PBNN Issue #25 – 10/26/98

Editor: QtPie


Player Population Page:

The Player Population Page is up and running (has been for awhile). Send me your information if you havent’ already. If you are an admin, contact me if you are not on the admin page. Remember, not all information is needed, just the stuff you want posted. Go to:<old link> and check it out!

PBNN Back Issues:

You can browse all the back issues of the PBNN at
<old link>. This includes the three issues that Polly published, and the issue the Ritalin Boy did. The only issue I do not have posted is the issue Socks did (I personally have never seen that one).

<Old link> has links to all articles written as well as links to all the profiles that have been done.

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


A Survey Yippie!

If you could fill this out and return it to me (<old link>)
I would appreciate it. (I would be helpful to me if you would COPY and
PASTE these questions into a new message to me so I don’t get those >>
thingies. Thanks!

1. What is the weapon you use most often(Only list one please!)

2. What is the weapon you find most annoying to be splatted by(One Only

3. If you could modify or add a weapon, what would it be?:

4. If you could ban the use of a weapon or kit that goes on a weapon,
what would it be?:

How To Be Deadly Part 4

Written by Dsniper

Now for a quick look at how to be Deadly on the Playing Field.
This week I am talking about Equipment. This set of articles assumes you have a basic grasp of the game, buttons, and aliases. If you aren’t a new or inexperienced player, You wont get much from this. It is aimed at newbies this week.

Lets Talk Bouncy VrS Insulation

Everyone wants to know what they should buy next. ( well, Not everyone, but a lot of people ) So In this installment, I will talk about equipment setups. I consider your attire to be more important than your weapon at first. All you new players should strive to get setup the following way till you get established, and start to make money.

Padded Helmet (-Scope-) 
Scarf (-Woodland-)(-Grassland-)
Small padded backpack
Padded leggings (-Swim-)(-Turbo-)
Can of Spraypaint
Semi-Auto Paintball gun (-Exp-) and then later (-Spread-) 

Now after you have some money to play with ( and some weight ) you need to decide what type of player your gonna be. Aggressive Point Man , Or Sneak around the woods and run away a lot Man . The choice is yours , make the wrong one , and die a lot. It all depends on your style of play. Personally , I will take bouncy any day. If someone’s gonna kill me, I’m gonna be an expensive kill.

::To be a rocketer or a Nader, you should get something like this
Padded Helmet (-X-Ray-)(-Infrared-)
Padded scarf (-Huge-)(-Huge-)
Multy Terrain Insulated Suit (-Interference-)(-Satellite-)
Padded Boots (-Swim-)(-Turbo-)
Mini Launcher ( your choice) (-Rapid-)(-Large)
Can of Spraypaint
Semiauto Paintball gun (-Large-)(-Spread-)

::If you want to be a Killer with a Can. You need to get something like
Padded Helmet (-X-Ray-)(-Infrared-) 
Scarf (-Large-)(-Sat-)
Large padded Backpack (-Huge-)
Multy Terrain Down Filled Jacket (-Interference-)(-Jet-)
Padded leggings (-Huge-)(Turbo-)
Can of Spraypaint
Semiauto Paintball gun (-Exp-) 

If you want to be a Gunner, You can choose either of the later 2 setups. It all depends on if ya want to be bouncy or invisible. If you have money to spare, get ultralight kits and guns, Not to mention the advantages of jet . If you have Tons of spare cash buy an old Rare suit or jacket setup.

Now remember, You have to stay alive to be Deadly. You have to use your chosen equipment to its most advantage. If you are bouncy, You can usually afford to charge someone who is obviously shooting cyan or hv paint. If you aren’t bouncy, The afor mentioned charge would be suicide for sure. You must sneak around in the woods, Pop Up, take a shot or 2, Then run like hell before the enemy peppers your location. The Lesson to be learned here is. Play your equipment, Dont expect your equipment to live up to your style.

If you opt for bouncy, You will not get insulation. There is at least, 1 item in the store ( Infrared ) that will see you. But thats ok , cause they still have to splat you, which isn’t always a easy thing to do. You will always have to contend with Caners, Nader/Rocketers, and Nb shooters, No matter what your setup. The mass majority seem to use cyan from what I see. It is also kinda hard to be accused of hiding, if you aren’t wearing a hiding suit. Yes, Insulation + Interference + camo or refracto is a hiding suit.

Well, I think that brings this little series to a end. I have a few others in mind, But it might take awhile to get them in print. This is a busy time of year for me. So until I have some more time to write, Catch ya later.


[Thanks Dsniper, I found your articles all to be worthy additions to the PBNN!]


New Things

New Nades and Rockets. Check them out. 
$25, 2lb : an ultra-light big paint grenade(yellow)
$50, 2lb : an ultra-light high-speed big paint grenade(red)
$75, 2lb : an ultra-light very high-speed big paint grenade(blue)
$25, 2lb : an ultra-light paint rocket(maroon)


The Lost Souls hit 60k splats and PsychoticFairytale would like to thank 
all of the team. Thanks Guys!!!

Jon Toppins hit 50k splats on 10/3/98 at 6:36 Pm EST. Wonderful Job!

Mickey D hit 40,000 splats! WOOHOO FOR HIM!!!

I’d like to add that Steveo broke 30k. WTG Stevo!

Cowbot, Maddgrasshopper, and Turbine all hit 20k Splats. Strut your stuff

The Ghost has splatted someone or something 10k times. Great work!

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Golden Splat (used to be Clueless)

Real Name:Zack Richardson



Hobbies:Soccer, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, PBN

Homepage:<Old link>



Time Played:Mmmmm, I think about 10 months.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Been on some really good teams. Help some newbies. Made some good friends. =)

PB Pet Peeves:SPAM >:( and people using chat when tell is better =(

Fav. PB Weapon: Uzi

Fav. Bot:I hate them all.

Fav. PBN Player:Qt, and Beowulf (they have helped me alot)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :None really =(

Other/ Comments:Thanks to everyone, expecially admins, that have helped me =)

PBN Name: Aldébaran

Age: 19

Job: Full time University student. On campus job in the Library in the Fine Arts/Listening Room.

Hobbies: If these count: Anime, Manga (Japanese comic books,) JACO (Japanese and American Cultural (exchange) Organization,) learning new kanji, computer graphics, designing web pages for fun. umm. Astrology, tarot, newest new age cd I get, umm learning new languages are always fun.. (I’m weird btw.)

Homepage: it’s cheezy but <old link> I have others, though they’re anime.

Team: The Amigos, been with them since March. =)

Stats: When you see me on type “stat alde” (right now VT100 crashes whenever I log on–fooie.)

Time Played: Late January or Early February 1998 my id# is 44423 (I believe)

Most Crowning PBN Achievements: I don’t know. Becoming a good canner. Never giving up when (Brockman er..) someone (er.. Sandstorm) splats you over and over. Keeping a cool head when others go off of the deep end.

PB Pet Peeves: Kamikaze is not spelled kamikazi! (That’s like saying devine/god (kami) summer (kazi) among other things.) “Who’s Da man” spam. Spammers. Mean people. …and the fact that you can only ignore 100 people.

Fav. PB Weapon: ohh the CAN!

Fav. Bot: KamikazE bot (I like setting them off and not getting hit.)

Fav. PBN Players: Way too many… a small list: Antonio for helping me get started, Sandstorm all those latenight games =) you’ll be to 100k soon (if not already), Ryn all around nice guy, etc.. all those I left out.

Famous Quotes: “oops, sorry *Wipes black spraypaint off of -insert name here- *” “akk *beats the FFFFFF error in the head with his can*” “PBT needs a spell check.” “I need to get paid for splatting myself.”

Other/Comments: Well many people ask where my nickname is from, how to pronounce it.. etc. (I think it’s one of the most mispelled names on PBN..) Anyway, it’s the name of the brightest star in the constellation Taurus (11th brightest in the night sky.) Like most stars it has an Arabic name. It means ‘the follower’ because it follows the pleadies(siq) in the sky. I originally borrowed it from an enya song after my first two PBN characters were erased (I never had them fixed–just made new ones.) Violà.

Closing Notes

OK here goes…. I’ve decided to start back on with the Team Profiles. But
there will be a caught (isn’t there always with me?? LOL) Anyway. I will
ONLY profile teams that have more than 100k splats. So when your team
hits 100k splats, have the team leader email me and I will send you the
Team Profile Form. 😉

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT