PBNN Issue #12- 5/1/98

editor: QtPie


In this issue I have included a little survey to find out how you guys like the PBNN and what kind of changes (if any) you would like to see. Please fill this out and return it to me if you have the time. I publish this for YOU, so if there are other ways I can make it enjoyable and helpful to you I want to know! Thanks!

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


PBNN Survey

Please Fill this out and return it to me when you get the time.

Is the PBNN easy to read? 

Is the layout easily navigated? 

Are the Articles Helpful? 

Do the Profiles Contain enough Information? 

Is the Webpage layout Easy to navigate? 

Would you like to see(pick one): 
____More newsletters with less content. 
____Fewers newsletters with more content. 
____Keep it as is. 

What other items would you like to see added to the PBNN (check which ones you would enjoy)
___Admin profiles 
___Newbie Profiles
___Top10 favorites (most lagged, best players, etc)
___PBN webpage reviews
___PBN player webpages reviews
___Other List here:

What is your favorite thing about the PBNN?

What is your least Favorite thing about the PBNN?

Thanks for taking the time to fill this out. I really want the PBNN to be enjoyable for all. Takes your input that make that happen!


Written by Dsniper

The Shotgun is a very cool weapon. It cost 7500 bucks, and comes stock with a Spread kit, 2 Shot burst and a Expansion Chamber on the Ammo Hopper. It weighs 30 lbs. and takes 2 hands to operate. It holds 45 Free Paintballs or 90 normal ones stock. Every time you pull the trigger this weapon unleashes not 1 not 2 or 3 but 6, yes 6 shots in a 3 shot pattern. Very deadly.

Now as I stated, It is a 2 handed Weapon. To me this is a drawback requiring you to have a few extra commands in your aliases. Another drawback is that it will only shoot 10 spaces, but this is no big deal because free paint only goes 10 spaces anyway. So don’t waste money on fancy ammo for this weapon. Well, unless you are in a Tourney or have money to burn.

My Shotgun has a Rapid and another Expansion kit, So it holds 90 free paintballs. That equates to 15 shots. So ya better carry a lot of extra ammo, especially if you are going into a invaders game. I would put my shotgun in a backpack or suit or whatever, then fill it the rest of the way with Paint. This way, you can be sure to have room to put you gun away, if ya wanna change weapons, or something during a game.

Now, seeing as how the shotgun has spread, ya can do something cool with it. Shoot the shotgun far away, notice the shot travels for several squares before it spreads. If you are close to someone, and you hit them with it before it spreads, you will hit him 6 times. Almost a guaranteed break ( almost ). So shoot behind your intended victim. One thing you want to avoid, is staying in 1 place and spraying. Move around and select your shots, it is real easy to run out of paint. The Shotgun is kinda a slow weapon, but Killer Deadly with a little practice.

Now as I stated earlier, You need good aliases and or buttons for a 2 handed weapon, I will provide a few here for those that aren’t Vets, and don’t know how.. You may need to adjust it to match up with your equipment

Get flag Button 
rem shot & get flag & put flag boot & get flag & put flag boot & get flag & put flag boot & get flag & put flag boot & drop flag & wear shot

-Note this will pick up 4 flags, and then at the end it issues the drop flag command in case you picked up your flag. ( remember ya need 2 hands to wear a shotgun ) so, if ya happen to pick your flag up, it will drop it before wearing your shotgun. Nothing worse then trying to free up a hand wile trying to wear a weapon wile running from some dude trying to splat ya.

Get token Button
rem shot & get tok & put toke boot & wear shot

    Well, that’s about it for the Shotgun, I love it. It is a great weapon for the price, but don’t depend on it for everything. A good player has several weapons and uses all of them depending on the situation.


by mpa

Well, you’re all ready to kick some paintball butt as a new Level 2 player, but in your first game you get wiped out. Then in your second game, you last three seconds. Then the third game has about 100 bots coming toward you, and you last four seconds.

That about sums up a lot of discouraged newbie’s first games. How then do you move from utter confusion to confident splatting? Here are some of the most common problems Level 2 players have and my proposed solutions.

CHARGING: Instinct tells a player to shoot right at an enemy, while you may forget to move yourself. Don’t forget that your enemy is going to fire right at the place that he saw you last, so move often. Level 2’s usually don’t have the luxury of [refracto], so assume that everyone sees you. Running right up to an enemy is a bad idea as well, even if you use a can. Fake your enemy out by moving around, or making an indirect attack by moving away from him, then straight at him. Maybe even let him come to you, and chances are that you’ll be able to splat him while he’s busy charging.

KNOW YOUR LIMITS: If you use a gun, remember how far it shoots. Also, try and count your shots to make sure you’re either reloading or shooting, not dry-firing. Remember that guns can’t shoot farther than one unit into a  group of trees. So, if you run out of ammo or need to evade some heavy fire, run into the trees and then regroup.

WEIGHT PROBLEMS: All Level 2 players have a weight limit of 100 pounds. What that means is a severe restriction on what kits you can buy. There are two different styles of play you can choose. One is to stay padded and count on those bouncy paintballs. With this strategy, get as much of yourself padded as possible, and then buy kits until you run out of weight,  preferably [turbo], [swim], and [scope].

Another strategy is to get as many kits as possible to make yourself hard see, meaning a multi insulated suit with [interference] and a camo set. Buy [xray] and [infrared] then. With this strategy, you won’t be able to let any paintballs hit you, but you won’t be surprised by experienced players as much. Of course there are strategies between these two, but you get the idea.

KITS, KITS, KITS: What kits are the best? When you start out, I would recommend buying a [turbo] kit to give you the extra running speed. Also, utilize the fact that kits themselves cover areas to reduce your weight. For example, the [turbo] kit covers the feet by default, so if you  attach it to padded leggings, your feet will be padded as well, meaning you don’t have to buy the boots.

Also, don’t overload on useless kits or items such as a leather belt. If you have a backpack, you won’t need [extrapocket] kits, and unless you burn a WHOLE lot of paint don’t worry about more than 1 [hopper expansion] kits.

MONEY, MONEY: Everyone complains that there is no way you can save up any money, since you only get $5 per splat. It’s possible, though, as everyone does get by. To maximize profit, use free paint or a can. Try to collect as many tokens as possible. Also, surviving gives you some extra money (if you get a splat during the game), so playing a conservative game and surviving is more profitable than going crazy, running around like mad, and getting splatted early.

USE YOUR VOTE: It is generally more profitable for newbies to vote for Teams, Cooperative Flags, or Survival. In the first two, you have a chance of getting around $50 if your team wins, which is a big bonus for those just starting out.

TOKENS, YOUR KEY TO FREEDOM: Yes, Level 2 players can’t give money, but you do have tokens. Tokens and flags are the only way for a level 2 to give money to other players, and since flags weigh 1 lb. apiece, tokens are the best way to conduct transactions. Collect tokens and use them to enter raffles, pay people for part of a level up, or for fun.

ADAPTATION: The biggest problem players have is they’re locked into one strategy and can’t operate around it. If I see someone using the same style everytime, the easiest way to splat them is to react against what they usually do. For example, many canners don’t move the target during the game, leaving it on one spot, or gunners will fire from right to left every time. Watch your enemies, then defeat them by knowing their style.

COURTESY: This isn’t a way to survive on the field, but a way to keep friends and make PBNet a fun place to play. For example, If someone splats you, don’t complain about lag, just congratulate them. Also, 90s aren’t bound to give you a reset, so ask them nicely. The same goes with 80s and tournaments.

I hope that I’ve helped or cleared up a little about a Level 2’s options. Don’t feel discouraged by a Level 2’s restrictions, but use your  choices to the best of your ability. As of writing this article I am Level 2, but have taken the easy way out of all of these problems: I’ve sent in for a level up. Thanks for reading…



Special News from RM

Paintball NET is growing!

We now have a dedicated Paintball NET server running at:

This is also the new “primary” server for Paintball NET, replacing
paintball.busprod.com/4444 (which is now a remote server). The next
release of PBTerm will point to this server automatically. In the
meantime, you’ll have to type in the address yourself.

The Paintball NET home page has moved! It’s now at:
<old link>

The PBN Serverlist
<old link>/4444 “main”
<old link> /4445 “serverone”
<old link> /4444 “busprod”
<old link> /4445 “serverthree”
204.???.???.???/4444 “servertwo”

Tournament Servers and Guidelines
I have designated two servers as Tournament Servers:
<old link> /4445
<old link> /4445

As Tournament Servers, any kind of tournament may be run on these
servers at any time. This includes mini-tourneys (if a Level 80 agrees
to do it).

Tournaments are still allowed on all PBN servers, but there are certain
requirements the Level 80 must adhere to:
1. No tournaments if there are 30+ people on the server.
2. No mini-tourneys. Period. None. If you want a mini-tourney/duel, find
a Level 80 to set one up for you on one of the designated Tournament

Thanks for playing Paintball NET!



Broke the 10k Mark
Broke the 20k Mark
Broke the 30k Mark
Macman –>plus the 25million bonus


Run by gbuddy and Voltron

[This section will be dedicated to the Paintball Net Tourney Circuit.]

Hey all, this is gbuddy. I would like everyone on PBN who doesn’t know about PBNTC, or Paintball Net Tourney Circuit, to know about it. What it is is a tournament every so often that goes toward the circuit. Teams that are pre-registered get e-mail notices when the next PBNTC tourney will be, and that they must be on for there team to get any points from that tourney.
Teams receive 1 team point for each individual tourney game they win. The more they win, the more points. At the end of the season (probably 25 weeks per season maybe more or less it depends) prizes will be awarded to the team with the most points.

So, since you know what it is, you’re probably asking how do I sign up. All you have to do is either: a) send me(gbuddy) a note telling me the team you want to join or make, and your e-mail address. or b) tell me(gbuddy) when I’m online the above info. After that, if you want more then just you on the team, and someone else wants to join, have them give me(gbuddy) a tell or note saying they wanna join your team, and there e-mail address.

So, if you have any further questions, just note me(gbuddy) or voltron or give me(gbuddy) or voltron a tell

see ya.


Run by Random

Background Information:
Vaderz Betting Games started out as just a little fun game that me and
some PBN friends started playing…We just said “ok whoever gets the most
splats wins and receives $100 from all the other guys that were in on
the bet.” Well we started to do this quite often, and I was using about
10 aliases, so I decided to make a program that does everything for me.
This worked out great, except people wanted to play when I wasn’t on, so
I decided to appoint Masters that would have the program and that could
run the VBG’s. The only reason I don’t just give the program out to
anybody, is because….VBG’s are fun and organized, I saw others try to do
the same, but the structure was not there….

1. You must be a LVL 12 or higher to join.
2. The VBG Master will ask if anyone wants to play, If you want to play
ONE game then do the following: type “Tell <Master’s name> IN” In means
you want to play ONE game, if you want to play on all the games coming
up then do the same except switch the IN with ALL.
So basically:
-IN = One game
-ALL = ALL until Master leaves
3. After a Vaderz game go to the chop shop, for money distribution.
4. If there is a tie…there is NO winner.
5. You cheat you cant play again.
6. If the server crashes or everyone gets booted…no one wins.
7. If you don’t receive the money from a player tell the Master the
person’s name
8. Any questions ask Random!

VBG Masters:
Rebel, MONEYMAN, Skate, DaPimp, RaptorRed, Stanky, Compeler, Werewolf,
Togood, Nikespeed, Jack-n-box, Killah, TheDragon, Obsidian

That’s right I AM NOT in that list….I own VBG and the VBG program…but I
rarely run any VBG’s (

Please Have Fun
Any questions just give me a call…


New Items

New Admins. Wow so many. The “rash” as RM calls it is spreading quickly. Pro, Ghost Face Killah, Random, Rebel, and Darkman (hope I didn’t forget anyone!) have all been promoted to 80s. God was promoted to 90. Treat them well!

New Main server: As Rm’s special news stated, <old link> /4444 is now the new main server. See Rm’s special new for me information on that.

Team Profile

Team: MacLeod Clan

Leaders: Macman and Brockman

No. Of Members: 20

Member List: Macman, Mirage, Randy gilbertson, togood, Lil Oly, lutra, Brockman, Lurch, boo yaow, kingholmes, Worf, Werewolf, BlueAdept, Viper, Wyclef, Coldiron, nofear, mAsE, OxYgEn, MENACEDAPIMP,

Motto: There are many…

There can only be One!! (Swiped from the Highlanders, but of course Duncan MacLeod IS the Highlander…)

MacLeod Clan. Don’t settle for anything less.

When you absolutely, positively need it destroyed in the morning… Macleod Clan.

MacLeod Clan. We work hard to make your life a living hell.

Homepage: <old link>

Stats: (CURRENT) BONUS:109000 SPLATS:117 ACCURACY:43% (EVER) BONUS:205605500 SPLATS:276124 ACCURACY:44%

Requirements: You have to be noticed by either Brockman, Macman, or some other member of the Clan. Then it’s a decision based on a few criteria. Brockman or Macman do the enlisting.

Who We are: We are descendents of the Highlanders, from the clan MacLeod.

Achievements: Every goal we’ve ever set out to do we achieved. I think the loftiest was reaching the 200,000,000 bonus mark.

Goals: The #1 goal of this team is to keep it a working team, and having fun doing it. From day 1 we have refused to fall by the wayside like a few of the other great teams had done. We’ve had a few scares, but always pulled through it.

Comments: I think Randy Gilbertson did a great job in getting this team running and keeping it up. I for one am glad he had the foresight to open his suggestion box to bigger and better things. It has formed the cornerstone of what this team is. You learn, and try to pass on. ~Macman

Player Profiles

PBN Name: mmmm forbidden donut

Real Name: Brian Horton

Age: 20

Job: Computer Programmer

Hobbies: Baseball, Sports, PBTerm, Golf

Homepage: None

Team: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Well….. None kinda at this time…..(As of this second)

Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES: 11322 BONUS: 17437000 SPLATS: 22063 ACCURACY: 59% GAMES SURVIVED: 2540

Time Played: Since late January 97, so maybe 1 year 2 months?

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : Became a 90 on two servers. Became one of the first people to be a 50, and a 90. 20K splats. etc. etc.

PB Pet Peeves: People who won’t leave TM’s alone. If they wanna have a tourn they WILL HAVE A TOURN!

Fav. PB Weapon: HV launcher (non rare) with HV nades

Fav. Bot: Matt Williams 1337 Bot

Fav. PBN Player: So many to choose from. The following people are kewl. DavidRM, Dug, Eightball, Matt Williams, Justin, Vert, Every 90, Every 50, Every 69, JAWS, Pro, TON of other people. =) And QtPie =)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : None really. I am very spontaneous and never  shutup so I have said a lot….

Other/ Comments: Sabot is da man. Hehe.

PBN Name: RaptorRed

Real Name: Matt Meyer

Age: 15

Job: none yet

Hobbies: PBN, paintballing, building models, and other boring things

Homepage: under construction

Team: Cancer

Stats: Ever: (as of 4/12/98): You have a lot of money, carrying 379/400. (EVER) GAMES:3758 BONUS:6097500 SPLATS:8914 ACCURACY:64% GAMES SURVIVED:793 (CURRENT) BONUS:0 SPLATS:0 ACCURACY:0% (TEAM) BONUS:1969000 SPLATS:2582 ACCURACY:47% (TEAMEVER)BONUS:86035000 SPLATS:115793 ACCURACY:50% a padded helmet[x-ray][infrared] on your HEAD, EYES an Official Team Cancer 100k Splats Scarf[satellite][expansion]{=RaptorRed=}{-Cancer-} on your NECK a large, padded backpack[expansion][expansion] on your RIGHT SHOULDER a multi-terrain down-filled jacket[jetpack][refracto]{=RaptorRed=} on your BODY, WAIST A Bot Killer[expansion][spreadfire] on your RIGHT HAND RaptorRed`s faded Levi jeans[expansion][expansion] on your LEGS a pair of padded boots[expansion][expansion] on your FEET You are standing on yer head. You are NOT in a game right now.

Time Played: dunno, I’d have to check with RM for that…

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : not much… I broke 1,000 current splats once

PB Pet Peeves: Green chatters, spammers, people begging for cash, people asking me to join their team, people who constantly swear, LAG…

Fav. PB Weapon: my mini ChEEzGrEnAdE(tm) launcher[expansion][rapid-fire]

Fav. Bot: the dead ones

Fav. PBN Player: Random

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :

<lobs a ChEEzGrEnAdE at so-and-so> <grenade explodes> <laughs as so-and-so walks away, dripping from head to foot with cheez>

<Stomp so-and-so> <STOMP> <STOMP> <STOMP>



Other/ Comments: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..

PBN Name: OmEgAReD (Redz)

Real Name: Stephen Spence

Age: 16 (17 in October)

Job: High School Student

Hobbies: Computers, watching Movies, and hanging out with a few of my friends

Homepage: None


Stats: Ever: (EVER) GAMES:7637 BONUS:12099000 SPLATS:14119 ACCURACY:37%


Time Played: Mar ’97

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud of?] : I guess the thing I am most proud of reaching 10k splats

PB Pet Peeves: People who beg, people who rip other people off, and people who complain endlessly until they are blue in the face and you just wanna break their neck.

Fav. PB Weapon: Was the can, but now it’s probably my high-velocity semi-automatic gun full with Fast No Bounce.

Fav. Bot: I don’t have a favorite bot…….they all really suck!!

Fav. PBN Player: Hmmmmmmm……..this is a toughie…….I guess I don’t really have a favorite PBN Player but I have really great friends like VerTigO, XDP, MFD, justin, Blinky, QtPie, and others I didn’t mention. (sorry if I forgot to mention ya)

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] :<your name in caps>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i.e. DONUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLINKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or the one that I specially do for VerTigO


Other/ Comments: I just like to say that PBNet is a great place and I’m glad to have been directed to this game by a friend named ThreePts who played this game for a little. I know things have seem to have gotten bad over the past few months but it’s change and most people don’t like change until they get use to it. I’ve been on PBNet for over a year now and I’ve seen it grow over that year and I personally like where it’s heading. As with all things there are problems but hopefully the admins and the vets can get together with DavidRM and Dug to work these problems out. I hope PBNet will continue to grow for a long time, and I really hope that I’m here to watch it grow. Thank you to everyone who has made the year I spent on PBNet a great one.

Closing Notes

Voltron, Mirage, and Deadpool and Team: The Elite Few are the next three people and team to be tagged. I sent you the profile form, please sent it back as soon as possible.

I will be on vacation in sunny old Florida for the next two weeks. You can still email your questions, comments, most memorable moments, articles and profiles during this time, but it will be awhile before I can reply. Take care guys, Don’t go too crazy while I am gone, wait until I return! 🙂

Speaking of returning.. Welcome back Beowulf. <silly grin>

Have fun everyone! Happy Splatting