PBNN Issue #8 – 3/9/98

Editor: QtPie


Well here goes another newsletter.  Hope you enjoy it.  Not many sent in articles this week.. Only two to be exact.  I urge all of you to tell me your hints, tricks and tactics on the game we are all addicted too. Please be sure to read the Happenings around paintball. There is important information in there for those of you that have not played for awhile or that don’t read the “news” in paintball! A few people did not get their profiles in on time this week.  Please.. if you do not wish to do a profile, notify me so I can tag

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


I love lag and lag loves me

Written by Michael Kalil  

I love lag and lag loves me.    
Everyday we meet.    
Lag is like a lion.     
Hunting you.    
Stalking you.    
Waiting for the perfect time to strike.   
And when it does, beware!  
   Lag is great, love it
Lag is nice, cherrish it.  
   Lag is cunning, fear it.    
Lag is fast, hide from it.    
Lag is helpful, praise it.    
Lag is glorious, honor it. 
  Not even the paintball gods David and Dug can stop  
its awesome power. 
You can’t outrun it with Skyhooks.   
You can’t hide from it with a Cloak suit. 
How many times  
have you heard the words “I have lag”. 
To many to count  
Lag is always there.
Remember, Lag loves you.
Never try to kill it. 
Lag is protecting you. 
Always love it because  
lag loves you.     
Embrace the lag, and then, only then, will you find true   


Cost effective method of getting my splats

Written by Weasel

Well I admit I may not be the richest player nor the best player on PBNet. Well, maybe the best, but anyway recently with the introduction of the new spread and burst kits into the game I have began a new and cost effective method of getting my splats. 
Now many people are now using a gun<spread><expansion> with some kind with free paint.  This works fairly well for some people but you lose a lot of splats to bounces and sometimes the other person has time to return fire and you get splatted after they bounced you a few times.  To help alleviate this problem I am using a HV Semi-Auto<spread><burst>.  Where a person using just spread would maybe hit a person with 1 pball I hit them with 2 and I still get the spread effect if I am slightly less than accurate. 
Now I know what you are thinking, I must run out of ammo after a couple shots.  Well I get off four shots before I need to reload, but reloading only takes a second and the increased rate of fire makes it worth this little extra chore.  All you have to do is carry a good supply of pballs in your backpack or wherever you want and make an alias to dump the backpack into the gun. You reload almost instantly without becoming vulnerable for more than a second or two. 
This method gives you a measurable advantage over those using just spread.  It is very economical so you dont have to be super rich to use this method.  I hope this is helpful to some of you poor newbies who are constantly begging for money. 

That darn _____er  splatted me again!!!

Written by QtPie

Lately I’ve seen alot of complaining about this weapon and that weapon.  I’m going to give you my tricks and tips on how to combat some of the harder weapons.

Nades:  Those nades used to really tick me off.  They would hit me before I could blink.  The trick I use now is to keep moving and stay away from the trees.  Nades are good for those that stay in the trees and hide.  Since they can go over the trees. So if you stay out in the open and “Dance” around, the nader will have a harder time splatting you.

Cans: Run past a canner.  Keep on your toes and keep moving.  You have to pass over their crossbar to be hit so if you run next to them you only have a 1 in 8 change of getting hit (Unless of course the canner is a master canner, like Voltron, which most are not. :))  If you stand still and wait for them to come to you, they will come at your with their target where it needs to be.  But if you run at them, You get to decide where you pass them. Canners still get me ALOT but not as much as they used to since I started running past them.

Spread: This is the weapon I’ve seen the most complaints about lately.  But have no fear, just as with canners and naders, the amount of people using spread kits will dither with time.  Most of the time players who use a spread kit will use free/cheap ammo which will bounce quite often.  Keep yourself well padded.

For me, moving is my best bet. When I am standing still I get splatted alot quicker then if I move around and “Dance.”



Broke the 10k Mark

Broke the 25K Mark 

And Lutra has broken the amazing 80k Splat.. WTG Lutra!!! 🙂

New 50s!!

Rm and Dug felt it neccesary to add a few more tourney masters to the list of admins.  The honor goes to Dave and Macman!!  I would suggest that we give them time to get aquainted with their new commands.  Don’t overload them request for tourneys.. Give them space and don’t burn them out.  Their job is hard enough as it is and they don’t need us begging and bothering them all the time. Remember they are here to PLAY too, so allow them to do that without too much grief!  Remember, if you respect others, you are more likely to get respected!  
–Dave and Macman have been doing a great job at hosting tourneys on a regular basis.  I applaud their hard work! :)–

All Kinds of New Stuff..

Alternate Server: The alternate server(4445) is back online but I’m sure ya’ll already know that.  🙂

Lockers.  Lockers have changed, you now no longer have to wait for RM to make you a locker. You just hop into any store and there he/she is waiting for you.  The commands for your locker are: look locker, put <item> locker, and get <item> locker.  Type Help locker to find out more! 
Note: Old lockers (Lockers that are a characters/level 3) will be weeded out by April 1st.. You must transfer your items from your old locker to your new one.. (Don’t forget to transfer your money.. I almost forgot to do that.. opps.) Get your stuff out now or risk the chance of losing it all!!!

ShowActions: For all those people who complained about seeing everyone else buying and selling items.  This convient little command will shut them all off. Just type showaction off to turn it off and showaction on to turn it back on.

Ignore: My personal favorite..Ignore now ignores EVERYTHING! whispers, shouts, everything (except notes.. work on that one RM <grin>)..Correction: Ignore does not ignore whispers… <Sigh>

Announce:The admins have a new command too.. They can now announce messages that they wish everyone to hear.  Listen the the anouncements..

Give protection:  When giving to a level 2, you must now type: give willingly <name> <item>.  This insures that you do not give to a level 2 by mistake since level 2’s will not be able to give it back.

Tokens: You can no longer put tokens in any equipment that DOES NOT have an extra pocket or expansion kit on it.  This was a unexpected change but one that needs to be mentioned.

There is also one other thing new about paintball but I will let you figure that out for yourself. 🙂 I’m so evil eh? 🙂 

Team Profile


Leaders:Darkman, FlyinEmu, Stanky, Hogan, TwistOFate

No. Of Members:16

Member List: inflictor, FlyinEmu, TwistOFate, david, Stanky, Hogan,  darkman, Rellik, Splats, darkblade, eraser, Zap, azalin, seabond,  crypto, killah

Motto: pooP =) hehe…That isn’t really an official motto but FlyinEmu says it a lot hehe 😉

Homepage:: <old link> Still in construction!

Stats: (EVER) BONUS:20837000 SPLATS:27409 ACCURACY:35%

Requirements:Now that team DUDES is more established you must be invited. We look for people that we think have skill. We have no set requirements. If we think you are good we will take you. But as a general rule you should have over 1k splats. One of the most important requirements is to have fun and make a fool of yourself as Hogan, FlyinEmu, and TwistOFate tend to do best =)

Who We are: Team DUDES is a new team on PBN. We dont have any of the “Great People” with lots of splats but we are very deadly in tournys.  We have beat almost all of the best in tournies. As a team our record is 9 and 1 in tournys as far as I know. And if you want to join a team DUDE tourny team you must be DUDE. We don’t just play to get a lot of  splats. We are on DUDES to have a good time and talk. That’s one of the  main reasons I like this team.

Achievements: Darkman just cleared 10k splats and we have built a solid  team that has alot of skill even though we lack people with lots of  splats. 

Goals: We are trying to recruit a few more top players and keep winning every tourny we can get into. 

Comments: If you think you have what it takes to be DUDE talk to one of our 5 leaders and if they think you can handle it you will be on the team. Don’t take this game too seriously as I <Emu> tend to do sometimes 😉 Just play and have fun!

The Amigos, you are tagged!! I tagged you because you guys have some talent (And Compeler told me to to tag you guys hehe!) =)

Player Profiles

Pbn name : Spume 

Real Name : Walter Jukes
Age: 28
Job: forklift operator
Hobbies : Computers and Rc cars
Team : The Elite Few
Stats Ever : games 21551 bonus 24485000 splats 31209 acc 16 %
Timed Played : I started January 4 1997
Most Crowning: I am the longest lived tourney master of pbn history as well as in the top ever splats for over a year
Pet peaves: Getting asked to have a mini tourney every other second
Fav pbn weapon : I have to go with the old uhv when no bounce was available for it but now i just use the hv rifle with no bounce
Fav Bot : The Dear bot an old pbn bot that used to bite you on the neck (old inside joke)
Fav pbn player : Spume only cause i could not name just one but if I had to, Ez is the man
Famous Quotes : SSSSppppOOooMMMMM!!!!! The proud the few the not you elite! 
Comments: I am totally addicted to this game. Sorry i dont chat more but my wife demands my attention most of the time i can only get away with paying attention to the screen when the buzzer goes off.
I tag Qt forced Spume to tag Master..

PBN Name:Soundtraxx

Real Name:Joseph Miles
Job:school…and Soccer
Hobbies:I Love to play Soccer…Mud…and PBN I also like to hang out with friends and use ICQ.
Stats: Ever:You have $21965, carrying 200/200.
(EVER) GAMES:4765 BONUS:3896500 SPLATS:4666 ACCURACY:24%
Sounds x-ray glasses[infrared][scope]{=Soundtraxx=} on your HEAD, EYES
Sounds Scarf[satellite][expansion] on your NECK 
Sounds Shirt[refracto][interference]{-Cancer-}{=Soundtraxx=} on your
a mini grenade launcher[expansion][expansion] on your RIGHT HAND,L
HAND a pair of padded leggings[turbo][swim] on your LEGS, FEET
You are standing.
Time Played:Since October 9th-10th 97.
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Having the privelage of being on Cancer and making about 2k splats in 1 week…also making all these friends and  well ummm….having all of my eq that I like. Also being chosen to do a profile from Dug.
PB Pet Peaves:People who write in green…people who ask to buy my suit and/or glasses…and spammers.
Fav. PB Weapon:a Mini launcher[exp][exp] with HV nades.
Fav. Bot:has to be the kami because it takes out most of the players in the beginning of vaderz.
Fav. PBN Player:Has to be Dug because he is nice and always fixes the games biggest problems
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :%1 your ignored,haha, hmmmmmm……. and nice shot and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…
Other/ Comments:hmmmm……I am a Freshman in school I have a bunch of friends I like drama…hmmmm…….nothing else to really say except I have a dog
Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] :TaRqUin

Closing Notes

Team Amigos, Tarquin, and Master are all tagged to do profiles in the next newsletter.  Those that didn’t get their profiles in this week can still send them in and I will post them in an upcoming newsletter.

That’s it for another newsletter.  Not much else to say.

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting