PBNN Issue #20 – 8/25/98

Editor: QtPie


<Snicker> Issue 20.

A man that thinks he is big is going to have a long fall when he
realizes he is just a little man on an imaginary pedestal.

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Table of Contents

Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Canning Tips

Written by DjCool

First of all, you need to know how to use a can. Simply buy a can, then type “target west”. That will put the target to he left of you. When you go into a game, you have to run up to the person to the right of them (left of you, in the target). The can should auto-fire on that person, splatting them instantly. Now, the magical part. If you really want to can as your main weapon, buy the following items, for you will have the best for a canner:

a padded helmet (x-ray) (infrared) a padded scarf (satellite) a large, padded backpack a multi-terrain down-filled jacket (jetpack) a can a pair of padded leggings (turbo) (swim)

Use the turbo and swim kits on the leggings to save money from buying padded boots.

After you get that equipment, you need to start coughing up skill. What I mean by that is to get to know the can and it’s capabilities (canning a bot), and practice, practice, practice! After about 1 week you will see the significant increase in splats over any other type of weapon. If you want me to tell you about how to get skill in 1 day, then read on.

Skill in 1 day doesn’t normally happen, but after you read this, you will be confident in he areas of jetting and canning. First, you got to think about common sense, if your opponent is running straight in one direction, fix your target and jet-can him down. If your opponent is running parallel to the “walls of the field”, and your target is facing west, use your aiming compass and fix it to go up or down. Then just jet-can him down. When facing other jet-canners, you don’t know what they are going to do, so just run around crazy and play it by ear. But when playing with bots, get on a straight line with them so they don’t go off course and splat you.

[QtPie NOTE: ONLY use these aliases if you UNDERSTAND what it does. I was going to take this last part out but figured some people might want to use it <shrug>. But ONLY use it if you understand what it does. Thanks!]

A last note, make 2 buttons for equipment; example(my buttons): Button1- gun 2 jet- sellbig gun & sellbig suit & sellbig boots & buy multi & n & n & n & n & n & n & e & e & buy jet & asm kit jacket & wear jack & w & w & s & s & s & buy padded back & buy can & put can back & wear back & s & s & s & buy padded leg & n & n & n & N & N & N & e & e & buy turbo & asm kit leg & buy swim & asm kit leg & wear leg & get can back & wear can. Button2- jet 2 gun- sellbig jacket & sellbig back & sell can & sellbig leg & buy multi-terrain insulated suit & n & n & n & n & n & n & e & e & buy refra & asm kit suit & buy inter & asm kit suit & wear suit & w & w & w & w & buy high & e & e & e & e & buy spread & asm kit gun & buy hugee & asm kit gun & put gun locker&w & w & s & s & s & s & s & s & buy turbo boot & n & n & n & n & n & n & e & e &buy swim & asm kit boot & wear boot & w & w & w & w & ga v i & get gun locker. Use these buttons for switching from vival/teams/coop/hunt/”real” games to vaders and vice versa. That should cover it.

This has been a written document by DJCool and is copyrighted by him.

Reminder: Read the closing notes.

The Key To Cloaking Suits

Written by The Armageddon

One of my FAVORITE weapon setups is a gun and cloaking suit. I’ve been using the cloaking suit with a pretty nice success rate. The key to a cloaking suit is in aliases. Its very difficult. they are COMPLEX. I use this setup while i have a cloaking suit.

a cloaking suit [turbo] [huge]

While using this suit avoid the water at all costs. The major problem with a cloaking suit is its built in delay. I clocked my suit anywhere from 3-8seconds per shot, depending on the lag. that’s pretty bad if u are surrounded. Since i carry 4 High-Speed Big Paint Grenades and an uzi in my suit, I will show u the 2 methods of cloak attacks that i use. The first is an alias that allows u to click and shoot. type:

Alias uzi alias fire rem suit\\&get uzi suit\\&fir\\&put uzi suit\\&wear suit

***Note*** u must use a one handed weapon, AND the word FIR is correct. if u type FIRE it will continue the alias and totally mess you up. ****Note***

To pitch a nade at someone u must use this alias:

alias gren alias rem suit\\&get gren suit\\&throw gren\\&wear suit

To switch between uzi, and Grenade, u must type the alias name. u will see

Modified alias ‘Fire’

if u don’t see that exact word when switching over. u did something wrong. Now some ppl say, “What if I want to adjust my shot immediately?” well this is an alias for you. It allows u to uncloak, draw your weapon, and fire several times. U will then have to use the second alias to RE-CLOAK. THis is how its done type:

Alias RC(for remove cloak) rem suit\&get uzi suit

Alias WC(for wear cloak) put uzi suit\&wear suit

Its very difficult to use this alias with grenades, but play with it, and u might figure out a nice way of handling it.

In a cloaking suit[turbo][hugexpansion] u should be able to carry an uzi[largexpansion] [hugeexpansion] and 3 or 4 big paint grenades. This combo works very nicely. Many ppl try to use a can and a cloak suit. I just cant do it that way. its not efficient for your game/splat ratio. Trust me, a 1-handed gun with spread is the way to go. I recommend using some form of NB if u can afford it. Free paint is definitely NOT recommended. Also, when using your cloaking suit, stay near a perimeter of trees. so after u get a shot off, u can duck back into the woods and avoid getting hit. Follow these rules and you will be one of the most dreaded players on PBN.

This is Armageddon, signing off.

QtPie Note: Read the Closing Notes.

‘The Ultimate Guide to Canning’

Written by Flamestag

Stupid Cannerz! You can’t ask me how many times I’ve seen that after I get a splat, about 1000+ times. In this article, I, and fellow cannerz, will try to bring to you strategies, tips, tricks, alias, etc. To help out an up and coming canner like yourself 🙂

First off, let’s start with some basics of canning. In most cases you want to be as padded as possible, so that most paintballs will bounce off of you (The only weapons that will never bounce are, a can, grenades, No-Bounce ammo, and mines). Here is a short list of what you want to have when you start canning:

Padded Helmet
Padded Scarf
Padded Leggings (you won’t need padded boots since a swim or turbo kit assembled to leggings will stretch them over your feet). 
You might also consider a multi-terrain downfilled jacket, but I prefer a multi-terrain insulated suit (most people use the jacket).

That should get you about as bouncy as you can get. A trick I know of is to simulate an old Padded HV gun, which was a gun that padded your hand when you wore it. You do this simply by buying a padded scarf and just keeping it on your hand, you might also consider a rename to something like “a Padded Glove” etc.

OK, now to canning itself:  People say that canning takes no skill since a can does AUTO-FIRE when an enemy crosses your target sight, but what people don’t realize is that it does take a lot of skill and practice to sneak up and run down an opponent to one space away.

OK, now head to the Supply Depot, it’s the middle store in the holding area, and type BUY CAN, then target one space to the west, you do this by typing TARGET WEST or TAR W. Now your ready for your first game, type GAME READY or GAME READY AUTO for auto-ready. Now there are different strategies for different games, in this guide I will cover Survival, Teams, Invaders, Flags, Cooperative teams, and Hunt. The “real” games are exactly the same as the normal ones except Infared and X-Ray are useless in those types. One more thing before you start playing, you will want to get more and more kits from the Chop Shop (upper right shop) as you earn more and more money.Here is a list of what you want to buy (decreasing in importance):

Turbo (Increases speed on land) (Stretches leggings to cover feet)
Interference (Blocks X-Rays, Player Locators, and Satellites)
X-Ray (lets you see through mountains, hills, forests, and jungles)
Swim (Increases speed on water) (See Turbo Above /\)
Infared (Lets you see past camo kits, Refracto blocks this)
Refracto /or Jetpack (Refracto blocks Infared) (Jetpack increases speed much faster than Turbo and Swim)

Let’s start out with my favorite type of game, Survival, or Vival as we like to call it. OK, the rules are pretty basic, every man for himself. You start out about 20-25 spaces from an enemy. First off, start out and look for some woods or jungles, preferably a group of woods with jungle patches. Now sneak from jungle to jungle looking for a red guy. then wait for them to take a breather and charge them from behind. Try to sneak up right behind them and surprise them. A good tip is to look for 2 people fighting each other, then take them both out, this way they wont expect you. Try to get someone off the bat in survival, so that if everyone else is eliminated, you will win first place. If you survive, but don’t splat anyone, you can’t take first place.

Now to Teams games. This is probably one of the easiest games for newbies looking for extra cash, so I suggest you vote for this game (type GAME VOTE TEAMS). The game starts off with two teams placed opposite of each other on the battle field. The teams are made up of your regular team and other regular teams (for example: Team 1 could be, Cancer DUDES and MasterCannerz, and Team 2 could be, BLACK SUN MacLeod Clan and PURPLE HAZE). OK, the first thing you should do is run where everyone else is running, most of them have player locators or satellites, once you spot the other team the game turns into World War II. Wait for your team to make a strike, then sneak behind the opposing teams. Come around on them, look for players stuck in water or on mountains first, they are easy splats for a canner. Then look for gunners, try to avoid the fire, but most of it should bounce. Then if you see a nader (aach!) you have to do your best to avoid the volley of grenades and rockets. If you survive, OR die, and your team wins, you get money, its usually around 40$-70$ depending on how many people were in the game.

The next game, Invaders (commonly called ‘Vaderz’), is one that every canner should have on his HATE list (type GAME HATE INVADERS). The reason is that there are about 100 computer controlled robots coming after you, and well that’s hard to can. Me, myself, have only gotten at the most 6 or 7 bots in an Invaders game. The trick is to wait in the woods as deep as you can go in the 15 seconds before the bots strike. Then wait out the first volley of bots, then try to sneak up DIAGONALLY on a bot, preferably a light blue DUMB bot. If you can’t do this, I seriously suggest you put this game on your HATE list, or use a different type of weapon for this game.

Now you don’t very often see a FLAGs game on PBNet, this is similar to Cooperative Teams (see BELOW), except it has a Survival twist to it. Basically everyone has a flag, if someone captures your flag, it counts as a splat and your out of the game and Vice Versa. Now, you can pick up your flag, but it slows you down. Most people leave their flags behind and seek out other peoples flags, often called FLAGGING. This is a very easy way to get splats. But just watch out for CAMO-MINES they can trick you into thinking you see a TOKEN or FLAG. The rest of this game is pretty much like Survival (see ABOVE).

Ahhh, Co-operative Flags, everyone’s favorite game, why you ask? Simple because of FLAG splats. Both teams start off like a normal Teams game, but each team has a flag for each player, if you capture an opponents flag there history and you get a splat, and vice versa. The common strategy for this game is, leave two or three people behind (depends on how many people are playing) to guard the flags, and send the rest of the team out to fight and FLAG. Now who goes and who stays, well it’s all based really on a volunteer system. For a newbie canner, I suggest staying behind the flags, space yourself 2 or 3 spaces away from the flags, so you can still see them. Then wait for someone to come up and try to snatch your flags, then move in. The two or three spaces gives you some camo and lee-way for Grenades and Rockets. You also make money if your team wins like in a Teams game.

Now to the final game in this guide, HUNT. This is about the rarest game to play, but is one of the hardest to survive and attack. The game is basically one player picked at random to be the victim and everyone else is the hunters, you can only get one splat in this game, unless you are a cheap grenader or rocketer, then you can splat your teammates. You really don’t have to worry too much about protection, since the victim has to fight off a horde of people. Just find him and charge basically. You get the usual 5$ per splat, PLUS a bonus of according to how many players were in the game, usually 25$-40$. Now its a completely different strategy if you are the VICTIM. This time you have to either splat everyone, hide, splat some and survive. I recommend going all out, after all you will probably get at least 3 or 4 splats. The first strategy is simple, locate and eliminate, nuff said. The second part, hiding, is self explanatory. The third splat and survive, is pretty basic, splat everyone near you, then hide. When splatting in this game use teams strategies or survival, since its sort of a mix. If you survive as the victim you usually get 100$+.

Here are a few tips for newbie canners without a lot of money.

Tip 1: if you cant afford a down-filled suit, just apply a camo kit to a scarf, helmet, boots, or leggings, this will stretch the item over your body.

Tip 2: if you cant afford a refracto suit, and would like the same effect, assemble a camo kit of anykind to any kind of multi-terrain suit or jacket, this will make you completely invisible in the type of terrain of the kit, there is a plus to this over refracto, you can even use it in water.

Tip 3: instead of buying padded boots, just put a turbo, swim, or both kits on any other padded item, this will stretch the kit over your feet.

Tip 4: if your going to can bots, charge them from a diagonal.

Tip5: refilling you can if you have kits on it, here is an alias i made that works fine. alias rc put can jack \& buy small \& buy can \& dump can back \& sell can \& get can jack \& dump back can \& sell back \& wear can .

‘The Ultimate Guide to Canning’ – written and produced by Mike Galosi,
aka FlameStag. If you have any questions/comments/hot sisters, please
e-mail me at wilco@connect-me.net . I will reply to all emails.

Player Profiles

PBN Name:Gallager

Real Name:David Brewer


Job:Factory Employee (making electric motors)

Hobbies: MIRC roleplaying , pbn, RL paintball (team:Rapid Reflex), football, UO andthe Redzone football card game


Team:Not on a team, though it says: The New Steel

Stats: (Ever) Games:380 Bonus:90,000 Splats:104 Accuracy: (sucks) 16% Games Survived: 49 Bot Splats: 77 Player Splats :27

Time Played: Have had PBN 1 1/2 months, though my total playing time is probably close to 20-25 hrs

Most Crowning PBN Achievement(s): I survived 2 vaders games using nothing but a gun-n-paint

PBN Pet Peeves:ppl that KEEP complaining ’bout getting splatted, newbies always askin’ for money or something ( ask questions or for advise, when you finally splat a more experienced player you’ll feel much better earning that splat/victory )

Fav. PBN Weapon:Semi-auto paintball gun

Fav. Bot:mmmmmmmmm forbiden donut bot!!! just think this name is out there. :]

Fav. PBN Player: Anyone friendly toward me, Unicorn, QTPie, Beowulf, most admins actually (even though they are tough competition)

Famous Quotes: Good shot! , Good move , Good tactic , How the……

Other / Comments: Hope everyone is having fun playing pbn, I love paintball. Those that have been friendly and polite to me, thank you, I appreciate the help and your time. Though I am still a newbie I look forward to taking out QT, Beo and some others (one of these days!! another quote. hehe) c u n pbn!!

Aww you are almost to the closing notes, make sure you read them.

PBN Name:Flubstien

Real Name:Jarrod Toppins (Yes Im Related To Jon)

Age:12 almost 13

Job:I Work At My Dads Carryout

Hobbies:PBN, Football ,Basketball.Baseball

Homepage:<old link> under constuction

Team:The Amigos

Time Played:about March

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have youone that you are proud of?] :Earned Money Succefully in a short period of time

PB Pet Peeves:Lag

Fav. PB Weapon:Can {rapid}

Fav. Bot:dumb because it dont get me

Fav. PBN Player:Compeler and Jon Toppins Helped me as a newbie

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :F~L~U~B~E~R~I~Z~E

Other/ Comments:Pbn Rocks

About time to read the closing notes, get ready.

PBN Name: Compeler

Real Name: Bobby Griffin

Age: a mature 15

Job: Student

Hobbies: PBN, Baseball, Bowling, Football, Basketball

Homepage: <old link> TheAmigos Homepage

Team: The Amigos

Stats: Ever: Well, since I got deleted at the time I was sent this profile I will just estimate my stats: Stats for ‘Compeler'(29191): (EVER) GAMES:11800 BONUS:29000000 SPLATS:44700 ACCURACY:78%

Time Played:according to Dug I started Nov. 7th, 1997, but I think it has been longer than that

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :3 things. 1. Got 40k splats 2. Got my team to top10 ever status 3. Got my team to 100k splats

PB Pet Peeves: People who call me a hider, I know a secret that allows me to move undetected, but they cant get that through their heads.

Fav. PB Weapon: I use them all, I got Compeler`s Bottle of Cherry Coke[rapidfire] (my can), Compeler`s Bot Killer[expansion][spreadfire] (my gun), Compeler`s Hider Killer[rapidfire][expansion] (my grenade launcher), and Compeler`s Rocket Launcher (unoriginal)[expasion][expansion] (my rocket launcher, duh)

Fav. Bot: Probably a ChEEzEgrEnAdE bot or whatever because it doesnt confuse me because it is the only one of its color.

Fav. PBN Player:hard to narrow it down to just 1…have to do a bunch of

shout outs: All The Amigos, Dug, DavidRM, Jon Toppins, stanky, FlyinEmu, Pollux Troy, Frank Rizzo, Jedi-Master, Killah, Cornelius, FREETOAD, BlasterFX, Sandstorm, togood, paintdog, probably some others, but they escape me now

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : hmm, hard question, I actually am a very quiet person and dont talk as nearly as much as some others…hmm, maybe my LeT’S KiCK iT!!! in vaderz games, but that’s about it.

Other/ Comments:hmm, this will probably do no good, but I wouldn’t mind if someone did it for me too (hint, hint 😉 Jon Toppins, stanky, paintdog, BlasterFX, Sandstorm, and Pollux Troy should all be admins!!!


One more profile and then the closing notes, be sure to read them.


Real Name: Jenna (Jen) Doyle

Age: 17

Job: I Work For The Gap (Clothing Store)

Hobbies: Swimming, Shopping, Talking

Homepage: NONE

Team: RUB vs. ALL



Time Played: Aug 24,1998

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Getting enough money to buy a refracto kit

PB Pet Peeves: Running Around everywhere letting people try and shoot me

Fav. PB Weapon: mini rocket launcher

Fav. Bot: Qtpie Bot

Fav. PBN Player: Qtpie

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : I’m a girl!!!!

Don’t stop reading now, the closing notes are next!

Closing Notes

I honestly can’t believe I made it to Issue 20 of the PBNN. I suppose stranger things have happened.

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT