PBNN Issue #5 – 2/1/98

editor: QtPie


HI. Welcome to Issue 5 of the PBNN. I’ve taken over the editing of the newsletter for awhile. Unfortunately no one is sending in Articles for me to post. 🙁 I KNOW ya’ll don’t want to sit here and listen to what I have to say.. So PLEASE send in those articles. Doesn’t matter if you are a vet or a newbie..Anyone and Everyone is welcome to write an article. Of course I will decide if it’s fit to be posted in the newsletter. 🙂

I’m adding a new feature to newsletter. I will start recognizing those that reach milestones. Those that reach 10k, 20k etc etc. If you reach one of these milestones just email me and I’ll Congratulate you in the next newsletter. There are too many people for me to keep up with so if you wish to be in the newsletter, you HAVE to email me. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

Another new feature is the Stories/Poetry section.. This is where youc an write stories (fiction or non-fiction) about paintball and get it posted in the newsletter. So get that creativity in gear and write!

Be SURE to send me your email address when you get tagged. I will not go hunting those people down to send them the profile form. If you don’t email within two days of receiving the Newsletter, I will pick someone else to do a profile on.

I do hope you all enjoy this newsletter. It’s skimpy because ya’ll didn’t send in articles. I hope the next one will be chuck full of exciting and helpful hints for you.. 😉
Thanks!!! QtPie 😉

Table of Contents


What an Admin Expects, according to Ez by Ez
Getting to be Great at the Game by QtPie

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Get me, That’s true.

Written by Qtpie

Those canners they seem
To ruin my dream
They sneak up behind so sneaky
and splat me so silly
They always seem to get me that’s true..

Those naders oh my
bring a tear to my eye
Before I know what hit me
They’d done gone and bit me
They always seem to get me that’s true..

Those gunners so evil
Like Evil Kenvil
They shoot all those paintballs
And make my little dude fall
They always seem to get me that’s true..

So why do I love the game
When it always ends up the same
Before the game begins
It always seems to end
Someone always seems to get me that’s true..

But I’ll tell you my friend
I must’nt pretend
This game is the game that I love the most
and surely I must’nt boast
But someday I’ll get you that’s true… 🙂


What a admin expects, according to Ez.

Written by Ez

Well I like to babble, and bitch.. yea I know it is a suprise, but I actually am a cool guy, just dont piss me off too much. My pet peeves are as so. I dont like colors, they were put there to stop cloning, and not for you to have fun with. And I dont like it when people Spam, when ya is throwing out more than 2 or 3 lines at a time I think of that as spamming, especially if it is the same damn thing over and over, oh yea Caps suck ass. We as admin’s have taken it upon ourselves to clean up, and serve and protect the people who play pbterm, so when I shutup you dont whine when you can talk again, cause I will probably shutup you again. I do things for a reason, weather it is that I am bored or that I am pissed, there is a reason, If you dont like the reason, complain to the only one who can do shit about it, and that would be Dave, who’s addy is Davidrm@busprod.com, so if you dont like what i or other admin’s say complain to him and him only, sure I may be vulgar at times and I might be a asshole at other times, but I have earned my right to be one, if you only knew what we have had to go through as 50’s, 69’s, 90’s and 95’s and what the hell even dug <AKA Douglas Michael> as a 100, you should just live by my words of advice, “Dont take anything personally, Just Fuck It”, and with that, I say Peace out loc dawg.

Getting to be Great at the Game.

Written by QtPie

{Don’t sue me!!! I was forced to write this!!!!!}

I’m no Master at this game, I don’t pretend to be a master at the game. But I feel I can hold my own most of the time. I think the three things that help me most are Attitude, Observation, Experimentation.

Attitude plays a big part in this game. If you think you can play the game, if you have confidence going out on the field, and if you have patience with the game, you will get better. Those that have a respectiful attitude towards other are more likely to get help if they need it. I personally do not like helping someone that goes around bad mouthing people or complaining about the game. Realize that attitude plays as big a part in paintball as it does in real life, and I believe that you shall succeed.

Keep your eyes open. See how others whom you believe the be good players play the game. Look at their equipment to see what is working well for them. To do this, stand on the same square as them and type “look <name>”. Learn about those commands you don’t know about by watching the chatter that flys by. When I was beginning, I learned alot by just listening to others conversations. Also Looking at the equipment of different people helps you combat them. Take mbs, Mr. bouncey of the year, Free paint will not work well on him. Realize that you either can or nade him. Get to know to weaknesses and strengths of the different splatter and change your equipment accordingly. Look and learn so they say. 😉

Find out what works well for you. Experiment with the different equipment and techniques. Dancing (moving continuiously in a random pattern) works well for me. It may not work well for everyone. I like my gun with free paint in it, Mr. Joe-snow may like a rifle with No bounce in it better. I personally have one of each different kind of weapon. Guns work well in most situations. Cans and launchers are not helpful in vaders. We all need to find what works for us, find out by experimenting.

There are webpages linked to the PbNet homepage that will help you sharpen your skills. Also there are links on the PBNN homepage that will also give you hints and tricks.

Remember, a Great player doesn’t always have thousands of splats, the best equpiment, the greatest renames, etc etc. A great player is one that comes and has fun and is an asset to the game itself in one way or another.

Of course, this is only my opinion. If you disagree with me on anything in this article.. I don’t need to know.. <SMILE> Thanks!



Vertigo was added to the list of 90s. What a wonderful thing in my honest opinion. 


The Chop Shop got a shipment of really awesome cool items in the last week.
The name and team patches where added. OH Such fun I’m having with those. After you buy a patch you type ass <name or team> <item>. That puts your name or your team name on the item. If you give someone a name patch And the item you want the patch on and let them assemble it, it will sign their name instead of yours. Very imaginative idea.. I love it!

Spread and Burst kits were also added. I personally love the spread kit. It shoots three paintballs spread out in a line. Great for Vaders! The burst kit shoots three balls all to one spot. If you shoot beyond the target, the two paintballs that don’t hit the target will keep going and possibly hit someoneelse. To assemble these you just use the same command as you would a kit, ass kit <gun or rifle>.


Well ya’ll know by now that Dug and RM have set up two new servers for us to duke it out on. I would like to take this opportunity to say this. If one server is playing a game you dont care to play over and over again, go to a different server. Dont sit there and complain about not wanting to play the game. We have the vote command to enable us to vote for what games we wish to play. Sometimes you will be out-voted but now, with the other servers, you don’t have to sit and suffer.. 🙂 Same goes for tourney. If busprod is hosting a tourney, go play on a different server if you don’t want to sit out every other game.
A simple solution to an on going problem. 🙂

Team Profile

Team: Cancer

Member List:

Mekillot Meggere
Forkius Frite
Mr Death
Leader: Random
No. Of Members: 18
Motto: Can you stop Cancer?…….. I didn’t think so!
Homepage: <old link>
(EVER) BONUS:61831000 SPLATS:85287 ACCURACY:52%
Requirements: 3k splats, On a lot, get splats, friendly, and want to have fun.
Who We are:THE BEST!
Achievements: A 5 member newbie team made it to the TOP10Teamever.
Goals:Get 100k splats, and pass TEF
Comments: WE ROCK, We own the secrets to the famous ZOOM ATTACK 🙂 We got Forkius Frite what else is there to say?

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Eric Gray

PB Pet Peaves:Clones, profanity, IDIOTS WHO USE ALL CAPS, stupid notes, spammers, vaders grenaders, and begging in shouts. Oh yeah, and 90’s 
Fav. PB Weapon: Don’t really have one, maybe the High Velocity Mini grenade launchers, but they are too powerful and tend to unbalance the game. I tend ta use every weapon available, believing that each one has its own use. The trick is finding out what those uses are.
Fav. Bot:None, I hate all bots 😉 mostly cause I can’t seem ta win a vaders game these days 😉
Fav. PBN Player: Sabot, he helped me when I was a newbie the same as I help the newbies now. I knew him before he was a 90, and have been good friends with him since that time. Coming back ta chat with him was one of the major reasons I returned to PBTerm after my six month break.
Real Name: Eric Gray (go figure)
Age:25 (mentally 12 or so =)
Job:Entrepenuer/minimum wage slave (actually I got promoted recently so make that assistant manager minimum wage slave)
Hobbies:Chess, reading, long distance running (been in two marathons, wont tell ya the times, but at least I finished :), computers, Roleplaying games, minature gaming (warhammer 40k), drinking beer
Team:Captain and founder of StarshipTroopers (the best and only newbie help team out there 😉
Time Played:Ussually late night 10 pm to 6 am EST, though occasionally I will get on primetime 5 pm to 10 pm EST if the lag isnt so bad that the game looks like a slide show.
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : All the newbies’ I have helped 1000th splat.
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :None, guess I am just not too memorable 🙂
Other/ Comments: I need some veterans to help me out with StarshipTroopers, Supters, formerly Supterstar, and I are doing a good job with the team, but we cant be here everyday. Starships been on the top10 list on and off for the past few weeks, and all our newbies are coming along well. If you would like ta join a team thats about having fun and helping others, find me in the game, or send me a note. We may never get to top10 ever as a team, but many of our players will. Oh yeah, I am also looking at starting a branch off of Starship named the roughnecks for Veteran players, and newbies who “graduate” from the main arm of troopers. If you are a consistent player (at least 20 hours a week) who has more than 2000 splats and want to be part of the founding team of the roughnecks, send me a note.

Pbn Name: God

PB Pet Peaves: i hate that everyone takes the game so seriously. it’s just a game. chill out y’all 
Fav. PB Weapon: god”s
Thunderbolt[expansion][expansion] and a can 
Fav. Bot: Stealth bot, cause they are what usually kills me. Gotta respect them for that. 
Fav. PBN Player: Jazzy Jaz (where the hell did he go anyway?) 
Real Name: Dan Grove
Age: 21
Job: Junior in College
Hobbies: driving, skiing, computers
Team: The Elite Few
Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:3317 BONUS:3371500 SPLATS:4494 ACCURACY:42% 
Time Played: 15 months
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : since teams began, there have always been a few that held strong through the months and made the game what it is today. I think my crowning achievement was when i joined the ranks of the Elite. and i am proud that we are still one of the dominant teams in the game. 
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Ez for President 2000 // Rit for Vice-President 2000 // God for Surgeon-General 2000” -That’s how it began. It is now some 13 lines long and continues to piss off people who arent mentioned and delight those who are. 
“dew the dew // feel the dew // be the dew” 
“God <descends from heaven.> Step forward and be judged.” 
Other/ Comments: It is amazing that a game so simple can force people around the world to stare at computer simulated paintball for hours on end. I had no idea what i was getting myself into when i began to play. Keep up the good work DavidRM and Dug.

PBN Name: Ez, Think Simple, Erik, Zippy,

PB Pet Peaves: Dont piss me off, no damn colors, dont piss me off, did i mention dont piss me off
Fav. PB Weapon: My 1000 round shooter
Fav. Bot: Stealth, cause it reminds me of my self
Fav. PBN Player: Presto
Real Name: Erik Zimmerman 462
Age: 19, 20 in 3 weeks <feb 21>
Job: Full time bullshiter, part time cook, House
Cook for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Full time student, majoring in Hrad, Hotel Restaurant Administration, minor in bussiness
Hobbies: Drinking beer with my Brothers, Cars, anything relating to cars,drag racing, drinking, women, drinking, partying, hanging with my Bro’s of Pi Kappa Phi
Team: The one the only, the oldest team in Pbterm History, The: TheEliteFew, or was that The Elite Few
Stats: Ever: duh? You have $9908, carrying 191/500.
(EVER) GAMES:9917 BONUS:20586500 SPLATS:31493 ACCURACY:43%
ez suit[expansion][bot][bot][expansion][water] on your HEAD, EYES, NECK,
a 1000 round shooter[expansion][satellite] on your RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND
Time Played: I have been playing over a year and 6 months, since August 16,1996
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : That i was the first to reach 10k splats, 20k, 30, shit anything in between, Have kept my super equip since the day the chop shop opened, am the best player on PBN except for PRESTO, well basically i am the SHIT, oh yea having my initials on the field for a few months
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : aaaaauuuuuuggggggaaaaa aaaaauuuuuuggggggaaaaa Oh and while Pikes May know and blow, Pi Kapps Meet and eat,
Other/ Comments: I am a Pi Kappa Phi, at Oklahoma State University, i am from Tulsa Oklahoma, and now am currently living in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Proud of the fact that Stillwater sells one percent of the nations beer, and that is for a 30k people town.. beer is good, BTW i like J.W. Dundees Honey Brown. most domestics, and a few imports. Liquer is more to the lines of vodka, < no cheap shit, their is a difference> Peachtree Schnaps, and a few other liquers.

Closing Notes

Thank you Ez for submitting an article. I needed the help BAD! 🙂

Those tagged in this issue Douglas Michael, Presto, Vertigo and Beowulf, and team Purple Haze <means
you Jaws> please send me an email accepting or declining the tag.

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting