PBNN Issue #34 – 6/15/99

Editor: QtPie


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Player Profiles
Closing Notes



By John Gerace

Many of us have heard stories of bugs, or server problems that effect people.
Well I am here to tell the story of a particular bug THE DELETE BUG. 

Although this bug only hit two or three people it ruined the careers(stats) of those
people. This bug that hit people was created from a miscommunication between the

What this bug did was it took all of your stats and wiped them clean, ok well most
of you are probably thinking that RM can take care of that That’s where you are
mistaken RM can restore your money and splats,and stats however what he
couldn’t restore was your ID#, or Identification number. Whatever the current
Identification numbers were at was your New ID#’s therefore if you had an oldie
number like in the 100’s or the low thousands to the 20k’s you were now a 40k The
ID numbers today are around the eighty-hundred thousands. Imagine what would
happen if you had an ID number of lets say 30,000, then if the bug struck today
all your stats, splats, levels would be gone. Then you go to RM and you think your
ok then suddenly you look at your ID number and there you are 100,??? The thing
that is kind of weird about this bug is the fact that once it hit you everything was
gone except your eq. If you were a level 30 at the time and the bug hit you you
would have your eq except! you would outweigh the legal eq limit for the level 2
which is what you became. So that meant that you could no longer get ammo for
your weapons because ammo takes up weight. Therefore you go and sell eq so you
have more weight available to get ammo. And you make the mistake(like I did) of
selling stuff that had kits on it. UH OH Those of you who know the disadvantage
of being a level 2 on this game, it is that you don’t get full value of eq with kits on
it. Yes that means if you sold a down-filled jacket[refracto][interference] which
weighed about 50 pounds you lost a good percentage of the money you put into it. 
That was not expensive back then because refracto kits were only $2500 back
then but it was also harder to make money back then than it is today. Wow, so
what? Well if you ended up selling a lot of equipment you lost more and more
money. Then when your stats and splats and level was restored you still lost the
money that you lost when you sold your eq as a ! 
level 2. The bug itself wasn’t the killer it was the mistake me and the others made
after the bug hit you. 

Ok, then here is the other part of it when the bug hit you you really didn’t know
because it was like you were lagged off the server, which no offense RM or Dug
did happen a lot back then. You signed back on and it told you you didn’t have
enough weight, so you sold stuff. Then you realize your stats and you contact RM
or Dug immediately (like I did). And realize that you were just attacked by a
server bug. 
I am pretty sure that this bug won’t ever come back because RM and Dug fixed
the problem, but a different variation of this bug is quite possible. The main
reason I am telling this story is to warn you and tell you if you are ever attacked
by a bug as insignificant as it may seem contact RM and Dug as soon as you figure
it out.

PBTerm Scamming:How to stop and detect it

Written by Kurdt Cobain

Hi My PBTerm name is Kurdt Cobain. Im writing this article because I see a lot of
people who I think are scamming some way or another. In my following paragraphs
I will explain how to tell if someone is scamming and if you get scammed how to
make sure you can get refunded. 

The first thing im going to cover is how to tell if people are scamming. A lot of
people scam level upgrades. If you see someone selling level upgrades and you think
you want one ask them for a reference. If they don’t have someone who says they
are trust worthy its probably a good sign that you might not want to risk it. If you
see someone selling level upgrades really cheap and by Credit Card (CC) they could
be scamming. By cheap I mean under 12K. If a person lacks in detail on something
there selling or something there doing to get money it might be a scam also. Please
watch out who you buy things off of. If your going to buy something do it off of
the offer list. 

How to get your money back if you have been scammed, what you can do to stop
from being scammed. One very good way to get your money back after you haven’t
gotten what was coming to you is to email davidRM at davidrm@busprod.com.
Another good way to make sure you don’t get scammed is to involve and admin…if
they know they will back you up with RM or anyone else im sure. If you are buying
something like an old can from someone us the offer list or have an admin get both
things and then give the money and the product to the people in which it belongs….
If you ever need a person to be in the middle just ask me ill help you out. 

That’s my Article on how to not get scammed now you know. Thanks for reading and
if you ever need help on PBTerm just give me a tell and ask.

The Greatest PBN Tool “The Can” (Part 1) 

Written by Master Canner “Extraordinare”

Canning can be the easiest or one of the hardest things to do on paintball. I myself
have mastered the “Jet Can” which most of you probably don’t have the money for
😉 In this tutorial i will be going over the major aspects, eq, and money needed to
can like a pro. Canning is basically all about the speed and endurance of chasing
down your prey and splatting them. You need the skill and valor to stick with it and
get good enough to do it in vader games 🙂 I myself usually splat 7-20 bots in
vader games 😉 Well enough talk about me lets get to the point. When you can you
usually make money unless you spread can ,which is stupid. 

Now i will show you a sort of a chart to what eq you should get for what money. 

2k-10k Buy 
Padded leggings [turbo] [swim] 
Padded Helmet 
Down filled jacket 
Can [rapidfire] [rapidfire] (if you cant afford both kits get them ASAP) 
Padded backpack 

All of the above but assemble an xray to the helmet 😉 

All of the above but substitute the down filled jacket for a down filled
multiterrain jacket 

Satellite (assemble anywhere) 
Infrared (assemble to helmet) 

All of the above. if you can afford it put a jetpack kit on the jacket and get rid
of the leggings and buy reg leggings and reg boots. 

That’s the basic eq to be a master canner. When you have the spare cash buy an
old can. (worth it) 

Now i will be getting to actually canning. First go to locators on top and get the
target locator out. put it where you fell comfortable with it. Then press the middle
button once and the left button once. This will make it so you have the target
pointing west. Now when your on the field you have run around like crazy and get
ppl to go into the cross hairs. If you succeed in that you will have your first can
splat! WTG! 
Now to the juicy section of my lil tricks 😉 When i flag guard I crouch and run the
target alias over and over one square under the flags. So if someone go charging at
the flags they will die instantly without getting a flag. heh. When I am in vaders
games i usually hide out the first few minutes of the game then i use my satellite
and locate the few bots remaining and go and can them using my refracto. This has
concluded part one. Read next months PBNN to get Part 2. I will see ya around and

-Master Canner

Personal Quotes and Phrases from Cykotic 

Written by Liquid Tear

“There are three kinds of people in the world, people that can count,
and people that can’t.” =-= Killer X 

“Where’s all the girls at?” =-= XhatebreedX 

“May God protect us all!” =-= NS 

“Peace is the only thing to conquer” =-= big blue 

“There are no leaders just a single unit” =-= Kurdt Cobain 

“If u want me come and get me but…… WATCH UR BACK ” =-= shrimp 

“Music is the drink that fills the void within us and soaks our soul. For if it died
the life’s we live and the tales we tell would be nothing more than a book would be
without words” =-= Cyko 

“Life is short, kick some ass” =-= Taytay 

Liquid Tear’s Admin Of The Month 

“Anime Babes Rule and Cabbits are Cool” =-= Ken ou ki 

My Quote 

“Chinese Proverb: Man with hands in pocket not always counting his 
change” =-= Liquid Tear 

A Special Quote 

“R.I.P Owen Hart (he was loved as an uncle, brother, son, and friend to many
people)” =-= Liquid Tear 

Article done by Liquid Tear (Team: Red Haze) 

Some thoughts on scams

Written by QtPie

Here are some steps to take to make sure you don’t get scammed. 

1. Don’t use a hotmail address as your registered email address. Make sure you
keep your registered email address up to date. 

2. Always use the offer command and examine the equipment you are buying. Make
sure it is what you want before you buy it. 

3. Make notes of the USER name not Character name of the person you are buying
level ups from. 

4. Don’t give you password out to ANYONE… not Rm, not me, not Dug, not your
grandma, not your dog’s best friend. 

If you are scammed or think you have been scammed email RM with any and all
information you have. I (QtPie) can not help you if you have been scammed. That’s
Rm’s department. 


Admin Changes 

Level 80s get reset commands
Level 90s get tourney and rename item commands. 

A few things. 
1. Brackets [ ] and curly braces { } are not allowed in renames anymore. 
2. Renames can cost up to 200 dollars but no more then that. 
3. It’ll be wise to use the offer command anytime you want to buy something. 

New Weapon Contest Winner 

Thanks for all the entries for the weapon contest. The response was great!!

And the winner is Mold This is the one he’ll recieve: 
‘bucket’,’a bucket of paint[Moldy][June 14, 1999]{-RM Certified Original
Wear locations:RHAND LHAND 

The normal ones will hold less paint. 
Look for in a store near you.. 🙂 


Chronic hit 300k team splats. 


Lone Gunman hit 50k splats and RUB was the splatee. 

Quido reached 30k splats. Makes alittle Woohoo Noise. 

Micheal Kalil hit his 20k splat. Good going Kalil! 

Nader broke 10k And his 10k splat was Theman and he recieved 10k. 

Mystery hit 10k splats. Does alittle ditty.

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Emknaps 

Age/Birthday:19 11/22/79

Job:Pizza Hut Management 

Hobbies:the game is it 


Team:DUDES now 

Stats: Ever:You have $155359($221007), carrying 350/350. 
(EVER) GAMES:13747 BONUS:15807000 SPLATS:21125 ACCURACY:28% 
(TEAM) BONUS:2325000 SPLATS:2331 ACCURACY:30% 

Time Played:Since April 98 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Hit
20k splats i guess….dont count for much anymore though 

PB Pet Peeves:when people take the GAME too seriously 

Fav. PB Weapon:minigun 

Fav. Bot:dumb bot 

Fav. PBN Player:Sgt. Splatter….nicest guy and admin outta all of em 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:serverone 

Other/ Comments:Thanks for puttin the time into the newsletter QT 

PBN Name: DaButcher

Age/Birthday: 15 Aug. 27, 1983

Job: Lifeguard, soccer referee, soon to be pilot 

Hobbies: playing all kinds of sports, snowboarding (check out my pic on my page) 

Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/area51/comet/9311 

Team: PLoW SqUaD 

Stats: Ever: GAMES:19055 BONUS:33965500 SPLATS:50501 ACCURACY:45%


Time Played: since march 3, 1998 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : i
made enough money to buy a great jacket and eq and a 3 kit helmet after i was
hacked out of a million cash, 

PB Pet Peeves: hiders, people who say i hide when i dont 

Fav. PB Weapon: waist launcher[rapid][rapid] or minigun[spread][rapid] 

Fav. Bot: a DaB PooP bot 

Fav. PBN Player: chapper, Mr, Mr., barney gumble, police cheif wiggum, Chapper,
chapper, Kid Rock 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Serverone 

Other/ Comments: thanks to whoever hasnt turned on me (you know who you are) 

PBN Name: deutschsniper

Age/Birthday: 13… 3/31/86

Job: Cutting lawns for neighbors. 

Hobbies: Hockey,Baseball, Football, Basketball, PBN!, Snowboarding… 

Homepage: I’m currently working on it… when I reformatted i lost all my files 🙁 

Team: DUDES 

Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:15903 BONUS:28030000 SPLATS:40215

Time Played: Since Late November of 98′ December.. 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :
Hitting 40k splats, and winning a solo open tourny 🙂 

PB Pet Peeves: people on s1 who say I hide with my jacket : multi terrain down
filled [jetpack] [water] 

Fav. PB Weapon: mini-paintrocket launcher [hugeexpansion] [rapid], and mini 
grenade launcher [hugeexpansion] [rapid] with VHS nades. 

Fav. Bot: I’d have to say Camoman’s Assasain Bot… it hits me an awful lot… but
the QTPie bot is always quite evil to me… especially when theres only a few bots
left. 😛 

Fav. PBN Player: Stanky and QTPie… not just because she’s a 99, she is really
down to earth and is friendly for everyone to talk to about just about anything on

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Busprod… now s1 alot… i’ve been
addicted to tournys 😛 

Other/ Comments: >> I’d like to thanks everyone that has helped me through my
times as a newbie, and Captain Red (AirOdie) for starting me in this great game 🙂

PBN Name: Fake Leash

Age/Birthday: 13 12/24/85

Job: Student 

Hobbies: PBN, Paintball Team Death Servants, SkateBoarding 

Homepage: None 

Team: PLoW SQuaD 

Stats: Stats for ‘Fake Leash'(114387) TotalWorth:$36332 
Ever: GAMES:2180 BONUS:735500 SPLATS:735 ACCURACY:23% 

Time Played: ??? 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : 
ALMOST won in ToC2 

PB Pet Peeves: Nukers and newbie protected peeps 

Fav. PB Weapon: High Velocity / 2x Rapid can 

Fav. Bot: Dumb Bot (( EASY KILLS!)) Or it could be Sgt Splatter bots 

Fav. PBN Player: MooKDoG 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Mudgate/Main 

Other/ Comments: This game rules!

Name: MikeTheInferno

Age/Birthday: I am 15 years old, and was born on January 15, 1984.

Job: I am a Freshman in High School, and going to work at “ToysRUs” over the 

Hobbies: I enjoy playing baseball, basketball, and football. I also love to play
PBNet, and going to the mall with friends. 

Homepage: <Sorry, never made one =-(> 

Team: MacLeod Clan!!!!!! 

Stats: (EVER) GAMES:5147 BONUS:3950000 SPLATS:4626 ACCURACY:26%

(I know my splats aren’t too good, but I try my hardest.) 

Time Played: I started playing PBNet in January of ’98, but with a lvl 2 char. 
Then I was given this lvl 12 char (miketheinferno)for free. So I got a char reset,
another lvl up, and almost 5k splats, and after a year and a half with mike im still
having the time of my life. 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : 1)
When I hit my 4k splat and held a token drop with over 200 tokens. 2) Its a
great achievement for me to help other players, even if they are not newbies. I
find it nice that you are apart of someone elses’s success. So if anyone ever needs
help, just drop me a line at Miketheinferno@hotmail.com. If you are having money
problems, I could only spare you a token or two. 

PB Pet Peeves: 1) I dislike how about 20 new PBNet teams are made every week. I
kind of find it annoying when you see a newbie with 5 splats creating a team…then
they enlist like 11 other newbies…then a week later only like 2 of those newbies
are still on the team…then when they become good enough for a average team, they
quit the old newbie team, and you never hear about that team again. Thats why I
like it when teams adopt a newbie. 2) I get ticked off whenever a player thinks
they should become an admin. Then they tell people to vote for them. LET QTPIE

Fav PB Weapon: The Legend
Gun[expansion][spreadfire]{=RaptorRed=}{=Brockman=}{=SouthPark=}{=Eagle E
Cherry=}{=chapper=}{=Mirage=}{=BlasterFX=}{=Virgil=} Its a semi hv filled with

Fav Bot: Beware the Dumb Bot, its smater than you would think… 

Fav PBN Player: Too many friends to choose from, so heres a few; Blinkskate,
Compeler, MalibuCXV, Mercury Man, NuKeM, Virgil, Little Foot, RaptorRed,
Unicorn, Brockman, JDaMan, Paint Phantom, Quido, Lil Oly, chapper, Sgt Splatter. 
Also I would love to thank QtPie for always emailing me back with the answers to
my questions. We all owe QtPie a Thank you. She has done so much for this game. 
Thanks QtPie! 

Fav Server: I like all of the servers as long as I get to play PB and chat with my
friends =-) 

Other/Comments: PBNet means alot to me. Back in Febuary of ’99, I got the
worst report card of my life. So my parents said I was either grounded for a
month from watching tv or playing PBNet. So for the whole month of Febuary I
was playing PBNet!!! I want to say THANK YOU to all of you guys for making this
past year and a half fun!!! 

Closing Notes

Happy Splatting! -Qt