PBNN Issue #21 – 9/7/98

Editor: QtPie


Well gee, have I been a slacker or what? You can probably count on me slacking a bit on the PBNN for the next few issues or so. After over 3 years of staying home full time, I’m having a bit of trouble adjusting to working over 40 hours a week.. ARGH! So bear with me. 🙂

Welp here we go, I cleaned out my mailbox and found a few articles from awhile ago. Sorry it took so long for me to post them. Keep sending in articles, now that my mailbox is empty I might just have to write some for the next issue and I KNOW you guys dont’ want me to do that. 😉

Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Eagle tips for Paintball-net

Written by Eagle

When you register you have 1K (1000$) Now I will first tell you what eq is best for a starting player. You need to buy: 1:padded leggings in bottom store. They cost about $100 and padd legs against free and CYAN paintballs. 2: a padded scarf in mid store. A padded scarf costs $25 and then you need to buy a camokit ($20) in top-right store. Then you type : ass kit scarf. (I recommend you use a woodland camokit) then wear the scarf. 3: buy a helmet in the bottom store ($50) and then buy a scope kit in the Top-right store. Then assemble it by typing ass scope helmet. Then wear the helmet. (type wear helmet) 4: buy a good gun or buy a can. As soon as you are making some money you can buy a swim & turbo kit and assemble it on the leggings. If you do that it will pad your feet to and it makes you faster in water and on the dry.


Probably one of the most asked questions by newbies is how to make a can to autofire. The answer is simple. I recommend to make a button for this. You simply type: tar hom&tar east (or north south or west) Then a targeting point will be next to u. Now the trick is to get a opponent in the targeting point. You will have to run to them so they get in the targeting point so the can autofires and u splat the opponent.


The trick in gunning is to guess where the opponent runs to. Also you should never stop moving. You shoot and then you run for cover. When you earn some money you should buy a spread kit for your gun. A spread kit shoots 3 balls so when your opponent moves i square to the left or right you still hit him.

I also recommend to go to the paintball homepage on: <old link> There are some tips for new players that helped me a lot when i first started.

Have fun Black Eagle


Written by SuperSonic

So you want to learn how to rocket I see? Well im about to tell you. First off you have to have a rocket launcher. I recommend a mini paintrocket launcher ( what i use ) seeing that it doesn’t take up eyes and still shoots very far ( unlike reg nade launchers ). Now here’s a big choice, For kits i recommend 2 rapid fires IF you have a good reload alias. If you want a reload i can give you one just ask me online. If you don’t want to hassle with a reload alias i recommend rapid and huge expansion. 2 rapids will basically let you pull the trigger and the rockets will keep coming, with 1 rapid it’s a little bit slower. Now here’s the hard part, LEARNING HOW TO SHOOT IT! Rockets will blow up with the first thing it hits whether it be a tree, enemy, allies, or terrain which are not in the open. A big thing is angles, if there is a patch a trees with kinda little open spaces, take advantage and shoot through them to hit your target. Rockets are very fast so you don’t have to aim so much ahead if someone is moving. Usually someone moving very fast will move in a line ( like a jetter ) just aim about 2-5 spaces ahead and you have a good chance of killing them. Rockets are only $15 so there not that expensive, but i recommend not using them in team games seeing that after about 4 shots you’ll lose money. I often use them in teams when i look at sat at start of game so i can hit 2-4 people in one shot at start, that’s the good way to make money if y ou use them in teams. For equipment when rocketing i recommend either jet or hiding. Jet will make you move fast, shoot then move again. But don’t move in a straight line or otherwise someone who has read this article good will kill you =) . For hiding, you just wait for your enemy, shoot once or twice and move to another spot. If you have turbo try to shoot, then move, then shoot, then move. Try to stay in open grassland so that your turbo will move you away quick from backfire. That’s all i have for ya, thank you for reading this column.

—-====SuperSonic OUT!

How to be a successful player and bot killer as a lvl 2

Written by freddee (already retired)

Well first off, to be a good player killer, I suggest canning. Like for me for example, I canned for almost my whole career and I’m pretty good at it as some of you people know. =) Well I assume that you already know how to can and what EQ you need, so I’m just going to teach you how to splat people with it.

All you need is padding for almost your entire body, and turbo that’s it. Avoid water at ALL cost, although sometimes you might have to cross a little. Try staying on grassland if you can because grassland is the best terrain for canning since turbo is faster then jet on grass. Another thing is never try to hide, or your a dead man. Move as fast as you can and go out on a head on charge particularly when there are a group of enemies. Make all kinds maneuvers so the enemy won’t know where you are moving next. If you have lots of padding, then cyan users are dead. As long as you make all sorts of maneuvers as you run to the enemy, that person won’t be able to make a clear shot at you even if they have FNB. Spume for instance, uses NB and canning him isn’t hard if you move a lot.

The best way to get the most player splats are cooperative flag games. You can get easy splats in that game getting flags. To get the most splats out of a cooperative flag game, first you must have a can ready. Second the other team has to start off near you. Now all you have to do is have a head on, mad charge at the other team to the flags. This way you will kill a couple of people on the path to the flags and once you get on the flags, start taking them for some flag splats (you should have an alias for taking flags).

Now for bot splats, all you need is a Ultra-light High-velocity semi-automatic paintball rifle (if you can afford it, if you can’t, just get a regular HV) with spread and a expansion kit. Now play vaders and kill them bots, which should be easy with a rifle with spread. That’s about all I can say about bot splats.

Well there you have it, there can be many other ways to get player and bot splats, but as a lvl 2, this should be the best way with the limited space lvl 2’s have. MY suggestion is get a lvl up! =) And remember, if you want player splats, NEVER hide, you will never get any splats that way, even if the odds are against you. It is best to get some splats and die, then to get no splats and waste a game. Some people have like 1000 games but only 300 splats, it is because they either hide, or have some bad EQ. Everyone has skills in this game, its just the question if you want to use them. It took time for me to get all the splats I have today, but be patient. I retired from this game so don’t plan on going up against me or anything.


Ryn’s tips on Invaders

Written by Ryn

If you don’t know what vaders is it is a game where you get about 15 seconds to run to a spot and defend yourself against a crapload of bots. But enough of that lets get onto the help.

Ok, first we want to find a good gun to use for invaders. You can use ANY gun, but I prefer my Ultra-Light HV [spread] [expansion] filled with cyan. The gun will vary due to the amount of money that the person has. Another good setup is a semi-auto [rapid][expansion] for tight budgets. That setup offers a basic low-cost, but pretty fast gun. With a ammo of your choice. Now that you have your gun. Are you ready? Not yet. You have to have a few tips, and you will need a turbo kit if you expect to run from the bots.

So now that you have turbo and your gun, i am going to give you the tips.

When the game starts you will need to find an open spot with plenty of room to fire at the bots, but an open spot that is near the wall where the bots come out is even better. Well anyway, when the siren sounds is the time that you will get about 50% of all of your splats that game because of the overwhelming amount of bots coming from all sides. (this is just if there are a lot of people in the game) The number of bots that comes out corresponds with the number of players that are in the game. So if there are a lot of people then expect a lot of bots. First drop the mine so it will protect you from the first bots that get through to kill you then after you drop the mine you need to crouch by typing ‘crouch’. While you are doing this you need to unload on the bots with as much ammo as possible, because a lot of other people will be shooting them to and you want to get as many as possible before the area is cleaned out. and if you see any bot that comes near you, you will need to get away from them you need to assume that ANY bot will blow up. Here I will give you some info on the guns and other equipment used for vaders:

GUNS Semi Auto Paintball gun:500$ A pretty basic gun, it is good if you don’t have much money, it doesnt shoot as fast and far but still offers reliable performance. best kits: [spread] [expansion] High-Velocity Semi- Automatic Paintball gun/rifle: 2000-3000$ very good gun, it shoots fast and far, I recommend using Cyan paint with this gun and the best kits for it are [spread] [expansion] Ultra-Light High Velocity paintball gun/rifle; 20000-25000$ VERY GOOD GUN, This gun lets you have the power to shoot at a bot without the bot seeing you so if you have refracto then you can shoot and shoot and not be seen, but BEWARNED that a bot can still kill you even if you are inviso to them. best kits [spread] [hugeexpansion] A paintball Shotgun: Pretty good gun for vaders because it has built in burst and spread and it can clean out rows of bots at a time, BUT it has a limited distance of 10 spaces. Best kits [rapid] [largeexpansion] A paintball Uzi/minigun: Well this is quite an expensive gun to use because ammo (the cheaper one) is 202$ but it is very fast and can pick off bots Super quick, i wouldn’t recommend this gun for vaders but more for vival and teams. Best kits If you have enough money get [spread] [expansion] but I would use [rapid] [expan] so i could pick off bots real fast.

MINES/MISCELLANEOUS A small/regular/large proximity mine: Actually made for the invaders game I believe the small mines are good to lay around next to the border and i use the large mines which are 200$ for the corners to get more splats Camoflauge mines: These mines are mostly for player vs. player games so don’t use these in vaders Grenade/rocket launchers: Some people use these for vaders but it is really a waste of money and i only do this to boost up my accuracy a little bit. You can get up to 5-8 splats with one rocket/grenade if you are lucky A scope kit: This is a good thing to have so that you can see much farther and be ready for any approaching bots PAINTBALL INFO

Free paint: If you are looking only to gain money this is the paint for you, it is super slow and only goes 10 spaces, it also takes up a lot of room in your gun. Best used with shotgun Cyan paint: Very good vaders ammo (best in my opinion) It shoots really far and is pretty fast and is worth what it costs. HV paint: Very fast ammo but the cost is pretty high is goes a little faster than cyan and a lot faster that free and has the same distance as cyan. I put a satchel of this ammo in my gun over my cyan so that when the game starts I will get more splats because my ammo will beat the cyan to the bots. No bounce: Absolutely NOT NEEDED Minigun ammo: When used with an Uzi it has only a range of ten spaces

A very good tip for vaders is to have a gun in one hand and a mine in the other now when the game starts go to the edge of the board and drop your mine quickly and then back up and wait for the bots to emanate from the walls you mine will clear a small area and then when it is clear move in to the area where you placed you mine and fight the bots from there. As you get better at vaders then your bots splats will increase, my record for bot splats in a game is 104.

Soon you will be splatting bots with the likes of Beowulf, Kunumitsu, *me*, Jon Toppins and many more that I forgot to name. Hoped you liked this help file, please send me any good/bad comments to <old contact>

written by: Ryan Oxford “Ryn”



-“stat <body location>” to see what is in a particular location.
Interesting…. very very interesting…
-“put <body location> …” to put what is in a particular location.
Very interesting indeed…
-When someone sends a note to “all” is says “Someone has sent a note to
all”. Niffy eh?
-Ignoring now applies to notes as well. Awww now Dug and RM really have
outdone themselves on this feature <SMILE>.
-Char deletions once and for all? <–How is this going anyway? Is that
problem finally fixed? 🙂

Player Profiles

PBN Name: chapper/Mr.

Real Name: Jon Chapman

Age: a *mature* 14 (almost 15)

Job: Work at parents Daycare (eh?)

Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, School, girls 🙂

Homepage: buildin

Team: CHORUS!!!!


Time Played: Real Pb: about 6 years, PbN- Downloaded in mid Dec but didnt play til about mid March

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :

Joining Chorus, help newbies, 20k splats

PB Pet Peeves: (tough one) Prolly Junior

Fav. PB weapon: Anything that fires, but UHV launcher 🙂

Fav. Bot: a dumb padded bot *gotta get it approved :)* when i buy it

Fav. PBN Player(s):Beo, Handle, BlackViper, Qt, (Chorus)

PBN Name:xLOLx

Real Name:Josh B.


Job:Grass Cutter

Hobbies:soccer, wrestling, paintball

Homepage:Dont have one yet

Team:Bad Company

Stats: Ever:I just satrted it…..ask me if ya waant join….

Time Played:Bout 4 months…and a couple hours a day…

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :Having a good reputation…..

PB Pet Peeves:level 2’s with less then 100 splats asking for shloads of money…..

Fav. PB Weapon:can w/rapidfire……

Fav. Bot:none yet…….im waiting for the Brockness Monster Bot….

Fav. PBN Player:Brockman,-ASSASSIN-,MickeyD

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :Eh….it’s a little boring right now……how bout I drop a little something….

PBN Name:badboyent

Real Name:billy downey


Job:the way i see it , school is a job

Hobbies:playin this game, whatching wwf wrestling and going over my girls house & the best of all , listening o badboy (puff daddy ma$e biggie the lox , etc)

Homepage:dont have 1 yet


Stats: Ever:ou have $3033, carrying 112/150. (EVER) GAMES:3211 BONUS:1144000 SPLATS:1176 ACCURACY:17% GAMES SURVIVED:614 BOT SPLATS:665 PLAYER SPLATS:483 (CURRENT) BONUS:240500 SPLATS:264 ACCURACY:31% (TEAM) BONUS:673000 SPLATS:674 ACCURACY:33% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:1354000 SPLATS:1333 ACCURACY:26% a padded helmet on your HEAD a padded scarf on your NECK a large, padded backpack on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER tommy hilfiger triple fat down coat[interference] on your BODY a can of spray paint[rapidfire][expansion] on your RIGHT HAND a pair of jordans[turbo][swim] on your LEGS, FEET You are standing. You are NOT in a game right now.

Time Played:i started 7 months ago but went on vacation for 3

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :uh , ummm , nothin yet

PB Pet Peeves:people that call people hiders every 3 seconds, peoplethat have an excuse for everything, AND THAT DAMN ERROR I ALWAYS GET THAT SAYS SOMETHING LIKE PPPPPPPPPPPP, AND THE ONE THAT SAYS EROR 30001 SET TEXT RECIEVE somthing something something something operation would block

Fav. PB Weapon:ulhigh velocity semi automatic paintball rifle [spread][ullargeexp]

Fav. Bot:a playa bot

Fav. PBN Player:i have like 4 broke it , alfalfa , baddogn and catgirl(she alwayz seems to liven up chat…..alot)


PBN Name:Fighting Snake

Real Name:Arthur Yule

Age:13 > Job:School

Hobbies:Paintball Net, multiplayer online games, hockey, basketball, soccer, and biking

Homepage:<old link> <—-my homepage sux!

Team:The Holy Ones


Time Played:??? Not sure what this is.

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I was able to get 2k splats in about a week. I tried really hard because I took a leave of absence for about 6 months, and I came back with about 2.5k splat. I was kinda mad about this so I worked and now I have 5.8k splats in less than a month.

PB Pet Peeves:Newbies begging, tourny masters that suck(no names mentioned….)

Fav. PB Weapon:rocket launchers

Fav. Bot:smart bot, it’s easy to splat

Fav. PBN Player:NuKeM

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :I say “lalalalala” a lot but not sure people know me for that. Also, “Don’t be a hoe, join THO!”

Other/ Comments:I think that PBNN and PBN are great.

Closing Notes

We’ve come a long way baby, let’s not stop here!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT