PBNN Issue #19 – 8/13/98

Editor: QtPie


HI! This issue we take a look at the duties of being an admin. Hope
you enjoy it!

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


Message From Polly

Written by PollyAnna

My name is Amy Graham. But most of you know me as Pollyanna (Or Polly Or Pollygirl)… I haven’t spoken with any of you for about 8 months or possibly even more. Unfortunately the reality of life has gotten a grasp on me, and I’m getting sucked in deeper. When I started playing paintball I was just a girl who knew music and computers. I happened to be blessed with two very good talents, but I really wasn’t doing to much with them. My brother and I were making a living writing music for companies, and our own entertainment. We were a Techno Group called DJ Orange & Pollyanna, and we wrote music under Engergy^2 (Energy Squared). Energy^2 is no more, but my brother continued what we started with Hardcore^2. Fortunately enough through a few good connections and demos of my previous work, I got a job with Sega. It was my dream come true. Finally I was getting a REAL JOB in the video game industry doing what I had always done best… Music. For this particular project I was assigned as an assistant sound coordinator for Virtual On 2 (which is about to make it’s US debut). It was probably the funniest 4 months I had ever had in my whole life. Finally my dream was coming true! During this time I played less and less paintball, and I always hated myself for missing out on what was once my home. A place where I went for enjoyment, advice, and PURE 100% Friendship. Who would have ever thought I would ever have to leave behind hundreds of friends that were closer to me than any other friend I’ve ever had(besides my brother)… But finally one day it came… and I never really saw it coming. A 2 year exclusive deal with Sony to work with them on the upcoming PSX, and the current PSX. What looked like a dream would later turn out to be one of the hardest things I had ever done in my whole life. Don’t get me wrong I love my job… but sometimes it seems like I gave up everything I loved to have it. And that’s not the greatest feeling in the world. I frequent Japan which is absolutely wonderful. I work with one of my favorite companies… It’s great… but… I gave up my friends, I gave up my hobbies, and in some ways it feels like I’ve given up my family too. I’m still young (just hit 21 for those of you who don’t know), and it has been kind of a shock leaving behind what supported you for 21 years.

This is sort of a promise note. As one of the people to sort of have “built” the Paintball Community, I want to share some things with you on a regular basis. For those of you who don’t know, I was probably (at one time) one of the top players of Paintball Net (was even better on my ego since I’m a woman!) I didn’t use the PBTerm, I played in ANSI/ASCII graphics (do you fear me yet?). I wrote (along with the help of my brother) the music that you are hearing when you play PBNet, I also started this Newsletter because I cared about the PBN Community (just like QTPie does). I sort of feel that I was once the mother, and now that title has been passed to QTPie (who seems to be doing a great job by the way). I just hope that you take a step back from paintball sometime, and realize just how important it actually is. Take a look at who you know, how you feel, why you keep coming back. The community and the game are ONE… whether it was designed that way, or Dug/David knew it all along…that’s the way it is. Don’t treat it with disrespect… we were all one place at one time or another… we were all newbies, we all needed help… you’ve been there. Remember what it was like.

Sorry I don’t have more time to write, but I wanted to let you all know… The only way you’ll ever see me again is through these mailings. You can try to email me through my brother (orange@inetnebr.com) but I can’t assure anything.

Love to all… Especially those that brought this game to life… You’ll never be forgotten, I hope I’m never forgotten…

Signing out… Pollyanna

[Note: Thanks Polly for sharing this with us! You will NEVER be forgotten. And RM, I think it would be great if you could just allow Polly to have a bot with her name on it. ;)]

Thoughts on Adminship

Written by Micheal Kalil

The job of being an admin? Well, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Sure the people can be rude at times, but its fun. The tells that come in at any given time are a lot, however, you also meet a lot of people. Most people are nice to an admin. Then again you get some immature kid coming on a cursing the night away so you have to shut them up. No big deal though. Most will apologize for there language. Other then the tells I really enjoy being an admin. Also, all the other admins are really supportive. You really get to know each other through wizzes.

Cowbot Good things about being an admin: – Never having to wait for the games to start – More people say hi to the admins when the log on than the non-admins – TOURNIES!!!!! – Wizzing at the other admins Bad things about being an admin: – I’ll let ya know when I find one

RaptorRed Being an 80 is sooo boring

rkj We are players just like the rest and we are people too.

QtPie Being an admin is cool. We get a few things others don’t, like wiz chatting, the special commands (of course), and sometimes you get to test some things out for Rm. I Love being an admin. But at the same time it can be so frustrating. Mainly, just the way people demand stuff from me and don’t give me room to breath, let alone play. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish actual friends from those that just want to take advantage of me because I am an admin. That makes me sad…. But all in all, it’s pretty darn terrific!


Written by QtPie

Level 79-Can only start/end games and wiz (admin chat). They are retired admins and the only way to be a 79 is to have already held a different admin level. Level 80-Start/end games, run tournies, wiz, announce. When entering a tourny, it’s best to first read the tourny log that the level 80 has written. The master will follow those rules without question. Level 90-Start/end games, reset, shutup, kick,wiz, announce, and other commands that allow them to get information on you. The 90s are basically there to control the chat and keep the peace. Level 95-Start/end games, reset, shutup, kick, siteban, rename (both equipment and character names), wiz, announce, and other commands… 95’s are there to help the 90s(using their more powerful commands come in handy sometimes) along with renaming for you. Level 100- Rm and Dug. I needn’t tell you what all they can do 🙂

The admins have all been appointed by RM or Dug. I would suggest you listen to them, most of them are trying to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. If you feel that an admin is abusing his/her commands, the best thing to do is CALMLY talk about it with that admin and see if you can work things out. If that is no help, write an email to RM. Whining, cussing, and degrading the admin in public is rude, immature, unkind and most of all unproductive. <–That goes for ALL players as well, not just admins.

90s and 95s will almost always reset you when you ask them too. Ussually its best (at least for me) if you TELL me you need a reset instead of just chatting it. My chat scrolls by so fast at times that a chat might be missed. Also, if you don’t get a reset right away, check to see if the admin is either in a game or idle (by typing who <admins name>). If they are in a game or idle, then there is ussually not use in asking them over and over to reset you.

As far as the other commands, most of the time you have to wait until the admin is ready to do what you want them so (like run a tourny or rename etc etc). RM does not FORCE them to do these things, but most will do them if you give them time to play first. One thing to keep in mind is that admins also do actually want to play the game.

Tourny masters are not there to run a tourny whenever you demand them too. A lot of times I see a tourny running somewhere on paintball so just be patient.

And for renames, please be patient. We get A LOT of requests for renames and there are times that we just want to play the game. Be patient with them as well. Getting a rename is cool, but most of the time it doesn’t help you play the game any better. (I understand that sometimes you want renames because you have, say, two guns and you need them to have two different names etc etc.) But MOST of the time, they are just for show and are not important so you can wait a bit.

Things for non-admins to keep in mind -Admins are not rich, RM does NOT give us money. -Admins are not Gods, we can’t do everything for everyone at the same time and there are things we just CAN NOT do. -RM (and I suppose Dug) appoint the admins, not us. I don’t know about the rest of the admins but its worthless to ask ME (QT) to put in a good word for you to become an admin. -Admins are there to help the newbies get started, but all of you can help us with that as well. It is a wonderful feeling when a newbie you helped months ago makes it onto the top10 ever splat list. 😉 -We may get harsh on you sometimes, but for the most part we don’t hold grudges. (Note I said MOST of the time, not ALL of the time. :))

Things for admins to keep in mind. -We are not Gods in the game. We just have a few more commands than everyone else. You get my point. 🙂 -Try not to get too frustrated when you have 10 people asking you to do something. Those 10 people probably don’t know that 9 other people are also bugging you. -Be as thorough as you can with information. For example, before I rename a character for someone, they always get a tell informing of some steps they need to follow so there will not be a problem. Remember that not all people will thoroughly read everything, and if they don’t and then they have a problem, try and stay calm and explain it to them in a nice way.

I think, if you really look at the admins as a whole, they are a great bunch of people and are willing to do what you ask them too most of the time (or soon after you ask them). Just don’t DEMAND them to do it. Only tends to frustrate the admin.

Qt-Trying to turn guns and paint into peaches and cream LOL <Splats you all with a Peach-Cream Pie>


New Admins

Unicorn and Lil Oly-90

Player Profiles

PBN Name: Iceman

Real Name: Jason Rader

Age: 19

Job: Computer Dept. Supervisor at Best Buy Lexington

Hobbies: Golf , Work , and Sleep

Homepage: <old link>

Team: McCleod Clan

Stats: Ever:

Time Played: 2yrs on and off

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : Hit top10 ever splats list long ago and climber to 3rd with 11000

PB Pet Peeves: Canners, Grennadiers, Dying

Fav. PB Weapon: My old uluhv before they were public release.

Fav. Bot: The forthcoming Iceman bot 🙂

Fav. PBN Player: Sabot, Reffoxel, (8) , and Polly.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Iceman chats: *pets his
ULUHV soothingly*

Other/ Comments: Polly, Sabot, Reffoxel, and (8), if ya read this, I
love ya! Come and visit me sometime!!!

PBN Name: Dark angel

Real Name: John Steele

Age: 15

Job: Student

Hobbies: Computers, Web Pages, Athletics, Sport

Homepage:<old link>


Stats: Ever:GAMES:23547 BONUS:32658500 SPLATS:45054 ACCURACY:39%

Time Played: Late December 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : *sigh* Became a admin ?

PB Pet Peeves: People telling me what to do and how to run

Fav. PB Weapon: Mini Paint-Rocket Launcher

Fav. Bot: Dark Bot 😉

Fav. PBN Player: ahh TaRqUin and Mickey D

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : None I don’t think ?

Other/ Comments: Stop asking me or any other admin for money.. We’re
not -all- super rich.

PBN Name:Camoman

Real Name:Jonathan King


Job:Radiology Technician<used to be a Transport in the same hospital
till i graduated>

Hobbies:PBNET ,Artifact, Paintball, RollerBladeing

Homepage:<old link>


Stats: Ever:Not typing all that so its 17k splats and we will leave it
at that

Time Played:hell i don’t know maybe since August of last year

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] :Got to be an admin<80>

PB Pet Peeves:Spammers ,chat

Fav. PB Weapon:mini grenade launcher[spreadfire][hugeexpansion]

Fav. Bot:Camomans Assasin

Fav. PBN Player:all the admins and Everyone else that isn’t in some way
a friend to KNL or MarcT

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :Im not very popular so i
doubt anyone would know this one: announce <hits his head alittle and
does some upper-cuts as the crowd chants>CAMOBERG!!!! CAMOBERG!!!!

Other/ Comments:Really Really cool game i advise putting a limit on how
much you play or you could get sucked into the PBNET zone

Closing Notes

I would once again like to invite you all to visit the Paintball Population Page at <old link>. If you would like to be listed on this page, just email the information (email to <old email>). You don’t have to include all the information you see listed there. I would like to see that page grow a bit faster than it is now. Thanks!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT