PBNN Issue #33 – 5/18/99

Editor: QtPie


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Player Profiles
Closing Notes


How to change the PBTerm 1.72 Cursors

Written by Vice Admiral Acker

Dislike that little guy blocking your view? Well, you can fix him once and for all with this step-by-step guide to doing it. Here’s how it goes:

1) Locate your 1.72 directory (NOT your 1.71, which isn’t deleted when you install 1.72. This is usually C:\program files\samu games\paintball net\)

2) Locate your Windows Cursor directory (this, for win95 (don’t know about win98) is c:\windows\cursors\)

3) You will see little icons of what the cursors look like. Find the one you like (I like the 3-D + cursor) and copy it to your desktop.

4) Rename that file on your desktop: PBTMoveTo.cur (if you set the extensions off, don’t worry about the extension)

5) Copy the file that was always copied to your desktop again and make this file: PBTShootAt.cur (again, if you don’t see a .cur, don’t worry about it)

6) Take these two cursor files and move them to your PBTerm 1.72 Directory (goto step 1)

7) Cut and Paste those files in that directory. You will get a messege if you want to over-write. Say yup to all of them and you now have your cursors! (you’ll need to reset PBTerm to see the difference)


Written by Vice Admiral Acker

Have you ever wanted your sig on the bottom of every note you send? Well, here’s a way to do that, but not automatically. All you have to do is type something like &sig or something and presto!

SAMPLE NOTE: —————— Hello. How are you? I am fine. What is your name? My name is Jerry. &sig ——————

Now, you might be asking, “What’s that bottom thing mean? Well, in order to understand it, the note will be taken apart, in Command Line form:

THE NOTE BEING SENT: ——————- note + Hello. How are you? I am fine.& note + What is your name? My name is Jerry.& note + &sig ——————-

(as you know, a & means “and another command”. Notes written with the ctrl+n use this setup. If you make an alias named “sig”, it will call up sig whenever you type in: &sig, because it thinks it’s adding commands.

Make an alias like this:

a sig note +\&note + This is the first line (the real first line is a break, to seperate)\&note + This is the second line!

This will make two lines. You must put note + in front of what you’re saying (it’s just the way it is). So, in output, this is what this note will look like:

——————— Hello. How are you? I am fine.

What is your name? My name is Jerry.

This is the first line (the real first line is a break, to separate)

This is the second line! ———————

Change that sig to something like:

{vaa}{www.spunge.org/~vaa} {mailto:brada@inxpress.net}

To add the sig to any message, simply type: &sig on a line on the bottom and you’ll have your sig! It will even work around, so you don’t have to worry about that reply, it’ll still consider everything below the command.

Now, make your signature spiffy! Here are some newsgroup-based rules:

-> Signatures should never be more than 5 lines (I’d say 3 for PBN; We don’t want a PBN-Kibo!)

-> Don’t include ascii-art, since the majority of the people in PBN read their notes in Arial, a variable-width font. (confused to all heck about ascii-art? Go to http://wigwam.askoyv.no/Ascii/ASCII_art_FAQ.html if you want to find out more)

-> If you’re going to indent your sig, be sure to have a period (.) as the first place, to keep hold of the spaces.

-> Try to make your sig look different from your body, it’ll get too confusing.

-> Generally, I don’t put my sig on big replies, because it adds size.

-> Ideas of things to put in: A favorite quote, your webpage, your email, your team.

Special Thanks

Written by Mutiny

On my recent assignment I realized how caring and thoughtful some people are. I used many charters some with weird names and some just reg. names. I never expected that about 3/4 this of the questions I asked were responded by at least two people. The only thing I was worried about the same people always answered not many people contributed to the help of newbies. I feel that their is going to be an a newbie blummer coming soon and we need people to help out those newbies.

The questions I asked were pretty simple like how do you shoot and how to load my gun (simple stuff like that).

It makes me feel great that people still care about the underlings (newbies) I was so pleased that people are actually nicer than me hehe. When I was doing this report I realized how hard it is to start this game. Sometimes I got pulled into games and I am telling you it was so challenging to get one splat. Give these newbies some credit Please.

They Deserve It!!


[Thanks Mutiny.. and Thanks to all who help out the newbies. You do deserve it 😉 -Qt]

Helpful Websites

<old link> Dsnipers site. (Be sure to check out his little paintball webpage missions. They are pretty nifty.

<old link> scottl and Monkeycow put this page together.


For the Record

Weapons Contest-Look for results in the next issue.


ChemoTherapy made it’s 10k splat 


Deutschsniper hit 30k splats. He would like to Thank all of Red Ocean (my team)
and AirOdie who started me in this great game. 

MadGrassHopper broke 30k Splats. <Round of Applause for him!> 

Deadeyedan and Knighshade both passed 10k splats. Good Work Guys! 

I have reached the 10k splat marker of my pbn character moonraker. I would like
to thank my 10k who was rmulhern who recived 10k and my signature. I would also
like to thank all my friends for well being my friend and sticking with me on my
long trip to the TOP =). Cheepon, FirstKnight, PBL, JDaMaN, Kero, Redman I could
be here all day so for the ppl I didn’t mention you know who you are. Well Thanx
again, Moonraker =) 

Scottl made my 1k splat on 4/24/99 at ~10:00pm est. WOOHOO 🙂

Player Profiles


Age/Birthday:16(probably when this newsletter comes out)17-05-1983


Hobbies:soccer-using computer for games and other things

Homepage:<old link> (it is in Dutch)


Stats: Ever:(EVER) GAMES:6998 BONUS:9042500 SPLATS:11442 ACCURACY:28% GAMES SURVIVED:2169 BOT SPLATS:6965 PLAYER SPLATS:4477 this is my secong char though and i have like 6K splats more..

Time Played:almost a year

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :hitting 10K

PB Pet Peeves:spammers

Fav. PB Weapon:i must say the minigun

Fav. Bot:the dumb one

Fav. PBN Player:i have several….i will name a FEW..ericr bosborne unicorn kero sillk Jdaman and many more

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Main (believe it or not i have almost no lagg there)

Other/ Comments:I like this game and its reall fun to talk to other ppl from the other side of the world and i hope splat you soon ;)(>

PBN Name: Ken ou ki

pronounced Ken O Key , said as 1 word, not broken up. Dont ask me why, its a Jap thing, but thats the way its spelled and prononced. ( Well actualy its Ken-ou-ki )

Age/Birthday: 31 02/18/68

Job: Chef

Hobbies: riding my Motorcycle, drawing Anime art , collecting Jap music. I do not really call my computer a hobby, but I do spend way to much time online. Mostly Pbnet, and IRC.

Homepage: <old link> This is a paintball sight, but soon will be converted to my art sight I am considering maintaing the paintball sight, but as it sits right now, it is slated for termination,, so go look at it quick if ya want too. and come back in a month or so to see my art sight if ya like Anime stuff.

Team: Insane Cabbits – I bailed Deadly Force for personal reasons even though it was my team . No splat requirements, I have other requirements to get on my Team

Stats: Ever :carrying 510/750 GAMES:29839 BONUS:56690000 SPLATS:78216 ACCURACY:35% GAMES SURVIVED:9462 BOT SPLATS:42090 PLAYER SPLATS:19594

Time Played: about 14 to 15 months but I took like a month and a half break from Pbnet not too long ago

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Hmm, well making 80, then 90 was cool, going on hot streaks like 1k kills a day 3 days in a row was pretty cool too. Guess thats about it, Never was one for braggin

PB Pet Peeves: My biggest Peeve is being addressed as Dsniper. I generally do not even respond when called that, I changed my name for a reason.. Another would be Being Ordered to start/stop games and having resets Demanded of me over and over wile in a game.

Fav. PB Weapon: Hard call here, I carry and use so many, Guess it would by my HV-Semi spread/huge loaded with FNB . I also generally Can allot to make the money needed to run the FNB spreader of death

Fav. Bot: A Dead One, or, that last one that killed the last person alive besides me causing me to win First

Fav. PBN Player: Hmm. well, guess I do not really have a Favorite player. Asuka, a friend that I just got hooked awile ago is a definite fav ,as well as Enigma , Qtpie ( yeah I know, everyone picks her as a fav hehe ) and a few other people, you know who you are. and if ya do not, you aint one.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Busprod or Mudgate is where you will generally find me

Other/ Comments: Hmm once again I wonder what to put here. Guess I will explain what a Cabbit is, seeing as how so many people have asked. A Cabbit, is a Creation, not a living creature. created by the self proclaimed Geniouse of the Universe Washyu, (whom is actualy a Goddess, but she dosnt know it ) out of a substance called The Mass . It looks kinda like a cat, but with rabbit ears, hence the term Cabbit . They are characters from a Jap Anime series called Tenchi Muyo. if you want to find out more, just search out Cabbit or Tenchi Muyo you should not have any problem finding pics, and info. Now, you might find a Cabbit pic, and say Ow, thats so Cute. But piss one off, and they could destroy your planet with ease. Imagin what a Insane one could do. (=o.0=)


Age/Birthday: 16…. July 14 1982

Job: Almighty Dishwasher

Hobbies: Computers and real paintball

Homepage: <old link>


Stats: Ever: around 25-26k splats

Time Played: I started Thursday, April 9 1998 at 10:42PM Mountain time.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Becoming a TM

PB Pet Peeves: Being TOLD to start games and to get tournaments goin quicker.

Fav. PB Weapon: Trusty minigun

Fav. Bot: dumb bot (suits me perfectly)

Fav. PBN Player: Ohh way too many to name.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: ServerOne

Other/ Comments: I’m a celebrity now!! Yahoo!!!

PBN Name:poormanjoe

(real name is Bill though)

Age/Birthday:July, 28th 1983 (that makes me 15)


Hobbies:Golf, motocross, PBN, n64, computers in general, and real paintball

Homepage: <old link>

Team:The Lost Souls


Time Played: Little more than a year (ID:51784)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Hitting 10k and 20k splat(10k was better though) RM using my idea of game ready standby, be one of the makers of TLS, and of coarse my shotgun

PB Pet Peeves: people who think my {==Dug==} signature is fake, and nading.

Fav. PB Weapon:The Best Shotgun Ever[largeexpansion][rapidfire]{=Brockman=}{=Mbs=}{=Beowulf=}{=TheRock=}{==Dug==}{=Sandstorm=}{=Spume=}

Fav. Bot:as sgt would say….I hate bots thats why I kill em 🙂

Fav. PBN Player:Spume/bosborne

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Busprod

PBN Name:Gazemer or Gaz, or Gaze.

Age/Birthday: 16. 2/26/83

Job: I work on a farm, mainly cleaning horse stalls…yes that means manure.

Hobbies: My girlfriend..BASKETBALL…Doing good in school…PBNet

Homepage: None

Team: MacLeod Clan


I use to have 23k splats…12k player..But i reset myself.

Time Played: Since Easter Last Year

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I joined DUDES. Made good Friends with a lot of people. Helping a guy named MookDog learn tournies =)

PB Pet Peeves: Ummm the guys on S1 who seem to think they know everything and scream ‘HIDER’ every game…Something to that.

Fav. PB Weapon: a mini paintrocket launcher

Fav. Bot: I thought this was funny from RM’s profile…The ‘damn’ bot

Fav. PBN Players: Redman, Macman, Mirage, and ICURNVS…random order.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: SERVERONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other/ Comments: PBNet has been fun playing for the year+ ive been playing. The most fun was DUDES. I met so many friends and new people who are cool and fun.

PBN Name:Mutiny

Age/Birthday: 56348

Job: I am a full time pain in the butt ask anyone Hehe

Hobbies: My hobbies are Paintball, Artifact, and Football

Homepage: I am making it soon I will let you all know promise!

Team: BLACK SUN (Num. Two on the team)

Stats: Ever:(EVER) BONUS:226429000 SPLATS:324370 ACCURACY:50%

Time Played: I have played for quite a long time but my games ever don’t show it…I really don’t play for the splats I more like to play the game for the great friends I meet…But when I do splat someone I feel pretty good about it =)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I think I am really proud of how I have helped the new peole to play the games and keeping some of the older players playing by giving them new goals. I am proud of what I have done so far but I ain’t done yet.

PB Pet Peeves: I think my main Pet Peeve is when people make fun of my brother WHILE I AM ON!! Please wait till I leave or tell me to close my eyes first =P

Fav. PB Weapon: My fav. PBN Weapon is a Grenade launcher even though I can’t afford one and even if I could I wouldn’t have the weight for one.

Fav. Bot: My Fav. Bot is the QtPie Bot because it is a stupid cheating bot that I just want to kill over and over again. Wait I do not have a Fav. Bot sorry.

Fav. PBN Player: I know you would all think I would say QtPie or Paint Phantom or even Junior but My Fav. Player is Spume because he has always helped me with my problems and has trusted me with some of the things I knew I would plobally never have like being the 2nd leader of BLACK SUN.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: I am tied between Paintballnet.4444 or Busprod.4444

Other/ Comments: Keep up the great work BLACK SUN we will catch up to that P0oP Team MacLeod Clan soon.

Closing Notes

Lately I’ve been impressed on the uniqueness of the articles sent in.
Keep them coming! Thanks everyone!

Editor’s Notes

1. Please do not send RM requests to be an admin. He just forwards them to me anyway so you might as well eliminate the middle man. But keep this in mind: I don’t comment about when or on who I will use my admin promotions powers. Everyone is different and there are many reasons why I choose admins. You will just have to be patient and see if you are the next chosen. The best thing you can do it just enjoy playing the game and being with the other members of the paintball community. 2. My hubby and I both use the computer. He’s been getting on a lot more and opening up netscape which downloads my mail. In short this means that some email gets lost. So if I don’t reply to you feel free to resend. 
3. I will be on vacation from tommorrow(April 19th) to the 26th to New York to see my dad. I will not be able to check my email at all. But I might be on paintball from time to time. Thanks! 🙂
4. Another reminder… it’s best to include your paintball user name when emailing me. Good rule of thumb for emailing RM and Dug as well. 5. If you don’t hear something FROM me.. then don’t believe it. I’ve been noticing people putting words in my mouth so don’t believe everything you hear. 🙂