PBNN Issue #26 – 11/8/98

Editor: QtPie


HI All! It’s November now and the holidays will soon but rushing up to
our doors, dragging us away from our computers. But have no fear, the
PBNN will go on and I’m pretty excited about this issue. Hope you all get
excited too!

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Map Contest

[You must read this carefully] NOTE: The Map contest is OVER!!

If you do not follow these directions exactly, then your map will NOT be entered into the contest..

I’ve created a new program that will make paintball map editing fairly quick and easy. Although this program was orginally intended only as a learning tool for me, RM and I decided it would be cool to have a map making contest. Here are the rules…

Learn this NOW: Do NOT ask Rm to post your map, Do NOT email your map to RM, no need to even talk about the maps with RM. Even if you are Rm’s best friend, Give the map to ME(QtPie)!

Make a map for paintball. Save the map as <yourname>pbmap.map <– the .map will automatically be added if you use my program. Example: My map would be called qtpiepbmap.map. Maps that are not named properly will be thrown into my recycle bin.

Email ME (<old email>) with your map by Nov 22, 1998. Maps recieved after Nov 22, 1998 will be thrown into my recycle bin.

LEAVE the holding area in tact. When you start a new map it automatically puts the holding area on the map. That holding area will show up in the corners of the map, one fourth of it in each corner. This must not be altered in any way. If you alter it, your map will go into my recycle bin..<teehee, gotta love the recycle bin eh?>

The Judges will be me and four other people. I will not list the names of these people right now because I do not want you guys to harrass them about picking your map. 🙂 Decisions of the judges are final and if you disagree with the ruling then too bad. Don’t even think about whining to RM about it either.. 🙂

Now about the program…

You can download the program at <old link>

Any bug reports or questions can be mailed to me (<old email>). Hopefully there aren’t too many. 😉

I do already know that the graphics are funky looking. But I can’t seem to do anything about that just yet.. <shrug> But other then that you should be able to build a fully functional PbTerm map with that program.

One Final Note… This will be the only way to get a map in Pbterm. Please do not bug RM about posting your maps.. or I will have to beat you into the ground.. 🙂 Thanks! QT



I recieved some team splat counts, but I don’t post team splats unless your team hits 100k or more.. Sorry but I just can’t afford the room for everyone’s team splats..

Togood broke 70k splats on thursday October 29 at 10 PM CST. Gee Togood, didn’t we start about the same time?

and Ryn hit 40k splats…He’s passed me too??

DAVE YOUNGBLOOD(me) and fellow goon squad member niccolo broke 20k. They are hot on my heels…

Hoosier hit 10k splats just recently and gave the victim of that splat, Punk Rawk, $10k. WTG Hoosier, chasing me down in splats eh?!

I liked this email: Hi QtPie. I know you probably don’t like to mention little newbies that reached 1k splats…but I worked so hard and I enjoy PBNet sooo much that if you please could add me to the MILESTONES in your next issue of the PBNN….. [Congrates The Stringer! It’s the newbies that keep the game going. Love to mention them!]

Mag Wanted

Classified:[These in no way have anything to with ME(QtPie)! I’m actually not sure who sent this in <shrug>]

I’m on the quest to find the few remaining MAGs left in circulation on PBterm. If you have a MAG , know of someone who has a Mag , or you know where to find a list of owners of this dwendling item please contact me at: <old email>

Player Profiles

Player Name: DeadEyeDan

Age: 12 (just had my B-Day)

Job: Mows lawns

Hobbies: PBN,reading a good book, & snowboarding

Home Page:<old link>

Team: Chronic Their web is <old link>

Stats: (EVER)GAMES:6318 BONUS:3948000 SPLATS:5576 ACCURACY:28% (CURRENT) BONUS:159500 SPLATS:188 ACCURACY:48%(as of 11/1/98)

Time Played: About 6 months or so (prolly more)

Most Crowning PBN Achievments: Im on Chronic, i have had some good Nade Drops…. and some other stuff along the way. =)

PB Pet Peeves: Beggers, spammers, -=JUNIOR=-,& ppl who chat I NEED A RESET when there are no admins on!!!

Fav. PB Weapon: a Rocket Launcher [expansion]

Fav. Bot: hate every single one

Fav. PB player: AlphaAce,Sgt Splatter, Lone Gunman,Azazal,Torwy Da Big Phat Dog,Syndrome,Beo, and all the ppl (to many to list)

Famous Quotes: I ….have a quote?

Comments: Thx for helping me when i was a newbie AlphaAce and thx to the team for thier support and friendship.

Closing Notes

Remember.. QtPie deals with the maps. NOT RM! 🙂

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT