PBNN Issue #14 – 6/7/98

Editor: QtPie


HI, Well here we go with yet another issue of the PBNN. It’s been going well. We now have over 200 subscribers (Gee it will be awhile before I get everyone to do a profile!)

Seems this week, a lot has happened around paintball. I would just like to say one thing. If you have not read it yet, I would suggest the you type help policy and read it! Thanks!

OK now the fun begins. I am creating a Paintball Player List page to post on <old link>. This page will contain -Picture
-Email address 
-Current level 
-Team name and web page 
-Homepage (Include the title of your page please) 
So guys, Send in this information to me (<old contact>) quickly. Please please please include your paintball user name! I will be waiting!! Ps, you can leave out information if you wish. But please send me something. 🙂

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes



Written by Ryn

Everyone on pbn right now is either A newbie or WAS a newbie so we all no what it feels like to get splatted in the first 3 to 5 seconds of each game. And we are wondering why people are running up to us and shooting us. (can) I am about to give you some tips and some things to buy to help you out with the 1,000$ you get as a gift when you start playing.

THINGS TO BUY I think these items are the most effective newbie eq out there.

1.) First you will need some padding so that paintballs will bounce and you will have more time to react to people that are shooting at you. Padding: Go to the very MIDDLE store and type: remove vest & sell vest & sell gun & buy scarf. Once you have done that go to the TOPLEFT store and type: buy woodland & assem kit scarf & wear scarf. The scarf should cover your body and waist now.

Right now you should have some where around 900+$ left. Now goto the very BOTTOM store and type: buy helmet

So now you have a padded helmet (more padding)

Now wear the helmet. type: wear helmet

Now type: stat It should say that your HEAD, BODY, NECK, WAIST are all covered and padded and you should have 850$+

Now you will need one more item: padded leggings

So stay in the bottom store and type: buy leggings

Then go ahead and type: wear leggings


You want to start with a not so expensive gun so you will need just a semi auto

now this is where the TOPRIGHT store comes in. Go there and type: buy semi

That will take a lot of your money up but it will pay for itself.

Now to load your gun……

stay in the same store and type: buy bag

This is free ammo so it wont take any of your money up

Then type: dump bag gun & sell bag

This will load the gun. Repeat that last step until your gun is fully loaded and also repeat it when your gun is out of ammo.

This equipment will be good to get you started and don’t spend any more money just save it until you get 1,000$ then buy a turbo kit and assemble it to your leggings like you did the camo to the scarf..

Now one tip I want to give you is one that I always used to do. You can ONLY shoot ppl with the gun when they are in the BRIGHT GREEN grass. Your ammo wont go through the dark stuff or forest as it is called. Also many people have “refracto” so you will need to look at where the paintballs and grenade come from or originate and shoot there.

2.) LIST OF IMPORTANT COMMANDS crouch drop dump east equipment email fire get give game help inventory idea ignore look load list last more north note news put password plan reply remove rtell (lvl 12+) rreply(lvl 12+) rwho south say screen sell sellbig shout stat stand swap showaction tell target throw top10 tournament tutorial team typo time quit unreply register usage votes west wear whisper who

If you go onto paintball look for me there by typing: tell Ryn <message goes here>

Thanks a lot and enjoy the funnest online

Ramuh’s Team Review

Written by Ramuh

[Editors Note:Ramuh will be reviewing a team of his choice each week. He choose his first team to be team Chorus. How Lucky!]
Chorus is a team filled with many great members. It was created by Handel, a player that not often comes on, but had a great spg ratio when he played.

All members of Chorus are very comical. The team is filled with players who are eager to play and have fun, not necessarily the best ones.

QtPie and Beowulf are the main leaders of Chorus. Both are excellent players and are well liked by everybody. QtPie is one of the most loved/liked people to ever play the game, especially when she does her wiggle. =) Beowulf had a short stay away from the game, but has been back for a awhile now and has been seriously racking up the splats.

Chorus has been around long enough to attain 60k+ splats and 40 million bonus. They seem to be a team that will be around forever, and not many people who join it ever want to leave it.

Chorus members have always been extremely nice and social. They commonly root on single players when they are left in vival. It could be argued that Chorus is one of the best teams, not just for splats, but for all-around play.

Signing off… Ramuh


New Admins

Beowulf was promoted to level 90. Have mercy on him.
QtPie(that’s ME) was promoted to 95.

The Best

Submitted by Mmmm forbidden donut (aka:Yummy)

Best player: Brockman
Best name: ME! mmmm forbidden donut =)
Best canner: Beowulf
Best Gunner: Brockman
Best nader: Pentiumman
Best nading strategy: ME! mmmm forbidden donut =)

Aren’t I just a bit cocky? LOL

Team Profile

Team: Hoosiers

Leaders: mbs, rkj

No. Of Members: 20

Member List: mbs rkj bounty hunter GRM Hoosier FATMAN mufinater dieharder Joe Man Vermillion AKJ Paintball Sniper Gamewiz Winchester slack emknaps SnowPainter Big Jim Leviathan madhorse

Motto: We Came, We Saw, We kicked Your Ass!! 😉


Team Stats: As of Sunday 5/24/98 (CURRENT) BONUS:3512000 SPLATS:4279 ACCURACY:26% (EVER) BONUS:58294500 SPLATS:74590 ACCURACY:40%

Requirements: None

Achievements: Making it to all time top 10

Goals: Keep playing

Comments: I would like to thanks all of the team for putting forth the

time and effort in making this a Top 10 ever team.

Thanks again….

Player Profiles

PBN Name: DaPimp

Real Name: Brandon Kirkley

Age: 15

Job: I’m a student at Choctaw High School

Hobbies: Paintball!!!, Paintball Net, computers, web-page making, internet

Homepage: <old link>

Team: Cancer



Time Played And Current Level: I’ve been playing since Oct. 16, 1997 and i’m currently at level 20

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : getting on Cancer, becoming a VBG master, breaking 10k, staying with the game for atleast 8 months

PB Pet Peeves: people who spam, people who scam, people who ask ME to get on Cancer, people who beg,

Fav. PB Weapon: a high-velocity semi-automatic paintball gun[spreadfire][rapidfire] filled with cyan paint

Fav. Bot: kami because if i die….somebody else is going down with me…..HAHAHAHAHAHA

Fav. PBN Player: Random-he’s helped me almost from the start…he enlisted me on Cancer and gave me all the tips i need=)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : um..i don’t know…I hardly ever have my chat on but here’s one: YOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYO

Other/ Comments: Um…..Happy Splatting!! and also..for all of you who care: Me, Togood, BlasterFX, and Justa Pimp are all friends from school. Ok..that’s about it

PBN Name: Random

Real Name: Dan McCulloch

Age: 18

Job: Computer Maintenance Engineer at a small Financial Planning Firm (Basically sit there and play PBN until someone needs something) hehe

Hobbies: Girls, Skiing, Writing games, Girls, PBN

Homepage: <old link> (Next month I’m going to College so the address will change)

Team: Cancer…..The only PBN Team

Stats: Ever:

You have $265110, carrying 251/500.(EVER) GAMES:10591 BONUS:20047000 SPLATS:29495 ACCURACY:54% GAMES SURVIVED:1520 BOT SPLATS:1728 PLAYER SPLATS:265 (CURRENT) BONUS:200000 SPLATS:358 ACCURACY:68% (TEAM) BONUS:2028000 SPLATS:3459 ACCURACY:51% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:104916000 SPLATS:147517 ACCURACY:51% Random`s padded helmet[zoom][scope][x-ray] on your HEAD, EYES Random`s padded scarf[ZOOM ATTACK][Cancer][satellite][expansion] on your NECK Random`s large, padded backpack[zoom][refracto][jetpack] on your RIGHT

SHOULDER, LEFT SHOULDER, BODY, WAIST Random`s Official ZOOM ATTACK M-16[zoom][rapidfire][spreadfire] on your RIGHT HAND Random`s padded leggings[zoom][expansion][expansion] on your LEGS Random`s padded boots[zoom][turbo][swim] on your FEETThe backpack contains: The backpack is made of DOWN and is %88 full. (473)a cyan paintball (1)a can of spray paint (1)Random`s Official ZOOM ATTACK PSG-1[zoom][spreadfire][expansion]

Your locker contains 118/500 weight. (1)Random`s Official Tourney Suit[zoom][stealth][interference][refracto]

Time Played And Current Level: Started early last summer….Level 90 from level 20

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Cancer….Getting 20K splats…All the equipement I could ever want and enough money to buy it all again. Cancer, Getting 131 splats in 1 game of Vaderz.

PB Pet Peeves: Shouting…I hate people that shout when I have chat off…..HIDERS I don’t like them either….. People that ask for money get on my nerves too….apart from that all is good.

Fav. PB Weapon: Random`s Official ZOOM ATTACK PSG-1[zoom][spreadfire][expansion] (PSG-1 Is a long-range sniper rifle

that US Rangers use….Ranger75 told me that, It’s a High-Velocity Semi-Auto PB Rifle[spread][exp] Full of Blue Fast No-Bounce)

Fav. Bot: Dark Bots, They sneak up on me and blast me and I respect them for that…..soon Cancer bots and Zoom bots will prob. be my favorites 🙂

Fav. PBN Player: Ok I like pretty much everyone on PBN so I wont make a

list or i will forget some people but here are some categories…

Best Improved Player EVER: SAZ Best Player in a Team/Coop: Brockman 2nd to me 🙂 Best Vaderz player: Lutra, RaptorRed, Nikespeed Best All Around players: Cancer members by FAR! Best TM: Rebel and Macman

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :

–= R~A~N~D~O~M~I~Z~E=– __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ____ ____

/ ___/ / \ | \ | |/ ___/ | __|| O \ | |___ / O \ | |\ \| | |___ | __|| _ / \__ __\ /__/ \___\|_| \__|\____\ | ___||__| \_\




<<—————————THIS IS WHERE IT STOPS—————————>>

Here I am…..ROCK’N Like a Hurricane!



> Other/ Comments:

I would like to congratulate Saz on 10K splats and on all Cancer members

for being the best bunch of guys on PBN man these guys rock and we have so much fun together….

PBN Name: Deathbypaint

Real Name:Stephen Root


Job: Paintball field, Athletic Club, Pool

Hobbies: Computer gaming (online), Paintball, and having fun…duh…oh wait…and bugging the piss out of RM

Homepage: Uhh…i don’t really have one right now…

Team: MasterCannerz

Stats: Ever: Stats for ‘DEATHBYPAINT'(15013): (EVER) GAMES:12150 BONUS:6077500 SPLATS:7425 ACCURACY:16% GAMES SURVIVED:1965 BOT SPLATS:454 PLAYER SPLATS:134 Don’t laugh…I don’t play much any more..

Time Played And Current Level: Umm…RM says that i turned level 2 June somthing…Of last year…But…i vividly remember Chop shop notes…Soo…it’s been a year or so…and i’m level 15…

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Well…hmm…I haven’t really done much on PBN…I just sit around and chat…Why? Cause i want to!! Let me think for a minute, obviously when i hit 1K splats was a big milestone…I geuss that’s all…

PB Pet Peeves: Grr…When people cuss obsessivly(SP), Green chat (GRRRR), Spamming, Begging, the usual =)

Fav. PB Weapon: Hmm…Once i shot a UHV Grenade Launcher with Sabot nades and i fell in love with it…too bad it wasn’t mine…But i geuss i’ll have to go with a Ultra-light Ultra-High Velocity Gun [HugeExp][Spread]…

Fav. Bot: A Nonexistant Bot..

Fav. PBN Player: Woah…that’s a hard one…I’ve gots lots of favs..VerTigO, Voltron, Justin, Beowulf, Random, Jawsateme, pro, widdowmaker, Pentiumman…Too many to list…Let’s just say everyone on divine beings, cancer, purple haze, and MasterCannerz.

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : woah…hehe…do i really get to say it?! Woah…okay..:

Im a real, normal human being. U think im kiddin? Fuck you!! I still have time to live!! no mother!!, put that knife away!!! what Mr. teddy? okkk….no!! but I love u!! huh? no not now brain! dial 911? why does marsha get alltha boobige? mmm, baked tostitos.

Other/ Comments: Well…I just wanted you all to know that i love this game and hope it will live on forever…RM…you rule man…Dug…you kick ass…Blinky, you sound like a retard, and man, random, send me sumtpin..i don’t care what it is..jee =)

PBN Name:FiFa

Real Name:Mark Kampsnider


Job:Work at Runza (fast food, god im proud)

Hobbies:Paintball(real life), Soccer, and computers

Homepage:<old link>

Team:none, because i quit for a couple of months

Stats: Ever: GAMES:5826 BONUS:10308500 SPLATS:13173 ACCURACY:50% GAMES SURVIVED:1281

Time Played And Current Level:started last year at about this time

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] :I made lots of money in a buy for less, sell for more scam =)

PB Pet Peeves: *singing* Have you ever wondered, if you mom gave your dad a blow job before she kissed you gooooodnight, dadadaadd

Fav. PB Weapon:UHV

Fav. Bot:Dumb bot

Fav. PBN Player:Random, havn’t seen him in a while, but he always greeted me with a,”YO YO YO YO!”

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :Is it true, that cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?

Other/ Comments: Hopefully I’ll start to play again, after I become disinterested in Quake and War2(which i might add, is the best game ever, well, 2nd to pbterm of coarse =)

Closing Notes

Well that is about all for this Issue. I have a favor to ask of you. If you see a newbie that is struggling, Help them out! Point them to this newsletter, the how to play page, the tutorial, or another page (such as Random’s paintball page) so they can learn all the tips and tricks. Let’s make this enjoyable for everyone!

There will be a special issue of the PBNN coming out in the next week or so. So if I send you a player or team profile form, Please return it to me soon! You guys have been great about getting them back to me and I thank you for that!

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting QT