PBNN Issue #32 – 4/18/99

Editor: QtPie

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Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Tournments- A all around guide

Written by Gazemer

Hi, its Gaz. Time to talk =)

Im here to explain a brief descriptions of tourneys, and what you can expect from them, and other various things having to do with them.

1. Rules

You may not go Idle in a tournament game, if you are caught doing so, the TM running the tournament will decide what to do.

If it can be traced, no nuking (as in WinNuke).

No restrictions on Equipment used is allowed.

Have Fun =), on the other side of the splat according to dug. _____________________________________________________

2. What happens in tournaments, and what kinds are they’re?

Tournaments are held within these 2 categories:

a Open tournament( where everyone is allowed to join),

A miniature tournament (usually 1 person vs 1 person ), and a 5 person vs 5 Person ( I think that’s self explanatory =) )

A tournament is usually to show who is the ‘best’ and is for big money. Basically Modern PBN want for competition and quick $$$ (if you’re good).


3. How do you win cash?

Basically how it works is: You put X amount of cash up (the entry fee). That is added to the ‘pot’ or ‘purse’. If its a 5 on 5, you are only able to win back 2 times your cash, with opens its much more.

Prizes for Cash are given out like this:

60% of the pot goes to any team that gets first place (if there is a tie, its split between both teams.

15% for Accuracy, the team with the best accuracy. Its figured out by the servers math using reciprocals (not gonna get into that).

15% Goes to Most Splats. That is basically which team hits the most players.

The last 10% of the pot goes to the team with the most Bonus. Usually anyone who wins splats, gets bonus. For each splat you get, you get 1000 bonus, except for mines which get you 500 bonus.


4. How are teams picked to play each other?

Well all TM’s usually know how to set teams, and running a tournament correctly. If you ever wanna know the bare bone ways to do it, ask a TM or possibly me.

IT usually just goes down a list of teams (the teams which signed up). the first to sign, vs the 2nd to sign, Until every team has played one game. After that, the TM decides who to play.


5. What level of experience and competition should i Expect?

One word: HARD. That’s not to scare you away, but don’t expect to win your first tournaments, or even if you are a mediocre player. Tournaments usually have the best of the best, what i call the “Elite Few” (not the team).

Almost all tournament players have jet, or inviso, or very good equipment which they use in hope to win.

If you can find a lonely server, with a willing TM, you could possibly play a mini tournament vs someone on your own level or harder.

To name a few people you will see on the tourney sever throughout the day are: Redman, Mac, Mirage, Hogan, Ghoston, Me, sillk, Freeze, Stanky, Blink, RKJ, Brockman, The Mystical One, Nemesis, TheSupafly, kanak, hay mon, Dark Angel, and many other people…..

They are some tough cookies. My rule of thumb is: Don’t join a tourny, if you aren’t willing to lose that amount of cash.



In the end, i just wanna say: Respect the TM’s, they do a lot for you. Don’t yell and curse at them, they don’t like it, i know when i hear dude plans or other TM friends talking to me how people yell at them and other stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions you can submit them to: Gazemer@aol.com or Talk to me on PBN. If you have more tournament questions, i would recommend asking Mirage, since he is the MTM (Master Tournament Master) or Any other TM.

Thanks for listening ( I hope ) =)


New Pbterm

Written by Mirage

Recently, DavidRM has taken some time out from developing Artifact and has concentrated on building a new PBTerm enhancement for tournaments. This tournament interface, being similar (but more complicated) to the alias editor in design, allows TMs and non-TMs to view tournament information more easily.

PBTerm detects whether you are a Tournament Master or not, and accordingly displays to you certain features of the tournament interface. While the version displayed to TMs is packed with goodies for running and administrating tournaments, the average PBN player can expect to find parts of the interface that will be user-friendly substitutes for the common tournament commands (tournament, tournament list, and tournament log)

There are four pages to the interface. These are accessed by a “tab” selection system. The first page, “Tourny info”, will show you all the details about the tournament: double or single elimination, open or mini, max number of teams, min number of players per team, how many people are signed up, and most importantly, any special rules the TM might have specified. The second page, “Teams/players” , (replaces the tournament command) will show you which teams are signed up and who’s on them. This page also includes an area where you can easily sign up for the tournament. The third page, “Standings”, shows how the teams are stacking up against each other as the tournament progresses. A neat feature of this page is that it calculates the accuracy of each team (no more brain boggling!). The fourth page simply displays the tournament log.

Another neat feature included in the interface is a group of five programmable buttons (like the ones in the who window). A great use for these buttons would be for signing you up for the tournament using your signature team name and password.

The TM version of the interface has many whistles and bells that will make running tournaments and distributing information about them easier and more standardized.

Two other things that were changed in the new PBTerm version are the who’s online window and the alias editor.

The alias editor (besides looking slightly different) now allows you to separate multiple commands within an alias by pressing <enter> instead of typing \&. You can also use a plain ol’ & (no backslash anymore). If you make aliases that create -other- aliases you can put multiple commands in those “nested” aliases by using the appropriate amount of backslashes in front of the ampersand.

The who’s online window (also looks slightly different) now can sort the list of people by any of the criteria such as name, level, games played, team. You do this by clicking on the corresponding heading tab at the top of the window. Unfortunately, no more seeing who’s been on the server the longest 🙂

Another great feature added in the new PBTerm version is an enhancement for the programmable buttons. Ever wanted to use %1 in the buttons like you do with aliases? Now you can. Simply put a word surrounded with %s (Example: %weapon%) inside the button somewhere and when you click the button, PBTerm will prompt you for a value for that parameter. You can use multiple parameters inside each button. Each instance of the same parameter name within the button text will be replaced with the one value you specify for that parameter.

Thanks Mirage.. for writing this!

Most memorable tourney moment

One of the most memorable moments I think of a majority of people was when Little Foot ran his TOC. It was a huge success and I would personally like to congratulate him one more time for his success and thank him for his hard work!

Chapper: I came back from 5-1 to win =)

DarkJon: the time i got all 5 in about 5 seconds

SnowStorm:me and krytonite where playing in a open. We were definitely the supreme underdogs of the whole match. Our first game we play Stanky, Tere, Mirage, and Hogan. We knew we would be slaughtered. We went in and i shot Stanky and tere right off the bat in the same shot with spread n/b, and no suit. This was when i was a newbie…like 4k splats. Kry was killed and I ran. I confronted Mir one on one and took him down. The, Hogan ended my miracle streak. But we did win acc.

PsychoticFairytale:Me and my best friend in real life IEATPASTE were in a tourny game vs togood and BlasterFX, I got out right away and IEATPASTE got BlasterFX. And so it was IEATPASTE vs togood. IEATPASTE was uzi’ing and he ran out of ammo. But he was lucky, holding was in the game but only top two spaces. So he told me he was out of ammo and I said go bottom left corner. And I bought him a pail of minigun no-bounce ammo and right after he reloaded it he splatted togood for the final game in the tournament. We talked about beating togood and BlasterFX in a tourny game by ourselves at school all the time.

Monsoon tells you:”My favorite tournament moment was when our team came back from behind in the last game of the tournament to win it… (Thanx Mirage!)”

Sandstorm:’Me and ReDz, Best Tourny I ever Played, Goodshot ReDz.’

Thesupafly:It was when I was still a level 2 trying to get my name known as a decent tourney player. It was a 5v5 and I was the last pick because it was me or another level 2 with less splats. Whoever picked me did it reluctantly to say the least. They tried to make it a 4v4 so they wouldn’t have to take me, but I got on anyway. Anyway it ended up being a 4 on 1, and I was the one. Everyone on my team just conceded defeat in chat, but with my trusty HV spread FNB gun, I ended up taking out all 4 of them and making a name for myself. =)

Senate:Um my Favorite Tourny was just Recently When i and some DUDES Played with RM ..it was so fun he like took out everyone til the next 2 games where we got sprayed down..But still i will always Remember it..

QtPie:On April 12th I ran a “Level 2 Buddy Tourney”. This was a tourney of 2 man teams, one paying member and one level 2. It was a huge success. I want to Thank all the paying members that joined with a level 2. Without you, the Buddy Tourney would not have worked. I’m sure the level 2’s enjoyed being buddied up with a paying member and being allowed to play in a tourney. Look for more Buddy Tourneys to come. Thanks again!!

Tournament Player of The Month MARCH 99′

Written by Space Cadet

Hey all, Its that time again. Tourny player of the month has came around. This month ,one of PBNet’s newer but greatly improving tournament player has captured Tourny player of the month. This player is TheSupafly he has showed me that he is a good tournament player, always moving and picking people off as he goes. He alternates weapons to catch people running threw water or on grassland, and nades people who are in the wooded areas. To show my support for his non hiding strategy and fair play he will receive a leather belt and a 1000$ award for his good work. Keep up the good work and watch for next months pick.

Current Winners.

Febuary – Stanky March – Redman April – TheSupafly

Space Cadet.

Helpful Sites

Some more HTML to look at

<old link> Vice Admiral Acker has a nice little page set up for you to enjoy. Good page to direct newbies to as well. 😉

<old link> is Dune’s Team page. Also has some help pages on it. Very nice.

<old link> The newly updated Chorus Team page.

PS. If you would like your page or team page listed here give me a note or email with the URL. I’ll check it out and post it 😉


For the Record 

Rm ran his first tourney on April 7th 🙂

Rm’s doing

-New Pbterm-has a new tourney interface and upgraded the who and alias forms.
Dug’s doing: 
-(4/8)Most accurate tournament wins can only go to teams that have won at least one game. 
-(4/8)Disqualified teams can no longer win anything in a tournament. 
-(4/8)Percentages of tournament winnings have been changed.

New Admins

80:Space Cadet, ICURNVS and Sgt Splatter Be nice to them.. 🙂


Team Chronic passed 250k!


*Sgt Splatter’s 100k splat Bonanza!*

I got my 100,000th splat on March 21st, 1999. It was one of the most wonderful moments in my Paintball Net career. But probably the most extraordinary thing I witnessed that day was when I noticed 14 Chronic members were online. Thanks for coming out guys!

Arctic Fox was the “lucky” splat. He had the option of receiving “Sgt Splatter’s 100,000th splat Paintball Gun{=Sgt Splatter} or 21k. He took the latter.

The two guys who found the hidden signed cyan paintballs were given my renamed and signed 99,998th & 99,999th splat Paintball Guns.

Again, I want to thank everybody who came out. I appreciate all the support.


Vice Admiral Acker hit 30k splats, Nice Job!!

TheSupafly, Raymond Shum, and Blink reached the 10k Mark. Go Guys!!

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Stungun

Age/Birthday:13 11/15/85

Job:Student =o(

Hobbies:Playin Soccer,Wrestling,Playin the computer,Hangin out with my girlfriend,Hangin out with my friends, goin to the mall,and lots more I am pretty active!

Homepage:I am working on It!

Team:The Holy Ones who else hehe

Stats: Ever:If ya wanna know email me at <Old contacts> I currenly can’t get on PBTERM =o(

Time Played:For about 5 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Got 1k splats and had all my friends congradulate me! and When i was gonna have heart surgery everyone saying i hope ya recover fast! Well I did thanx everyone it helped me!

PB Pet Peeves:I don’t have one yet =o(

Fav. PB Weapon:My Stungun (Shotgun filled with cyan)

Fav. Bot:I think it would be Stanky’s pet dumb bot ya gotta love that thing hehe

Fav. PBN Player:I have a bunch of favorites!

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:All Of them!

Other/ Comments:I am glad I got to tell about myself and now I get to say QtPies line Happy Splatting from one of the nicest lvl 2’s out there, Stungun =o)

PBN Name: Hired Assassin

Age/Birthday: Nov. 1, 1983

Job: Student…if that’s a job

Hobbies: Snowboarding, PBN, Artifact, Sports, Computers and playing my guitar

Homepage: I have one…but I haven’t updated it in 2 years and it’s real

cheesey =)

Team: MacLeod Clan

Stats: Ever: GAMES:10688 BONUS:20489000 SPLATS:30683 ACCURACY:43% GAMES SURVIVED:2622 BOT SPLATS:22839 PLAYER SPLATS:7443

Time Played: I dunno…a little over a year I guess

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Probably when I had hit 10k splats, as a newbie that was my ultimate goal, I thought it was impossible to get so many splats hehe

PB Pet Peeves: People who see a newbie ask for help and say ‘read the tutorial’ or people that splat you and spam you saying how bad you are.

Fav. PB Weapon: HV semi-auto rifle[Hugeexpansion][spread] (Bot killer)

Fav. Bot: Dumb bot, because it’s not as dumb as it sounds

Fav. PBN Player:Even though nobody remembers him, it’d have to be Splatman. I haven’t seen him come on in a long time..

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Main, because that’s where are the admins hang out 😉

Other/ Comments: PBN rocks! And I wanted to thank a couple people for helping me out when I was a newbie: Alpha Ace, Splatman, DeadEyeDan, and many others. Thanks a lot guys =)

PBN Name: Droopy Tool

Age/Birthday: I’m 16… born on the magic day of August 30

Job: Umpire

Hobbies: I play LOTS and LOTS of baseball… that’s why I’m not on as much. I also like to spend lots of time w/ my sweetheart ash =^)

Homepage: <none>

Team: <none>


Time Played: Over a year (my ID is 60922)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I was most happy when I achieved my 1k player splat

PB Pet Peeves: First off…. NEVER shoot yourself w/ a rocket (it hurts). Next… DON’T HIDE!!!!!!

Fav. PB Weapon: Droopy`s Tool[rapidfire][ullargeexpansion] (my fav rocket launcher). I also like my old rare cans. They kick butt

Fav. Bot: I hate bots… =)

Fav. PBN Players: Besides me… I’d have to say Brockman and Hogan.

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: paintball-net.com/4445

Other/ Comments: Whether you’re on PB or not… just remember that the Droopy Tool ain’t nothin to *** with.

PBN Name:TRUEfoe



Hobbies:Playing PBTerm, having straight A’s.

Homepage: <old link>

Team:The Lost Souls


Time Played:1 1/2 Years

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I did a 12K drop for my 10K splat, which I was proud of.

PB Pet Peeves:People who spam, and use profanity.

Fav. PB Weapon:I like the Rocket Launcher.

Fav. Bot:dumb bot, because they are so dumb! =)

Fav. PBN Player:poormanjoe

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Busprod

Other/ Comments:This is my first time writing to the PBNN, and I am proud to be chosen. =) I’d like to give a shout to my friends out there, PBL(My cousin), Psychoticfairytale(My Team’s Cap), poormanjoe(A man of wisdom), Ryn(a tutor of mine), Lady Scorpion(A phat team member), Ryno(a good buddy), cheepon(man of laughs, that or else he’s crazy), JDaMaN(a person I talk to about stuff), and all my other friends out there.

Closing Notes

Lately I’ve been impressed on the uniqueness of the articles sent in.
Keep them coming! Thanks everyone!

Editor’s Notes

1. Please do not send RM requests to be an admin. He just forwards them to me anyway so you might as well eliminate the middle man. But keep this in mind: I don’t comment about when or on who I will use my admin promotions powers. Everyone is different and there are many reasons why I choose admins. You will just have to be patient and see if you are the next chosen. The best thing you can do it just enjoy playing the game and being with the other members of the paintball community. 2. My hubby and I both use the computer. He’s been getting on a lot more and opening up netscape which downloads my mail. In short this means that some email gets lost. So if I don’t reply to you feel free to resend. 
3. I will be on vacation from tommorrow(April 19th) to the 26th to New York to see my dad. I will not be able to check my email at all. But I might be on paintball from time to time. Thanks! 🙂
4. Another reminder… it’s best to include your paintball user name when emailing me. Good rule of thumb for emailing RM and Dug as well. 5. If you don’t hear something FROM me.. then don’t believe it. I’ve been noticing people putting words in my mouth so don’t believe everything you hear. 🙂