰ Recently I’ve been toying around with an idea and I want to bring it out into the open. I want your opinions and your ideas.

I would really like to put up a PBN Yearbook Web Page. Basically it would be a compilation of photo’s from our very own PBN players. I am going to donate the site and the space and the time (feel free to help w/ anything) in hopes that we can make this work.

I’ve had experience doing this on another mud and I want to share with you what we did. Basically we started with a page that was mostly just photos of the players. But as time went on, people started sending me pictures of them doing things outside of PBN (we had a fisherman on our MUD that sent us some pretty awesome fishing pictures; we also had a person who drove F-1 cars and he sent in a picture of him and his car). I’d really like to start compiling something that we can be proud of. We can make the PBN players real and no longer just splats! When I finally left the mud we collected over 600 pictures of our players and their activities. To top it off, I decided as a going away present I was going to compile the yearbook into a bound print. I made about 200, 40 page yearbooks that we sent out to everyone. It was a huge success and we were very proud of it. I’d really like to do this same thing with PBN but I want your input first.

Polly-Girl signing out…<click>


This concludes the Second issue of PBNN! I hope you all enjoyed it.

PBNN Issue #1

Written by Pollyanna (<old contact>)Copyright1997


Wellโ€ฆ here it is. I bet alot of you weren’t expecting this much, but I was destined to do it. I’ve decided to start my own Newsletter. I just felt like this is something that really needs some time put into it, and the previous effort (while brilliant) lacked what the users really wanted. An informative/helpful piece of work that offered insight outside the playing field. And that’s what I’m trying to bring youโ€ฆ

I don’t mean any hard feelings towards Socks. I think he had a wonderful idea, but I’m just trying to take it one step further. I too am open to submissions for the PBNN, but I reserve the right to modify any portion of the article so this won’t be a clutter of mindless dribble ๐Ÿ˜› I am also up for any help anyone might want to offer. I’m currently awake at 4:30 in the morning CST, and trying to get this ready for a tomorrow release. I don’t know how long I can do this for tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The Paintball Network Newsletter!



PBN’s Teams

Player Profile

What’s New!

PBN People



VT100 Paintball Net

Written by Pollyanna

People frequently ask me, “Polly, how did you get so good so quick?”. And the following is a little explaination of what I call “Polly’s Secret”, also known as, VT100. From what I understand, PBN was originally created to be played in VT100. But thanks to the creative talents of Dave/Dug, they came up with the Paintball Terminals. However, take into concideration that I have never PLAYED nor SEEN PBTerm in action. So, as they say on PBN, “Game Start”.

I. How do I use VT100? This is probably the most asked question on PBN when VT100 is being discussed. And the answer is fairly simple: Any TERMINAL program that you would use to dial your ISP shoult support VT100 Emulation. Personally, I use (and will probably always use) QModem for DOS. You can get the same copy I use at http://www.mustang.com. There are other terminals that support VT100 (almost all of them do) and Dug has a few listed on his homepage as well.

Once you have gotten yourself a terminal program, these are the steps that I take to connect to PBN:

  • Set the program up to dial your ISP – Once connected, drop to the UNIX prompt (or if you have a menu that supports Telnet use that) – At the UNIX prompt type: telnet shell.busprod.com 4444 – Then login with your name and password

Now this looks like a fairly simple task, HOWEVER, some ISP’s differ from others, and there may be additional steps you must take to ensure that the program will work correctly. It would be impossible for me to list all of these, but I maybe able to help anyone out individually if you mail me at: orange@inetnebr.com.

II. Why VT100? Oh gee, where should I begin ๐Ÿ˜› I use VT100 because I am unable to use WIN95 because of my software restrictions. I have always been an avid mudplayer on the net and VT100 was always second nature to me. I first logged in with VT100, and I’ve used it ever since.

Here are so advantages VT100 has over the Term:

(NOTE: This is in NO WAY trying to switch people from the PBTerm to VT100, however, I know there is an intrest in it. This is purely INFORMATIONAL material)

A. Speed – Unlike PBTerm where you must click to move, movement is done with either a). The Arrow Keys or b). Using “n s e w” (I use this method because I am familiar with muds). The advantage of this is the speed and accuracy in wish you can move. A fast typist can easily dodge incoming paintballs with quick evasive moves. I have never been victim to the dreaded “My guy went crazy” disease. With accurate movement, your failure percentage is VERY LOW. And it’s very easy to buffer your movement for quick assaults. This will give you the “Fake Jetpack [Iceman ™]” effect.

B. Text – While most people concider this a disadvantage, I think this is one of the better things about VT100. I’ve never seen the graphics on PBTerm, but the text is very easy to distinguish. Your team and then enemy will always catch your eye when they are on the map. The Text vs. Graphics point will always be argued however, and it usually comes down to personal preference.

C. Refresh/Center – With a fast modem, you can quickly refresh and center your screen with no problems. I personally use the aliases ‘sc : screen center’ and ‘sf : screen refresh’. When you think about itโ€ฆ when you tell PBN to center your screen, it has to send the information to your computer, then you computer has to translate that information into graphics. In VT100, PBN tells the term exactly what to draw, and it’s completed much quicker.

III. What’s bad about VT100? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! ๐Ÿ˜› Just kidding, trust me the VT100 users have their woes too. Here’s a list of things that you will have trouble in when playing with the VT100.

A. Screen Garbage – This is one I dislike the most. Screen Garbage is when the map is garbled by ANSI/VT100 codes when it’s being drawn. When this happens it can distort your view of the field, and sometimes in the most critical situations you can be “screwed”. Even though the refresh is quick, if you type in commands while it’s being performed, it can mess up your terminal even more. VT100 isn’t flawless, and this is probably it’s biggest downfall.

B. Targetting – Personally I find targetting to be quite easy if you can master the use of aliases. However, unlike the term, you can’t just point and click where you want to fire. This makes it difficult in major situations. Say for example, there is a player to the left of me, and a player to the right of me. With the term you can simply click to fire, and then move the mouse and click the other side. In VT100 however, you target is moved by typing “tar “. This only moves your target 1 space at a time, but with the following alias you can make this task easier:

alias t tar %1\&tar %1\&tar %1\&tar %1\&tar %1

When you type “t ” it will send your target 5 spaces in the direction that you wish. Usually at the start of the war, I will send my target 10 spaces in the opposite direction of the closest wall. Meaning, if the boundry is to my WEST, I will target 10 east. The only other problem with this is shooting at an angle. This is a much harder task on the VT100, and quite frankly I’ve yet to completely master it.

C. AUTO READY! – Quite simpleโ€ฆ VT100 doesn’t have an Auto Ready (can we please have one DavidRM/Dug???)

D. Limited Space – The terminal can be set up to use 80×50 mode, however this is very hard to play in. With the 80×25 mode you are restricted to a small map and usually a small chat box. I use a 14×45 map, a 5 line chat box, and about a 6 line info box. My biggest problem is when I splat people sometimes the scroll will make me miss who I just splatted! (That’s why I only make fun of you guys sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰

IV. Conclusion?

I don’t think there will ever be one. Remember this is just my opinion about the VT100 vs. PBTerm. Everyone will find their likes and dislikes about the thing. And because I’m such an avid VT100 lover (they don’t call me the VT100 Queen for nothing), I will help anyone out who needs assistance with getting it up and running, aliases, anythingโ€ฆ just email me at the following address: <old contact>

Strategy Against Grenades

Written by Polly

*TIP1-2 Missing for some reason * -QtPie

TIP 3: CAN CAN CAN CANโ€ฆ! Now that the can really does AutoFire, the can is the grenaders worst enemy. Similar to TIP 2, you simply need to pull the can from your suit (an alias will accomplish this) and target it one space away from yourself. If you can close in fast enough, you will score with a splat 90% of the time. Basically, if the grenader misses you, you will almost always kill him with the can counter attack. I’ve just recently begun to use this strategy, and many will tell you that the spray can is lethal in speedy hands.

TIP 4: Most grenaders have the decency to avoid hitting their own teammates. You can use this to your advantage even when you are 2 on 1. Simply enough, if you are close to 2 enemy players, it will lessen the chances for someone to throw a grenade. Be warned though, there are grenaders that don’t really give a damn either wayโ€ฆ just as long as they get the splat ๐Ÿ˜›

TIP 5: Finally, if you can’t seem to get this down at all. Just buy a launcher and give them a taste of their own medicineโ€ฆ I personally haven’t tried this tactic, but I do know of people who have gotten other players to stop using grenades from being splatted by them so much!

That’s it for this issue’s strategy guide. Next issue I will focus on the use of terrain to your advantage.

Polly-Girl signing outโ€ฆ

PBN’s Teams

Introduction to Team Profiles

This section is going to be dedicated to the Teams of PBN. Each issue I will be writing a profile (with the help of team members) about a team on PBN. Since this is the first issue, we won’t have a profile on a team, but you can look for THE GOON SQUAD profile next issue ๐Ÿ˜›

Alot of people really take pride in their team, and this will give each team an opportunity to telly a little bit about the team and the members. Anything from why the team was formed, to the requirements to join the team. Since this is the first issue of the newsletter, there isn’t really any set form on this section. It will be open to the team to write their own profile on themselves. In the future I will try to have some sort of set form for teams to use, and then they are welcome to put any additional information in with their profile. So be ready! Your team’s turn may be next!

Player Profile

Introduction to Player Profiles

This is probably my favorite section of the Newsletter. The “Player Profile” is going to focus on a different play every week. It will work sort of like a game of tag. I will start the “Player Profile” with myself, then I will pass it on to 2 other people. I will supply the people with the form, and they must simply mail it to me completed. Then they will each tag a new player and the chain goes on and on. Hopefully this will let people know a little more about the players, both on and off the battlefield. So here is the first Player Profile, and it’s about a little girl named Pollyanna ๐Ÿ˜›

PBName : Polly (Pollyanna)


Age : 19

Job : Writing music for video games (and going to college)

Hobbies : Playing the PSX, Skateboarding, Writing Music, PBN!, Watching Horror Movies

Stats : (EVER) BONUS:1310500 SPLATS:1421 ACC:31%


Time Played : 1 Month

Achievements : Being the VT100 Queen ๐Ÿ˜› Being the first female (I think) to reach 1000 splats

PB Pet Peaves : Grenades, Getting stuck in the water, NOT HAVING AUTOREADY!

Fav. PB Weapon : UHV w/ No-Bounce and Can

Favorite Bot : Stealth Bot

Fav. PB Player : Eightball

Famous Quotes : “Bog”, “WTF’s up with this lag?”, “Hi kids!”, “Bog”

Other : I first logged on to PBN and was pretty excited once I learned how to play. For about the first week or so I didn’t even know that there was a graphical term for PBN. I was pretty damned confused when people were talking about point and click! When I finally spoke up about it, my true PB skill shined, and people found out I was the Queen of VT100!

TAG! Eightball you’re it! TAG! Deadpool you’re it!

What’s New?!

Written by Pollyanna

This section is dedicated to changes being made to the game, or any updates that may have happened. There have been quite a few lately, but here is a list and explaination of the major changes in the game recently.

  • GRENADES: For those of you still catching up on old news, the Grenades now have “Friendly Fire Mode”: ON. This means that you will splat teammates and you will splat yourself if they are used carelessly. (BTW, thank you for this change finally. I don’ know how many times I whined about this until something was actually done) At one point some of the grenades were not working, but I think they are all top notch now.
  • NEW PBTerm BETA: The wacky team that created the whole PBN universe and it’s terminal program have been at it again. I’m not including the site to the beta here because I believe it’s changed a couple of times. Inquire on PBN about the up to date link to the BETA. I haven’t used it myself, but I hear it has a seperate window for notes, a seperate window for shops, and it turns your ready game on if you have auto-ready set. Those are just the changes I “heard” mentioned, like I said, Inquire on PBN.
  • The Chop Shop: This one sort of came out of nowhere, and from the likes of it, it’s both popular and confusing. First off “help chop shop”, that will help you better understand what this shop is all about. But since you’re reading ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here’s the basic premise: You can buy “accessories” for your guns, suits, jackets, boots, etc. You simply buy a kit (with the attribute you want) and then put it on the item/weapon (refer to the help files for the exact syntax of these commands). For example, if you have turbo boots, but you’re fed up with getting stuck in the water, all you must do is buy a swim kit, and now you can move through water faster (and you don’t have to switch to flippersโ€ฆ then back to boots, etc). See the Opinion’s articles for further info on The Chop Shop.
  • New Levels: Dave/Dug have added some new levels. Looks like each level increases with $10 dollars. You can get his address by typing “help moregames” on PBN. I don’t think these levels have any sort of reflection on the game (besides the obvious weight/games/aliases advantage), I think it was put here because people where sending them too much money! But heyโ€ฆ THEY DESERVE IT!
  • New Server: This is a new PBN server. It’s run by David Marlow, and I’ve experienced minimal lag on it. Be warned however that you must start from scratchโ€ฆ the machine is mostly dedicated to newbies who want to learn the game, and people with too much lag on busprod. Please visit the new site at the following address: users.southeast.net 4444.

That’s all the new and exciting stuff going on. Next issue I think I’ll do a little Cover Story and all the WWW Sites assocated with PBN. If anyone wants to send me info about their site just mail me.

PBN Players

Written by Pollyanna

This section is dedicated to the players of PBN. Every issue we will point out some of the more outstanding achievements including best player, best newbie, etc. This section is open to nominations, but I’ve taken the liberty to pick some players for the first issue:

BEST PLAYER: Presto A fellow worshipper of the VT100. When I first logged in, I heard stories of this legendary player named Presto. And about 2 weeks ago I was finally matched up against his pure skill and instinct to splat. But the thing that has really impressed me about Presto is his all around skills. He is known to use grenades, but during the time in which grenades were rendered useless, he strapped on his paintball gun and proved to everyone that he can shoot just as fast as he can grenade! Some of my best match-up’s have been against Presto, and I’m sure many more are to come. He’s also shown the supportiveness that players look for in a 90, and I say congrats to his returnโ€ฆ and hope that it is long lasting.

BEST NEWBIE: Black Cat Black Cat has shown dedication and willingness to learn. To date he’s racked up about 150+ splats, and he keeps piling them on. I logged in one day and splatted this feline soul, but he’s hung on and roughed it through all of the PBN hurdles, now you better watch out, because this Black Cat may cross your path on the battlefieldโ€ฆ mind youโ€ฆ it won’t be pretty.

BEST 90: DavidRM and Dug WAIT! Before you say, “Oh Polly’s just sucking up to the admin’s” I want you to read the following. The reason I’ve picked David and Dug is because of all the new changes they have given to us. They prove that they are enthusiastic about making a game for us to play. Their dedication really shows that they care about their creation, and they want players to be happy about the game. Remember, if it wasn’t for this duo, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, and we may have never crossed paths. A big THANK YOU goes out to David and Dug for their effortsโ€ฆ we’ll keep it up if you do ๐Ÿ˜‰

WORST LAGGER: Deadpool He’s a great guy, but hands down he gets this award. Recently the lag has been getting a little better, and we hope that Deadpool will once again roam on the link that can’t slow him down.

This concludes the PBN Players section. Remember that I am open to submissions and I encourage people to speak up about other’s achievements.


The Chop Shop

Written by Pollyanna

Well, well, wellโ€ฆ what this little new creation you see when you now login? Some people call it The Chop Shop, but I like to call it, The Rich Man’s Mr. Potato Headโ€ฆ let me explain.

One night I logged in and was frolicking across the open plains with my UHV in hand. At the same time a few of our regulars we talking about different combinations, like Turbo Swim Boots (padded), and I thought to myself, laff what the hell are they thinking. Alas, I finally spoke up about this mindless dribble, and found out that it was true. What I once thought could never ever happen was standing right next to my favorite shop. As I scrolled through the listings I said to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding”. That’s when I turned my nutcase mode on. When Presto made the announcement that he had a refracto suit with infrared/interference/x-ray/swim/etc/etc, I dropped my jaw. Of course you all know me too well so you should know that my next action was to bitch and moan ๐Ÿ˜‰ Presto and Ez didn’t seem to care too much about my little speech. But that’s when Dug came on.

Immediately I spoke words about my disapproval of this shop. I tried to explain why this could be potentially dangerous. I mean think about itโ€ฆ One thing that kept people from being unstoppable was the ability to carry only a certain amount of equipment. While The Chop Shop is a wonderful idea, it wasn’t given complete thought in the effects of this shop on the game. For Example:

  • A shop like this is focused towards the rich. See most of our best players already have some pretty sharp equipment. And from playing so long, they’ve collected thousands of dollars. When you give our best players (with the best equipment) the chance to make their equipment even better, and to make their view even more accurate, you are just creating Newbie Killers.
  • Newbie Killers are players that are SO unstoppable, it discourages the new players that come to PBN. I mean, you must understand a situation where a newbie has little knowledge about the game and they get killed 30 times in a row from a grenader they never EVER see. Granted a few newbies will make it past the rough timesโ€ฆ but they start with nothing. They must build their equipment up just like we did. Now they are at an even greater disadvantage because no matter what they buy (and remember newbies don’t carry around $4000) the better players will always have something to counter itโ€ฆ AND with the new shop, the combinations are too lethal. And that my friends, is what the Newbie Killers are all about. Do we really want to risk the future of PBN just so we can have “cool” equipment. I mean sure everyone wants Turbo Swim Boots, but wasn’t it better when only some people use flippers and had to switch with their turbo bootsโ€ฆ but nowโ€ฆ Turbo Swim Boots are a common item, and it makes the playing field pretty worthless nowโ€ฆ except, for the newbies who can’t afford, or defend these mods.

Now Dug did make a wonderful jesture by limiting the mods on each item to two, but I think even these limits need to be reconcidered. I think mods should be a stat just like everything else. 25/25 games, etc. I think the standard should be 1 Mod Total, a registered (level 2) should be 2 Mods Total, and anyone above should have 3 Mods Total. Now don’t immediately start throwing things and saying, “That would suck, blah, why should we have limits?” first take a look at your character. If you are saying this to me, then you are a person with good equipment, that is completely MAXED in mods, just to make yourself “unstoppable”. Then ask yourselfโ€ฆ Is this really fair? By limiting the Mod Total it would give the player a chance to decide what they need to play best with, instead of just adding everything you can afford for the hell of it. Seriously guys, the mods have been fun, but we should concider this.

I know I’ll probably get alot of crap about this from a few people (you know who you are), so just please understand that this is my opinion, and you won’t hear anymore about it, unless someone wants to counter my article and send in a reason why we SHOULDN’T limit mods.


This concludes the first issue of PBNN! I hope you all enjoyed it. And be on the lookout for issue twoโ€ฆ It may be coming faster than you think! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Paintball Net Newsletter