PBNN Issue #23 – 10/2/98

Editor: QtPie


Happy October! 🙂

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How To Be Deadly Part 2

Written by Dsniper

Now for a quick look at how to be Deadly on the Playing Field. This week I am talking about Ammo, and swapping weapons. This set of articles assumes you have a basic grasp of the game, buttons, and aliases.

Expensive Ordinance on a Budget

What’s that? You say you cant afford to spread FNB around the field? You say you can barely afford to spread Cyan? Well, Don’t feel bad, Cause most of the people that do it, consistently loose money. They are dwindling a bankroll they got from a tourney or someplace else. Well, anyway, enough about them, Lets talk about what you can do.

Lets say you are a cyan shooter. And you run into MrBouncy. You bounce him so bad, the bounce reports lag you in place. Then Mrbouncy splats you once again . Now, If you buy a tube of FNB, And set up a button to put 1 to 3 fnb paintballs into the gun. It will let you take care of MrBouncy, and then return to the much cheaper cyan ammo without having to carry 2 guns. The button should look something like this[This alias is set up for a rifle.]:

rem rif \& take fast scar \& put fast rif \& take fast scar \& put fast rif \& wear rif

( The paint is loose in your scarf. When you change it to suit your own setup, but make sure the paint is loose in the container, or you will have to add a few more lines to the command, and waste precious time during combat. )

Now, Lets look at something else you can do. If you have a empty storage area on your person, you can set up a button to dump your gun into the storage area ( like leggings =exp= ) and then load nb or fnb. Make sure you put the tube back away, and not drop it, cause you will dump back into the tube before you put your other ammo back in the gun. The button would look something like this:

dump gun leg \& get tube back \& load tube gun \& put tube back

Then to unload it it would be:

Get tube back \& load gun tube \& put tube back \& load leg gun

Now, don’t forget to sell and rebuy your Nb Ammo every time you use it, so you will always have it. I added it to my reload alias so I don’t have to remember.

Both of the above ideas will let you swap to a different paint, and back again when you run into those people where cyan just wont cut it. It wont cost you the weight of 2 weapons, Thus giving you a shot or two of expensive stuff on the fly.

This method also applies to launchers as well, You can carry big grenades in the launcher, then set up a button or two to load a fast or Small grenade depending on your need.

I will mention the can here ( since I told you you should carry one ) Another way to handle Mrbouncey would be to run into the woods, change to a can, and come back out charging him. If you have already shot at him, he is expecting you to shoot at him again, Going hand to hand as it would be called will more often than not throw the pursuer off enough for you to Splat them.

Swapping Weapons and Reserve Ammo

Lets look at swaping weapons for a minute. Most people use a button to swap weapons, Most people also carry what would be considered reserve ammo. If you don’t, you should. By adding A load command onto the weapon button, it will fill it for you each time you draw it, Just don’t forget to reload your backup supply between games. For example, My Gun Button using an exp on a scarf to hold backup cyan paint, Looks like this

put can back \& put gren back \& get gun back \& LOAD SCAR GUN

Or whatever suits your equipment setup. You might consider adding look gun to the end also, to see just how much ammo you do have when drawing a weapon. This will keep your weapon loaded, each time you pull it out, And remind you just how much ammo you have on hand.

For you Can button, you should also add a few targeting commands to move your cursor into an attack position for you. The Button would look something like this:

Put gun back \& put gren leg \& get can scarf \& tar h \& tar n \& tar e

This will position the targeting cursor to the Northeast of you every time you take it out.

On the subject of loading up on ammo, it is a good idea for the first line of your reload alias or script, you put the command GAME READY to set yourself unready, then at the end, use the command GAME READY AUTO. This will help prevent you getting sucked into a game wile you are doing a reload. I cant count the number of times I have died cause I was doing a mass reload when the game started. Well, that almost never happens anymore, definitely a set of commands worth adding to any reload or mass storage button.

Well, That’s it for this issue. Next issue will go over Flags exclusively, and show you some cool buttons. So Till next time, Keep looking over your shoulder.

-Dsniper Team Cancer



-You can’t accidentally drop any item that is worth over 500 dollars. You have to use the drop willingly command.

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Killah

Real Name:Joe Hernandez


Job:dishwasher, student

Hobbies:football, baseball, real paintball

Homepage:i’m not smart enuff to make one


Stats: Ever:Stats for ‘Killah'(33075):(EVER) GAMES:14191 BONUS:34872500 SPLATS:48828 ACCURACY:69% GAMES SURVIVED:3299 BOT SPLATS:17324 PLAYER SPLATS:8978 (CURRENT) BONUS:306500 SPLATS:530 ACCURACY:82%

Time Played:a year in november

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :becoming an 80, reaching top10 ever in a coupla categories

PB Pet Peeves:idiots who won’t leave me alone, beggers,conceded people

Fav. PB Weapon:mini paintrocket launcher

Fav. Bot:Soundtraxx bots, ez to kill

Fav. PBN Player:too many to name, stanky, FlyinEmu, Scott Steiner, Toofer, The Ghost/ArchAngel or whatever you are now, sorry to who i missed

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :i got a couple out there with dx and g’day, that’s about all

Other/ Comments:please lay off us tm’s in asking for tourns guys, it gets old fast with lotsa rtells

PBN Name:Cornelius/Terd

Real Name:Randy Clukey



Hobbies:Bmx biking,women, hiking, and real paintball and soccer too.


Team:I have been on them all. The Amigos right now

Stats: You have $6937, carrying 148/350. (EVER) GAMES:7788 BONUS:18313500 SPLATS:24568 ACCURACY:66% GAMES SURVIVED:1969 BOT SPLATS:4375 PLAYER SPLATS:2749 (CURRENT) BONUS:35500 SPLATS:67 ACCURACY:58% (TEAM) BONUS:205500 SPLATS:293 ACCURACY:56% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:82014000 SPLATS:115113 ACCURACY:40%

Time Played:September 97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Nothing because I’m not an adminstrator yet

PB Pet Peeves:money beggers

Fav. PB Weapon:Waist-mounted Launcher[rapid][rapid] with high-speed grenades

Fav. Bot:None they all shit!

Fav. PBN Player:Way to many I like Rza,beowulf,Macman,Qt,lil oly,Ryan,Supters,The ghost and a bunch more that don’t come to my head right now.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Free Beer” “Bruskies” Kegger at my house” Other/ Comments: ahhh all I want to do to finish my pb career is become an adm.

Closing Notes

Send me in some articles guys. I know you have something to say!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT