PBNN Issue #31 – 3/17/99

Editor: QtPie


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Player Profiles
Closing Notes


“The Art of Keypad Movement”

Written by poormanjoe

1) Well lets start with the very basics. First put true movement from the options menu then turn on ”Num locks” The keypad part you will be using are the numbers all the way on the right of your keyboard. Then you will notice there are arrows on 2,4,6, and 8. The 1,7,9, and 3 are also used even though they don’t have arrows on they, they are used for angle movement.

2) Now lets talk about eq. Personally I believe keypad movement is best used with a can. And jet or [turbo][swim] are a must. If your gonna be canning refracto won’t do you much good, but will help some. If your canning be sure to hold a renamed scarf to help with all the cyan flying at you.

3) Tips: I’d have to say a good thing to have with keypad movement is to have a good short term memory. This helps so you remember how many rows you have gone down or across. Just imagine the screen as one big graph and its very easy to use keypad. How many times have you said “screen center got me!!” well ever since I have started using keypad movement I have not had the problem once (5 is screen center just so ya know) I have also noticed it is much easier to “chase” down other people and other canners! One of the best ways not to get splatted is to not move in strait lines. With keypad I find it very easy to move all over and dodge NB or rockets.

4) techniques: One of my favorite and best techniques is say your chasing a guy down (with a can) and you figured out he has his tar north what you do is go 2 south really fast and it will almost always get em! Be sure to hit screen center pretty often when you going for flags. The really nice thing is when your chasing someone down and you hit screen center it won’t mess you up like it does with mouse.

5) A few other advantages are you have your mouse totally free (if your using can) to hit other buttons very quickly. I also have notice I can get to flags faster than others. It will seem weird at first but, just give it a day and you may start to like it. You never know until you try!

6) If ya wanna know anything else about this or have any questions just talk to me on PBN and have fun with this!!

The Hook Shot

Written by Gazemer

Over the last few months I’ve noticed people talking about the “Hook Shot” Mainly because i was reading a PBNet article and Boo Yaow was talking about it. So i decided to write this article, seeing that many people consider it maybe a secret or something.


All that the hook shot does, is hook around a tree, mountain, etc. to get to another “row” on the map. From what i consider row, i mean the lines of the map, seeing that you move in squares, they are in straight rows, I think you get my point. It is usually used by rocketteers and single-shot gunners (what most of the oldies did).

How to do it:

Ok, this is the way I learned to do it, i don’t think there is much of any other way. I will use the holding to tell you an example. If you went to the right wall per say, straight over from the midstore. You look south and there is a mountain. To get past this mountain, aim in one square right of you. You look down, and see how far away the mountain south of you, two squares. What you do is from there is aim two squares below that mountain in the row right of you. I know this sounds very complicated, but once you try it you will understand. If you went to the right wall, and went one square up from where you just shot FROM, you would aim 3 squares this time, which would still hook around that mountain south of you.

If you have any problems or complications with this, talk to me any time I am online, I’m usually on serverone, or main. If you cant find me give me an e-mail. mailto: Gazemer@aol.com



Shroom’s Play Style

Written by Shroom

Hey! Ok, thanks…Here goes ———— Hey everyone. Ready for a small book about canning? I’m not the Big Man in the Sky. However, I DO know what brought my character Shroom from 1k to 100k in about 2 or 2½ months.


Turbo kit is essential, but jet isn’t. It’s a great addition, but don’t get carried away. Saving up for a shiny jetpack is not the wonder-drug of the splat world. Namely, you are NOT bouncy then. To be a good canner, you have to be so bouncy glue won’t even stick to you. The reason for this is that there are one heck of a lot of cyaners out there, and hopefully you can just trot right up and can em. Also, a lot of the padded stuff is CHEAP, and sometimes light. HOPEFULLY…if they whip out the nb, don’t say I didn’t tell you so! =P Camo is almost essential, but canners do a lot of running around so camo won’t help that much. Also, as Da Player has pointed out, people come TO you when you don’t have camo. If you are good enough, you can splat them first. =P Satellite is great, but not essential…neither is interference. Definitely not interference! I’ve never had it, except for a brief 2-day attempt at being a hider *cringe*! Two rapids are the way to go, but like the guy/girl said, one will do. Anything I said bad about equipment is just for those out there without 200k to blow…if you do, heck…buy everything in the chop shop and slap it on yourself!

Movement:I have always used the number pad. Sure, it makes it hard to click on buttons, cause you have to take your hand off the num pad, grab the mouse, position it, and click a button. However, I hardly use the buttons except for tokens, flags, and reloading my can! =P If you get a good enough *eye* for things, using the num pad is great… the mouse runs you in a straight line all over the place. The num pad, you can plot out…*2 spaces past the mtn, run over the jungle, cross the valley, double back on the sand, and splat Spume!* … In another article it said it was hard to can naders and canners. I think that depends on how good you are. If you use the number pad the right way, [and if they are using the mouse it makes it all the easier], all you have to do is generally run around with them [called the dance, cause you are both zig-zagging trying to get the upper hand], keeping one space in between them and your target. Then when they pause [most ppl do, eventually…usually looking for a place to go], you move over that essential spot and nail em.

Target:I have that little aiming compass out, but I find that if I ever stop to adjust it in the MIDDLE of a game, I end up getting splatted. [the beginning and end are usually open for debate] =( Most of the time, I have it one space up and to the direction the enemies are at. I don’t really let people run on top of me. =P However, if I start at the top of the map, I’ll generally reposition it to one space down and one space over towards the enemy.

Hills and Mountians: Use the hills to help you cause they let you see farther with your scoped out infrared helmet! No joke! Makes it really sweet cause they can’t see you, if they are past some trees, and you can see them! Then you know where they are/going, and can head on over there. Same goes for mtns, but it is bad to move over more than one at a time, cause they REALLY slow you down.

Flags: I never really go for flags, unless there are only about 6 ppl on the server! [late at night…busprod] Usually, I just go straight for where they are, and run circles around them while splatting them. Make sure you spot the nb-ers, though…they will fire at the pack of ppl coming and might hit you! If it’s just cyaners, though, you’ve got padding for that! =P

Num Pad: If you are using the num pad, it is REALLY easy to know when to screen center: all the time. Hitting the “5” on the center of the num pad is same as typing or double clicking. And since you already know exactly where you are going, and are figuring your next move based on that, it’s no problem. All it gives you is more range to see.

Invaders: One little trick I’ve found out [If you’re rich], is to use refracto and just sit there with your can. Then wait till a bot is ONE space away, and use the aiming compass to position your target over the bot. I don’t know why the bots a couple of spaces away don’t see ME, seeing as how you flicker when you shoot, but it works! Maybe it’s the multi jacket I have on. =P Don’t try this around other people, cause the bots will fire if they walk OVER you. They could be heading for a completely different target and accidentally run smack into you. Not pleasant! If you don’t have fracto, run straight up to the bots…they aren’t smart enough to duck or weave. If you get splatted by a kami…it goes with the territory.

PS – no matter what, never give up canning cause it’s too hard. Normally, “you” just aren’t getting the little quirks behind canning…like maybe you just aren’t good at dodging, zig-zagging, counting spaces, or, possibly, you are just unlucky! Life is the process of getting better at what you suck at, and pbn too.

Happy Canning! ~luminist the donut god [Shroom]

Nike Bomb’s Quick-Tips to Rocketing

Written by Nike Bomb

As you may or may not know, Rocketing has become a more popular way of getting splats these days. I have used the same mini rocket launcher since I have been a level 2. It is my personal favorite weapon. This article on Rocketing is for newbies and people who just want to have fun with rockets. Rocket Launchers are good for tournaments as well as regular games, but not Invaders. Never shoot any person next to you with a launcher. It will cause you to die as well.

The first thing to do is to buy the launcher. Now, there are 2 Rocket Launchers. “A Rocket Launcher” and a “mini Rocket Launcher”. I chose mini, as many others do. All Rocket Launchers have a range of 50 and a reload of 10. But you can speed it up with a few rapid-fire kits. Spread-Fire kits are good for people with bad aim, because it covers more terrain. But I highly suggest that you not use spread-fire, it will be a waste of money. There are 2 types of rocket ammo: a paint rocket, and an Ultra-Light paint rocket. They both do the same thing, but you can hold more UL rockets in your launcher. (Note: Don’t put grenades in your rocket launcher, it jams them!)

A good combination for a Mini Rocket Launcher is: a mini rocket launcher[rapid-fire][hugeexp]. That is a good all-around game launcher and is what I use. For the money wasting, people with bad aim out there can buy: a mini rocket launcher[rapid-fire][spread-fire] or have [spread-fire][hugeexp]. It’s your money, so you can do what you want with it. A tournament is a good place to see different variations of Rocket Launcher creations, (example: a mini rocket launcher[burst-fire][spread-fire]….Not very smart, but it will get the job done) Tournaments are a good place to tweak up on your player splatting abilities.

Some basic Rocket shooting guidelines: Never shoot from behind an object (person, tree, hill, etc.). If you happen to hit a teammate; first thing to do is tell him/her SORRY! You can also hit really good sniper shots with your rockets. “SAT” shots are often common with Rocketers. You can also do angle shots, but you had better know your position. Nuking Rockets is cheap and is common because Rockets EXPLODE on contact w/ any object (but paintballs and other types of ammo) so you have a really good chance of really splatting someone w/ a Rocket. Also remember you CAN hit your teammates in the game without being evicted for 1 minute, so “BOMBS AWAY!”

Next up, good suit/jacket combos for Rocketers. Well, many rocketers stand out in the open, firing a few rounds into a crowd of Red panicking people. But the best 2 Suit/Jacket combos are: ‘a multi-terrain insulated suit[refracto][interfer]’ & a ‘multi-terrain Down-Filled Jacket[refracto][jetpack]’. Those 2 are what I mainly see on Rocketers. However, I have a old Hider suit, so…I am pretty much invisible until I nuke you. =)

Next, some good rocketers of today. In my opinion, Jon Toppins, Sandstorm, Virgil, and Beowulf are the ALL-TIME best rocketers on PBN. Then, Nike Bomb, moldy, sillk, Madhorse and probably EricR are the next-to-best Rocketers. These people know their weapons and are very talented with Rocket Launchers. Many Rocketers don’t get the respect they deserve, but, to tell ya the truth, Rocketing takes patience and skill. Rockets aren’t for the people with an “Itchy” trigger finger, because you will waste a lot of money in a very short period of time. Rocketers are now being called “NADERS”, “HIDERS” and “NON-SKILLED wannabes”.

Fames and Shames of Rocketing

Fame – Splatting more than 1 person per shot.

Shame – While in a tournament, nuking your teammate when the game is tied 2-2.

Fame – EXPLOSION ON CONTACT; you can nail a hider without seeing him/her.

Shame – Rockets cannot go through tree, hills or mountains.

Fame – Watching people run from your Nuking Rockets.

Shame – Being Blasted by a hider inside a group of trees.

Also NEVER put a kit that goes on your body/feet/head etc., on your Rocket Launcher. Believe me, it doesn’t do anything for you, expect a lot of BS in the middle of a game if you try to assemble something like Refracto to your launcher. If you have a terrible “LAG,” try to ease off the rockets. In replacement, use cyan…they are $1 a shot and are pretty good to use. AND if you aren’t rich, DON’T ROCKET IN AN INVADERS GAME! So the next time you need splats and fast, get a rocket launcher and have fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me (Nike Bomb). Open Fields are a good place to find a Rocketer. SO BEWARE!

As a general rule, please show all the admins some respect, because someday you may be one too. I am still waiting but I am confident that QtPie will make the right choice with me. Well, this is Nike Bomb signing out, PEACE!

—————OUTIE————— Peace Out, Nike Bomb

Tourny Player Of The Month March/1999

Written by Space Cadet

Hello fellow PaintballNET players. Its March and time for another “tourny player of the month” to be chosen. This month’s pick was a rather easy one for me, because a certain player showed great skill and non-hiding tactics in his gameplay. This player was Redman. I noticed how he didn’t need to hide in one place waiting for another player to run by, instead he would always be moving looking to players and looking for a good fight. Me and Redman have had a few great battles this month and his skill didn’t go unrecognized. I would like to give my best wishes to redman and hope he continues the great tourny play. He will get $5000 and a signed belt for his efforts.

Summary of current Tourny players of the month

Tourny player of the month – Febuary/1999 – Stanky

Tourny player of the month – March/1999 – Redman

Written By Space Cadet (ferris). Any questions/comments, you can reach me at jody@roadrunner.nf.net

Need more helpful PbNet Pages?

Try Random’s page at <old link>. This page has always been a great source of information, tips, tricks and what nots. Check it out today!

<old link> is a nice little site that shady put together. It has some information as well.

Muchacho’s site: <old link> is hosting a Trivia Contest. Might want to check that out.


New Admins

Paintdog, Sharp Shooter, Supter, MalibuCXV, and Necrite were promoted to 90. New Level 80s are Azalin and The Ghost. Another 95 position was filled by Spume. Congrates Guys!


Teams: Chronic hit 200k!

Mali would like to congratulate everyone on The Holy Ones for accomplishing one of our largest goals; 100,000 splats. Way To Go TEAM!

Players: Sgt Splatter surpassed the 90k mark. (100k here he comes!)

Chapper passed both 60k and 70k. Nice Work 🙂

Southpark passed 50k splats. WooHoo!

Mister T passed 40k splats. He’s moving on up (to the east side). Heheh couldn’t resist!

From Moonraker:I have broken 5k spalts which is a great accomplishment for me. The 5k splat was First Prophet who got a 5k reward and i would like to thank all my friends for helping me get there mikinater, cheepon, PBL, danceman and many more you all know who you are. Thanx moonraker

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Space Cadet 

Age/Birthday:Age:17 , Birthday-April 3rd 1981


Hobbies:Ice Hockey, Soccer, football, Real Paintball(Occationally) , 
Being a PBNet Addict. =) 


Team:Deadly Foce 

Stats: Ever: Stats for ‘Space Cadet'(51282) TotalWorth:$248540: 
(EVER) GAMESL14439 BONUSL18565000 SPLATS:21411 

Time Played:A little over a year.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud 
of?] : Getting to know Dsniper. 

PB Pet Peeves:People who ask me to run tourns. When im only a lvl 75 =) 

Fav. PB Weapon:Uluhv [spread] [ulhugeexp] 

Fav. Bot:Moldys little helper 

Fav. PBN Player:Dsniper 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Serverone 

Other/ Comments:Pb rules =)

PBN Name: compukill

Age/Birthday: 21/october 28th

Job: student 

Hobbies: Pball ,ball hockey and Pub at school if its considered a hobbie 

Homepage: <old link> (it kinda sux cause i havent
really worked on it but you can look it you want my pic is there) 

Team: The GateKeepters 

Stats: Ever: games :6120 bonus: 3659000 splats 4139 accuracy 29% 
games survived: 1117 splats 1283 player splats 1601 

Time Played: about 2 and a half to 3 years 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :
winning my first tourn when i was a newbie 

PB Pet Peeves: i hate when people complain about other weapons like “nading takes
no skill” maybe that is true but nading and making a profit now that must be hard.
i hate geting naded but i have learnt to deal with it i wish everyone else would 

Fav. PB Weapon: DeathToy[rapid][rapid] (its my can) 

Fav. Bot: dumb bot (cause our skill level is fairly close ) 

Fav. PBN Player: Calvn (Beaverhead) this guy makes me laugh 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: busprod 

PBN Name: Sgt Splatter

Age/Birthday: 18/April 6th, 1980

Job: Student 

Hobbies: Playing Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Golf … playing my Trumpet, 
Piano … watching Movies … and of course Paintball Net. 

Homepage: Coming to the Net Soon! 

Team: Chronic 

Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:18091 BONUS:60035500 SPLATS:93520


Time Played: Since mid-June ’98 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :
Meeting so many great people on Paintball Net, especially those on Chronic. The
upcoming 100k splat milestone looks pretty nice. 🙂 

PB Pet Peeves: The use of the word “newbie” to ridicule other players. People who
are downright mean to others (You know who you are). 

Fav. PB Weapon: Can (Double Rapid) & Ultra Light High Velocity Paintball Gun
(Ultra Light Large Pocket with Spread) 

Fav. Bot: Sgt Splatter bot & Chronic bot (I wonder why? smile) 

Fav. PBN Player: Lone Gunman, who introduced me to this marvelous game.
Basically, anybody nice is a lock to be on my “friends” list (You know who you are).

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Main because it is the place to be! 

Other/ Comments: When I first started playing Paintball Net, I was amazed at
how many splats some players had accumulated and never believed that I would
ever reach such heights. But with some time and dedication, anything can be
accomplished. This applies to everyday life as well. Always set your goals high,
work hard and you may some day reach that goal. 

PBN Name: Supters aka Supterstar

Age/Birthday: 15, September 26th

Job: part time student part time pbn freak 

Hobbies: DJ,drums,basketball,soccer,music,pbn,computer, and sleeping 

Homepage: got one but too crappy to show hehe 

Team: Green CURRENT) BONUS:215000 SPLATS:208 ACCURACY:33% 
(EVER) BONUS:6503500 SPLATS:7632 ACCURACY:41% 

Stats:Stats for ‘Supters'(25139) TotalWorth:$28755: 

Time Played: oh close to 3 years when i was coldirons 2k splat he gave me a hv gun
dang i was happy hehe 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :
being a 90!!!! reaching 10k,20k,30k splat was top10 ever on Binabik server 

PB Pet Peeves: people asking me how to become an admin,spammers, people that
force me to do stuff hehe 

Fav. PB Weapon: paintrocket launcher,waist-mounted launcher, padded hv 

Fav. Bot:dumb bot cus its similiar to me hehe 

Fav. PBN Player:Skitzo 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]:Serverthree 

Other/ Comments: I say wassup to paintdemon and flamp which are my real life
friends and thnx for the people that taught me when i first played(which i have no
clue who they are)

PBN Name:BradMan

Age/Birthday: currently 14, birthdate 6\30\84 


Hobbies:mainly my computer 

Homepage:none at the moment 

Team: Black mojo 

Stats: Ever: GAMES:2372 BONUS:2737500 SPLATS:2319 ACCURACY:29%

Time Played: about 8 months 

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : not
quit the game because of some people =] 

PB Pet Peeves: lag..people who aren’t nice…and scammers… 

Fav. PB Weapon: Brad’s Weapon of Mass
Destruction[ulexpansion][rapidfire]{=bradtheman=}{=Black Mojo=} (old can) 

Fav. Bot: I hate bots and invaders. 

Fav. PBN Player: Overt Kill…if the durn guy could get some time to play =] 

Fav. Server[Server you visit the most often]: Mudgate 

Other/ Comments: none that i can think of at the moment

Closing Notes

Happy Splatting! -Qt