PBNN Issue #29 – 1/8/99

Editor: QtPie


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Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Paintball Net 1998 Year in Review by Aldébaran

Another year has come and going in the PBN world, and if anything this has been a eventful year. This year we’ve seen not one, but 5 players hit the 100,000 splat mark, had the rebirth of the PBNN, and a number of other changes which have altered how the game is played. Listed here are a few of the many changes in 1998 which have had the greatest impact on how we play and how we perceive the game of PBN.


– Lutra hits 100k splats. (Date unknown. Spring.*) Lutra the most prolific PBN splatter broke the ultimate of all goals in PBN. He was the first person ever to hit 100,000 splats. Lutra, now retired, will long be remembered as one of the best players in PBN history.

– Brockman passes Lutra. (Late Summer-Fall.*) Many months follow Lutra’s record breaking splat an informal race to pass Lutra’s long standing record of 100k splat. Out of the contenders Brockman pulls ahead and passes Lutra with 100,001 splats.

– Three more players join the 100k splat club. (Winter.*) The third person to brake the coveted 100k splat mark was LittleFoot (aka, Kunumitsu, Ramuh, and a host of other names.) Shortly following LittleFoot, were Sandstorm and Beowulf who finish the year out with a bang! (or should I say splat?)

– Top Teams of 1998. Out of all the teams on PBN about a dozen or so stand out at the top. MacLeod Clan–obviously stands out on top of the rest. With Nearly 500k splats at the end of 98. The most popular team of the year would be Chorus with their constant cheering “Rah! Rah! Rah!” echoed through the chat. The most improved would be The Goon Squad. Other outstanding teams of 1998: Cancer, BLACK SUN’s revival, The Holy Ones, The Lost Souls, Purple Haze, Chronic, DUDES, Hoosiers, The Elite Few, Vizjerei Clan, and (saving the best for last) The Amigos. (OK. So I’m biased. =) )

*Times are estimated. No achieved record found to confirm. – Now Defunct Teams


– New lvl 99 created. (Late December.) Everyone was happy to Congratulate Qt, the editor of PBN, as the first ever lvl 99! The big question: What does a lvl 99 do? In a nutshell–to deal with problems that the implementors don’t have the time to.

– New admins of ’98 In response to the Expanding size of PBN during ’98 a number of new Admins were added to help cope with the “growing pains.” to date there are (appx.) 70 Admins from lvls 79-100 (most non active.)

Weapons & Equipment

– The death of Free Paint. No more free splats guys. You have to pay for that ammo! The over use of free paint was finally curbed when it was only allowed to be used in free guns and rifles. Throughout the year many things were done to help stop people from flowing free paint–The size of the paint was doubled–when that failed, half bounty was given to those who had over 100 splats.

– Return of Old Kits. (see 3/21/98 issue of PBNN.) The dream of every new player. Jet, refracto, inferred, and x-ray kits made their way back into the chop shop. No longer fooling with those bulky refracto suits or shiny jet packs! Much to the delight of players in possession of items with old kits, the new ones came with a catch–they cost and weighed much more.

– Rapid (see 3/21/98 issue of PBNN) This nifty kit could be placed on almost any weapon to increase it’s ammo and reload speed. It revolutionized grenading / rocketing by shortening the pause time between shots.

– Cans. Can’s went on a roller coaster ride in 1998. (see 3/21/98 issue of PBNN) The accuracy of the can was dropped down 50% when they were made to auto fired on bots (as well as ammo)–much to the dismay of canners who protested the change and eventually caused enough fuss to have the can be returned to normal–though the price doubled. (see 12/21/98 issue of PBNN) Most recently cans were again changed. This time the reload rate was raised from 5 to 15 and the ammo made slower as well. unlike the last time canner put up little protest–The big difference this time? Old cans still worked and became instant rares.

. – Uzi & Minigun quoted from 3/21/98 PBNN “Be The Terminator. Get your minigun now. It shots faster then any of the new guns out in stores right now. It has a built in burst….It uses both hands AND your waist. Price is 15k with the ammo being about the same price as UHV ammo. ” Uzi-the one handed version of the minigun came out a few months later. The trademark lime green and red paint are now a common sight on the field were a novelties half a year ago.

– 2,500$ Starting Allowance. (Late December) You can hear the vets grumbling like old geezers, “Back in the day, newbies only got 300$, and we had to walk 2 miles in the snow, barefoot, to get a splat.” OK so I’m exaggerating, but to help relieve the burden on new players now-a-days the powers that be have decided to raise their allowance. One major factor contributing to this were the changed to freepaint.

Commands and Stats

– Player & Bot Splats. (see 5/24/98 issue of PBNN) Whether you like it or not, your splats are now divided into Players and bots. Now, you can finally see how many bot splats you (or you neighbor) has as compared to your player splats without using a 3rd party bot counter. Some of the drawbacks–people who started before May’s splats are counted in the number and the biggest drawback–people can see the number of bot’s you’ve splatted .

– Exam & Offer (see 6/20/98 issue of PBNN) Before these commands buying rares was a risky venture (still is today, but to a lesser extent.) A mischievous dealer could claim that a renamed piece of equipment was something other than it was. This command allowed players to see what properties a particular piece of equipment, and a safe way to purchase the equipment.

– Showaction off. (see 3/9/98 issue of PBN) Finally a new command for all those people who complained and complained about “flag spam” at the beginning of co-op games and those who hated to stand in gunshop because of the spam reload aliases generated.


– Format Switches. (see 2/26/98 issue of PBNN) Because of complaints of excessive mining in invaders, the game was changed. To the dismay of most players the bots came out all at once, instead of the 1 minute pause. It took quite a few months for the majority of PBN to (partially) master the “new” vaderz. Leading the way was splat guru, Lutra. (Summer*) Another reversal of a previous decision the powers-that-be have decided to revert back to the old style of invaders–sort of. There is now a 15 second* break before the bots come out.

* Appx. times.

– Designer Bots. Oh là là! All the rage on PBN! Tired of the bland 5 varieties of bot? For a _small_ fee ranging from 25k$ to 50k$ you could have you’re own pet bot! First announced on the PBNN in may of ’98 there have been about 4 bot sales since–the most recent in December.


– From one to five back to one–the ever changing servers. Late January ’98 a server glitch caused busprod:4445 to more than double everyone’s money–though the server also erased your character when you logged off! Later the remote servers were fixed–the total back to three. In May Paintball-Net servers were added bring the total to five. Busprod 4445 and the “number” server (aka 204-my personal favorite reset you game without a 90 =) ) were removed–back to three. And recently two other servers were removed due to malicious people “duping” items. Back to one server. However by the year’s end we had two (or was it three?) server’s back online.

Unforgettable Moment.

– Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia! What’s that? A server full of Chia pets! Earlier in 1998 a server glitch renamed everyone on the server Chia Pet! One of the most hilarious moments ever on PBN. Chia Pets, collect them all!

PBNN — Paintball Net Newsletter. During 1998. 23 fact filled issues of PBN were written–helpful tips, stories, and commentary all brought to your e-mail box by it’s most prolific editor Qt. Without the PBNN, PBN would be much different.

Congratulations to Dug and DavidRM–who put up with the unrelenting nonsense of the people who play their game–on a most eventful and prosperous year in PBN. Many more to come.

Invaders Tips

Written by The Forgotten One

Hello. I am The Forgotten One. Some of the older ones may know me as Black Eagle.I am going to write something about how to play vaders.

EQ Most players say that REFRACTO is the best camo for invaders. I prefer the multi jacket for 7.5K The bots don’t come after you when you crouch and even if you shoot there wont be a wave of bots charging at you from all sides.

Then you need a gun. A HV With spread kit and a hopper (the larger the better) kit will do fine. Then you fill it with cyan.

If you have the cash you should buy a infrared or x-ray kit to.

Extra EQ that will come in handy to is a satellite locator. That way you can easily locate other bots in the field (with exception of the stealths) and then KILL THEM ALL!!! Also the standard EQ (leggings scarf and of course turbo and interference kits) may come in handy.

TACTICS When you survive the first wave of bots, You have to locate the rest and stuff them with ammo. The way to survive is to get a little private place and crouch like in the woods or the grass, from there you kill the out coming bots without them charging at you. BUT! Stay far enough from the edge of the field cause as you begin to shoot and you are to close to the bots they will come after you and then you don’t have the time to kill them all. Ok you survived the first attack wave and now its your job to hunt them down. If you have a satellite locator you can see them on the satellite screen and so kill them one by one. However the stealths are NOT shown on the locator screen so move slow and take your time, the last thing you want is to run around half the field to get a bot when suddenly a stealth bot shows up and splats you. Well this is all what i have to say for now.

If i have left something out please tell me so i can correct it.



Net Map Contest!

Once again I am hosting a map contest. When you get your map created send it to me at theqtpie@innocent.com by Jan 31, 1999. Please include your paintball user name.

The Maps will be judged by five judges and I will break any tie breakers. The winning map (or maps) will be added to the cycle of PbNet maps.

Just as last time, I ask you please do not bug DavidRM and Dug about this contest. Any questions can be directed towards me. Also, they will not post maps other then the winning map(s).

You can get a PBNN Map editor at <old link>. If you experience problems with this program please contact me. I know that it does not work 100% correctly with some screen resolutions. So far the most major problem is the deserts don’t show up on the map.

Good Luck!

Bot Sale Results

Kami 40,000 Sgt Splatter Bot: Red (Sgt Splatter) Ryn’s Ludicrous Bot: Red (Ryn)

Stealth 40,000 Moldy’s Little Helper:orange??, (Moldy) Chronic Bot, neon green (Azazel)

Very Smart Bot 35,000 Lone Gunman and azazel Bot, black, (Lone Gunman) a Hamster bot, dark Dark green (cherry bomb)

Smart Bot 30,000 a DaB PooP bot, brown??, (Dabutcher-Paid) TLS Soul Stealer (baddogn), blue (baddog)

Dumb bot 25,000 Stanky’s Pet Dumb Bot, yellow, (Stanky) Michael Kalil, yellow (Michael Kalil)

Changes and Whatnots

New Admins. Mirage was promoted to level 95 and Qtpie got Level 99 on Dec 23, 1998.

New Server A new server for your playing enjoyment. The address is pbn.mudgate.com.


Team Chronic hit the 150k mark.

Player Do a little ditty for Sgt Splatter, he hit 70k splats!

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Magyc

Real Name: Scott Harlan

Age: 15

Job: just quick odd jobs

Hobbies:PT(physical training),camping,soccer,golf,hiking,biking,football,skiing, military stuff,paintball,computers

Homepage: working on it

Team: Chorus

Stats: Ever:Stats for ‘Magyc'(58271) TotalWorth:$299641: (EVER) GAMES:7702 BONUS:8802500 SPLATS:12783 ACCURACY:40% GAMES SURVIVED:1488 BOT SPLATS:9443 PLAYER SPLATS:3340 (CURRENT) BONUS:0 SPLATS:0 ACCURACY:0%

Time Played: May 14, 1998 (my bday) so ummm….like 7 or 8 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : getting past the 10k point in like 2 to 3 months and making so many friends

PB Pet Peeves: spammers…i can tolerate just about everything else

Fav. PB Weapon: Magyc`s Gift from Macman {Macman}[rapidfire][expansion] = can!

Fav. Bot: the one I woulda bought if i weren’t outta town

Fav. PBN Player: too many…if ya got a ducky, you’re one…if not, you

prolly are anyway

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : all the ducky/bar aliases

Other/ Comments: This game is quactastic!

PBN Name:Cowbot

Real Name:Van D. Olmstead, III

Age:15 1/2


Hobbies:Playing PBN

Homepage:<old link>


Stats: Ever: Stats for ‘Cowbot'(6254) TotalWorth:$105604: (EVER) GAMES:19201 BONUS:20549500 SPLATS:20943 ACCURACY:53% GAMES SURVIVED:4635 BOT SPLATS:2529 PLAYER SPLATS:6386 (CURRENT) BONUS:7000 SPLATS:6 ACCURACY:46%

Time Played:Long long time

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Had a bunch of fun, became an 80, became a 90, been on just about every good team in existance

PB Pet Peeves:Vaderz, Beggars, People Who Complain About Certain Weapons

Fav. PB Weapon:The One In My Right (and also sometimes Left) Hand

Fav. Bot:Cowbot(all the rest play vaderz)

Fav. PBN Player(s):DavidRM, Dug , QtPie, Beowulf, Mr., Ranger Joe, Jon Toppins, Stanky, Frocer, Brockman, Macman, me (I guess), Mirage, and all the other people that got left out cuz it took to long to name them all

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : -=M~O~O C~O~W A~T~T~A~C~K=- The white zone is for loading and reloading only. Just Moo It!

Other/ Comments:The PBNN is great keep up the good work. And there should be a vaderz patch to help people quit.

PBN Name: JackNBox

Real Name: Nathan Molter

Age: 17

Job: Drinking and School (Yes I consider School a Job)

Hobbies: Drinking, Partying, Getting with Girls, Computer

Homepage: <old link>

Team: Purple Haze

Stats: Ever: GAMES:11423 BONUS:31132000 SPLATS:48561 ACCURACY:77% GAMES SURVIVED:1680 BOT SPLATS:6917 PLAYER SPLATS:1242

Time Played: 1 Year and a Few months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : At one time I was Second on the All-Time Splats List.

PB Pet Peeves: Never being asked to be an admin.

Fav. PB Weapon: Can

Fav. Bot: They All suck


Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “No”

Other/ Comments: Ummm Well other than never being asked to be an admin and Kicking major ass with Purple Haze at one time…

PBN Name: Cornelius……..Most of the oldies new me as Terd=) but Cornelius is my current name!!

Real Name: Randy Clukey

Age: 16

Job: Maintentance assistant

Hobbies: Bmx biking, skiing, paintball, and about anything that will give me a good thrill something dangerous usually with alot of speed.

Homepage: No pb. page! Personally page not very good but <old link>

Team: Deadly Force, but I have been on every single team mostly that you could think of.

Stats: Ever: 8.7k games and like 28082 splats and like 2200 games survived or something.

Time Played: Started September 97, took a big break over the summer.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Nothing really not that I don’t do anything good, but since it’s just like a game I don’t get all excited when I hit 10k and stuff. Though I feel real good when I help a newbie or give money out.

PB Pet Peeves: When admins let the job go to there head……

Fav. PB Weapon: OLD GUNS……the good guns “Hv gun with no-bouce ammo”

Fav. Bot: I’d say Cheeezzzgrenade but those kill me to much so I would have to say a Beowulf bot since those come in second to cheeeeeeezzzzzzgrenade.

Fav. PBN Player: I like everyone seriously, I like the ones I can trust alot, they help me out when I need to switch a few items around …….You know who you are but since I feel bad when people leave me out I won’t mention names but the people that help me and are nice and say hi when I come on are the ones I’m talking about and I love ya guys for that or I would never have sticked with the game as long as I did. Thanks Everyone

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : I’m not very vocal though I should be so I don’t have any quotes hehe =).

Other/ Comments: I just like to say I broke my leg this month playing basketball. I hope everyone prays that I get better quick hehe. Thanks Everyone. Thanks to Qtpie for putting all this together and letting me share my life and pb life with everyone Thanks Again…

PBN Name:Stanky

Real Name:Sunit Chaudhry


Job:Student, Volunteered at a hospital in the summer

Hobbies:Tennis,Card Games,Pb Term, Real Paintball



Stats: Ever:You have $5716($142802), carrying 314/400. (EVER) GAMES:14059 BONUS:23784500 SPLATS:33566 ACCURACY:59% GAMES SURVIVED:2250 BOT SPLATS:13671 PLAYER SPLATS:7719

Time Played:uhmm i think i found the game 2 summers ago

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Reaching 30k splats

PB Pet Peeves:Spammers,people begging for cash,team spam aliases

Fav. PB Weapon:a mini grenade Launcher[rapid][rapid]

Fav. Bot:Stanky’s Pet Dumb Bot

Fav. PBN Player:Uhm FlyinEmu

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :PoOp, lalalalallaa

PBN Name:Lady Scorpion

Real Name:Cindy Foster


Job:Full time college student

Hobbies:Music, movies, computers, friends and going out.

Homepage:None Yet, major construction.

Team:I keep switching teams a lot, but I think I’m gonna stay on The Lost Souls because that is where all of my good friends are.


Time Played:Since May of ’98

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Helping out newbies and making some awesome friends, developing my skills, never being greedy, and I’m about to hit 20k splats.

PB Pet Peeves:People who stand on me or in front of me during vaders, people who massivly spam with team lines or For Sale crap, people who start fights for no reason and then call me names for ending it, and ignorant people.

Fav. PB Weapon:I would have to say Uzi[hugeexp][spread] full ‘o uzi nb! Well, that and a mini gren launcher [huge][rapid]

Fav. Bot:Cheeeeeeezegrenade bot!

Fav. PBN Player:Dsniper, Brockman, Voltron, all of TLS, most of Chorus, Kero <Kero for newbie of the year!!!>,DaPimp, BlasterFX, Little Foot, and a whole mass of scattered people I cannot remember right now (I’m sorry!)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Calling Sandstorm Sandcastle and calling KnightShade LampShade, also “I got jewed”.

Other/ Comments: I wish people werent so greedy, cuz like on Christmas or Christmas eve I did huge drops and like all I got from people was DROP MORE DROP MORE and it really pisses me off. Be happy someone wants to share the wealth, and quit being greedy or I shall drop no more :> 

Closing Notes

Closing Notes

It’s a new year and already there has been some pretty major changes in the PbNet world. I would like to Thank everyone that supported, applauded, encouraged and submitted articles for the PBNN. Your support kept it alive. 🙂

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT