PBNN Issue #4 – 12/6/97

Editor: Ritalin Boy

Table of Contents

Team Profile

Player Profiles

Best List

Team Profiles

This is by far my favorite section to do because it gives us a look at some of the veteran’s and up and coming stars of Paintball Net, as well as an inside look at some of our favorite teams. – Rit

Team: Starship Troopers

Member List: Eric Gray Supters Panther lances Kansas JAX Niceguy pothead tomycat Evolution Justa Pimp Johnny
Leader: Eric Gray
No. Of Members:12 Currently
REQUIREMENTS: A good attitude and a desire to learn about the game.
WHO WE ARE: A bunch of newbies with a few veterans teaching them how to play.
ACHIEVEMENTS: About 10 newbies successfully integrated into the PBTerm world. Our new members tend to be less annoying and better players than people with comparable time spent in the game. Consistently on the top10 lists for the last two weeks. Friendships made and fun had on the game has to be our greatest achievement though. =)
OUR GOALS: To teach newbies how to play and to keep them from runnign into some of the normal, but annoying, stages of learning the game. (Such as spamming, note sending, constant annoying begging, etc.) And to make the game more enjoyable for everyone by providing a good place to find friends in the game.
MESSAGE TO THE TEAM: You guys keep doing better than I expected when I started this team. You have definately disproved the people who kept telling me that newbies couldnt be formed into a good team. Keep up the great work =)
MESSAGE TO NEWBIES: If you think you want to be a StarshipTrooper, make friends, and learn more about the game, just send me a note or a tell in the game. As long as our membership isn’t full, we will accept anyone who wishes to join. Even if you aren’t on the team, feel free to ask any of our veteran players (Supters, Tomycat, Johnny, or myself any questions you have, we all try to be as helpful as possible to people just starting out in the game.
MESSAGE TO VETERANS: Supters, Johnny and I have been working hard to make this into a good team, but we need some more help. If you like helping newbies (not necessarily financially, just in answering question) give a thought to joining the team. We may never make the top10 teamever list, but we will have one heck of a lot of fun wallowing in our mediocrity
CLOSING THOUGHTS: Please remember that everyone was a newbie at one pouint in time. When we help new people to learn the game we help ourselves. Many of our newbies have registered, and the money they provided to David and Dug may help to start up that new server everyone wants, so think twice before you insult your next newbie…he is the one who will be footing the bill to keep the game up and running.


PBN Name: DavidRM

Real Name: David R. Michael
Age: 29
Job: Software Engineer for
Prevue Networks, Inc.
Hobbies: Role-playing games, Game
programming, and Writing
PB Pet Peaves: People who forget they were newbies LAST month.
Fav. PB Weapon: ULUHV
Fav. Bot: The “damn bot.”
Fav. PBN Player: All-time favorite player has been, and remains: Pollyanna
Team: Sea Cows Redux
Time Played: Since June, 1996
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Yo, all.
<stomps GOD>
Stats Ever: GAMES:4239 BONUS:8655000 SPLATS:10435 ACCURACY:30%
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?]: I wrote PBTerm. =)

PBN Name: Ritalin Boy

Real Name: Brendan W. McAdams
Age: 18
Job: + Full Time College Student (Computer Science major, Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA)
+ Computer Assistant in University Library (i fix computers and answer questions – but mostly I play around on the net all shift)
+ Shareware Author (well, aspiring one anyways. Working on releasing my first program now)
+ Full time pain in the ass (Well, at least my mom thinks so)
Computers, Programming, Computers, Paintball (i live to play), Snowboarding (I live to ride), Computers, Reading, Writing, Quake (preferably TeamFortress), Mountain Biking. Oh – did i mention computers?
Team: The Elite Few
PB Pet Peaves: People who find it neccessary to type in all caps, or repeat a question constantly when its not answered. People who beg for money.
Fav. PB Weapon: UL-UHV
Fav. Bot: Stealth (back when they were completely invisible)
Fav. PBN Player: hmmm….this is a very hard one. There have been alot of players that have come and gone. I think its a tie between VaIsTheOne and Golfer – the two players who really taught me the game when i first started playing. Unfortunately they dont play anymore. Oh, and DavidRM and Dug cuz they are just such nice guys, and Polly forbeing herself, and never taking any shit from anyone.
Time Played: 1 year 2 months
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :
um…. masturbation?
Other/Comments: Although I often do so, we must remember that paintball net is a game, and treat it as such.
Stats Ever:GAMES:3292 BONUS:2886500 SPLATS:3127 ACCURACY:22%
[note: i havent played a game in 2 months so my stats are at a standstill]
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?]: Invented the Tournament system (first tournament we told people to get ready, and then started game. Then we convinced Dug to program game support for it and it made it alot easier). Was first level 50. Responsible for many improvements and bug trappings on PBTerm.

PBN Name: QtPie

Real Name: Tamera
Age:24-25 On Feb 11th…DON’T forget!
Hobbies:Computers, Computers, Nascar, Computers (more like an
Team:Chorus (RAH RAH)
Stats: Ever: GAMES:2220 BONUS:1913500 SPLATS:2444
ACCURACY: Not showing THAT!
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :
NO NO NO NO DavidRM That is not the way it works!
I Dance, You Stare, I Splat! Understand?!?!?!
<Dances on the Rock for
MBS is the ORGINAL TIGGER.. He’s <Bouncey> <Bouncey> <Bouncey!>
PB Pet Peaves:People who think that Pbnet is a Hot Chat Room…<growl> People who groan and moan about the newbie 90’s or any 90 for that matter! And people who cuss and cuss and cuss and cuss!
Fav. PB Weapon:Mine…my QTs UHV[DavidRM 9999th Splat][expansion][expansion]
Fav. Bot:Well it hasn’t been invented yet…but still trying to get RM to create the “QT BOT” You know the one that dances around you to distract you and then splats you?? <teehee>
Fav. PBN Player:Oh now that is no fair…but I would have to say Handel (don’t be sad guys LOL)
Other/ Comments: I love music…you will find me quoting lyrics alot. (Be glad you don’t have to hear me sing.) Gee what else can I say without being egotistical…I suppose NOTHING…so I’ll say NOTHING 🙂
Happy Splatting everyone!
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Hmmmm there have been sooooo many. Teehee. But it has to be the day I reached 500 splats. Also the day Rm reached 10k Splats..What a memorable evening that was 🙂

PBN Name: Stammel

PB Pet Peaves: People Spamming me for renames, resets, and could I make them more equipment. Constant Swearing. Use of
Chat for talking to 1 specific person. Complainers.
Fav. PB Weapon: Cloak/Shooter/Grenade combo
Fav. Bot: Stealth Bot loved it when they were invisible
Fav. PBN Player:
Presto,Ez,Rit,Reffoxel,Davidrm,Dug,god(shirley),Jazzer…..all the old folks
Real Name: Devin (or is it)
Age: 20
Hobbies: Battletech, Paintball, and splatting Pbtermers
Job: Student Assitant Librarian at University of Alaska Southeast Juneau
Team: The Elite Few
Time Played: Since September of 96
Stats Ever: GAMES:5452 BONUS:8181500 SPLATS:12517 ACCURACY:106%
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : The 2nd oldest player left on Paintball
First to get 10,000 kills on a Vt100 and get 100% ever ac
Created The Elite Few and we are still a viable team even after a year or so.
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :
Please clean up your language or, I’LL DO IT FOR YOU.
ORDERS GET YOU NOWHERE, please and thank you sometimes help.
Kiss the Cook
Other/ Comments: To get a reset use: Tell stammel: ‘Reset (USER-NAME), Please.’ that way you’ll use my automatic alias and I won’t have to do it myself. Don’t Beg for a rename I don’t do more then 20 a day.


Well, this is the best list compiled from what i felt were valid votes. This will grow with each issue.

Best 95 – DavidRM
Best 100 – Dug
Best 90 – (we wont go there cuz everyone knows Ritalin Boy is the best <sticks tongue out>)
Best 50 – Voltron
Most annoying player – KNL