PBNN Issue #10 – 4/6/98

Editor: QtPie


Issue #10-Yes the PBNN has now entered the double digit numbers. 🙂 Socks created the first known newsletter that I know of. I haven’t seen any of those newsletters floating around anywhere.  The modern day PBNN was started by Pollyanna while ago.  Her three newsletters are awesome and can be seen at <not available>.  After awhile of life without a PBNN, Ritalin boy decided to take over for Polly who had become busy making an awesome life for herself.  Ritalin squeezed out on issue(which can be seen at <not available> before he too became busy with real life.  Ritalin made a move as editor that either has people jumping for joy or going insane. He allowed me(QtPie) to convert the newsletter to html text.  Since Ritalin boy was busy, I decided to take over the Editing of the PBNN also.  And its snowballed from there. I’ve written 5 newsletters so far, this will be 6.  I LOVE writing this newsletter! Although at times I get a bit frustrated, the response from the over 120 subscribers is great and it makes it all worthwhile.  Thanks everyone! This issue will focus on the history of PbNet.  It will not contain any articles that were submitted to me in the last few weeks but have no fear, the next issue will be jammed full of them. That version will most likely be released next weekend. 🙂  

Table of Contents

Team Profile
Player Profiles
Closing Notes


History of PbNet and PbNet Firsts

Written by QtPie

It started so simply.  Dug made a game you could telnet too and shoot people using vt100.  Although it was not considered Paintball back then.  At first it was called  Survival Ltd.   Dug soon enlisted his brother, DavidRM, to create PbTerm.  On Aug. 9, 1996 the first ever version of PbTerm was released. Pollyanna and Djorange are responsible for the music for Pbterm. Pbterm 1.6 which contained the music was released in Dec of 1997.\ [All this info was taken from the Credits in the help file or from RM]

The first ever admin was:Presto {Besides RM and Dug of course} 
The first admin to retire (become a 69) was: Iceman 
The first ever paying member was:Diablo 
The longest running player is:Eostinso from Sept 7th, 1996. 
The first person to hit 10k splats:Ez 
The first person to hit 50k splats:Lutra

Quotes from the Pollyanna version of the PBNN

{If you haven’t checked the web site containing Pollys newsletters, you should!! They really give you an insight (or a reminder) about what like at PBN was like way back when..

[Taken from Opinions by Pollyanna] Well, well, well… what’s this little new creation you see when you now login? Some people call it The Chop Shop, but I like to call it, The Rich Man’s Mr. Potato Head…

[Taken from Sabot-Art of bot killing]DAMN KAMIS!!!!!! How many times have we read that? I can’t count that high. The art of bot killing is an acquired taste. No mere newbie can survive the massive carnage experienced in a game of Invaders with more than 6 people. So, here’s some tips to help ease the mourning:  {QtPie Quote:And we are Still suffering from their torment!!!}

[Taken from Eightball’s Profile] Achievements: huh??? none I guess, no wait…. the person who has been here a long long time and has very few splats to show for it 🙂

[Taken from Pbn players by Pollyanna] MOST ANNOYING: Super Bill He didn’t last very long, but for those of you who remember… you’ll never forget. Super Bill used his own language to try to communicate to the other players on PBN. Most of the time you couldn’t understand him, and when you did you still “Bog’ed”. Super Bill will never be forgotten, especially by Sabot who spent hours trying to get him registered. BTW, Sabot’s Super Bill Translation Book will be out soon 😉  {QtPie Quote: Hehehe would have loved to meet this guy!!}

>From PBNN # 3

[Taken from the Introduction by Pollyanna] 3. For people who think I play PBN for only SPLATS, you need to open your eyes. It’s pretty obvious to me that I enjoy the people, the chat, the game, every aspect of it.   {Qtpie Quote:Everyone should think like this!}

[Taken from The Importance of Newbies:by Sabot]  I guess that’s also why I get kinda mad when I see that a newbie is here and there hasn’t been one word said to him. I want this game to make the big time. I want to see it grow from the 30 player base it was when I started to a zillion players on a zillion servers all over the planet!!  {Qtpie Quote: Your wish is slowly coming true Sabot!!}

[Taken from Presto’s profile] Famous Quotes: I don’t really have one.  Though when people ask me to reset them, I usually do it immediately, and they don’t notice. About 2 minutes later they ask again, and I reply “nope”, and then I just chuckle while they try to figure out why I said that.  {Qtpie Quote: hehehe Been there done that!} 

Player Comments

I ask a few people what they liked most about PbNet.  The answer was almost always the same.  Here are their responses.

Players with less then 10k

flamp- “hmm…..all the nice people!”

TheDemon- “ummmm, the feeling of that hearing “SPLAT” come out of my speaker when i get some1 with my can”

Dac-“probably talkin with other people”

Frank Rizzo – “like talkin to teammates and gettin to know em, it’s neat how some of the folks are not to far away from you and besides that, it’s FUN!”

SAZ tells you:”Being on a cool team and getting splats and watching the Vets kick butt”

Players with 10k or more splats”

Cowbot tells you:”the people”

pentiumman- “The thing I like best about paintball is being able to play against people all over the country and make new friends over the game, I can also talk to my Bro (Toofer) who lives about 2 hours away from me 
over PBN.”

DEATHBYPAINT- “When RM and Dug were always on…..and when i became a “Vet””

Blinky- “My favorite thing is the fact I’m fighting real people and not some computer generated idiots”

Random- “the people :)”

VerTigO- “I think i would have to say the ppl…without the people i would never play this game. I also  like this game b/c it was awesome graphics. Its like the only decent free online game out…””

Matt Williams- “Hmmm i would have to say “The People” I’ve met some pretty funny and kick ass people on here”

Voltron- “I like this game because I’m good at it

Master- “The fact that the kids think we’re gods cause we have a 9 in our level. ;)”

lutra- “umm.. vaders? 🙂

QtPie- “I have to agree with these guys, The thrill of a splat, the people that congratulate you when you hit a milestone, and the friendships make this the most amazing game!” 

Invisible without refracto

Written by Werewolf

{This was written before the refracto came back into stores, but it is still really helpful.} 
Lots of new changes lately have left some people thinking they can’t be invisible because of no refracto.. but that’s not true, and I’ll tell you  how to be Invisible without fracto. 
You need 3 things. 
1. You have to buy a Multi Insulation suit,  it is a MUST or it will not work. 
2. You have to buy a Interference kit.  It is a MUST also. 
3. Now you have a choice.  You can get either a water camo, mountain camo, desert camo,  or a forest camo. 
Assemble these kits to the suit.  Now here is the Good and bad’s about these kits.

1  Now you can be total invisible on water.. 99.99% of people didn’t know you could do that.  Great for playing strategically with a decoy. 
2. You can be invisible without refracto.  SO if you came after refracto was gone.. but don’t have 120k for a suit, you can be invisible.. 
3. Its just a new way to play, 
4. Its a multi, so you still have the multi camo characteristics 
5. It is inexpensive. 10400 dollars at most.

1. You have to be on the terrain that you have assembled to you suit to be invisible.. otherwise you are visible to other players. 
2. It doesn’t have fracto, so bots can still see you.. But they can’t see you well at all if you are on the terrain. 
3. Its sometimes hard having to locate the terrain without looking for it and getting shot… you gotta be sneaky  =)

All in all, its a neat concept that no one has thought about before.  I learned most of this from mac’s theory,  then we tested it and it worked.  Thanks Macman.

Next thingy.  Rapid fire has been added to the stores.  This cuts the lag time on any weapon in half.

Weapons it works exceptionally well on: 
1. Any Hvsemi guns or rifles.. they just are itching for a shoot off. 
2. Waist Mounted launcherz.  these are nearly as fast as Hv launchers with the rapid fire kit. 
3. They help out on paint rockets too.

WEapons it doesn’t do much for 
1. Mini’s.. they just don’t get much faster. 
2. Uhv or Uluhv.  These are as fast as it gets.. Do NOT waste a kit space on em for rapidfire. Rm  has already said it won’t help their speed. 
3. Most other weapons not mentioned here.. including all the rares.

Rapid fire is a good way to make your weapon faster than ever. 
Welperz.. that is about it.



New Bots!

These are the Newest Bots added to Paintball.  🙂 
Stealth, black, a Dark Bot (Darkman) 
Stealth, dark green, a Brock bot (Brockman) 
Kami, dark green, a QtPie bot (TheQtPie) 
Kami, red, a CowboyM bot (CowboyM) 
Dumb, black, a DUDE bot (JeRkYtheBaBooN/FlyinEmu) 
Dumb, brown, a kingholmes bot (kingholmes) 
Very Smart, dark red, a hacker bot (Garrison/justin) 
Smart, red, a God bot (god) 
Very Smart, black, a Matt Williams’s 1337 Bot (Matt Williams) 
Smart, red, One of Rebels Homies (Rebel)

Look for another bot sale in an upcoming issue of the PBNN.  I will not warn you of a bot sale, you will just have to read the newsletter to find out <SLY GRIN>.

New Items

New 90- Micheal Kalil Was promoted to 90 status on March 21st.  Ya’ll be nice to him. 🙂

NB Minigun ammo-A pail of no-bounce minigun paintballs cost you 502 bucks but allows you to have a more sure shot.  These paintballs are green.

Shotgun-Still don’t know much about this weapon.. No guys I NEVER received a shotgun from RM.. 🙂 

Team Profile


Leaders : Snikch ,Toofer ,Widdowmaker
No. Of Members : 19
Member List : Snikch ,Toofer ,Widdowmaker ,Pentiumman ,Felon ,Ghost Face Killah Frocer ,Lynxeyed ,Lefty ,Camoman, Oxygen ,Energizer Bunny ,Kalypso  Lacie ,Justa Pimp ,Paintdog ,Menacedapimp ,Obsidian ,Cowbot
Motto : Ever Changing but we are all equal on the team
Homepage : Non as of yet but maybe soon
Stats : (EVER) BONUS:30496500 SPLATS:35351 ACCURACY:58%
        (CURRENT) BONUS:2194000 SPLATS:2555 ACCURACY:56%
Requirements : Well there are no real requirements to get on the team most of it is if we know you and dont actually hate you and enjoy playing
Achievements : Made it to the “top10 teamever” now to move up that list
Goals : Just hope the team stays together and doesn’t fall like most do and well I hope everyone stays on the team and doesn’t leave. TAG! BountyHunters

Player Profiles

PBN Name: mbs

Real Name: Michael B. Sturgeon
Age: 45      Shhh tell no one!
Job: Retired-Law Enforcement. (Ex-Cop)
Hobbies: Computer game playing, Web Page Designing.
Team: Hoosiers   (Co-Captain with Rkj)
Stats: Ever: (EVER)    GAMES:14450 BONUS:22346500 SPLATS:30393
Time Played: Started Sept. 8, 1997——Its all Rkj’s fault too.
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] : I became a 90 :). and now a 95;).
PB Pet Peaves: Asking for resets while I am playing. Spamming. Those
Irc-like Team logos….The bad language. Not wanted.
Fav. PB Weapon: My CAN[spread][expansion], and the DavidRm [10,000th
Splat Award][Series2] Gun.
Fav. Bot: None, I hate them all grrrrrrr.
Fav. PBN Player: Well, I will say all the players…..
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : Lose those Caps!
Other/ Comments: Yes I am aware you NEED a reset, just ask me once. I do resets all the time.
Yes I do renames, but don’t ask to rename things back to the original name.
Please Stop Cussing!!!
If you really want to read about my life go to:
http://www.geocities.com/heartland/prairie/2263. WARNING:  it is boring.

Your person to Tag [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] : Rkj

PBN Name: Michael Kalil

Real Name: Michael Kalil
Age: 15
Job:  I’m starting to look for a summer job
Hobbies: Computers, running, fishing, driving, and swimming.
Team: Stealth Splatters
Stats: Ever: Games: 4802 Bonus: 9379000 Splats: 13320 Accuracy: 33%
Games Survived: 1170
Time Played: I have no idea. My id# is 875 so I have been around for a
long time
Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
of?] :  10k splats, and getting 90
PB Pet Peeves: People who ask for money
Fav. PB Weapon: small mine
Fav. Bot: Kamikaze…they will always get you
Fav. PBN Player: Matt Williams and Greezy
Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] : If You Tickle Us Do We
Not Laugh?  If You Prick Us Do We Not Bleed?  If You Wrong Us Do We Not
Splat You?  The StealthSplatters are the best!
Other/ Comments: Ummmmmmmmmmm…….hi

Your person to Tag  [who you want to be profiled NEXT issue] :  Matt Williams

PBN Name:TaRqUin

Real Name:Dave
Job:Electrical Engineer student
Hobbies:RUGBY LEAGUE im a major Penrith Panther fan… having a few
drinkies out with the boys at the hillcrest
taven…chasing women!!
Team:Vizjerei Clan
Stats You have $Not enuf  carrying 260/450.
(EVER)    GAMES:16095 BONUS:21722500 SPLATS:29025 ACCURACY:53%
          GAMES SURVIVED:4475
(TEAM)    BONUS:544500 SPLATS:616 ACCURACY:29%
  a Penrith Panther`s  Beanie[infrared][scope] on your HEAD, EYES
  a Vizjerei Clan Team Scarf[satellite][player] on your NECK
  a multi-terrain insulated suit[interference][refracto]{-Vizjerei
Clan-}{=TaRqUin=} on your RIGHT SHOULDER, LEFT
  a mini paintrocket launcher[expansion][expansion] on your RIGHT HAND,
  a pair of padded leggings[extrapocket][extrapocket] on your LEGS
  a pair of Greg Alexanders Football Boots[turbo][swim] on your FEET
You are standing.

Time Played:Not 100% sure around may/june 1997

Most Crowning PBN Achievements[what have you done that you are proud
-Played more games than any other player on paintball net ever.
-Created the Vizjerei Clan one kick ass paintball team.
-Reached Top10 Ever Bonus currently 8th position.
-Reached Top10 Ever Splats currently running 10th soon to be 9th.
-Holds the record for 58 hours of nonstop paintball (to be comfirmed).
-Also i have one of the worst pc and connection in paintball but still kick ass even if im lagged.
-First New Zealander to achive top10 ever honours.
-Holder of the most survived games ever 4475

Fav. PB Weapon: TaRqUins signature series launcher/Rocket Launcher

Fav. Bot:Brock bot (when dead)  because i just have to kill it at all costs.

Fav. PBN Player:i haven’t really got a favorite player my team mates would be my choice great bunch of guys!

Pet Peeves:None the Game Rox!

Famous Quotes [quotes you are well known for] hahah i got heaps of
quotes , from full metal jacket to duke nukem
-Damn its hurts to be you!
-Hail to the king….baby!
-ohhh be honest that splat was pure luck …u couldn’t even fight yer way out of a paper bag with both ends open!
-Sup newbie Whiteboyze  press f1 fer help!
-*HAIL PRO* he’s so good he will teach ya all about life after death

Other/ Comments:Im from New Zealand not australia as some people think there’s a difference! we kick ass in rugby! muhahahah

Closing Notes

Here is an idea.  Send then letter to one person that DOES NOT play paintball.  Give them a taste of what its like here.  We can all do our part to attract new players and make this the Biggest game on the net!! 🙂

Matt Williams, rkj, Widdowmaker, and Bounty Hunters were all tagged to do profiles in the next issue.  Send me an email telling me if you accept or decline this invitation.

People are not sending me emails accepting or declining the invite to do profiles.  I have no time or energy to go chasing people down so I will just start to “tag” people myself.  I will start at the top of the subscription list and tag 3 people each issue.   I don’t really want to do this, but I only received 2 profiles out of the 4 that had been tagged.  (Thanks mbs and Crisom Death :))

I hope you enjoyed this issue.  I had a lot of fun creating it.  Lots of changes PBN thru-out it’s lifetime but one thing stays the same,  The BEST thing about PBN is the people!  

Have fun everyone!

Happy Splatting QT