PBNN Issue #2

editor: Pollyanna Copyright1997


Well guys… here it is. Issue TWO! I busted my butt to make a great newsletter for you guys and what do I get in return??? YOUR COMPLETE SUPPORT! Thank you so much for all the comments, suggestions, submissions, etc. Your support really pushed me into getting this finished and providing a newsletter that YOU WANT. The first was as successful as I hoped it would be and I hope _WE_ can make the upcoming newsletters just as good.

So much has been going on since the last issue, and I hope that we can cover the old, the new, and the future in this issue. I did get a few submissions for this newsletter, and I hope they continue. Remember with your help we can make this bigger and better. I’m willing to do the work, if you guys are willing to contribute as well! Just email ANYTHING to: <old contact>.

Some of you were also wondering what took so damn long on this issue. Well to be honest it was my personal life that got in the way. My mom just got through elbow surgery and I went home for a few days to take care of her. For those who care 🙂 she is doing fine and quite frankly I’m kinda glad to be outta there and back where I should be… PBN!

PBN’s Girl… Polly-Girl


A. Articles

  1. The Art of Bot Killing
  2. Project: PBN’s Demise
  3. VT100 Guide – Part II

B. PBN’s Teams

C. Player Profile

  1. Deadpool
  2. Eightball

D. What’s New

E. PBN Players

F. Opinions

  1. New Games
  2. Yearbook

G. Conclusion


The Art of Bot Killing:

Written by Sabot

DAMN KAMIS!!!!!! How many times have we read that? I can’t count that high. The art of bot killing is an aquired taste. No mere newbie can survive the massive carnage experienced in a game of Invaders with more than 6 people. So, here’s some tips to help ease the mourning:

1. CAMO Your camouflage will greatly affect the way a bot reacts to your presence. However you must be IN your camouflage to make use of it. For example, don’t buy a grassland jacket and then hide in the woods, etc. Be immersed as deep as you feel necessary to avoid the first wave of bot pillaging. Multi-Terrain suits used to be the best way to go hunting. Alas, they are few and far between now. =( Now probably the best combo would be some sort of insulated, refracto suit. However be warned that the more you move in a refracto, the more visible you are. No matter what camo you have, a bot will see you when it is within a couple spaces away.

2. WAIT IT OUT The first few seconds are the most crucial. If you fire, you will be seen. I’ve heard Stammel say that repeatedly in my 4 month career. It does work. It was just never my style. I have bad luck with it actually. It always seems like they hone in on ME more when I hide. But it must work for someone cuz I keep hearing it.

3. LOCATION The spot you pick to wage war with death incarnate (bots, heh) is probably the most crucial. As before, you can choose to hide in the woods and hope for the best, or you can tactically clear a location and rush into it as I do. Heres how:

A. Have a small prox mine. Maybe 2 depending on # of bots. B. Strategically place it in a corner. C. Be ready to advance to the mined location after it explodes. D. Once in the cleared area, crouch and begin.

Other places to hide can be found all over. If you can’t see a bot, they can’t see you. However, they will know your last location and proceed to investigate there. Be warned. That can also be used as a tactic to make them appear as well. Like, say you see a bot WAY left of your spot on the other side of some water. If you have the right camo and equipment, you could step one square into the water, then rereat back and wait for the bot to go to that water location. Then WHACK! Slap him in the circuitry with a high round one.


1. Learn the movement patterns of the various bots. Learn to lead your bot target well and you will have many splats.

2. Learn which bots to run away from. A smart hunter will avoid kamis like the plague.

Here is how to identify bots:

GREEN: Stealth. THEY WILL NOT DETONATE MINES. Many a times I have laid my mine in the corner and only stealths will appear and its wasted.

LIGHT BLUE: Dumb. Contrary to its name, a dumb bot can be one of the hardest to nail at close range. In fact, it seems to zig and zag more than any other bot. Retreat to a safer spot and hammer away on yer HV.

PURPLE: Heres a big one. Barney(purp) Bots are either Kamikazi’s or Really Smart Bots. A Kami can explode in a 6X6 area so keep a safe distance. This is by the far the most dangerous bot of all time. Really smart bots aren’t. They can be has with moderate effort on your part. They are usually the ones that travel in packs like the dumb bots.

3. Just like in regular games. Stick and move. Shoot a couple times and then boogie. My max is 3 shots without moving.

Practice these seamless strategies and you will soon be slaying with the likes of Stamm,EZ and me. BTW I think Iceman has the record for most kills in a game, 70.

*** If you can see RED bots, you REALLY need to upgrade to the newest version of PBTerm. www.busprod.com/davidrm ***

Sabot out..

Project: PBN’s Demise:

Written by Pollyanna

OH SHUT UP! I know what you’re thinking 😉 But it’s my newsletter and I can print what I want! 😉 And you had to know it was coming. But read on, because it’s not as bad as you think it is!

[BEGIN TOP SECRET FILE] The lab was quiet that night. David had gone home for the evening to be with his wife and kids. But that night Dug was determined to stay until he was finished with his creation. Chemicals boiled and produced toxic gases which were being blown into a huge air vent. Dug carefully grabbed the metalic object with his gloved hands. A sweet, yet evil, grin covered his face as he examined his finished creation. There was just one last addition. Dug walked over to a white, sealed file cabinet that said “KEEP OUT”. As Dug opened the doors a large cloud of smoke escaped and retreated to the floor. Dug’s arms reached into the cabinet and pulled out a flat object. He ran over to his metallic object, and faster than any human could move he completed his project. The can now sported a label on the side. This long, metallic object was about ten inches tall and had something that looked like a small button on the top. Dug ran over to the phone and pressed a few buttons.

“This better be important…”, David said as he answered the phone.

Dug was having a hard time catching his breath because he was so excited.

“David… This is Dug… I’m finished, it works!”

“Dug what are you talking about?”

“David… IT’S THE CAN!”

At this same moment, I woke up in terror… It wasn’t until later that day when I found out why I really woke up. [END TOP SECRET FILE]

Here’s something else you might find amusing. This is a snipit from PBNN Volume One. I don’t remember saying this, but apparently I did 😉


>TIP 3: >CAN CAN CAN CAN…! Now that the can really does AutoFire, the can is the >grenaders worst enemy. Similar to TIP 2, you simply need to pull the can >from your suit (an alias will accomplish this) and target it one space away >from yourself. If you can close in fast enough, you will score with a splat >90% of the time. Basically, if the grenader misses you, you will almost always >kill him with the can counter attack. I’ve just recently begun to use this >strategy, and many will tell you that the spray can is lethal in speedy hands.

Yes believe it or not I said that. I told everyone to use can. So I guess part of this misery is my fault. Now you’ve all heard my speeches on can so I’m not going to repeat myself (at least not alot 😉

After a few days of freaking out about the lack of skill required to use the can I finally got ahold of myself. The can actually isn’t that bad. Sure you are always going to get a smart-alec who insists that they must use the can, but what makes things worse is when these people claim to be GOOD cause they use the can. NEWS FLASH! Can is not a respected weapon in my opinion. I have far more respect for anyone who splats me with a gun rather than a can. I find that in certain situations the can is quite useful. I can’t stand it however when people use can ALL THE TIME. So now… I’ve finally come to a solution.

Over several days I’ve been experimenting with different methods for taking out someone who uses the can. Here are a few of the more successful methods:

1. Use the can RIGHT BACK – If you know that a person is running up on you with the can, do be afraid to whip yours out too. It helps if you try to splat them from a different direction than they are coming. I find that if people attack me from the sides, I can target up or down and run around them for the splat. When two people have can ONLY ONE CAN WIN. It’s probably a 1 in a million shot that you will splat each other. So try to keep your distance and watch for opportunities to attack.

2. Use the open field to your advantage – If a person who depends on can tries to kill you in an open field THEY WILL DIE. If you are in an open field they are forced to run towards you. This leaves them COMPLETELY vulnerable to your Paintballs. I suggest firing of 3 or 4 shots just incase they want to try to change their course when they run at you. It might waste a little ammo, but it will save you from the can. In almost any can vs. gun situation the gun will win in an open field.

3. Use the water – Believe it or not water can be your friend. If a person using can attacks you by water, they are going to do one of two things.

A. Run slower to avoid the water giving you a chance for the splat

– or –

B. Run into the water from their movement

Let me explain. (A) is pretty obvious. To avoid running into the water the person with the can will watch their step, this can give you the opportunity for a shot that could be lethal. (B) happens alot though. I’ve noticed that people who use can move in strange ways. They will weave ALOT. Which means they won’t go in a straight line for too long. If you can lure a canner to the water, you might find that they will make a mistake in navigating and end up swimming. If that happens, you know what to do. Don’t feel bad splatting a canner in the water. It feels “Oh so good!”

Those are the three main tips I can offer when it comes to the can. It will be interesting to see exactly what happens with the can (if it is used more, if the bitching stops, etc) so stay tuned. For those of you who want to know what I think… I’ve decided to tolerate it. Just remember, when you can me, that gives me open invitation to spray “DICKHEAD” all over you 😉 So have fun, but please people, don’t RELY on the can!

Polly-Girl signing out…<click>

VT100 Guide – Part II

Written by Pollyanna

INTRO: This is part two of my VT100 Guides. In this section we will focus on some aliases that can help you move/shoot/collect faster. I will also talk about some other helpful hints that will make your VT100 quest a little bit better.

1. Aliases – When using VT100 one of the most important aspects of your game will be how you use your aliases. When I first logged into PBN, before I even entered a game, I played around with the alias function. The alias function on PBN is probably one of the best I’ve seen on any MUD. When you are allowed to use arguments in your aliases, it not only cuts down on the number of aliases you must have, but it also makes your aliases faster. The following are EXACT copies of aliases that I use on PBN. These are aliases that I have been toying with every since I’ve begun PBN and I think they are as efficent as they will get.

DIRECTION: – alias t tar %1\&tar %1\&tar %1\tar %1\&tar %1 – This is probably the most important alias for VT100 users. This will allow you to target FIVE spaces away from where you are. The other useful thing about this alias is that you only need one alias for every direction. So if you want to target “five west of you”, you would type “t w”. My preferred target is 10 spaces away from myself. At the start of a war when I first locate my enemy, I will immediately target the direction they are. So if they are west of me I type “t w<ent>t w<ent>”.

– alias h tar h – The second most important alias for targeting and direction. This simply returns your target back to your location when you hit “h”. Very important for wars when you must quickly change the direction you wish to fire. You can make this alias whatever you wish I use “h” for “home”.

– alias f fire – Pretty obvious, but the most important thing about using “f” for fire is it’s location on the keyboard. Since it’s on the home row, you will always be able to hit “f” when you need to.

– alias tt tar %1 – I use this aliases in situations when I use the can. It will target one space away from you in any direction you wish. It’s also useful for making those diagonal shots that are so hard on VT100.

INVADERS: – alias bm remove gun\&buy a large mine\&put mine suit\&wear gun – Use this alias for quick mine buying. Refer to Sabot’s guide on bot killing for the correct usage of mines. “bm” stands for “buy mine”. – alias gm remove gun\&get mine suit\&drop mine\&wear gun – This arms your mine and readies your gun so you can kick some bot ass. “gm” stands for “get mine” (from suit).

COLLECTING: – alias gt remove gun\&get token\&put token suit\&wear gun – A quick and simple alias for collecting tokens. Simply move to the space with the “.” on it and hit “gt”.

– alias gf remove gun\&get flag\&put flag suit\&wear gun – Exactly like the token command, this one will make you $10 richer each time you use it.

CAN USAGE: – alias cc tar h\&remove gun\&get can suit\&tar %1 – The ultimate in can aliases, this command does it all. Brings your target back to you, whips out your can, and then target it one direction away from you (wherever you want). Being able to switch from gun to can this quickly can get you out of some bad situations.

– alias gg put can suit\&wear gun\&t %1 – After successfully using the can, you’ll want to have your gun handy FAST. So this will put your can away, grab your gun, and target it 5 spaces away from you. These are probably 2 of the most deadly aliases I have beacuse they allow me to switch weapons so quickly.

SCREEN USAGE: – alias sf screen refresh – Essential for VT100 users, because you can never be sure when your text might go wild. Be careful when you use this though, because i’ve found myself in situations where I’m will refresh my screen and when it’s finished I find out I’m dead. If you try to MOVE or ENTER INPUT when you “refresh” it will just mess up your screen more. Use wisely!

– alias sc screen center – This is a MUST concidering you can fight on some pretty big fields. It’s always a bummer to see a paintball fly from somewhere off the screen and hit you right on the arse. So use screen center quite a bit. It’s quite fast and will save you from some sticky situations.


A. Color – When I first started PBN, I got this crazy idea in my head that color was ALOT slower than Black and White (B/W). I was VERY wrong. Color and B/W both have their advantages, but I believe color out does it. The following are reasons I use color and also why it can be terrible:

-=[ Advantages ]=-

– Color let’s you see who your enemy is. It’s VERY difficult to distinguish yourself from your opponent when they are both grey. When VT100 users use color, your opponents are green and your team is red.

– Color also ID’s the bots for you. When you are in B/W, you don’t know the difference between a Smart and a Kami, and this can be a deadly yet avoidable mistake. You absolutely NEED color if you are going to participate in an invaders game.

– Looking at symbols can be tiring, but when you use color, you can interpret the landscape much easier. It will help you avoid stupid mistakes that might happen cause you could distinguish the text.

– Color lets you distinguish what kind of ammo a person is using. This can be very important if you want to be good. Knowing what kind of ammo an opponent is using helps you kill that person (AMMO:WHAT TO KNOW GUID by Pollyanna – PBNN Vol. 3 COMING SOON!). If you use B/W everything is grey. Bog… how boring.

-=[ Disadvantages ]=-

– Color is one of the reasons your terminal sends crap across your screens. Once you learn to deal with it, and refresh at the right times, you will have no problem with the occasional screw-up.

I hope this helps all you VT100 users out there. Look for more tips in upcoming PBNN’s. If anyone has anything else they’d like to contribute send it to:<old contact>.

Polly-Girl signing out…<click>

PBN’s Teams

This section is going to be dedicated to the Teams of PBN. Each issue I will be writing a profile (with the help of team members) about a team on PBN. Since this is the first issue, we won’t have a profile on a team, but you can look for TEAM 420 profile next issue 😛

Alot of people really take pride in their team, and this will give each team an opportunity to telly a little bit about the team and the members. Anything from why the team was formed, to the requirements to join the team. Since this is the first issue of the newsletter, there isn’t really any set form on this section. It will be open to the team to write their own profile on themselves. In the future I will try to have some sort of set form for teams to use, and then they are welcome to put any additional information in with their profile. So be ready! Your team’s turn may be next!

Sorry I didn’t get this section completed… for those of you that don’t know, I left the Goon Squad to join the new TEAM 420. So I didn’t get a chance to complete the profile. Bummer that I didn’t get it done cause I really want people to spread the news about teams. Here’s a request for anyone who wants to take it, but it would be nice if I could attach a list of all the teams websites. It would be awesome if someone made a compilation.

Player Profiles

This issue we look at Deadpool and Eightball. Both wonderful players in my opinion. They’ve always been conciderate towards other players, and have given us several humorous moments. A big congrats goes out to these clowns… thanks for being a part of PBN.

PBName : Deadpool (Hazard;Orbital;Hawk;Cyborg;ASSASSIN;XDP)(maybe more)


Age : 18

Job : School

Hobbies : Windsurfing;Rollerblading;Snowboarding;Computer;Going to bars

Stats : Stats from PBNet:



Time Played : 5 months

Achievements : invented Jet/Can atack

PB Pet Peaves : LAG!!!(One of these days i wont have lag…ya right)

Fav. PB Weapon : UHV;Can

Favorite Bot : Dumb bot (always seems to get the best players)

Fav. PB Player : Iranon Labac (good player just never plays)


Other : Has been laging to bad to even talk for the past 4 weeks now (damned isp) so my stats have been falling behind 🙁 Hates the whole teams idea was first to hate it and will always hate it…

Tag JaZzer! You’re It!

PBName: Eightball

Real Name: Sonny

Age: 22

Job: Systems Administrator by day, Bar Bouncer by weekend night

Hobbies: PBN!, real paintball, playing darts in the bars I hang out in, Snowboarding and softball (I guess thats enough)

Stats: damn… i should be on line..BRB…ok got it… EVER bonus is 2810000, splats 2945 and acc 33

Time Played: Ummmmm like 8 months or so

Achievements: huh??? none I guess, no wait…. the person who has been here a long long time and has very few splats to show for it 🙂

PB Pet Peaves: All the in-fighting, argueing, ignoring, bitching, complaining, stealing, (get the picture???)

Fav. PB Weapon: UHV no bounce, and shooter

Fav Bot: Kamakazi….you gotta respect that kind of splat potential

Fav. PB Player: Well….. Sabot for being the most down to Earth Polly for being REALLY good, and REALLY fast. EZ and Presto for being the best. Jazzer for being the Ummmm….well you know how Jazzer is.

Famous Quotes: “PEACE OUT ALL!!!!!!”, “Damn I was passed up for 90 status again!!!!”

Other: I gotta send props to Bob Nova and Presto. They were there the first time I logged on and helped me. If it wasent for them I wouldn’t know how to chat. They helped me out back in the day havent forgotten that. “I see you guys hiding over there, dont think your hiding from me!!!!!” So in my most humble tone “Thank you VERY much Bob Nova and Presto!!!!!!!!”

Tags go out to my mentors, Bob Nova and Presto

What’s New

Written by Pollyanna

This section is dedicated to changes being made to the game, or any updates that may have happened. There have been quite a few lately, but here is a list and explaination of the major changes in the game recently.

– AUTOFIRE: The biggest and most talked about news right now is probably AUTOFIRE on the Can. You can now arm the can and target one space away from yourself to get the splat. Which means, if your target enters a square one space away from you and there is a player in it, they will be splatted. It doesn’t require that you hit ‘fire’, so you can run around all day and splat people *cought* with no skill *cough*. It’s been the topic of discussion quite a bit, but an announcement from Dug says it won’t be changed.

– Mods: Old news, but for those who don’t know, The Chop Shop is now limited to 2 mods per item. Now that this system has been implemented it seems to work out quite well. Congrats goes out to David and Dug for this new item.

– PBTerm 1.50: [Taken from some email from DavidRM] PBTerm v1.50 is now available from my web page. URL: <old link>

New Features includes: * Fixed Auto-Ready bug * Clicking on your player icon now centers the map display * New, improved note reading interface (press Ctrl-N) * Added buying screen (press Ctrl-Y when your in a store) * Added online help reader (press F2) * Added alias editor (press Ctrl-E) * Added scroll locking (press Ctrl-K) * Changed movement plotting to a more intuitive “straight line” * Added support for dial-up shell accounts * Added sound effects (can be turned off and on) * Added Use True Movement option (allows moving and firing) (press Ctrl-D) * Movement, True and otherwise, much less prone to “berserking” than before

NOTE: You do not have to uninstall the previous version. Simply install v1. 50 on top of your current installation. [END QUOTE]

– New Server: This is a new PBN server. It’s run by David Marlow, and I’ve experienced minimal lag on it. Be warned however that you must start from scratch… the machine is mostly dedicated to newbies who want to learn the game, and people with too much lag on busprod. Please visit the new site at the following address: users.southeast.net 4444. UPDATE: DM is working his hardest to get his site up. We offer Dave the best in getting everything up and running. Keep up the good work Marlow.

PBN Players

Written by PollyAnna

This section is dedicated to the players of PBN. Every issue we will point out some of the more outstanding achievements including best player, best newbie, etc.

BEST NEWBIE: Cornholio It’s been awhile since the last issue, but here’s my pick for this one. I know he’s going to be surprised… I sure was 😉 Corn and I have had some differences in the past, but he definately deserves this award for best newbie. He’s pretty much grown out of newbiehood, and is sporting well over 600 splats. Cornholio has a “twisted” sense of humor but we enjoy his company when he’s around. Thanks for joining the team Corn and congrats.

– NOMINATED BY: JaZzer – MOST POLITE: Reffoxel Reffoxel is one of the best at cooling down a heated arguement. Ref is also one of the few people who tells me to watch my language 😉 Ref tries to keep PBN enjoyable and clean for everyone. His public relation skills are hard to match. Thanks Ref for make PBN a great place to play.

HARDEST WORKER: DavidRM David we think you’re wonderful. I don’t use the term, but all the players that do THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Your hard work on the Term has paid off and everyone seems to love the new additions.

BEST PLAYER: Ez He gets this award easy. CONGRATS ON YOUR 10,000 EZ!

– NOMINATED BY: JaZzer – BEST 90: Broke It Broke It deserves this award. We’re gonna start running out of 90’s! But each issue we want to focus on what the 90 has done. BI’s always there to help people and has no enemies. I know he’s had to put up with some of my crap so he definately needs some praise.

WORST LAGGER: Iceman Can you believe it? This guys amazing. I know he’s got some bitchin’ lag, but he still insists on splatting our pathetic butts on the field. Iceman is one of the few people who bitch about lag but still trys his best on the field. Congrats goes to Iceman for lagging so much, but sticking with it.

MOST ANNOYING: Super Bill He didn’t last very long, but for those of you who remember… you’ll never forget. Super Bill used his own language to try to communicate to the other players on PBN. Most of the time you couldn’t understand him, and when you did you still “Bog’ed”. Super Bill will never be forgotten, especially by Sabot who spent hours trying to get him registered. BTW, Sabot’s Super Bill Translation Book will be out soon 😉

This concludes the PBN Players section. Remember that I am open to submissions and I encourage people to speak up about other’s achievements.


1. New Games – What’s Next?

Written by Pollyanna

I think that we should come up with some well thought out ideas for new games that could be added to PBN. The following are a few ideas I had, and I encourage people to comments on these and add ideas of their own. If you have any ideas or comments send them to <old contact>. Hopefully we can revise something to give to Dug/David and see if our ideas are possible.

IDEA 1: Strategic Invaders This game would be similar to the Invaders game with a few changes to make it a little more strategic. First we would have a map that would be different from all of the other maps. Here is a small example of what the map would consist of.

The forest/grassland areas in this map would serve as bunkers. The idea would be to strategical move and hide using the bunkers. This is the way the game would work. It would be a simulation where 250 bots would be released. When the game first started it would give you ample time to set mines or position youself just like regular Invaders. Then the announcer would tell everyone that the first Wave of bots had been released. 50 Bots would enter the battle field and you have 2 minutes to destroy these before the next wave comes out. When 2 minutes is up, 50 more bots and only 1.5 minutes till the next wave. These pattern would continue. The reason this would be different from the other invaders, is because if you wiped out a wave of bots, you could prepare yourself for the next wave while you battle the bots on the field. It would involve teamwork, speed, and a little bit of luck to pull it off. This is of course a pretty bland description of the idea so if anyone wants to add anything be my guest!

IDEA 2: 6 Minute Free For All I think this would be fun as hell. This game would be similar to the survival game, where everyone is on their own. But if you got splat, you would be returned to a random location on the field and start over. You would do this for 6 Minutes trying to gain as many splats as you can. After the 6 minutes are up, the top 3 (or whatever number suits the players) splat collectors would receive prize money. However, the top 3 would be determined by not only how many splats they got, but how many times they got splat. So a person who got splat 10 times, and got 15 splats won’t beat a person who got 9 splats and got splat 2 times. The better their stats, the more money they receive. I really think this could be a good idea, but it needs to be polished. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Please contribute!

2. PBN Yearbook?

Written by Pollyanna

While I was at home, I had alot of time to think about PBN 😉 Recently I’ve been toying around with an idea and I want to bring it out into the open. I want your opinions and your ideas.

I would really like to put up a PBN Yearbook Web Page. Basically it would be a compilation of photo’s from our very own PBN players. I am going to donate the site and the space and the time (feel free to help w/ anything) in hopes that we can make this work.

I’ve had experience doing this on another mud and I want to share with you what we did. Basically we started with a page that was mostly just photos of the players. But as time went on, people started sending me pictures of them doing things outside of PBN (we had a fisherman on our MUD that sent us some pretty awesome fishing pictures; we also had a person who drove F-1 cars and he sent in a picture of him and his car). I’d really like to start compiling something that we can be proud of. We can make the PBN players real and no longer just splats! When I finally left the mud we collected over 600 pictures of our players and their activities. To top it off, I decided as a going away present I was going to compile the yearbook into a bound print. I made about 200, 40 page yearbooks that we sent out to everyone. It was a huge success and we were very proud of it. I’d really like to do this same thing with PBN but I want your input first.

Polly-Girl signing out…<click>


This concludes the Second issue of PBNN! I hope you all enjoyed it.