Ways to Move

The simplest (and probably most obvious) way to move around in Paintball Net is to click on the map with your mouse (left-click, to be more precise). But this is Paintball Net, which means there are also some unobvious ways to do it.

The Arrow Keys

On the Options tab, you can check the “Arrow Keys Move Player” option.

This applies to the normal arrow keys, and also to the number pad. The arrows support up, down, left, right. The number pad adds the diagonals (sorta).

The Touch Pad

On the Options tab, you can check the “Touch Mode” option. This creates a “touch pad” in the lower left corner of the UI.

You can tap the touchpad to move one space at a time, or press and hold to move continuously.


Ultimately, all movement in Paintball Net happens from commands.

There are 4 movement commands:

  • north (up)
  • east (right)
  • south (down)
  • west (left)

There are no diagonal movement commands. So going northwest means going north then west (or west then north). The mouse and arrow keys handle those for you automatically.

Like most Paintball Net commands, these can be abbreviated: n, e, s, w. And you can string them together with &’s, like this: n & w & n & w

You can also use these movement commands in the buttons.