PBNN Issue #22 – 9/21/98

Editor: QtPie


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How To Be Deadly – Part 1

Written by Dsniper

Now for a quick look at how to be Deadly on the Playing Field. Personally averaging more than 7000 kills a month, I feel qualified to speak on the Art of Being Deadly. Over the next few issues of the news letter I will be giving off tips and possible tricks to the game, As well as going over some other stuff. This set of articles assumes you have a basic grasp of the game, buttons, and aliases

The first topic at hand covers a little about what to do , and or Not do during a game.

One of the biggest things to concern yourself with is to never do the same thing over and over. For instance, Don’t always guard from the same place, same distance from the flags. Don’t always Can off the same side or use the same weapon forever. In order to be really effective, you should carry several weapons, and change often. If you fall into a certain play style, you can be predicted, and anticipated by most of the better players. Sometimes I change weapons 4 or more times a game depending on the situation. Can in the woods, gun in the open, toss the odd grenade to wipe out those pesky flag guarders. The key here is to mix it up, throw curves when ya can.

Personally, I gun and can mostly, and I do carry a uzi spread/huge full of n/b, but it doesn’t get used much. Not to mention a few mines that I never seem to use, but carry anyway. Now everyone doesn’t have the weight I have to play with, but you should be able to carry a few different tools of destruction. I would personally recommend always carry a can, even if ya suck at canning, cause it doesn’t weigh much, and is a weapon that will splat a bouncy person, as well as good for those pesky bots in the woods.

The key to getting the splats is to Attack and Move, never Stay and Spray. Fire up to 3 shots max, usually 1 at the enemy, and 2 more in your best guess of the enemies direction of travel. Then Move, Duck into the woods, or behind a mountain, and attack from a different angle.

Now I will tell you something that will save your life more than Once. DON’T TALK DURING A GAME UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! [Talking during a game will cause your to become visible on the field regardless of what camo you have] Another thing to beware of is people asking you where you are, or telling you where they are. Don’t answer, instead, try to catch the enemy typing for an easy splat. More often then not, the enemy will try to call you to a corner to fight, then come in behind you cause he wasn’t really in the corner. So what I am saying here is Don’t Trust The Enemy during a game.

Now your equipment setup is much more important than your weapons at first. I will go more into this later, but just for now I will say, Even a great player, given newbie equipment, will still be a great player, but he will be severely handicapped, and probably get splayed on very badly until they manage to scrape the money together to get better equipment. By the same token, A new player, given Jet, refracto or multy, Interferance, Spread on the gun etc. They would be able to kick butt hardly knowing a thing. Now with this being said, Don’t get frustrated, You new players have a long hard road ahead of you. You aren’t always loosing cause you aren’t good, you are more often loosing to superior equipment.

Well, That’s all for you this issue, Next issue will cover Using Expensive Ordinance on a Budget, and a Bit about Swapping Weapons and Ammo. You new, and even some of you old Poor Players don’t want to miss it, So stay tuned.

-Dsniper Team Cance


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80: Little Foot, Dsniper, and Mr. 
90: RaptorRed (from 80), Mufinater 
95: Lil Oly (from 90)

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Player Profiles

PBN Name: Cyko

Real Name: Jared

Age: 17

Job: nope

Hobbies: Play Drums, Play in a band, Write Music Homepage: nope Team: Cykotic Stats: ‘Cyko'(48024):(EVER) GAMES:7870 BONUS:8315000 SPLATS:10171 ACCURACY:24% GAMES SURVIVED:1572 BOT SPLATS:4279 PLAYER SPLATS:4360 (CURRENT) BONUS:697500 SPLATS:948 ACCURACY:53%

Time Played: About 4 months

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Making the team Cykotic, Helping a newbie with a problem where the level 90’s failed. =) Breaking 10k splats.

PB Pet Peeves: I hate when i am unready and changing eq and people go “<so and so> tells you: Get Ready! get ready! get ready!

Fav. PB weapon: Just an old Ordinary Can

Fav. Bot: I hate’ em all =)

Fav. PBN Player(s):Cowbot, Pothead, Shrak, Alfalfa, MrJoe

Fav. PBN Newbie(s): Samred (I Like This Guy) =)

PBN Name: SuperSonic or SupaSonic

Real Name: James lucy


Job: ummm cleaning horse manure ( BAD job but its gotta be done )

Hobbies: Girls, paintball, girls, paintball, and girls

Homepage: <old link>

Team: DUDES ( we broke 100k splats yah know !!!!! )

Stats: Ever:(EVER) GAMES:12776 BONUS:9412500 SPLATS:9286 ACCURACY:34% GAMES SURVIVED:3819 BOT SPLATS:2247 PLAYER SPLATS:5390 (those readings are inaccurate seeing that i was made before the counter )

Time Played: SInce aboue April 98′

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : ummmm, I reached 9k splats (gettin to 10k soon). Learned how to can and rocket and minigun. Got some good aliases that i will tell anyone………..

PB Pet Peeves: bots, lvl 2’s tryin to sell stuff, BAD TOURNY MASTERSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fav. PB Weapon: a powered minigun[jetpack][spreadfire] on your BODY, RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND, WAIST

Fav. Bot: if i HAVE to pick a fave its Cheezegrenade cuz when i do play vaders i cant kill em

Fav. PBN Players: teer, togood, stanky, tarquin, azalin, RM, Qt, ERIC GRAY!!!!!!!, Beasty G, TMO, Loogie, RaDoN, Micro, Beowulf, and DSNIPER DA MAN!!!!

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : LETS GET EM BOYZ, and now ignoring: %1

Other/ Comments: PBN had been fin since i ever stared. im gettin on to 10k splats, be ther you never know what might pop up in the armory………..

Closing Notes

I hope this all suits your needs. 🙂