PBNN Issue #6 – 2/10/98

editor: QtPie


Well here we come to the next edition of the newsletter. I was thrilled to see the success of Issue 5. This one is even better!!! People are sending me articles (thanks thanks THANKS!) and I’ve gotten more subscribers everyday. Right now the count stands at 49. I hope to reach 100 soon!

I’m starting a milestones section in this issue. When you reach a major milestone (like 10k, 20k, 30k etc etc splats), email me and I will post it in the newsletter. I really think it will be interesting to see the progress made over the next couple of months.

Ok, I have to say this. I will not post any articles that are “idea” articles. If you have an idea on how to improve the game then talk directly to RM or Dug. This newsletter is for helping out each other and inform people about happening around PbNet. Also I do not want bitchy and moany articles complaining about people/games/admins/or anything else. Thanks! 🙂

Table of Contents

Team Profile

Purple Haze

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Who wins?

Written by Hurricane

It was a damn, dusky, cloudy day. Thunder and lightning rang throughout the night sky. But no matter what the weather, the match would go on. Yes, the match of the century. A survival game between Jawsateme, Random, and Lutra. Let’s get to the action.

The siren went off signaling the start of the match. Immediately, the 3 combatants (which had all been strategically located at different positions at the start of the match), spread out, looking for eachother. Jaws took out his can, and armed it ready for anything. He walked silently, but quickly, looking for any signs of life. After awhile he thought he saw something move about 30 yards away from him. He knew the distance was too far to can, so he took out his gun. He aimed it, fired off 3 shots, and they all missed. Suddenly, Random, who had been behind the tree that Jaws was shooting at, turned around and saw his adversary. He ducked down as Jaws fired 3 more shots off. Eagerly, Random rose up, aimed his shot, but before he could pull the trigger Lutra had splatted him with a paint grenade. He was out of the match. Jaws immediately saw this and started shooting at Lutra, but soon Lutra disapeared because of his ultimate camo. Jaws walked silently, looking for any signs of life. Twice he walked right by Lutra, but couldn’t see him because of Lutra’s camo. Then as Lutra started to load his launcher, Jaws heard the click from behind him. Jaws turned around, and fired – but nothing came out. Out of his hastiness to get ready for the match, he had forgot to load his can. Lutra eagerly, with a huge grin, splatted Jaws with his launcher. But then out of nowhere came QtPie, who smiled and splatted Lutra.

QtPie was the winner. The End.


Speed vs. Camo

Written by Hurricane

There has often been a dilemma what is better – being fast, or being invisible. Each has it’s ups and downs and we will explore them in this article.

First for being fast. To be fast, you would have to have a jetpack, because you can be invisible and still have turbo boots. Jetpacks weight a whopping 75 lbs and aren’t padded, plus you can’t even get jetpack kits anymore. Jetpack is really fast, as it can help you go through water faster than anybody else, and chase your enemy down if he/she is stuck. Jetpack is also useful in invaders, when you can get to the edge of the map before anybody else can to mine. Plus in teams and survival games, jetpack is useful in the fact that if you are a canner it is easy to run down your enemy. And of course, with jetpack you have almost absolutely no camoflauge, so your are susceptible to hider/grenaders.

Now for camo. With all the camo in the game (ins, ref, int), it is impossible for anybody to see you while you stand still. Of course, now those kits are gone and it is especially hard to get all 3 anymore. Camo is great for teams and coop games, and especially good for survival. However, camo doesn’t have much of use in invaders, since anybody, even people with jetpacks, can have refracto. With camo, the only speed booster you can get is a turbo kit on boots, which makes you go semi-fast. With camo, it is hard to get to the edge quickly in invaders, and is hard to go through water.

So still the question renames, which is better? This is purely an opinion answer. There are pro’s and con’s to each, so they really can’t be truly compared.

Cheaters are here, Be warned

Written by Qtpie

Lately I’ve seen many many notes and messages about *such-and-such* ripping someone off. I have a few suggestions on preventing the same thing happening to you.

First, Don’t trade with or buy from someone you don’t know or don’t trust. If you have seen others saying Mr. Snow-blow ripped me off, then learn from their mistakes and do not trade with him.

Second, The easiest and safest way to trade with someone is to get a middle man to help you. Each person gives the middle man the items/money and then once the middle man gets both items then he will give them to the rightful owners. If one side doesn’t give the middle man what he is suppose to, then the middle man will give the item back and no one has lost anything. Rm said 90s can charge for this middle man service and I think they are the safest way to go. Do NOT get a middle man that you don’t trust. If you are trading with Mr. Snow-blow and he gets his little brother to be the middle man, you are only asking for a slap in the face. {Note: I will be a middle woman if you would like me to be…but trust me before you ask me 🙂 THANKS!}

Keep your eyes open. Don’t loan out money if you can’t afford it lose it. Don’t trade with someone that everyone knows is untrustworthy. Listen to what others are saying and keep yourself from getting ripped off. 🙂

General Spatting Techniques, Equipment Advice, and Basic Procedure for PaintBall Net vol 1.0

Tutorial By TooTallForYou / Ogre

Alright boys and girls, with my year of knowledge and experience on PaintBall net I have used every piece of equipment, every suit and pretty much anything else you can think of relating to this game. So to start off I will go over what equipment is necessary for good game play. Now the vest which you start with is no more than a woodland cammoflage jacket but this get you off to a good start. Other things to start off with is a gun, preferably not a free one but whatever you find works best. A scope, on that gun or a padded helmet. Grassland, and/or Desert kits on your vest, and/or a Mountain kit. A backpack. Padding of any sort you can put on your body is always useful, and Turbo boots, one of the most important items which can be purchased. Now a swim kit can be put on if u like walking on water but I have never had one, due to it took up too much weight I found, and it just wasn’t needed in my case. After a bit of playing and if your funds can support your spending, I would recommend buying a suit. An insulated is your best bet, I would not buy multi for the money, but lets check it out. Insulated = $1000, Multi-Insulated = $7500 – now this is for 5 ten dollar kits on a suit, is it really worth it? I don’t think so, but if u wanna waste your cash be my guest. Now insulated blocks infrared and has good room to suffice any player with adequate room for guns and artillery, but I have found the multi to be smaller in pocket size, another down there. Then get Interference kit, blocks those pesky x-ray which comes in handy oh so many times. =) a sat may be another good thing to put on, helps with start positions, survival games, co-op flags….you get the picture. Ummmm…..for guns, now I don’t use one personally but I found the high-velocity semi-automatic gun pretty handy, it got the job done for $2000. If u are on a good team and make money when u play a grenade launcher is the way to go. Now only by one if u have enough weight to support it ( about 60lbs including expansions and ammo ) but for $5000 the paint rocket launcher was pretty cool, use it if you got money to burn.

Alright to the strategy, ok I laugh every time I see this, don’t be a gung-ho commando and go wild in the grass shooting on anything you see, I see this and it just cracks me up all the paint flying at him =) So anyway, see those dark green things? They’re called forest, and guess what? You cant shoot through them! Wow! So guess what stay in the bushes, see someone, pop out and take a shot, go back in, move, and take another shot. ALWAYS KEEP MOVING!!!!! can’t stress that enough, a guy can’t hit ya if he can’t catch ya, so that’s always something to keep in mind. Don’t reply in games if its not important, sometimes this is used as a tactic to stall you in your movement to either catch up to you, or to splat you right there so think about that too. Ummm…. Mountains, and desert, try and stay away from them, mountains slow you down lots while the desert slows you down, and u can shoot through it. Water in a no-brainer, don’t even think of crossing a large amount if you value you life in-game. Ok, now if u see a gren coming at you, head to the grass, this is the only time I use it. Grass + Turbo = can run out grens; so get away from this guy and try to get behind him, sometimes for fun a lay a cammo mine in the forest and run around, then run towards the mine, and you usually get someone who has many splats, u might spend $50 on the mine but I have won a survival game which payed out $450 to me, so you do get this money back guys. If you have extra weight and use a gun, I recommend stashing a couple grens in your suit and making an alias to switch from gun to gren, then from the bushes whip a couple its fun when they cant shoot back at you =)

I think thats all I’ll do for now, when I think of some more things I’ll make an update. Thanks for listening. TTFY Ogre *Kurtis*


Double Days

Doubles Day are upon us. On double day you get twice as much money for shooting a player or a bot. You also recieve twice as much for tokens and flags when you sell them. You do not recieve twice as much for tokens and flags gotten on any day expect for double day. So don’t think if you save your tokens you can cash them in on double day and get twice as much. Type Time to see when the next double day is. Enjoy it, Don’t push your luck by asking for a Triple Day etc etc. Thank RM and Dug kindly and go spend some money!


Broke the 10k Mark Redz Beowulf Qtpie <—Believe THAT or not! 
Broke the 20k Mark mbs Hurricane JackNBox 
Broke the 30k Mark Jawsateme

Lutra Broke the ever famous 69K Mark.. Aren’t we all jealous?

Team Profile

Team: Purple Haze

Leader: None (Democracy)


No. Of Members: 20

Member List:

Energizer Bunny
mmmm forbidden donut
The Ghost
Black Hawk

Motto:We Rule So You Don’t Have To

Homepage:<old link>

(EVER) BONUS:80262000+ SPLATS:116000+ ACCURACY:51%
(low accuracy result of JAWS new style of playing)

Requirements: Got to be nice.

Who We are: Purple Haze ?

Major achievement so far has been the bond we have with each other. Purple
Haze plays as a team 99% of the time and that is MAJOR achievement and the
goal that was set the day I created it.

Have fun, be friends, master the world of splats, and form fear in every
opponents heart.


Anytime you are on and need any help our team will help you out in any way.
I cannot say how they will respond to money problems, but any tips or
whatnot 🙂
You can also contact me on icq (1834924). I am on close to 16 hours a day.


Player Profiles

PBN Name: Beowulf

Real Name: Eric Sears

Age: 27

Job: Avionics Tech. in the U.S. Navy

Hobbies: Computers, Soccer

Team: Chorus

Stats: Ever: Games: 4313 Bonus: 7519000 Splats 9185 accuracy: 17%

Time Played: Started on December 17th 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : Reaching the point where I’m good enough that people actually
want me on their teams.

PB Pet Peaves: Begging… ohhh I hate begging

Fav. PB Weapon: Well, it used to be a hv semi-auto rifle, but
recently I’ve started using a can, so no real favorite

Fav. Bot: I hate all bots, especially dumb bots, I think they were
named dumb bots just to lull us into a false sense of security so they
could splat us. 😉

Fav. PBN Player: Hmm toughie, I have two actually, my team captain
Qt, and newest Chorus member Sabot. Both have been nice to me since I
was a newbie, well, a newer newbie than I am now at least. 🙂

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :If you see someone go
streaking past you like a bat outta hell, firing wildly at the 50 or
so bots right behind them, it wasn’t me, really. I think it was (your
name here). 😉

Other/ Comments: Gotta say, pbn is a very addictive game. Crummy
graphics and all, it’s the most fun game I’ve played on the net, due
mostly to the people I’ve met there, thanks for making it fun, and
hope to see you on the paintball field.(before you see me) 😉

(Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue]:Sabot

PBN Name: VerTigO

Real Name: Will P. Sullivan

Age: 15

Job: Don’t really need one. =)

Hobbies: skateboarding, guitar/music, weapons, paintball, arts of fighting, and computers

Team: Divine Beings

Stats: Ever:You have $*/*, carrying 232/500.
(EVER) GAMES:8184 BONUS:11106000 SPLATS:13356 ACCURACY:51%

Time Played: about 12 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : When I reached 10,000 splats, and when I become 90.

PB Pet Peaves: When people beg for money, or ask for me to start/end games, reset them, etc… Without
saying please.

Fav. PB Weapon: My special can.

Fav. Bot: Hate ’em all. =)

Fav. PBN Player: As much as a lot of you may disagree, I choose DanTheMan. He bought me everything I needed the first week I played. I feel its right for him to atleast get this award from me, even thought he doesn’t play now.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : “Soldier boy, made of clay. Now an empty shell. Twenty one, only son. But he served us well. Bred to kill, not to care. Do just as we say. Finished here, greetings death. He’s yours to take away.” >=) (if you can tell me what band, album, and song this is off of, you get 2k, and Master…you can’t answer)

Other/ Comments: If you would like me to start/end a game or whatever you want. You will say please, or I will just ignore you.

Tag: <runs over to Macman pushing him down to the ground> Tag, you’re it!

PBN Name:CowboyM 

Real Name:Ben Mason



Hobbies:plaing pbnet, going out with friends


Stats:Bonus:84000 Splats:113 Accuracy:69% 
Ever:Games:4078 Bonus:7406000 splats:9882 Accuracy:34%

Time Played:September late

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] :Helped QT get a jet, and helping out some newbies

PB Pet Peaves:flooding,begging,Bragging,and people just being mean hehe

Fav. PB Weapon:can

Fav. Bot:ahhhh <Damn Bot>or is censored dumb bot

Fav. PBN Player:really cant say I have a favorite person lets just say 
my team chorus

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :team phrase I guess

Other/ Comments: I Play Pbnet alot more then I should but its just so 
addictive =). Dug and RM have done the best I think they could have. 

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] :

Closing Notes

First off, Random wants to appoligize for kicking everyone off Cancer.

Team Chorus, Sabot, Macman, and Jawsateme were all tagged.. Please send me your accept/decline email so I can get the form out to you or find someone else to do a profile on. Thanks!

Keep the Articles coming guys and gals. Thanks goes out to all the people that sent in their profiles. A special thanks to our Pbjournalist Hurricane and Ogre. Your ideas, articles and encouragement is a must have if we wish this newsletter to live on!

Happy Splatting