PBNN Issue #17 – 7/11/98

Editor: QtPie


Sorry I have been away from Paintball for the last few days. I most likely will not be around as much as I have been in the past for awhile. I am currently working on a program to make me job running the PBNN a bit easier and more efficient. We shall see how that all works out. 🙂

Now for this Issue of the PBNN. Welcome all new subscribers!

I wanna thank you all for admin appreciation day. It was very kind of you to take a day out to recognize us. Thanks Again!

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Written by DJCOOL

First of all, you need to know how to use a can. Simply buy a can, then type “target west”. That will put the target to he left of you. When you go into a game, you have to run up to the person to the right of them (left of you, in the target). The can should auto-fire on that person, splatting them instantly. Now, the magical part. If you really want to can as your main weapon, buy the following items, for you will have the best for a canner:

a padded helmet (x-ray) (infrared) a padded scarf (satellite) a large, padded backpack a multi-terrain down-filled jacket (jetpack) a can a pair of padded leggings (turbo) (swim)

Use the turbo and swim kits on the leggings to save money from buying padded boots.

After you get that equipment, you need to start coughing up skill. What I mean by that is to get to know the can and it’s capabilities (canning a bot), and practice, practice, practice! After about 1 week you will see the significant increase in splats over any other type of weapon. If you want me to tell you about how to get skill in 1 day, then read on.

Skill in 1 day doesn’t normally happen, but after you read this, you will be confident in he areas of jetting and canning. First, you got to think about common sense, if your opponent is running straight in one direction, fix your target and jet-can him down. If your opponent is running parallel to the “walls of the field”, and your target is facing west, use your aiming compass and fix it to go up or down. Then just jet-can him down. When facing other jet-canners, you don’t know what they are going to do, so just run around crazy and play it by ear. But when playing with bots, get on a straight line with them so they don’t go off course and splat you.

That should cover it.

This has been a written document by DJCool and is copyrighted by him.


Writtten by QtPie

Random’s Paintball Page has won the Paintball Homepage of the Issue! You can find it at <old link> for now. Its packed full of information such as help on playing paintball and links to informative homepages (personal and just plain paintball related). Its very easy to navigate and has information on just about anything you want to know. Random keeps it up to date (although right now I think he had been busy with moving so hasn’t had too much time for much else.) Hats off to Random for a job well done. Go check it out!

SpotLight on FlyinEmu

Written by QtPie

You see him online all the time. He runs around splatting you with a variety of different weapons and ammo(mainly a launcher and a gun)…but what do we really know about this former Jerkythebaboon?

Well we know he is crazy. Alittle wild at times and seems to enjoy making people laugh. He poops on our heads…typical emu.

Flyin likes to sit at the bottom store with me while I do renames. I like him there. He calms me down when I get frustrated with my renaming job. He even knows how to answer the questions that people ask me all the time. I use him as my voice a lot when I am too busy to answer.

Poop: a word we see from Emu alot. <wonders>

A cool guy, a great player and very friendly. Willing to help you out if you need it. He is loyal as well. He stands by his friends and his team (even tho Chorus really wants him on the team.. <sigh>). Some say he has what it takes to be an admin. I would tend to agree with them there.

When the paintball group was asked what they thought of Flyin, the response was overwhelming. I saw a lot of Epu Rocks, Emu is Cool, He is da bomb.. but this response was my favorite: he sounds like Apu on Simpsons.

Not sure what he does when I am not there..of course, how would I know right? But I can almost bet that he is out there making someone laugh, or causing some kind of crazy havoc for us all to enjoy. There just isn’t much to dislike about the little fart.

So next time you see the Putz, pat him on the head and steer clear of the emu, it might just land on your head.


New Admins

-80: Lurch wins the 80 award.
Congrates and Good Luck!


You can now buy up to level 65. Send in your money boys!

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Camf

but many know me as Fork, Ultimate Warrior, PezPimp, Devil Dog, and a couple more

Real Name: Adam Bourne

Age: 15

Job: None yet

Hobbies: I enjoy BMX, and playing real paintball, one of my newest hobbies is rock-climbing, it rocks.

Homepage: None right now, I had one on Pez but it hasn’t been updated for about 2 years.

Team: I really don’t have a permanent team, You can find me on Cancer, The Amigos, MasterCannerz, Haze, and most of the popular teams. I change about once a week.

Stats:You have $14212, carrying 347/400. (EVER) GAMES:1860 BONUS:5566500 SPLATS:9418 ACCURACY:68% GAMES SURVIVED:346 BOT SPLATS:7950 PLAYER SPLATS:1239 (CURRENT) BONUS:26000 SPLATS:36 ACCURACY:90%

a padded helmet[satellite][hugepocket] on your HEAD a padded scarf[x-ray][infrared] on your EYES, NECK a large, padded backpack[hugepocket][hugeexpansion] on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER Mikes ARMANI Suit[jetpack][refracto]{=Michael Kalil=} on your BODY, WAIST a mini grenade launcher[rapidfire][largeexpansion] on your RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND a pair of padded leggings[turbo][swim] on your LEGS, FEET

Time Played: September of ’97 I think

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Broke 10k splats a couple times, mastered the CAN and Vaderz. Small stuff like that.

PB Pet Peeves: Spamming, begging for money, I don’t mine language that often but when people say the F word over and over again that gets me kind of mad. Token Guarders. Scamming.

Fav. PB Weapon: a can of spray paint[rapidfire][expansion]

Fav. Bot: Beowulf and mine’s bot, a Beowulf Bot

Fav. PBN Player: Its hard to pick just one, but some of my favorites are Beowulf, Vert, Random, Camoman, Eric Gray, Compeler, Killah, just some of the old school players that are cool and friendly

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : c Don’t bother to type who cause ya wont’ see my name \& c <GONE> \& quit

Camf just dropped plates on your ass, BIATCH

Beowulf!!!, I love my Wulf

Other/ Comments: I’d just like to thank everyone that has helped me out and got me to where I am today. Thanks to Random for giving me a chance and a newbie, and Vert for setting me up with some eq. Hey and you never know, one day I may be an Admin =0

PBN Name:Capone

Real Name:Brian


Job:nothing now.

Hobbies: Girls, Breakdancing, Writing stories, PBN, Real Paintball (gonna play a lot this summer if I can get cash) , Hanging out with friends, and some other stuff I cant remember now.

Homepage:none.I don’t know html and stuff.

Team:SweeT RevengE

Stats: Ever:You got *****, carrying 1**/200

(ever) Games:3260 Bonus:1840500 Splats:2065 Acc:27%Games Survived:479 Bot splats:276 Player Splats:117 I have been changing my eq around a lot so I cant really say anything permanent. I do got my cool scarf though. Ask me and I’ll show you on PBN. And type team stats ‘SweeT RevengE’ to find out about my team.

Time Played:In about 96 Dec I was Check Man for a little while, I was a COCONUT MONKEY about 5 or 6 or more months after, And Since summer last year I have been Capone.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Get 1k splats then 2k. And helping a lot of good players when they were newbies (you know who you are 😉 and helping ppl out if they ask.

PB Pet Peeves:Thiefs-I have been there and it isnt too fun to have your stuff stole, spammers, liars, cheaters, and annoying ppl (But I do allow a certain margin cause I can get annoying too ;-), and just ppl who piss me off.

Fav. PB Weapon:I always use a can, gunning, and I’m gonna try some nadeing.

Fav. Bot:None. I would like it if you could control the bots and get splats and or money if they got ppl. Hey RM an idea. *hint hint* *nudge nudge* 🙂

Fav. PBN Player:There are a couple of ppl. I like ppl who are nice to everyone.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :”Now ignoring for whatever reason I see fit:”, “Well later all *packs up his cardboard, trackpants, and boombox and leaves* cya ppl.gotta go.” (I like that one) and some others. I don’t really feel like copying them all down. If you haven’t seen them you’ll see them soon.

Other/ Comments:I like this game, and a lot of other ppl do too. You should treat all others with respect and help ppl when they need it. That is why we have annoying newbies and annoying ppl. Cause they are not paid attention to, so they repeat themselves. So help when they ask. Cya on the field. 😉

PBN Name:Forkius Frite

Real Name:Jack Busch



Hobbies:Being bored, pbn, skiing, basketball, internet general boredom

Homepage:<old link> hasn’t been working too well lately

Team:Sorta hovering twixt Cancer and Damage INC


Time Played:

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I’m never proud of what I do

PB Pet Peeves: Those people…that like say…HEY STOP IGNORING ME…when they know no one can hear them…

Fav. PB Weapon:Can

Fav. Bot:Any of the black bots cuz they are scary when they all come at you in a horde.

Fav. PBN Player: I like the blue ones cuz they don’t hurt me…

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Sorry I’ll shut up now. hissskkkkkkkk

Other/ Comments: I don’t really TRY to be annoying but it always ends up like that it sorta sucks being hated.

PBN Name: Virgil

Real Name: Matt

Age: 17

Job: Landscaping over the summer

Hobbies: Football and basketball and neighborhood stuff

Homepage: <none> I dunno how too

Team: MacLeod Clan

tats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:12323 BONUS:16155500 SPLATS:19111 ACCURACY:30% GAMES SURVIVED:3477 BOT SPLATS:4446 PLAYER SPLATS:3644 Pretty lame but I haven’t played much lately.

Time Played: 4 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : winning tourneys and making a team that’s great

PB Pet Peeves: HMMM?? my friends ?

Fav. PB Weapon: rocket launcher

Fav. Bot: dumb bot, cause its simple to kill

Fav. PBN Player: Beowulf

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : If we keep our pride though paradise is lost we will always count the loss but not the cost or something like that it’s what RM gives me everytime I don’t get something that was misplaced or messed up.

Other/ Comments: Thanx for picking me QtPie

Closing Notes

Aww there ya have it, there ya go!
Hey you guys that recieved profile forms, you can get those into me sometime in the next two weeks. Thanks:)

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT